2005 LEGOLAND California Junior
Master Model Builder Competition
Ultimate Build Off Champion

My other models!

The Nativity

My LEGO Ball

LEGO Pencil (awesome for April Fool's Day)

Vanguard Vampire, original Exo-Force battle machine

Vanguard Vampire, from the left

Vanguard Vampire, from the right

LEGO Mosaic of Planet Earth

Punkin the Yo-Yo Flamingo from Disney's Fantasia/2000

A Technic T-rex



A second photo of Jack-O-Lantern

A Technic North-American River Otter

Toa of Metals

Padmé and Anakin’s Wedding

"Johnny roasting on an open fire . . ."


"Mr. Monk, I can't talk with you if you're
outside washing the windows."
"That's okay, Dr. Kroger.  I'm good."

"Mr. Monk Gets a New Shrink"



And now for something really different . . . my siblings' and my entry for the LEGO Star Wars 3-minute-movie contest:

 "Obi Wan's Really Bad Day"