Junichiro Ishida


ISER, Osaka University


Institute of Social and Economic Research

Osaka University

email: jishida[at]iser.osaka-u.ac.jp

Co-Editor, Japanese Economic Review

Associate Editor, International Economic Review

Research interests: Dynamic Games, Information Economics, Organizational Economics, Contract Theory

Selected Publications

  • Pioneer, Early Follower or Late Entrant: Entry Dynamics with Learning and Market Competition, with C.-H. Chen and A. Mukherjee, European Economic Review, 2023

  • Signaling under Double-Crossing Preferences, with C.-H. Chen and W. Suen, Econometrica, 2022

  • Reputation Concerns in Risky Experimentation, with C.-H. Chen and W. Suen, Journal of the European Economic Association, 2021

  • A War of Attrition with Experimenting Players, with C.-H. Chen, Journal of Industrial Economics, 2021

  • Hierarchical Experimentation, with C.-H. Chen, Journal of Economic Theory, 2018

  • Dynamic Performance Evaluation with Deadlines: The Role of Commitment, with C.-H. Chen, Journal of Industrial Economics, 2018

  • Dynamically Sabotage-Proof Tournaments, Journal of Labor Economics, 2012

  • Market Competition, R&D and Firm Profits in Asymmetric Oligopoly, with T. Matsushima, N. Matsushima, Journal of Industrial Economics, 2011

  • Should Civil Servants be Restricted in Wage Bargaining? A Mixed-Duopoly Approach, with N. Matsushima, Journal of Public Economics, 2009

  • Optimal Promotion Policies with the Looking-Glass Effect, Journal of Labor Economics, 2006

For a full list of publications and latest working papers, see my Research.