Junior Metaphysics Workshop IV

When: April 7th and 8th, 2017
Where: Virginia Tech (Blacksburg, VA)
Contact: Kelly Trogdon (trogdon[at]vt[dot]edu)

The Junior Metaphysics Workshop is an annual workshop focusing on research by junior (early-career) scholars working in metaphysics, broadly construed. The workshop is free and open to any who would like to attend; RSVP to trogdon[at]vt[dot]edu. The schedule is available here.


David Faraci (Georgetown University), "Metaphysics by Faraci"

Aaron Griffith (College of William and Mary), "Realizing Race"

Carla Merino-Rajme
(University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), "De Se Names"

Bradley Rettler (Baylor University), "Is There an Object/Property Distinction?

Nathan Rockwood
(Virginia Tech), "A Cartesian Account of Natural Necessity"

Erica Shumener
(University of Pittsburg), "A Minimal Account of Governance"

Kelly Trogdon
(Virginia Tech), "The Modal Status of Monism"


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