How to Find True love

How to Find True love

By Cassandra George Sturges MA, MA, Psy.D

In order to find true love, you must truly know, cherish, honor, accept and love yourself for who you really are—not who you plan to be after losing weight, increasing your breasts size, and getting a tummy tuck. If you have a negative body image because you haven’t learned how to appreciate the unique beauty of your freckles, the hump on your nose, and your thick ankles; it will be impossible to find your true love—because your true love is looking for the real you.

Everyone display signals about who they are and what they believe in by the style of clothes they wear, their hair style, whether or not they wear jewelry, the size and shape of the jewelry and  even how expensive the jewelry is. We tell people who we are by the type of shoes we wear-- whether they are gym shoes, flip-flops, heels or sandals.  Humans unconsciously give others clues about their personality traits and level of self-esteem simply by the way the way they dress.

Have you ever tried to walk in a pair of shoes that fit your feet but not your soul? You know—you are wearing the right size, they don’t hurt your toes—but when you look down at your feet they don’t look like they belong to you? Or maybe after getting a makeover in the mall you look in the mirror and see that the “real you” is buried under the make up? The reason that you do not recognize your authentic self is because the image of who you perceive as being your true self has been distorted by objects that do not reflect the real inner you.

The best way to attract true love is by presenting the most honest, sincere and authentic version of yourself to the world that celebrates the real you. The person who is meant to truly love you won’t be repelled by your freckles, your loud laugh, or your muffin top sitting over your pants; -- this will be their signal that-- you and only you-- are their one and only true love.

A friend of mine said that he recognized his life partner immediately when he saw a picture of him on an online dating site wearing Clark Kent glasses and a pocket protector filled with pens.  They met, fell madly in love and celebrated their love in a civil ceremony.

All of the wrong people were turned off by his Clark Kent glasses and pocket protector; but this was a signal to his true love to come closer. So many women suffer from low-self esteem because they feel that they aren’t good enough the way that they are to find their true love. But what many women don’t understand is that their true love isn’t looking for a fake version of their bodies to love – he is looking for signs that she is the real thing.

Remember… Success and Beauty is an Attitude!