2005 LEGOLAND California Junior
Master Model Builder Competition
Ultimate Build Off Champion

My Mini-Lander models!

Can you see me?

How about now?

There I am!  I chose this place in New York City for
my self-model because I thought someone should
be looking at the fountain, and why not me?

Trick or treat . . . ?
(Me at Halloween)

Happy Birthday, me!

Queen Amidala

Queen Amidala (back)

Jedi Master Yoda

Yoda (back)



Donatello Down a Windy Sewer


Michelangelo and His Pizza



Master Splinter

The Shredder!

From the left

From the right

"You have insulted me for the last time, turtle."

"You and your technology jokes which I cannot even understand!"

"You've made me angry!"

"Wait . . . Where did the geeky turtle go?"


Mom and her Black-Hole Purse of Doom