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Become A Volunteer

We are looking for Community Heroes! 

This organization is committed to the mission of providing fire and life safety to the citizens of the Junction City Rural Fire Protection District. These services are provided on a twenty-four hour, seven days a week basis. 

Upon submitting a completed application, you are committing yourself as a team member dedicated to the accomplishment of this mission. You must understand upon assuming this obligation, dedicating 4 to 12 hours per week is what you can expect. This time will be devoted to training, emergency response, and other activities for the benefit of the organization and community. 

If you have a significant other, they must also understand the time commitment involved and support you in your application. Without that support and understanding, being a volunteer firefighter can have a damaging effect on relationships. The District is committed to providing you with a positive experience during your tenure with the department. All approved training will be provided at no direct cost to you. The District will provide the necessary equipment for you to function safely at an emergency scene. The District shall provide life and dismemberment insurance for your protection, as well as workers compensation insurance. 

We will work with you to assist in the attainment of your goals as they may relate to our department. We encourage you to volunteer at a level that is most satisfying for you as long as you meet the minimum requirements. 

The fire service is an exacting discipline that requires dedication on your part to become adequately prepared, through education, to provide an expected level of service to the district, community, and the citizens we serve. As a member, you will be required to attend a minimum of 70% of weekly fire training sessions. 

Regular training is scheduled on Thursdays from 7pm to 9pm

Some drills will run longer than scheduled depending on the type of training. 

Once you have considered the level of dedication and training involved, we encourage potential members to stop by the fire station and visit with volunteers, the Fire Chief or the Training Captain to gain more knowledge of the camaraderie and pride that can only come from being a volunteer firefighter.