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 Category Adult
 Student  Description

Full weekend Thursday - Sunday morning, all meals, 3 nights

Friday morning through Sunday morning, including all Friday meals, 2 nights

Friday afternoon through Sunday morning, including Friday dinner, 2 nights
Friday evening through Sunday morning, not including Friday dinner, 2 nights

Saturday morning through Sunday morning, including all Saturday meals, 1 night
Saturday only, all workshops and meals, no overnight
Party, Thursday or Friday evening, per person
 P Sat
Saturday evening party, including ice cream social, per person
Workshops only, per day, per person
Note that this should be paid only AFTER you know that a single room for you is indeed available, not at the time of registration! Single room surcharge, per room, per night
  Late fee after May 10, for any registration in Category A-F,  per person
 Zeljko's CD for camp
  Zeljko's DVD (with most of camp dances)

  Printed syllabus (no charge for electronic form)
  T-shirt, per shirt

Donation (to change amount, change quantity in cart)

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  Remember to update for multiple participants (fees are per person; party or workshop are per day)