Weekend Overview

This page gives information about last year's 2017 June Camp. While we expect much to be the same, this will be updated with new information closer to camp. Stay tuned.

Please read this before filling out your registration. We want to be sure you know about the changes coming to June Camp!

For bios of the teacher and the Band members, please go to the Teachers and Band page.

NIU - New location for dancing, housing, and dining

The new location for June Camp is Northern Illinois University, a pleasant state university campus in DeKalb, Illinois, in the far western part of the greater Chicago metro area.

A big attraction of NIU is the enormous wooden-floored Duke Ellington ballroom http://niu.edu/events/venues/location/hsc/ballroom.shtml in the Holmes Student Center (HSC), a building which also houses first class hotel accommodations. The ballroom features a stage for the band, a large balcony for watching or videoing dancing, and enough space for dancing, dining table set up, and lounging areas, all within the one room. Our meals will be catered and served buffet style in an adjacent room, with eating taking place also in the ballroom. We have worked with their staff to be sure there are vegetarian and gluten-free options available. If you have particular dietary concerns or allergies, please be sure to include that information when you register!

All or most of the camp participants will be accommodated in the 70 rooms of the hotel, which is just an elevator ride away. The hotel rooms all have their own bathrooms and will hold at least two people. Some have two queen beds, some two twin beds (which can also be converted to a single king bed if you request it). There are additional rollaway beds available if more than two want to share a space.

In addition to the hotel, there are also rooms available in the Stevenson dorm towers, located a 10 minute walk down Lucinda Avenue from the Holmes Student Center. Guests there will be able to drive to the HSC and park near that building. There will be a $3 parking fee on Thursday and Friday, but no fee on the weekend. The dorm rooms will be supplied with linens. Bathroomsin the dorms are shared, down the hall.

The hotel website http://www.hsc.niu.edu/hsc/hotelinfo/index.shtml indicates that guests can arrange their own stay, however for June Camp, your must register for the camp through us, since our committee will be handling the room assignments. Given the limited number of rooms in the hotel, we will put a priority on fitting as many participants in the Holmes Student Center as possible. This means that single rooms in the hotel will be difficult to accommodate. If the hotel isn’t full, singles will be assigned to those who signed up earliest for them; however a single room will require an additional $40 per night payment (to be made later, after room assignments are complete). Those who want a single at no extra charge are welcome to one in the Stevenson dorms, where there will be plenty available. We encourage everyone who registers for camp to try to find a roommate of their choosing and give us that information – we really don’t want to be “assigning” roommates if possible!

All of the facilities, the entire HSC, including the ballroom and the hotel, as well as the dorms, are air-conditioned.

You are welcome to attend the camp and stay elsewhere – there are a number of motels in DeKalb (http://www.dekalb.org/hotels-motels). Since DeKalb is a college town, there are also many options for food, both on campus and nearby, in town. If you wish to take meals with the group, please contact us BEFORE May 11, our late fee deadline! Because of the way food service is structured at NIU, we have to pre-order all meals two weeks ahead, so it is essential that you let us know which meals you intend to be present for, and pay accordingly.

We can take no registrations after May 17, except for those registering to come to Workshops only or Party only (i.e. without lodging or meals).

Weekend schedule

June Camp will begin Thursday evening with a relaxed request dance party where you can reconnect with old friends and favorite dances. Michael Ginsburg will present a dance or two. There will be live music for part of that evening’s party by our guest musicians, Tom, Ralph, and Patrick, who will be playing for us each evening.

Friday includes the Dance Exchange in the morning, with a brief review after lunch, and a workshop session by Michael.

Those who want a break from dancing can watch a screening at various times during the weekend of the documentary film “Brasslands,” about Zlatne
Ušte (Michael Ginsburg’s brass ensemble) and its participation at the international brass band competition in Guča, Serbia (to watch the trailer, go to http://brasslands.com/trailer/).

Friday afternoon will end with a singing session and outdoor dancing to live music by camp participants (weather permitting) before dinner. The evening dance party will again feature more live music by our guest musicians, as well as a program of requests gathered in advance (from your registration forms - be sure to let us know your top requests).

Saturday morning and afternoon will be filled with workshops by our main teacher. There will be a brief review of Dance Exchange material and more time for request dancing at the end of the afternoon as well as an additional showing of Brasslands. You can retire to your room or to our hospitality room in the hotel for refreshment and in the hotel for “private” (i.e. not alcohol-free) socializing. Then join us Saturday evening for a Gala Banquet, with a champagne toast to our regional weekend’s 60th anniversary, followed by another dance party of requests and lots of energy from our fine musicians. The Ice Cream Social midway through the evening will refuel your energy. After the dancing stops, the social gatherings can continue, in lobbies, hospitality rooms, or lounges.

Sunday morning after breakfast is the time for review of all the new material from camp. Lunch is no longer included since so many folks have to leave early, so check out will be at noon.

A draft schedule can be downloaded in PDF format at the bottom of this page.

Dance Exchange Workshops

On Friday morning, join us for this June Camp tradition: reviews, by advance request, of classic old dances that you can’t quite remember – or ones from past June Camps that have slipped away. Let us know what dances you’d like to have included and we’ll aim to find local teachers who can present them. To allow time for planning, all dance exchange requests need to be submittedno later than May 11 (which is also the last date for registration without a late fee). Dance exchange dances will be included in the camp syllabus.

Boutique and Silent Auction

2017 will mark our inaugural year of what we hope will be a new June Camp tradition: a boutique and silent auction for folk costumes, jewelry, CDs, DVDs, books, art, accessories, dance camp T-shirts, boots, shoes, folk dance skirts, etc. The proceeds will help fund future June Camp scholarships.

For many years, Joan Amsterdam attended every June Camp, bringing with her a wonderful array of ethnic merchandise. We want to keep that shopping opportunity and interest at June Camp, even though Joan has now retired.

We hope very much that you will use this incentive to clear your closets/drawers/storage areas of costumes that mysteriously shrank in storage(!), or items you no longer love, that no longer fit, or of which you just have TOO many . . . . Box them up and bring them to DeKalb! If you wish, you may specify a minimum price or bid.

We would be delighted to include the “story” of the costume. Did you purchase it on a journey, is it a family piece, inherited from a friend, a spectacular thrift shop find? Think of how much you would enjoy seeing something you once treasured enjoying a new life at June Camp 2017 and beyond.

We are able to provide a receipt for any donations, If you have questions, please call Jennifer Forbes-Baily, our boutique organizer, at 402-513-6062.

Jen is excited to share that we already have donations of a spectacularly stunning, authentic Breton costume, Russian jewelry, Romanian pottery, and the list is growing!


Dancing is an activity for all ages. Younger dancers are welcome to come to camp, and those under eighteen may attend at the reduced student rate. However, classes are aimed at teens and adults and there is no babysitting provided. Parents are responsible for the safety and entertainment of their children too young to be interested in dancing. Those under eighteen who may be coming without a parent need to submit a letter of parental permission to attend. Underage dancers are also expected not to partake of any alcoholic beverages, or otherwise misbehave.

Dancers with disabilities

Anyone with special needs is requested to please let the organizers know when they send in their registration and no later than May 11. We will attempt to meet particular needs but we need time in advance of the beginning of camp to determine what can be arranged.

CDs for sale

Michael Ginsburg will have a CD for sale for $15 with all the music for the dances he will teach at June Camp. These may be preordered with your registration, and will also be available (in limited quantities) during the weekend. He will also be bringing copies to sell of:
1) the Brasslands video DVD for $25
2) the Brasslands sound track for $15
3) other Zlatne
Ušte CDs for $15 each


The syllabus will be emailed to you two days before camp and/or posted for download from Google Drive. You may also bring a flash drive to camp; however we are trying to move to web-based transfer as much as possible. If you will require a printed copy, one can be made for you at an additional cost of $10 and should be requested on your registration form.

Camp Video Policy

The Ballroom at NIU provides helpful spots for videoing dancers, both from the balcony and the stage (when it is not in use by the Band). There will be no camp
DVD prepared this year, so there is no restriction on participants making private videos for their own use. (Note that this does not include posting publicly on social media without consent). Generally, videoing of the camp dances is preferred during the review, and we request those videoing to avoid getting in the way of those dancing. We are still hoping to arrange a possible system for distributing a collection of camp videos via Google Drive after the camp to those who are interested.

Alcohol policy

Alcohol is not permitted in any of the public areas of the HSC unless bought from and served by NIU staff. In honor of the 60th anniversary we are planning a toast during the Saturday evening meal, and will offer sparkling wine or juice at that time. Alcohol IS permitted in the hotel part of the HSC, so you can bring what you’d like and retire to your room for refreshments as needed (the benefit of being in one building!). All rooms in the hotel have refrigerators. We are also planning to have at least one hospitality room, which will be stocked with a supply of drinks (including wine and beer) and snacks. We are happy to have contributions to the hospitality room, either drinks or snacks, or via an upfront donation “to the costs of camp” which you can make, as in past years, when you total your registration.

Late fee and cancellations

A late fee of $20 per person applies for any registration postmarked or submitted online after May 11. Payment is expected at the time of registration and guarantees your room selection priority. However, if you cannot supply your check until camp begins, please contact Steve before the May 11 deadline to arrange a possible late payment; in that case no late fee will apply if you have submitted all other information.

If you registered but are unable to come to camp, notify Steve no later than May 17, 2017, at salemson@wisc.edu or junecampifd@gmail.com to receive a refund. No refunds can be given after that time.

More information

Stay tuned for further updates on this website or contact :

Mady Newfield (camp director) at 630-584-0825 (home), 630-251-0811 (cell,) or junecampifd@gmail.com

Steve Salemson (camp registrar) at 608-277-9910 or salemson@wisc.edu