General Information

Juneau Area Operators Airspace Letter of Agreement


Effective Date:February 20th, 2023

Airspace Users - Juneau, Alaska and Vicinity

This letter of agreement is entered into for the purpose of establishing safe operating practices in the Juneau Airport Class D surface area and the uncontrolled airspace in the geographic areas surrounding Juneau, Alaska. These include select areas of the Juneau Ice Field, Gastineau Channel, Taku Inlet, Lynn Canal and Glacier Bay.

The methods employed include preferred routes, primary and secondary reporting points, specific radio frequencies, frequency changeover points, and specific altitudes for specified direction of flight at traffic conflict areas. The largest concentration of aircraft is comprised of VFR Commuter traffic and air tours. However, all aircraft are geographically restricted to the use of the same routes.

Signature of an aircraft operator to the routes and procedures contained in this Juneau Operators Letter of Agreement (LOA) indicates voluntary compliance, in that while operating on the described routes, these procedures should be adhered to. This does not restrict an aircraft operator from utilizing non-depicted routes. Deviations from this letter of agreement may be made as required for specific missions, traffic, or weather. This agreement does not relieve aircraft operators and pilots from adhering to Federal Aviation Regulations, or Operations Specifications issued to that company by FAA Flight Standards. It remains a right and responsibility for a pilot to deviate from any procedure if required to ensure the safety of their aircraft, or when weather or traffic conflicts require.

Modifications to a specific area procedure will be made via date and numbered revisions to the specific appendix or page, including a signature agreement line for each party to this agreement. This agreement is valid until the end of each calendar year.

Revision Number 29