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Chief's Message

Welcome to the Junction City Rural Fire Protection District’s (JCRFPD) web page. It is my hope that you will find this site helpful in better understanding and accessing the services and capabilities offered by JCRFPD to our community. I would like to start off my welcome message with a few facts about JCRFPD.

Many people know us as the “Junction City Fire Department”. While we proudly share the name with the City of Junction City, we are not actually part of the city governmental structure. We are by legal definition a “special district”. What does that mean, you ask? JCRFPD is governed by a board of directors that is elected by the voters of the district and receives it’s funding from property taxes.

JCRFPD has five full-time emergency service employees and one part-time Administrative Assistant. The bulk of the emergency responders are made up of volunteers from the community. JCRFPD averages between twenty and thirty volunteers on the roster. So if you see one of your neighbors run out to his/her car and drive off several times a day or night, it could mean that they are one of our dedicated volunteers.

JCRFPD responds to an average of 1,800 calls for service per year, or approximately 150 calls a month with the majority of those calls being medical in nature. 1,800 calls may not seem a lot to some, but the average call volume for fire districts of similar size is three to five hundred calls per year. If you equate that to the fact that the average call takes about one hour then add in the required three to five hours of training per week, you can see that JCRFPD has a very dedicated group of individuals.

JCRFPD is dedicated to serving our community and providing a high standard of service. We maintain this high standard through diligent and continuous training by our staff, both volunteer and career. Our training program has a reputation of being one of the best in the Lane County Area.

Most of the members of JCRFPD have roots in this community. They are not just helping a stranger in need but a neighbor, a friend and, on many occasions, a loved one. We pride ourselves on not just providing a service to the community but to being part of the community. Thanks again for visiting our site and feel free to let me know how we are doing and how we can better serve you and our community.

Brandon Nicol
Chief, Junction City Rural Fire Protection District