June Camp 2008

International Folk Dance Camp 

May 30 - June 1, 2008, Beloit College, Beloit, WI 



Flyers and Publicity 

Information for Participants (6/18/08 Instructions for Targovskata available, along with evaluation forms and list of dances taught.)

Previous June Camps 

Contact Us 

The June Camp Committee is: 
Mady Newfield, Registrar,
St. Charles IL
Joshua Bowman, Ithaca NY
Kim Caisse,
Madison WI          Jennifer Forbes-Baily, Omaha NE
Jenny Hahn, Daly City CA
Doug Jensen, Geneva IL
Michael Kuharski, Madison WI
Hannah Newfield-Plunkett,
Ithaca NY and St. Charles IL
Rachel Reinders,
Milwaukee WI
Steve Salemson,
Madison WI
Edie Spear, Lincolnwood IL

Looking for information about June Camp 2009? Please see our new website at http://junecampIFD.googlepages.com!




 Featured Teachers: 

Jaap Leegwater (Bulgarian)

Lee Otterholt (Balkan/Norwegian)

For over 50 years, June Camp has been a tradition in the Midwest folk dance community. From May 30-June 1, 2008, June Camp will be held at beautiful Beloit College in Beloit Wisconsin, featuring Jaap Leegwater teaching dances of Bulgaria and Lee Otterholt teaching Balkan dances and dances of Norway. In addition to workshops there will be favorite June Camp traditions including Happy Hour, with dancing and live music, a live music dance party Saturday night and a request dance party Friday night, a Dance Exchange workshop on Friday afternoon, and a Midnight Ice Cream Social on Saturday. 

Beloit College features indoor dance space, air-conditioned rooms, and exceptional food. We look forward to having you dance with us! For more information, contact the committee at junecamp2008@gmail.com or Mady Newfield at folkdance@fnal.gov or by phone at 630-584-0825. Happy Dancing!