Travel Log


I like travelling but travelling alone sucks! ..dont think ill be travelling a while though. are places i want to go: Russia, Turkey, Iran, Japan (Oh yeah! u know what i want to do there!), Africa, Antartica, Alaska, Western side and North of China (desserts...), Mexico (Burrito Land) ... the list goes on...i like the list goes on....and on..until one day....i have my own island ;)

Here's a list of places ive been to so far ... with a digital camera (i wonder if google have a template for galleries, then ill list all my pictures):

(1) China

  • Shanghai : Nice place, but beware of white people, they are so unfriendly there. 
  • Hangzhou : Nice big lake, it use to be an ancient captial 
  • Beijing : BIG place... dont be fooled by the maps... cant walk 
  • Suzhou : Quiet town, looks just like somthing out of a painting 
  • Guangzhou : Dangerous place, alot of pickpockets, Feels like malaysia 
  • Shenzhen : A slightly better version of guangzhou, STAY in the city or in your CAR
    ...For now..  
  • Yiwu: U can find anyone here: Arab, Spanish, Italian...u name it..any take...dont even bother coming here...complete waste of time.

(2) USA

  • NY Manhattan : Dirty place dont recommend it 
  • NY BUFFALO : Too cold in the winter 
  • MI DETROIT : Its detroit! 
  • MI ANN ARBOR : School....old folks town 
  • IL CHICAGO : Its nice, actually like it there 
  • SEATTLE : Raining almost everytime, seafood is good 
  • DC DC : Capital hill, pretty intense 
  • WY Jacksonhole : Redneck country, nice outdoors 
  • CA LA : The weather's nice 
  • CA SF : Gay folks all over the place 
  • NV Vegas : Gambling everwhere 
  • Indiana : Factories everywhere 
  • Conneticut : The greenwich and stamford area is the most boring place ever! 
  • Pennslyvania : METAL factories everywhere 
  • Boston : Party, a much better NY 
  • S and N dakota : Seems to me the same 
  • Ohio : I feel thin in this town 
  • Florida : Oranges everywhere  
  • I think ive been to more places....just dont recall Prob...went to everywhere..when i was kid

(3) England

  • London
  • Leciester
  • Edinburgh (is this england ? They use scottish pounds there!) 
  •  I think ive been to more places....just dont recall

(4) Australia

  • Perth : man this place is worse than Wyoming. Kangeroos everywhere 
  • Melbourne : Nice, but i sense the racism there, this place is slow man....i feel like im in kansas or something... everything is so slow

(5) Malaysia

  • Kuala Lumpur : Nice place ... they treat u like a king if u speak english heheh service can be slow
  • Malacca : quiet historical town. 
  • Penang : A mix between history and modern, nice ocean view 
  • Pulau langkawi : This island is to die for man. Hikes and private beaches.. 
  • Pulau Aur : Scuba diving place.. though i heard there are better places 
  • Johor Bahru : influx of indonesians, a little bit dangerous
    Hmmm... this so far... i beleive ive been to more places  
  • I think ive been to more places....just dont recall! Prob...went to everywhere..when i was kid

(6) Canada 

  • Ottawa
  • That place with Nigara Falls 

(7) France 

  • Paris : Rude people... dirty man... i thought i was in China.
  • That place with all that palaces .... ne parle pas francais!

(8) New Zealand

  • Cant remember...was there when i was a kid.