Backyard Burning Safety

Backyard burning is the burning of debris in an outdoor fireplace, burn barrel, backyard incinerator, or piles of yard debris that is not in support of an agricultural operation. 

The backyard burn season begins October 1st and ends June 15th. A burn permit is required for all backyard burning. If you have questions, or are not sure if you live within the Junction City Fire District, call (541) 998-2022

Residents of the Junction City Fire District can obtain a burn permit at the Junction City Fire Station, 1755 Juniper Street, between the hours of 8:00am - 5:00pm at no charge. 

The burn permit contains the necessary information to legally burn backyard debris and the phone number for the Lane Regional Air Protection Agency (LRAPA) Burn Advisory Line. Residents who have obtained a burn permit need to call this number before burning. 

The LRAPA Burn Advisory Line is (541) 726-3976
Press 3 to hear the burn advisory for Junction City Fire District. 

Backyard Burn Permits automatically renew from year to year for as long as the permit holder lives at the property.

Slash Burning Permits
Slash burning is the burning of debris from logging and is limited to burning on forestlands. The Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) regulates slash burning. 
Contact ODF for information and slash burning permits at (503) 859-2151.

LRAPA Letter Permits
Open burning of commercial, industrial, construction, demolition, or forest slash wastes on a singly occurring or infrequent basis, which is otherwise prohibited, and a bonfire held for a single event, may be permitted by a letter permit issued by LRAPA, (541) 736-1056.

Agricultural Burning
Agricultural Permits that do not fit the criteria for Backyard or Letter Burn Permits can be issued by JCRFPD. These permits are issued because the volume of vegetative material cannot be burned in one day, or it was produced as a result of a commercial agricultural process. The burn pile must be inspected by the fire district for safety and to ensure that it contains materials that are permitted. Once inspected and all requirements have been met, the burn may be started on an approved burn day and is allowed to burn continually until the material is gone