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Training Expectations

Junction City Training
"A good firefighter will know their job. A GREAT firefighter will also know the job of the person above as well as teach their job to the person below."

The goal of the Junction City Rural Fire Protection District is to provide the citizens of our fire district with the highly trained and educated firefighter/ EMT’s.

Standards And Expectations
JCFD firefighters meet all state and national training standards. All firefighters train to NFPA levels and train to a professional level. The State of Oregon requires Bi-Annual Maintenance training and all active firefighters meet this standard.

You can expect our firefighters to arrive and have the skills to handle your emergency in an efficient professional manner.

JCFD firefighters train with a very high level of intensity and commitment; they need to be ready to handle emergencies of all variety.

JCFD firefighters train weekly for a minimum of 2-3 hours per week. Along with fire training, they attend EMS training to maintain medical skills and this is about 2 hours per month. This is just the minimum training that is provided. Firefighters are expected to attend out of district training and live fire training in addition to the 2-3 hours a week.

Initial training for a new recruit is a minimum of 180 hours. Becoming a firefighter is serious stuff and requires quite the commitment. Consider it a lifestyle change. There is nothing better then being a firefighter.
Most of our members are certified at some level of emergency responder, or will be at some point early in their career. Many are EMT's, A EMT's , Intermediates as well as Paramedics. Our department also has many certified Medical Responders.

As the Training Captain, I hold my firefighters to a very high standard and they understand this. Every week I see the commitment they put into being the best firefighters they can be. I expect high intensity, realistic drills that provide our firefighters with the skills to handle real emergencies. The firefighters at JCFD are always up to the challenge.

I believe “if you have a high standard you will get firefighters that meet that standard; if you expect mediocrity you will get it.” Our firefighters try not to waste an opportunity to be better. Commitment to something is a very important thing, and you can see it with the firefighters at Junction City.