Information for Participants

Here you will find reminders of things to bring to camp and things to consider, as well as other helpful information. Check back for more, closer to the beginning of camp.


CD sales during camp

Michael Ginsburg will have a CD for sale for $15 with all the music for the dances he will teach at June Camp. These may be preordered with your registration, and will also be available (in limited quantities) during the weekend. He will also be bringing copies to sell of:
1) the Brasslands video DVD for $25
2) the Brasslands sound track for $15
3) other Zlatne Uste CDs for $15 each


The syllabus will be emailed to you two days before camp and/or posted for download from Google Drive. You may also bring a flash drive to camp; however we are trying to move to web-based transfer as much as possible. If you will require a printed copy, one can be made for you at an additional cost of $10 and should be requested on your registration form. For late printed syllabus requests, call Mady Newfield at 630-584-0825 no later than May 29, 2017.

Camp Video Policy

The Ballroom at NIU provides helpful spots for videoing dancers, both from the balcony and the stage (when it is not in use by the Band). There will be no camp video prepared this year, so there is no restriction on participants making private videos for their own use. (Note that this does not include posting publicly on social media without consent). Generally, videoing of the camp dances is preferred during the review, and we request those videoing to avoid getting in the way of those dancing. We are still hoping to arrange a possible system for distributing a collection of camp videos via Google Drive after the camp to those who are interested.

Alcohol policy

Alcohol is not permitted in any of the public areas of the HSC unless bought from and served by NIU staff. In honor of the 60th anniversary we are planning a toast during the Saturday evening meal, and will offer sparkling wine or juice at that time. Alcohol IS permitted in the hotel part of the HSC, so you can bring what you’d like and retire to your room for refreshments as needed (the benefit of being in one building!). All rooms in the hotel have refrigerators. We are also planning to have at least one hospitality room, which will be stocked with a supply of drinks (including wine and beer) and snacks. We are happy to have contributions to the hospitality room, either drinks or snacks, or monetary donations.

June Camp International Folk Dance Camp in the Midwest