Jun-Ho Lee (이준호)

Research Fellow
School of Computational Sciences
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03/2008 - 02/2014  Ph.D. in Physics from Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea 
                               Supervisor: Prof. Jun-Hyung Cho
                               Thesis “First-principles study of the electronic instability in 1D atom wires and 2D atom layers”
 03/2004 - 02/2008  B.Sc. in Physics from Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea

Professional experiences
07/2014 - present    Research Fellow, Korea Institute for Advanced Study, Seoul, Korea 
                                Supervisor: Prof. Young-Woo Son
03/2014 - 07/2014  Postdoctoral Researcher, Research Institute of Natural Science, Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea 
                                Supervisor: Prof. Jun-Hyung Cho

Research Interests
I am interested in first-principles calculations for diverse condensed matter systems. During my PhD course, I mainly focused on the instabilities of low dimensional electronic systems, interaction between organic molecules and semiconductor and metal surfaces, van der Waals interaction, magnetism and iridates. After moving KIAS, I am mainly working on 2D materials, especially black phosphorus and transition metal dichalcogenides to understand charge density wave, superconductivity, topological nature and its energy-related applications.

List of publications (Google Scholar Citations)

13.      Jinbong Seok*, Jun-Ho Lee*, Suyeon Cho, Byungdo Ji, Hyo Won Kim, Min Kwon, Dohyun Kim, Young-Min Kim, Sang Ho Oh, Sung Wng Kim, Young Hee Lee, Young-Woo Son, and Heejun Yang, "Active hydrogen evolution through lattice distortion in metallic MoTe2", 2D Materials 4, 025061 (2017). (*equal contribution)

12.      Sun-Woo Kim, Chen Liu, Hyun-Jung Kim, Jun-Ho Lee, Yongxin Yao, Kai-Ming Ho and Jun-Hyung Cho, Nature of the Insulating Ground State in 5d Postperovskite CaIrO3”, Phys. Rev. Lett. 115, 096401 (2015).

11.      Jun-Ho Lee, Xiao-Yan Ren, Yu Jia, and Jun-Hyung Cho, “Antiferromagnetic Superexchange Mediated by a Resonant Surface State on Sn/Si(111)”,  Phys. Rev. B 90, 125439 (2014).

10.      Hyun-Jung Kim, Jun-Ho Lee, and Jun-Hyung Cho, “Antiferromagnetic Slater Insulator Phase of Na2IrO3”, Sci. Rep. 4, 5253 (2014).

9.        Jun-Ho Lee, Hyun-Jung Kim, and Jun-Hyung Cho, “Ferrimagnetic Slater Insulator Phase of the Sn/Ge(111) Surface”, Phys. Rev. Lett111, 106403 (2013).

8.        Jun-Ho Lee, Yun-Ki Choi, Hyun-Jung Kim, Ralph H. Scheichers, and Jun-Hyung Cho, “Physisorption of DNA nucleobases on h-BN and graphene: vdW-corrected DFT calculations”, J. Phys. Chem. C 117, 13435 (2013).

7.        Jun-Ho Lee, Sun-Woo Kim, and Jun-Hyung Cho “Antiferromagnetic ordering of dangling-bond electrons at the stepped Si(001) surface”, J. Chem. Phys138, 104702 (2013).

6.        Sun-Woo Kim, Jun-Ho Lee, Hyun-Jung Kim, and Jun-Hyung Cho, “Contribution of van der Waals interactions to the adsorption energy of C2H2,C2H4, and C6H6 on Si(100)”, Chem. Phys. Lett557, 159 (2013).

5.        Jun-Ho Lee, Jin-Ho Choi, and Jun-Hyung Cho, “Enhanced Stability and Electronic Structure of Phenylacetylene Line on the Si(100)-2x1:H Surface”, J. Phys. Chem. C 115, 14942 (2011).

4.        Jun-Ho Lee and Jun-Hyung Cho, “Instability of One-Dimensional Dangling-Bond Wires on H-Passivated C(001), Si(001), and Ge(001) Surfaces”, Surf. Sci605, L13 (2011).

3.        Jun-Ho Lee and Jun-Hyung Cho, “Adsorbate-Induced Buckling Switch of Si Dimers in Dissociated Phenylamine on Si(100)”, Phys. Rev. B 80, 33305 (2009).

2.        Jun-Ho Lee, Ji Young Lee, and Jun-Hyung Cho “First-principles study of thermal and electron-activated dissociation of acetone on Si(001)”, J. Chem. Phys129, 194110 (2008).

1.        Jun-Ho Lee and Jun-Hyung Cho “First-Principles study of the Adsorption and Reaction of 2,3-Butanediol on Si(001)”, Phys. Rev. B 76, 125302 (2007).


·           Oral presentations

·           Invited talks

2.       First-principles density functional theory calculation for the metal monolayer on semiconductor surface”, 2014 Korea Supercomputing Conference, Seoul, Korea, Oct. 2014.

1.       “Magnetically Driven Insulating Phase of Sn/Ge(111) and Sn/Si(111)”, 10th Asian Workshop on Surface Nano-Science, Pyeongchang, Korea, Feb. 2014.

·           Contributed talks

5.       "Transition metal dichalcogenides as a catalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction", March Meeting 2016, Baltimore, Maryland, Mar. 18, 2016.

4.       “First-principles study of atomic adsorption on phosphorene”, March Meeting 2015, San Antonio, Texas, Mar. 2, 2015.

3.       “Itinerant Magnetic Order Driven by Resonant Surface State in Sn/Si(111)”, KPS spring meeting, Daejeon, Korea, April 24, 2014.

2.       “Adsorption of DNA nucleobases on h-BN and graphene:vdW energy-corrected DFT study”, KPS spring meeting, Daejeon, Korea, 26 April, 2012, (Outstanding oral presentation)

1.       “First-Principles Study of the Reaction and Adsorption of Organic Molecules on Si(001) ”, 6th Asian Workshop on Surface Nano-Science, Korea, Feb. 2010.

·           14 Poster presentations

Honours and awards

  • Award of Excellence, Korea Institute for Advanced Study, Sep. 2016.
  • Young Physicist Award, Korea Physical Society, April 2015.
  • Outstanding PhD thesis, Hanyang University, Feb. 2014.
  • Outstanding Poster Presentation, Korea Vacuum Society, August 2012.
  • Outstanding Oral Presentation, Korea Physical Society, April 2012.
  • 4th HOPE Meeting Fellow, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, March 2012.
  • TJ Park Doctoral Fellowship, POSCO, Jan. 2010 ~ Feb. 2013
  • Seoul Science Fellowship, Seoul, Mar. 2009 ~ Feb. 2011
  • Science and Technology Scholarship of Graduate School, Hanyang University, Mar. 2008- Feb. 2010
  • National Science Fellowship, Mar. 2004- Feb. 2008


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