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Sitka Church of Christ

The elders and members of the Juneau congregation work together with the Sitka congregation to help secure a missionary/evangelist to work in Sitka. To that end, we host the following information developed by the Sitka congregation. (Updated, March, 2016. Originally posted January, 2015).

By God’s grace, the Sitka Church of Christ prays to the Lord of harvest for an evangelist/missionary to move here, to evangelize with Jesus’ message, and to help equip the saints in Sitka, Alaska. The congregation can make an apartment available for the evangelist’s housing and plans to assist with partial financial support.


Currently, the congregation consists of about half a dozen people. The Church of Christ has had a presence in Sitka at least from the early 1950s; upwards of about eighty souls met regularly together in the past. The congregation assembles to worship God in a fairly new building for which there is no outstanding debt.


Rich in human and natural history, ringed by forested mountains rising out of salt water on an island archipelago, Sitka overlooks glorious Pacific Ocean sunsets from Baranof Island in southeastern Alaska. It may be reached by sea or by air. The city’s stable economy depends on its strong fishing fleet, on tourism, and government. About 8000 people live here. True of many Alaskan communities, there are no roads connecting elsewhere.


By invitation of the Sitka congregation, a sister congregation, the Juneau Church of Christ, has been helping support the effort in Sitka since summer, 2014. The Juneau elders are working together with the Sitka congregation to secure long term ministry.


Contact information:

Jon Paden (a Juneau elder)


cell: 907-723-6713

home: 907-790-6646


Jay and Sherry Clifton



One may find important information about the community of Sitka and weather at the following websites: www.cityofsitka.com; www.sitka.org;  and pafc.arh.noaa.gov/index.php?index=alaska. The first two websites serve as portals for links about Sitka; the third further describes weather and climate conditions (click Sitka on the Alaska map).