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The Meeting Hall

Public use of the meeting room at our facility has limitations as department needs are very demanding and the building serves as a residence to some of our volunteer members. Therefore, the Board of Directors of the Junction City Rural Fire Protection District wishes to invite the community to use the meeting rooms in our new fire station under the following guidelines.
  • Fire Department business, training, and activities have priority over all other civic groups. Furthermore, reservation of the meeting room does not guarantee that it will be available for use by the public. An unforeseen need for the department to use the room may develop without notice which will subsequently cancel or limit a public group’s use of the facility.
  • Groups that inherently meet regularly are welcome but are not guaranteed a regular time and space for their meetings. Each meeting must be scheduled separately. No more that two meetings per organization may be scheduled at a time.
  • There is no space available for storage of property belonging to public groups other than the fire department.
  • A representative of the group wishing to use the facility must be a resident or a property owner in the district. The group’s representative must sign a public use and liability agreement before each scheduled use.
  • There is no rent, fee, or deposit required for a group to use the facilities. However, the group may be held liable for damages and/or clean up. Groups are expected to fully clean up and restore the facility immediately after their scheduled use. Posters and/or displays may NOT be fastened to the walls in any manner (including: tape, tacks, nails, etc).
  • Permission to use the meeting room includes access to kitchen and bathroom facilities. Access is not granted to the station as a whole. Offices, resident’s living quarters, the engine bay, and the fire pole are off limits. Public access for the meeting room shall be from the Juniper Street entrance.
  • Parking is allowed only on Juniper Street and in the south parking lot.
  • Do Not Park In Front of Any of The Engine Bay Doors.
  • Activities for income generating purposes, such as bake sales or recruiting for multi-level marketing are prohibited. Use of the facilities should be business meeting in nature. Parties may be allowed at the discretion of the building manager. Noise levels are a concern as there are staff members that reside at the station.
  • Groups that go past their anticipated completion time will immediately yield to any incoming group. In no case should any group remain past 9pm.
  • Smoking and consumption of alcohol are strictly prohibited on fire department property.
If you would like to schedule the usage of the meeting room, please contact Erica Nicol via email at or call (541) 998-2022 to reserve the floor.