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Who is June Enfinger 

With ancestry roots in Walton County, June was born in Lakeside Hospital in

1948, grew up nearby in Holmes County and attended Ponce de Leon School.

She obtained degrees from Chipola Jr. College, UWF, and FSU.   She taught in

public schools and worked as a paraprofessional accountant at various times and 

places until she settled with her husband, Danny, and son in Tallahassee in 1985.  

While living in Tallahassee, her interest in yoga and serving others led her to obtain 

training and become a licensed massage therapist (MM0017253) which she continues to practice 

part-time.   In 2001 she and Danny decided to move back to Holmes county where 

they now live.  

 June discovered Yoga some 30 years ago while caring for her infant son and it has 

been a major factor in her life ever since.   Finding that it meets so many needs in her 

life, over the years she has tried to share her interest and understanding of the

practice with as many people as she can.   She finds Yoga a way of life and continues

to study and grow in understanding of the practices and teachings.   Because of June's

heritage in NW Florida, she has a special understanding and connection with the people

here and hopes to be able to present and relate Yoga to the people in this area who 

are interested. 


In 1976 we moved to Crestview from Gainesville.  I was unemployed and lonely dealing with living in a new environment, and later became pregnant.  After my son was born in 1977, I began searching for a way to recondition my body and happened to catch a Yoga show on TV one day.  I decided to try to practice Yoga some and proceeded on my own with the help of a small book.  About a year later I felt the need for some further instruction and was able to attend a Yoga class in Ft. Walton lead by Diane Steinberg.  Attending Diane’s class I realized that “Yoga was for me.”  In addition to continuing to work with my body, Diane pointed out more spiritual/philosophical aspects of Yoga that intrigued me even more.  The practice began helping me with my bouts of loneliness and mild depression.  She recommended various books and sources that I hungrily began studying.  One main source of information was a newsletter-like publication by the Himalayan Institution that was mostly writings by Swami Rama. (See  Over the next several years I continued to practice and study, taking classes wherever I lived.  In Pensacola I took classes in Kripalu Yoga and in Tallahassee I was able to practice with an Iyengar teacher.  While in Tallahassee I was also introduced to Paramahansa Yogananda’s teachings and studied some with one of his disciples in Georgia, Roy Eugene Davis, as well as reading and studying many of Yogananda’s books.  It seemed that wherever I was I could not find a teacher who addressed what I was looking for with Yoga.  I would eventually resort to offering to lead practices/classes myself in order to share with others and bring people of like interest into my life.  “Teaching” Yoga has felt natural for me through the years and I have made many interesting friends doing so.  (see What Some Think of Yoga)

When we moved back to Holmes County in 2001, Yoga contacts were less than limited.  Again I offered classes in order to make contacts with people interested in Yoga.  As fate would have it, I was led to meet Swami J in Ft. Walton in 2002.  He was the teacher I had been awaiting and Swami Rama was his main teacher.  Since meeting and studying with Swami J, my practice has deepened tremendously.  He has brought so much into my practice that I now feel more confident in trying to help others on their Yoga path.  So, here I AM, in Holmes County, sharing Yoga with all who care to partake and serving others as I can.         

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