What Some Think of Yoga

Practicing with June 

My years as a student of Yoga with June as my teacher were more far reaching than I would have imagined at the time.  Even though I live in another city now away from June, I still hear her words of encouragement with the postures and wisdom for the practice of meditation.  She is the real thing and I will always have her lessons of truth as a basis for my practice.   She lives what she teaches. -- Phyllis --


 I was approximately 44 years of age when I began participating in a weekly Hatha Yoga session with June.  At that time I had a long-time curiosity about the practice of yoga and what it might do for me, but no clear idea or commitment to follow through.  However I was in poor health both mentally and physically and I can now say, spiritually, and I was desperately looking for answers.  When I talked to June, she seemed very understanding and kind and willing to accept me into her yoga class unconditionally.  After practicing several times, I still had no accurate idea how this practice would help me, but June was so kind and persistent with me that I decided to make a year’s commitment to the program in order to keep myself from running away.

          How glad I am that I did.  For after a year, I was hooked, and knew that I had found a way for my body, mind, and spirit to be at peace -- and I hoped eventually in good health also.  During my first 10 years or so of regular practice, I realized many major life changes that ultimately led me into a healthful, energetic and peaceful state of mind, body and spirit.  At that point I was already realizing benefits that I never guessed might be possible.

          In my own case, yoga was perhaps the most essential in a whole host of approaches I took to heal myself of the life-long depression I had suffered.    My recommendations concerning yoga to anyone are to embrace it with an open mind, give it a fair time commitment, and let it work for you individually.    You will get out of it what you put into it.  You will not regret it. -- Katherine ___________________________

 At the age of about 64 I began participating in a weekly Hatha Yoga session with June. At that time I had been in a class in Key West but only practiced when I attended the class. Once I got into June’s class I realized the importance of a more regular practice. June encouraged us to practice at home and made the classes so interesting and, for me, doable that this relationship went on for at least 12 years. I have definitely benefited from this discipline. I am now 80 and am more flexible than most people my age. I usually start my day with at least 15 or 20 min. of yoga.  If you have not tried it I recommend that you give it a try and work at your level.  June will not push you beyond your capability but will encourage you. Go for it!   --  Zelpah  --

At the age of 52 I began participating in a weekly Hatha Yoga session with June in 2002.  At the time I had practiced Yoga on my on in the past, but the group effort is so much better.  Having others there to cheer each other on makes such a difference.  The instruction makes the process so easy to accomplish, especially suggestions of different positions for us with limited disability.  I thoroughly enjoy the stretching. I have learned new positions and their benefit that I can do anywhere to relieve tension or pain.  Once I started I realized how much better I feel after I do the routines, even if I do not have time to do a full workout at home.

          Now that I have been practicing regularly for a little over two years, I find yoga helps relieve stress, tension, and makes my joints feel so much better.  I breathe easier and appear to remain calmer in stressful situations.

         My recommendation concerning yoga to anyone is that you should try it.  Some people have a pre-conceived idea that is incorrect about the yoga practice.  For me Yoga is very effective.  I have tried most exercise routines over the years; jazzercise, aerobics, etc.  Yoga is for every body type and all ages.  Try IT!  --  Jackie

Five years later:

Believe it or not I wrote my first comments about Yoga for June, 5!!!, count them, 5 years ago. In them I indicated that the stretching was what I like best in my practice. Well it still is, but I have added other practices to my list, Meditation being one. Over the years I have become a bigger (no pun intended) cheerleader of the Yoga practice.

 My daughter in law has been taking classes and tells me the stress relieving is wonderful in her hectic life. My husband will participate at times when the aches and pains of life close in on him. I have not convinced him for all the time!

I continue to enjoy the group practice sessions, I am very much a people person. But I also enjoy the solitude of home alone practice.

Of course over the years I have had to make some adaptations to my practice, but it is amazing WHAT YOU CAN DO WHEN YOU SET YOUR MIND AND BODY TO THE TASK.  --  Jackie


At the age of 67 I began participating in a weekly Hatha Yoga session with June in 2002.  I had practiced some yoga in earlier years, but only briefly and without a teacher.  Once I started with regular sessions with June, I realized that Hatha Yoga helped me a lot with musculaskeletal pain.  It also helped relieve premature ventricular contractions (heart arrythmia).  It has relieved upper back pain many times.  Also meditation practices that are encouraged are very relaxing and help still the mind.  June adds a special touch to her sessions that is relaxing.

Now that I have been practicing for almost three years, I realize how important yoga can be to relieve stress and aid in sleeping problems.

I would certainly recommend yoga to anyone interested in achieving a healthier body and mind.  -- Fran --                                                        

 June has been my yoga teacher since 2002.  My age now is 72 and I have much more energy since I started practicing yoga regularly.  I had practiced some of the asanas, some 30 years ago, but without a teacher.  I have run/jogged for the last 32 years.  When I started practicing yoga I was in excellent physical shape but my muscles were very tight from the running, so it has taken a longer time for me to gain flexibility.  I am making progress in flexibility, slowly but surely.  I have a hypothyroid condition and I think that the practice of the asanas has been responsible for reducing my medication for that by approximately half.   I recommend yoga to anyone who would like to turn back the clock and feel young again.  The flexibility and correct posture that June stresses are important components as well as correct breathing and meditation to turning back the clock.   --  Ray  --


I have gained a great deal from what you have taught me.  I look forward to continuing the journey that I have started.  Thank you so much for doing this for all of us.    --  Hope  --


I have loved my time at the classes. I look forward to them. I feel I have learned many things to help me in this journey and look forward to learning all I can.  Even though in the beginning it was not what I expected it to be (I thought it was more physical), I have found your class to be even more rewarding.  I thank you for the time you have spent enlightening
me into the world of yoga. 

Last night was the best night’s sleep I have had in a very long time. I was more relaxed after our session than I have been in years!!!!!!!!!!!  I can tell
this morning that I am feeling much better, and very happy today.  This has to be from relaxing so much last night.  --  Becky  --


When I started this I thought I would not like it but since I have been going I find it is so easy and simple that every part of  my body relaxes.  It has really helped me so much not to be as stressed out as I have been.  I find myself looking at things differently and reacting differently to them.   It helped me so much. I have got to were I can sleep because I am relaxed now and my mind does not wonder on the things that I need to do or the things that have happened. I am just relaxed.  Yoga has made a difference in my life and my mother’s. Since she has been going she can move around and do things she could not do before.  --  Linda  --


 I wanted to let you know that I really admire what you are doing and believe in it's value. That said; I must inform you that I am dropping the Yoga class. I was not prepared to make a daily commitment to Yoga so will plan for a time when I am.    --  Beth  --



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