2005 LEGOLAND California Junior
Master Model Builder Competition
Ultimate Build Off Champion

My craft models!

The Santa Maria

The Santa Maria's port side

Christopher Columbus at the wheel

The working rudder

The working windlass and anchor

The crow's nest

The captain's cabin

Decks and rigging

 Star Wars The Republican Gunship

Red Family Car

From the front

From the rear (hmm, no tailpipe . . . an electric car!)

Inside the trunk

The delightful interior

Yellow Family Car

From the front . . . I'm afraid there's an ongoing
joke in my family about these minifigs.  The driver is
composer Dmitriy Shostakovich, and the passenger
is his mischievous son Maksim

From the rear, where we can see Maksim's sister
Galina and their dog Ryzhik

Inside the trunk


The interior 

Pickup Truck

The front, complete with shiny grille

Tailgate down . . . losing fuel economy

Trailer hitch . . . an absolute necessity

Even a sunroof!

Inside the cab