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History of the Journal

(formerly known as JUNG: the e-Journal of the Jungian Society for Scholarly Studies.)

Editor:  Darrell Dobson, Ph.D.

The Jungian Society for Scholarly Studies
sponsors the publication of the
Journal of Jungian Scholarly Studies,

a peer reviewed, academic journal only available on-line at www.thejungiansociety.org. 

The foundational focus of the Jungian Society for Scholarly Studies is the humanities and the arts, though contributions to the journal and annual conference are welcomed from any field and on any topic that implements, utlizes, or critiques the relevance and application of Jungian and post-Jungian theory for scholarly study. Topics may include (but are not constrained to)  the arts, humanities and sciences -- such as literature, the arts, drama, visual art, myth and fairy tale, pop culture, education,religion, film, music, architecture, psychology, science, masculinity, and Jungian theory itself. All perspectives are welcomed, including (but not only) modern, postmodern, post-colonial, and feminist voices.

Journal of Jungian Scholarly Studies is available for free. There is no individual or institutional charge for use.  All content may be freely downloaded and distributed. All material should be cited appropriately as having been published in this journal and all due credit given to the authors for their work.

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ISSN 1715-7978  JUNG: the e-Journal
ISSN 1920-986X  Journal of Jungian Scholarly Studies

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