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reborns by Rhonda Matlock





              Please click this link to see the babies that are available for adoption .   Updated in November 2009!   If you would like to see the custom order  babies that I have available to order, please click the links below~~



Most babies range in price from $175-$375.  Price depends on how hard the kit is to get, the cost of the doll or kit, the cost of the body, how long it will take to root the hair (depending on the size of the head) , and the cost of the eyes (if it is an open eyed baby).  Once in awhile, I may start a baby on ebay for $1. These sometimes go off for higher or lower than the range price.                                             











     Hi and welcome to Junebird Nursery. I am Rhonda Matlock and the artist of reborn babies at this nursery.  Reborning is the art of taking a factory produced play doll or a reborn doll kit and turning it into a realistic looking baby. These babies are for MATURE collectors of all ages.  They are to be treated with great care and will last a lifetime.   These babies are NOT TOYS and they should not be used as toys.                  



     My reborns are created using Genesis Heatset Paints.  These artist paints are heatset and will not rub off or fade (do not display your baby in direct sunlight for extended periods of time.)  The hair for the babies is micro-rooted using premium mohair and the tiniest needles possible. The hair is sealed from the inside using a waterproof sealer so that the babies hair can be washed and styled. The babies re given cloth bodies and are weighted in all the right places with glass beads, polypellets, and polyfil to give the weight of a newborn.  The heads are also weighted like a newborn and have to be supported. Most of the babies have magnets inside the head for magnetic hairbows and pacifiers.


                             The baby in the next  picture is a very limited edition baby. They are hard to find and I wish that I had kept this one for myself!



     There are all sorts of reasons for adopting a reborn baby ~~~ but mainly because you fall in love with one. I make babies from all different types of dolls.  My babies start from a blank canvas and take on a personality of their own while being reborned, so every baby is different and has different coloring. They have blue-undertones and veining in baby places. Some of them have belly plates that are used just for posing the babies. They easily come off when ready to cuddle the baby.  I have some of my adopted dolls on this page for you to view.  I will be adding a few dolls a month that are up for adoption. If you see one you like, just e-mail me at JunebirdNursery@gmail.com.  I will be glad to take orders, but please e-mail for more info.  I am only able to take a few orders at a time.  Also, if you want one by a certain date, be sure to e-mail several weeks ahead. If a certain type of doll is requested (such as Ashton Drake) there will be a required deposit as these dolls are very expensive before reborning. Most of the time, I send pictures of custom babies for your approval before payment is necessary.   I take paypal (for credit cards) , but also money orders and cashier's checks.  Enjoy the photos and e-mail with any questions.  





                   The next 2 pictures are before and after pictures of the dolls.  The head in the first picture has been cleaned of factory paint and the mold lines sanded off the head.  The picture of the doll in the in the 2nd picture is the way this dolls comes from the factory.  I normally wouldn't show the before pictures, but I have had some people that are curious.  Trust me ~ this art is a labor of love!!!!!!





















    If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to e-mail me by pressing this link junebirdnursery@gmail.com .  


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