My Pets

Here are my two pets along with some plants i am trying to grow. 

(1) My Female Cat, Pretty : Smartest Cat ive seen inmy life. She can say "Hello" and knows how to open her own cage door when locked. 2 Years Old the one on the top with the tiger stripes

(2) My Male Cat, Fluffy: This cat is so lazy. But extremely hilarious and brave. Got into fights with my neighbors dogs, also prob. why i got him free. 5 Years old or so. The fat persian with the white moustache.

(3) Ive been trying to grow some Rockmelons out in my field. Its raining outside right now, but ill take some pictures later. So far, i have 5 sprouts growing.  Got 7 of them now :) I used straws to keep the weeds out.

 (4) My New Pet SPOTTY AKA Chocolate a very playful kitten of 5 months