Chat Text Links Part 1

Here are some chat text links :)
All those with only "numbers" behind, are empty in the chat. Enjoy!

If anyone finds chat links that are not in Part 1,2 or 3 please let me know on reddit so I can try to improve my Tool. Reddit profile

Latest Update: 
- latest string files used (Build 16,817) -> Changelog 2013-02-28 chat-text-links
- some with multiple lines only showed 1 line here, that should be fixed now
- latest string files used (Build 16,732)
- Many strings added (The list now has over 30k lines, so I had to split it up into 3 parts)

[&AwABAAA=] - 
[&AwACAAA=] - Fionna
[&AwADAAA=] - Seraph Soldier
[&AwAEAAA=] - 876AAB8F29CE44C4655EC759493EF7E7A16A15B52FF4E5BDD93CB4DE85D20ADE7A543E21C278887F29F36B60CDD7D8A82EC27570
[&AwAFAAA=] - Titan's teeth...what kind of filthy shenanigan-liver do you have?
[&AwAGAAA=] - Fool newfangled traps messin' up my hard work.
[&AwAHAAA=] - Troll Slayer
[&AwAIAAA=] - Say goodnight, sucker.
[&AwAJAAA=] - On to more important things.
[&AwAKAAA=] - I will return.
[&AwALAAA=] - Knowledge is power!
[&AwAMAAA=] - To my side, ya scum!
[&AwANAAA=] - So, it ends.
[&AwAOAAA=] - Thank the gods.
[&AwAPAAA=] - That was a dirty trick!
[&AwAQAAA=] - Rally to me!
[&AwARAAA=] - What'd I ever do to you?
[&AwASAAA=] - I sense intruders.
[&AwATAAA=] - Help me! Help!
[&AwAUAAA=] - You will regret crossing me.
[&AwAVAAA=] - Avast. Uninvited guests!
[&AwAWAAA=] - Yah!
[&AwAXAAA=] - Stand and submit!
[&AwAYAAA=] - Eternal vigilance!
[&AwAZAAA=] - Your blood flows well.
[&AwAaAAA=] - Another will replace me!
[&AwAbAAA=] - To me!
[&AwAcAAA=] - Licked them good!
[&AwAdAAA=] - Who goes there?
[&AwAeAAA=] - Keep running, mate!
[&AwAfAAA=] - I am undone.
[&AwAgAAA=] - Flee, you cowardly cur!
[&AwAhAAA=] - United we stand!
[&AwAiAAA=] - Kill, kill, kill!
[&AwAjAAA=] - Kormir enlighten me.
[&AwAkAAA=] - Insect enters combat.
[&AwAlAAA=] - Pet down!
[&AwAmAAA=] - Venom...too strong...
[&AwAnAAA=] - How are your endeavors progressing?
[&AwAoAAA=] - What?
[&AwApAAA=] - Are you talking to me?
[&AwAqAAA=] - Report any suspicious activity.
[&AwArAAA=] - We all must do our part.
[&AwAsAAA=] - Nothing better than the wind at your back.
[&AwAtAAA=] - Report any suspicious activity.
[&AwAuAAA=] - You come seeking knowledge?
[&AwAvAAA=] - Good to meet you.
[&AwAwAAA=] - Charity begins with one good deed.
[&AwAxAAA=] - What do you want?
[&AwAyAAA=] - Greetings, traveler.
[&AwAzAAA=] - What do you want?
[&AwA0AAA=] - Yes?
[&AwA1AAA=] - I don't speak to the feeble.
[&AwA2AAA=] - Oh, I didn't see you there.
[&AwA3AAA=] - You're always welcome here.
[&AwA4AAA=] - You got a problem?
[&AwA5AAA=] - Know what cannot be known.
[&AwA6AAA=] - Don't know what it was, but now it's dead.
[&AwA7AAA=] - If there were a nature spirit representing norn, she'd look like me!
[&AwA8AAA=] - Calm.
[&AwA9AAA=] - This is the Vigil!
[&AwA+AAA=] - Done and done.
[&AwA/AAA=] - Now, this is a find!
[&AwBAAAA=] - Pardon! Could you come here?
[&AwBBAAA=] - Save yourselves!
[&AwBCAAA=] - Risen Corpse
[&AwBDAAA=] - EBD5E438E1C62EFF6EBFBEF10D80345B33E17A881835448479131E4A66ECE69F71C6CCF9C82FCA12602BD1B2075744BC327BACBEB240D139404FB77DA1A28E4C249BE723BC5378972C06C4A01A3805
[&AwBEAAA=] - Cocoa
[&AwBFAAA=] - Lemon Ice
[&AwBGAAA=] - Ooze[s]
[&AwBHAAA=] - You have mail! The mailbox icon will update when you have unread messages. <br><br>Click here to open your mail, no matter where you are.
[&AwBIAAA=] - 8D31D44779C85AEF8914F049CDE715F3987805D1
[&AwBJAAA=] - 72974190DB4EA638E6BD66DCBBEEFDC2C77CDE51D77836314166BDF5DC76618D5B8A27F804E9
[&AwBKAAA=] - C40B8160BBFFC73A84B65DA2A57A4CB6D358F1B3A33C9149029A0BCA921F44CF3A35F624A9535CD8E3F42C9B389D75D1D00262CE4C67EDA5BA7D6C3C4EBAB9B7B25F9A3FE325E6F56FEDBFA82645659CCD04D5FB129E8B6DC8C421F4E862CDDDC337
[&AwBLAAA=] - Serious magical weapon-making skills.
[&AwBMAAA=] - Cheeks
[&AwBNAAA=] - AA03520232248B91EFFFE940B7D00B506AC69546A321ED20ADA4BCE66531D5A89EC90D78F20419809C24D70D3E719C955DC4A857708DDEC94051625061DAE00564CEAF839CE234BCD8021ABAAD
[&AwBOAAA=] - Shadow Stab
[&AwBPAAA=] - Something always falls off.
[&AwBQAAA=] - Ravaging Staff
[&AwBRAAA=] - Dryad Coat
[&AwBSAAA=] - Berserker's Reinforced Scale Gauntlets
[&AwBTAAA=] - Tarnished Chain Armor
[&AwBUAAA=] - 5A2352466C4DA8750B6870C1CDB2CC1AB1780E6E03FB7D3F22C4EDA3
[&AwBVAAA=] - Keg[s]
[&AwBWAAA=] - Gain tier 1 might for the next 30 minutes.
[&AwBXAAA=] - 43F2F6D51862A22B6A014050668160C6
[&AwBYAAA=] - 54B870457F912A09B240F67BB3EA
[&AwBZAAA=] - 2385329B7B82AE9856630F827D74ECE4DC7C58E91D1E
[&AwBaAAA=] - 236B94BE075EE683CA30F33D39
[&AwBbAAA=] - Harmonious Mantras
[&AwBcAAA=] - Pact Mortar
[&AwBdAAA=] - 65128818FF5B784A3DA6AF2E633F50A3EB92BC7395
[&AwBeAAA=] - 8962709C2E1C1088A52ACB19AA1CD1F8B753DDE73780138FED0D54A93A61D040F9
[&AwBfAAA=] - 97EB35017ADFF4BFE038F5CD9FE7E0A5053085D42E7E529FC35194FC09FE75E78FF8D68FDC64928922
[&AwBgAAA=] - 97147ED93B8C6C6DE1CCBE1044EAB1C0
[&AwBhAAA=] - Forest of Aarden
[&AwBiAAA=] - A1E762D61A03AD6B595CA37589BB91
[&AwBjAAA=] - 9E55FC1788462D04436638493194621BA9ED85
[&AwBkAAA=] - 1ADFEDDBBDDC09EC983C7322C40FB3B8
[&AwBlAAA=] - Malachite Copper Amulet
[&AwBmAAA=] - Stealing Light
[&AwBnAAA=] - C2FD139CADD4DC0683
[&AwBoAAA=] - 79D04F3B0731CC6FD739CE6810888B03D55340A979E661E3C6E62CFE0BCC8E
[&AwBpAAA=] - This our cave now. Leave, dummy!
[&AwBqAAA=] - 335D8EC959BE8473518000DAB1C7B9CA60F034E794940B21987C580F31A545EF4E582ACA
[&AwBrAAA=] - Vigorous Iron Greatsword
[&AwBsAAA=] - F561442C76B7A9B35C
[&AwBtAAA=] - I fight in your honor, my poor lost love.
[&AwBuAAA=] - My warband's greatest battle became known as the Third Battle of the Brand.
[&AwBvAAA=] - <br><br>I'm a ranger, and I have a drake that fights at my side and guards my back.<br><br>This is my story.<br>
[&AwBwAAA=] - FCF9D3787FB7FB1F1D5F5893547F89F62076612284CB7A8FC6744C306AD6169C523FDD93641CE33CADB01FCAED959FE02F48EB328877B19105B682443DB675DD783FC3BA01C23ADB59135365308F69DAFBDCA614B5D2C6A8B78E7DADC9D6A05C9FF773DB4CC75710FD9B3B0525E5C040697DC2A892A42CE0A487DC2D265878BA41C752D18611FE37144D03ED8D571F088F
[&AwBxAAA=] - Lion's Arch
[&AwByAAA=] - Chain of Command
[&AwBzAAA=] - A New Challenger
[&AwB0AAA=] - F37288556A0DCC564ADB49011FEC0943A13D2177B2F1A2C1A2
[&AwB1AAA=] - The Godspurs
[&AwB2AAA=] - D61F31C9F8846B881FBF2663154443A5384AE19B663FF27F33749BB1
[&AwB3AAA=] - Pillaging Student Mantle
[&AwB4AAA=] - Modniir Gorge
[&AwB5AAA=] - Kill Jake and his bodyguards.
[&AwB6AAA=] - Court of<br>Welcoming
[&AwB7AAA=] - %str1% Lowlands
[&AwB8AAA=] - Cavernhold Camp Waypoint
[&AwB9AAA=] - Durmand Priory Waypoint
[&AwB+AAA=] - I agree. And since Doxa is...incapacitated, I'll be her proxy. That's three votes for our star player!
[&AwB/AAA=] - Colonnade Waypoint
[&AwEBAAA=] - 
[&AwECAAA=] - Hmm, that didn't seem to do anything. More dead ends.
[&AwEDAAA=] - Go on ahead! We'll hold this landing against whatever else they send!
[&AwEEAAA=] - Gavin
[&AwEFAAA=] - You must be made of sponges! Oh, wise one...teach me...teach me your ways.
[&AwEGAAA=] - Back off and regroup!
[&AwEHAAA=] - Tangling with you was the last stupid decision these smart creatures ever made.
[&AwEIAAA=] - Sweet, sweet loot.
[&AwEJAAA=] - Have at you!
[&AwEKAAA=] - Go to the Mists.
[&AwELAAA=] - Your dissolution was inevitable.
[&AwEMAAA=] - Strength and Iron!
[&AwENAAA=] - Coward.
[&AwEOAAA=] - Tell someone about this.
[&AwEPAAA=] - Keep running.
[&AwEQAAA=] - Who goes there?
[&AwERAAA=] - More victims!
[&AwESAAA=] - For Ascalon!
[&AwETAAA=] - The Six preserve us!
[&AwEUAAA=] - Form up ranks!
[&AwEVAAA=] - Flee, you cowardly cur!
[&AwEWAAA=] - Live to fight another day.
[&AwEXAAA=] - And now you die!
[&AwEYAAA=] - Another enemy vanquished!
[&AwEZAAA=] - I've got a bad feeling.
[&AwEaAAA=] - Divided you fall!
[&AwEbAAA=] - To arms!
[&AwEcAAA=] - So it's come to this.
[&AwEdAAA=] - Is this death?
[&AwEeAAA=] - Yarr!
[&AwEfAAA=] - Your time will come.
[&AwEgAAA=] - I lost? Impossible.
[&AwEhAAA=] - The oppressors return!
[&AwEiAAA=] - Blood for Balthazar!
[&AwEjAAA=] - Dwayna heal me.
[&AwEkAAA=] - Insect kills an enemy.
[&AwElAAA=] - I'll revive you.
[&AwEmAAA=] - I feel so...vulnerable.
[&AwEnAAA=] - Excelsior.
[&AwEoAAA=] - Rely on strength, not false gods.
[&AwEpAAA=] - Yeah?
[&AwEqAAA=] - Anything to report?
[&AwErAAA=] - By Balthazar's hounds! How are you?
[&AwEsAAA=] - The ocean is a beast.
[&AwEtAAA=] - Anything to report?
[&AwEuAAA=] - One's knowledge cannot go beyond one's experience.
[&AwEvAAA=] - Greetings.
[&AwEwAAA=] - Seize the moment.
[&AwExAAA=] - Huh?
[&AwEyAAA=] - I serve Lion's Arch.
[&AwEzAAA=] - For Iron Legion.
[&AwE0AAA=] - May the Six watch over you.
[&AwE1AAA=] - How do you do?
[&AwE2AAA=] - Greetings.
[&AwE3AAA=] - Your face is familiar.
[&AwE4AAA=] - Seize the moment.
[&AwE5AAA=] - Tell me all about yourself.
[&AwE6AAA=] - Eat pain.
[&AwE7AAA=] - I call on Snow Leopard!
[&AwE8AAA=] - Defend.
[&AwE9AAA=] - Your adventurous streak is showing.
[&AwE+AAA=] - Another satisfying adventure.
[&AwE/AAA=] - Quite a reward!
[&AwFAAAA=] - May I have a word, please?
[&AwFBAAA=] - Retreat!
[&AwFCAAA=] - On my mark!
[&AwFDAAA=] - 134F2943F2E745C0CA02A5B62EBF8622011BCBBC6A45076CDEB126BEAE942A92429308F7AE95C06FD6A64CBF355F735EFBFF9FE82ACD1440B1CA862F1837CB24E59C72A84B4A60F6907A
[&AwFEAAA=] - Copper
[&AwFFAAA=] - Lifesblood
[&AwFGAAA=] - Pirate[s]
[&AwFHAAA=] - Mailbox
[&AwFIAAA=] - 9B9F8AA4ABC7EF417C8AF442026C2E695C32EEFCDDBA0C7541E690
[&AwFJAAA=] - 5334C6A3584581B55A94031860A08884FD1AD6C877F1FB9AC35956C0C82D9E9B1D6531DB
[&AwFKAAA=] - 0638F19C3B602F0225BA0C2B721BC8F4E882FA801E7F576BCE7367E87B1B943ACB0EACDE
[&AwFLAAA=] - 0915E064BC55CC863D02C9E070FDB3024313EA242EB8AC047E78BE617802419F995345BBDA08B10B6D60B8E01254FF77B0A34B40C760037EBDD629F0E4A1EE2D49168D0C809CAB8FCD6935EA10F8192254A05FBD0462F2246C05F877C4FFC2472E75FABE94F0F902E01AEA1F5570EE9CBAE0B2A64D3AEE5CE48623E04B8D85D0FF921EC28F20C7337EE4CF7D72C86C0096BD064517E26C702B
[&AwFMAAA=] - AE6CB79D3FE399F8C20AADC06AFFCB63854F564E
[&AwFOAAA=] - Fire a barrage of rockets.
[&AwFPAAA=] - 5B1388EB6513C6E6D6877C5EE77F2E7D6664
[&AwFQAAA=] - Honed Staff
[&AwFRAAA=] - Dryad Gloves
[&AwFSAAA=] - Berserker's Reinforced Scale Helm
[&AwFTAAA=] - EF843B0B1B0ECF09279A3F9C
[&AwFUAAA=] - F87069F7E5598EA82FC9
[&AwFVAAA=] - Conquest Breastplate
[&AwFWAAA=] - Boon of Might (Tier 1)
[&AwFXAAA=] - Sage Leaf[pl:"Leaves"]
[&AwFYAAA=] - 8AF5B705AB4B87F12928170E8F4943812607E20BF936FA124A64052F6BB3AEAE9D8796FD054D577A9081669834B2958B41F9970795010352947E2512FBE4271C96F4719894
[&AwFZAAA=] - 99C3A3B09C6C8D0D3EFF561353758431C58E5276AD8A
[&AwFaAAA=] - 45A4C25A0D522AF6CBE29BF62ECF2CD5648DDF64BA
[&AwFbAAA=] - Warden's Leggings
[&AwFcAAA=] - 480FEE4F1E32A8194E6CA60AD65CE866E260
[&AwFdAAA=] - Don't let them put you in a conversion pod.
[&AwFeAAA=] - Fire NOW
[&AwFfAAA=] - 504E56792DEF0DB3837E13EF3DEEE88FD2F3202CBDDBE832
[&AwFgAAA=] - D95FE00B766B259AB3DC101931CC9961
[&AwFhAAA=] - 7A4D94B4A63E016E5E70200524E54D87B0
[&AwFiAAA=] - <c=@flavor>The frog contained in the vessel is resting. Holes poked in the top ensure the frog will have plenty of air.</c>
[&AwFjAAA=] - 2AB99A397149E0AF1B0EF6F425
[&AwFkAAA=] - A56ED211889D2F0D970FA87FD3EDEC406B
[&AwFlAAA=] - Amethyst Silver Pendant
[&AwFmAAA=] - 07DF3E60FAB32ABD11233FD035F10F19628202269F6EE15D132DD2F48D82E0CB9E523E99B963
[&AwFnAAA=] - AA9F93E7964B706D0D67B764D89A412F180AF1687D3537E38E83883A1579E53D357453825962D33DAE0CFE8EF0099EBF74C07034364462541B0340E880
[&AwFoAAA=] - Chance for fire spells to burn.
[&AwFpAAA=] - Gort ugly. Gort weak. We took his cave.
[&AwFqAAA=] - 838382036D208247C5F8148A0BD5795403437BB1A8295AEC10F497C2
[&AwFrAAA=] - A63248BCE43E7AE4
[&AwFsAAA=] - 1E864ACFD4367F574DC4644D0416
[&AwFtAAA=] - 1A710F8862BEC29A80AA5A28E713FC84D4A048021B68
[&AwFuAAA=] - Enemies who will not face me in battle will find me
[&AwFvAAA=] - Wolf
[&AwFwAAA=] - Rata Sum<br>(Union Accessium)
[&AwFxAAA=] - The Bloodtide Coast is a haven for pirates, brigands and ruffians of all types. The region's many islands and caves hide those who prey on travelers from Lion's Arch, even as the rising tide of undead forces ships inland from the sea.
[&AwFyAAA=] - Legionnaire Steelbane was furious after Smokestead, and he's decided that you're his scapegoat. He's already ordered you beaten and given you demeaning cub duty. If you can't prove your worth, you may never get back on his good side.
[&AwFzAAA=] - One night of exuberant drinking, and the world goes crazy. Legionnaire Ballista Geargrind of the Gear Warband has a missing attack vehicle, and she's holding you responsible. Tracking it down should prove to be quite an adventure.
[&AwF0AAA=] - Rat-Tastrophe
[&AwF1AAA=] - Winterthaw Snowfield
[&AwF2AAA=] - 5DDE7D6F80877C7AD3B8F49863776A09DB1DCF4F08291A9225D3A2ED85319F69EE03506B404318A7B22B138A0C81DDFA73D032CF606C7703D2DD072D58469B9007C1D1F39ED7E2DCD991BBE66F29470D0118BF66F8FD13C5A0E272525A643BDD58F33AD56E9974B8260D5CFCA0616E0C6A42A43E3D4126CD03C3B0D95E7021E1319382
[&AwF3AAA=] - Vigorous Student Mantle
[&AwF4AAA=] - High Timber Claim
[&AwF5AAA=] - EFB0A992A71E10DFC32011A0D826BA75EDA0D61301273D6704DEE0E723617039ACEB4E9925FB79901BB707710ACACC5AB787A7BC8FAFF922C935E2C7B157CF375C1BD57EAD0E4A38E21E9DA3C465DCA43436FAB1DDBD7CCFCFFAD2
[&AwF6AAA=] - Blessed Path
[&AwF7AAA=] - Golanta Clearing
[&AwF8AAA=] - Greyhoof Camp Waypoint
[&AwF9AAA=] - Lamentation Waypoint
[&AwF+AAA=] - Congratulations, my friend: you're the new Snaff Prize Savant!
[&AwF/AAA=] - Valley of Lyss Waypoint
[&AwICAAA=] - Red? I love that color! Excellent choice. Okay, here goes nothing...
[&AwIDAAA=] - Villager
[&AwIEAAA=] - Step lightly. We cannot alert the stag to our presence.
[&AwIFAAA=] - I win. And I was just warming up.
[&AwIGAAA=] - We need to keep this location!
[&AwIHAAA=] - Wind Rider Slayer
[&AwIIAAA=] - Oh, shiny!
[&AwIJAAA=] - Are you lost?
[&AwIKAAA=] - That was easy.
[&AwILAAA=] - That was easy.
[&AwIMAAA=] - Warband, to me!
[&AwINAAA=] - Who goes there?
[&AwIOAAA=] - Knowledge is power!
[&AwIPAAA=] - Tell Grenth I said hello.
[&AwIQAAA=] - Fall before me!
[&AwIRAAA=] - Next time...
[&AwISAAA=] - Not again.
[&AwITAAA=] - Friend or foe?
[&AwIUAAA=] - Fall before me!
[&AwIVAAA=] - You lose.
[&AwIWAAA=] - I'm dead.
[&AwIXAAA=] - Prepare for battle!
[&AwIYAAA=] - That's right! Run!
[&AwIZAAA=] - For Ascalon!
[&AwIaAAA=] - To arms, comrades!
[&AwIbAAA=] - Flee before us!
[&AwIcAAA=] - State your purpose.
[&AwIdAAA=] - Rally to me!
[&AwIeAAA=] - To my side, ya scum!
[&AwIfAAA=] - The ground take your blood!
[&AwIgAAA=] - Avast. Uninvited guests!
[&AwIhAAA=] - Begone from dredge land!
[&AwIiAAA=] - Death to my foes!
[&AwIjAAA=] - Grenth strike you down!
[&AwIkAAA=] - Insect leaves combat.
[&AwIlAAA=] - My pet needs help!
[&AwImAAA=] - My strength fails me.
[&AwInAAA=] - Everything has a place in the Eternal Alchemy.
[&AwIoAAA=] - Need a head bashed in?
[&AwIpAAA=] - What?
[&AwIqAAA=] - Yarr.
[&AwIrAAA=] - May Balthazar strengthen you.
[&AwIsAAA=] - Shipping out soon?
[&AwItAAA=] - May Balthazar strengthen you.
[&AwIuAAA=] - The answer is out there.
[&AwIvAAA=] - (skree)
[&AwIwAAA=] - Good hunting.
[&AwIxAAA=] - I'm a dangerous woman.
[&AwIyAAA=] - Peace is worth fighting for.
[&AwIzAAA=] - You have a question?
[&AwI0AAA=] - Keep your eyes open.
[&AwI1AAA=] - Can I help you?
[&AwI2AAA=] - I have so much to do.
[&AwI3AAA=] - All things have a right to grow.
[&AwI4AAA=] - Tell me everything.
[&AwI5AAA=] - Heard any good gossip?
[&AwI6AAA=] - Now you suffer.
[&AwI7AAA=] - I call on Wolf!
[&AwI8AAA=] - Possible.threat.detected.
[&AwI9AAA=] - Nice to see you here.
[&AwI+AAA=] - I knew I'd make it through.
[&AwI/AAA=] - I was getting tired of lying around.
[&AwJAAAA=] - Incoming!
[&AwJBAAA=] - Give it your all!
[&AwJCAAA=] - Soulbound on Acquire
[&AwJDAAA=] - 6FE9E38EE1F008E67F89D09D828E59894E7E9498EDCEED7D60809888673105AEDC59E39E1904545F8B8D51D90D11E95B06544C5D7D31049CA3DBF8FE1ABD94AACCC1BD6B60DF453EF7CC98E2201ED4ED79DE2B05E32F0CFE28D3C48820E6A37B1A319899A0357F166E05266A5CCB2F54
[&AwJEAAA=] - Copper Penny
[&AwJFAAA=] - Lime Breeze
[&AwJGAAA=] - Plant[s]
[&AwJHAAA=] - Bombard clustered enemies or demolish buildings with the trebuchet! Press and hold "Fire Trebuchet" to shoot farther.
[&AwJIAAA=] - Wounded Scholar
[&AwJJAAA=] - 583EBC67DEF594EF58589FA1FEB64B59AEB426F59B764F3364BE6EA61AE74267B3B7141D3EDE5E9F
[&AwJKAAA=] - 0EBDFC846D6A53793AB9D61FA6D9862E7D510CA6FA0EF62C709BB755F97E95D4F95BCEC411294275663E78CBE9F0DF4A0BD456C1A01D163CA583F6C00E36A2FFF14003FF3B5E626DFCF81196BF63756D352187066519E95D9E6A6C6D1650C20D5A3BBCA1120F19E12FC86EEB73C69EA6621DD42810D2765D82B7126AF3B557FA0136EC
[&AwJLAAA=] - 24C636BEFC9E8B0D1A75A73D178199A66C71D758A73803F71B42BA17
[&AwJMAAA=] - D7FFF7E75B540E1335F5AB2F8061BF2FC19A21981DDDBA7CD6E4533AEC4E87A8AEE8F32483C73F4CEFED3F9E52D1EA6EC6EB5E63A40C14C8810E33C0D31039AA5EDEB73EA552E0
[&AwJNAAA=] - 9DD0C6A73B995BC52DA871907FEFED81392CE6E5B0CA34664F986298BEA71ADB34A4A85AEFAFCBDBC8CAC33C4A78A9FDA7F8F251511CF7648D7EC8943F321D78B340424D10F7B695BBB7
[&AwJOAAA=] - Lexis Tigerfeet
[&Aw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
[&AwJQAAA=] - Pillaging Staff
[&AwJRAAA=] - Dryad Helm
[&AwJSAAA=] - Berserker's Reinforced Scale Leggings
[&AwJTAAA=] - Tarnished Chain Chausses
[&AwJUAAA=] - Grip and sip!
[&AwJVAAA=] - 1A09D9097B9C
[&AwJWAAA=] - Executioner
[&AwJXAAA=] - Oregano Leaf[pl:"Leaves"]
[&AwJYAAA=] - 65D0CE880E877C1886165D8FB17E13C2A926719730
[&AwJZAAA=] - B8FC5998628098F7180CD7B0C8241240A01A8433A6
[&AwJaAAA=] - 376E89
[&AwJbAAA=] - Shout at your foes, crippling them. Increased adrenaline gives you swiftness (Stage 2) and immobilzes (Stage 3).
[&AwJcAAA=] - 3F61A1D5D25F5DEB665295E736C9970AF9625184110CEB54956C1E
[&AwJdAAA=] - 375B31225B4BE049EEF683A29F6AE6111E6D16092F8D9A4384B43F68CB6F249C8F603FA8CD9B2D8668F493785DCECB541A40BF16842C1CA2CF5DA25F478BCB8A528DC0B52E526D50D46CB14DA6A2EE2EE5438DCBB23C9555BE7DDFC92080243A16C5CC0B180F167B57D4956AAA108D4F9888C700A1FD3506C00725DC31BDD8891AC96F3F287366EA8FF864D7BF1DE9C346B961221D144EF0C58B95C2D6F3A33B8F1D61951B59BF84B1BF337FD226BFC4C70A01909203D4D892A77B622E342A12BA7765601982B8EBE46B8693F3FCB3564BF921D5D86D653B32
[&AwJeAAA=] - Training with Rifle
[&AwJfAAA=] - 4435C809DC7220798A94F8E35EE1
[&AwJgAAA=] - 6EF068346515183A21102E393F5EC7D9
[&AwJhAAA=] - Qualifier
[&AwJiAAA=] - %num1% qualifier point[s] you've accrued.
[&AwJjAAA=] - A419A465049603D5F7780D
[&AwJkAAA=] - 933AA4D705BBBB7C8645
[&AwJlAAA=] - Vigil Headquarters
[&AwJm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
[&AwJnAAA=] - E1DBF646AF33C519EC18
[&AwJoAAA=] - 15053C4936EC95F169DF12B9F8F711096B96D349ACC702B3D19E352765D75791DF869E579B09EE0F39A141CAC8CC4A
[&AwJpAAA=] - You look funny when mad. Get mad again! Hah!
[&AwJqAAA=] - Vigorous Journeymen Longbow
[&AwJrAAA=] - 220553F4B7FBD0F149B2C7DC4AF973E14E0356BDA1A29D9A115BD600EB75B58656C66DE14C4194167023
[&AwJsAAA=] - 63FB77CBBCE69BCDE84C
[&AwJtAAA=] - Everyone said I was blessed by ______ when I was young.
[&AwJuAAA=] - destroying their work.
[&AwJvAAA=] - A wolf companion is considered a great prize. When fully grown, it's a shrewd hunter and devoted ally.
[&AwJwAAA=] - Black Citadel<br>(Canton Deck)
[&AwJxAAA=] - Bloodtide Coast
[&AwJyAAA=] - The ghost attack on Smokestead took a heavy toll on the Black Citadel's forces in Ashford. Tribune Bhuer Goreblade has ordered you to report in, so that you can discuss your warband's future in the Iron Legion.
[&AwJzAAA=] - You and the warband are ordered to rendezvous at Moledavia, assault the dredge, and reclaim the vehicle. Here's to hoping it'll be that easy.
[&AwJ0AAA=] - Salvation Through Heresy
[&AwJ1AAA=] - Highfirn Passage
[&AwJ2AAA=] - DB0D8BF610C4E18889AA130838BDD4F7500FC1CF44C82B76BF701460FA7537359640E938EF69F0FC8363BC43202CDACD50900A7D30E16E8B2AADEDF3EB2691365FC0744B3F732EF160FBF00F1CC67C80979F4762C97707D6B2F3E801005208D7BD
[&AwJ3AAA=] - A51D739F4D9D8C6DE7AAC69C8E7836885AC44156E11EEA349B915D6B
[&AwJ4AAA=] - Thunder Rock
[&AwJ5AAA=] - BEDDA819B57C8F6CE20A4F932D47B41FFE54C061BC4E2520D437B87E9EC008650DAA35EBE37AFDF27B736BA3457DF5ED099AB95D7E
[&AwJ6AAA=] - Hall of Balance
[&AwJ7AAA=] - %str1% Hill
[&AwJ8AAA=] - B966FB66C3CF8744AF658F9661008D66450261C0F2C455BB851682635D74A71A785FB68326C586F4B3B4348281408192563A5763B8BBE983BEC7BAAE0BFDDCEF265D43E9B4E96903170CF3C579813D9AD4D8CF0BE26E21FD1AF023132246C03A46383B696FA42145A910B0FF5601037F45EBED17C117F0
[&AwJ9AAA=] - Thunderhorns Waypoint
[&AwJ+AAA=] - 1EC409DB72ABC5B5BC141E738E75F5
[&AwJ/AAA=] - Union Waypoint
[&AwMCAAA=] - Ah, the yellow brew. This should be interesting. Here goes...
[&AwMDAAA=] - It would only cost half that much in the city. I'll give you 25 gold. That's my final offer.
[&AwMEAAA=] - Watch out! They're all around us!
[&AwMFAAA=] - Kiplr the Tippler
[&AwMGAAA=] - Well played. We might make something of you yet.
[&AwMHAAA=] - Slice these slimy things from top to bottom.
[&AwMIAAA=] - Mine, all mine!
[&AwMJAAA=] - I will be ready for you!
[&AwMKAAA=] - For Ascalon!
[&AwMLAAA=] - Unprepared for...field duty!
[&AwMMAAA=] - We will not abide threats.
[&AwMNAAA=] - We won!
[&AwMOAAA=] - This battle is over.
[&AwMPAAA=] - All hands ahoy! To arms!
[&AwMQAAA=] - Watch yourself!
[&AwMRAAA=] - Too strong...
[&AwMSAAA=] - You cannot win.
[&AwMTAAA=] - That's right! Run!
[&AwMUAAA=] - Dead so soon?
[&AwMVAAA=] - Coward.
[&AwMWAAA=] - You messed with the wrong bandit!
[&AwMXAAA=] - For the legions! Attack!
[&AwMYAAA=] - Cheap shot.
[&AwMZAAA=] - Protect the caster!
[&AwMaAAA=] - Now you die!
[&AwMbAAA=] - I feel...strange.
[&AwMcAAA=] - Gods, take me!
[&AwMdAAA=] - For the Mother Tree!
[&AwMeAAA=] - I thought I heard a....
[&AwMfAAA=] - I can't do it alone!
[&AwMgAAA=] - You look weak to me.
[&AwMhAAA=] - To arms, comrades!
[&AwMiAAA=] - Well, that was new.
[&AwMjAAA=] - Guards will get them.
[&AwMkAAA=] - Insect becomes alert.
[&AwMlAAA=] - Back to it!
[&AwMmAAA=] - I'm shielded!
[&AwMnAAA=] - My krewe is on the verge of a breakthrough.
[&AwMoAAA=] - For Blood Legion.
[&AwMpAAA=] - Good hunting!
[&AwMqAAA=] - Ahoy, there.
[&AwMrAAA=] - Keep a clean blade and a keen mind.
[&AwMsAAA=] - May Kormir guide you.
[&AwMtAAA=] - We must all do our part.
[&AwMuAAA=] - Pleased to meet you.
[&AwMvAAA=] - The nest is the future.
[&AwMwAAA=] - The Dream led me here.
[&AwMxAAA=] - You just watch yourself.
[&AwMyAAA=] - Didja need something?
[&AwMzAAA=] - I am the greatest hunter in the world!
[&AwM0AAA=] - Know what cannot be known.
[&AwM1AAA=] - Greetings.
[&AwM2AAA=] - Responsibility isn't easy.
[&AwM3AAA=] - Behave yourself.
[&AwM4AAA=] - Act with wisdom.
[&AwM5AAA=] - Fight what cannot be fought.
[&AwM6AAA=] - That's how I do it.
[&AwM7AAA=] - I call on Raven!
[&AwM8AAA=] - Spirits, no!
[&AwM9AAA=] - Sit and stay awhile.
[&AwM+AAA=] - Another step complete.
[&AwM/AAA=] - Much better.
[&AwNAAAA=] - No.
[&AwNBAAA=] - Blast them!
[&AwNCAAA=] - Consuming fire!
[&AwNDAAA=] - 1E2D9A5DEAEF96B75A0F8992A52E84
[&AwNEAAA=] - Copper Pot
[&AwNFAAA=] - Lime Ice
[&AwNGAAA=] - Quaggan[s]
[&AwNHAAA=] - CDE064C45D9C4739328ED2EE8514094D1C00B80BEA4F
[&AwNIAAA=] - Wounded Scholar
[&AwNJAAA=] - AA740A530F4A13B8E44965D55111A51A8ED3B56EDB
[&AwNKAAA=] - 99AE389FA03F88C0C3B89EB478A9328B5055027972C18C932C8C7DBFE94661BC4254CD1FDEFFBF977026FE1030036590F5
[&AwNLAAA=] - 31F71AC6837A715250FC4356C187DF6EF769F30B0986352238B80B7D8DF24A04AAD3FDA87E174B6A7C4ADE64FF4826F17ADA74
[&AwNMAAA=] - Ramp
[&AwNNAAA=] - BFCC58673E4F6A1D6260BC10605A1A6A0152F5ACBE
[&AwNOAAA=] - AFD0354978EFF330001B2AA42E64936C9D20
[&AwNPAAA=] - 4827BD5509D00F6D5295402C3F63BA6F2EC459CA2EA64989D714E79D2D653083B3
[&AwNQAAA=] - Spirits gain a death skill.
[&AwNRAAA=] - Dryad Leggings
[&AwNSAAA=] - Berserker's Reinforced Scale Pauldrons
[&AwNTAAA=] - 47F62CD345A6D7AFC9
[&AwNUAAA=] - Energy Potion
[&AwNVAAA=] - Pirate Cannonball
[&AwNWAAA=] - Spicy Meat Kabob[s]
[&AwNXAAA=] - Basil Leaf[pl:"Leaves"]
[&AwNYAAA=] - 8 Slot Rawhide Leather Pack
[&AwNZAAA=] - CB95749D223B869EF9E698B306B598DF1127111D2CBB
[&AwNaAAA=] - C27BEB93
[&AwNbAAA=] - A370687F9EE20083546367AC2FCDCE69F17B
[&AwNcAAA=] - BEE5F8F5B0685BC23780DBDB86AABAA506EDC5FB1E9DFF0DE9BA33F8713E6C4A48E2DB9321620BCD83207BB9396B7879FD31920EA729B6D6A6796841
[&AwNdAAA=] - <c=@flavor>"Two things are seemingly endless: centaurs to kill, and our supply of leggings."<br>.Erika Rane</c>
[&AwNeAAA=] - Rifle Drill Sergeant
[&AwNfAAA=] - F2771850704612465FD5B34FADD2
[&AwNgAAA=] - 4F5E9F5A899BF9A9266A4FD38BB31E880D9B32F9A0
[&AwNhAAA=] - 11EC862E31D5BFDC96DA8B998670BD45A36D1EFA85E1EA0CBDB5BEE91E09111DD1126BF5BDE03C110BA9AD39C0944352FA72321413C8885C787C3773143B1C00687F7A84716DDF932E4EB34FA558A34ADA5CCAE6793B12328E87C99ED9ACD567251094F4722319AF15EBA1EEDBCB7BC2A981E4DC13F9ED10761D5F105FF11EDBEFD616AA0310349CA2
[&AwNiAAA=] - Fiery Dragon Sword
[&AwNjAAA=] - 2E069A5A152FF5E256D90B9B06EFFF91
[&AwNkAAA=] - 4AC0C67FFE5C249F64DF9674E999
[&AwNlAAA=] - Sunstone Silver Pendant
[&AwNmAAA=] - 59C04E3B3AF54D88C27FADAE7011
[&AwNnAAA=] - A1B02548A14FEDB91A042505CC6655E75A0B40FF397FA988E4CD51FEC140AACCF4BE5F95B38D3BCEA6
[&AwNoAAA=] - 0EF731B0C702CCC3AC22F0385E503E1A8295386DF1ED674A9821A94E07966F58D1FCF051B93549147C874EF8E01005B136B429376C6371E3B41670C475F9E8E2
[&AwNpAAA=] - Fine. Gort can have stupid cave back. It smelly, anyway.
[&AwNqAAA=] - 8B19A70E710200F22988F1C709E1508B68B81D923C87606FC987405078D29695D9C7E0DC6A1B25BCDE5180B0AEFB
[&AwNrAAA=] - 96D122B5B7B77528
[&AwNsAAA=] - Norn Mace
[&AwNtAAA=] - The Six Gods
[&AwNuAAA=] - Enemies who will not face me in battle will find me destroying their work.
[&AwNvAAA=] - <br><br>I'm a ranger, and I have a wolf that fights at my side and guards my back.<br><br>This is my story.<br>
[&AwNwAAA=] - The Grove<br>(Bower)
[&AwNxAAA=] - Divinity's Reach is the greatest city in the human nation of Kryta. It is laid out like a giant wheel. Its upper city contains Queen Jennah's royal palace and the Chamber of Ministers. Six high roads, each dedicated to a god, divide the lower city into districts.
[&AwNyAAA=] - Best Laid Plans
[&AwNzAAA=] - Assault on Moledavia
[&AwN0AAA=] - Enraged and Unashamed
[&AwN1AAA=] - False Lake
[&AwN2AAA=] - Look at the mess we've made! This will ruin our schedule.
[&AwN3AAA=] - 130027347A654121C859
[&AwN4AAA=] - Stoneman's Notch
[&AwN5AAA=] - Varis the Slick
[&AwN6AAA=] - Chamber of<br>Honor's Voice
[&AwN7AAA=] - Rogue's Quarry
[&AwN8AAA=] - Black Haven
[&AwN9AAA=] - Nentor Waypoint
[&AwN+AAA=] - Orvar's Glen Waypoint
[&AwN/AAA=] - Wren Waypoint
[&AwQBAAA=] - ((Dredge Chest))
[&AwQCAAA=] - That was exciting! Excuse me while I lay here for a bit. Would you inform Vivian of our results?
[&AwQDAAA=] - Pirate
[&AwQEAAA=] - The tracks here are indistinct.
[&AwQFAAA=] - Brains, brawn, and brigandry.I'll drink until you're pretty, and that'll be a while.
[&AwQGAAA=] - Good work, but don't let it go to your head.
[&AwQHAAA=] - Wurm Slayer
[&AwQIAAA=] - Back on my feet, thanks to you.
[&AwQJAAA=] - I am going to enjoy this!
[&AwQKAAA=] - Die, invader.
[&AwQLAAA=] - Appropriate additional colleagues!
[&AwQMAAA=] - Our land! Our rules!
[&AwQNAAA=] - Attack!
[&AwQOAAA=] - On my signal! Attack!
[&AwQPAAA=] - Yarr!
[&AwQQAAA=] - (gasp)Is this death?
[&AwQRAAA=] - You will wish for death!
[&AwQSAAA=] - You disgust me.
[&AwQTAAA=] - Cheap shot.
[&AwQUAAA=] - Warband, avenge me!
[&AwQVAAA=] - Think you can handle me?
[&AwQWAAA=] - Think you could beat me?
[&AwQXAAA=] - Sentinels, attack!
[&AwQYAAA=] - Rally to me!
[&AwQZAAA=] - I die for Gaheron.
[&AwQaAAA=] - Are you sure you want this?
[&AwQbAAA=] - Another one gone.
[&AwQcAAA=] - You just made your business my business.
[&AwQdAAA=] - Fall before me!
[&AwQeAAA=] - I'll be waiting for you....
[&AwQfAAA=] - I will end you.
[&AwQgAAA=] - One more dead coward!
[&AwQhAAA=] - Now you die!
[&AwQiAAA=] - I'd like to fight that again.
[&AwQjAAA=] - We need backup!
[&AwQkAAA=] - Insect uses special attack.
[&AwQlAAA=] - Playing dead, eh?
[&AwQmAAA=] - Kill 'em all!
[&AwQnAAA=] - How may I assist you?
[&AwQoAAA=] - Hello there.
[&AwQpAAA=] - Ho, traveler!
[&AwQqAAA=] - Avast!
[&AwQrAAA=] - We must all stand against wrongdoing.
[&AwQsAAA=] - More beer.
[&AwQtAAA=] - Wolf provides, but does not always share.
[&AwQuAAA=] - Norn are the best farmers in all of Tyria.
[&AwQvAAA=] - Not now. (skree) Not ever.
[&AwQwAAA=] - Act with wisdom, but act.
[&AwQxAAA=] - You talking to me?
[&AwQyAAA=] - There you are. Heard anything new?
[&AwQzAAA=] - Need something tracked?
[&AwQ0AAA=] - Fight what cannot be fought.
[&AwQ1AAA=] - May Dwayna bless you.
[&AwQ2AAA=] - Hiya!
[&AwQ3AAA=] - Your kind never lasts around here.
[&AwQ4AAA=] - Intriguing.
[&AwQ5AAA=] - What brings you here?
[&AwQ6AAA=] - I live for this.
[&AwQ7AAA=] - I call on Wurm!
[&AwQ8AAA=] - I'll save you.
[&AwQ9AAA=] - The Spirits know your heart.
[&AwQ+AAA=] - On to the next chapter.
[&AwQ/AAA=] - It's about time!
[&AwRAAAA=] - Never.
[&AwRBAAA=] - Crush their resolve!
[&AwRCAAA=] - I am the flames!
[&AwRDAAA=] - DC45A3666B410EF69F73BEE12569FDF346EEFFB21FB6D19999A9A6ABD160319E687DD914E8411E993E5917BA755719EBF91AED16C91C87CE36E859B48B05DEE3A35D4574979F1AAD6FB0904C97A622
[&AwREAAA=] - Coral
[&AwRFAAA=] - Limette
[&AwRGAAA=] - Reptile[s]
[&AwRHAAA=] - Your skill bar has been changed to use this station.
[&AwRIAAA=] - Wounded Explorer
[&AwRJAAA=] - 8B10B9AFAE7CDD1F634E0FE8744D59D859D395A6AADFAFAF965F7738742C2696E6E897
[&AwRKAAA=] - 2C8612C34F4BDBE6F16BA906B02B2EDB0CAC1E7E2A6CA52E06E55D68D910F497B9CE210E918BD0EB71D938566ADCBF1AD6
[&AwRLAAA=] - D797E971F748D82FE0C645167EE2E88514
[&AwRMAAA=] - E562C81B15B568083332EA141D7F11A742
[&AwRNAAA=] - 7AF80C1A1270C2909560458B75B5
[&AwROAAA=] - 15B1E4992D635CD95A7136BC0AE2A5325DA1
[&AwRPAAA=] - Crafting Refinement
[&AwRQAAA=] - Heal nearby allies on revive.
[&AwRRAAA=] - 671D55917509A16C34453C059C71DFB7955919FE
[&AwRSAAA=] - Berserker's Cabalist Boots
[&AwRTAAA=] - D7941E8625
[&AwRUAAA=] - 966C4C00
[&AwRVAAA=] - 12D70123DA3FB3DD7400DB6767
[&AwRWAAA=] - The next 1000 experience is increased by +40%%.
[&AwRXAAA=] - Parsley Leaf[pl:"Leaves"]
[&AwRYAAA=] - 8 Slot Jute Bag
[&AwRZAAA=] - 51BEC1702792AC5970CB34CAA9BB484B7A25796325
[&AwRaAAA=] - A7E70D
[&AwRbAAA=] - 5AB8CD8E18FE5D29558B8963DAEFE2CF
[&AwRcAAA=] - E285B17B05E44D8DE1DED46DEC2D6D125D4B6AF86CA3AEE244088665F8929595D313215B
[&AwRdAAA=] - Mighty Chain Helm
[&AwReAAA=] - Take aim...
[&AwRfAAA=] - D32B010EF29C0B6DA1105C
[&AwRgAAA=] - D816F071631F71908863F35A81EB3B8E9CEEFC48CF
[&AwRhAAA=] - Nauseous Inebriation
[&AwRiAAA=] - 15065C09293AE13E1A2423DB74A1C80FCD206FC609CE9741E48A0C4E3D76AA29A459FAA702D6C1BDB2F2FF0C8F2E001435299AEE30E4B3B2DE3CCD70DE86
[&AwRjAAA=] - 3487E63874AB00C425CC0C6A732E
[&AwRkAAA=] - 798FC7DC534681007731B5FCDAD0B327E6A8
[&AwRlAAA=] - Stout Cabalist Mantle
[&AwRmAAA=] - Throw the molten heart at Baelfire. Molten heart can be caught by other players.
[&AwRnAAA=] - 80E25AA2B102E079E41F8D
[&AwRoAAA=] - F99C9C3A6BFB6EDA9B7FC21F8E74094E4D2B14AEE5784F2D1D1E765F1B8E713D
[&AwRpAAA=] - Lousy ettin... I see you in there! You think you can take someone's home from them?
[&AwRqAAA=] - Vigorous Journeymen Longbow
[&AwRrAAA=] - Hunt them down!
[&AwRsAAA=] - 4 Precision
[&AwRtAAA=] - 4 Power
[&AwRuAAA=] - 4 Precision
[&AwRvAAA=] - 4 Vitality
[&AwRwAAA=] - 4 Toughness
[&AwRxAAA=] - Norn Pistol
[&AwRyAAA=] - Dwayna
[&AwRzAAA=] - hunting their warband.
[&AwR0AAA=] - The beautiful snow leopard is a symbol of independence. Its grace and stealth is both inspiring and makes it an unbeatable hunter.
[&AwR1AAA=] - Hoelbrak<br>(Lodge Level)
[&AwR2AAA=] - Divinity's Reach
[&AwR3AAA=] - no shelved, quest step folded into previous instance
[&AwR4AAA=] - The Lionguard said he saw you driving to Crossroads Haven. If you're lucky, the charr vehicle is still there.
[&AwR5AAA=] - Shashoo thinks her village's Pastkeeper might be able to help defend Falooaloo from the ice dragon's minions. The only way to be sure is to find this venerated elder and see what he knows.
[&AwR6AAA=] - Bouldermouth Vale
[&AwR7AAA=] - 46AE36E33459E5CFEC7B012B6EDEA79CE0FCF7BE2F9895ABC4F863869CBF000100087125D778D2FDC1D864543E36095CA144F7B2F14ADB85C1161781C99544E2DC4098281BC68E5AC0F5C0D65B77C1A29D52D1F3D9C2E770D0
[&AwR8AAA=] - 28C3A74C5959E0D82ACF9AFC
[&AwR9AAA=] - Greenflin Plateau
[&AwR+AAA=] - Ravis the Eager
[&AwR/AAA=] - C3FDF07A95D2006875E024A3
[&AwSAAAA=] - Lionguard Guide
[&AwSBAAA=] - Gort's Pit
[&AwSCAAA=] - Junction Haven Waypoint
[&AwSDAAA=] - Fort Cadence Waypoint
[&AwSEAAA=] - Lyssa Waypoint
[&AwUBAAA=] - 
[&AwUCAAA=] - Green? All right. Not my favorite color, despite what you might think. Here we go. Cover your nose.
[&AwUDAAA=] - Crusader Hiroki
[&AwUEAAA=] - We must leave this area. It's too dangerous to remain.
[&AwUFAAA=] - Slow down, slow down! What do you think this is, a competition?
[&AwUGAAA=] - Forget about it.
[&AwUHAAA=] - Zhaitan should have raised a better army.
[&AwUIAAA=] - I was in some deep trouble there.
[&AwUJAAA=] - I will have my revenge.
[&AwUKAAA=] - To arms!
[&AwULAAA=] - What manner of being are you?
[&AwUMAAA=] - We cannot be defeated!
[&AwUNAAA=] - Die, scum.
[&AwUOAAA=] - Dream of finer things.
[&AwUPAAA=] - Where's my spyglass?
[&AwUQAAA=] - I am but one arrow in the quiver.
[&AwURAAA=] - Dead already?
[&AwUSAAA=] - I need help!
[&AwUTAAA=] - That was too easy!
[&AwUUAAA=] - Come back and play!
[&AwUVAAA=] - This is how you end.
[&AwUWAAA=] - Guards will get them.
[&AwUXAAA=] - We've driven them off for now.
[&AwUYAAA=] - Come to brighten my day?
[&AwUZAAA=] - Incinerate!
[&AwUaAAA=] - Form up on me!
[&AwUbAAA=] - Dig your grave now!
[&AwUcAAA=] - Some assistance, please!
[&AwUdAAA=] - Friend or foe?
[&AwUeAAA=] - I've got a surprise for ya.
[&AwUfAAA=] - I warn you, move along.
[&AwUgAAA=] - I punish the weak!
[&AwUhAAA=] - Another will replace me!
[&AwUiAAA=] - There's another one for the ol' kill diary.
[&AwUjAAA=] - Justice is served.
[&AwUkAAA=] - Salutations.
[&AwUlAAA=] - Welcome back.
[&AwUmAAA=] - That feels good.
[&AwUnAAA=] - It is nice to see you.
[&AwUoAAA=] - May the Six watch over you.
[&AwUpAAA=] - The Spirits of the Wild welcome you.
[&AwUqAAA=] - Harr.
[&AwUrAAA=] - What would you ask of me?
[&AwUsAAA=] - Trouble?
[&AwUtAAA=] - Good hunting!
[&AwUuAAA=] - Care to sit and chat?
[&AwUvAAA=] - I have hatchlings to attend to.
[&AwUwAAA=] - My quest consumes me.
[&AwUxAAA=] - May the shadows embrace you.
[&AwUyAAA=] - I been keeping an eye out for you.
[&AwUzAAA=] - Catching prey is easy. Carrying it home is tedious.
[&AwU0AAA=] - I've heard mention of you.
[&AwU1AAA=] - Good to meet you.
[&AwU2AAA=] - Ya bring me something?
[&AwU3AAA=] - Good hunting!
[&AwU4AAA=] - You have many questions.
[&AwU5AAA=] - Strength in numbers.
[&AwU6AAA=] - One after another.
[&AwU7AAA=] - I call on Bear!
[&AwU8AAA=] - Poor thing.
[&AwU9AAA=] - Hello.
[&AwU+AAA=] - Now, what's next?
[&AwU/AAA=] - Well, isn't this a fine situation.
[&AwVAAAA=] - Indeed.
[&AwVBAAA=] - Force them to learn.
[&AwVCAAA=] - Element of fire, obey me!
[&AwVDAAA=] - 4DFA238C7B4A8D583AE766AFFF3B2090F2FA70B041734ADD6F89C3AA2A72558350DAFBF2155C44159E0899AA69A37436DDC0F8D6F8AC9B1914528C11660E0C01B1FB5832B54A57FC69764CFAE84C0681
[&AwVEAAA=] - Cotton Candy
[&AwVFAAA=] - Melon
[&AwVGAAA=] - Rodent[s]
[&AwVHAAA=] - Siege
[&AwVIAAA=] - 7B607C27453997883FDD09F8EC30094D32
[&AwVJAAA=] - 35053F9A99483DDCE8DE18A6A797A11808838CEC81A5EE9A9C899FFA3358573FF6488368CF8649C844EE1F92B74B54
[&AwVKAAA=] - 71CA6DFEBF7DDFF4A638F4F3C935653CCD825124CB09143443A2FD942806BC0FB81796A99100C75FD61BA4960F259590
[&AwVLAAA=] - 07C5E0BB7A7575C47AAECCE80FC74BB8D1EC2082F0B2821784EE8CD1885DC1DC344BAD8B739A4C715BC2FAFF4AED7BE33CD87666EAE94331AF7D19ADC7C227DA6ABBD9C6BED390373AA53B47820EB8C4011885FFC55BE903FF39B727B22FAB766DBCFC1FE5295D7B34ACBC56839547E467AFB47725791AF10FAC89ECFF28A23CDEA635BB68AA4E116BB3C29E909361B8B999919B890934D24529AE9CEB8DFED118EB282BA650E804C92E8BB200BF1525086EDC40E120CD9904BC611FDF5BFCB1B6A05FFDFC57172A9F521087DECFAEE90A4730A31208E82D1D9C98BED5DC29E32C4BAF08E691C721076D3806
[&AwVMAAA=] - Power Smash
[&AwVNAAA=] - 0443D3E53BA59EF3E4C5695F83C729B4FB656C00082FAE7C72C8A24A2B4D7D8568BC8B50954214730CE0494CB2BDE09B67DB9D1051654811CFD2DF12ABDBC63774C110C3E61DF75B0FCAAA
[&AwVOAAA=] - Raid on the Capricorn
[&AwVPAAA=] - Gnarled Walking Staff
[&AwVQAAA=] - Shared Restoration
[&AwVRAAA=] - <c=@flavor>"Don't just go around touching things. I learned that the unpleasant way."<br>.Recruit Tochacatl</c>
[&AwVSAAA=] - Berserker's Cabalist Coat
[&AwVTAAA=] - Frayed Cloth Shoes
[&AwVUAAA=] - 02C798308EACEEC3F022FA
[&AwVVAAA=] - Shaman's Etched Revolver
[&AwVWAAA=] - Boon of Experience (Tier 1)
[&AwVXAAA=] - Bay Leaf[pl:"Leaves"]
[&AwVYAAA=] - 10 Slot Wool Bag
[&AwVZAAA=] - MONSTER ONLY Krait Javelin
[&AwVaAAA=] - 57D65133D74DD48C
[&AwVbAAA=] - 8B16779F28DF14FBBA5940
[&AwVcAAA=] - E5ABF931B11E456305E36167C0E06C808F765A28F0CE369DC2EDA33118D983DD5D139EF56AB9A106114B03DCED31281DCFBF2ED8ABEB45FB6B984C33A09B4646717E4CB87BF424E6E6110125DB3A95BA118FC7AD229F7C7AB77137F5D150301B044189
[&AwVdAAA=] - 9BD7EA13C09A3F4A30BA76859B7DD896271C126FFF1E37C527DE5B27C152C3B02FF6B545ADECDD03D6C1CDBEC419F1D78945B635AF97CB887FB8C4D7E842521C615FCBB422651903B87F32A3AD378A94DA58E54C83BA50DE29AD96CEAEC4104F
[&AwVeAAA=] - Hold...
[&AwVfAAA=] - 770FF81E1ED11893B1B569
[&AwVgAAA=] - CBFC95D094D4B520E6D5ED78A81DB493642EBCB8CB717A6D212615950C6CEFD7560BCF6760A620E620A57005574001B3AEE1026C846CE3FE1588568CDAA6FB06B2A5B5679A3D924386FCE0919332376CBF5500FA0BC903E28863AEB3E1508705582F3B31AD0BE9
[&AwVhAAA=] - You have -10 agility, -20 perception, and +100 health.
[&AwViAAA=] - 5 Precision
[&AwVjAAA=] - 5 Precision
[&AwVkAAA=] - 5 Condition Damage
[&AwVlAAA=] - 5 Vitality
[&AwVmAAA=] - Hearty Scepter
[&AwVnAAA=] - 721BBFAD5977E40B949CE38232A5A699
[&AwVoAAA=] - Throw a rock to dunk the poor soul in the dunk tank.
[&AwVpAAA=] - 5 Precision
[&AwVqAAA=] - 5 Toughness
[&AwVrAAA=] - 5 Vitality
[&AwVsAAA=] - 5 Vitality
[&AwVtAAA=] - 5 Power
[&AwVuAAA=] - Turquoise Copper Amulet
[&AwVvAAA=] - Molten Heart Toss
[&AwVwAAA=] - The badge of a fallen Seraph soldier.Sergeant Rane is collecting these.
[&AwVxAAA=] - 53600FA17A27EDA7E19F6C96B235436EA6CF7E0E60C35889C3FB285FFC80697CE934C7FA32B7656197EC1ED40676FDD3C5AB2895D15C55B487A107F7
[&AwVyAAA=] - Don't be afraid to get in their, okay, just go for their knees.
[&AwVzAAA=] - 783C803502B0180A5DABA544C844E4064F6F771F180C19B813E0C498DCE53AB624867DCF2E878DF600021325BC78ADBF81792C14E7190C34C9AC73DAE22BACCBD88D98F5D3BE4BB6C42E24C42BCA0B9DEB38158DE1EA70EC56450E06869BE817800941CACC3E7929A4DEB3C41CE2BBCECBB7E5DA7EC0C874713181630195309368FAAAB5C0309E0D6A343FCA5E84110F7208538ED2A63F4D47682B6D3C55EE0E5C6FC303730BCA8F143BBDB1406599
[&AwV0AAA=] - 8DDAF3C99CF2BC16B519
[&AwV1AAA=] - Norn Rifle
[&AwV2AAA=] - Dwayna.the goddess of healing, air, and the even-tempered leader of the old gods. She is often depicted as young, tall, and slender, rising into the air on immense feathery wings.
[&AwV3AAA=] - Enemies who will not face me in battle will find me hunting their warband.
[&AwV4AAA=] - <br><br>I'm a ranger, and I have a snow leopard that fights at my side and guards my back.<br><br>This is my story.<br>
[&AwV5AAA=] - Rata Sum<br>(Substrata)
[&AwV6AAA=] - Caudecus the Wise is currently accepting the hospitality of Queen Jennah while repairs are being made to his manor. Others seek to profit from the Minister's absence.
[&AwV7AAA=] - A Spy for a Spy
[&AwV8AAA=] - Don't Leave Your Toys Out
[&AwV9AAA=] - Pastkeeper
[&AwV+AAA=] - B812A214A652A9EBC4A58B1E0EDA41831468D0B4BF727E25A08CE1F37B096B93592ABC0F98FC4D
[&AwV/AAA=] - E9D2090366CC21C1AB75FCADF5BFD7F30212C52B43D7B4917D2D1A20E6A069400CD9
[&AwWAAAA=] - Strong Student Mantle
[&AwWBAAA=] - Guardian Lake
[&AwWCAAA=] - Latres Bladebane
[&AwWDAAA=] - Kedge Hold
[&AwWEAAA=] - 4ED26418AE24DE4182D945193EC384C42777D0983C315CEB049A84A1048E7575B22335AD9BBE
[&AwWFAAA=] - Jannaj's Bandits
[&AwWGAAA=] - Winter Haven Waypoint
[&AwWHAAA=] - Braggi's Stead Waypoint
[&AwWIAAA=] - Blighted Arch Waypoint
[&AwYBAAA=] - 
[&AwYCAAA=] - Oh! Quickly, get the water pail before we lose everything!
[&AwYDAAA=] - Vigil! We're leaving.
[&AwYEAAA=] - Victory! The white stag is ours!
[&AwYFAAA=] - Most forti-forti-forty-fluid-us. Fortuidous. Yeah. That. Whoo!
[&AwYGAAA=] - You want to go that way.
[&AwYHAAA=] - Zhaitan's Bane
[&AwYIAAA=] - I owe you one.
[&AwYJAAA=] - Die!
[&AwYKAAA=] - Security breach!
[&AwYLAAA=] - Protect the research!
[&AwYMAAA=] - Feed maggots, vermin!
[&AwYNAAA=] - You'll get yours.
[&AwYOAAA=] - The harvest begins.
[&AwYPAAA=] - Reinforcements!
[&AwYQAAA=] - I'm embarrassed for you.
[&AwYRAAA=] - What have we here?
[&AwYSAAA=] - Justice is served.
[&AwYTAAA=] - Is this all you've got?
[&AwYUAAA=] - I can't leave my post.
[&AwYVAAA=] - Get this one!
[&AwYWAAA=] - We need backup!
[&AwYXAAA=] - Not yet...
[&AwYYAAA=] - Step right up!
[&AwYZAAA=] - Blasphemers flee!
[&AwYaAAA=] - I will be your death!
[&AwYbAAA=] - Aggressors!
[&AwYcAAA=] - You better hope our paths never cross again.
[&AwYdAAA=] - The Six preserve us!
[&AwYeAAA=] - You'll fight all of us.
[&AwYfAAA=] - Breathe your last!
[&AwYgAAA=] - You're too weak!
[&AwYhAAA=] - Stay back.
[&AwYiAAA=] - Too easy.
[&AwYjAAA=] - Coward.
[&AwYkAAA=] - Hey, there.
[&AwYlAAA=] - I choose you!
[&AwYmAAA=] - I feel...strong!
[&AwYnAAA=] - Seize the moment.
[&AwYoAAA=] - Quality is my motto.
[&AwYpAAA=] - Up for a challenge?
[&AwYqAAA=] - Shiver me timbers.
[&AwYrAAA=] - Know what cannot be known.
[&AwYsAAA=] - The Brand holds dangers.
[&AwYtAAA=] - Honor Wolf, and be true.
[&AwYuAAA=] - I haven't seen you around.
[&AwYvAAA=] - Out of my way, skreeling.
[&AwYwAAA=] - I'm at your service.
[&AwYxAAA=] - Know what cannot be known.
[&AwYyAAA=] - Hey you.
[&AwYzAAA=] - Well met!
[&AwY0AAA=] - May the shadows embrace you.
[&AwY1AAA=] - You are always welcome.
[&AwY2AAA=] - What? What? What?
[&AwY3AAA=] - Have fun, just not too much.
[&AwY4AAA=] - At ease.
[&AwY5AAA=] - May the Six watch over you.
[&AwY6AAA=] - (laugh) They all go down!
[&AwY7AAA=] - I call on Owl!
[&AwY8AAA=] - Up, you.
[&AwY9AAA=] - Stay out of trouble.
[&AwY+AAA=] - Another testament to my greatness.
[&AwY/AAA=] - I'm not succeeding.
[&AwZAAAA=] - Of course.
[&AwZBAAA=] - Stand strong!
[&AwZCAAA=] - Joyous air!
[&AwZDAAA=] - 7A1630A52D5BB0D245D5FDBCEC54FD3384E8F69F710E29100E1794FA6415E2F2D43ABB03E976E8B5749539F8F9666CF9C57984AB9065BE289EB503741CB7FB3A5455EA8B1E11B306C242A4FFA389E1A7DD42AFC9
[&AwZEAAA=] - Country Blue
[&AwZFAAA=] - Midday
[&AwZGAAA=] - Ruminant[s]
[&AwZHAAA=] - Munition Acquisition
[&AwZIAAA=] - Wounded Tactician
[&AwZJAAA=] - A38F60687129B725ECE5C3D1CA84ACC36019D4AC2A
[&AwZKAAA=] - 654C3265E2D24B7FFF41A59B12D260C5E9DED7111879109B712FC2A6920849C98F6B7203E8F79F48D80C68267E2CECF9745719511A5FCAC5B2FE58D1EC42C017DD5192F05381746982822EA002C78C2E34533A6ED645D18924108D84EBF427A7AD7FF995E8FEB8725ADA2822CAE2513C
[&AwZLAAA=] - Serious culinary skills.
[&AwZMAAA=] - Centaur Aggro
[&AwZNAAA=] - 94C464B095AC33C14A7B4B423CF15CF31674C351
[&AwZOAAA=] - I'm impressed you're still in one piece. There aren't many adventurers who'd knowingly walk into a dredge trap. But you did, and you recovered those fire bombs. With your help, we managed to disable the dredge's defenses. Soon we'll be able to advance on the Commissar, though that will be just as challenging. Travel safely.

[&AwZPAAA=] - Living Short Bow
[&AwZQAAA=] - Sword Proficiency
[&AwZRAAA=] - Sarayi Gauntlets
[&AwZSAAA=] - Berserker's Cabalist Gloves
[&AwZTAAA=] - Frayed Cloth Shirt
[&AwZUAAA=] - 89BA72AC37D3BD
[&AwZVAAA=] - Water Bucket
[&AwZWAAA=] - Gain tier 1 regeneration for the next 30 minutes.
[&AwZXAAA=] - Thyme Leaf[pl:"Leaves"]
[&AwZYAAA=] - 12 Slots
[&AwZZAAA=] - 9830B6C8857354C63130646660364D6A0E34251C2297F1
[&AwZaAAA=] - 382EE3
[&AwZbAAA=] - Refined from Copper Ore and Tin.
[&AwZcAAA=] - 59D5EB25D0021BAD257F2373EACD942AA0D01402
[&AwZdAAA=] - Defend the point!
[&AwZeAAA=] - Fire!
[&AwZfAAA=] - 7746E3A5E83A8075EEC6F2FB55D8D39D
[&AwZgAAA=] - (laugh) You made a mistake coming here, two-legs. I will kill you all.
[&AwZhAAA=] - +100 Maximum Health
[&AwZiAAA=] - AA8C62A71565C9A039
[&AwZjAAA=] - 175A07F193F59356F69FE8CB1727
[&AwZkAAA=] - Dunk Tank Toss
[&AwZlAAA=] - Sunstone Silver Band
[&AwZmAAA=] - Molten core is hot and burning your flesh off!
[&AwZnAAA=] - Seraph Badge[s]
[&AwZoAAA=] - 1BE70190F7AC8646051611CFDF561715CF31A32F8D053539206088F72116126E
[&AwZpAAA=] - Would you help clear those stupid ettins out of my cave?
[&AwZqAAA=] - 040531972F5CE131ACE2602E70D67E57A73F2A1DDFDB6B2F
[&AwZrAAA=] - Vigorous Iron Greatsword
[&AwZsAAA=] - FE1CD439ED3CC69EFD4911
[&AwZtAAA=] - Dwayna, the goddess of healing, blessed me when I was young.
[&AwZuAAA=] - blackening their name.
[&AwZwAAA=] - The Grove<br>(Garden)
[&AwZxAAA=] - Caudecus's Manor
[&AwZyAAA=] - Rytlock Brimstone provided the location of the Flame Legion's camp, but Tribune Desertgrave doesn't want Blood interfering in this Ash operation. She's ordered you into the camp to learn the Flame Legion's plans. Only then are you free to rescue any Blood Legion prisoners you may find.
[&AwZzAAA=] - Mikkel Toivosson is the current Big Brawl champion, with a well earned reputation for two things: his fighting skill, and his arrogant, abrasive personality. Many in Hoelbrak would love to see this cruel and bullying braggart knocked off his championship throne.
[&AwZ0AAA=] - Protest Too Much
[&AwZ1AAA=] - B908A0594C05F5A5A7B7125A00
[&AwZ2AAA=] - Everyone! Don't let this setback ruin your spirits. We will recover!
[&AwZ3AAA=] - Honed Student Mantle
[&AwZ4AAA=] - Greystone Rise
[&AwZ5AAA=] - Artair Rex Mari
[&AwZ6AAA=] - Stations of<br>Contemplation
[&AwZ7AAA=] - 3F578B4E79FF96DBF93000C1EBAE6237D3925FE342FF3DB269D77D950CEA28EF3AE5
[&AwZ8AAA=] - Set a timed charge that damages foes when it explodes.
[&AwZ9AAA=] - Shaemoor Waypoint
[&AwZ+AAA=] - Saltflood Waypoint
[&AwZ/AAA=] - Murmur Waypoint
[&AwcBAAA=] - 
[&AwcCAAA=] - Well! Aside from making my work area stink, that didn't really do anything, did it?
[&AwcDAAA=] - The rumors were true. This place is infested with undead. Better we stay unseen.
[&AwcEAAA=] - My wound weakens me. I need to catch my breath.
[&AwcFAAA=] - Head goes down, ears go up, that floor looks... mighty soft.
[&AwcGAAA=] - Nothing escapes me.
[&AwcHAAA=] - You deliver pain from a distance.
[&AwcIAAA=] - Again? Really?
[&AwcJAAA=] - It is too quiet out there.
[&AwcKAAA=] - Three cheers for Ascalon!
[&AwcLAAA=] - You're weak!
[&AwcMAAA=] - The Legion lives on!
[&AwcNAAA=] - For the charr!
[&AwcOAAA=] - I know you're there.
[&AwcPAAA=] - We got them.
[&AwcQAAA=] - Now I have you!
[&AwcRAAA=] - Swarm! Frenzy!
[&AwcSAAA=] - Ashes to ashes.
[&AwcTAAA=] - Rally to me!
[&AwcUAAA=] - With my last breath, I....
[&AwcVAAA=] - Let's do this.
[&AwcWAAA=] - Justice is served.
[&AwcXAAA=] - I got one.
[&AwcYAAA=] - Is this all you've got?
[&AwcZAAA=] - For Baelfire!
[&AwcaAAA=] - A short release...
[&AwcbAAA=] - Rise up and fight!
[&AwccAAA=] - May your final journey be easy.
[&AwcdAAA=] - Don't let the gate hit you on the way out!
[&AwceAAA=] - I punish the weak!
[&AwcfAAA=] - This will be your last fight.
[&AwcgAAA=] - Run! Hide! I'll find you!
[&AwchAAA=] - I need help!
[&AwciAAA=] - Another worthy foe.
[&AwcjAAA=] - Halt! Identify yourself.
[&AwckAAA=] - I'm as charr as charr can be, but I just wanna be me.
[&AwclAAA=] - One day Jormag will tremble at the sound of my name!
[&AwcmAAA=] - Armored up.
[&AwcnAAA=] - I am ready to go.
[&AwcoAAA=] - My skills take years to hone.
[&AwcpAAA=] - You must visit more often.
[&AwcqAAA=] - What brings you here?
[&AwcrAAA=] - Fight what cannot be fought.
[&AwcsAAA=] - Duty calls.
[&AwctAAA=] - Come howl with Wolf.
[&AwcuAAA=] - Good hunting!
[&AwcvAAA=] - Nature's reach is boundless.
[&AwcwAAA=] - I'm ready to go.
[&AwcxAAA=] - Fight what cannot be fought.
[&AwcyAAA=] - Looking good.
[&AwczAAA=] - I use every part of the dolyak.
[&Awc0AAA=] - I'm on a Ministry errand.
[&Awc1AAA=] - Seize the moment.
[&Awc2AAA=] - You smell...different.
[&Awc3AAA=] - State your business.
[&Awc4AAA=] - What now?
[&Awc5AAA=] - I don't know if I'm cut out for this.
[&Awc6AAA=] - Brutal!
[&Awc7AAA=] - Now that was legendary!
[&Awc8AAA=] - I need you.
[&Awc9AAA=] - Welcome to our little corner of the world.
[&Awc+AAA=] - Oh, yes. I earned this.
[&Awc/AAA=] - Ugh. I can do better.
[&AwdAAAA=] - Change is good. I'm about to turn you inside out.
[&AwdBAAA=] - Stand fearless!
[&AwdCAAA=] - Element of wind, heed me!
[&AwdDAAA=] - A491AD278C0F5DD3E614A8B4910A72F07087DB5D1E9ED866F2458D1BF9276E97BEB59315339A990CE28FC4CD35397E64DDBBAAE1B98A135E7D8C2B6D36FC0AC72B18490CC06B40E72F45
[&AwdEAAA=] - Country Teal
[&AwdFAAA=] - Mint
[&AwdGAAA=] - Skale
[&AwdHAAA=] - 5BFF8731C8FC2DC3868E456DAB8D42D01D5F0DA819CC8209A836431C4A9E6B40B1
[&AwdIAAA=] - 19D1558790961753ECF1158EB732CA905CFD
[&AwdJAAA=] - 8A75E17317E2666B61D3F7DB5FF4CA7351D4E72AC4C0BB6E2C0523925DE6D56F1D09FE656D39
[&AwdKAAA=] - 9F078C61AB39047059235CD9873793FA58DA57AA662B98F515A411BE34036EA47603B71888BFC368889F3727F3671954C07B9159CA09CC7202D26AD3F2395DD13E590A0543B546083B956A2653
[&AwdLAAA=] - 83627DEA611D1D170B5C838AC9BC3E1758C39A919831E3D55997F5D66D232B
[&AwdMAAA=] - 95368227FAAD2372C65CFAC5DC5B965CBF746B03
[&AwdNAAA=] - Shoot down the bone walls.they're blocking our line of fire!
[&AwdOAAA=] - Magister Kathryn
[&AwdPAAA=] - Diamond Aegis Shield
[&AwdQAAA=] - Shield Proficiency
[&AwdRAAA=] - Block attacks.
[&AwdSAAA=] - Rampager's Masquerade Raiments
[&AwdTAAA=] - F790929E1AECE3CA745D
[&AwdUAAA=] - 7F1BECA05731CF85A14AAE295B5147B2F5
[&AwdVAAA=] - C77D9F
[&AwdWAAA=] - Boon of Regeneration (Tier 1)
[&AwdXAAA=] - Nutmeg Seed[s]
[&AwdYAAA=] - 12 Slot Cotton Bag
[&AwdZAAA=] - MONSTER ONLY Krait Sword
[&AwdaAAA=] - A6F91730F72BC489C7C64F0518B43D3A02F61582E922E6C60977
[&AwdbAAA=] - Bronze Ingot[s]
[&AwdcAAA=] - 7C1951831025BC3DC648456BFEE277ADBCCD62BE3DE85F951F4D75E8668182FAD6
[&AwddAAA=] - Vital Chain Helm
[&AwdeAAA=] - BC78DCE0A5305BC1246B65F36B47CCED
[&AwdfAAA=] - C315B46E7F22E1F42ACB2859
[&AwdgAAA=] - 60A83C898F4B
[&AwdhAAA=] - +10 Life Gain on Hit <c=#A9A9A9>(Daytime)</c><br>+10 Life Steal on Hit <c=#A9A9A9>(Nighttime)</c>
[&AwdiAAA=] - 7 Precision
[&AwdjAAA=] - 7 Precision
[&AwdkAAA=] - 7 Condition Damage
[&AwdlAAA=] - 7 Vitality
[&AwdmAAA=] - 7 Precision
[&AwdnAAA=] - Used for tournaments which require an entry fee.
[&AwdoAAA=] - B2CE82886B3835DBFA438B8DC3747F
[&AwdpAAA=] - EEB9174E15D490577AB3FF6D8B14BC1CD336CE8E14F5FA952A240E5F
[&AwdqAAA=] - 7 Toughness
[&AwdrAAA=] - 7 Vitality
[&AwdsAAA=] - 7 Vitality
[&AwdtAAA=] - 7 Power
[&AwduAAA=] - The Path to Arah
[&AwdvAAA=] - Core Handler
[&AwdwAAA=] - 69CF8E7597134F8AE3474BC0BB6EA937E4ED66FC7C81A3496FD3DB75C1BDB275C18C55FB2DD5C3D8F74A3AD7DBBA48982B00ECDC60
[&AwdxAAA=] - Bandits are raiding the docks!
[&AwdyAAA=] - Tarkkakt
[&AwdzAAA=] - 2968F6AD1B75
[&Awd0AAA=] - <c=@flavor>An amulet once worn by Ebon Vanguard soldiers in the windswept north.</c>
[&Awd1AAA=] - AF6A10CC901C8A4305E5
[&Awd2AAA=] - Grenth
[&Awd3AAA=] - Enemies who will not face me in battle will find me blackening their name.
[&Awd4AAA=] - 6DD76D41476A438543CDC1E44E0F11B62B74F8F70509D7566734E3C3C15CFA96BF3AD3A88A4C77FBEFE3
[&Awd5AAA=] - Anchor a rock to your foe, making them sink.
[&Awd6AAA=] - Legate Minister Caudecus often host parties at his home, Beetlestone Manor. While a vocal opponent of the Queen, he swears his loyalty to Kryta.
[&Awd7AAA=] - Trybulus Griefblade? Whoever he is, he's planning simultaneous attacks on the Blood and Iron Legions to turn them against each other. You need to inform Tribune Desertgrave so she can coordinate the Ash Legion's response.
[&Awd8AAA=] - The dredge have the vehicle. With a little planning, you can take advantage of their practice maneuvers and ambush them. Just like hunting back home.
[&Awd9AAA=] - Prying the Eye Open
[&Awd+AAA=] - 1CE6F4C8D997904230D291CC00A79A957AC0589E719E
[&Awd/AAA=] - 89983484F94B3C1FDB019742EA001B
[&AweAAAA=] - Hearty Student Mantle
[&AweBAAA=] - Wildspine Hills
[&AweCAAA=] - Oze the Dour
[&AweDAAA=] - Starboard Hold
[&AweEAAA=] - 5%% of Precision is converted into Vitality.
[&AweFAAA=] - 4B1D5457D07E2B423F7C1CC9D6DAEF15EDA23F0E8F436A1490C82A7B616C29BB167105D2F01C16A0D309F1EC17872253001431E9FF291F1A3CCC866EE721D7AB8C1560FE73CBF9FE19987C6FEFEE5DA14AF7B52060DDBF404900B7414D6A356213384FA0C9A3F8402E9329A3250BD66E5971BF
[&AweGAAA=] - Fields Waypoint
[&AweHAAA=] - Zintl Holy Grounds Waypoint
[&AweIAAA=] - Tempest Waypoint
[&AwgBAAA=] - 
[&AwgCAAA=] - Klaes
[&AwgDAAA=] - Don't stop, there's still more.
[&AwgEAAA=] - Well done, sapling! Oh, well done, indeed.
[&AwgFAAA=] - Victory! As usual, I imbibe flawlessly. Another try?
[&AwgGAAA=] - This is getting us nowhere. I'm leaving.
[&AwgHAAA=] - Short-Bow Master
[&AwgIAAA=] - Been here, done this.
[&AwgJAAA=] - To me, my herd!
[&AwgKAAA=] - I give my life for king and country!
[&AwgLAAA=] - Sons of Svanir! Rally!
[&AwgMAAA=] - Is this death?
[&AwgNAAA=] - Charge them!
[&AwgOAAA=] - Too slow!
[&AwgPAAA=] - Halt! Identify yourself.
[&AwgQAAA=] - Until we meet again.
[&AwgRAAA=] - Kill!
[&AwgSAAA=] - Burn my body.
[&AwgTAAA=] - Step right up!
[&AwgUAAA=] - The enemy is too strong! Help!
[&AwgVAAA=] - So, it ends.
[&AwgWAAA=] - Coward.
[&AwgXAAA=] - Nice hit.
[&AwgYAAA=] - That was too easy.
[&AwgZAAA=] - Heretics?
[&AwgaAAA=] - Target fled.
[&AwgbAAA=] - Uproot them.
[&AwgcAAA=] - Your demise was ordered!
[&AwgdAAA=] - I'm no pushover!
[&AwgeAAA=] - Run! Hide! We'll find you!
[&AwgfAAA=] - There is no escape for you.
[&AwggAAA=] - You'll fight all of us.
[&AwghAAA=] - Leave me be!
[&AwgiAAA=] - The bigger they are, the louder they fall.
[&AwgjAAA=] - Punish the guilty!
[&AwgkAAA=] - Wamba, wamba, woo!
[&AwglAAA=] - Slick shoes!
[&AwgmAAA=] - Refreshing.
[&AwgnAAA=] - Never leave a wrong to ripen into evil.
[&AwgoAAA=] - What should I make now?
[&AwgpAAA=] - How are you doing?
[&AwgqAAA=] - Looking to buy?
[&AwgrAAA=] - I've heard mention of you.
[&AwgsAAA=] - Any news?
[&AwgtAAA=] - Have you come to join Wolf's pack?
[&AwguAAA=] - Please move along.
[&AwgvAAA=] - Find comfort in Melandru's shade.
[&AwgwAAA=] - It's nice to see you.
[&AwgxAAA=] - Your reputation precedes you.
[&AwgyAAA=] - Oh, hey. What's up?
[&AwgzAAA=] - Greetings.
[&Awg0AAA=] - Talk to someone else.
[&Awg1AAA=] - I hope to be of service.
[&Awg2AAA=] - You got something?
[&Awg3AAA=] - Fight to the last.
[&Awg4AAA=] - Give me a report.
[&Awg5AAA=] - I'll do my best.
[&Awg6AAA=] - You'll all die by my hand!
[&Awg7AAA=] - Greetings.
[&Awg8AAA=] - You're not done.
[&Awg9AAA=] - Yes? Oh. Hi.
[&Awg+AAA=] - It's not showing off if you earned it.
[&Awg/AAA=] - Impossible!
[&AwhAAAA=] - Say good-bye before I pulverize you with hellos.
[&AwhBAAA=] - Do not falter!
[&AwhCAAA=] - I am the wind!
[&AwhDAAA=] - 146040173BB53E55C4D235769DB45DFB3A74597D5E3A3C61FE174255E3BB5419D2417E1DCCCEE933023190763BBA019EA08734266B00A9C3C8A906EF17606299EED680C37B5A5D93A2C93861D5F15F67FB
[&AwhEAAA=] - Cream
[&AwhFAAA=] - Mint Breeze
[&AwhGAAA=] - Skelk
[&AwhHAAA=] - Welcome to Caudecus's Manor.
[&AwhIAAA=] - Wounded Crusader
[&AwhJAAA=] - 2FD8BF32C2A7EE5B4BBA8B3E0050A3DA89773A285B93CACD63F714E205D88FD9C70F96B9FDBAF0B7290069CB63BD90A0EF
[&AwhKAAA=] - 2ABC10632625AF24C67E32BD3A54BA61AA4BF5
[&AwhLAAA=] - 9ED3B5F8B22D56111CCA22366AC4A00FA92D360A352F7DB01560A9922ABE2960168316789387A216C59816FE8635E65B84391983F82E9ABFAA282EAE3424E25D24902A93B3B423AC655A0E2D7DAA941781586855509DDA80DE8544B23FBA470A42EDD450EA4101C6D70896367AF8A83D2C6145DC
[&AwhMAAA=] - Stairs
[&AwhNAAA=] - 79852E47668ED56CA26B29247878EEC09A4BB972EC085DECC70CC61ACCBC4184B331DF8A8D9EB43FC668E48F5B25E257243743E400
[&AwhOAAA=] - 6088056B34A90B02B256076DDCE157AD4E41F684
[&AwhPAAA=] - Centurions Claw
[&AwhQAAA=] - Vigorous Staff
[&AwhRAAA=] - Sarayi Gloves
[&AwhSAAA=] - Berserker's Cabalist Leggings
[&AwhTAAA=] - Frayed Cloth Pants
[&AwhUAAA=] - 22D3E703DFAB41
[&AwhVAAA=] - Troll Runestone[s]
[&AwhWAAA=] - The next 3000 experience is increased by +40%%.
[&AwhXAAA=] - B1AD0B795EE43928C4D8A4CFC4999E211939BF2B51D53FE3FDE5704539
[&AwhYAAA=] - 15 Slots
[&AwhZAAA=] - F688ADB7E50AE57D899C989E973072D1DF0800B081048ADF0C5AFFD0D01F
[&AwhaAAA=] - 276DCDA4B68AF9F114F3879778BB86
[&AwhbAAA=] - Copper Ingot[s]
[&AwhcAAA=] - 47566869B847BABB71EFF7D4D328C40FB5508FE9082C1069A186D87902D639879CCAD7BCEA0F727D4145685DB5D131E37BA5E97D85EE2BE56425466E8F3D0CA165CA9FF42806F6956A06544508BE24F3A2083ABA6F1F2D6F855380A6C47524B7819F2BA0D6892A
[&Awhd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
[&AwheAAA=] - You fool! He's a norn!
[&AwhfAAA=] - C13B637086E7C7CA78C12C9EC5F1A6
[&AwhgAAA=] - A001873F4D919556FC7B44B8A8EB20BA90F231D7D4
[&AwhhAAA=] - No Proc Buff
[&AwhiAAA=] - 8 Precision
[&AwhjAAA=] - 8 Precision
[&AwhkAAA=] - 8 Condition Damage
[&AwhlAAA=] - 8 Vitality
[&AwhmAAA=] - 8 Precision
[&AwhnAAA=] - Ravaging Scepter
[&AwhoAAA=] - C356DD2FB4D5CEED53B3ECC8
[&AwhpAAA=] - 6F268F7AB378E5FD
[&AwhqAAA=] - 8 Toughness
[&AwhrAAA=] - 8 Vitality
[&AwhsAAA=] - 8 Vitality
[&AwhtAAA=] - 8 Power
[&AwhuAAA=] - 9341F0550CE9EC543D964D92492ACE2765BAEF
[&AwhvAAA=] - Logan Sanctuary
[&AwhwAAA=] - 185AE628447F8E
[&AwhxAAA=] - Seraph Guard
[&AwhyAAA=] - Clink, clink! Ooh-ha haha! Ohh!
[&AwhzAAA=] - 724D8A1D41B5A7
[&Awh0AAA=] - 8DDAF3C99CF2BC16B519
[&Awh1AAA=] - 8 Precision
[&Awh2AAA=] - 8 Power
[&Awh3AAA=] - 8 Vitality
[&Awh4AAA=] - 8 Precision
[&Awh5AAA=] - 8 Toughness
[&Awh6AAA=] - 876163C49BB01281B5
[&Awh7AAA=] - Grenth is the god of darkness, ice, and death. His acolytes know that the veil between worlds is thin. Death does not frighten me. Even the darkest nights give me comfort because Grenth watches over me.
[&Awh8AAA=] - My family is
[&Awh9AAA=] - A raven companion brings luck and entertainment. Its wisdom, cleverness, and bird's-eye view aid in any hunt.
[&Awh+AAA=] - Vile Ooze
[&Awh/AAA=] - 6D0CAB66FCF9AB9E4136BF1398FD8383FA88
[&AwiAAAA=] - Thanks to the Flame Legion, you've lost the supplies Steelbane sent you to collect. If you can't come to an understanding with your superior officer, the two of you are headed for a violent's the charr way.
[&AwiBAAA=] - Roadblock
[&AwiCAAA=] - The Hatchery
[&AwiDAAA=] - Noble's Epaulets
[&AwiEAAA=] - Spawn Armor Crafting Stations
[&AwiFAAA=] - Let's go! The faster we get there, the more time I have for eating.
[&AwiGAAA=] - Hangman's Saddle
[&AwiHAAA=] - Raven has seen you tending to his flock. He is pleased and impressed with your faith! Come back any time so that I may grant you the fruits of Raven's blessing. 

.Shaman Sigrytha, Raven Shaman
[&AwiIAAA=] - Gallery of Passage
[&AwiJAAA=] - DF69AC482296AB2E43DEA848D665183C2CFFCE
[&AwiKAAA=] - Quarryside
[&AwiLAAA=] - Garrison Waypoint
[&AwiMAAA=] - Ocean's Gullet Waypoint
[&AwiNAAA=] - Versoconjouring Waypoint
[&AwkBAAA=] - 
[&AwkCAAA=] - Get away, I said! Leave me alone! You can't have it!
[&AwkDAAA=] - More undead over here.
[&AwkEAAA=] - Friend, please. I need your aid!
[&AwkFAAA=] - One-Drink Drake
[&AwkGAAA=] - Just who do you think you're dealing with?
[&AwkHAAA=] - Blunt force trauma is your friend, and you enjoy sharing it with your enemies.
[&AwkIAAA=] - Oh, man, this is never gonna heal.
[&AwkJAAA=] - Hahahahahahaha!
[&AwkKAAA=] - Prepare for a pounding!
[&AwkLAAA=] - Die for Dragon!
[&AwkMAAA=] - Rally to me!
[&AwkNAAA=] - You chose this!
[&AwkOAAA=] - Death embraces me.
[&AwkPAAA=] - Suspect fleeing.
[&AwkQAAA=] - Looking to test your skills?
[&AwkRAAA=] - The weak run!
[&AwkSAAA=] - You escape for now.
[&AwkTAAA=] - Come to brighten my day?
[&AwkUAAA=] - For Ascalon!
[&AwkVAAA=] - I can't leave my post.
[&AwkWAAA=] - Halt! Identify yourself.
[&AwkXAAA=] - Kill!
[&AwkYAAA=] - Stay back.
[&AwkZAAA=] - Sanctify the ashes.
[&AwkaAAA=] - Very well, defend yourself!
[&AwkbAAA=] - For the moletariat!
[&AwkcAAA=] - Now that you have seen me...
[&AwkdAAA=] - Charge!
[&AwkeAAA=] - You're too weak!
[&AwkfAAA=] - I cannot fail!
[&AwkgAAA=] - My brothers will avenge me.
[&AwkhAAA=] - This is what it comes to.
[&AwkiAAA=] - Nice gear!
[&AwkjAAA=] - We guard the Black Citadel!
[&AwkkAAA=] - Give me death or give me meat.
[&AwklAAA=] - Surprise!
[&AwkmAAA=] - Faster!
[&AwknAAA=] - I am at your service.
[&AwkoAAA=] - Nature shaped you well.
[&AwkpAAA=] - I miss the old days.
[&AwkqAAA=] - Everybody wants something!
[&AwkrAAA=] - May the shadows embrace you.
[&AwksAAA=] - You need my help?
[&AwktAAA=] - What do you want?
[&AwkuAAA=] - Hail, stranger.
[&AwkvAAA=] - Respect the land and share her gifts.
[&AwkwAAA=] - Seize the moment.
[&AwkxAAA=] - The unknown wilts in your shadow.
[&AwkyAAA=] - How's it going?
[&AwkzAAA=] - You honor me.
[&Awk0AAA=] - I can't help you now.
[&Awk1AAA=] - What a nice surprise!
[&Awk2AAA=] - Are you well?
[&Awk3AAA=] - Eternal vigilance.
[&Awk4AAA=] - For Ash Legion.
[&Awk5AAA=] - We're here to serve.
[&Awk6AAA=] - Oh, yeah. Slaughter time.
[&Awk7AAA=] - For Bear!
[&Awk8AAA=] - I choose you!
[&Awk9AAA=] - You're an eyeful.
[&Awk+AAA=] - I'm ready to converse.
[&Awk/AAA=] - This can't be happening.
[&AwlAAAA=] - It's my duty to show you the error of your ways.
[&AwlBAAA=] - Fight with courage!
[&AwlCAAA=] - Solid earth!
[&AwlDAAA=] - D12F0924354C52ABD25E67366A633C8D16D92DF1BB0B3B302E31499338745107D718902EC26CA8EFA432AB666A6B36A10AA6AD4CCE2DBFC65D16F5E6BCA1F2D5CECC41938B173C037F8803A264755C86
[&AwlEAAA=] - Cream Shade
[&AwlFAAA=] - Mint Ice
[&AwlGAAA=] - Graveling
[&AwlHAAA=] - 0F4F0F40AF673F
[&AwlIAAA=] - 8EA3A7947E440E0B01CACB2442F76E4A3172639AB25E47159C2FFFB76EE1A5E60C50DB
[&AwlJAAA=] - C0CFB4F334BFBF2AAF3EC898B7FF0E0425FABADFD8F350F77DDBDBCF9B02A12B348A10FB4E4F78491C2B647B06D50ABF25AC1AED57EB37D352688F5F716D1C4B69259EE9CF5D6A2EAB6827D046
[&AwlKAAA=] - 3347819E40C33977AF049D641037209EECA078BD19C4C2F07F88FAB807F3ED7D4883F2032DBA375BD41E120F7D6CBBBB8D3641BE572952C990DA93854DF1E5C141375473B79AA3C8A2202908C8DB14F0EDA234D9EF22EA00BEC72000D90FF785B3A3CAEBF50F5EF53520FBBA962211FA6BEAD5586FF4733292
[&AwlLAAA=] - Serious leather-crafting skills.
[&AwlMAAA=] - Swing the metal detector and knockdown target with a 10%% chance to break.
[&AwlNAAA=] - I've seen them! Svanir! They're coming. Get to the gates.
[&AwlOAAA=] - Light on Your Feet
[&AwlPAAA=] - Wheelock Rifle
[&AwlQAAA=] - Spear Proficiency
[&AwlRAAA=] - 65D01BB081
[&AwlSAAA=] - Berserker's Cabalist Mantle
[&AwlTAAA=] - 68457B6F6CCB45E9
[&AwlUAAA=] - Use to repair your trebuchet!
[&AwlVAAA=] - <c=@flavor>"We wont be a secret here for long."<br>.Agent Siobhan</c>
[&AwlWAAA=] - Boon of Experience (Tier 2)
[&AwlXAAA=] - Walnut[s]
[&AwlYAAA=] - 15 Slot Linen Bag
[&AwlZAAA=] - 1F06377E00C8898A5DF47570AE2212F3925E9C939E3C6E
[&AwlaAAA=] - D2B5D1970DF9
[&AwlbAAA=] - Refined from Platinum Ore and Primordium.
[&AwlcAAA=] - AE128EACCF36E5D970FB85D761055B1D81D62FCBC1FCE148A621E88A30C1A30C6B253F56440220FE1DC0BFF001F6
[&AwldAAA=] - 30EFDA774775B89AFB42CD2F007ACC3AB743454D26A5E9D3BBB7D9DBB8F4816A685A5594B69B8BA7A3AB40FE4269B6730B215B391961A50A429AB821E2C438272EDBDB9C658F33129BE7D757324D6AAD19009D8F30F4CE8C3E4F2B24F446EA8B36CE292A8562257A2E3C81
[&AwleAAA=] - They took some of our friends. See if you can find them, please.
[&AwlfAAA=] - 453A19876497FA99CEEDB115574D
[&AwlgAAA=] - A31E42C6E047D0B5B0DE77C216A0E42B7C8B189D804D009E1AAE17D5
[&AwlhAAA=] - +50 Maximum Health <c=#A9A9A9>(Daytime)</c>
[&AwliAAA=] - 9 Precision
[&AwljAAA=] - 9 Precision
[&AwlkAAA=] - 9 Condition Damage
[&AwllAAA=] - 9 Vitality
[&AwlmAAA=] - 9 Precision
[&AwlnAAA=] - Tournament Ticket[s]
[&AwloAAA=] - E5D7B5A1822F6C121D5B5C26D7
[&AwlpAAA=] - 
[&AwlqAAA=] - 9 Toughness
[&AwlrAAA=] - 9 Vitality
[&AwlsAAA=] - 9 Vitality
[&AwltAAA=] - 9 Power
[&AwluAAA=] - Ring
[&AwlvAAA=] - Subvert
[&AwlwAAA=] - D5833C5F853F9416C3488C20EDD1F16C946D709E2A10E1ED86E0DF63AB34096D35DDAF5557308898CB32D3ACBE6A93EC20478DE691B08C39B44A865233322B139D5AAEA6EBED16013A63C2B868DEBA004CC912B0E651684A290047CABFE334858CB0265AC987859AE380F46E6C39EC973908E8E116A5CA00C9A654CC64B7F0FF5B2A4DBF56EF29CDC051ABDE5AB9B10BBD
[&AwlxAAA=] - Centaurs attacking from the north!
[&AwlyAAA=] - My shinies.I won't let you take them!

[&AwlzAAA=] - Mighty Crude Short Bow
[&Awl0AAA=] - Mighty Bronze Hammer
[&Awl1AAA=] - Norn Sword
[&Awl2AAA=] - Grenth, the god of death, blessed me when I was young.
[&Awl3AAA=] - Canthan
[&Awl4AAA=] - <br><br>I'm a ranger, and I have a raven that fights at my side and guards my back.<br><br>This is my story.<br>
[&Awl5AAA=] - Knockback
[&Awl6AAA=] - Queensdale is the heartland of the reforged human nation of Kryta. These rolling hills and well-watered fields are threatened by marauding centaurs and thieving bandits. The Seraph serve as its protectors.
[&Awl7AAA=] - Time for a Promotion
[&Awl8AAA=] - Svanir's Dome is home to an especially aggressive band of Sons of Svanir. Their leader, Nollarr, is a vain and vicious brute who sends his followers to raid locals and passing travelers. As long as these marauders run free, the area around Svanir's Dome is not safe for anyone else.
[&Awl9AAA=] - Convincing the Faithful
[&Awl+AAA=] - BF17F4EB6A1281A39AFEEC2D3513A19FE42E54E70DD7A69BA38080879731E82AA9B4050100CA894E133A034E7DE76F3F63
[&Awl/AAA=] - Spawns field crafting stations for Armorsmith, Leatherworker, Tailor, and Jeweler. Lasts for 1 hour.
[&AwmAAAA=] - Are you...sure we'll be safe?
[&AwmBAAA=] - Shieldbluff Point
[&AwmCAAA=] - Creates Oil Slicks
[&AwmDAAA=] - Midships
[&AwmEAAA=] - 3F46F843DDC6E276FBF7C0
[&AwmFAAA=] - Triskell Quay
[&AwmGAAA=] - Crossing Waypoint
[&AwmHAAA=] - Forvar's Waypoint
[&AwmIAAA=] - Lights Waypoint
[&AwoBAAA=] - 
[&AwoCAAA=] - Inquest Agent
[&AwoDAAA=] - Thanks for the help, but we'll take it from here. Soldiers! Get the crusader out of here. Gently.
[&AwoEAAA=] - Ah! There, the white stag! Hurry, capture it before it sprints away again.
[&AwoFAAA=] - I'll drink you under the table, lubber!
[&AwoGAAA=] - Watch and learn.
[&AwoHAAA=] - Mace Master
[&AwoIAAA=] - (groan)
[&AwoJAAA=] - Aggressors!
[&AwoKAAA=] - Cover me!
[&AwoLAAA=] - Conversion awaits!
[&AwoMAAA=] - Ready for the next one.
[&AwoNAAA=] - You look so peaceful.
[&AwoOAAA=] - I sense intruders.
[&AwoPAAA=] - You'll pay for that.
[&AwoQAAA=] - Attack!
[&AwoRAAA=] - Blood Legion!
[&AwoSAAA=] - Brothers, help me!
[&AwoTAAA=] - You too shall burn.
[&AwoUAAA=] - So it begins.
[&AwoVAAA=] - With my last breath, I....
[&AwoWAAA=] - Punish the guilty!
[&AwoXAAA=] - Stay down!
[&AwoYAAA=] - This is what it's come to.
[&AwoZAAA=] - Drown in blood!
[&AwoaAAA=] - Didn't have to end like this.
[&AwobAAA=] - Flee, vermin! Flee!
[&AwocAAA=] - Abandon hope, fiend.
[&AwodAAA=] - Help me! Help!
[&AwoeAAA=] - My brothers will avenge me.
[&AwofAAA=] - In death, I find my reward.
[&AwogAAA=] - Now you've done it. C'mere!
[&AwohAAA=] - What have you done?
[&AwoiAAA=] - That looks valuable.
[&AwojAAA=] - Wrong choice!
[&AwokAAA=] - These are my claws. There are many like them, but these are mine. They are my warband. They are my life, and I must master them as I master my life.
[&AwolAAA=] - Bandages here.
[&AwomAAA=] - Ready!
[&AwonAAA=] - Can't hit what you can't see.
[&AwooAAA=] - Seize the moment.
[&AwopAAA=] - I've got plenty of time.
[&AwoqAAA=] - What do you need?
[&AworAAA=] - Keep your eyes open.
[&AwosAAA=] - Wheels keep turning. We keep fighting.
[&AwotAAA=] - For Ash Legion.
[&AwouAAA=] - Lion's Arch is a free city, until you make trouble.
[&AwovAAA=] - Melandru guide you.
[&AwowAAA=] - Never leave a wrong to ripen into evil.
[&AwoxAAA=] - May Melandru guide you.
[&AwoyAAA=] - What's up?
[&AwozAAA=] - May the gods protect you.
[&Awo0AAA=] - You look like a troublemaker.
[&Awo1AAA=] - Prepare for adventure.
[&Awo2AAA=] - Did you need something?
[&Awo3AAA=] - United in victory.
[&Awo4AAA=] - Speak.
[&Awo5AAA=] - For Iron Legion.
[&Awo6AAA=] - It's dead! It's dead!
[&Awo7AAA=] - By the hair of my ancestors!
[&Awo8AAA=] - +90 Vitality
[&Awo9AAA=] - Make yourself at home.
[&Awo+AAA=] - I require your attention.
[&Awo/AAA=] - YOU beat me?
[&AwpAAAA=] - (laugh)
[&AwpBAAA=] - Useful! Thanks.
[&AwpCAAA=] - I am rock and soil!
[&AwpDAAA=] - 21309D996CD89F30C7A0D2264C6FA65D84F56CBF9FC0C36216A624BBB84CF6F9E7A72502CCE592C49C481ABB2657A879DAD1762DCA4A76AC40814F480CF8D36256F9F78D1BD3142C56302785BD040BA4A87DE9376CF76D6AE434FE365AF2CB1466FCC2F11EDE6EC27F17B80FA5D909428A76E38E5194FE65B5
[&AwpEAAA=] - Creamsicle
[&AwpFAAA=] - Mintay
[&AwpGAAA=] - Skritt
[&AwpHAAA=] - No stone left unturned. No tree left unpruned.
[&AwpIAAA=] - Medic Kellye
[&AwpJAAA=] - 2E13BC383514B4CCD77C6BD4CD2D58DAD8FC30
[&AwpKAAA=] - 17AB05FB3E2101F757A4B79928049A5D5A5F94F802CA43C4A02EC63D741542E755EE7A9102F3
[&AwpLAAA=] - 033CF723A5197BA08247A0D0837D1FBA7D4D191140E6F210DE02D1E0BD30DA3DA453
[&AwpMAAA=] - Bash target with metal detector with a 1%% chance to break.
[&AwpNAAA=] - CB66FE8F61FF917F2060B21CC9F8E860BE6F4FCADC
[&AwpOAAA=] - 99D2FE6BE3414DC93EDC4CE7F0BD0369D0C7
[&AwpPAAA=] - Wayward Wand Scepter
[&AwpQAAA=] - 82806C7F5A93C33624F268199F314A58B8E029B0DC3B1E7D65455098
[&AwpRAAA=] - Oaken Boots
[&AwpSAAA=] - 8E14B0BBC7AAE0ADB2A03983D6
[&AwpTAAA=] - F50196EFED790720
[&AwpUAAA=] - Blue Repair Kit
[&AwpVAAA=] - Shiny Red Apple[s]
[&AwpWAAA=] - Gain tier 2 regeneration for the next 30 minutes.
[&AwpXAAA=] - Banana[s]
[&AwpYAAA=] - 10 Slot Thin Leather Pack
[&AwpZAAA=] - 1C14913102600DFA7C0BEC20A5F8D3418E
[&AwpaAAA=] - AFBB5064AAC91744978873AAE8EF77295E92F9B3EEF2
[&AwpbAAA=] - Darksteel Ingot[s]
[&AwpcAAA=] - 1BF05E9C6025F5F687A9A1E83A8DD097DDE74C6D4E94469ABE935987FCB341D3AFE054F79CCADD39985181218DD6AC56A5A6E6BF66CA7446
[&AwpdAAA=] - 2E182DB797DEB10D619A5D1B4869AA32D9CD5A7981C1016564409540C1CF99E13AB7C4F1BBE2D057DDF370
[&AwpeAAA=] - <c=@flavor>"Those dings and scratches just give the armor more character."<br>.Bracctus/c>
[&AwpfAAA=] - 2ABE3BEA90DD965D4367A11019BA635C0F7D
[&AwpgAAA=] - Peacemaker Officer Rupo
[&AwphAAA=] - +20 Maximum Health
[&AwpiAAA=] - 10 Toughness
[&AwpjAAA=] - 10 Vitality
[&AwpkAAA=] - 10 Precision
[&AwplAAA=] - 10 Toughness
[&AwpmAAA=] - 10 Precision
[&AwpnAAA=] - Honed Scepter
[&AwpoAAA=] - 31CDB9BC2DCB460E30F5B8
[&AwppAAA=] - 
[&AwpqAAA=] - 10 Power
[&AwprAAA=] - 10 Vitality
[&AwpsAAA=] - 10 Toughness
[&AwptAAA=] - 10 Power
[&AwpuAAA=] - 10 Power
[&AwpvAAA=] - 10 Toughness
[&AwpwAAA=] - C0CC0891FB01F63C6D6F319AF57D75477843F022
[&AwpxAAA=] - Turning to stone.
[&AwpyAAA=] - 10 Precision
[&AwpzAAA=] - 10 Vitality
[&Awp0AAA=] - 10 Vitality
[&Awp1AAA=] - F772268C73E19F9F270983BB
[&Awp2AAA=] - 10 Healing
[&Awp3AAA=] - 10 Power
[&Awp4AAA=] - 10 Condition Damage
[&Awp5AAA=] - 10 Power
[&Awp6AAA=] - 10 Precision
[&Awp7AAA=] - 10 Power
[&Awp8AAA=] - 10 Power
[&Awp9AAA=] - 10 Precision
[&Awp+AAA=] - A33204BD2DF75D008B4BEFAF9FB91D4FE9AB9E3C4BB720F97205495F178DC534B515AC
[&Awp/AAA=] - Too rough! Oww, ouch. Done!
[&AwqAAAA=] - Vital Crude Short Bow
[&AwqBAAA=] - Vital Bronze Hammer
[&AwqCAAA=] - F74CED2F9BDE5566D4
[&AwqDAAA=] - 10 Power
[&AwqEAAA=] - 10 Vitality
[&AwqFAAA=] - 10 Power
[&AwqGAAA=] - 10 Toughness
[&AwqHAAA=] - 10 Precision
[&AwqIAAA=] - 10 Vitality
[&AwqJAAA=] - 10 Condition Damage
[&AwqKAAA=] - 10 Power
[&AwqLAAA=] - 10 Toughness
[&AwqMAAA=] - 10 Power
[&AwqNAAA=] - Balthazar
[&AwqOAAA=] - I am of %str1% descent.
[&AwqPAAA=] - Fern Hound
[&AwqQAAA=] - 56C43E246BA7E72EA103B9DF925E182EF0C57C45389180850EE930FE83453115265AF4DC159870B1F3C6F8D3C0342DE4EAE0A8E7B6B4B08F79C4C080A24F2A722FFFE5726301D41D441B0A9B3BDFC28009AD6C6C569C97C86B84426CCC5D6FDB7DECC3907125851010C50904D8EAC68860FE4AAF6C87D1FEFA476EC974118CEBE4CD7625FC07920620F83E9A58DEFE7DFDA05F824A278EA1EC566417F2FE25373716
[&AwqRAAA=] - Queensdale
[&AwqSAAA=] - 10 Experience from kills
[&AwqTAAA=] - Tribune Goreblade has offered to make you legionnaire if you show him a working prototype of your ghost-killing weapon. Time for a trip to the wrecking yard, where you can salvage the spare parts you need.
[&AwqUAAA=] - First Attack
[&AwqVAAA=] - Evacuation
[&AwqWAAA=] - 10 Experience from kills
[&AwqXAAA=] - 10 Experience from kills
[&AwqYAAA=] - 10 Experience from kills
[&AwqZAAA=] - 10 Experience from kills
[&AwqaAAA=] - 87B191A8B484BAEBD9D49159B96DBAE62F7D9469C1958BA4E12C
[&AwqbAAA=] - 10 Experience from kills
[&AwqcAAA=] - 10 Experience from kills
[&AwqdAAA=] - 10 Experience from kills
[&AwqeAAA=] - Spawn Combat Crafting Stations
[&AwqfAAA=] - 10 Experience from kills
[&AwqgAAA=] - 10 Experience from kills
[&AwqhAAA=] - 10 Experience from kills
[&AwqiAAA=] - 10 Experience from kills
[&AwqjAAA=] - Absolutely. We should be mostly fine.
[&AwqkAAA=] - 10 Experience from kills
[&AwqlAAA=] - 10 Experience from kills
[&AwqmAAA=] - 10 Experience from kills
[&AwqnAAA=] - 10 Experience from kills
[&AwqoAAA=] - 10 Experience from kills
[&AwqpAAA=] - 10 Experience from kills
[&AwqqAAA=] - Arca Lake
[&AwqrAAA=] - 10 Experience from kills
[&AwqsAAA=] - 10 Experience from kills
[&AwqtAAA=] - 10 Experience from kills
[&AwquAAA=] - Shaman Sigrytha
[&AwqvAAA=] - 10 Experience from kills
[&AwqwAAA=] - Sanctum of<br>Justice
[&AwqxAAA=] - C200B2ACE64E5AD648EC
[&AwqyAAA=] - 9DE003834EE04832A6DA7FB9C68E8555966C9E0390
[&AwqzAAA=] - Phinney Waypoint
[&Awq0AAA=] - Toade's Head Waypoint
[&Awq1AAA=] - Valley of Gwaun
[&AwsBAAA=] - 
[&AwsCAAA=] - We've got company! Pulverize them!
[&AwsDAAA=] - It's hard to believe anyone could survive here for long.
[&AwsEAAA=] - It's a shame. A loyal friend, and now a debased death.
[&AwsFAAA=] - Here we go again. One more for the road?
[&AwsGAAA=] - Ah, excellent.
[&AwsHAAA=] - Only fools see this as an ornament. Only a master knows how to channel magic through it.
[&AwsIAAA=] - This can't be happening.
[&AwsJAAA=] - Dig your grave now!
[&AwsKAAA=] - Kill every last one!
[&AwsLAAA=] - Dragon will devour you.
[&AwsMAAA=] - Watch yourself!
[&AwsNAAA=] - My time has come.
[&AwsOAAA=] - Not again.
[&AwsPAAA=] - You look guilty.
[&AwsQAAA=] - Who's got my back?
[&AwsRAAA=] - Nice hit.
[&AwsSAAA=] - Fire will cleanse you.
[&AwsTAAA=] - For Baelfire!
[&AwsUAAA=] - What was that?
[&AwsVAAA=] - The enemy is too strong! Help!
[&AwsWAAA=] - We guard the Black Citadel!
[&AwsXAAA=] - The weak run!
[&AwsYAAA=] - No!
[&AwsZAAA=] - Your respite will be brief.
[&AwsaAAA=] - I need help!
[&AwsbAAA=] - Power to the moletariat!
[&AwscAAA=] - Your fate is unavoidable!
[&AwsdAAA=] - What'd I ever do to you?
[&AwseAAA=] - One more dead coward!
[&AwsfAAA=] - Feel your demise!
[&AwsgAAA=] - Coward!
[&AwshAAA=] - This isn't worth it.
[&AwsiAAA=] - You can never have too much treasure.
[&AwsjAAA=] - And don't come back!
[&AwskAAA=] - And you think it takes you a long time to dry your hair.
[&AwslAAA=] - Elixir here.
[&AwsmAAA=] - Ready for anything!
[&AwsnAAA=] - For Ash Legion.
[&AwsoAAA=] - To grow strong, we all need love.
[&AwspAAA=] - What?
[&AwsqAAA=] - Let me show you my stock.
[&AwsrAAA=] - This better be good.
[&AwssAAA=] - For Iron Legion.
[&AwstAAA=] - Keep your voice down.
[&AwsuAAA=] - You don't look so tough.
[&AwsvAAA=] - Do you seek assistance?
[&AwswAAA=] - Act with wisdom.
[&AwsxAAA=] - I serve only the best.
[&AwsyAAA=] - Shh. Keep it down. Seraph's got ears everywhere.
[&AwszAAA=] - Keep Ascalon in your heart.
[&Aws0AAA=] - Yes?
[&Aws1AAA=] - We're here to serve.
[&Aws2AAA=] - Greetings.
[&Aws3AAA=] - Fight with valor.
[&Aws4AAA=] - You don't look very smart.
[&Aws5AAA=] - Let me guess. Trouble.
[&Aws6AAA=] - This will make an excellent trophy.
[&Aws7AAA=] - Dolyaks like food. I like food. Therefore, I am a dolyak.
[&Aws8AAA=] - Slick shoes, activate!
[&Aws9AAA=] - You have something for me?
[&Aws+AAA=] - Talk to me.
[&Aws/AAA=] - How humiliating for you.
[&AwtAAAA=] - Look at that!
[&AwtBAAA=] - You won't mind if I borrow this.
[&AwtCAAA=] - Element of earth, hear me.
[&AwtDAAA=] - 2AEDC3BF1A6DBFBCAA922272F883BA35AB0110855DF82692634D9829A4A4D25822B0C785583A34D3C4619D30F46B76AE18D15689CCFA8297E5580727A20C86F61EA970E64D99295FA1C939E29C6319B54F922ABBCBE03B95607B12DB66
[&AwtEAAA=] - Crisp Mint
[&AwtFAAA=] - Morning Sea
[&AwtGAAA=] - Sons of Svanir
[&AwtHAAA=] - D34358E47A70864037B3D1F060D4A29B2AF7961A9850F4E1E2EA3317512F252940E5D4B8A748189FDDB506D53C99F53107D998D45637970B936BFB51FCC180D80DBAA4D1084FA262C2455B0210633EE74A51BBFFAB5CD246198C1A621D391F0D8F65340310CEECD5C43716DA66585C3A07D1A920A10C03A183C592655AB17B97768019F8C94B0D8C546BEC389483BD49D17A06E153133B125B2A4A06F528ECDD15A45EC1B21FC1DB608A19370E7297B37012B4A618F3F41CE175D1C8A6B7757D79EBCA1D333A0005886AA84C560E1840EA96D942546F03D5768DA2F4D1
[&AwtIAAA=] - 85FC28CBBEE28F43358930623F06F4CCC40BF854A48700B13D0AF281D6F422E945F0378FF9C7
[&AwtJAAA=] - 0AFA0F41E88F2FFA81D8F99138F9CBBC2507C3
[&AwtKAAA=] - DCAE20890BD23FEA9DAC273B8C760337E545600F
[&AwtLAAA=] - F6C8396CD4D46A79A35E5D1B30BAEA9A5B7FC1E327D890F5491304EA5CBF5E06667652C6308EAD00E2AB7B115DCEB77D620E0DE729E1A94A19E0E49EEE6D437137784B5CB963FB8DA8601EA5D3A62CAB5F352E4945E4CBB743BAC0E1532D
[&AwtMAAA=] - -Defeat the enemy Guild Lord in order to gain 150 points.
[&AwtNAAA=] - Scout Myrnil
[&AwtOAAA=] - You assisted Magister Kathryn.
[&AwtPAAA=] - Seathunder Pistol
[&AwtQAAA=] - Harpoon Gun Proficiency
[&AwtRAAA=] - Oaken Coat
[&AwtSAAA=] - MONSTER ONLY Wolf Unarmed Snow
[&AwtTAAA=] - Leather Boots
[&AwtUAAA=] - WvW Trebuchet Controller
[&AwtVAAA=] - C90E685E513849787A96FB15FBF98EEA464630
[&AwtWAAA=] - Boon of Regeneration (Tier 2)
[&AwtXAAA=] - Lemon[s]
[&AwtYAAA=] - 12 Slot Coarse Leather Pack
[&AwtZAAA=] - 5F41629C19B7317D05C930D26B2CBAD74F896E5E
[&AwtaAAA=] - FDBF77B6D415C37902481D
[&AwtbAAA=] - Gold Ingot[s]
[&AwtcAAA=] - 3BD53EE0B221A8EC2020C0E128020C4F3722BFF72A6A63BB4AF5B897928EB12FD14A8E15CAE586A41370C4805018703C27A5160FF429C6B74A35DCB8C16C7B487AF865F508F1357F7E373DD1F09932455247F47C933ACCF8226CAB3FE2C750483CCF6FB12E
[&AwtdAAA=] - What is it now?
[&AwteAAA=] - 83F1116B1BF2665B01F543E645534A070929C07474BFE9CD37F305DBDD2D83A1CB7AF595428E37387820BA33595B1622DDE5003E6E88843AC9B90D9415119B85786C66254F13DFB62DB2B8
[&AwtfAAA=] - 8FE49F7B05B99532E674CB20
[&AwtgAAA=] - Inquest Guard Gixi
[&AwthAAA=] - +100 Maximum Health
[&AwtiAAA=] - 2F86696E84C44B12B4EBE2285444BBA1FBC4E02173D00B
[&AwtjAAA=] - EF6D877E33D8739325C22767C82B2BACBE
[&AwtkAAA=] - Flee!
[&AwtlAAA=] - B125CF75A2C7EA406B47154FF03F32E82014D195B4E323E00E590561A5CFAEB446C458F3BC6B8392EB770F0DB6429AEA5D54827D688F80FD8738BADDA2665A50FB52C442EA4420BC0CCE750A13F8944035EC5908AA82B422B2FF491CFF46DABE675640676B94AE708B92A6FB1BA0F6246C8DFA3F
[&AwtmAAA=] - Dead Eyed Stare
[&AwtnAAA=] - 95485D9AFE05544ADD7D6BB132
[&AwtoAAA=] - Frost Totem
[&AwtpAAA=] - Golden Harpoon
[&AwtqAAA=] - Mighty Crude Short Bow
[&AwtrAAA=] - Mighty Bronze Hammer
[&AwtsAAA=] - C58CFE96E3038F66EBB5DF
[&AwttAAA=] - Balthazar.the god of war, fire, and challenge.oversees the battle arena. He gifts those who have a knack for combat strategy and skill with weapons. I have trained hard to honor Balthazar.
[&AwtuAAA=] - Elonan
[&AwtvAAA=] - My dog has always stood by me, even against the most dangerous attackers. I couldn't ask for a better friend and ally.
[&AwtwAAA=] - 3BC560BF02A25066E54A8520C703E5F00BDD83B3A3762AC71F7C3140B9577C9AB91776F8BCC0BF748D7F2B1EFC4A17B45FFBC110F19CF81BAF53227538B46EDC644816ED2E8712DFB69FDAF4B6190954E13ECBD3C4F93749B8D242676575AA4F26C5D73216F84855FD3AB0528491924F2A3DEB6B9B10A847F377BA16D7F6106CBB6459073C22FE82E43CFB8E94C644B3224D8F9DD2FD3C2CA8019569237C98C53988AEEA8794DFB82DCB3BCB88ECE491
[&AwtxAAA=] - Lake Doric
[&AwtyAAA=] - Scrapyard Dogs
[&AwtzAAA=] - The murellow is a new and unwelcome resident in norn territory. Although these burly, burrowing animals normally stay deep underground, packs of the wretched creatures have recently emerged to spread disease and mayhem on the surface.
[&Awt0AAA=] - 1F541A647C5C1FDB
[&Awt1AAA=] - 7C75BD6B635ABF21610FC67BDF24FC853624C9F312B49206FAA1D66B25655D616E15D45429
[&Awt2AAA=] - Skills & Traits
[&Awt3AAA=] - What are you going on about? I'm thinking about the delicious food kept there.
[&Awt4AAA=] - Ruins of Holy Demetra
[&Awt5AAA=] - Personal Story and Objectives
[&Awt6AAA=] - The<br>Sternquarters
[&Awt7AAA=] - 3E7073312C1C
[&Awt8AAA=] - Spray a cone of frost. Chills foes with a critical hit.
[&Awt9AAA=] - Vale Waypoint
[&Awt+AAA=] - Flamefrog Waypoint
[&Awt/AAA=] - Countess Anise
[&AwwBAAA=] - 
[&AwwCAAA=] - Scholar Vivian
[&AwwDAAA=] - Hurry. If there are undead here, the children are in grave danger.
[&AwwEAAA=] - This way! I'm over here!
[&AwwFAAA=] - No fair! I can't drink two drinks. I only have four hands.
[&AwwGAAA=] - I'm almost out of time. Just bring me what you have.
[&AwwHAAA=] - Focus Master
[&AwwIAAA=] - Gods save me.
[&AwwJAAA=] - Flee, vermin! Flee!
[&AwwKAAA=] - Give my regards to Prince Rurik!
[&AwwLAAA=] - Who's the tough guy now?
[&AwwMAAA=] - Fall before me!
[&AwwNAAA=] - Run, miscreant!
[&AwwOAAA=] - For Ascalon!
[&AwwPAAA=] - We guard the Black Citadel!
[&AwwQAAA=] - I'll finish this!
[&AwwRAAA=] - Stay down!
[&AwwSAAA=] - You are unclean.
[&AwwTAAA=] - Bring on the heat!
[&AwwUAAA=] - Next!
[&AwwVAAA=] - What was that?
[&AwwWAAA=] - Stay back.
[&AwwXAAA=] - Prepare to charge.
[&AwwYAAA=] - I'll fight you!
[&AwwZAAA=] - I've been waiting for you.
[&AwwaAAA=] - Get away from me!
[&AwwbAAA=] - Smother them.
[&AwwcAAA=] - Transferring to thanatology!
[&AwwdAAA=] - What...have...I...
[&AwweAAA=] - You look weak to me.
[&AwwfAAA=] - I will be your undoing.
[&AwwgAAA=] - (scream)
[&AwwhAAA=] - I'm not done with you!
[&AwwiAAA=] - Thank you.
[&AwwjAAA=] - I'm going to...
[&AwwkAAA=] - Go, go, go!
[&AwwlAAA=] - Dispenser here.
[&AwwmAAA=] - Feel the adrenaline.
[&AwwnAAA=] - Got an assignment for me?
[&AwwoAAA=] - I learned of you in the Dream.
[&AwwpAAA=] - Greetings.
[&AwwqAAA=] - My skills take years to hone.
[&AwwrAAA=] - Report.
[&AwwsAAA=] - What's on your mind?
[&AwwtAAA=] - Make it quick.
[&AwwuAAA=] - Stay out of trouble. Or else.
[&AwwvAAA=] - Knowledge is power.
[&AwwwAAA=] - You have many questions.
[&AwwxAAA=] - Can I help you?
[&AwwyAAA=] - By Dwayna's dimples, business is good.
[&AwwzAAA=] - Are you friend or foe?
[&Aww0AAA=] - Do you need something made?
[&Aww1AAA=] - May the Six watch over you.
[&Aww2AAA=] - You seem friendly.
[&Aww3AAA=] - Some must fight, so that all may be free.
[&Aww4AAA=] - I had a pet turtle, but it died in an experiment.
[&Aww5AAA=] - What do you want?
[&Aww6AAA=] - That killed it.
[&Aww7AAA=] - Ah wolfy-wolfy-wolfy woo, hoo woo!
[&Aww8AAA=] - Surprise!
[&Aww9AAA=] - Greetings.
[&Aww+AAA=] - Until we converse again.
[&Aww/AAA=] - You've shamed yourself. Well, actually, I did it.
[&AwxAAAA=] - Do you see that?
[&AwxBAAA=] - You weren't using that.
[&AwxCAAA=] - Persistent water!
[&AwxDAAA=] - D7BA929157455FB97C0116248AA274C3E8B6479FE72AFCFB415F630D7B87948F1894CFCCED7391D6FE
[&AwxEAAA=] - Crush
[&AwxFAAA=] - Mountain Sky
[&AwxGAAA=] - Spider[s]
[&AwxHAAA=] - 0CC809DB4699C9CEC5E83AAD8EFB508D834071367277DC04B4
[&AwxIAAA=] - A651C6EB7014A7847D24391961C33642740E227E948D721F05516230572457042D1A4D8D187AA53C9FB24747388B632B7E
[&AwxJAAA=] - EE06EA9EA3C82D1B4ABD7B99C062D29543003A9AE986B094CCDF737B3918E5DA042E1AAD9F9F2B9BEB05C2A9C2A86BC3E99E3DC338EAE36D0B
[&AwxKAAA=] - 5BF3703EB4F1C1F11FD01E6931D10578994D336A
[&AwxLAAA=] - BF81D882B8A526A88CEF7E4BFC6E38982B83027D33E0D85C
[&AwxMAAA=] - 0C89807EA22A5B917F6BA82D0F6CC3F2F27F07CF
[&AwxNAAA=] - 42AAA52D0CF94648EADA1E78B75E5A2EBABE6D55DBE69E5A
[&AwxOAAA=] - Return unexploded fire bombs to Priory drop boxes, and block mortar shots with Priory shield generators.
[&AwxPAAA=] - Deldrimor Mace
[&AwxQAAA=] - 34AD3D68ACCD361111727D960FE0F09C69E49D094315EA7F6B9DF73FBBF6C14AE67BD8BB8E79CCF1759F3B90482E45C169C8A6824B5AC74332E66135176D94A1C5F7D944AE32FD3B3D8742F37E98368A31858958AD3D1508A8C4E4F583744FC916F89B430B594CF70FAF029E39B2139CF9ECAFB85EE7D1D64074BE36ADC5612047
[&AwxRAAA=] - Oaken Gloves
[&AwxSAAA=] - ABEDCDA94F7172FA5070A88BF7F99F4B73E7E998
[&AwxTAAA=] - 25BA92641FD63E21
[&AwxUAAA=] - E57FCBC9D54385D7C1654A3311C161D8DFE1D6A479
[&AwxVAAA=] - Splintered Rack Piece
[&AwxWAAA=] - Gain tier 2 might for the next 30 minutes.
[&AwxXAAA=] - Strawberry[pl:"Strawberries"]
[&AwxYAAA=] - 15 Slot Rugged Leather Pack
[&AwxZAAA=] - Nightmare Court Sword
[&AwxaAAA=] - Default
[&AwxbAAA=] - Iron Ingot[s]
[&AwxcAAA=] - 5F3006B430B74484FABC418620B651FF368B854431AE331ADB8F1636EECB62D74C33C35DED149AC189645438BEC91D8E8073
[&AwxdAAA=] - A group of trolls is heading this way. One of them is very, very large.
[&AwxeAAA=] - +5%% bleeding duration.
[&AwxfAAA=] - 6DCE2CD76D9F6DA12D0B4BE4
[&AwxgAAA=] - Fargate Opener
[&AwxhAAA=] - Nourishment
[&AwxiAAA=] - 12 Toughness
[&AwxjAAA=] - 12 Vitality
[&AwxkAAA=] - 12 Precision
[&AwxlAAA=] - 12 Toughness
[&AwxmAAA=] - 12 Precision
[&AwxnAAA=] - E930B88BF7E65E7CC726E6775A59E9C27501D80B5F
[&AwxoAAA=] - 46B4FF72AC6C582383D2FCD3D9042E3C4A
[&AwxpAAA=] - 7BD60323847B
[&AwxqAAA=] - 12 Power
[&AwxrAAA=] - 12 Vitality
[&AwxsAAA=] - 12 Toughness
[&AwxtAAA=] - 12 Power
[&AwxuAAA=] - 12 Power
[&AwxvAAA=] - 12 Toughness
[&AwxwAAA=] - Furious Boot
[&AwxxAAA=] - <c=@flavor>"When doing hard work, always wear gloves."<br>.Hune</c>
[&AwxyAAA=] - 12 Precision
[&AwxzAAA=] - 12 Vitality
[&Awx0AAA=] - 12 Vitality
[&Awx1AAA=] - B1DFC68EC156B2EF1A170459A3CD224B44CD8A481763
[&Awx2AAA=] - 12 Healing
[&Awx3AAA=] - 12 Power
[&Awx4AAA=] - 12 Condition Damage
[&Awx5AAA=] - 12 Power
[&Awx6AAA=] - 12 Precision
[&Awx7AAA=] - 12 Power
[&Awx8AAA=] - 12 Power
[&Awx9AAA=] - 12 Precision
[&Awx+AAA=] - 463F75ED92017A4ED6
[&Awx/AAA=] - 072F551874CE25DFABCCD0CE5D47DD7DCFBE62FA7FF64EFBF885F53689BBA076C549223EA107A0162C77C4B6FF3E93FEC664E29BFE
[&AwyAAAA=] - Vital Crude Short Bow
[&AwyBAAA=] - Vital Bronze Hammer
[&AwyCAAA=] - 64AA490E6B0FA395AD82000DEF55
[&AwyDAAA=] - Balthazar, the god of war, blessed me when I was young.
[&AwyEAAA=] - Ascalonian
[&AwyFAAA=] - 68D293B3F226EC7E9DE59D4BD3DF2D9A66BA68D5180293DB0F020AF940A4AACCAC3D151CB7025333C563C6466BAB285E69D2396E78BB7C6ABBD1D310D2530B8A6DA83F886F8D547A0F994C38AA9C5CD24DE856953FA6FFAE6C4F0946A2C2E95E4D5ADBECA4A68AF67EBF966B8C9457C02C7C7F753E801B8E3BDC5B419CCCE416C11253964E0C1263E1305E514C5A24295056E578EDC2A7C5C168B539EAFFE8F5D0088478
[&AwyGAAA=] - 0ACCCE56EEC02B6D468642A0A26C
[&AwyHAAA=] - Gendarran Fields is an area of contrasts. The Shiverpeaks rise in the east, farms dominate its southern hills, and to the west, Krytans fight centaurs in a centuries-old war. Meanwhile, at the heart of the region, pirates gallivant upon Lake Gendarr and raid surrounding communities.
[&AwyIAAA=] - At last! Time to test your Ghostbore musket. Luccia's friend Craze is rounding up ghosts for firing practice. This should be fun.
[&AwyJAAA=] - The Finishing Blow
[&AwyKAAA=] - Champion's Sacrifice
[&AwyLAAA=] - Vigil PvP Wraps
[&AwyMAAA=] - Spawns field crafting stations for Weaponsmith, Huntsman, Artificer, and Cook. Lasts for 1 hour.
[&AwyNAAA=] - Hmmm...what to eat first when I get back...
[&AwyOAAA=] - Wynchona Woods
[&AwyPAAA=] - Slick Shoes
[&AwyQAAA=] - Port Hold
[&AwyRAAA=] - Taking and holding objectives will score points over time. Open the Scoreboard [lbracket]%str1%[rbracket] to view the current state of World-versus-World.
[&AwySAAA=] - Goff's Bandits
[&AwyTAAA=] - Heartwood Pass Camp Waypoint
[&AwyUAAA=] - Darkweather Waypoint
[&AwyVAAA=] - Tzanopl Grounds
[&Aw0BAAA=] - 
[&Aw0CAAA=] - Whispers Agent
[&Aw0DAAA=] - The undead don't gather like this without cause. I can only imagine what horror was behind this.
[&Aw0EAAA=] - Villager
[&Aw0FAAA=] - Room...spinning...
[&Aw0GAAA=] - This is it.
[&Aw0HAAA=] - You know how to wield a finely crafted piece of forged brutality.
[&Aw0IAAA=] - Domination!
[&Aw0JAAA=] - Power to the moletariat!
[&Aw0KAAA=] - Die, invader.
[&Aw0LAAA=] - I will convert you.
[&Aw0MAAA=] - Who goes there?
[&Aw0NAAA=] - These are your final moments!
[&Aw0OAAA=] - I need help!
[&Aw0PAAA=] - For the legions! Attack!
[&Aw0QAAA=] - No escape!
[&Aw0RAAA=] - Prepare to charge.
[&Aw0SAAA=] - Gaheron Baelfire!
[&Aw0TAAA=] - For you, Gaheron.
[&Aw0UAAA=] - Stay back.
[&Aw0VAAA=] - So it begins.
[&Aw0WAAA=] - For Ascalon!
[&Aw0XAAA=] - For the Blood Legion!
[&Aw0YAAA=] - To the Mists with you!
[&Aw0ZAAA=] - Stronger than anticipated...
[&Aw0aAAA=] - That was close.
[&Aw0bAAA=] - This cannot be.
[&Aw0cAAA=] - Run and hide, miscreant!
[&Aw0dAAA=] -
[&Aw0eAAA=] - This concludes your baneful existence!
[&Aw0fAAA=] - Getting murdered, here!
[&Aw0gAAA=] - You deserved it!
[&Aw0hAAA=] - You don't belong here!
[&Aw0iAAA=] - I appreciate the help.
[&Aw0jAAA=] - End of the line!
[&Aw0kAAA=] - Coming through!
[&Aw0lAAA=] - Turret deployed.
[&Aw0mAAA=] - I will avenge you!
[&Aw0nAAA=] - What?
[&Aw0oAAA=] - You look well-nourished.
[&Aw0pAAA=] - Not all that is hidden should be revealed.
[&Aw0qAAA=] - What should I make now?
[&Aw0rAAA=] - At ease.
[&Aw0sAAA=] - The wheel of progress turns.
[&Aw0tAAA=] - Walk softly.
[&Aw0uAAA=] - I have so much to do.
[&Aw0vAAA=] - The past should inspire the future.
[&Aw0wAAA=] - Seize the moment.
[&Aw0xAAA=] - You'll find the best fare at my table.
[&Aw0yAAA=] - Business is good. I'm on my way up.
[&Aw0zAAA=] - How may I serve you?
[&Aw00AAA=] - I could make that.
[&Aw01AAA=] - I'll do my best.
[&Aw02AAA=] - I like it here.
[&Aw03AAA=] - An ogre's pet shows his true strength.
[&Aw04AAA=] - My mother is a genius.
[&Aw05AAA=] - Rely on iron, not false gods.
[&Aw06AAA=] - A fitting reward.
[&Aw07AAA=] - I'm bigger, better, stronger, faster, meaner, leaner, tougher, and more than the rest.
[&Aw08AAA=] - Bandages here.
[&Aw09AAA=] - You look battle-worn.
[&Aw0+AAA=] - Good-bye.
[&Aw0/AAA=] - How did you ever make it this far in life?
[&Aw1AAAA=] - I need to think about that.
[&Aw1BAAA=] - 33892CB61838C7118461732F
[&Aw1CAAA=] - I am rain and ice.
[&Aw1DAAA=] - 1E2D9A5DEAEF96B75A0F8992A52E84
[&Aw1EAAA=] - Dapple
[&Aw1FAAA=] - Mullberry
[&Aw1GAAA=] - Sylvari
[&Aw1HAAA=] - Norn NPC Shapeshifter Attacks
[&Aw1IAAA=] - B31802307DBD7EB08A9E97186003FB603BC6E5E62240AD4BFD99C5FF6BC38501A3F2
[&Aw1JAAA=] - 36F90EB821C6FB892470CC23B267
[&Aw1KAAA=] - 8046B811D3B118DE45EADAD6806A2FC7F5A55AE0D02138ECAE1646FA91CB42248A
[&Aw1LAAA=] - A2DCC57BED44B761B22781B65ACE503847D2756DCE6F5DF71950AC9565AB14984DE500EBCAD5B34BD51E3D5833A3D66A399289C3AE315A15F5CF6A4CD8EBA744B2A7154D59ED3D2F1831241405C1B64A86D1500DBA97B1263DCF364FEE50E12259EF7B6E481FB1B88024A1EC1AC7DB3444C2
[&Aw1MAAA=] - Swing the metal detector and knockback target with a 20%% chance to break.
[&Aw1NAAA=] - 8FC99E8CA4C8AB115F0E33B55E1B0C489F19C8CE98DD2A69
[&Aw1OAAA=] - B97C60DA52BBD8E8D258B17F676FACBCA875A8FF
[&Aw1PAAA=] - Chimeric Prism Focus
[&Aw1QAAA=] - 0C874D7D48EA6270C1345147FA5C23C37FFF60796F97AAF44E5E7DCF45E0DB92DEA3A7A52C1A207C98C39CB89A0355E1AAFFE8EB307FE5EBF49E5E9BB5552B3B97D2CD31E7961FDB9CDF9828270A6E481B906ABDC1
[&Aw1RAAA=] - Oaken Helm
[&Aw1SAAA=] - D99C6FA6EB3CB9284F68EB21B14D85
[&Aw1TAAA=] - Leather Vest
[&Aw1UAAA=] - Red Repair Kit
[&Aw1VAAA=] - FB98D3C83FDE6339B017F06C5EC9
[&Aw1WAAA=] - Boon of Might (Tier 2)
[&Aw1XAAA=] - Raspberry[pl:"Raspberries"]
[&Aw1YAAA=] - B218DA3BEB7BE2F99B2B779207C47F
[&Aw1ZAAA=] - 4283FC41F9DFD7C9790179A4E767A9B73BA47333E3E0C0CBCD
[&Aw1aAAA=] - ED60EDEDB4D2A68B12
[&Aw1bAAA=] - Mithril Ingot[s]
[&Aw1cAAA=] - 0E8B2E653D8ECE9840C5DEE1D90DB7863053B3D1920A557A2A41327077D55EA301
[&Aw1dAAA=] - Precise Chain Helm
[&Aw1eAAA=] - +10%% bleeding duration.
[&Aw1fAAA=] - 47A7ACEDA6D80CB062CEB447
[&Aw1gAAA=] - F711BD38D221E59F13F3F94C50F49352CB17FD2D9054AA532904391E321D02682A65CAE3694528
[&Aw1hAAA=] - +5 Life Gain on Hit <c=#A9A9A9>(Daytime)</c>
[&Aw1iAAA=] - 013AD3045157BFD3B308F1D492853353459D2FCD2A
[&Aw1jAAA=] - BD12E8611FDD9EBEF189352884
[&Aw1kAAA=] - Pain for pain!
[&Aw1lAAA=] - 71CCFF1469315ECFE08049F00FC163
[&Aw1mAAA=] - Hune's Work Gauntlets
[&Aw1nAAA=] - E570F6FC6DC335916B789D86CDEFE0DAF2FB9EAB312A93181E29071C051D23A41EF517F46A719F90832A4F365B12D497A079B225E2DF3853057F7E
[&Aw1oAAA=] - Summon Water Totem
[&Aw1pAAA=] - 6ABECC05BC6B5BF518FFA56426ACA875F634A83B75E5EE2A17BC56D6A4C3966004DBC794A33F2EC4457FE50BC5444356EE43692F3A9D4BC1CC4A74C6E55EF400828EFAD8143CC59DFEC62D13C668656B86
[&Aw1qAAA=] - Precise Crude Short Bow
[&Aw1rAAA=] - Precise Bronze Hammer
[&Aw1sAAA=] - +10 Power
+1%% Magic Find
[&Aw1tAAA=] - 13 Power
[&Aw1uAAA=] - 13 Vitality
[&Aw1vAAA=] - 13 Power
[&Aw1wAAA=] - 13 Toughness
[&Aw1xAAA=] - 13 Precision
[&Aw1yAAA=] - 13 Power
[&Aw1zAAA=] - 13 Precision
[&Aw10AAA=] - 13 Vitality
[&Aw11AAA=] - 13 Condition Damage
[&Aw12AAA=] - 13 Power
[&Aw13AAA=] - 13 Toughness
[&Aw14AAA=] - 13 Power
[&Aw15AAA=] - Melandru
[&Aw16AAA=] - Krytan
[&Aw17AAA=] - As a symbol of my dedication, I wear ______.
[&Aw18AAA=] - 3771DCF4A05AB740958167D0D59F8881D7813F3A7BAAAA
[&Aw19AAA=] - Gendarran Fields
[&Aw1+AAA=] - Ghostbore Musket
[&Aw1/AAA=] - As a favor to his friend Knut Whitebear, a charr named Balteus Bloodletter has agreed to oversee the semifinal match-ups in the Big Brawl. Balteus is well versed in the fine art of staging pit and arena fights, and this year's contest is open to all comers from every race. This will definitely be a Big Brawl to remember.
[&Aw2AAAA=] - The destroyer laying those eggs is monstrously large. We'll have to be ready to take her out.and an explosion should do the trick. It just has to be a big enough detonation.
[&Aw2BAAA=] - 53143159746944BAB93068028916
[&Aw2CAAA=] - Politics upgrades build 25%% faster.
[&Aw2DAAA=] - Scholar Penta
[&Aw2EAAA=] - Hidden Ourobon
[&Aw2FAAA=] - Koga Ruins
[&Aw2GAAA=] - Winch Hold
[&Aw2HAAA=] - Score
[&Aw2IAAA=] - Kenna's Bandits
[&Aw2JAAA=] - Claypool Waypoint
[&Aw2KAAA=] - Brackwater Waypoint
[&Aw2LAAA=] - Restless Deeps
[&Aw4BAAA=] - 
[&Aw4CAAA=] - Too many undead for me to handle.
[&Aw4DAAA=] - Child
[&Aw4EAAA=] - Nightmare Court Recruiter
[&Aw4FAAA=] - I did it. I actually won one! Woo hoo! Mom would be so proud.
[&Aw4GAAA=] - Care to listen to an old tracker?
[&Aw4HAAA=] - Greatsword Master
[&Aw4IAAA=] - All skill.
[&Aw4JAAA=] - Uproot them.
[&Aw4KAAA=] - I will return.
[&Aw4LAAA=] - I am at peace.
[&Aw4MAAA=] - For the Mother Tree!
[&Aw4NAAA=] - Do not abandon me!
[&Aw4OAAA=] - You disgust me.
[&Aw4PAAA=] - Sentinels, attack!
[&Aw4QAAA=] - It begins!
[&Aw4RAAA=] - For the Blood Legion!
[&Aw4SAAA=] - Get over here!
[&Aw4TAAA=] - You'll burn soon!
[&Aw4UAAA=] - I need help!
[&Aw4VAAA=] - Next!
[&Aw4WAAA=] - Help me!
[&Aw4XAAA=] - Blood Legion!
[&Aw4YAAA=] - I'm going home.
[&Aw4ZAAA=] - I condemn your soul.
[&Aw4aAAA=] - No! Please, no!
[&Aw4bAAA=] - Heretics and sinners.
[&Aw4cAAA=] - Regain commensurate control.
[&Aw4dAAA=] - Hhhhhhome...hooooome....
[&Aw4eAAA=] - We are victorious.
[&Aw4fAAA=] - Step right up!
[&Aw4gAAA=] - Quaggan is in a bad mood.
[&Aw4hAAA=] - Charr killed my family!
[&Aw4iAAA=] - I owe you one.
[&Aw4jAAA=] - Get over here and help me!
[&Aw4kAAA=] - Forward!
[&Aw4lAAA=] - More fine engineering.
[&Aw4mAAA=] - For great justice!
[&Aw4nAAA=] - Need someone taken care of?
[&Aw4oAAA=] - Not all that is hidden should be revealed.
[&Aw4pAAA=] - I humbly welcome you.
[&Aw4qAAA=] - May the Six watch over you.
[&Aw4rAAA=] - Make it quick.
[&Aw4sAAA=] - What?
[&Aw4tAAA=] - Don't get in my way.
[&Aw4uAAA=] - Greetings.
[&Aw4vAAA=] - What do you need to know?
[&Aw4wAAA=] - Intriguing.
[&Aw4xAAA=] - Welcome, welcome.
[&Aw4yAAA=] - How can I help?
[&Aw4zAAA=] - Greetings.
[&Aw40AAA=] - Seize the moment.
[&Aw41AAA=] - I don't know if I'm cut out for this.
[&Aw42AAA=] - Honor the past.
[&Aw43AAA=] - Oh, welcome.
[&Aw44AAA=] - I like turtles.
[&Aw45AAA=] - You have a question?
[&Aw46AAA=] - The spoils of battle!
[&Aw47AAA=] - If at first they don't listen, tell them a longer story. If that doesn't work, repeat until it does.
[&Aw48AAA=] - An elixir should help.
[&Aw49AAA=] - The Lionguard doesn't approve of troublemakers.
[&Aw4+AAA=] - May all your theories be sound.
[&Aw4/AAA=] - Well, good for you. Jerk.
[&Aw5AAAA=] - Blessed Mother!
[&Aw5BAAA=] - <c=@abilitytype>Shout.</c> Call out target foe to make them vulnerable.
[&Aw5CAAA=] - Element of water, attend me!
[&Aw5DAAA=] - E114F82C59E3FA204BF1BC9E95C2AD66072EB3F64B8D5F6D2F2FAB0066D2D29A430DFD2DFE296178F837D155B5691B1CB3C612DC22F9545D631EE8D22B59CFA5030E3ED7A40DF87B
[&Aw5EAAA=] - Demure
[&Aw5FAAA=] - Nectar
[&Aw5GAAA=] - Tengu
[&Aw5HAAA=] - Nollar's hat was blessed by Jormag, so it also makes an ideal chamber pot.
[&Aw5IAAA=] - 2327C57DC9EF720F18AF82DA7B8EE82F018EE9FF91BAC9C26EFB2EBB709C0AFADACCC4D991E4606302B6B61C3966EDA5C5DAD8
[&Aw5JAAA=] - 5A55499226D4F2A9F0D49AC35BD3C4358F
[&Aw5KAAA=] - Crusader Eeva
[&Aw5LAAA=] - C081703D2E38F7B61C233FDFC802459FAAB82E1A665118
[&Aw5MAAA=] - 0D8FBDB8B64E941C7787C733481C08F1CD945635E0
[&Aw5NAAA=] - Where is that scout? I'm getting worried.
[&Aw5OAAA=] - The Priory appreciates all you've done for them.
[&Aw5PAAA=] - Ithas Longbow
[&Aw5QAAA=] - 5358B46292D67B061B6338F05FD71F82D54764DF287C86590E73DDEED1300C1BD42C1352CAE74D9CE1163478DD935BDD8F838E532B88D4DE039EFEBEAC6AA25044FCAAD062F0C384E357AC72E2
[&Aw5RAAA=] - Oaken Leggings
[&Aw5SAAA=] - 84802D77501ED49AD127C6B471
[&Aw5TAAA=] - Leather Leggings
[&Aw5UAAA=] - A1144D0BDF78
[&Aw5VAAA=] - Divinity's Reach Supplies
[&Aw5WAAA=] - Gain tier 3 regeneration for the next 30 minutes.
[&Aw5XAAA=] - Blueberry[pl:"Blueberries"]
[&Aw5YAAA=] - 8 Slot Reinforced Bronze Box
[&Aw5ZAAA=] - FB2441A81759EE13FA446BD620EE3F8A28B2A0
[&Aw5aAAA=] - 1E617131
[&Aw5bAAA=] - Orichalcum Ingot[s]
[&Aw5cAAA=] - 4EFC9C2EF7DB00C0B36C951AF2EBE3C4F11337C4
[&Aw5dAAA=] - Resilient Chain Helm
[&Aw5eAAA=] - +15%% bleeding duration.
[&Aw5fAAA=] - FF889617E6261F9DA3F9C4
[&Aw5gAAA=] - 607B9BF308E9037CB12B94EC80D0CD47B4B1E28B9E
[&Aw5hAAA=] - +5 Life Steal on Hit <c=#A9A9A9>(Nighttime)</c>
[&Aw5iAAA=] - 14 Precision
[&Aw5jAAA=] - 14 Precision
[&Aw5kAAA=] - 14 Toughness
[&Aw5lAAA=] - 14 Toughness
[&Aw5mAAA=] - 14 Vitality
[&Aw5nAAA=] - 421E1609489731ED4EA5359CCE6382ECCB7E13C4A52BB1F0
[&Aw5oAAA=] - 8FBDFD4BBDE83A9651F67DBD44B2
[&Aw5pAAA=] - Bombs ready and primed!
[&Aw5qAAA=] - 14 Power
[&Aw5rAAA=] - 14 Vitality
[&Aw5sAAA=] - 14 Toughness
[&Aw5tAAA=] - 14 Power
[&Aw5uAAA=] - 14 Power
[&Aw5vAAA=] - 14 Toughness
[&Aw5wAAA=] - Abomination Lunge
[&Aw5xAAA=] - E5DCF906FEC395BA26
[&Aw5yAAA=] - 14 Precision
[&Aw5zAAA=] - 14 Vitality
[&Aw50AAA=] - 933B66520AFA3A7EA72D8E1EEE85AA681A2C3AE1A4F658E4132E32F03F6D6727ED2018286492C57966C5EEB00B979BDED68CC6918543994C04
[&Aw51AAA=] - 14 Vitality
[&Aw52AAA=] - 14 Healing
[&Aw53AAA=] - 14 Power
[&Aw54AAA=] - 14 Condition Damage
[&Aw55AAA=] - 14 Power
[&Aw56AAA=] - 14 Precision
[&Aw57AAA=] - 14 Power
[&Aw58AAA=] - 14 Power
[&Aw59AAA=] - 14 Precision
[&Aw5+AAA=] - ((Drinking Game Activity))
[&Aw5/AAA=] - 977C715B12F79E234D3A7F64997170C787466797164702076C5E561E9F66FB6EB7B79ED3773857813D40
[&Aw6AAAA=] - Resilient Crude Short Bow
[&Aw6BAAA=] - Resilient Bronze Hammer
[&Aw6CAAA=] - 4A9B3FFA7904FAA27B77AAA9F51D9F3B45A11741A53693B1D6A50FAB11C9A2469D4B897F25E9B2E80BDAB22F782EB7F674D0FDAA10E60AC057DC72261D0A4D89DD89325B974CDC2C873875059BAABEC70C018BFE569D2F44F9
[&Aw6DAAA=] - Melandru.the goddess of nature, earth, and growth.can be found in every harvest and every flower. She smiles upon those, like me, who have an affinity with animals. I am a follower of Melandru.
[&Aw6EAAA=] - I was raised ______.
[&Aw6FAAA=] - Cape
[&Aw6GAAA=] - I've recieved some very promising reports about you. We need mighty allies like you if we're ever going to turn this Branded tide. But you can't stay here. Word has it that something's been corrupting our Sentinels. Turning them into Branded freaks faster than a warg can bite your snout off. Find out what's going on.<br>
.Sentinel Staggerfoe
[&Aw6HAAA=] - At the southern border of embattled Kryta, the Kessex Hills are overrun with marauding centaurs. Wrecked human towns dot the countryside, and a heavily-patrolled road from Lion's Arch connects with lands to the south.
[&Aw6IAAA=] - Now that the musket's tested, it's time to tell the brass that it works. Goreblade will be pleased.
[&Aw6JAAA=] - The Semifinals
[&Aw6KAAA=] - Thieving from Thieves
[&Aw6LAAA=] - 95023B8A11CFEFCBAC89CE4896A712005B0256F6
[&Aw6MAAA=] - Double-click to use. Makes your trait lines available. You will be able to spend up to 10 points in all lines. Resets trait allocation.
[&Aw6NAAA=] - Explorer Mahon
[&Aw6OAAA=] - Trebuchet Bend
[&Aw6PAAA=] - The Wendon Steps
[&Aw6QAAA=] - Domain of the<br>Resplendent Fist
[&Aw6RAAA=] - Use supply to repair gates and walls. Also use it to build siege engines for defending or assaulting objectives.
[&Aw6SAAA=] - Auld Red Wharf
[&Aw6TAAA=] - Swamplost Haven Waypoint
[&Aw6UAAA=] - Aleem's Waypoint
[&Aw6VAAA=] - Gorlois Spine
[&Aw8BAAA=] - 
[&Aw8CAAA=] - Mr. Cluckers
[&Aw8DAAA=] - Pirate
[&Aw8EAAA=] - Come, rise. Attack, and consume.
[&Aw8FAAA=] - Second Mate Khebril
[&Aw8GAAA=] - Asura Floona Generic Lines
[&Aw8HAAA=] - When you absolutely want to turn your foes into jelly, this is your weapon.
[&Aw8IAAA=] - Maybe in the next life you'll come back as a challenge.
[&Aw8JAAA=] - For the moletariat!
[&Aw8KAAA=] - Go to the Mists.
[&Aw8LAAA=] - Come no closer!
[&Aw8MAAA=] - It's over for you!
[&Aw8NAAA=] - I will fight if I must!
[&Aw8OAAA=] - You cannot win.
[&Aw8PAAA=] - Not yet...
[&Aw8QAAA=] - Welcome to my world.
[&Aw8RAAA=] - To arms!
[&Aw8SAAA=] - I have special plans for you.
[&Aw8TAAA=] - To my side!
[&Aw8UAAA=] - I'm not done with you!
[&Aw8VAAA=] - For Ascalon!
[&Aw8WAAA=] - Die!
[&Aw8XAAA=] - To my side, ya scum!
[&Aw8YAAA=] - Help me, they've come!
[&Aw8ZAAA=] - I sense a disturbance in the water.
[&Aw8aAAA=] - I warned you.
[&Aw8bAAA=] - Infidels! After them!
[&Aw8cAAA=] - Stay, and fight!
[&Aw8dAAA=] - So...hungry.
[&Aw8eAAA=] - I regret nothing!
[&Aw8fAAA=] - Rally to me!
[&Aw8gAAA=] - Quaggan will kill you!
[&Aw8hAAA=] - Ascalon will never die!
[&Aw8iAAA=] - Not again.
[&Aw8jAAA=] - Run or fight. Your choice.
[&Aw8kAAA=] - See you later.
[&Aw8lAAA=] - Turret here.
[&Aw8mAAA=] - That took all my endurance.
[&Aw8nAAA=] - Stay safe.
[&Aw8oAAA=] - Hard ground makes stronger roots.
[&Aw8pAAA=] - Keep your voice down.
[&Aw8qAAA=] - Quality is my motto.
[&Aw8rAAA=] - For Blood Legion.
[&Aw8sAAA=] - Interested in something specific?
[&Aw8tAAA=] - Away with you.
[&Aw8uAAA=] - Oh, I didn't see you there.
[&Aw8vAAA=] - Knowledge is the greatest treasure.
[&Aw8wAAA=] - Tell me everything.
[&Aw8xAAA=] - Speak.
[&Aw8yAAA=] - May the Six watch over you.
[&Aw8zAAA=] - I always have time to talk.
[&Aw80AAA=] - Put your thoughts together.
[&Aw81AAA=] - Strength in numbers.
[&Aw82AAA=] - Greetings, friend.
[&Aw83AAA=] - What do you want?
[&Aw84AAA=] - Greets!
[&Aw85AAA=] - What now?
[&Aw86AAA=] - I like it.
[&Aw87AAA=] - Rush the enemy!
[&Aw88AAA=] - Dispenser operational.
[&Aw89AAA=] - Stay out of trouble. Or else.
[&Aw8+AAA=] - Payload away!
[&Aw8/AAA=] - You're only showing me how to beat you.
[&Aw9AAAA=] - Oh, my!
[&Aw9BAAA=] - "On My Mark!"
[&Aw9CAAA=] - Death cannot hold you, minion.
[&Aw9DAAA=] - 966235A0BF882742F36046015DD6B6FD5B0E5A81A8F1
[&Aw9EAAA=] - Denim
[&Aw9FAAA=] - Nickel
[&Aw9GAAA=] - Troll[s]
[&Aw9HAAA=] - You move faster while wieding melee weapons.
[&Aw9IAAA=] - DC938B44010292FEFFF77EE6D6D0A1B6A03F46ED63
[&Aw9JAAA=] - DABEC385CF12A78071790AA44C3B1499739505443E
[&Aw9KAAA=] - Explorer Jackson
[&Aw9LAAA=] - Those drakes were no challenge for you! I hear Galea Relicchaser is looking for assistance near Spirithunter Camp. It's time to become more closely acquainted with the ghosts of Ascalon. <br>.Beata Heavyspear
[&Aw9MAAA=] - The call has gone out: Zhaitan's forces threaten the Pact's new headquarters at Fort Trinity. If Zhaitan succeeds here, the Pact's war against the Elder Dragons will end before it ever truly began.
[&Aw9NAAA=] - Heads up! Focus on the ice shards. We'll put an end to this insult.
[&Aw9OAAA=] - 2DA0397E4BC4EA9370F33AD9944EF339AA012A53
[&Aw9PAAA=] - Icebreaker
[&Aw9QAAA=] - 5B6BA154CB7B511C8D35CA9EF1EAE82D67ACB01848D3261FC29F03375C1BE6F1D0D9B0682746F6AEA0C2
[&Aw9RAAA=] - Oaken Shoulder Guard
[&Aw9SAAA=] - EB0D0C40C16239CDB580C44C78
[&Aw9TAAA=] - Small Claw[s]
[&Aw9UAAA=] - A39FBF
[&Aw9VAAA=] - 886164397402941561441B1DDD878C
[&Aw9WAAA=] - Boon of Regeneration (Tier 3)
[&Aw9XAAA=] - Cumin
[&Aw9YAAA=] - 10 Slot Iron Box
[&Aw9ZAAA=] - 274521F499C1124880
[&Aw9aAAA=] - 17F512FCBA
[&Aw9bAAA=] - Platinum Ingot[s]
[&Aw9cAAA=] - EED7B4B5D4C96E1D439C7DD9CAB44685103B737B7D65CE69300CC65E10B10677F3786377BDE71EDCA9FF7BB31A0DBD83A8B857B6A0EA8CF4D28F01C0792E7C49188F2369CB7CF87D9CB5048292EE3C7C9879DECF5278A018AF032FDB6B6A419BFF004D5A7D6E5C40112CB16E
[&Aw9dAAA=] - Healing Chain Helm
[&Aw9eAAA=] - Take out those Risen krait harpoons and protect our ships!
[&Aw9fAAA=] - E2AF171303289CB2C1
[&Aw9gAAA=] - 7D0EDE9EC9FDC872C6D066AEAAC1BBDB04EF3FF219
[&Aw9hAAA=] - +50 Maximum Health <c=#A9A9A9>(Nighttime)</c>
[&Aw9iAAA=] - 15 Toughness
[&Aw9jAAA=] - 15 Vitality
[&Aw9kAAA=] - 15 Precision
[&Aw9lAAA=] - 15 Toughness
[&Aw9mAAA=] - 15 Precision
[&Aw9nAAA=] - 75406B3016FD782BCF244B6E72800A1C74FFD45DDE7DB99E1CBB7F741696
[&Aw9oAAA=] - 8803970D4427CD161B31A1
[&Aw9pAAA=] - Fearsome Shriek
[&Aw9qAAA=] - 15 Power
[&Aw9rAAA=] - 15 Vitality
[&Aw9sAAA=] - 15 Toughness
[&Aw9tAAA=] - 15 Power
[&Aw9uAAA=] - D46787E83202979091F9AE9DAA21408FC5B2EBA5C23C97809EB5810C9735DAF5A3EF4B2C09BC21B4DE93C0F072DB1B6E26CAD54E112CA89550F8E21D6E2DB4B00A27ABD49D853AD9AFD20174E36277C5A3BC0CABAB50BCA6B7C66A
[&Aw9vAAA=] - EE37E63C34998FC2B063AF34
[&Aw9wAAA=] - 15 Power
[&Aw9xAAA=] - 15 Toughness
[&Aw9yAAA=] - 15 Precision
[&Aw9zAAA=] - 15 Vitality
[&Aw90AAA=] - 3F78297ABE5886E873CCF11297E01BCB59AC3BBA5A7B729E42AF12106E12714C7879232A2D7CD8198081F58D42B72F1D20DA56C8A7E7F6A4A8E1791A39A60F
[&Aw91AAA=] - 15 Vitality
[&Aw92AAA=] - 15 Healing
[&Aw93AAA=] - 15 Power
[&Aw94AAA=] - 15 Condition Damage
[&Aw95AAA=] - 15 Power
[&Aw96AAA=] - 15 Precision
[&Aw97AAA=] - 15 Power
[&Aw98AAA=] - 15 Power
[&Aw99AAA=] - 15 Precision
[&Aw9+AAA=] - 53EACFC27BDF142EF152C9A0AD300AEA507B7C66EDA8849492D8F1
[&Aw9/AAA=] - A0323E9030CC5D7722E77FD229D4BB20F1E98542E29B0DA816167381C0217CB9D01D29E15C9182E0188E96186C3B317137F75625A9ACEFBDE93B9DB7895CBB07C93DAB9F4E5111E982F3FBCE9EAF8985FCDB5BAC7C4A59742B7FAFC4BF48D2853C91
[&Aw+AAAA=] - Precise Crude Short Bow
[&Aw+BAAA=] - Precise Bronze Hammer
[&Aw+CAAA=] - +16 Condition Damage
[&Aw+DAAA=] - Melandru, the goddess of nature, blessed me when I was young.
[&Aw+EAAA=] - Social Class
[&Aw+FAAA=] - conqueror's pauldrons
[&Aw+GAAA=] - Sentinel Staggerfoe
[&Aw+HAAA=] - Kessex Hills
[&Aw+IAAA=] - While disguised as Iron Legion, the Flame Legion plans to assassinate Blood Legion Centurion Volante Tornpaw. Such an act would provoke dangerous conflict between Blood and Iron. Wroda the Quick is standing by to help you avert this crisis.
[&Aw+JAAA=] - Eir wants to speak with you before the fight against Mikkel Toivosson in the Big Brawl's championship match. Whatever advice this revered hero has to give, it's worth hearing.
[&Aw+KAAA=] - Crusader's Return
[&Aw+LAAA=] - E55509F01AD08FB91C6A70575C9C43EC58A286111A71F4747164BA234788F5434E5AF14B23965016
[&Aw+MAAA=] - Adept's Training Manual
[&Aw+NAAA=] - 12D392AE6770DA958D8267AC01ADE7C86D3B7134
[&Aw+OAAA=] - Splintered Teeth
[&Aw+PAAA=] - Highwayman's Vale
[&Aw+QAAA=] - Geoffrey's Tubes
[&Aw+RAAA=] - Supply
[&Aw+SAAA=] - ADF582C119C2545B70BE97C0DA53A97D0A3F1A656C91AB4CC712DA4CEE0BC9B24BDB1D2DC8D7D929D3B9
[&Aw+TAAA=] - Bandit Burn Death
[&Aw+UAAA=] - Splintered Coast Waypoint
[&Aw+VAAA=] - Venomblight
[&AxABAAA=] - 
[&AxACAAA=] - Scholar Emberlight
[&AxADAAA=] - Captain Rendar
[&AxAEAAA=] - Nightmare Courtier
[&AxAFAAA=] - Sergeant Eilye Jeyne
[&AxAGAAA=] - Secure the perimeter.
[&AxAHAAA=] - Hammer Master
[&AxAIAAA=] - You'll pay for that.
[&AxAJAAA=] - Rise up and fight!
[&AxAKAAA=] - You dare?
[&AxALAAA=] - For Koda!
[&AxAMAAA=] - Bring it!
[&AxANAAA=] - I need help!
[&AxAOAAA=] - Justice is served.
[&AxAPAAA=] - We've driven them off for now.
[&AxAQAAA=] - The light fades.
[&AxARAAA=] - Another one gone.
[&AxASAAA=] - I've got better things to do
[&AxATAAA=] - Another soul for Baelfire.
[&AxAUAAA=] - Leave me be!
[&AxAVAAA=] - Come no farther!
[&AxAWAAA=] - Balthazar, grant me victory.
[&AxAXAAA=] - I've got a surprise for ya.
[&AxAYAAA=] - Attack my target!
[&AxAZAAA=] - I call upon the Scions!
[&AxAaAAA=] - You don't belong here!
[&AxAbAAA=] - You can only run so far.
[&AxAcAAA=] - Back me up!
[&AxAdAAA=] - Huh?
[&AxAeAAA=] - Submit or die!
[&AxAfAAA=] - That was too easy.
[&AxAgAAA=] - NoooOOoooo!
[&AxAhAAA=] - You die well.
[&AxAiAAA=] - Déjà vu all over again.
[&AxAjAAA=] - Yah!
[&AxAkAAA=] - Watch yourself.
[&AxAlAAA=] - 3... 2... 1...
[&AxAmAAA=] - Here, healing turret.
[&AxAnAAA=] - Stay out of trouble.
[&AxAoAAA=] - Keep your voice down.
[&AxApAAA=] - Hard ground makes stronger roots.
[&AxAqAAA=] - Hello there.
[&AxArAAA=] - You want to fight?
[&AxAsAAA=] - I have everything you need right here.
[&AxAtAAA=] - Yarr!
[&AxAuAAA=] - (sigh) Responsibility isn't easy.
[&AxAvAAA=] - You have questions?
[&AxAwAAA=] - Make it quick.
[&AxAxAAA=] - For Iron Legion.
[&AxAyAAA=] - How's it going?
[&AxAzAAA=] - You have something on your mind?
[&AxA0AAA=] - Hi there.
[&AxA1AAA=] - All things have a right to grow.
[&AxA2AAA=] - May you find the path home.
[&AxA3AAA=] - You have my attention.
[&AxA4AAA=] - What grows in your garden?
[&AxA5AAA=] - For Iron Legion.
[&AxA6AAA=] - To battle again!
[&AxA7AAA=] - Run them down!
[&AxA8AAA=] - Turret deployed.
[&AxA9AAA=] - You're as welcome as fur on a rabbit.
[&AxA+AAA=] - Firing on target.
[&AxA/AAA=] - I'll learn from my errors.
[&AxBAAAA=] - Thorns!
[&AxBBAAA=] - Not enough initiative.
[&AxBCAAA=] - I command you to rise again!
[&AxBDAAA=] - 7C489D63754B5F0401DCE3ED51BB77C76AEDB54FF015BB9550C9F38EF6D244D332C6767130750C8C88191EE43FE7F19CD83FE12CE43AE259
[&AxBEAAA=] - Dewdrop
[&AxBFAAA=] - Nightsong
[&AxBGAAA=] - Undead Minions
[&AxBHAAA=] - DE3A3781BC9FCFF84BCF25BF5BDDC1EEFA6342D01794E1D9004ED4D7DD218F29041F699E213471518875F416FA9A9126A1FE89CB
[&AxBIAAA=] - 114C40F42D4ADF6D4048654B46D68DD96F71EC7E
[&AxBJAAA=] - 5B8537CC2C77EE45F98FB893111F7CBEA8074F9DCAC054C692EAAB8B912436FAED8D6D0665FC84
[&AxBKAAA=] - F0622ADF8D8E71F975FFC167C56807A7C734A00448
[&AxBLAAA=] - You showed those ghosts a thing or two! Bravo. If you're interested, there's an asura south of Duskrend Overlook, doing experiments with skale. Talk to Minita Skaleslayer to learn more. <br>.Tyranea the Unyielding
[&AxBMAAA=] - 2B1075C9DF83EF4F266928FF45BB8AC0EBF84E8DC1C3
[&AxBNAAA=] - There are too many! Fall back to the southern pass!
[&AxBOAAA=] - 29893AEC8B883EE9B4D9DF2F5893584D485BC660F602187039CD15BEB7E47E5BEE945C03C28B3C5660A8A442A921C693FC6D81D43E9CA0A0710E4169B4F2C923ABE2591B0F81E7AE6862FEA064B07A9FDDE5C417B2E17AE7D3AFCD9F54331FEAE816EDFF45CB4BE187
[&AxBPAAA=] - Fellblade
[&AxBQAAA=] - 811B878070430168CB5911FA41
[&AxBRAAA=] - Genius Epaulets
[&AxBSAAA=] - 4A4A424017CF418B5E1128211DED7CCE20999BAE9A7060E6328C1461A4B991B6A10387452ABC2C2B7C076401
[&AxBTAAA=] - Blood Ooze
[&AxBUAAA=] - 06F5046F9F4501
[&AxBVAAA=] - A417F3A3DBC75E7CEE9F17DC2F93085E
[&AxBWAAA=] - Gain tier 3 might for the next 30 minutes.
[&AxBXAAA=] - 30BC41578667A16ECB3DB0F9
[&AxBYAAA=] - 12 Slot Steel Box
[&AxBZAAA=] - Nightmare Court Thief Dagger
[&AxBaAAA=] - 0F349C37FCB279BF6EEE6746C9
[&AxBbAAA=] - Silver Ingot[s]
[&AxBcAAA=] - EA63EC8230EFF3900B6FD6AEFC7BFB4196F5B6C6B69176636387022996C627
[&AxBdAAA=] - Pillaging Scale Helm
[&AxBeAAA=] - Don't let the Risen krait slither back in to set up harpoons again!
[&AxBfAAA=] - 71191CFBFECC65A01F5D7E3340538DB3
[&AxBgAAA=] - 68DE7D38AFB4DA926122E52EF0
[&AxBhAAA=] - +20 Maximum Health
[&AxBiAAA=] - 719718E3451784DC183ED1D6275E62A12C9008D7B161
[&AxBjAAA=] - 3E436E60B7ACA408E2F84EF376ED2A92003C
[&AxBkAAA=] - Time to overcharge!
[&AxBlAAA=] - Earring
[&AxBmAAA=] - Turned to stone. Persists until pure water is applied.
[&AxBnAAA=] - Inquest Golem Part[s]
[&AxBoAAA=] - Freeze nearby foes.
[&AxBpAAA=] - 84B5B459B63B95E5BC
[&AxBqAAA=] - Resilient Crude Short Bow
[&AxBrAAA=] - Resilient Bronze Hammer
[&AxBsAAA=] - E78D54AA90C9C8F44C371382318E20775979CA797CF29501AC38E5D921BA240EA4027BE2F6B739CD79E1006F4F686A11CACBAA3062107D
[&AxBtAAA=] - Lyssa
[&AxBuAAA=] - by common folk
[&AxBvAAA=] - Conqueror's Pauldrons
[&AxBwAAA=] - Keep it up
[&AxBxAAA=] - Caledon Forest, the sylvari homeland, spreads outward from the base of the Pale Tree. Sadly, this vast green land knows little peace. Orrian undead emerge from the surf, threatening the Grove.
[&AxByAAA=] - Spilled Blood
[&AxBzAAA=] - The Championship Fight
[&AxB0AAA=] - Unholy Grounds
[&AxB1AAA=] - 4FCADE42E9BDCE5144BD516D8B14E71561FB57EF8A6FFDD39C78D41FAD4D24DA5BB973A6B74601226D613BCE2B1AEE0FCF77E526801F2808D30E73BC246AF08B856A8D74FFDF37019916453E2E30
[&AxB2AAA=] - Burnt Hollow
[&AxB3AAA=] - Ravaging Acolyte Mask
[&AxB4AAA=] - Faun's Gap
[&AxB5AAA=] - Gnashar's Hills
[&AxB6AAA=] - Chamber of<br>Harmony
[&AxB7AAA=] - Heavy Beetletun Chestpiece
[&AxB8AAA=] - Wallwatcher Camp
[&AxB9AAA=] - Krytan Waypoint
[&AxB+AAA=] - Brooloonu Waypoint
[&AxB/AAA=] - Gallant's Folly
[&AxEBAAA=] - 
[&AxECAAA=] - Help! Cluckers is trying to eat my face. Kill him! Kill him, now!
[&AxEDAAA=] - First Mate Gaets
[&AxEEAAA=] - Nightmare Court
[&AxEFAAA=] - I don't see Ajax anywhere. Did he get away?
[&AxEGAAA=] - If I were in charge, I'd have solved all of these problems long ago.
[&AxEHAAA=] - The sound of death marches upon your enemy.
[&AxEIAAA=] - Laugh while you can.
[&AxEJAAA=] - Only death's memory remains.
[&AxEKAAA=] - For Ascalon!
[&AxELAAA=] - Swift like a deer, you depart!
[&AxEMAAA=] - Keep running!
[&AxENAAA=] - Leave me be!
[&AxEOAAA=] - A prospective student?
[&AxEPAAA=] - I got one!
[&AxEQAAA=] - Something out there.
[&AxERAAA=] - I feel strange.
[&AxESAAA=] - You shall weep before you die.
[&AxETAAA=] - For Ascalon!
[&AxEUAAA=] - What have you done?
[&AxEVAAA=] - Defend the collective!
[&AxEWAAA=] - Murderer!
[&AxEXAAA=] - I thought I heard a....
[&AxEYAAA=] - For the Priory!
[&AxEZAAA=] - That was close.
[&AxEaAAA=] - I'll have to finish this!
[&AxEbAAA=] - I call on Gaheron!
[&AxEcAAA=] - For the Ash Legion!
[&AxEdAAA=] - I hunger....
[&AxEeAAA=] - I require assistance!
[&AxEfAAA=] - Is this all you've got?
[&AxEgAAA=] - Hoo?
[&AxEhAAA=] - Defend the kingdom!
[&AxEiAAA=] - Another day, another defeat.
[&AxEjAAA=] - You must like pain!
[&AxEkAAA=] - Until next time.
[&AxElAAA=] - Snap out of it!
[&AxEmAAA=] - Shake it off!
[&AxEnAAA=] - Anything to report?
[&AxEoAAA=] - I humbly welcome you.
[&AxEpAAA=] - Seize the moment.
[&AxEqAAA=] - Strength in numbers.
[&AxErAAA=] - My warband is the best!
[&AxEsAAA=] - I offer the best prices around.
[&AxEtAAA=] - Swell. You're talking.
[&AxEuAAA=] - Speak quickly.
[&AxEvAAA=] - Hey, there.
[&AxEwAAA=] - You want something?
[&AxExAAA=] - Give me a report.
[&AxEyAAA=] - Good to meet you.
[&AxEzAAA=] - May the Six watch over you.
[&AxE0AAA=] - Greetings.
[&AxE1AAA=] - Our deeds are reflected in the Dream.
[&AxE2AAA=] - May the gods protect you.
[&AxE3AAA=] - You are welcome here.
[&AxE4AAA=] - A well-tended garden is a work of art.
[&AxE5AAA=] - Speak.
[&AxE6AAA=] - Feeling better. Ah, time to bust some heads.
[&AxE7AAA=] - At them!
[&AxE8AAA=] - Another fine example of engineering.
[&AxE9AAA=] - Hello.
[&AxE+AAA=] - Angle plotted! Firing!
[&AxE/AAA=] - Pardon me while I gloat.
[&AxFAAAA=] - When I'm near you, I feel like blooming.
[&AxFBAAA=] - Need more initiative.
[&AxFCAAA=] - Come to me minion, and do my bidding.
[&AxFDAAA=] - 0EECD48098F2A1A23603C6FF8DB8DE86632A18D281290A3858B8938CCDA5F3337961C956E9F50963ECFB18955D2E04CDC70532107456CE10E277538879A1DB6552F3B34D284D
[&AxFEAAA=] - Dijon
[&AxFFAAA=] - Old Nickel
[&AxFGAAA=] - Wind Rider[s]
[&AxFHAAA=] - 8F0DB69E2EE75C93D47A92F2
[&AxFIAAA=] - F924C62F5BD0B42C16CD3B3F50490C1E32436CA8A5ED1986E368C72B2A56AE834C236AD8D203F4EF13A1ED504C352AC7D7F304ADBD2439
[&AxFJAAA=] - 478DAF9F53A1C7C170A526C0ED
[&AxFKAAA=] - Lightbringer Roechll
[&AxFLAAA=] - 3F070B76E240E4B6524B4002CDA36F984FB7211586EEF56C06EAE157E321
[&AxFMAAA=] - Guild Registrar
[&AxFNAAA=] - We have Svanir on the way. Get out your biggest weapons.
[&AxFOAAA=] - 49F6D970EC5A35D2062805BF96E9F46282
[&AxFPAAA=] - Stygian Axe
[&AxFQAAA=] - Strong Trident
[&AxFRAAA=] - Adept Epaulets
[&AxFSAAA=] - 90686494D3A9DEAC
[&AxFTAAA=] - 2279DDFD8B436372766D82079B05861FBB42784E5EAD4EC5203300EE15B98D4D574E99FCCA0745E95403
[&AxFUAAA=] - 2E3C838D27F9
[&AxFVAAA=] - Jail Cell Bar
[&AxFWAAA=] - Boon of Might (Tier 3)
[&AxFXAAA=] - Cinnamon Stick[s]
[&AxFYAAA=] - 15 Slot Darksteel Box
[&AxFZAAA=] - Nightmare Court Dagger
[&AxFaAAA=] - BE49B3DFF57B65C5A9845D12
[&AxFbAAA=] - Steel Ingot[s]
[&AxFcAAA=] - BE35ECAF9F8EF4
[&AxFdAAA=] - Vigorous Scale Helm
[&AxFeAAA=] - Sweep the harbor of mines so we can launch our fleet!
[&AxFfAAA=] - 67E92BF02D681781EFB1FABCF1B92717679A680BF3
[&AxFgAAA=] - 28D30DDB4EA5F5D4192713D19F
[&AxFhAAA=] - C1EF94EA792696D96C8B3859BD83
[&AxFiAAA=] - 032865810237842F32C4E5278D158150D53FE5CD2B8842B4D5
[&AxFjAAA=] - 45CF3FD90B996D92E639BA69
[&AxFkAAA=] - 22CDAE94E5726F41C7355249
[&AxFlAAA=] - Abomination Fetid Cloud
[&AxFmAAA=] - DD5B986B8EC5E3BB605B7A97F8B7379E
[&AxFnAAA=] - 9BD7C91ACB4B0B23E02ADCFA1764743151BC5474C9
[&AxFoAAA=] - +4%% crit damage
[&AxFpAAA=] - 94D8C5A9F79E4B10A3A16FCA8621B03DF0F31A20FC11C5683C1B755D840E6E63896FD1CEE5354E6D54044928584FC5F4F37445
[&AxFqAAA=] - E7F7B7C1591BD7347DD1141E4DC2F66C6B4371D8D2
[&AxFrAAA=] - 34767AB65937D4E432
[&AxFsAAA=] - +16 Healing
[&AxFtAAA=] - 17 Power
[&AxFuAAA=] - 17 Vitality
[&AxFvAAA=] - 17 Power
[&AxFwAAA=] - 17 Toughness
[&AxFxAAA=] - 17 Precision
[&AxFyAAA=] - 17 Power
[&AxFzAAA=] - 17 Precision
[&AxF0AAA=] - 17 Vitality
[&AxF1AAA=] - 17 Condition Damage
[&AxF2AAA=] - 17 Power
[&AxF3AAA=] - 17 Toughness
[&AxF4AAA=] - 17 Power
[&AxF5AAA=] - Lyssa wears many masks. She is the dual-faced goddess of beauty, water, and illusion. She is the patron of the most attractive and graceful among us. Her blessings have touched me all my life.
[&AxF6AAA=] - Commoner
[&AxF7AAA=] - When I was young, a famed hero returning from battle stopped and gave me his pauldrons. Ever since, I've worn them as my own, and I make every attempt to live up to his legend. I too will be a conqueror.
[&AxF8AAA=] - According to our newest intel, the Flame Legion is frustrated over cracks in their supply lines and a spike in casualties. Your excellent work in the field will give our operatives the perfect window for a continued hit-and-run campaign. We could still use someone like you, though. Talk to Britna Couragemind in Fireheart Rise. With any luck, we'll push the fight right to the Flame Legion's doorstep.
.Ren Shadestalker
[&AxF9AAA=] - Caledon Forest
[&AxF+AAA=] - Your first duty as legionnaire is to replenish your warband. A veteran ghost hunter like Fyon the Wraith would be perfect. First, you need to convince him he still has purpose in Blood Legion, even after losing his entire warband to Ascalonian spirits.
[&AxF/AAA=] - Mikkel Toivosson has been the Big Brawl champion for a year, and he's spent that time rubbing it in everyone's face. He beat you unfairly.and now it's time for some payback.
[&AxGAAAA=] - Chosen of the Sun
[&AxGBAAA=] - 995CB78AABE397AC0FC7A4AEE09F99C6F193FD0889FBD37E3E4DCDEC04ABBF2778542668CC5B4DD6F054
[&AxGCAAA=] - Liberation Dell
[&AxGDAAA=] - Vigorous Acolyte Mask
[&AxGEAAA=] - Arcallion Digs
[&AxGFAAA=] - The Gallowfields
[&AxGGAAA=] - Sanctuary<br>Galley
[&AxGHAAA=] - Practiced Tolerance
[&AxGIAAA=] - Mudbay Digs
[&AxGJAAA=] - Ojon's Lumbermill Waypoint
[&AxGKAAA=] - Twilight Arbor Waypoint
[&AxGLAAA=] - Evisomancer's Resort
[&AxIBAAA=] - 
[&AxICAAA=] - Good thing I have another...Cluckers? Cluckers!
[&AxIDAAA=] - Child
[&AxIEAAA=] - Leave. This gate only opens for Gavin.
[&AxIFAAA=] - Those charr have attacked the scouts. We need to help them.
[&AxIGAAA=] - No way.
[&AxIHAAA=] - Warhorn Master
[&AxIIAAA=] - I wasn't ready!
[&AxIJAAA=] - Fools. Begone.
[&AxIKAAA=] - It's the charr. To arms!
[&AxILAAA=] - Like a hammer, I strike!
[&AxIMAAA=] - Pack up!
[&AxINAAA=] - I'm not done with you!
[&AxIOAAA=] - School is in session.
[&AxIPAAA=] - Prepare for battle!
[&AxIQAAA=] - Here! Over here!
[&AxIRAAA=] - Flee before us!
[&AxISAAA=] - The abyss....
[&AxITAAA=] - Get off our land!
[&AxIUAAA=] - This isn't worth it.
[&AxIVAAA=] - We are many!
[&AxIWAAA=] - I have better things to do.
[&AxIXAAA=] - The depths be callin' you!
[&AxIYAAA=] - Are you here to start trouble?
[&AxIZAAA=] - I warned you.
[&AxIaAAA=] - I will live on!
[&AxIbAAA=] - Burn.
[&AxIcAAA=] - You're nothing.
[&AxIdAAA=] - Misery...
[&AxIeAAA=] - We are besieged.
[&AxIfAAA=] - Cheap shot.
[&AxIgAAA=] - Quaggan kill!
[&AxIhAAA=] - That was close.
[&AxIiAAA=] - (groan)
[&AxIjAAA=] - I give up.
[&AxIkAAA=] - You're like a morning hairball: everybody hates you.
[&AxIlAAA=] - I could break Jormag's tooth at any time. I choose not to.
[&AxImAAA=] - Fear me!
[&AxInAAA=] - You see somethin'?
[&AxIoAAA=] - Seize the moment.
[&AxIpAAA=] - Hello, comrade!
[&AxIqAAA=] - We're here to serve.
[&AxIrAAA=] - Tomorrow I get my first real weapon!
[&AxIsAAA=] - All prices are nonnegotiable.
[&AxItAAA=] - You'll be visiting old Grenth soon.
[&AxIuAAA=] - Don't get in my way.
[&AxIvAAA=] - Need something?
[&AxIwAAA=] - I'm listening.
[&AxIxAAA=] - What now?
[&AxIyAAA=] - Greetings.
[&AxIzAAA=] - Nature's secret is patience.
[&AxI0AAA=] - How's it going?
[&AxI1AAA=] - Seize the moment.
[&AxI2AAA=] - For Ascalon!
[&AxI3AAA=] - You need my help?
[&AxI4AAA=] - Seize the moment.
[&AxI5AAA=] - At ease.
[&AxI6AAA=] - They can't keep me down.
[&AxI7AAA=] - Till we meet again.
[&AxI8AAA=] - Turret built.
[&AxI9AAA=] - Stay as long as you like.
[&AxI+AAA=] - That's a first for me, and a last for you.
[&AxI/AAA=] - The wurm has turned.
[&AxJAAAA=] - You walked right out of my Dream.
[&AxJBAAA=] - (Orb Sanctuary Up)
[&AxJCAAA=] - No rest for you yet, sweet soul. Heel.
[&AxJDAAA=] - 549DFCD227119AE87A36C02A21ED3D17DC2C46FE3C6A9C1D2B07011C5CB67D5ED3D13F684405CDDA9998096FC96C3DEAAE849AC1D6D67E5C95E3B64A23F5DF830DCE2B84E117093B36D61E529FB43411
[&AxJEAAA=] - Dusk
[&AxJFAAA=] - Olive Ice
[&AxJGAAA=] - Wurm[s]
[&AxJHAAA=] - E87DADA1999FC75A38EDBC006B18F5CD282D8E9DF67FD71706E499B1087D26FB346BF185228279E0531053430953A350955EDE7FE7E671CB3BEB49DCA3E983
[&AxJIAAA=] - A flavor that restores and reinvigorates your spirit.
[&AxJJAAA=] - 3EB0A871B4E820F295EA532ACBB3D4B1C2A3A399325AD20109691C6BC4EC8A33DB6AA8B1EBDAB178944B680DBA64FF74ABC8677D4DFADA61BF9C79FA2A634E21B94F4388515CC74058B250FB047EBFAA4EB8E74C4EA53125EF
[&AxJKAAA=] - Lightbringer Bronwyn
[&AxJLAAA=] - You sent those Separatists running for the hills! If you're looking for more ghostly challenges, track down Tyranea the Unyielding near Ascalon City. I'll let her know how much you helped us here. <br>.Alteria Cogchaser
[&AxJMAAA=] - 5AD9AB24040BEBD72AF8AE0BC8E620699C0DFC6E39
[&AxJNAAA=] - I warned them. The Svanir won't give up until they've swallowed the whole world.
[&AxJOAAA=] - 052900C6B5043910CFD7
[&AxJPAAA=] - Flaming Beacon
[&AxJQAAA=] - FECC7BFEE29B1AC18E29EAF0399063303F22025C32D319DC371853966F
[&AxJRAAA=] - 38E28F6C08DC3192AD8FDDCCCD6B8D0E167F0E72AA0F1A7763D8AA349E2279DFCD45A266C311DC9ED61EE8EBF2FA822C0F
[&AxJSAAA=] - F7C8C11C8B95FB0B15
[&AxJTAAA=] - Nightmare Court Guard
[&AxJUAAA=] - 35FF3CCA00310A2A6C5355C28A9B237DCA01
[&AxJVAAA=] - DCBB44186019053C30470A70B1D73B9879B7
[&AxJWAAA=] - %num1% Battle[s] Where You Killed Many Enemies
[&AxJXAAA=] - AD80F2E259C3266FBD6DA184AF078055353280814997C3F5377F3661A3A225268C1C82829CB433723C273F5E718259872DE9E79FBC6D75BA192BE67FAD44A05DA123F8EDBCA07183E0D1D2246185F0AAC3EE7E4E68D1A09FCD3DB7BF5D8B85F161CECAC7F3137C436866FEE4739BEAE5D8F0AC3346B2079D0D844E1B3FF6D5DCEDB8CAA984
[&AxJYAAA=] - 4 Slots
[&AxJZAAA=] - 47AFFD337982CCC98B863E6D
[&AxJaAAA=] - C81C9F5F73F648C6A9BE1E56
[&AxJbAAA=] - 9D410AC1736FC7C6C94A4FCE62B79DDDD5A7449429E2C1
[&AxJcAAA=] - Banner of Discipline
[&AxJdAAA=] - 80D317AD
[&AxJeAAA=] - Don't let the Risen mine this harbor again.
[&AxJfAAA=] - F13DDA41004C2EFE4A9EB00094752E814071
[&AxJgAAA=] - B465FC64E505837BABEC2722B60E5449A189823BB2935322
[&AxJhAAA=] - Slokk
[&AxJiAAA=] - 530D11483C31866F221BAB895A09493AA2DF2A36AA11E7E9
[&AxJjAAA=] - 166081F7173BC6F7847FEB
[&AxJkAAA=] - E53AB8213B748DBC6B44BD481B7C942B6EBBF1514A900F71C9BF10A4512A92D3
[&AxJlAAA=] - Teleports " Steals Health " Chills " Creates Wells
[&AxJmAAA=] - F559E1704C33BD9C8E7002BFF40E43FDB65C22B5CD76437ED84112DC54A6
[&AxJnAAA=] - Skale Egg[s]
[&AxJoAAA=] - Frost Aura
[&AxJpAAA=] - 5C8831555ADCC142C7BC59D0F7E2431881F4E92B1DE6D9CB2A4B365552
[&AxJqAAA=] - CF24CBA65B7AC3B5
[&AxJrAAA=] - 4D31510AB12B51E1BB3C
[&AxJsAAA=] - 8E8303DDB907CF7677EEA57B9B7F1C5CE94108B68BE9211F09B8A5C33A4B3A5F27C68E47D95B25E716401D32F5991DE88886DA8C871549B7596C36602571F9BA4381E79105755C86208B27E13854B4D46BAEFCF2718AF1146486E20C80F602D870A31CE77A3CA08D28
[&AxJtAAA=] - Lyssa, the goddess of beauty, blessed me when I was young.
[&AxJuAAA=] - I was raised among the common folk of Divinity's Reach. We're the working class, the cogs that keep the city running. I help out at a tavern owned by my friends, Andrew and his daughter Petra.
[&AxJvAAA=] - <br><br>I'm a guardian. I wear the armor and have the aspirations of a conqueror.<br><br>This is my story.<br>
[&AxJwAAA=] - Ren Shadestalker
[&AxJxAAA=] - The rugged uplands of the Steamspur Mountains are overshadowed by the power of a singular great mountain. This is the wildest of lands, far from the prying eyes of the races of Tyria.
[&AxJyAAA=] - The End of the Line
[&AxJzAAA=] - You recovered the missing vehicle, and now it's time to put it to good use. The charr are cleaning out Ascalonian ghosts from the aqueduct near Grendich Ruins, and they've asked you to come along.
[&AxJ0AAA=] - Set to Blow
[&AxJ1AAA=] - 52796251424524E5FF15E51F15AEA11C18728F4CF21441318BF778211F71EBFB66C482F73F78D71CEF4BA322E0DC7B0CFE
[&AxJ2AAA=] - Fuller Cistern
[&AxJ3AAA=] - Hi.
[&AxJ4AAA=] - The Feral Dens
[&AxJ5AAA=] - Lionshead Outcrops
[&AxJ6AAA=] - Central<br>Ladders
[&AxJ7AAA=] - B7669F57A1486DD1E719ECF9FB0E6891DAAC903F336096BB0B0217678E13AEC1A4F3A54FDE2254E9FBDFA4E1C1DE1778058407BC457A9E18C93485ABA86901
[&AxJ8AAA=] - 7C1AC3DB13D00DCAA67AEBEB6C7D65826F72CAB596CFADA264AFFB4BB7C6E0A03F787E29E75FDC9B706D96D0B00759CCB449E8B76A4F06D436C06162E07A385D82AC514E45432D7904B01031476931818697401C1B2FE3834CE315AA31
[&AxJ9AAA=] - Beetletun Waypoint
[&AxJ+AAA=] - Twilight Arbor Waypoint
[&AxJ/AAA=] - Summoned to the Throne
[&AxMBAAA=] - 
[&AxMCAAA=] - Cluckers! I can't believe you ate that.
[&AxMDAAA=] - Help! Hey, over here!
[&AxMEAAA=] - Sariel
[&AxMFAAA=] - Thanks, I owe you one. Guess I needed an escort after all.
[&AxMGAAA=] - That should be enough. Excellent.
[&AxMHAAA=] - You dispense death from the palm of your hand.
[&AxMIAAA=] - Now we're even.
[&AxMJAAA=] - Tread carefully.
[&AxMKAAA=] - That was easy.
[&AxMLAAA=] - I am but one tool of the Claw!
[&AxMMAAA=] - Do you want this fight?
[&AxMNAAA=] - What have you done?
[&AxMOAAA=] - Knowledge is power!
[&AxMPAAA=] - And now you die!
[&AxMQAAA=] - The wind blows foul.
[&AxMRAAA=] - To me!
[&AxMSAAA=] - Suffer, wither, and die.
[&AxMTAAA=] - My blood honors Ascalon!
[&AxMUAAA=] - This is what it's come to.
[&AxMVAAA=] - The ground take you!
[&AxMWAAA=] - Let's do this!
[&AxMXAAA=] - Keep running, mate!
[&AxMYAAA=] - Don't come back.
[&AxMZAAA=] - No! Please, no!
[&AxMaAAA=] - (sniff) What is that smell?
[&AxMbAAA=] - Here's something you won't forget!
[&AxMcAAA=] - I see you.
[&AxMdAAA=] - Bring on the heat!
[&AxMeAAA=] - Who goes there?
[&AxMfAAA=] - That's right! Run!
[&AxMgAAA=] - Fooooo!
[&AxMhAAA=] - I'll have to finish this!
[&AxMiAAA=] - Can't hold out any longer.
[&AxMjAAA=] - Nice one.
[&AxMkAAA=] - You're dumber than a herd of humans.
[&AxMlAAA=] - Endurance...deficiency.
[&AxMmAAA=] - Refreshing. I feel energized!
[&AxMnAAA=] - You causing trouble?
[&AxMoAAA=] - So many mysteries in the world.
[&AxMpAAA=] - Hello.
[&AxMqAAA=] - I don't know if I'm cut out for this.
[&AxMrAAA=] - (sniff) You smell funny.
[&AxMsAAA=] - Excelsior.
[&AxMtAAA=] - Report any suspicious activity.
[&AxMuAAA=] - You'll be visiting old Grenth soon.
[&AxMvAAA=] - I miss active duty.
[&AxMwAAA=] - The legion calls.
[&AxMxAAA=] - At ease.
[&AxMyAAA=] - May Balthazar strengthen you.
[&AxMzAAA=] - Where life goes, so too should you.
[&AxM0AAA=] - May the Six watch over you.
[&AxM1AAA=] - Live well.
[&AxM2AAA=] - And you are?
[&AxM3AAA=] - Duty calls.
[&AxM4AAA=] - Your face seems familiar.
[&AxM5AAA=] - Give me a report.
[&AxM6AAA=] - It's not supposed to be like this.
[&AxM7AAA=] - Safe journeys.
[&AxM8AAA=] - 3... 2... 1...
[&AxM9AAA=] - Greetings.
[&AxM+AAA=] - You're dumb. You'll die, and you'll leave a dumb corpse.
[&AxM/AAA=] - Shhh. Let me enjoy this.
[&AxNAAAA=] - You and I could have our own Wyld Hunt.
[&AxNBAAA=] - Immune to Burning
[&AxNCAAA=] - Your duty lies at my side now.
[&AxNDAAA=] - 656BACF80FC7A0B295F49B0F88395059AD31AC3C33F775797AC9A75BBB9A3E3DC3EA538344D51899596A6027AB59A37F855CA51CA43A130C25DD2F16881C516665A05D351B30EDEA7E6087BA964CC19EDE6BEBD59F8B0B5BBF8828B479BAB888AFB54E7A80A1109CFE72BAE7FC
[&AxNEAAA=] - Dusky
[&AxNFAAA=] - Orangespring
[&AxNGAAA=] - Jotun
[&AxNHAAA=] - E7CF137DE8348377AD2E636D
[&AxNIAAA=] - 33354B0298FEEA87923C62C2AFF44E5DC73C0B637520120E
[&AxNJAAA=] - 0EF70E6EC1B48298E7E55D897818245E7AA1B01451
[&AxNKAAA=] - Cave
[&AxNLAAA=] - My research has progressed, thanks to you. If you want to do more, march over to Duskrend Overlook. I've heard they have a nasty ogre problem. Orystea Deathstalker will know more. .Minita Skaleslayer
[&AxNMAAA=] - <c=@abilitytype>Physical.</c> Throw bolas to immobilize your foe.
[&AxNNAAA=] - 746FC612B6158A9367EAD353ADDF0CBA1600286313CD2E9CD356
[&AxNOAAA=] - C58FFE783A96CFF8D79B278B62B48335F71EDF07C112FD5D6537AEEF52EEB3F3D7CFFB616C3C26E24611F6FDF76A2431DC817DC1C7A5AFD0C459465C18ED9D61060AC872C002BB282BC640948277EE97430BF887ECFD4882C2D95C4316D889428FC32C938C353E9F
[&AxNPAAA=] - Mountaincall Warhorn
[&AxNQAAA=] - Hearty Trident
[&AxNRAAA=] - Snapdragon Epaulets
[&AxNSAAA=] - 2AD35852E2577FA964D276A0D65B0590585218809CC67E93E224D971ACA10120EE12EBE417997CD300855E614FF8D3618021F8C37222DF5382ACCE5A5F43
[&AxNTAAA=] - Upper Balcony Waypoint
[&AxNUAAA=] - Bottle of Rum
[&AxNVAAA=] - 57D02A68CBCEAFC36FE8ED7601FC6868
[&AxNWAAA=] - Roasted Rutabaga[s]
[&AxNXAAA=] - D67A86D0EBE14F926DC629467F81087A4EF22B3A3702
[&AxNYAAA=] - Leather Bag
[&AxNZAAA=] - A7F0A94EFF66302F1E95
[&AxNaAAA=] - 8635C7E0C1
[&AxNbAAA=] - 95B65691ED2B4401BAAF529390DBCF675B
[&AxNcAAA=] - 08DE94F3CDE5A842312CD01C97EAA1A86B471FCD582D38A91F725204014C4D838D918C8C4BA6CCAC54317DF12C36B06786FD9E803E442793E980E2D4E1A81F7B83D026FF00C83AB972BE0667A1A3A577F11F40A67BA51EE9AA
[&AxNdAAA=] - Strong Scale Helm
[&AxNeAAA=] - Our forces are landing to take Conquest Marina across the Strait, right now!
[&AxNfAAA=] - ADBB5103ED6DFDD53E9E497FDC
[&AxNgAAA=] - Splendid! I'll meet you at our lab.
[&AxNhAAA=] - Frinna
[&AxNiAAA=] - Pillaging Scepter
[&AxNjAAA=] - C1A4F019C6294ABC884C8673
[&AxNkAAA=] - B56A0FA3EA5F2A646D80B127D64E77B503481FFB91C10D8AA0E7149C687CDA5D
[&AxNlAAA=] - EC63C683C7DDBF7977D8F00992E55C71CEEE9F0B6EAA
[&AxNmAAA=] - 31A3C7275C604F6A412570450341
[&AxNnAAA=] - 97846D5B4059FFA75AE4C231757382B3BD7D71901F07F2809587
[&AxNoAAA=] - 97B923E5C9F08B9E27FDFC9BDCA448AEC916CCA0D59E38D21714B5544F0CD66881
[&AxNpAAA=] - 8D2E714F4539B715E3122B33F17F5E89B34F6C089DAB68169D77C14108E30C472E
[&AxNqAAA=] - Vigorous Simple Short Bow
[&AxNrAAA=] - Vigorous Iron Hammer
[&AxNsAAA=] - 05F1EF6E80EDF5ADE73C90DCE272EC547A4727E618850935F2CDFD3E2E525AD3075B5E488ECC2615E091
[&AxNtAAA=] - Kormir
[&AxNuAAA=] - <br><br>I was raised by common folk, and I've done plenty of honest, hard work.
[&AxNvAAA=] - fanatic's pauldrons
[&AxNwAAA=] - Outstanding work
[&AxNxAAA=] - Mount Maelstrom
[&AxNyAAA=] - While disguised as Blood Legion, the Flame Legion plans to sabotage Iron Legion's new siege engine. Samona Ironclaw is standing by to help you prevent the Flame Legion from turning Iron against Blood.
[&AxNzAAA=] - The Machine in Action
[&AxN0AAA=] - Gadd's Last Gizmo
[&AxN1AAA=] - 5079299E9C46084AC24ED3966F136DC4DF722B8C
[&AxN2AAA=] - Forge Plains
[&AxN3AAA=] - Midwater Hollows
[&AxN4AAA=] - Ourobore Caves
[&AxN5AAA=] - Vandal's Claim
[&AxN6AAA=] - 954C10E9063B698E61FFE717CB45D7AADB5E38109F68E6D1
[&AxN7AAA=] - E844959791DC1B472188EB6703603703C4F28FD67384FFE27E4A43A6A86614EB417464E9D859E63F1DB40F67C5276992F83463D27381F8
[&AxN8AAA=] - Tagotl Grounds
[&AxN9AAA=] - Tunwatch Redoubt Waypoint
[&AxN+AAA=] - 908A7A502495E29F8D5B06BEF8EF720319A93591BF1896E44AE50B7DF76E8BF527577D60FC
[&AxN/AAA=] - Malxa Pyronetics
[&AxQBAAA=] - 
[&AxQCAAA=] - Fool chicken! He was after the other shard I had. I'll miss him. At least he'll be an interesting dissection.
[&AxQDAAA=] - Agent Ihan
[&AxQEAAA=] - Honor is for fools. I want victory! Courtiers.murder this presumptuous wretch!
[&AxQFAAA=] - Minister Duran
[&AxQGAAA=] - Stop them! Don't let them get away!
[&AxQHAAA=] - Pistol Master
[&AxQIAAA=] - Revenge is mine.
[&AxQJAAA=] - Ambush them!
[&AxQKAAA=] - This one's a challenge.
[&AxQLAAA=] - Be at peace!
[&AxQMAAA=] - Ha ha!
[&AxQNAAA=] - Stay back.
[&AxQOAAA=] - We need tactics!
[&AxQPAAA=] - For Ascalon!
[&AxQQAAA=] - Need assistance over here!
[&AxQRAAA=] - Remember the Searing!
[&AxQSAAA=] - Prepare for oblivion.
[&AxQTAAA=] - That'll teach you.
[&AxQUAAA=] - I call on Gaheron!
[&AxQVAAA=] - The ground roars!
[&AxQWAAA=] - Get this one!
[&AxQXAAA=] - Yarr!
[&AxQYAAA=] - Another dead idiot.
[&AxQZAAA=] - I'll have to finish this!
[&AxQaAAA=] - Show no mercy!
[&AxQbAAA=] - I won't go easy on you!
[&AxQcAAA=] - Didn't see that...
[&AxQdAAA=] - To my side!
[&AxQeAAA=] - I can't leave my post.
[&AxQfAAA=] - Come to brighten my day?
[&AxQgAAA=] - AhoooOOoooh!
[&AxQhAAA=] - Away with you!
[&AxQiAAA=] - Grenth protect me.
[&AxQjAAA=] - Don't embarrass yourself.
[&AxQkAAA=] - Is that your backside or your face?
[&AxQlAAA=] - I challenge you.
[&AxQmAAA=] - I'm wilting. Need more endurance.
[&AxQnAAA=] - What's the password?
[&AxQoAAA=] - Do you have a question?
[&AxQpAAA=] - Comrade!
[&AxQqAAA=] - I'll do my best.
[&AxQrAAA=] - Hi there.
[&AxQsAAA=] - Come howl with Wolf.
[&AxQtAAA=] - Did you need assistance?
[&AxQuAAA=] - Swell. You're talking.
[&AxQvAAA=] - The legion calls.
[&AxQwAAA=] - What?
[&AxQxAAA=] - Seize the moment.
[&AxQyAAA=] - We stand for the weak and helpless.
[&AxQzAAA=] - Seize the moment.
[&AxQ0AAA=] - How can I help?
[&AxQ1AAA=] - Act with wisdom.
[&AxQ2AAA=] - What?
[&AxQ3AAA=] - Any news?
[&AxQ4AAA=] - Like you, I put my heart into my work.
[&AxQ5AAA=] - Nothing better than the wind at your back.
[&AxQ6AAA=] - This is misery.
[&AxQ7AAA=] - Farewell.
[&AxQ8AAA=] - C'mon! Snap out of it!
[&AxQ9AAA=] - Good hunting!
[&AxQ+AAA=] - I majored in pain with a minor in suffering.
[&AxQ/AAA=] - Point taken!
[&AxRAAAA=] - Knock knock. (Who's there?) Warden. (Warden who?) Warden you like a kiss?
[&AxRBAAA=] - Destroyer Crab[s]
[&AxRCAAA=] - I feel so alive!
[&AxRDAAA=] - 2634F3A6E7FFC0EE583C8FCAD6349E10564A0798DA4FBC9EF7E453B2E7F917998FA36AEBBA17FFBD898EDE346D394AA11ECE5B5316A9555F07183A7DB0D1EA7DAB4C21A1D9C4067EA2896FD1AD
[&AxREAAA=] - Dust
[&AxRFAAA=] - Papaya
[&AxRGAAA=] - Raptor
[&AxRHAAA=] - Assassin Transform Weapon
[&AxRIAAA=] - 673E60E9EEAB48167853B7411770959492335E2766
[&AxRJAAA=] - FDD8837108EB48E814
[&AxRKAAA=] - FF8DBD13AE407501E5DA78CBCD7F7506
[&AxRLAAA=] - You were valuable in the battle against the ogres. Why not head north to Diessa Plateau and talk to Padar Grindaxe. He's outside the Town of Nolan, if you want more action. <br>.Orystea Deathstalker
[&AxRMAAA=] - 4A3997374562CEA3FF09CA741B1923615DC9C122C8406EACAE7DF1B74178D7E0BEED351C6DF1C7363CC02BADEA
[&AxRNAAA=] - 07E01C86F43957BF5CDB8451E8414C5199FE16
[&AxROAAA=] - It was an honor fighting with you. I may look into joining the Vigil myself, one of these days.
[&AxRPAAA=] - Heritage Boots
[&AxRQAAA=] - Ravaging Trident
[&AxRRAAA=] - Orchid Epaulets
[&AxRSAAA=] - C1580C7186
[&AxRTAAA=] - Ghostly Pirate Captain
[&AxRUAAA=] - 9E64D55BCD3331F257FAD9
[&AxRVAAA=] - Logging Tool[s]
[&AxRWAAA=] - The next 7000 experience is increased by +40%%.
[&AxRXAAA=] - Bowl[s] of Simple Chili Base
[&AxRYAAA=] - 2C5F28A00CEDBFA595E1ACEE8D43
[&AxRZAAA=] - Banner of Courage
[&AxRaAAA=] - Seraph Bow
[&AxRbAAA=] - 99628755C4120C2C728B689E62E9244B
[&AxRcAAA=] - Evasive Arcana
[&AxRdAAA=] - 6A9079D981CB923C23833C43629DAA8AC09F3B23AA9E05B00227AB245BA37469F9FD905159FAFD58F273D6B0AD110E486BA06666FB02A999DBCA8DBB20540CE3E0BDB92D7D2FB2632F91AB8FDC979E0F25A5C65468BA9FB102C364D758003B005DA8B290F796E602F2A1DD1DA95F0EDE37F34DF27217DDA933D1DC933DBE586C959C984F9124F2D4BF4CE3DD724C34459437E431217EA330A67CB8
[&AxReAAA=] - Our forces need every soldier to help keep a foothold at Conquest Marina across the Strait.
[&AxRfAAA=] - 931F6A18D89BFBE0B4C1A2
[&AxRgAAA=] - Take that, you craven crustacean!
[&AxRhAAA=] - Vojji
[&AxRiAAA=] - 3BD5DF9B746E01FC095D1747ED8499006D9D97F0CE4BD365CA90321BC639FD1F
[&AxRjAAA=] - 75F57149BF69A86483443B
[&AxRkAAA=] - 3AEE594F11001EEC26D7CB6C189CE633C445CC0F49AC80EB4BD72480E73996AE1195
[&AxRlAAA=] - B3FE344A091433D28CEB412184B935
[&AxRmAAA=] - 9278A707A25D5A695FE6F61ECA7466556E6422EB935D743F1DCAA41B9E5EB49F5207799B025EB82620066F3351B5293889A53B43E0CB52688C742995E233307BE7379084D2AE54A35CE213DCD0F841AC287958E770FD008140E966C0C7FA9094EE6C67C52E60007D94C88C
[&AxRnAAA=] - A data crystal that belongs to the Inquest. A Senior Researcher at the Old Golem Foundry might be interested in this.
[&AxRoAAA=] - +10%% crit damage
[&AxRpAAA=] - 351170791FB108F66ABA186F2B88F5C78987A927835F89C7FE8C5C376C2301F4131807D657D27EDC5B62B5B7542FFD41EA2C05AFC18585886E6B202B95E048451117DE86044BE85E490CDF94C721A52C40B2A49A0F86989AD46AEE53C3F9
[&AxRqAAA=] - 3DE948CF5900F33ACAB4F0C6
[&AxRrAAA=] - 9B39E1E5F46EE07558EF53A1B7E6A910E2E6568065FAB7CBA5065B1FE028137E1F957F314F3C0EEA822DCF9CF2EA60908BA7DCFFEA0D74D20201A903830E0FE98C067D8B760EC9F7E8E8CA883D58D3ADD0938DB7A6
[&AxRsAAA=] - F5E81192997BBB6D05A865ABB94F1861559D8D41FB2FB6674D0722E885DFFDEAA81E561D2AF5C2CC09C032711C0F55A900E34CC8F51B6CAE4CD8110D5E
[&AxRtAAA=] - Kormir is the goddess of order, spirit, and truth. She was once mortal like me. She inspires me every day to find greater courage and to seek rightness of heart, mind, and action.
[&AxRuAAA=] - among the nobility
[&AxRvAAA=] - Fanatic's Pauldrons
[&AxRwAAA=] - If Razor gave you this message, it means we trust you with joining our operation against the Flame Legion. We need someone capable to strike at the Flame Legion, hassling them until we locate our high-value target. <br><br>Your mission: kill any Flame Legion personnel you find, and destroy any of their equipment, weaponry, or braziers. If you find any intel, deliver it to Razor. She'll get it to the right operative. And if any of you Flame kissers are reading this, we're coming for you.<br>
[&AxRxAAA=] - Faolain has fled the Twilight Arbor, but the evil that infects this region remains. In her wake, other forces have now flooded in to take advantage of her foul magics to their own ends.
[&AxRyAAA=] - Iron Grip of the Legion
[&AxRzAAA=] - The enigmatic kodan are newcomers to the Shiverpeaks. When the far north flooded, a few kodan refugees arrived on southern shores. Until now, very few norn have encountered these mysterious bear-people.
[&AxR0AAA=] - The tribe was saved, though at a great cost, but at least the Order of Whispers mission to acquire allies was successful. Report to the Chantry of Secrets, and receive your briefing on the Order's next move.
[&AxR1AAA=] - F1C724B889F65584F5905FDDE59C25AF2FB9616A88DED17A82A8C94DFD2314618A2A0ED164D085E62329E24819C40DEBDF3664BDBE48F25CEF06331EE1FA3DF2D345C96EE7FE97A6306B0C71220605019FB7FC927AC14E06DA3F588F9C2B96109C28
[&AxR2AAA=] - Switchback Canyons
[&AxR3AAA=] - Crusted Shoals
[&AxR4AAA=] - BB021C810EE01D966F1C7EF1D0869920F4400CEC836268E10E6E7A4B2D1E2714E284427CC7A1BFCA3825717E48179A0291452CAE5EFE79D1D04F90E9B8B0B009BA0DAF427FBEB48DE85B0FFF69C4A112EA85B745611ACB4006A04E0E3F3FE7C9EFAC2E
[&AxR5AAA=] - Karston Chambers
[&AxR6AAA=] - 091AEE58D162493A5554B1962D0B77107EE5ED0FA5C8219794DD8B58
[&AxR7AAA=] - Immune to Blind " Picks up Weapons
[&AxR8AAA=] - Krait's Larder
[&AxR9AAA=] - Godslost Waypoint
[&AxR+AAA=] - Dewclaw Village
[&AxR/AAA=] - 88DAC5813BD04835B2805A34FF103C29D07381227F6093BC23177D64650200DCA08758DF05C2E7B3902AD22C573447A9B2722F9AB5B5096384294D72842292AEE713ADB5A548BD4B0CE830D7A3DE651E580259071E668F637B36A58695A632DF0287DA9110362AE02D1451F816
[&AxUBAAA=] - 
[&AxUCAAA=] - Crusher Dan
[&AxUDAAA=] - Son of Svanir
[&AxUEAAA=] - Dagdar
[&AxUFAAA=] - Priory Explorer
[&AxUGAAA=] - Follow me. You'll get used to it.
[&AxUHAAA=] - You deftly mix precision and power with this two-handed weapon.
[&AxUIAAA=] - Who's laughing now?
[&AxUJAAA=] - We're not yet vanquished.
[&AxUKAAA=] - Send more!
[&AxULAAA=] - Another victim.
[&AxUMAAA=] - You fought well.
[&AxUNAAA=] - This is what it's come to.
[&AxUOAAA=] - Not good.
[&AxUPAAA=] - You'll pay for your treachery.
[&AxUQAAA=] - Get off our land!
[&AxURAAA=] - We got company!
[&AxUSAAA=] - I give my life for my country.
[&AxUTAAA=] - Need assistance over here!
[&AxUUAAA=] - Burn.
[&AxUVAAA=] - We prevail!
[&AxUWAAA=] - You lose!
[&AxUXAAA=] - I'll be waiting for you....
[&AxUYAAA=] - You're good.
[&AxUZAAA=] - You don't belong here!
[&AxUaAAA=] - Your passing will go unnoticed.
[&AxUbAAA=] - Assemble the krewe!
[&AxUcAAA=] - This is going to hurt.
[&AxUdAAA=] - For you, Gaheron.
[&AxUeAAA=] - What was that?
[&AxUfAAA=] - Go then, and never return.
[&AxUgAAA=] - Coooooo!
[&AxUhAAA=] - At least I lived.
[&AxUiAAA=] - Are you even trying?
[&AxUjAAA=] - A little help!
[&AxUkAAA=] - Look at your frail little body.
[&AxUlAAA=] - Stand your ground!
[&AxUmAAA=] - I'm out of endurance.
[&AxUnAAA=] - Know what cannot be known.
[&AxUoAAA=] - I have so much to tell you.
[&AxUpAAA=] - Greetings, comrade!
[&AxUqAAA=] - May the Six watch over you.
[&AxUrAAA=] - Hard ground makes stronger roots.
[&AxUsAAA=] - Wolf provides, but does not always share.
[&AxUtAAA=] - We must all do our part.
[&AxUuAAA=] - Yarr!
[&AxUvAAA=] - You see trouble?
[&AxUwAAA=] - Who's the target?
[&AxUxAAA=] - I'm ready to go.
[&AxUyAAA=] - Some must fight, so that all may be free.
[&AxUzAAA=] - May the sun shine gently upon you.
[&AxU0AAA=] - Good to meet you.
[&AxU1AAA=] - Hello there.
[&AxU2AAA=] - Why won't you go away?
[&AxU3AAA=] - Trouble?
[&AxU4AAA=] - May Kormir enlighten you.
[&AxU5AAA=] - Shipping out soon?
[&AxU6AAA=] - Will I overcome this?
[&AxU7AAA=] - Even your ancestors would spit on you.
[&AxU8AAA=] - We need more undead specimens to study. We don't have any viable tissue left.
[&AxU9AAA=] - 
[&AxU+AAA=] - I've got a lesson to teach you.
[&AxU/AAA=] - This is mine, now.
[&AxVAAAA=] - Hey, cutie. I was made to climb your wall.
[&AxVBAAA=] - Poisons
[&AxVCAAA=] - My life force is increasing.
[&AxVDAAA=] - D7BA929157455FB97C0116248AA274C3E8B6479FE72AFCFB415F630D7B87948F1894CFCCED7391D6FE
[&AxVEAAA=] - Dusty Grape
[&AxVFAAA=] - Pastel Blue
[&AxVGAAA=] - Kodan
[&AxVHAAA=] - 4A861064987C7D527513C3D08630A615448534BDE44BCC02C6CCAAFE08EBCE9B6BA4859CD7B262A2E48D73C6B40B
[&AxVIAAA=] - 5B7840F82E495A765E2CE26468BE2F157F292A8D
[&AxVJAAA=] - Carrion Masquerade Raiments
[&AxVKAAA=] - 6F4DE4AF71F1A72CDC10998ACF01D745594FDAAB64
[&AxVLAAA=] - I'm glad Jawripper sent you to me. You've been an asset. I hate to lose you, but your skills are needed at Ashford Forum. Tell Beata Heavyspear I sent you.

.Frissa Splattershot
[&AxVMAAA=] - 0E81BDAB51A2FDA8C77094ABC17768F229DEE2
[&AxVNAAA=] - BDEBBE2196F0DF341AE4C9B84F99050E202925FE35C123D5CCCAC2B91E8B3F63077CEC51166DBC859CAB939B631F23BC2B71D7C05CBEE09E1C5220577C56EC3AB0AD95E13AE472C4CB61F8607DAB511FABEDE38D0AFE75B45DF5E97266D6081121CC2ABD5516A9B41DC3658C2A740C8EDA9ECA3A852C62DD4EC5EEA83BA5A8807D1BB22C6CACDBD0B53B6E115499054C590603C953A1C20A1793761709B9CD10DF0E2C9A726184D629F5
[&AxVOAAA=] - A3380D5101D560AF963796B569B3FE5013380BE0
[&AxVPAAA=] - Heritage Legguards
[&AxVQAAA=] - Honed Trident
[&AxVRAAA=] - Dryad Epaulets
[&AxVSAAA=] - 3417CBBC983A3DCF07BB7E921493E4C849D0B3BEA1E6C19176A6B10F65
[&AxVTAAA=] - 469E3314F0741A7C
[&AxVUAAA=] - Shaman's Etched Greatbow
[&AxVVAAA=] - CCE2B8A5AD6F478C9B6B9226145CB5F613B81F
[&AxVWAAA=] - Boon of Experience (Tier 3)
[&AxVXAAA=] - Bowl[s] of Cherry Pie Filling
[&AxVYAAA=] - 447965D5AC7A03E9443EE3E089F152
[&AxVZAAA=] - Club used by ogres
[&AxVaAAA=] - 92FF6C5C4EB0BBDFD495E4ECCF4887709FF6A9DB
[&AxVbAAA=] - C8B42F94DE72B2D96AF8C6ACB701DD6FF6
[&AxVcAAA=] - Weakness " Knocksdown
[&AxVdAAA=] - 424453DFF7A25843B0EC46537FC741DBBC0F8DEF5BA0FE64DB87087931CC7B40260138AEBB26D115A2DB6EF4
[&AxVeAAA=] - 7BCD5D1EE009601F6CF4065BD7111BDA30D32C41046CABD735C539D2E03500D09D60853C0F9728B92BBF4BA143F80B9C17EDDA36E221330DF39B639CFD948E6680537BA5CC9C4056F65EA545CC4F01CABE784A9390920F2ABB9A108F6D3B38C9F749BC71A7
[&AxVfAAA=] - 5D12AE9FC86AEB64B7B223C484
[&AxVgAAA=] - Fantastic! The Durmand Priory is honored to have you as a member.
[&AxVhAAA=] - Weena
[&AxViAAA=] - Opens rare and unusual chests. Needed to unlock treasures from treasure maps.
[&AxVjAAA=] - 477C1BB69E55F82457C3D548DC6BBA42B9
[&AxVkAAA=] - 983B50AC43E8CF7EC9CDCC9D08EB1B6B8F859487CD16B890801E3574A4F31B98A3
[&AxVlAAA=] - Large Horn
[&AxVmAAA=] - 75D7E0EE29131FA64070026661753B
[&AxVnAAA=] - Data Crystal[s]
[&AxVoAAA=] - 7F1E1D7186A61490BA54E4F1DC841EAAD7CA080CED255AF4E84E8ADC23CFDED38D9DFF73EF0C155EB933
[&AxVpAAA=] - DBA6A6E243EA44D22B764EED
[&AxVqAAA=] - 3DE948CF5900F33ACAB4F0C6
[&AxVrAAA=] - 5D4DCC7BE977D2D316C81030
[&AxVsAAA=] - +16 Power
+2%% Critical Damage
[&AxVtAAA=] - Kormir, the goddess of truth, blessed me when I was young.
[&AxVuAAA=] - Nobility
[&AxVvAAA=] - Long ago, I determined my path, and nothing will sway me from it. I'm stalwart in my beliefs and immovable in my loyalties. The weight of my pauldrons reminds me of the burden I carry.
[&AxVxAAA=] - Twilight Arbor
[&AxVyAAA=] - Your most important duty as new legionnaire is to replenish your warband's depleted numbers. Soure Doomsday, a gifted young necromancer, looks like a potential recruit.
[&AxVzAAA=] - Among the Kodan
[&AxV0AAA=] - Suspicious Activity
[&AxV1AAA=] - 22E26A3F2272C88C98581F
[&AxV2AAA=] - Havoc Steppes
[&AxV3AAA=] - Whisper Bay
[&AxV4AAA=] - Ravaging Gladiator Pauldrons
[&AxV5AAA=] - Brilitine Swath
[&AxV6AAA=] - Wurms! Ooh, quaggan will have to fight to get through.
[&AxV7AAA=] - Dredge Excavator[s]
[&AxV8AAA=] - DFCE2F92E580249B289BB2391D42D89D55
[&AxV9AAA=] - 4368E341A3A61EDE8DD2FE015A92334589
[&AxV+AAA=] - The Cauldron of Searing
[&AxV/AAA=] - Moonlight Rill
[&AxYBAAA=] - 
[&AxYCAAA=] - Orphan
[&AxYDAAA=] - Ugh, I need to lie down. Keep an eye on the minotaurs for me.
[&AxYEAAA=] - You did it, Valiant! You killed him!
[&AxYFAAA=] - Ebon Vanguard
[&AxYGAAA=] - Thank you. That was...helpful.
[&AxYHAAA=] - Rifle Master
[&AxYIAAA=] - I claim this point.
[&AxYJAAA=] - Mine is the last path you cross.
[&AxYKAAA=] - About damn time.
[&AxYLAAA=] - Go away.
[&AxYMAAA=] - Your flame has faltered!
[&AxYNAAA=] - This isn't worth it.
[&AxYOAAA=] - Had enough?
[&AxYPAAA=] - I need assistance over here!
[&AxYQAAA=] - For Ascalon!
[&AxYRAAA=] - Serves you right!
[&AxYSAAA=] - Three cheers for Ascalon!
[&AxYTAAA=] - The wind blows foul.
[&AxYUAAA=] - Smother them.
[&AxYVAAA=] - I go to ground now.
[&AxYWAAA=] - Think you can handle me?
[&AxYXAAA=] - Trouble over here!
[&AxYYAAA=] - Knowledge is power!
[&AxYZAAA=] - Get away from me!
[&AxYaAAA=] - Alert!
[&AxYbAAA=] - To the Depths with you!
[&AxYcAAA=] - Inconceivable....
[&AxYdAAA=] - You'll burn soon!
[&AxYeAAA=] - With my last breath, I....
[&AxYfAAA=] - Go now to a better place.
[&AxYgAAA=] - Ooooooh....
[&AxYhAAA=] - That'll do.
[&AxYiAAA=] - That was so, so easy.
[&AxYjAAA=] - You want a fight?
[&AxYkAAA=] - Don't bore me.
[&AxYlAAA=] - Rally!
[&AxYmAAA=] - On my mark!
[&AxYnAAA=] - Go ahead and talk.
[&AxYoAAA=] - Knowledge is the greatest treasure.
[&AxYpAAA=] - For the moletariat.
[&AxYqAAA=] - Excelsior.
[&AxYrAAA=] - Seize the moment.
[&AxYsAAA=] - Honor Wolf, and be true.
[&AxYtAAA=] - May Balthazar strengthen you.
[&AxYuAAA=] - Away with you.
[&AxYvAAA=] - Talk to me.
[&AxYwAAA=] - Know what cannot be known.
[&AxYxAAA=] - I'm at your service.
[&AxYyAAA=] - May courage guide your hand.
[&AxYzAAA=] - You've brightened my day.
[&AxY0AAA=] - What do you want?
[&AxY1AAA=] - May Melandru guide you.
[&AxY2AAA=] - No questions!
[&AxY3AAA=] - The Brand holds dangers.
[&AxY4AAA=] - Do you have a question?
[&AxY5AAA=] - The ocean is a beast.
[&AxY6AAA=] - (groan)
[&AxY7AAA=] - Did something die, or is that your stink? (laugh)
[&AxY8AAA=] - +50 Precision
[&AxY9AAA=] - 
[&AxY+AAA=] - You don't stand a chance.
[&AxY/AAA=] - From this point, forward!
[&AxZAAAA=] - Come with me.
[&AxZBAAA=] - Behold! The Invisible Swordsman.
[&AxZCAAA=] - Filled with life's very essence.
[&AxZDAAA=] - 1E2D9A5DEAEF96B75A0F8992A52E84
[&AxZEAAA=] - Earthen
[&AxZFAAA=] - Pastel Citrus
[&AxZGAAA=] - Renegade[s]
[&AxZHAAA=] - 68821DF68895F50777DA56B4CF
[&AxZIAAA=] - D488155D5BE28C5553828EEAD8BFE3EFCC1F7DAA8DEF
[&AxZJAAA=] - 95A48C5BE4F73D941E1A3CCACEC084CD81F806B92F354DC81584D223AC5506FB98C4A1F3
[&AxZKAAA=] - Inquest Energy Channeler
[&AxZLAAA=] - You're everything they say you are. Thanks for your service to the legions. I've told Garak Jawripper you're coming his way, outside the gates of Smokestead. Introduce yourself. <br>.Fursta Farhunter
[&AxZMAAA=] - Stuns " Buffs Allies
[&AxZNAAA=] - 1B661F586AF4A22FBCE990331E8610A7711C31FDD69513EA94311F00C8163F671B06C43004A72BFD0259
[&AxZOAAA=] - FEC27638DE2F0284B07CF325A4FFF30D65D9290351EF
[&AxZPAAA=] - Swing Stick
[&AxZQAAA=] - Pillaging Trident
[&AxZRAAA=] - Falconer's Boots
[&AxZSAAA=] - C90EB89FED7564CA
[&AxZTAAA=] - Glamour skills cause confusion for 5 seconds to foes who enter or exit their areas.
[&AxZUAAA=] - 376E89
[&AxZVAAA=] - 0978E3039C6D80C38497107D9139
[&AxZWAAA=] - Bottle of Rum
[&AxZXAAA=] - CF24589F6820452509B26034885DC1B1B448A187ED
[&AxZYAAA=] - AD1B2768E12E626730331EFEB5DB46BB
[&AxZZAAA=] - Ogre Club
[&AxZaAAA=] - Shield used by guards
[&AxZbAAA=] - 67A1253E5E84D6D1DACE9C1FD76590D7ADE0
[&AxZcAAA=] - AFBB5064AAC91744978873AAE8EF77295E92F9B3EEF2
[&AxZdAAA=] - 923FBB3E8BB133E87CB4B98713209851F2D33A53E8B2D478
[&AxZeAAA=] - DB58A6CB7784314E81E9A2BCE69E87B43E607A3BEEFFBE5F83807B5925F0BA0E33B584
[&AxZfAAA=] - 848732B55EAC7FC92C4A69C48895B98291B3
[&AxZgAAA=] - Rakt has us paralyzed! May all his thaumic batteries run dry!
[&AxZhAAA=] - Tredd
[&AxZiAAA=] - CFF22B5A16F92B28660FF7CD59
[&AxZjAAA=] - 6609ED214F92BDB036B45B9D0DC09551E9E0
[&AxZkAAA=] - DEF020F7BB7B50E6C6C42807A47EFA508E4D
[&AxZlAAA=] - Prize Winning Horn
[&AxZmAAA=] - CBD3FD4D882F8C9455D0B7FD52C10A3BCE88AF294982C0D9029FACE98B820A38A6DF470D90E6647B8700F94CF953DC489917491934458BDDA3ABAD8DD81826A3B25693F32CF29AAFB57E5CEAD072690A2BEDD8B0C26E34F00EE4960BD0EB973D56D38A8D38A7CF204568A4C179AFD09E054A43714FE7EF8D4D419AD6AFCC4BC4B5
[&AxZnAAA=] - 387D089B5A6D61F880C1A9F11AA206CF9B592C48B48F697B4AD5AF86445E6389347EEC6FF973DCF66BDECFB98ACF4C948655
[&AxZoAAA=] - C16D08D6AA56665ABA28EEA812CAAB2737FF642C8B54F2994657ADEE325480759C13A8EF3863E86FA41654ACDCE798F900C7FAB23280C00B6A844AB9E460C85526349084F90AB316CC318C8083FD48F8E12A62CCF8709206C5282B404C22CA98E83AB94871471684C9738F7C1BAD7487F79E3C1F29599E01ABD12A39A9E358F7DF67666A6392CA4567B1D47BA9E2D3DB1473A0707C7FF0EF9FED405104C16A
[&AxZpAAA=] - 44E1B4B698875B3F779F4CC1A86BEBAF7F94D2391006517A8356EA5A
[&AxZqAAA=] - Tall Invisiman DO NOT DISPLAY
[&AxZrAAA=] - B24D5660CBD844EDB7E66ED6B4D9F2
[&AxZsAAA=] - 355CAFA5E8FB5B31BF225721AD86CFA16EDBC0590660423CFAF569B1A31063FBD6E556FA87E57E1E9B6CCF139F0A0C0BF48B38076C1DC0C8A8E447F5
[&AxZtAAA=] - I rely upon my ______ to accomplish my goals.
[&AxZuAAA=] - I grew up among nobles, including my friend Lord Faren, who can trace their ancestry back to ancient kings. I received an excellent education, am well versed in courtly graces, and understand the responsibility that comes with privilege.
[&AxZvAAA=] - <br><br>I'm a guardian. I wear the pauldrons and bear the burden and loyalties of a fanatic.<br><br>This is my story.<br>
[&AxZwAAA=] - New Orders
[&AxZxAAA=] - The Nightmare Court are Sylvari that turned their backs on the Pale Tree and sought their own cruel purposes in life. Their leader, Grand Duchess Faolain, makes her lair here in the Twilight Arbor, surrounded by loyal minions.
[&AxZyAAA=] - Magic Users
[&AxZzAAA=] - Fastulf, the Shaman of Wolf, senses that there is trouble out at Krennak's Homestead. It's a newer homestead on the outskirts of Hoelbrak's hunting grounds. Fastulf asked you and Eir to check into it, and offer assistance if the rumors are true.
[&AxZ0AAA=] - Block attacks.
[&AxZ1AAA=] - 962D1ED4071A0D76963AA0
[&AxZ2AAA=] - Amduat Point
[&AxZ3AAA=] - Mirror Bay
[&AxZ4AAA=] - 66EF7A864629EC7036106EC292C3D019B35E8D8A82FC2E5D48D316
[&AxZ5AAA=] - Gotala Cascade
[&AxZ6AAA=] - Knockback * Summons Bees
[&AxZ7AAA=] - Immune to Blind " Causes Vulnerability " Dazes
[&AxZ8AAA=] - Glorious Drill Collective #4
[&AxZ9AAA=] - FBA6A3D9B64937A1787B7E33C76986B91C2C1DB56C65CBBF7983059F6D775C4D4CC3A444A289DAB82AA19101988EB2047BBA5AC0FDCD6FECA97B5EDD0D4A591B322C872FF2C7DFB89323D781E7664E6AA76FB56072C48E2A92C22EF5EEE37C9EDADAD6C9
[&AxZ+AAA=] - Herdsman's Bastion
[&AxZ/AAA=] - Zone White
[&AxcBAAA=] - 
[&AxcCAAA=] - Rescued Villager
[&AxcDAAA=] - Ahh, Bear's Brown Ale. It's like getting hit in the face with a hammer made of joy.
[&AxcEAAA=] - Captive Skritt
[&AxcFAAA=] - Thank you! I thought I was done for. I'll help you make it to the peak.
[&AxcGAAA=] - Okay, I'll let you lead this time.
[&AxcHAAA=] - Bringing light to the darkness.forcefully.
[&AxcIAAA=] - Got it!
[&AxcJAAA=] - The end take you.
[&AxcKAAA=] - Whatever.
[&AxcLAAA=] - Swarm them!
[&AxcMAAA=] - You are not of Koda.
[&AxcNAAA=] - Good riddance!
[&AxcOAAA=] - That'll teach you.
[&AxcPAAA=] - The enemy is upon us!
[&AxcQAAA=] - Coward.
[&AxcRAAA=] - Shore up the ranks.
[&AxcSAAA=] - Cover me!
[&AxcTAAA=] - Coward.
[&AxcUAAA=] - Heretics and sinners.
[&AxcVAAA=] - Warband, to me!
[&AxcWAAA=] - So, it ends.
[&AxcXAAA=] - Yours is a sad end.
[&AxcYAAA=] - I'm not done with you!
[&AxcZAAA=] - I need help!
[&AxcaAAA=] - Pathetic wretch!
[&AxcbAAA=] - Vacate these premises!
[&AxccAAA=] - Not even a challenge.
[&AxcdAAA=] - You too shall burn.
[&AxceAAA=] - So it begins.
[&AxcfAAA=] - Rally to me!
[&AxcgAAA=] - Run. Run.
[&AxchAAA=] - We must work together!
[&AxciAAA=] - Stop making me laugh.
[&AxcjAAA=] - Take that!
[&AxckAAA=] - Hurrah!
[&AxclAAA=] - Save yourselves!
[&AxcmAAA=] - Exploring the world does have its benefits.
[&AxcnAAA=] - Fight what cannot be fought.
[&AxcoAAA=] - May Kormir enlighten you.
[&AxcpAAA=] - We fight against nightmares here.
[&AxcqAAA=] - Fascinating.
[&AxcrAAA=] - Not all that is hidden should be revealed.
[&AxcsAAA=] - Have you come to join Wolf's pack?
[&AxctAAA=] - Anything to report?
[&AxcuAAA=] - We fight against nightmares here.
[&AxcvAAA=] - Victory at any cost.
[&AxcwAAA=] - Talk to me.
[&AxcxAAA=] - It's nice to see you.
[&AxcyAAA=] - Never leave a comrade behind.
[&AxczAAA=] - Do you have an appointment?
[&Axc0AAA=] - You talking to me?
[&Axc1AAA=] - Nice to see you.
[&Axc2AAA=] - I am a genius. And you are?
[&Axc3AAA=] - May the shadows embrace you.
[&Axc4AAA=] - I have so much to tell you.
[&Axc5AAA=] - More beer.
[&Axc6AAA=] - Good-bye, world.
[&Axc7AAA=] - You look as helpless as a quaggan on land.
[&Axc8AAA=] - I challenge you!
[&Axc9AAA=] - 
[&Axc+AAA=] - 8335E522229E1E2F1E3B08C7DDE2E739AB272AA11EAE0C082DB0BC3ABAA93F85E4A76CCEED5AD3D8509169F24551A9A1373F2472AC44479A13C82CD0E52493B4C5CAA270FB1E09DE33A90AAF7753
[&Axc/AAA=] - So disheartening.
[&AxdAAAA=] - Progress leads to perfection.
[&AxdBAAA=] - Cave Spider[s]
[&AxdCAAA=] - Risen Rotmouth
[&AxdDAAA=] - CF0A3FEF4971862075F4E10F6E03063B3F8D597D542D7F368DC83D40EAF1A8010E82C7EFE5208F552897DBCD07FE697996AA88C568C2FACCA55098B430CB62815D5EC3A99DF715EA6286B1A5D586C36DDC500D28011CC0D74E
[&AxdEAAA=] - Ebony
[&AxdFAAA=] - Pastel Honey
[&AxdGAAA=] - Steamwork[pl:"Steamworks"]
[&AxdHAAA=] - 174D24B3007BBB459ACB6990
[&AxdIAAA=] - 9237A8FA7EB5E6F2FD0FD56F30E90E05E05A219868
[&AxdJAAA=] - 833865394062F8B1E6E7BD2507FE
[&AxdKAAA=] - 406015FF9DBA8678C373E355FC5981F9AE0A605956D6A200390B2812130B53998140D32F1F1F00FA81658F71D910344C6719E3B407B674D880D4092319BA6559D8CE6244E2E5A8EAC36D7084D3C3D7A0CBCD1EFFB80FC82ADEDE666C7F214044098B9114FE785499528067FF8E16160CB548A06508B16D6BB5011254A46881E2D84214D665B1335D
[&AxdLAAA=] - Now that you've tested your strength outside the comforts of Smokestead, you'll find more work at Temperus Point. Speak with Frissa Splattershot. She'll have orders for you. 
.Garak Jawripper
[&AxdMAAA=] - C59EE46B5B92EA940AB2BE4E2D5B9CE87F150A
[&AxdNAAA=] - 186B750E2334D6DD58D2
[&AxdOAAA=] - C1599ECD0D8A09D25C4F3C71851C
[&AxdPAAA=] - Throw Ball
[&AxdQAAA=] - 733439157F6969735ACA59C7A6E3B34613CE0854E954875BDEC36336C46CEE4DFE70DA120A5ED5DF14A21A6749CB7C09D3545AC93EB356B85B33633ADF3D36BF143170DB7FD4FB8F93DC01A8E116D3D80ABD9919350E01EE8E217502DC19F90D8DF6C37AAF03559A8CCFA31BEC3E14994D414F1EE68743B0C9A2CBDAB82A00600BA231460C5C9D3B0AA88147AC69443B49E97C493F8ADCA05EDB2E1535085D3D22
[&AxdRAAA=] - Falconer's Coat
[&AxdSAAA=] - Berserker's Cabalist Coat
[&AxdTAAA=] - Confusing Enchantments
[&AxdUAAA=] - 3C6E9B3BC4
[&AxdVAAA=] - EADC874155ADC9ABB66EDA3A28921AFD6043
[&AxdWAAA=] - Keep on dungeon-running.
[&AxdXAAA=] - Bowl[s] of Grape Pie Filling
[&AxdYAAA=] - BBA5F0C4182BC6C2E47DF9169B274B6D
[&AxdZAAA=] - MONSTER ONLY Ogre Unarmed
[&AxdaAAA=] - Guard Shield
[&AxdbAAA=] - FC89A04799788835F50838D062CC9153B0AF
[&AxdcAAA=] - Vengeance is Mine
[&AxddAAA=] - 81BB1F5109C3CC
[&AxdeAAA=] - D968F615CB450BBE36264BAA0D65EEA92C1D4317B1AC7FFE51784F1DDCF2853DC89F3CA8242729BBE7D815C319341FDF0D2DAA6B25BD22E8A67A1A69F480096E868F0218ED0D8BE0AE15653A7F64615863FEB26ADB6257F580159B365838AC3F3B16
[&AxdfAAA=] - 4004E902FA927C1B02467D6311C805A1AAD4
[&AxdgAAA=] - I've enjoyed meeting and working with you, Savant. Good luck in Lion's Arch.
[&AxdhAAA=] - Nuuri
[&AxdiAAA=] - Skeleton Key[s]
[&AxdjAAA=] - 7F009B91CE04DFF77566E945
[&AxdkAAA=] - 440E8464FE5D17EE2E34ECA990B2D229CF1AF73D15A93F956DF66076747FF833BE2406
[&AxdlAAA=] - 2DC5EC4E03C0AFACD83F3A55A936E2AA5B
[&AxdmAAA=] - CDCD3F21AB9F69D69BC47B242EF39779BC6F163411DB0F2C681B1CEF
[&AxdnAAA=] - 809E3F9ED7BC3C85A9B311D1AE3700311EBD47B889
[&Axdo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
[&AxdpAAA=] - It's about time that we cleared this place out. Into the ruins!
[&AxdqAAA=] - B17A9053AEFF470C05B5B1723CACF5BE0972E959E76F2F602D
[&AxdrAAA=] - Vigorous Scepter
[&AxdsAAA=] - +16 Power
+2%% Critical Damage
[&AxdtAAA=] - appearance
[&AxduAAA=] - <br><br>I grew up among the nobility, and I value my honor.
[&AxdvAAA=] - a visionary's helm
[&AxdwAAA=] - Thanks to you, we've made sure the Flame Legion remembers the legacy of Kalla Scorchrazor in the most painful way possible. You've proven yourself a good operative in a tight corner, and you have our respect and gratitude. We don't normally offer those so easily, but you've earned it. Keep up the good fight.<br>
[&AxdxAAA=] - Broad estuaries give the Orrian undead easy passage into Sparkfly Fen. A wave of Zhaitan's minions drove hylek refugees before it and captured vast territory. Wyld Hunt valiants and Vigil crusaders fight to regain control from an untiring enemy.
[&AxdyAAA=] - You successfully stopped one half of the Flame Legion's two-pronged attack on Blood and Iron. Now back to the Black Citadel to check in with your commanding officer.
[&AxdzAAA=] - Eir Stegalkin is a legendary figure. Although she has retired, she was once a great hunter of dragons. If anyone can help fight the Sons of Svanir, it's Eir.
[&Axd0AAA=] - Reconnaissance
[&Axd1AAA=] - 721210B27AFC04C5C6D8E1F36E620999A8ED46968F0F0D38FE294D61CB6FAE1628E469F57F11B62AA7471770
[&Axd2AAA=] - The Baelfire
[&Axd3AAA=] - Drowned Brine
[&Axd4AAA=] - Blocks attacks. Explodes after blocking three attacks.
[&Axd5AAA=] - Hidden Lake
[&Axd6AAA=] - CD7D405048D430
[&Axd7AAA=] - Giant Stomp
[&Axd8AAA=] - Gleaner's Archway
[&Axd9AAA=] - 8999E5C61EE965D920A2EE5D4998256A500016330D0510CA5852CDAFC69715246A94BAC4184B
[&Axd+AAA=] - Bria's Manor
[&Axd/AAA=] - Zone Green
[&AxgBAAA=] - 
[&AxgCAAA=] - Villager
[&AxgDAAA=] - I win! I'm the strongest! And now, the strongest is going inside to take a victory nap.
[&AxgEAAA=] - Jail!
[&AxgFAAA=] - Dredge Worker
[&AxgGAAA=] - Tactical retreat!
[&AxgHAAA=] - Torch Master
[&AxgIAAA=] - It's all mine.
[&AxgJAAA=] - You need a lesson in pain.
[&AxgKAAA=] - Weak.
[&AxgLAAA=] - Spirits give me strength!
[&AxgMAAA=] - I need help, brethren!
[&AxgNAAA=] - Quaggan is in trouble!
[&AxgOAAA=] - An ill wind blows.
[&AxgPAAA=] - I've got a bad feeling.
[&AxgQAAA=] - That'll teach you.
[&AxgRAAA=] - Adelbern, give me strength!
[&AxgSAAA=] - Prepare for a pounding!
[&AxgTAAA=] - No escape for you.
[&AxgUAAA=] - This cannot be.
[&AxgVAAA=] - We will not abide threats.
[&AxgWAAA=] - This is how you end!
[&AxgXAAA=] - On to more important things.
[&AxgYAAA=] - What have you done?
[&AxgZAAA=] - I will end you.
[&AxgaAAA=] - For the Tamini!
[&AxgbAAA=] - Never capitulate!
[&AxgcAAA=] - Annihilation assistance requested.
[&AxgdAAA=] - For Baelfire!
[&AxgeAAA=] - For Ascalon!
[&AxgfAAA=] - I sense malice.
[&AxggAAA=] - Stay and fight!
[&AxghAAA=] - There are enemies nearby.
[&AxgiAAA=] - This isn't over.
[&AxgjAAA=] - Your last mistake!
[&AxgkAAA=] - Yeah! Woo hoo! Yeah! Yay!
[&AxglAAA=] - Retreat!
[&AxgmAAA=] - Fire!
[&AxgnAAA=] - Any secrets you want to share?
[&AxgoAAA=] - How can I help?
[&AxgpAAA=] - Be safe.
[&AxgqAAA=] - We all have a place in the Eternal Alchemy. Even you.
[&AxgrAAA=] - Keep your voice down.
[&AxgsAAA=] - Good hunting!
[&AxgtAAA=] - Good to meet you.
[&AxguAAA=] - Stay alert.
[&AxgvAAA=] - Hail, citizen.
[&AxgwAAA=] - Fight what cannot be fought.
[&AxgxAAA=] - Never leave a wrong to ripen into evil.
[&AxgyAAA=] - What do you need?
[&AxgzAAA=] - Council is in session.
[&Axg0AAA=] - You just watch yourself.
[&Axg1AAA=] - Hello.
[&Axg2AAA=] - Vigilance is key.
[&Axg3AAA=] - Know what cannot be known.
[&Axg4AAA=] - So many mysteries in the world.
[&Axg5AAA=] - May Kormir guide you.
[&Axg6AAA=] - Mists, be ready for me!
[&Axg7AAA=] - Hey! If you were any weaker, you'd be the weakest weakling walking.
[&Axg8AAA=] - Stand your ground!
[&Axg9AAA=] - 
[&Axg+AAA=] - B9775CF884DA4F021A42259C35A6405BAC825618F37D3FF4BEE4856B507327EF489C19A22A0AAC34677F0459B235F10F4A272A
[&Axg/AAA=] - We're overwhelmed!
[&AxhAAAA=] - I'm on my way to greener fields.
[&AxhBAAA=] - Strong. Stable. Stone!
[&AxhCAAA=] - Finish off a downed foe.
[&AxhDAAA=] - 67AF9E3FC09C7F7100ED43C73904D3571DF74D6B5C786615
[&AxhEAAA=] - Emerald
[&AxhFAAA=] - Pastel Lemon
[&AxhGAAA=] - Ghost
[&AxhHAAA=] - 1C03DDB3814C
[&AxhIAAA=] - 7E52C2FD0F728C41587BC192641513274CA11CA6CBE03BEAE1C0AE868D01DC5ED3D97A0031F202
[&AxhKAAA=] - Mark II YF-Gold
[&AxhLAAA=] - 573F0799825BFC765B9A1E3F379F0217B38A2B
[&AxhMAAA=] - 8B16A28DB90468FF2A9321FF810EEBEB5C68E4
[&AxhNAAA=] - 890F999DE45E8167C0429D6574B828944D
[&AxhOAAA=] - Assist Daphne in halting the encroaching corruption.
[&AxhPAAA=] - Deploy Table
[&AxhQAAA=] - 957ED4FC45E43B0EF5ED365F
[&AxhRAAA=] - Falconer's Gloves
[&AxhSAAA=] - 7FF9DBFC982CBA608741
[&AxhTAAA=] - Reposition
[&AxhUAAA=] - C27BEB93
[&AxhVAAA=] - Powder Keg
[&AxhWAAA=] - Gain tier 4 might for the next 30 minutes.
[&AxhXAAA=] - Ball[s] of Cookie Dough
[&AxhYAAA=] - 458FC4635C180B666E9A276CC9EF
[&AxhZAAA=] - D60211C6E041CD7D222C777C98656FBC7FE42AAB532911E2EA53D99A
[&AxhaAAA=] - MONSTER ONLY Guard Sword
[&AxhbAAA=] - 9C1D0CB5F688A26C4F09D562B12B05
[&AxhcAAA=] - The roads to Black Haven are much safer since you took care of the bandits in the area. 

Thank you. Your help has made a world of difference. 

.Lionguard Micah
[&AxhdAAA=] - Priory Arcanist Dotta in the north of Dostoev Sky Peak is breaking down this ore.
[&AxheAAA=] - 481697AD07C79C1EB3F061C906C3D98461EE944EACEA365A0B71004E18788F
[&AxhfAAA=] - 97AF437B9443E9894777B8AD9D8629414FCE6E67BDD9
[&AxhgAAA=] - B2E6A6021B121772C23066E5E9AA302E09AA4E2C4B734B6500F633E3A8120E30B7
[&AxhhAAA=] - Hirrp
[&AxhiAAA=] - Dig
[&AxhjAAA=] - 49390332E3775D270525D2B50B17
[&AxhkAAA=] - E828E07C439EB640BF11F5070552C9A853527944C73C54DB
[&AxhlAAA=] - I'll handle this!
[&AxhmAAA=] - Rapidly regenerating health.
[&AxhnAAA=] - Encrypted renegade battle plans. Scout Steeltooth should be able to decode this.
[&AxhoAAA=] - ((Daily Combos))
[&AxhpAAA=] - Loculus Wildbane
[&AxhqAAA=] - 2E12AA94F7FEC8AA341E75C163BCD3F656E98F145010A2420727
[&AxhrAAA=] - E82910C8E043204A4F7290187C357D
[&AxhsAAA=] - 8EDC2E41EBBC96CDB56759E19C431B04CF62472F717C75883ED188688F078A56B8DA7D8A7231F786CAA9D3DDD9FB66A3436C8E10CEEE58D9F6041056CE6048C76F
[&AxhtAAA=] - I rely upon my %str1% to accomplish my goals.
[&AxhuAAA=] - in the streets
[&AxhvAAA=] - Visionary's Helm
[&AxhwAAA=] - Impressive
[&AxhxAAA=] - Sparkfly Fen
[&AxhyAAA=] - The Flame Advances
[&AxhzAAA=] - Varg won your ancestor's heirloom, an ancient horn, by cheating it from you in a wager. Now he is using the horn's powers to raise minions and wreak havoc. You, Eir, and the kodan Followed by Night have vowed to track down Varg before he can do any more damage.
[&Axh0AAA=] - The agents of the Order of Whispers use subterfuge to gain alliances and resources, hoping to one day levy them against the dragons. Zhaitan's attack threatens the heart of the Order. Hopefully, you will arrive before all is lost.
[&Axh1AAA=] - 7436644302C903FACB2049069836AF2388
[&Axh2AAA=] - Simurgh Timberland
[&Axh3AAA=] - Blighted Arch
[&Axh4AAA=] - E626BE4E86C7C8C1F2DF34F5015534F26D01E20C82
[&Axh5AAA=] - Venlin Vale
[&Axh6AAA=] - Knockback * Burning
[&Axh7AAA=] - Hoo! Quaggan emissary just left to visit quaggans' kodan friends. You could go with quaggan, if you want.
[&Axh8AAA=] - Leeching Bolts
[&Axh9AAA=] - 
[&Axh+AAA=] - Essence Bolt
[&Axh/AAA=] - Zone Black
[&AxkBAAA=] - 
[&AxkCAAA=] - Help!
[&AxkDAAA=] - Hey, alemonger! More ale!
[&AxkEAAA=] - I'm in jail?
[&AxkFAAA=] - You idiots, we were too late! Attack!
[&AxkGAAA=] - I require assistance.
[&AxkHAAA=] - You know how to turn defense into offense.
[&AxkIAAA=] - We're being overrun!
[&AxkJAAA=] - Krewe! Avenge me!
[&AxkKAAA=] - Come to fight?
[&AxkLAAA=] - Smash them.
[&AxkMAAA=] - Reflect on your actions!
[&AxkNAAA=] - Boo. This is no good.
[&AxkOAAA=] - And stay out!
[&AxkPAAA=] - I won't die in vain!
[&AxkQAAA=] - My blood honors Ascalon!
[&AxkRAAA=] - That'll show you!
[&AxkSAAA=] - Security breach!
[&AxkTAAA=] - New slaves!
[&AxkUAAA=] - You can only run so far.
[&AxkVAAA=] - Our land! Our rules!
[&AxkWAAA=] - Coward!
[&AxkXAAA=] - Have at you!
[&AxkYAAA=] - This isn't worth it.
[&AxkZAAA=] - Your time will come.
[&AxkaAAA=] - The weak run!
[&AxkbAAA=] - It all makes sense now!
[&AxkcAAA=] - This ends here!
[&AxkdAAA=] - Another soul for Baelfire.
[&AxkeAAA=] - The enemy is too strong! Help!
[&AxkfAAA=] - Knowledge is power!
[&AxkgAAA=] - Didn't see that...
[&AxkhAAA=] - How does death feel?
[&AxkiAAA=] - No! I'll have my revenge.
[&AxkjAAA=] - This isn't over.
[&AxkkAAA=] - You!
[&AxklAAA=] - Crush them!
[&AxkmAAA=] - Bring the flames!
[&AxknAAA=] - Any news?
[&AxkoAAA=] - Good to meet you.
[&AxkpAAA=] - Stay alert.
[&AxkqAAA=] - Salutations.
[&AxkrAAA=] - I humbly welcome you.
[&AxksAAA=] - Knowledge is the greatest treasure.
[&AxktAAA=] - How's it going?
[&AxkuAAA=] - Be safe.
[&AxkvAAA=] - The legion calls.
[&AxkwAAA=] - Shadows embrace you.
[&AxkxAAA=] - Duty calls. I have answered.
[&AxkyAAA=] - Greetings.
[&AxkzAAA=] - Please be brief.
[&Axk0AAA=] - I'm a dangerous woman.
[&Axk1AAA=] - Welcome.
[&Axk2AAA=] - See it, report it.
[&Axk3AAA=] - Your reputation precedes you.
[&Axk4AAA=] - Knowledge is the greatest treasure.
[&Axk5AAA=] - Melandru lives in all life.
[&Axk6AAA=] - I'm walking all over you.
[&Axk7AAA=] - I hear the Spirits! They're laughing at you, because they hate you.
[&Axk8AAA=] - Rally!
[&Axk9AAA=] - 
[&Axk+AAA=] - 434FC6BDE601F46405E744BD4C46655DDF1DEC64E20BCBE4D949E11B91EB7317066B653ECBAC9A61A5734786201FFF90D75D1652C5A587C5B68C18E8C565F5E5912862912FA12A7AD580EE57FE6D843931CAA5B0275F7E937303DFB24FFA784A2663C2B29517FA42409444B85D9BE926
[&Axk/AAA=] - The tide has turned on us!
[&AxlAAAA=] - The new and improved me.
[&AxlBAAA=] - Throw a grenade that freezes foes with a frigid blast.
[&AxlCAAA=] - Dark Brown
[&AxlDAAA=] - 5872F67A56E2182E360F480D3584FE618692CB893D2CDC4CC5987274
[&AxlEAAA=] - Eucalyptus
[&AxlFAAA=] - Pastel Lime
[&AxlGAAA=] - Ebonhawke stands today because of the tenacity of the human spirit and the selfless efforts of people like you. The ogres have been pushed back because of your hard work, and the good people in Ebonhawke can now breathe easier. You have my deepest thanks. May the Six protect you in your travels. And should they lead you to Summit Peak, I'm sure Vanguard Scout Meleni would be happy to have your assistance there.
.Lieutenant Briggins

[&AxlHAAA=] - 3C6E9B3BC4
[&AxlIAAA=] - 0C0C58494A7F0AC0215569E56F1AA7901DF9F11ACCBE162117979FC1E673
[&AxlJAAA=] - 6079C35C360ADA8D12438F19B8A0D9DAF0B51DB43887BB02D1F2DC2A7A32DE50473AE34F53C855F2A03ADE9FFC9C5F46B4B95A55B6AE02
[&AxlKAAA=] - Defeat the Mark II YF-Gold golem that's destroying the area.
[&AxlLAAA=] - Speaking for the Durmand Priory, I can say that your assistance was critical. You may find tasks more suited to your stature near the Irondock Shipyard. Check in with Alteria Cogchaser. <br>.Galea Relicchaser
[&AxlMAAA=] - A453D2630F03989CEF89D47B25A6C028D0D31C6B605FAAEF6677EC0FBA5FD73D04C886174E2D936FC475FF8F226A07B0A5BB8C6DD688
[&AxlNAAA=] - F79ACD5D8225654D7CB3DD0B778197B3716EF7C824D006BD753B0D83A56217AE5B1B54E5D963736CA0A4A219E59079B69B7AB53A5976B4E74FD8DE968DE2416AB53A24C697BCA6A38641F8DA8AB9A65C5A723EF9FD0BAC97F607C9E9E51D45E778EFC7626E58B127220D597111A81730C90AA01FF63BBD58B2768918B10E80F153760CF9BC9D11942655E75FDC88548A67FC36A2C8AD6E311B62473FFE5730444B450CDE6ECDBF7260A21988E0A4F9CA3F11076E9203C74BFFF7297CE9
[&AxlOAAA=] - E3D10B4C871E9ECEC6611E6774E71FF87EE353
[&AxlPAAA=] - Swing Paddle
[&AxlQAAA=] - DAD8BB5A4F9710F6F530EA416DDBBF
[&AxlRAAA=] - Falconer's Mask
[&AxlSAAA=] - Berserker's Cabalist Hood
[&AxlTAAA=] - F3899C69E8231060AA97AA7BA0AC973EFE52B6CB9D668B1137A871DAB1DD5352E8D1BC32A84A522D861E7D51F444A8AAD196DB3989A288EA94ADECAF098F6096458A9853D6AD736118769B4F6F
[&AxlUAAA=] - 1E617131
[&AxlVAAA=] - 647229C93536D413C02EB9034073
[&AxlWAAA=] - Boon of Might (Tier 4)
[&AxlXAAA=] - Pile[s] of Crumble Topping
[&AxlYAAA=] - 4E8C29AA4D4266566F6A56DCFF6838
[&AxlZAAA=] - Ogre empty offhand
[&AxlaAAA=] - CFAE04CA1ECD899F96204C6AD51FD930E365CA2677
[&AxlbAAA=] - 42EF60583768C0614ECC3AD20A7B52B8AB
[&AxlcAAA=] - Lionguard Micah
[&AxldAAA=] - Chunk[s] of Unrefined Dredge Ore
[&AxleAAA=] - E787C52ED356374D070C9FB3EFF31E3C586EEBCB7CD52BD573C224B2FA68C35B058A95C7F39AD1903FD0E23F523FE668A0CCE1C9CB155F8C5A379C195D7DB82F91CC66F72186EEAF6047D4FFB4EE31F27B7E775F06D020946E76E023C9540C183E1F0E6A86BE1D1736
[&AxlfAAA=] - 8D472EBD73895C5121A3B00D5EE172B3
[&AxlgAAA=] - DFFAD49A0FE67EFBCC09CEEE0773303319C3EA
[&AxlhAAA=] - Pelorry
[&AxliAAA=] - Buried Treasure
[&AxljAAA=] - FD5EB2FCC22D1CDC507F47E7E8E7
[&AxlkAAA=] - Chilling Shriek
[&AxllAAA=] - CA7EA72C96E4F4E900322756190624A3
[&AxlmAAA=] - 8E6EA34343F274D045B63EB50D
[&AxlnAAA=] - Renegade Battle Plan[s]
[&AxloAAA=] - ((P1 Ready Effect))
[&AxlpAAA=] - Holdin'!
[&AxlqAAA=] - Vigorous Simple Short Bow
[&AxlrAAA=] - Vigorous Iron Hammer
[&AxlsAAA=] - +16 Precision
[&AxltAAA=] - intellect
[&AxluAAA=] - Street Rat
[&AxlvAAA=] - Tyria is bigger than we know and filled with mystery. This helm is open, allowing me to see with clarity. With it, I seek out the world's greater truths that others fear to explore.
[&AxlwAAA=] - You've made quite the name for yourself among the warbands stationed here at the Granite Front. The Flame Legion must know your name too by now. We have intel that they've got even more forces north of their HQ. <br><br>You'd be insane to run in there by yourself, but if I had to bet on anyone who could pull it off, it'd be you. Sentinels in the Brand are always looking for an extra body to fight off the crystal dragon minions as well. Show us some more of that talent!<br>
.Helo Murkhaunt
[&AxlxAAA=] - Unclaimed by any nation or race, the Brisban Wildlands are a haven for secretive asura labs, bandit encampments, and large communities of skritt. Its eastern regions are dominated by Mount Gnashington, but the great cavern-riddled mountain gives way to more desolate terrain to the west.
[&AxlyAAA=] - The Flame Legion was targeting more than Blood and Iron: they also kidnapped Ash Legion Tribune Desertgrave! Find a way into the Flame Legion stronghold near the Ruins of Rin, while Rytlock Brimstone musters troops to back you up.
[&AxlzAAA=] - Darkness at Drakentelt
[&Axl0AAA=] - Critical Blowback
[&Axl1AAA=] - 21B9D7DF1C6C99A6C4B0F953BFE04C6BF53557
[&Axl2AAA=] - Sweltering Canyons
[&Axl3AAA=] - Cathedral of Zephyrs
[&Axl4AAA=] - 8E4FF39B7330C068
[&Axl5AAA=] - Zinder Slope
[&Axl6AAA=] - 9B63A2ACEF257F3F78BEAB0930A0
[&Axl7AAA=] - 6B4BEDB0A482CE0BABA09D2C873FAE20D8A7DC00C3EA54BA67200D33C6CC12FAE51485A8EF225F2EEB6B7BA2E2E8F7762BA2B4A956CA5D4F2E6340E53D085EF2601CD98ED62FF13D3CFF8EE8066A
[&Axl8AAA=] - Lapatl Grounds
[&Axl9AAA=] - Shrine of the Six
[&Axl+AAA=] - A49D5C9A6F22CA50F2
[&Axl/AAA=] - Zone Red
[&AxoBAAA=] - 
[&AxoCAAA=] - Help!
[&AxoDAAA=] - I can't turn down fine ale. Just don't let me get too drunk, or Vidkun will have my hide.
[&AxoEAAA=] - Gairwen
[&AxoFAAA=] - You will not steal our artifacts!
[&AxoGAAA=] - Some assistance would be nice!
[&AxoHAAA=] - Shield Master
[&AxoIAAA=] - We can't hold on!
[&AxoJAAA=] - See you in your nightmares!
[&AxoKAAA=] - Now you die.
[&AxoLAAA=] - Grawl win.
[&AxoMAAA=] - For the Voice!
[&AxoNAAA=] - Shoo! No. No. No.
[&AxoOAAA=] - Take a deep breath!
[&AxoPAAA=] - Your blood flows well.
[&AxoQAAA=] - Warband, to me!
[&AxoRAAA=] - Ascalon will rise again!
[&AxoSAAA=] - Give my regards to Prince Rurik!
[&AxoTAAA=] - I smell fear.
[&AxoUAAA=] - Infidels! After them!
[&AxoVAAA=] - We cannot be defeated!
[&AxoWAAA=] - Damn your eyes!
[&AxoXAAA=] - Now it ends!
[&AxoYAAA=] - This is what it's come to.
[&AxoZAAA=] - Breathe your last!
[&AxoaAAA=] - Kill!
[&AxobAAA=] - Krewe! Attack!
[&AxocAAA=] - You don't want this fight.
[&AxodAAA=] - Oh, my. Not good.
[&AxoeAAA=] - Next!
[&AxofAAA=] - And now I Dream.
[&AxogAAA=] - I see you.
[&AxohAAA=] - Defend yourself!
[&AxoiAAA=] - I won't let this stop me.
[&AxojAAA=] - The Ministry will avenge me.
[&AxokAAA=] - Over here.
[&AxolAAA=] - Crush them now! Crush them fast!
[&AxomAAA=] - Immolate!
[&AxonAAA=] - The Brand holds dangers.
[&AxooAAA=] - Greetings.
[&AxopAAA=] - Seize the moment.
[&AxoqAAA=] - Do you work for me?
[&AxorAAA=] - Raven sees all, knows all.
[&AxosAAA=] - Knowledge is power.
[&AxotAAA=] - May the Six watch over you.
[&AxouAAA=] - I'm sworn to protect this place.
[&AxovAAA=] - Need something?
[&AxowAAA=] - History never lies. Historians however....
[&AxoxAAA=] - Everyone fights for something.
[&AxoyAAA=] - Speak up.
[&AxozAAA=] - Greetings, salutations, and good tidings to you.
[&Axo0AAA=] - Huh?
[&Axo1AAA=] - What do you want?
[&Axo2AAA=] - Tell me more.
[&Axo3AAA=] - The unknown wilts in your shadow.
[&Axo4AAA=] - Like you, I appreciate a mental challenge.
[&Axo5AAA=] - May Melandru guide you.
[&Axo6AAA=] - Give up, it's not a challenge anymore.
[&Axo7AAA=] - Woooooooo!
[&Axo8AAA=] - Save yourselves!
[&Axo9AAA=] - 
[&Axo+AAA=] - Ah, some light reading.
[&Axo/AAA=] - Losing the point is idiotic.
[&AxpAAAA=] - I grow more lovely all the time.
[&AxpBAAA=] - Stalwart. Dauntless. Concentration!
[&AxpCAAA=] - Oh, no. I'll miss it.
[&AxpDAAA=] - 1C7286FC69998D4CDCE196DC647F13B9480A4CF08FD3C17E4CF37694F70AC1CF967401389210E7BD8FD2AD68D72B9C27B8E34537FC95D63297EFBCB171B073DC444D60D031D9B066CAEA31EF13E31B9CFC767388
[&AxpEAAA=] - Evening
[&AxpFAAA=] - Pastel Mint
[&AxpGAAA=] - Red Team
[&AxpHAAA=] - Undead Unarmed
[&AxpIAAA=] - A8B1DA0ACCF8462308C9050DC4DFF7D17CE80C0F6E610D726935961A6D67DE67677BB646942F80
[&AxpJAAA=] - 1968653CFED01C9B3BC97AD1F997814DAC1C3E8CB056B5A719C92287EDFAC06F388FC379949F9490A16B7AE4612F13E1BBCFDF13596B0BB89E80F1AFF7141E65C9A7E7E429FB
[&AxpKAAA=] - 8AFADC53AC11563460401FEFFA506A4420E684B761E78B23
[&AxpLAAA=] - F8BCB6D767B8A6756E35C8BC707C01518BB98B6CC213B6CCEA651EFC4BEDAD3FB2
[&AxpMAAA=] - Your pet is too far from that target!
[&AxpNAAA=] - 934BC975F1993CDEAD6AFDE3FC4FA3A1FB60CC6D471ABC363AA3A215
[&AxpOAAA=] - Skill Challenges
[&AxpPAAA=] - Serve
[&AxpQAAA=] - You've unlocked the power of Occam's Hammer.
[&AxpRAAA=] - Falconer's Leggings
[&AxpSAAA=] - Berserker's Cabalist Leggings
[&AxpTAAA=] - 88E3EA52C51BE84FF93729357E1ACECB
[&AxpUAAA=] - 7BD60323847B
[&AxpVAAA=] - F7E6E5ACC29D7D4339E58D2F84AA82DE
[&AxpWAAA=] - Gain tier 4 regeneration for the next 30 minutes.
[&AxpXAAA=] - Bowl[s] of Chopped Garden Vegetables
[&AxpYAAA=] - 6ED01FF8BF87054D61FE106A05272406
[&AxpZAAA=] - Ogre Battle Standard
[&AxpaAAA=] - Bow
[&AxpbAAA=] - D352A821999C3C863F54C96B8E3E2E3CD898
[&AxpcAAA=] - Black Haven is Already Safer
[&AxpdAAA=] - 290DAD8083B29070A9DEA6E1D01698D874E74CDD93A474BBA281
[&AxpeAAA=] - A454CF07B7820F50968ADFA7ED1ED38D0B719120341535C327422CC8B87F5DFE314641047FE9ED25E20949D4369DF23C592C418107915D9EA6F80ABC9859D20831EC848515DF1965C27A8CCB2CE391773B0373A1A99AB79261FF
[&AxpfAAA=] - B47CB4D1BED31CC6B09F88990C
[&AxpgAAA=] - 58DA248B83148B3FE4F97262C4B6D0B7163036
[&AxphAAA=] - 743780B2E7A52719F62471EE48B93DD6B176B47B8AC54E80C536EB00935A07DE435E44BADD81E1188226C96260117E2F20C8CFAD5416C70E039B4695D14D79F769C1202C9E94E819EFB4944384132D1AA8849925FEF09A8FD27B25BF77DEDDC561BEADD560C269824C28D3E3EC275D1FA9E8C0A36577CD85086D42D1686C
[&AxpiAAA=] - Lost Treasure Chest
[&AxpjAAA=] - 4B1AEB9F9D7F4C76F82B16936B4A7C
[&AxpkAAA=] - FBF7D0D3B850AE4815DBD165A0F5DCF551BF992B551822541305E42AE990EF4A
[&AxplAAA=] - 37C3D32C5662D49945CB7C190CED
[&AxpmAAA=] - Dwayna's Embrace
[&AxpnAAA=] - Chunk[s] of Raw Dredge Ore
[&AxpoAAA=] - Sopping Wet Drunk
[&AxppAAA=] - Escort the messenger golem to Murmur Isle.
[&AxpqAAA=] - Immune to Blind " Causes Bleeding and Vulnerability
[&AxprAAA=] - 99B0C9BBC7EA75E7E795807787E1989B25D936394F6D4CD95D9930D6DEAE641A6212CC7E23DF2FCAD6C2
[&AxpsAAA=] - 06D28878
[&AxptAAA=] - physical strength
[&AxpuAAA=] - I grew up poor, on the streets, living hand to mouth. Every day was a challenge, but like I tell my ol' buddy Quinn, "If it doesn't kill you, it makes you stronger." I've worked hard to change my luck, but I've still got a long way to go.
[&AxpvAAA=] - <br><br>I'm a guardian. I have the helm and the curiosity of a visionary.<br><br>This is my story.<br>
[&AxpwAAA=] - Helo Murkhaunt
[&AxpxAAA=] - Brisban Wildlands
[&AxpyAAA=] - You've recruited your first new warband member, and Tribune Rytlock Brimstone has new orders for you. It's another chance to impress a high-ranking Blood Legion officer and cement your status as a leader.
[&AxpzAAA=] - Until now, you've been sleeping. Dreaming. Seeing the wonder of the world, but only at a distance. Now, something has roused you within your Dream. A voice calls to you, a voice both familiar and yet unknown.
[&Axp0AAA=] - Claw Island is a small island of barren stone at the mouth of Sanctum Harbor. Created during the early years of the city, the fortress has stood for a generation as the first line of defense against Zhaitan and Orr. It has never been overcome.
[&Axp1AAA=] - E526B9622D4C0F448E71
[&Axp2AAA=] - Apostate Wastes
[&Axp3AAA=] - Waste Hollows
[&Axp4AAA=] - Social
[&Axp5AAA=] - Skrittsburgh Center
[&Axp6AAA=] - Wait, did I just miss out on a whole fight? Oh, well. When you have a moment, let's chat.
[&Axp7AAA=] - 5CFE4F27D568A78F1108AB0735874A77D04B12FFD2650E2E189CEE20AF7ECA9C3236BA
[&Axp8AAA=] - Aquanarium Hydropost
[&Axp9AAA=] - Queen's Throne Room
[&Axp+AAA=] - Vermin's Folly
[&Axp/AAA=] - Zone Blue (Under Construction)
[&AxsBAAA=] - 
[&AxsCAAA=] - Thank you.
[&AxsDAAA=] - That's all for me. I yield!
[&AxsEAAA=] - Undead to the east. Be ready!
[&AxsFAAA=] - Renegade
[&AxsGAAA=] - That way!
[&AxsHAAA=] - Through valor and a thirst for justice, you earned Logan Thackeray's trust.
[&AxsIAAA=] - Hostiles at the capture point.
[&AxsJAAA=] - Now my golem will never...
[&AxsKAAA=] - For Ascalon!
[&AxsLAAA=] - My spirit endures.
[&AxsMAAA=] - My blood will stain your soul.
[&AxsNAAA=] - Quaggan likes you better now.
[&AxsOAAA=] - You asked for this!
[&AxsPAAA=] - Seeking death?
[&AxsQAAA=] - Our land! Our rules!
[&AxsRAAA=] - Narr.
[&AxsSAAA=] - Kill every last one!
[&AxsTAAA=] - You have won nothing!
[&AxsUAAA=] - Dead meat.
[&AxsVAAA=] - The Legion lives on!
[&AxsWAAA=] - You were weak.
[&AxsXAAA=] - I will never surrender.
[&AxsYAAA=] - Stay back.
[&AxsZAAA=] - I am undone.
[&AxsaAAA=] - Stay down!
[&AxsbAAA=] - I see a new test subject.
[&AxscAAA=] - Prepare to be eradicated!
[&AxsdAAA=] - Keep running, smart guy!
[&AxseAAA=] - My prowess is legend!
[&AxsfAAA=] - You must be stopped!
[&AxsgAAA=] - Back me up!
[&AxshAAA=] - It's too quiet out there.
[&AxsiAAA=] - Revenge is sweet.
[&AxsjAAA=] - Everyone pays, eventually.
[&AxskAAA=] - Incoming!
[&AxslAAA=] - Break them.
[&AxsmAAA=] - Air!
[&AxsnAAA=] - Duty calls.
[&AxsoAAA=] - How's it going?
[&AxspAAA=] - I'm sworn to protect this place.
[&AxsqAAA=] - Talk to me.
[&AxsrAAA=] - A pleasure to see you.
[&AxssAAA=] - What do you need to know?
[&AxstAAA=] - How can I help?
[&AxsuAAA=] - Seize the moment.
[&AxsvAAA=] - How do you do?
[&AxswAAA=] - Excelsior.
[&AxsxAAA=] - Hail.
[&AxsyAAA=] - Things sure change.
[&AxszAAA=] - There is no higher authority than the council.
[&Axs0AAA=] - You're no match for my intellect.
[&Axs1AAA=] - Speak.
[&Axs2AAA=] - May Balthazar strengthen you.
[&Axs3AAA=] - Fight what cannot be fought.
[&Axs4AAA=] - Seize the moment.
[&Axs5AAA=] - May Melandru blaze your path.
[&Axs6AAA=] - I'm winning.
[&Axs7AAA=] - Awesome!
[&Axs8AAA=] - Retreat!
[&Axs9AAA=] - 
[&Axs+AAA=] - Unleash your wisdom, book.
[&Axs/AAA=] - No! We need to recapture the point!
[&AxtAAAA=] - That courtier hit too many branches when he fell off the Pale Tree.
[&AxtBAAA=] - Intent. Unyielding. Resolve!
[&AxtCAAA=] - You killed my minion!
[&AxtDAAA=] - 3C99B628FAC11353AFD5216A14E73CAA78EF1AA95E0ADA85840BD240CA05DDE82472A06F0B0D683444D63082210BB54C271D4D3B8CFB9EB28FE44D655175
[&AxtEAAA=] - Evergreen
[&AxtFAAA=] - Pastel Olive
[&AxtGAAA=] - Blue Team
[&AxtHAAA=] - Undead Unarmed Explode
[&AxtIAAA=] - Arcane Mine
[&AxtJAAA=] - 68BF2027487D7017FE8D5BC6911356A1B642140413F8C3DD
[&AxtKAAA=] - CA6FF3564F536A6BDDE4422E4B4E63DD50E0A0B9ECC0CB64FF85
[&AxtLAAA=] - First, let me say thanks for helping out at Vidius Castrum. Second, I'd like to encourage you to head out to Atrox Castrum. The Order of Whispers is out there, and they could use someone with your abilities. I'm not a fan of their methods, but that isn't my call. Report to their commander just outside Atrox. Goes by the name of Mippa.  She's asuran. Good luck!
.Holla Copperwield
[&AxtMAAA=] - 3FAE9EAC8C3DE79D150EFFA1F996B5115A01C0232C
[&AxtNAAA=] - War Beast
[&AxtOAAA=] - Fire grapeshot to bleed foes.
[&AxtPAAA=] - 660D95C44EC593230579F6C7E7295173B86430A70852F928AEF8D77BAB09CA3E8F1F290A1BB264AE97FED2B46A91D716CDF3DEDE057EB5BA5FA0
[&AxtQAAA=] - Tiny Claw[s]
[&AxtRAAA=] - Falconer's Shoulderpads
[&AxtSAAA=] - A5BD38A5798DC6B13EAFC2
[&AxtTAAA=] - 0ACCFED2FDAE5234
[&AxtUAAA=] - C0BA2C7E4BCCBC812CEA81F7071D
[&AxtVAAA=] - 524EC0BB821AF04262CE
[&AxtWAAA=] - Boon of Regeneration (Tier 4)
[&AxtXAAA=] - Bowl[s] of Roux
[&AxtYAAA=] - 8D3717099B5E2519E32FBEF6FF519872FF4CBBD60B3DE56D9C475B7AC4B1AB06DC0AF0BECCE28A664361A99BE4C5983E1CE36073C10D025F41153DC04AA81B83E74AEDF64F06ED19F4BF48538E116BA01C87FC90E94F391CC9C43B7422A64C96
[&AxtZAAA=] - AAE0618279C5F7E12A1E4E96AE7D54A2C17BC3CD
[&AxtaAAA=] - Dagger
[&AxtbAAA=] - Copper Ore
[&AxtcAAA=] - Thank you for your aid with Greyhoof Meadows. The high quality of the centaurs' armaments makes it difficult for us to retain control of the meadows. Finding the source.likely bandit suppliers.will be critical to pushing them out of these lands once and for all. 

Regardless, distributing badges to the families of fallen Seraph is of the utmost importance to us, and you have helped make that possible. Now we can finally give those families something to commemorate their loved ones' service. 

.Sergeant Rane
[&AxtdAAA=] - B6363A78D6
[&AxteAAA=] - Worn Leather Boots
[&AxtfAAA=] - 3766A4C3AEB3028D00
[&AxtgAAA=] - F97873D512BBDC9DE01EA7B119A4CE
[&AxthAAA=] - Progeny Fritzi
[&AxtiAAA=] - 90B01AB3F5D291DA17B70EE6D28944FB1D67EEBF148948B8A8732C70222D91B2757104AA9297B6
[&AxtjAAA=] - 68E786168D78E70B2BC6
[&AxtkAAA=] - C068E11B778969DCEE82E45060DC92AFDB839C64F3983DD6575DC941B887422E8E37CA
[&AxtlAAA=] - Pungent Gladiolus Flower[s]
[&AxtmAAA=] - 4344B9A3D8E7DD5E3FBAD0
[&AxtnAAA=] - Impact Heal
[&AxtoAAA=] - Magic Spear
[&AxtpAAA=] - 7895E79F833968ACF140A35BA898B796C98A948D06DB4A2F837C77B0
[&AxtqAAA=] - Metrica Province is the domain of the asura of Rata Sum. The landscape is littered with their private laboratories and discarded experiments, and entire landscapes have been transformed under the not-so-gentle hands of these small geniuses.
[&AxtrAAA=] - 16D12A74B2BBFBC13E606054C1D2EC01877627896720F61BAC340E9CF51EDE776428C6EE5F9EFFEC97C7
[&AxtsAAA=] - +16 Precision
[&AxttAAA=] - reflexes
[&AxtuAAA=] - <br><br>My people are dirt poor, and I've struggled all my life.
[&AxtvAAA=] - My most useful tool is my ______.
[&AxtwAAA=] - Flame killer
[&AxtxAAA=] - Metrica Province is the domain of the asura of Rata Sum. The landscape is littered with their private laboratories and discarded experiments, and entire landscapes have been transformed under the not-so-gentle hands of these small geniuses.
[&AxtyAAA=] - Rage Suppression
[&AxtzAAA=] - Fighting the Nightmare
[&Axt0AAA=] - The Battle of Claw Island
[&Axt1AAA=] - BD250F7ACB7D8BD7FD5FB35D488C6882ABD862
[&Axt2AAA=] - Keeper's Sanctum
[&Axt3AAA=] - Pyrite Peninsula
[&Axt4AAA=] - Cleric's Exalted Boots
[&Axt5AAA=] - Skrittsburgh East End
[&Axt6AAA=] - Foo! Quaggan wasn't expecting a fight so soon. This could be tricky.
[&Axt7AAA=] - Korag
[&Axt8AAA=] - Stormbluff Beacon
[&Axt9AAA=] - D41CBB77B1230904E405B77A8B3323CBEADE3C1771CC2D
[&Axt+AAA=] - 148B0E1D2756C6
[&Axt/AAA=] - 6432A31E724FE53CE4E8856B87771612A8CF01580E51
[&AxwBAAA=] - 
[&AxwCAAA=] - Thank you.
[&AxwDAAA=] - To Jormag!
[&AxwEAAA=] - There, to the west. More undead.
[&AxwFAAA=] - Open fire!
[&AxwGAAA=] - Hey, will somebody help me out here?
[&AxwHAAA=] - Crime and Punishment
[&AxwIAAA=] - We've lost control.
[&AxwJAAA=] - Inquest above all!
[&AxwKAAA=] - I need assistance over here!
[&AxwLAAA=] - You look weak to me.
[&AxwMAAA=] - The sky will fall on you!
[&AxwNAAA=] - CoooOOoooo!
[&AxwOAAA=] - One last gasp. Unh!
[&AxwPAAA=] - Over here!
[&AxwQAAA=] - Strength and Iron!
[&AxwRAAA=] - Meet your maker!
[&AxwSAAA=] - I want to hear you scream.
[&AxwTAAA=] - Death is inevitable.
[&AxwUAAA=] - Ya lily-livered rat!
[&AxwVAAA=] - Strength and Iron!
[&AxwWAAA=] - You lose.
[&AxwXAAA=] - Are you lost?
[&AxwYAAA=] - I need help!
[&AxwZAAA=] - The ground take your blood!
[&AxwaAAA=] - Blood Legion!
[&AxwbAAA=] - Vivisection time!
[&AxwcAAA=] - You can't outrun cowardice!
[&AxwdAAA=] - Inquest over all!
[&AxweAAA=] - It was a good day.
[&AxwfAAA=] - Your dissolution was inevitable.
[&AxwgAAA=] - You're nothing.
[&AxwhAAA=] - To me, my herd!
[&AxwiAAA=] - Remember me?
[&AxwjAAA=] - I need an assist!
[&AxwkAAA=] - No.
[&AxwlAAA=] - Break their bodies. Break their spirits.
[&AxwmAAA=] - The wind obeys me!
[&AxwnAAA=] - You need my help?
[&AxwoAAA=] - May the Six watch over you.
[&AxwpAAA=] - I sense you've been called here.
[&AxwqAAA=] - Know what cannot be known.
[&AxwrAAA=] - Raven knows, but doesn't reveal.
[&AxwsAAA=] - You have questions?
[&AxwtAAA=] - Greetings.
[&AxwuAAA=] - Honor the past.
[&AxwvAAA=] - Can I help you?
[&AxwwAAA=] - Truth and knowledge are two different things.
[&AxwxAAA=] - The Vigil will cure what ails this world.
[&AxwyAAA=] - Hello, youngster.
[&AxwzAAA=] - Dark times call for dark deeds.
[&Axw0AAA=] - Excelsior.
[&Axw1AAA=] - You look smarter than most.
[&Axw2AAA=] - The law is on your side.
[&Axw3AAA=] - Seize the moment.
[&Axw4AAA=] - Wisdom doesn't come looking for you.
[&Axw5AAA=] - You seek guidance?
[&Axw6AAA=] - No, this doesn't happen to me!
[&Axw7AAA=] - Hey! Over here.
[&Axw8AAA=] - Find that anger.
[&Axw9AAA=] - Stay alert!
[&Axw+AAA=] - Time to stimulate my mind.
[&Axw/AAA=] - An unpleasant development.
[&AxxAAAA=] - Oh, I'm a little turret, short and stout. Here is my ammo, here is my snout.
[&AxxBAAA=] - Tenacious. Determined. Persistence!
[&AxxCAAA=] - Another minion down. I'll have to make more.
[&AxxDAAA=] - ACB3C42EC5AB2E4ABC009EEF39D893D0A82F1FA4D7B7F805B0D4A1E334D08AB83908133D7E9BDB973120FC5CF8EF7782B6AEA5045447BB43F36878F8EDDA8AF12291B62479D9E3077848852BB7DB7B915C2E63A26AFA150662C9CC
[&AxxEAAA=] - Far Mountain
[&AxxFAAA=] - Pastel Peach
[&AxxGAAA=] - Green Team
[&AxxHAAA=] - MONSTER ONLY Grub Unarmed
[&AxxIAAA=] - Point Defense Turret
[&AxxJAAA=] - Corwinna
[&AxxKAAA=] - 21C4FCE1B5ABB1D669386E6982AF
[&AxxLAAA=] - Our grawl alliance experiment was a resounding success. We never expected those primitive shamans to wield such power. Expect further experimentation to see how we can harness their magic. We couldn't have done it without you. Thanks. With your skill set, you should look up Bellator the Quiet in Burnt Hollow. I hear the Ash Legion needs help.
[&AxxMAAA=] - Conditions applied to you have 5%% reduced duration.
[&AxxNAAA=] - 0941313D6FA8DBE3B414C56A084EB424672A17B865C87AF011BC
[&AxxOAAA=] - D8CAE66924885EF85E508E7560A38F92B0EA58E3A9
[&AxxPAAA=] - 2E91983EDE5698EBA4
[&AxxQAAA=] - Vigorous Trident
[&AxxRAAA=] - Avenger's Footgear
[&AxxSAAA=] - Heritage Boots
[&AxxTAAA=] - 97C7F91972C7F93EA78B4B5ADA275A9CE7
[&AxxUAAA=] - 89E88E9E062B5FDB4479
[&AxxVAAA=] - 8618C80C9CB1751622858395D871B1C8A21DC686B4
[&AxxWAAA=] - Nobody gets past your defenses.
[&AxxXAAA=] - Bowl[s] of Cream Soup Base
[&AxxYAAA=] - B8955BB210A266CF80E7F33C25E1E914E8A24797E0C87494326D222C
[&AxxZAAA=] - Skritt Dagger
[&AxxaAAA=] - 57D65133D74DD48C
[&AxxbAAA=] - Gold Ore
[&AxxcAAA=] - Bronze Rifle Barrel[s]
[&AxxdAAA=] - 70E604D742B68F81A3D065BBF25D5155D2F53657ADBF2884C263AD8106463DCFC54C531ABA5B339F0214603DAC2C96800F1B93AD20EF6D157530BD5CEE3509085F
[&AxxeAAA=] - 794299C4A34B1F055442168942E51A986A72695E
[&AxxfAAA=] - D6324619516C498042EFBB6E7844
[&AxxgAAA=] - D348E3344DB1D1172E0DD64E75D2
[&AxxhAAA=] - B58A88DBC0B813958A20C075B25B49
[&AxxiAAA=] - B17A9053AEFF470C05B5B1723CACF5BE0972E959E76F2F602D
[&AxxjAAA=] - 48BB1F754E2FE69DEA802E
[&AxxkAAA=] - 3F5CCE7B234B0816F59B55E613431B652157B849DAB674917795624E5C2860
[&AxxlAAA=] - Chunk[s] of Unrefined Dredge Ore
[&AxxmAAA=] - B100A892F360B11EAE98D29EBB4B0F73E9581BE3ED3307D76D37859AFA0E1762B8AA9E795022BE0CEA309250ADB7007BA8FDFDA04B1B0AE1ABE5BD9A4F0BC6D4E1F099EBE38174AF45E24D5AC6952AD6A5B4F7962D2BCA467CAD0DEFC54FE3047D0914CAA9BF7241604D894F58E44509FD
[&AxxnAAA=] - Large Bone[s]
[&AxxoAAA=] - Pact Explosive
[&AxxpAAA=] - 02FA975C94701781FC2FD15D00DC81
[&AxxqAAA=] - Mighty Bronze Rifle
[&AxxrAAA=] - Mighty Bronze Spear
[&AxxsAAA=] - F887AC8DC84621DCEF09FDF46AD836E274E93793BC1DB0329C92700BB0D778CB45F66D702D29F46473B4E7D7622202E349D36C749EB9E5458653082F6ECCC7614154ED0962FEA5454ED2D7A686B406B2EE710CCFA5EE4E33A59E3C35953381E2645FBB2AB6048E8313E0F6985368FD3E2CC2C918E2D84AB7713C9CBA6BF620E363F60D48433F7ADD43EF4F7A3D978C1F5DA59A
[&AxxtAAA=] - My most prized possession is my
[&AxxuAAA=] - One of my biggest regrets is that ______.
[&AxxvAAA=] - My Most Useful Tool.
[&AxxwAAA=] - 74A55F38FCB6F82967B1A33AC6
[&AxxxAAA=] - Metrica Province
[&AxxyAAA=] - The traitor Rage Steeltongue has been spotted in the Black Citadel. Rytlock isn't about to let this loose cannon go off in the center of the Iron Legion capitol, so you and he are going to track Rage down.
[&AxxzAAA=] - You recovered your family heirloom, but it has been corrupted by the Sons of Svanir. While it means you will lose this heirloom for good, you have sided with the kodan in favor of destroying the horn before its corruption threatens Tyria again.
[&Axx0AAA=] - Yeng Isen is an importer of dangerous beasts for the arenas of Lion's Arch. He's also an informant for the Order of Whispers. If he's turned against the Order, the identities of agents across Tyria could be in jeopardy.
[&Axx1AAA=] - 646076B9C2BB9222FDC2001D9B06E93BAC11A755D23228C28D0086F71CAF3E9E781FEE2B32A74AFB50B8034BB1B82FDCDF3026000A3EEECE9167FAF9FE51DB25D078706E968B25940E1B5CBE585765AD
[&Axx2AAA=] - Onager Bivouac
[&Axx3AAA=] - Theater of Delight
[&Axx4AAA=] - Explorer's Exalted Boots
[&Axx5AAA=] - Skrittsburgh Tunnels
[&Axx6AAA=] - Hurry! Teyo's up to something. I think I know what, and it ain't good.
[&Axx7AAA=] - Armor Requisitioner Camotli
[&Axx8AAA=] - Deadend Cave
[&Axx9AAA=] - Ghastly Pistol
[&Axx+AAA=] - Spirit Axe
[&Axx/AAA=] - Herot's Ascent
[&Ax0BAAA=] - 
[&Ax0CAAA=] - Mommy! Where are you?
[&Ax0DAAA=] - To Svanir!
[&Ax0EAAA=] - Here are more seeds. Plant them quickly.
[&Ax0FAAA=] - Directorate Chief Spalaxinov
[&Ax0GAAA=] - You know, something about the new line of golems just doesn't seem right.
[&Ax0HAAA=] - Story Achievement
[&Ax0IAAA=] - They claimed the point.
[&Ax0JAAA=] - Halt intruder.
[&Ax0KAAA=] - I won't die in vain!
[&Ax0LAAA=] - I punish the weak!
[&Ax0MAAA=] - Ready for the next one.
[&Ax0NAAA=] - Go away!
[&Ax0OAAA=] - Swarm them.
[&Ax0PAAA=] - This is not over.
[&Ax0QAAA=] - We will not abide threats.
[&Ax0RAAA=] - Harr! A brawl!
[&Ax0SAAA=] - Choke on this victory.
[&Ax0TAAA=] - Pathetic wretch.
[&Ax0UAAA=] - Get this one!
[&Ax0VAAA=] - Die vermin!
[&Ax0WAAA=] - You're mine.
[&Ax0XAAA=] - Shhh. Listen.
[&Ax0YAAA=] - Leave me be!
[&Ax0ZAAA=] - I can't do it alone!
[&Ax0aAAA=] - Prepare to charge.
[&Ax0bAAA=] - I haven't dismissed you!
[&Ax0cAAA=] - For Ascalon!
[&Ax0dAAA=] - Plan B!
[&Ax0eAAA=] - Care to try your strength?
[&Ax0fAAA=] - Knowledge is power!
[&Ax0gAAA=] - For the Ash Legion!
[&Ax0hAAA=] - Die!
[&Ax0iAAA=] - Now we're even.
[&Ax0jAAA=] - For the queen!
[&Ax0kAAA=] - Negative.
[&Ax0lAAA=] - Never sway, never doubt.
[&Ax0mAAA=] - Lightning and thunder!
[&Ax0nAAA=] - Trouble?
[&Ax0oAAA=] - Why won't you go away?
[&Ax0pAAA=] - Seize the moment.
[&Ax0qAAA=] - Who's the target?
[&Ax0rAAA=] - Fortune must have called you here.
[&Ax0sAAA=] - The past should inspire the future.
[&Ax0tAAA=] - Up for a challenge?
[&Ax0uAAA=] - May the gods protect you.
[&Ax0vAAA=] - May Dwayna bless you.
[&Ax0wAAA=] - Greetings and salutations.
[&Ax0xAAA=] - Some must fight, so that all may be free.
[&Ax0yAAA=] - What do you want?
[&Ax0zAAA=] - May Grenth shield you.
[&Ax00AAA=] - Are you well?
[&Ax01AAA=] - For Iron Legion.
[&Ax02AAA=] - Be careful.
[&Ax03AAA=] - Everyone's a friend here.
[&Ax04AAA=] - So many ideas. So little time.
[&Ax05AAA=] - Preserve the wilderness and it will preserve you.
[&Ax06AAA=] - Wait, no!
[&Ax07AAA=] - Come on.
[&Ax08AAA=] - Let rage strengthen you.
[&Ax09AAA=] - Typical.
[&Ax0+AAA=] - Mmm, delectable.
[&Ax0/AAA=] - I've already calculated our success.
[&Ax1AAAA=] - (hic!) I need another drink.
[&Ax1BAAA=] - Hale. Vital. Recovery!
[&Ax1CAAA=] - Rest well, my loyal friend.
[&Ax1DAAA=] - 5851452890D7D68B505CB1696278B072F1C1365EE5B9589404D5829EC459F94491E77C3AD327AC7B5C283B2F42BAF4B1F23F1BAD2EE0801CB8B0426C42FAEA5CF6C7444D5DFC425EC0AE628E2763723B91533A8FBC5EF3AD72F0B203FA793CE37966CEED1C
[&Ax1EAAA=] - Fern
[&Ax1FAAA=] - Pastel Pink
[&Ax1GAAA=] - Mini Pet
[&Ax1HAAA=] - Abomination Hammer
[&Ax1IAAA=] - Shiverpeak Spirits
[&Ax1JAAA=] - I just heard. The charr are fighting the ogres at Bloodgorge Watch!
[&Ax1KAAA=] - Experimental Golem Shell
[&Ax1LAAA=] - You helped the High Legions dig our claws deeper into the region, and it's greatly appreciated. Even so, there's still much work to be done. We have forces trying to unseat the Flame Legion at Buloh Crossing and the Forge Plains. The war there is hot and furious. They could use you. .Britna Couragemind
[&Ax1MAAA=] - Reduced Condition Duration
[&Ax1NAAA=] - 084EF05AFD835C46ED8111AB2966EDA5D15FABB5E5B9208F01A0C004F0F936E2133DCB47008AF38FEBE4BF3B31175188DDD813F04DD326027149F7FD7AF325244294BBDBF64E3C4B5157FD8B053029CC996EB8BECAC1D6F4851C15FCB39DE6D08C22CADFFDCD94925AA689B503BDB2560E97C7A2A5C16ECEFA251AC942FA0B9B87F887794CFDFA521C3185DEDFFE9B042CC8593C3AFFE3C8B841C0828280D28230CC848FCBB8E5A06ED067
[&Ax1OAAA=] - Assist the skritt of Ratatosk.
[&Ax1PAAA=] - 9D5AA1F154F4699D6FB407378E8D0BF1AE079165659B0DD9F000E956BD8A857F79AEC68D0AB824192BC5EE5A49A9CD5DFC13953D68718EE43FE430F6FF91E2E61BDFF61F6C781348A443FCB0C969898B8091A89BDA6400DEC02A9B14AF
[&Ax1QAAA=] - Nightmare Court Guard
[&Ax1RAAA=] - Avenger's Armor
[&Ax1SAAA=] - Heritage Jerkin
[&Ax1TAAA=] - 6FE9051C7AEC1E20CCD3F269BCCB1CC03434081FDBC67418DED96992
[&Ax1UAAA=] - 510F70058F54469523F903C5EC5C230D46C0
[&Ax1VAAA=] - Ruined Grapes
[&Ax1WAAA=] - Slice[s] of Eda's Apple Pie
[&Ax1XAAA=] - Bowl[s] of Blueberry Pie Filling
[&Ax1YAAA=] - 6CF31437DAB05797359A94EF4569A9F6AF9751633F110C49EBCE5158D56AA0BD009CB53DC6AD4E0A07BD8076A757876E42BF74273EF3032FA637F5C53EDC6C71831B5C0E32B8BC16073F47
[&Ax1ZAAA=] - 7BB1126DC2ABA58646
[&Ax1aAAA=] - 5C0CE098923F6590BC
[&Ax1bAAA=] - Iron Ore
[&Ax1cAAA=] - Darksteel Rifle Barrel[s]
[&Ax1dAAA=] - 3EDFBE24FAE04A401022C1720D31932DEAB3CE2DCFB550B6608200ED41DF26B95B4E890B5472473E9E954C249D1FD1001417300D197A84E5DDB276BB2D4F55B7235C5D87FAFFDAB6E126A522458C54A25BD9DC78C13308D34E74A2FC6BD3AE0581A9E686575D252D78B58B6FE7A85A0EF6CF7CD1A0F040EA30A99ED726C13319F1A66889460A49A37E49B054A74728486D37B635A2A3E69526817FD683601B1846FA2E26141429784BF3192D8F0A6835205BC3EB3E810A72604D8AFFF3F40154EBB4D0F875B34039E6B8495E489AF194D3A29E3D5B7DE442D1211839F48540B47CA3D444CF7BA523F6BA059EB7
[&Ax1eAAA=] - 221BCC6EB26F78AF39A179CCF54B8654EF6F06CFCB08124F564B01EA687A37E82EA9A2CD557D40EE7E9988065BDAD57999B0C275D6D156A4D98426E973C4ABAC17B938BB73831EBDB3D4E94A2909DD452E454C05E6C8A0E7493B79E26D9E78
[&Ax1fAAA=] - 1F12C35E08A6C99A9A630C55
[&Ax1gAAA=] - 57AB03A2E02F9CC6FB0B5C93FB05
[&Ax1hAAA=] - +3 Power
[&Ax1iAAA=] - 2D6477BCF7E871B59CB928F0E207
[&Ax1jAAA=] - 087A5C478ACA86465D48E2
[&Ax1kAAA=] - 73B6BA096A3CD9B4709D48CCCEB2313311ABB1A05591B2E38BF6B91B0D9FD6
[&Ax1lAAA=] - %str1% is alert.
[&Ax1mAAA=] - 46618D45081091CF97B854D73791DA
[&Ax1nAAA=] - Pulse Heal
[&Ax1oAAA=] - You are more vulnerable to ice attacks and take damage each second.
[&Ax1pAAA=] - Spirit of Valor
[&Ax1qAAA=] - Vital Bronze Rifle
[&Ax1rAAA=] - Vital Bronze Spear
[&Ax1sAAA=] - +21 Condition Damage
[&Ax1tAAA=] - banner.
[&Ax1uAAA=] - Regret
[&Ax1vAAA=] - universal multi-tool pack
[&Ax1wAAA=] - Shovel
[&Ax1xAAA=] - Kudu is dead, but the evil that asura do lives on beyond their end. One part of the Inquest's master plan has been shattered, but the machine of terror they have created lives on.
[&Ax1yAAA=] - Test Your Metal
[&Ax1zAAA=] - Preserving the Balance
[&Ax10AAA=] - The Durmand Priory is the single greatest source of knowledge about Tyria, ancient history, and the Elder Dragons. Explorers for the Priory track down lost knowledge and return it to the archives for secret study by the masters of the Order.
[&Ax11AAA=] - 7FE4E8D3001186218EEC39572A44E422054B6F527DF9EBCD15F38B03E4895C89D371E2EDDE8163CA90E5F3DE1C1D4D517A25E7F8AAA4C47246F281AFA223180D12325A677B6EEC919EBEB525718B99F479E92ECFCC6A77070B1921858CA3FE438D
[&Ax12AAA=] - Buloh Crossing
[&Ax13AAA=] - Heavy Coat
[&Ax14AAA=] - Carrion Exalted Pants
[&Ax15AAA=] - Skrittsburgh Hillstead
[&Ax16AAA=] - Focus on the turret! That's the only real advantage she has!
[&Ax17AAA=] - Weapon Requisitioner Arto
[&Ax18AAA=] - Covington Keep
[&Ax19AAA=] - Mina's Target Shooting
[&Ax1+AAA=] - Wreckage of Day's Labor
[&Ax1/AAA=] - D2D8B3A82C1063FA76894FE07458D5798282930CDF8DF0
[&Ax4BAAA=] - 
[&Ax4CAAA=] - Bandit Thug
[&Ax4DAAA=] - Jotun
[&Ax4EAAA=] - The seeds are ready! Remember, the enemy could come from either side. Stay alert!
[&Ax4FAAA=] - I need assistance!
[&Ax4GAAA=] - I'm the important one here! Protect me!
[&Ax4HAAA=] - Your brains and brawn were tested, and you stopped an Inquest plot.
[&Ax4IAAA=] - The enemy captured the point.
[&Ax4JAAA=] - I'd feel bad, if I could.
[&Ax4KAAA=] - I've got a bad feeling.
[&Ax4LAAA=] - Run! Hide! We'll find you!
[&Ax4MAAA=] - Is this death?
[&Ax4NAAA=] - I've got a bad feeling.
[&Ax4OAAA=] - Licked them good!
[&Ax4PAAA=] - You are nothing.
[&Ax4QAAA=] - Die, vermin!
[&Ax4RAAA=] - Looking for trouble?
[&Ax4SAAA=] - Stop what you're doing and aid me!
[&Ax4TAAA=] - To arms! Seize them!
[&Ax4UAAA=] - Harr! A brawl!
[&Ax4VAAA=] - For Ascalon!
[&Ax4WAAA=] - Face me!
[&Ax4XAAA=] - Not worth my time.
[&Ax4YAAA=] - Defend me!
[&Ax4ZAAA=] - I warn you, move along.
[&Ax4aAAA=] - For the Blood Legion!
[&Ax4bAAA=] - I need a new specimen.
[&Ax4cAAA=] - Not again.
[&Ax4dAAA=] - I know someone's out there.
[&Ax4eAAA=] - Flee before me!
[&Ax4fAAA=] - Protect the research!
[&Ax4gAAA=] - This is going to hurt.
[&Ax4hAAA=] - I'll be ready for you!
[&Ax4iAAA=] - I claim this point in the name of me.
[&Ax4jAAA=] - We're done here!
[&Ax4kAAA=] - Yes.
[&Ax4lAAA=] - You are hunter, they are prey.
[&Ax4mAAA=] - Earth!
[&Ax4nAAA=] - May Balthazar strengthen you.
[&Ax4oAAA=] - And you are?
[&Ax4pAAA=] - My garden is your garden.
[&Ax4qAAA=] - Shadows embrace you.
[&Ax4rAAA=] - Honor Raven, and be wise.
[&Ax4sAAA=] - Yeah?
[&Ax4tAAA=] - Good hunting?
[&Ax4uAAA=] - May you find the path home.
[&Ax4vAAA=] - Good to meet you.
[&Ax4wAAA=] - Knowledge is the greatest treasure.
[&Ax4xAAA=] - Remember to eat more sweets!
[&Ax4yAAA=] - For Iron Legion.
[&Ax4zAAA=] - Troubled times.
[&Ax40AAA=] - My new invention will revolutionize the industry.
[&Ax41AAA=] - At ease.
[&Ax42AAA=] - At your service.
[&Ax43AAA=] - Where life, too, should you.
[&Ax44AAA=] - Every experience teaches us something.
[&Ax45AAA=] - What brings you here?
[&Ax46AAA=] - That's not right.
[&Ax47AAA=] - We got incoming!
[&Ax48AAA=] - Strike with fury.
[&Ax49AAA=] - Please, not me.
[&Ax4+AAA=] - I hunger, therefore I eat.
[&Ax4/AAA=] - They can't prevail against me. I mean, us.
[&Ax5AAAA=] - Why are there two of everything?
[&Ax5BAAA=] - <c=@abilitytype>Elixir.</c> Toss Elixir B to randomly grant fury, might, or swiftness to allies.
[&Ax5CAAA=] - Back to dust, my minion.
[&Ax5DAAA=] - FB4E929463A99216E4675067272417A0DBFEAD4F09CE337DDCF863439769D65A6DDED4E6F254B71E4A7B4AC091A149999B195A065894B4765791AC44225D94F4B7BB0E1AE932CC3493
[&Ax5EAAA=] - Flush
[&Ax5FAAA=] - Pastel Purple
[&Ax5GAAA=] - Rock Dog[s]
[&Ax5HAAA=] - Thorn Mortar Seed
[&Ax5IAAA=] - 6727C366CB4B1B1249A985B28492BA1F0E1EFC
[&Ax5JAAA=] - Ascalonian Scout
[&Ax5KAAA=] - 838D26CB42CF852A8BCCE6EC8AF881C6D0183C1D11C2D8D3C75C955B1E9611275D28C6E08CC9873A72092721EE3EAC5D52C3DB0048A7C1A5C6E9
[&Ax5LAAA=] - 4EC598876C7C8FC49DE12BA322E4F481DC694171D1D1E0C7264AB9E2C732BA
[&Ax5MAAA=] - 10527E627B587D38ACB1BD8B560C08A6DA802225CF
[&Ax5NAAA=] - 6D0793D66A1354F9804FD63CD2109E6FB6C587588A
[&Ax5OAAA=] - Vistas
[&Ax5PAAA=] - 0C37D0408F9778E43AAC507648B5D3E2EE097C529EE6A009315512D53CF6B6BDF6513DD40BA686A545216132EB333636A9A308B5C7559E1DC042FC95C529C7AF946A0A0099DD1FCEFC
[&Ax5QAAA=] - 66E708C9D674017D1566353625BEC5BEE00835147459B39318
[&Ax5RAAA=] - Avenger's Gauntlets
[&Ax5SAAA=] - Heritage Armguards
[&Ax5TAAA=] - Masquerade Boots
[&Ax5UAAA=] - BE917E29EC31BDEEDAF20DC081D4ED50
[&Ax5VAAA=] - Cow Leg
[&Ax5WAAA=] - Never Surrender
[&Ax5XAAA=] - Bowl[s] of Chocolate Frosting
[&Ax5YAAA=] - 1E58AEC89BDEB751AD465B38F8DAB6E44114702DBAC67FC47BC9
[&Ax5ZAAA=] - 662938C8E6AA733DE8CAFE6AF964FADB9E363E6B9000C3
[&Ax5aAAA=] - Villager
[&Ax5bAAA=] - Mithril Ore
[&Ax5cAAA=] - Iron Rifle Barrel[s]
[&Ax5dAAA=] - E0D6EFD47AD9D8E3CE486F23E7A312A4893C266D91CA6E71
[&Ax5eAAA=] - 4A9818366D842DB3D07220DB8712124DE7C69E0CA1B40C7803D01319D059CEEDA8FA67BCCBC4BAC74F11FF52CE233F443CFE61F68BC94830BFBAF3BA2A591A61058B7F27C819F56A6EDB94B155BE8E9653E09719336D0FB03C80F29F2A
[&Ax5fAAA=] - 64F84E0C76A2D1A655FEDBBAAA20
[&Ax5gAAA=] - DEDA26D320712ABFC2EBC7662C5039CD80F47309DA9852947D11F220B6CABBF1190A9DA309
[&Ax5hAAA=] - 
[&Ax5iAAA=] - 0FE51CEEEB768A6B23AB1F4B7962D7E8AFFE30BBA54C1FB3F57B50B71696BC
[&Ax5jAAA=] - 91C22D08A6F917326F5BE4ECD880B7
[&Ax5kAAA=] - A8E209351E3E57A038E943C2B26706B42FBC
[&Ax5lAAA=] - %str1% is alert at %str2%.
[&Ax5mAAA=] - Throw Tear
[&Ax5nAAA=] - <c=@abilitytype>Elixir.</c> Shoot an elixir orb, healing nearby allies when it bursts and creating an area of continual healing.
[&Ax5oAAA=] - 928610E386010F043F5C2D79BE285C3E59CC1B8A4BB0A83953D3C0CF
[&Ax5pAAA=] - Brow Placement
[&Ax5qAAA=] - Leopard Shaman
[&Ax5rAAA=] - Mighty Bronze Spear
[&Ax5sAAA=] - Durmand Priory Scholar
[&Ax5tAAA=] - I've already won prizes for my intellect. Just look at my %str1%
[&Ax5uAAA=] - I've never searched for my true parents
[&Ax5vAAA=] - Universal Multi-Tool Pack
[&Ax5wAAA=] - Go to the Personal Story tab in your Hero panel [lbracket]%str1%[rbracket] for details about your story.
[&Ax5xAAA=] - Crucible of Eternity
[&Ax5yAAA=] - Equip an alternate weapon set in the Hero panel, and then use the swap button [lbracket]%str1%[rbracket] next to your skill bar to switch between the two.
[&Ax5zAAA=] - You have chosen to preserve Romke's horn, the last legacy of your famous ancestor. With Eir, you have left the kodan to return to Hoelbrak, where the horn will be displayed in the Great Lodge to be admired by future generations of norn.
[&Ax50AAA=] - Potion of Azantil
[&Ax51AAA=] - 36EE57DFD303765B89B6D54BDD9903FC5AB5AB52ACE77E137E9BCF066FA52D8F72FC9CD6344D4119B56E1351A634B82A02
[&Ax52AAA=] - The Toughstone
[&Ax53AAA=] - Jinx Isle
[&Ax54AAA=] - 56B135E12F3D62B182046E5C6A7C5BD2DF85C579CE04D363A02E1990545B83B957D4C6558EA7D697D2AB1D844ADB7F83986B3A40712E905CD41EBE21477E60EBE0AC6C22B4
[&Ax55AAA=] - The Shattered Henge
[&Ax56AAA=] - Let's get organized. You take out her guards and I'll handle the turret!
[&Ax57AAA=] - E0EA9BEFC34D95CA454120A71761
[&Ax58AAA=] - Bloody Bill's Base
[&Ax59AAA=] - Durmand Hall
[&Ax5+AAA=] - <c=@flavor>"You'll need a shield when they start throwing bottles, gears, and the occasional bomb."<br>.Scholar Antal the Patient</c>
[&Ax5/AAA=] - Theurgic Volute
[&Ax8BAAA=] - 
[&Ax8CAAA=] - Sorry, pal. Pete wants you dead, and Pete's the boss. Nothing personal.
[&Ax8DAAA=] - Die for the glory of the jotun and the Ice Dragon!
[&Ax8EAAA=] - Give me a moment. I need to prepare more seed-plants.
[&Ax8FAAA=] - I need.where did you two go? Help!
[&Ax8GAAA=] - My genius mind always yields results.
[&Ax8HAAA=] - Graduation Day
[&Ax8IAAA=] - For honor!
[&Ax8JAAA=] - Reinforcements!
[&Ax8KAAA=] - You'll pay for your treachery.
[&Ax8LAAA=] - My brothers will avenge me.
[&Ax8MAAA=] - Watch yourself!
[&Ax8NAAA=] - For Ascalon!
[&Ax8OAAA=] - This isn't worth it.
[&Ax8PAAA=] - I've been waiting for you.
[&Ax8QAAA=] - We cannot be defeated!
[&Ax8RAAA=] - Dead meat.
[&Ax8SAAA=] - Run, coward!
[&Ax8TAAA=] - Defend yourselves!
[&Ax8UAAA=] - Looking for trouble?
[&Ax8VAAA=] - The enemy is too strong! Help!
[&Ax8WAAA=] - Fear me.
[&Ax8XAAA=] - A bold move, and a foolish one.
[&Ax8YAAA=] - Croaked them!
[&Ax8ZAAA=] - My spirit lives on.
[&Ax8aAAA=] - Nice hit.
[&Ax8bAAA=] - My calculations were off....
[&Ax8cAAA=] - I need help!
[&Ax8dAAA=] - Success!
[&Ax8eAAA=] - Weaklings.
[&Ax8fAAA=] - What manner of being are you?
[&Ax8gAAA=] - Until we meet again.
[&Ax8hAAA=] - Hahahahahahaha!
[&Ax8iAAA=] - Reporting in: point taken.
[&Ax8jAAA=] - I'm down!
[&Ax8kAAA=] - Affirmative.
[&Ax8lAAA=] - Never look back, never stop.
[&Ax8mAAA=] - I summon the power of our lands!
[&Ax8nAAA=] - Report any suspicious activity.
[&Ax8oAAA=] - No questions!
[&Ax8pAAA=] - There's much to do around here.
[&Ax8qAAA=] - Fight what cannot be fought.
[&Ax8rAAA=] - Seize the moment.
[&Ax8sAAA=] - The legion calls.
[&Ax8tAAA=] - The Spirits of the Wild welcome you.
[&Ax8uAAA=] - Greetings, friend.
[&Ax8vAAA=] - Greetings.
[&Ax8wAAA=] - Push off, landlubber.
[&Ax8xAAA=] - Forget your troubles.
[&Ax8yAAA=] - Speak.
[&Ax8zAAA=] - Long live the queen!
[&Ax80AAA=] - Do you require my assistance?
[&Ax81AAA=] - May Grenth shield you.
[&Ax82AAA=] - You'll be safe on my watch.
[&Ax83AAA=] - Welcome!
[&Ax84AAA=] - Yes, I'm a pirate. So what?
[&Ax85AAA=] - Let's see the color of your coin.
[&Ax86AAA=] - Ha! Remember me?
[&Ax87AAA=] - No.
[&Ax88AAA=] - Fell your foe.
[&Ax89AAA=] - Shoulda stayed in bed.
[&Ax8+AAA=] - Not fine dining, but it'll do.
[&Ax8/AAA=] - Let's settle this quickly.
[&Ax9AAAA=] - (hiccup) Excuse me.
[&Ax9BAAA=] - Ogre Hunter
[&Ax9CAAA=] - Go for the throat!
[&Ax9DAAA=] - 5620F466867E29576F45D367B914140B1CA1CB74B0975D7F0BAA7224FF1D41F447F20D6944CE95C0BE17F33E040BF267598D26EA4386D02C6686771F79E728247420C91BB271
[&Ax9EAAA=] - Frost
[&Ax9FAAA=] - Pastel Rose
[&Ax9GAAA=] - Plant Dog[s]
[&Ax9HAAA=] - Thorn Wall Seed
[&Ax9IAAA=] - F217EF8A752144ADAA76BC82D56BF06AF29612E85FF7ADD8F4B5
[&Ax9JAAA=] - Ogres are trying to take back Bloodgorge Watch! I never thought I'd say this, but go help those charr!
[&Ax9KAAA=] - 902941AEB6E2AB43D4CF46
[&Ax9LAAA=] - The soldiers of the Ash Legion owe you a debt of gratitude. The isolated outposts we've established will be the downfall of the Flame Legion. I hear the kodan refugees up near Haymal Gore need help surviving. Speak to Bassi to learn more.
[&Ax9MAAA=] - Damage is increased by 5%% when wielding an axe, mace, or sword in your off hand.
[&Ax9NAAA=] - <c=@flavor>"Those dings and scratches just give the armor more character."<br>.Bracctus</c>
[&Ax9OAAA=] - E70DF7CECB1B04AC9FE9A267D0D8529E998A2193
[&Ax9PAAA=] - 3E3943611D1677F21F4171E52D7602541D65BDAADEFC338F7507EAFABA548789F35E3B98DE9B0DF31815CD10E2045A38DA08E8A3BDEA51DCB73A0917A2F74B3271EDBDCDC5DBDF45C0
[&Ax9QAAA=] - Heritage Jerkin
[&Ax9RAAA=] - Avenger's Helm
[&Ax9SAAA=] - Heritage Bandana
[&Ax9TAAA=] - Masquerade Raiments
[&Ax9UAAA=] - 0F1A9254DF01A863A83AFA53AC6F
[&Ax9VAAA=] - Shaman's Etched Blaster
[&Ax9WAAA=] - Loaf[pl:"Loaves"] of Bread
[&Ax9XAAA=] - Bottle[s] of Soy Sauce
[&Ax9YAAA=] - 8 Slots, Items in this box will never appear in a sell-to-vendor list and will not move when inventory is sorted.
[&Ax9ZAAA=] - MONSTER ONLY Skritt Sword
[&Ax9aAAA=] - 1642FF4EAC59
[&Ax9bAAA=] - Orichalcum Ore
[&Ax9cAAA=] - Mithril Rifle Barrel[s]
[&Ax9dAAA=] - CE247AA9DB6F46A7B0A5E8A89CD99BE64390AF793698C427E75BAC
[&Ax9eAAA=] - 4EAD38E7E20CE9043F2192F762FD160F66604728F7FE29BF1BA91040A0EB9566EFDFAECCB6F6EF183306FA6933FBAF677EAD1FCD4ACC27C5D0A736E5DF859C383470442BE257161339EBC6FA93CCA65F54F6E1DE8050B8B8
[&Ax9fAAA=] - A89D2679EEA013E32CE0AB
[&Ax9gAAA=] - A5299A89FCDA41821D7B7507E792B62FCC5C5A7740F1
[&Ax9hAAA=] - +3 Condition Damage
[&Ax9iAAA=] - 4B131DA719253C34CED0773B2E1B65F4E31BB6B4229C285F168911D47319E788924AC435A0
[&Ax9jAAA=] - 17671EBB71ACA072726B2EBE53E065C05B
[&Ax9kAAA=] - 8265D6E1AC303B1F96B46E26C0
[&Ax9lAAA=] - Overminer's Boomstick
[&Ax9mAAA=] - ADB0AAE9B08521C705BA5741CC08D0B2
[&Ax9nAAA=] - <c=@abilitytype>Elixir.</c> Launch an elixir orb, healing nearby allies on impact and creating an area of continual healing.
[&Ax9oAAA=] - Aggressive River Drake
[&Ax9pAAA=] - F69FEF0FEB60B00B751979192FB98C4BC9CD1885363476DF358E53C84450ED955D42
[&Ax9qAAA=] - 4BAF7C18
[&Ax9rAAA=] - Vital Bronze Spear
[&Ax9sAAA=] - +21 Healing
[&Ax9tAAA=] - laurel wreath.
[&Ax9uAAA=] - Unknown Parents
[&Ax9vAAA=] - It's got a wrench. It's got a screwdriver. It's got a spade. It's got a lateral displacer! It doesn't matter what you need; this pack has a gadget for every situation.
[&Ax9wAAA=] - Salutations,

From what I hear, the talks at Summit Peak are going well. The Separatists and Renegades are still trying their best to cause trouble, but we've been able to keep them in check on our front. Of course, that wouldn't have been possible without the strength and resourcefulness you displayed on The Siege Plains. I hope this letter finds you well and that your success here encourages you to continue in kind.

.Lieutenant Marrel
[&Ax9xAAA=] - The Inquest are seeking to utilize the power of the Elder Dragons themselves in their desire to dominate the other races. Unless they are stopped, they risk all of Tyria with their maniacal greed.
[&Ax9yAAA=] - Exterminatus HQ is the most prominent test site of the Iron Legion. Having two Tribunes argue over your prototype will make your reputation...if all goes well, that is.
[&Ax9zAAA=] - Means to an End
[&Ax90AAA=] - Forewarned is Forearmed
[&Ax91AAA=] - +7%% chill duration
[&Ax92AAA=] - Cozen Desolation
[&Ax93AAA=] - Karst Plains
[&Ax94AAA=] - 2FD901257DB7D8BDD2FDDDFB51F8BFE6C486E854495B28DCE45CA410DFAB73D4748C9D5F
[&Ax95AAA=] - Duskstruck Moors
[&Ax96AAA=] - Don't let them get to the point!
[&Ax97AAA=] - 89E534692638594F5C43BE82126A
[&Ax98AAA=] - Sullivan's Wake
[&Ax99AAA=] - Maiden's Whisper
[&Ax9+AAA=] - <c=@flavor>"The natural law of combat is to attack your enemy until they stop attacking you."<br>.Durmand Priory Explorer Brokkar</c>
[&Ax9/AAA=] - Murkvale Waypoint
[&AyABAAA=] - 
[&AyACAAA=] - Your friend Quinn's upstairs. You better get up there before it gets too rough for him.
[&AyADAAA=] - All norn will fall before us in time. Your time is now!
[&AyAEAAA=] - That's the last of the seeds. Now, we fight on our own.
[&AyAFAAA=] - Ebon Vanguard
[&AyAGAAA=] - This calls for a celebration!
[&AyAHAAA=] - Today, you proved your strength by stopping a threat to the lodge.
[&AyAIAAA=] - Who's ready to bash some heads!
[&AyAJAAA=] - Quiet. This will end quickly.
[&AyAKAAA=] - Your blood flows well.
[&AyALAAA=] - One more dead coward!
[&AyAMAAA=] - Who goes there?
[&AyANAAA=] - I need assistance over here!
[&AyAOAAA=] - For Adelbern and Ascalon!
[&AyAPAAA=] - Bear calls to me.
[&AyAQAAA=] - The Legion lives on!
[&AyARAAA=] - Ya lily-livered rat!
[&AyASAAA=] - And I was just getting started.
[&AyATAAA=] - Don't make me fight you.
[&AyAUAAA=] - Meet your maker!
[&AyAVAAA=] - What was that?
[&AyAWAAA=] - Rise, my brothers!
[&AyAXAAA=] - Yah!
[&AyAYAAA=] - Feels so cold.
[&AyAZAAA=] - Strength of the earth!
[&AyAaAAA=] - Don't let the gate hit you on the way out!
[&AyAbAAA=] - This should impress you.
[&AyAcAAA=] - You cannot win.
[&AyAdAAA=] - You know too much.
[&AyAeAAA=] - Crush our enemies!
[&AyAfAAA=] - Unprepared for...field duty!
[&AyAgAAA=] - Who's got my back?
[&AyAhAAA=] - I'll have my revenge.
[&AyAiAAA=] - This one's mine!
[&AyAjAAA=] - Justice.
[&AyAkAAA=] - Go shave yourself.
[&AyAlAAA=] - Ever forward, to victory!
[&AyAmAAA=] - I can move mountains!
[&AyAnAAA=] - Did you need assistance?
[&AyAoAAA=] - What?
[&AyApAAA=] - Every day brings new faces.
[&AyAqAAA=] - We live in dangerous times.
[&AyArAAA=] - At your service.
[&AyAsAAA=] - This is important, right?
[&AyAtAAA=] - Ho, traveler!
[&AyAuAAA=] - For Ascalon!
[&AyAvAAA=] - Embrace simplicity.
[&AyAwAAA=] - You made a mistake talking to me.
[&AyAxAAA=] - I'm here to entertain.
[&AyAyAAA=] - At ease.
[&AyAzAAA=] - We serve the queen.
[&AyA0AAA=] - You made a mistake talking to me.
[&AyA1AAA=] - Don't fear the night.
[&AyA2AAA=] - Seize the moment.
[&AyA3AAA=] - Rest awhile.
[&AyA4AAA=] - Yar.
[&AyA5AAA=] - What do you need?
[&AyA6AAA=] - Yeah, that's what I thought.
[&AyA7AAA=] - No way.
[&AyA8AAA=] - Laugh at your pains.
[&AyA9AAA=] - To me!
[&AyA+AAA=] - A satisfying beverage.
[&AyA/AAA=] - There's little time left.
[&AyBAAAA=] - This is so great. So great.
[&AyBBAAA=] - Launches in external browser window
[&AyBCAAA=] - 0DEB1EC8EB8D3B6FBC3F710B714F1A6F03CE3FF1A29AA038CF9865
[&AyBDAAA=] - 1E42186CC706F6AD8881F9E195658FD3EA3C8F4D8C2A9C5AA69D12288D4222195E9CFE4B6AF477E12ECB463C1D7389BFD270D4D134E3F6E01F7BE82B051A2DE4733A6736CA50AB83383F0173D179FE
[&AyBEAAA=] - Frosted Sea
[&AyBFAAA=] - Pastel Sea
[&AyBGAAA=] - Warg Dog[s]
[&AyBHAAA=] - Explosive Thorn Seed
[&AyBIAAA=] - Durmand Priory Scholar
[&AyBJAAA=] - Allied forces are attacking Foulbear Kraal! Hurry! They need all the help they can get against the ogres!
[&AyBKAAA=] - C23474B15805C4AE194D1BDA2C78866BF25442F5A12B3AC968ECD6DF7831FA1C37028FC259AB07C5B1FC374472BA8D028C09C196FAF95C76
[&AyBLAAA=] - The Kodan of Heimal Gore will be singing your praises for years. All the assistance you've provided to them will help them survive in this new land. I hear that Karri has need of your assistance with Flame Legion near Mangonel Caverns. Good luck. .Bassi
[&AyBMAAA=] - C7AD593C9C9B978DA9BB5D1614DC4804AEDE3CAA
[&AyBNAAA=] - Modniir Shaman
[&AyBOAAA=] - 7E0CCA68361E219C7EFA28391543494DCDFAC425
[&AyBPAAA=] - DBD360AE722CDC90308FEE484FA6D962822DABCBA8148DCFFE2A22771F3E03F8DE8E9D1AE1496E4E080957E475DC0C68DC976928EA0ABF4BC4C80305D8C233944B92
[&AyBQAAA=] - Heritage Armguards
[&AyBRAAA=] - Avenger's Chausses
[&AyBSAAA=] - Heritage Legguards
[&AyBTAAA=] - Masquerade Leggings
[&AyBUAAA=] - C17D1C19E2C56F760BDDAB
[&AyBVAAA=] - 1BA828EEF4C151676557D455DF0AF0CD
[&AyBWAAA=] - The next 10,000 experience is increased by +40%%.
[&AyBXAAA=] - Pile[s] of Divinity Fair Herbs
[&AyBYAAA=] - 8 Slot Invisible Leather Pack
[&AyBZAAA=] - skritt throwing weapon
[&AyBaAAA=] - F445DE3F5884D7C0BD
[&AyBbAAA=] - Platinum Ore
[&AyBcAAA=] - Orichalcum Rifle Barrel[s]
[&AyBdAAA=] - 2C2D2534B04271294C05854E1E4EA554537D0CBC857BD8F40E8D31AC797C61196F93A42C755C3DECA794087B44DC7D
[&AyBeAAA=] - 04F0E3472ADB2D40F98F3604F42772A0D5FC686803A5BA3789B75F759CC1DE6EDA3383548E3A0E0410C9ECC7BB43D255A254DB186CE345096A09D61BB65C1D42AA4D3E3DE57F0FA091F4C25B2249EA4CD40752FA9543077CB944E4AE1B3B43CD1408ACA08E7D
[&AyBfAAA=] - 8DE5F2A7024CD5FECA1300A4ED0540488382
[&AyBgAAA=] - They can't last much longer. Don't let up!
[&AyBhAAA=] - +1%% Critical Damage
[&AyBiAAA=] - 61ADCDEE197BA5A97A11F204750189EC77A39A
[&AyBjAAA=] - CEEC2BD469547E443BFB06DBA575FA
[&AyBkAAA=] - DFE584F7CCC693EC77A5D558CF8C064C
[&AyBlAAA=] - 28A07F97F64C31A82B275EEAE8B8AD056FA2052BB1EE82DBD6
[&AyBmAAA=] - B11FB12C0366AD0069EDDEFF4CB9
[&AyBnAAA=] - Flame Recruiter Szagur
[&AyBoAAA=] - Giant Enemy Wasp
[&AyBpAAA=] - 2A1F8C31CA77760E2012160894B1C67965BF12963338A5CDCE4F40858ED4D3E8CB7C99C1649DAC3AF14ACD81888CF2926E640F94629D9DD8C2DDB787E9708F27E4EC4219CCB1C6B3D79F629FE1017FD9C7E3B6AC93B74B85F485
[&AyBqAAA=] - Precise Bronze Rifle
[&AyBrAAA=] - Precise Bronze Spear
[&AyBsAAA=] - 6A5839518ADA922B72B23222BE540C7E85CE81075774D9F547E985A45E4CD043555BE19BE69F08CC44995773D167DB89A42640186F4B4616CC0B6A830A862F3FBEBF26E9A5F392D7EE61C7EB8C03775F91BC5D
[&AyBtAAA=] - sculpture.
[&AyBuAAA=] - When I was an infant, I was abandoned at an orphanage. A kind couple adopted me and became my family. However, I've always wondered about my birth parents.
[&AyBvAAA=] - <br><br>I'm an engineer, and you'll never find me without my universal multi-tool pack at hand.<br><br>This is my story.<br>
[&AyBwAAA=] - Lieutenant Marrel
[&AyBxAAA=] - 3901E28B2E5E2908AF8FC6BCF869E5AB2E16D623DD11D2DFAEA639A8F0F82FE70040F3EDEE80476D9798CD
[&AyByAAA=] - Trybulus Griefblade is behind the recent Flame Legion attacks. Now, he has key information about the Black Citadel's defenses. If you and Rytlock Brimstone can't stop him from using that information, the entire Citadel is in danger.
[&AyBzAAA=] - ((No summary needed. Players never use this actively.))
[&AyB0AAA=] - Killing Fields
[&AyB1AAA=] - Taigan Groves
[&AyB2AAA=] - Sati Passage
[&AyB3AAA=] - 59A6346886298EC58EDDD389E242E075F626652F8AC74A7D54
[&AyB4AAA=] - 823EAF15C13144F1402CD5965163BD10EE25AEE4B7E5F9033A70335847B7A50ED204428CFF349B9BCBB2383BB0EE
[&AyB5AAA=] - Toxal Bog
[&AyB6AAA=] - B1C517C42501266BC0EF26240446BAFAD52C0EC049687014C8CBF8
[&AyB7AAA=] - Talk to me when you are ready to choose your path.
[&AyB8AAA=] - E3850CF8D50CCE79E005A0E0502B7CB39CB70F5B314E498055715DA8F7F2A27D
[&AyB9AAA=] - How may I help you today?
[&AyB+AAA=] - Invictus Castrum
[&AyB/AAA=] - Govoran Waypoint
[&AyEBAAA=] - 
[&AyECAAA=] - Watchman Rebec
[&AyEDAAA=] - Jotun
[&AyEEAAA=] - Keep the undead busy while I prepare more seed-plants.
[&AyEFAAA=] -! It's a trap.
[&AyEGAAA=] - Okay, I yield!
[&AyEHAAA=] - Rising to the Challenge
[&AyEIAAA=] - To battle!
[&AyEJAAA=] - Your existence has been erased.
[&AyEKAAA=] - The enemy is upon us!
[&AyELAAA=] - You're too weak!
[&AyEMAAA=] - Rally to me!
[&AyENAAA=] - I won't die in vain!
[&AyEOAAA=] - This is what it's come to.
[&AyEPAAA=] - Finished already?
[&AyEQAAA=] - Need assistance over here!
[&AyERAAA=] - Get this one!
[&AyESAAA=] - Now it's too late for you.
[&AyETAAA=] - Why here? Why!
[&AyEUAAA=] - Narr.
[&AyEVAAA=] - With my last breath, I...
[&AyEWAAA=] - Keep running.
[&AyEXAAA=] - Someone get over here and help me!
[&AyEYAAA=] - I warned them!
[&AyEZAAA=] - Your shaman needs you!
[&AyEaAAA=] - What'd I ever do to you?
[&AyEbAAA=] - Blood Legion!
[&AyEcAAA=] - I sense intruders.
[&AyEdAAA=] - Stay back! You've been warned.
[&AyEeAAA=] - Help me, my clan!
[&AyEfAAA=] - That was easy.
[&AyEgAAA=] - I am but one arrow in the quiver.
[&AyEhAAA=] - I'm going to enjoy this.
[&AyEiAAA=] - We're losing ground.
[&AyEjAAA=] - Rally to me!
[&AyEkAAA=] - Better run, prey.
[&AyElAAA=] - I'm sneaky.
[&AyEmAAA=] - Water!
[&AyEnAAA=] - We must all do our part.
[&AyEoAAA=] - I am a genius. And you are?
[&AyEpAAA=] - Knowledge is the greatest treasure.
[&AyEqAAA=] - Seize the moment.
[&AyErAAA=] - Speak.
[&AyEsAAA=] - What's broken now?
[&AyEtAAA=] - You must visit more often.
[&AyEuAAA=] - Ah, fish guts. I love my life!
[&AyEvAAA=] - Do you require my assistance?
[&AyEwAAA=] - Avast.
[&AyExAAA=] - Fun times.
[&AyEyAAA=] - You look smarter than most.
[&AyEzAAA=] - What brings you here?
[&AyE0AAA=] - Avast.
[&AyE1AAA=] - May Grenth lead you through the shadows.
[&AyE2AAA=] - We live in dangerous times.
[&AyE3AAA=] - Greetings.
[&AyE4AAA=] - Can you fight? You can be a pirate.
[&AyE5AAA=] - You'll find everything you need here.
[&AyE6AAA=] - Revenge is delicious.
[&AyE7AAA=] - Yes.
[&AyE8AAA=] - Crush your doubts.
[&AyE9AAA=] - Did you hear that?
[&AyE+AAA=] - Thirst, begone!
[&AyE/AAA=] - Faster! Faster!
[&AyFAAAA=] - Oh, why's everybody so serious all the time?
[&AyFBAAA=] - The ultimate quest is peace.
[&AyFCAAA=] - Platinum Blond
[&AyFDAAA=] - 3D05910A83A7DBDD50730F86113EDE4EC6C8F47AE5D180BF173FAFAF1D5560CD6CCEA5022DE81B7ED5E8741214
[&AyFEAAA=] - Frosting
[&AyFFAAA=] - Pastel Spring
[&AyFGAAA=] - Double-click to gain a Miner's Explosive Charge.<br><c=@flavor>"KABBBOM!"<br>.Dianna</c>
[&AyFHAAA=] - Noxious Spore Seed
[&AyFIAAA=] - 82F2A7A7D7A8740C8E6C1156FABD364E5FB479C06FB07D8D261CA4D1
[&AyFJAAA=] - Ascalonian Scout
[&AyFKAAA=] - FCEE4634BDC1A3B228AF15485F1F8DF47573D962A7CA65EB8D7310
[&AyFLAAA=] - You have been of great service to the Pact. With your help and the combined efforts of our troops, we'll show the Flame Legion who is the real power in the world. Your next task is aiding the Ash Legion in storming the Flame Citadel. Speak to Straga Quickstrike at Liberation Dell to learn more. Good luck. 
[&AyFMAAA=] - Dual Wielding
[&AyFNAAA=] - FD18FBA638F3E15165B14EF0C71811172FD3E9A9E7411ECF
[&AyFOAAA=] - Ameranth
[&AyFPAAA=] - Seraph Soldier
[&AyFQAAA=] - 511DE51600F021CD05AD8DC70AD5C6E82870E6AC7BE18716F5355D8CF5B52548543C5933AE42F91A57FEBB
[&AyFRAAA=] - Avenger's Shoulderplates
[&AyFSAAA=] - Heritage Shoulderpads
[&AyFTAAA=] - 12D392AE6770DA958D8267AC01ADE7C86D3B7134
[&AyFUAAA=] - 1072AFE01A04045C9780C1005CEF
[&AyFVAAA=] - 0B9040C6A067C9B7C0B481
[&AyFWAAA=] - Boon of Experience (Tier 4)
[&AyFXAAA=] - Bottle[s] of Ginger Dressing
[&AyFYAAA=] - 8 Slots. If possible, junk items will fill this bag before other empty spaces.
[&AyFZAAA=] - 5178DA83679C01818A6ECC23
[&AyFaAAA=] - BC8789187681D07C
[&AyFbAAA=] - Silver Ore
[&AyFcAAA=] - Steel Rifle Barrel[s]
[&AyFdAAA=] - 6C3D0DDBCEB0AF5362CABBE81AB06FE1943979CC3254F34245F8BD066244D48B2785E1B5534596FBACAEB3F190253BE92502B4A0CFFA6E5696EB820E4210A1683C36F7A6AF0FAC26043B57F9D998B82DB3CC51588E5CF1C08C1680255F2F646B1D72CFF45DD10A4E722B1B3743F405175B2E2ACEEF6BF505CAEE3219EB6D29BD56FE120B3ED6DB49441FAF1C65F270F2FF82E6ED46C3732F7D08D0791913E71477CB7AA96CB1F2459BEA4BEDE93BCD0EB5030E4820937791CFD3033BC5
[&AyFeAAA=] - 9C76DC61D44B7D19A5DE36485B73CDAD815ACF80D75DB31F96CD39A6EC198B5AC4456B50B09FE9657651BA7033A9697D587BC8D46ABAC1FF29D1A70308956D7EC1E2A53E0B173675791D7B068791CECB84672586EF7EBD98348BB5C6EC4A
[&AyFfAAA=] - E3F9B9717E570E956123396B
[&AyFgAAA=] - Just stick close to the Savant and you'll be fine.
[&AyFhAAA=] - +5 Power
[&AyFiAAA=] - B168D8852D937B067237F019FE34DAEC5AC7DFE4D6E6D70789D5F14DAB
[&AyFjAAA=] - 8AD90037EFFECDEEDE1D8179FA7FFE55
[&AyFkAAA=] - E7516D26D22B685C9C223F8C7D7E01D04B
[&AyFlAAA=] - F7F6A2F3729C0FF90D5A1D2AEF566B297F6044166F3909CE3EBBB09F
[&AyFmAAA=] - 2E9524A5813E14D1E0547876D7BB
[&AyFnAAA=] - <c=@abilitytype>Elixir.</c> Drink Elixir U, gaining Quickness and a random utility buff from another profession.
[&AyFoAAA=] - C880C6ACBD1A15FCBCAC59AEBF6A9F3A03592446B6ECA86FBE8D1D7A32B4C91D02F9
[&AyFpAAA=] - 4D271BD7117D2F3C83A589DB4884DB83E893A762811085BD9F079813
[&AyFqAAA=] - Resilient Bronze Rifle
[&AyFrAAA=] - Resilient Bronze Spear
[&AyFsAAA=] - +3%% Magic Find
[&AyFtAAA=] - trophy.
[&AyFuAAA=] - I've made something of myself, and the only thing I regret is that I never searched for my true parents.
[&AyFvAAA=] - eagle-eye goggles
[&AyFwAAA=] - News From The Front Lines
[&AyFxAAA=] - Eternal Battlegrounds
[&AyFyAAA=] - Quick and Quiet
[&AyFzAAA=] - Dredge Technology
[&AyF0AAA=] - The Ghost Rite
[&AyF1AAA=] - The Icesteppes
[&AyF2AAA=] - Mangonel Cavern
[&AyF3AAA=] - Snaketail Inlet
[&AyF4AAA=] - Cleric's Exalted Pants
[&AyF5AAA=] - Nemeton Grove
[&AyF6AAA=] - EF331DB81D88AEBBC2DE88DB969FB25CBA8CC04AAACC9A1A0220B454D3BE201679F8B444A8BC3BA8B3893718D54A04A60FADBDAD057FF67670AF7F20CA7F92EE8A2AA5A618CC96E5BD910401FB7E92D7134AA67581C42887238C3AEC205ADACB5FB25F78A66C8B3351DFFAC8A46115813BE4F27EE6F6CCE7F6719CA890F7DDCAE9BEA38AB19A422551
[&AyF7AAA=] - Are you looking for fortune and glory?
[&AyF8AAA=] - Throw a rock to knock down your foe.
[&AyF9AAA=] - You're far more pleasant than those hoodlums.
[&AyF+AAA=] - Newglade Kraal
[&AyF/AAA=] - Criterion Waypoint
[&AyIBAAA=] - 
[&AyICAAA=] - If you're looking for adventure, I'm the man to talk to.
[&AyIDAAA=] - Our path to power shall be paved with the broken bodies of dead norn.
[&AyIEAAA=] - Warden Guard
[&AyIFAAA=] - Pyzor Ironmane
[&AyIGAAA=] - Can you match my power?
[&AyIHAAA=] - You brought heat to the Flame Legion.
[&AyIIAAA=] - I've got to hurry!
[&AyIJAAA=] - Impressive.
[&AyIKAAA=] - Hm.
[&AyILAAA=] - You'll fight all of us.
[&AyIMAAA=] - For the Mother Tree!
[&AyINAAA=] - The enemy is upon us!
[&AyIOAAA=] - You'll never take over Ascalon! Never!
[&AyIPAAA=] - Someone help me!
[&AyIQAAA=] - The wind blows foul.
[&AyIRAAA=] - Cover me!
[&AyISAAA=] - Your death will last for hours.
[&AyITAAA=] - I need help over here.
[&AyIUAAA=] - See you in your nightmares!
[&AyIVAAA=] - I can't leave my post.
[&AyIWAAA=] - All hands to arms!
[&AyIXAAA=] - Give it your all!
[&AyIYAAA=] - Our land! Stay out.
[&AyIZAAA=] - Our god demands sacrifice!
[&AyIaAAA=] - Help me! Help!
[&AyIbAAA=] - Run weakling!
[&AyIcAAA=] - Justice is served.
[&AyIdAAA=] - Zero tolerance!
[&AyIeAAA=] - To arms!
[&AyIfAAA=] - Appropriate additional colleagues!
[&AyIgAAA=] - For the Vigil!
[&AyIhAAA=] - Join me!
[&AyIiAAA=] - Enemies at the capture point!
[&AyIjAAA=] - I will dispatch you.
[&AyIkAAA=] - Do I kill you now or later?
[&AyIlAAA=] - Take, take, take.
[&AyImAAA=] - My power will drown you!
[&AyInAAA=] - Anything to report?
[&AyIoAAA=] - Nature's reach is boundless.
[&AyIpAAA=] - We know so little.
[&AyIqAAA=] - You'll be safe on my watch.
[&AyIrAAA=] - Yes?
[&AyIsAAA=] - What?
[&AyItAAA=] - May the Six watch over you.
[&AyIuAAA=] - Greetings, mate.
[&AyIvAAA=] - How interesting.
[&AyIwAAA=] - Go away, you scurvy yak.
[&AyIxAAA=] - You have Caudecus to thank for this.
[&AyIyAAA=] - Who do I have to keelhaul to get a drink around here?
[&AyIzAAA=] - Fight what cannot be fought.
[&AyI0AAA=] - Yarr!
[&AyI1AAA=] - Without darkness there can be no light.
[&AyI2AAA=] - There is darkness afoot in the world.
[&AyI3AAA=] - Excelsior.
[&AyI4AAA=] - Those valuables look heavy.
[&AyI5AAA=] - May Lyssa aid you.
[&AyI6AAA=] - This area is mine!
[&AyI7AAA=] - OK.
[&AyI8AAA=] - Embrace the battle.
[&AyI9AAA=] - Choke on this!
[&AyI+AAA=] - A my genius.
[&AyI/AAA=] - Look at the time!
[&AyJAAAA=] - I can hold my liquor. Honest. Look, it's right here in my hand.
[&AyJBAAA=] - I sing a song of joy and growth.
[&AyJCAAA=] - Easy now.
[&AyJDAAA=] - 767FF64CA5875998751E288ABF1D27A6507FFEF5749EF742B184CFB71DC060027A43D33B8707A54FD1D948DFF53C94EED4E701D0986EA23AD507D8B5401E1DAD96DA5B502C68382D746B8B4D28FFF1EF8255101ECF2F4D828B3F72BF1B
[&AyJEAAA=] - Fuchsia
[&AyJFAAA=] - Pastel Violet
[&AyJGAAA=] - Open
[&AyJHAAA=] - Flora Vitae Seed
[&AyJIAAA=] - BA3631AC0D3089067FE43B8162
[&AyJJAAA=] - DC91F58DE8CBC8C2514EAC744DD35EAFA0DB68C724B003BACCB11B599A7A8F9D7C3E8C9EBD42BEEBE7C00C40B06A4FA6C0A0454C895EAF3CC4BB5AAF0AF091E2A5A85C62B3F4478FA37C095783D791045DFF089B93567C2DF90B26115162779421EC46147145F4E3C7E96F92341969377AE7D5F82021C236F7788F6EBB5F00242CEA5E4292F444908DCAF4377C15AC9947771BB25C728E253F84489B709B1820C2A169AAEC27974CDA1469
[&AyJKAAA=] - 0AA30EDF4227EC7FE42A1B28CDFFBCA2E54FE49D25
[&AyJLAAA=] - 2C685153DBDDCE676D5CC582F48BE3C7F07C2ECA707A0E02D50A05928AE378
[&AyJMAAA=] - 0E660141EA2959DBB16C3EEB148419B6AC38AD93D9
[&AyJNAAA=] - 64E377D31AFEC37D584776F620B6E731327CAB932418508A7E5BF5DF
[&AyJOAAA=] - Frost Essence Coagulator
[&AyJPAAA=] - Lionguard
[&AyJQAAA=] - Heritage Shoulderpads
[&AyJRAAA=] - Researcher's Shoes
[&AyJSAAA=] - Grim Boots
[&AyJTAAA=] - Crush your enemies, and see them driven before you!
[&AyJUAAA=] - Flaming Scepter Fragment
[&AyJVAAA=] - 1D279074A136C32F57530CD9A740FB
[&AyJWAAA=] - The next 15,000 experience is increased by +40%%.
[&AyJXAAA=] - 02EDCE2283E242FE72D672142A410B2B28B4D1ABA7
[&AyJYAAA=] - 8 Slot Oiled Leather Pack
[&AyJZAAA=] - Svanir Axe
[&AyJaAAA=] - Greetings. No less than four strangers came up to me yesterday to speak of your recent exploits. You are a rare find in these dark times, someone who selflessly protects so many lives. May the Spirits watch over you.

.Eir Stegalkin
[&AyJbAAA=] - Lump[s] of Tin
[&AyJcAAA=] - Bronze Pistol Barrel[s]
[&AyJdAAA=] - Healing Jute Insignia[s]
[&AyJeAAA=] - 29D21FE64205012C0D72938A152C3293AC78969265BFC6C17A0ED538A24030961A4659836842DADF994FCCA4910AFEF070BECD42622B76CCA5B3F474A67E68A6701F22709AACE014778165FD2703842879A68F8E959537EF430BE9A009667BAC345C2B284A
[&AyJfAAA=] - 65BB52F60F2C83E36D6225BCAD837751BD75
[&AyJgAAA=] - Excellent. Meet me at Garenhoff, and we'll give the Arcane Eye a taste of the Vigil's power.
[&AyJhAAA=] - +6 Condition Damage
[&AyJiAAA=] - 892C12A8219A78C3395671F9BF84FD80
[&AyJjAAA=] - E480D1018E8EEF8AE084D40F37909A
[&AyJkAAA=] - 3DE55FA5
[&AyJlAAA=] - D9DAAF99A4AA0E0D9CF4ABB49C5749C168AE9DCE7638B485A7FD2779F36704C6
[&AyJmAAA=] - <c=@abilitytype>Ward.</c> Create a ring around you that foes cannot cross. Trapped foes cannot exit the ring while it is active.
[&AyJnAAA=] - Large Claw[s]
[&AyJoAAA=] - Frigid Breath
[&AyJpAAA=] - Assault Dash
[&AyJqAAA=] - Precise Bronze Rifle
[&AyJrAAA=] - Precise Bronze Spear
[&AyJsAAA=] - FF731F020FC4
[&AyJtAAA=] - pet.
[&AyJuAAA=] - I never recovered my sister's body
[&AyJvAAA=] - Eagle-Eye Goggles
[&AyJwAAA=] - Queen Jennah was wise to anticipate that Ebonhawke would need assistance during this transitional period in our relationship with the charr. But I doubt even the queen could have guessed that this kind of aide would come from someone like you. Someone who, without living here, recognized what harm could come with neglecting such delicate social issues. I believe strongly that good works should be rewarded, and so I hope you accept this small compensation on behalf of the Fallen Angels.

.Fallen Angel Makayla
[&AyJxAAA=] - Test Map - PR 1
[&AyJyAAA=] - no text--quest step/map has been shelved to reduce number of instances PC has to zone into
[&AyJzAAA=] - Dredge Technology
[&AyJ0AAA=] - The Good Fight
[&AyJ1AAA=] - Breakneck Pass
[&AyJ2AAA=] - Icespear's Shelf
[&AyJ3AAA=] - Go Up
[&AyJ4AAA=] - Explorer's Exalted Pants
[&AyJ5AAA=] - Aira Hammerclaw
[&AyJ6AAA=] - 078103E9B551077E4261815496
[&AyJ7AAA=] - 0BAB99400B35F4A3FE5456
[&AyJ8AAA=] - Mudflat Camp
[&AyJ9AAA=] - Uzolan's Mechanical Orchestra
[&AyJ+AAA=] - The Blasted Hearth
[&AyJ/AAA=] - Firebreak Fort Waypoint
[&AyMBAAA=] - 
[&AyMCAAA=] - I want to thank you for your assistance in and around Shaemoor. Your reputation doesn't exaggerate your heroism and skill. I've recommended you to Recruiter Donald at Shaemoor Garrison. Give him my regards.
[&AyMDAAA=] - Another puny norn thief. Another offering to Jormag!
[&AyMEAAA=] - More troublemakers? Put them in the thorns.
[&AyMFAAA=] - Renegade
[&AyMGAAA=] - Your attention, please!
[&AyMHAAA=] - For the Legion!
[&AyMIAAA=] - Time's slipping by.
[&AyMJAAA=] - Leave this world!
[&AyMKAAA=] - Next time, try harder.
[&AyMLAAA=] - Scatter my ashes.
[&AyMMAAA=] - Fall before me!
[&AyMNAAA=] - Your blood flows well.
[&AyMOAAA=] - The kingdom will never die!
[&AyMPAAA=] - I'm dead.
[&AyMQAAA=] - Get off our land!
[&AyMRAAA=] - Welcome the end's embrace.
[&AyMSAAA=] - Who goes there?
[&AyMTAAA=] - And stay away from us.
[&AyMUAAA=] - My krewe will avenge me!
[&AyMVAAA=] - Next!
[&AyMWAAA=] - That was a dirty trick!
[&AyMXAAA=] - If only I could...
[&AyMYAAA=] - Dodge this!
[&AyMZAAA=] - I must consult our god.
[&AyMaAAA=] - Charge!
[&AyMbAAA=] - Kill them all!
[&AyMcAAA=] - You disgust me.
[&AyMdAAA=] - My role has ended.
[&AyMeAAA=] - Go to the Mists.
[&AyMfAAA=] - Better than you deserve!
[&AyMgAAA=] - Now I have you!
[&AyMhAAA=] - Behold, my might!
[&AyMiAAA=] - There's too many of them!
[&AyMjAAA=] - Take this!
[&AyMkAAA=] - (laugh)
[&AyMlAAA=] - Mine.
[&AyMmAAA=] - Behold the ocean's power!
[&AyMnAAA=] - Push off, landlubber.
[&AyMoAAA=] - Melandru guide you.
[&AyMpAAA=] - You search for knowledge?
[&AyMqAAA=] - At your service.
[&AyMrAAA=] - You have my attention.
[&AyMsAAA=] - Seize the moment.
[&AyMtAAA=] - Greetings.
[&AyMuAAA=] - All I caught yesterday was more bait.
[&AyMvAAA=] - Excelsior.
[&AyMwAAA=] - Yarr!
[&AyMxAAA=] - Fight with valor.
[&AyMyAAA=] - Yar.
[&AyMzAAA=] - Tell me all about yourself.
[&AyM0AAA=] - Push off, landlubber.
[&AyM1AAA=] - Death is simply another journey.
[&AyM2AAA=] - Everyone has a secret.
[&AyM3AAA=] - My ears! How are you?
[&AyM4AAA=] - The sea is most dangerous when I'm on it.
[&AyM5AAA=] - May your knowledge flourish.
[&AyM6AAA=] - Couldn't have done it better.
[&AyM7AAA=] - Go hide behind mamma, you sniveling crybaby.
[&AyM8AAA=] - Conquer the enemy.
[&AyM9AAA=] - You are so dead!
[&AyM+AAA=] - I'm back and brilliant.
[&AyM/AAA=] - Feeling winded.
[&AyNAAAA=] - Will I remember this tomorrow?
[&AyNBAAA=] - Deliver me from greed and jealousy.
[&AyNCAAA=] - Defend me.
[&AyNDAAA=] - 2759A73F2B0A6FA29F3D7101DC8D2E6059D1D2E11F2F6F3CCD15CDAAF7F414CE92BCA31E9846B2C84F9F4B0982FE666B65DD64F97CE3069211212F92C86C9368451B1F73175A98A0E51AEF5A813D55CAD1CB267DD146BA54EB8E7F809E454655C0B198EC3629BD1FB4B71260FE28
[&AyNEAAA=] - Gold
[&AyNFAAA=] - Pastel Wine
[&AyNGAAA=] - Bag of Loot
[&AyNHAAA=] - Together we can not fail!
[&AyNIAAA=] - Lava Orb
[&AyNJAAA=] - Bounces between foes and allies, applying random boons to allies and random conditions to foes.
[&AyNKAAA=] - 227456E24D1C1A54CC02121EF76C1A571DDC6B0E1E8F6432CCA0B0
[&AyNLAAA=] - Don't wait for orders, recruit.gather up a command and head out.
[&AyNMAAA=] - You make the call, I'll follow your lead.
[&AyNNAAA=] - 8C7AF219946CB7400F18F10026FFDE4A39A99CD599539507904C3B0A1D21248749FAC957BAD7EE908BA7D7BA53F3DD3E0B03
[&AyNOAAA=] - 434A372E5B29F0621CE2FDD03716948B723A
[&AyNPAAA=] - 09CDCD6B6E9BD520212FB0A859131EB61B8CD24813EF5013030199853E97C875C42D5BF561637A15E8310A4667851CE942E35129D0E94C5FECD9E0E410066E47A14C82AA3F028494FB266466102574D86AB1D60E50F0EF511503F74515693817DC89D946B02E3AD4AC0E77337826AC0B881B80C4A806BA1B58629DDA23524A96F968B4A9C24D4A05F18F734201C4EF3725BA03CD0B
[&AyNQAAA=] - Heritage Bandana
[&AyNRAAA=] - Researcher's Coat
[&AyNSAAA=] - Grim Breastplate
[&AyNTAAA=] - 88E3EA52C51BE84FF93729357E1ACECB
[&AyNUAAA=] - BB82272334E5C536B26015B2CB6192
[&AyNVAAA=] - Jar[s] of Bees
[&AyNWAAA=] - Boon of Experience (Tier 5)
[&AyNXAAA=] - Bottle[s] of Sesame Ginger Sauce
[&AyNYAAA=] - 86739F967B516867BFCD5E4E2466BBC8F36D69578CE95E
[&AyNZAAA=] - Corrupted Spear
[&AyNaAAA=] - 40207A2AC0F09393735195
[&AyNbAAA=] - E8EF93C2C9CEBE09DE18958FB1F52AD776FBBA2A263B
[&AyNcAAA=] - Darksteel Pistol Barrel[s]
[&AyNdAAA=] - Pillaging Wool Insignia[s]
[&AyNeAAA=] - Aloe Seed
[&AyNfAAA=] - D8EE0DFBA01EAEBA8E2CA45C448EF5828F8C
[&AyNgAAA=] - Now that you're here, we can begin the briefing.
[&AyNhAAA=] - Spirit of Sorrow
[&AyNiAAA=] - 2E10369CD12B12AD7E3CF104CB239D312D05
[&AyNjAAA=] - 96839D1E364E51DFEE066BB8CBFD
[&AyNkAAA=] - Overcharging turret!
[&AyNlAAA=] - 49662F85EF471855171BBC6FED17E471201E2C389280235C134A4F64596B6B44
[&AyNmAAA=] - 4983F11940F8A21EB9CB82FA315636
[&AyNnAAA=] - Stupid timer buff
[&AyNoAAA=] - Peacemaker Chief Gliptr
[&AyNpAAA=] - F7F65A0FA0BE67B870CEEC1FCD543960808F610CD7535332530947779A0BAC2EA92A2495E5881E228C3DB1C3A211B7782959FEA10450E057EA30B312AC460F86ECBE7148C85093780CE0DA65EFED9161D9784B4B1D21C6B5A773A269CD751B2EBFA1446A6E6606288616BDEC26853061F30F83
[&AyNqAAA=] - Resilient Bronze Rifle
[&AyNrAAA=] - Resilient Bronze Spear
[&AyNsAAA=] - +21 Power
+2%% Critical Damage
[&AyNtAAA=] - As a gladiator in the Bane, I won a %str1%
[&AyNuAAA=] - Dead Sister
[&AyNvAAA=] - Nothing sees the world more clearly than a soaring eagle. These goggles allow its wearer to see just as well.
[&AyNwAAA=] - Fallen Angel Makayla
[&AyNxAAA=] - Test Map - PR 2
[&AyNyAAA=] - Weapon Swapping
[&AyNzAAA=] - Underground Scholar
[&AyN0AAA=] - Defense Contract
[&AyN1AAA=] - Halvaunt Snowfield
[&AyN2AAA=] - Highland Thaw
[&AyN3AAA=] - Valley of Lyss
[&AyN4AAA=] - Carrion Exalted Gloves
[&AyN5AAA=] - Clepta Calceus
[&AyN6AAA=] - Constellation<br>Shelter
[&AyN7AAA=] - First Haven Gauntlets
[&AyN8AAA=] - Broken Beacon
[&AyN9AAA=] - Vigil Hall
[&AyN+AAA=] - <c=@flavor>"The Priory sent us this shipment of underwater weapons. Must have been a mix-up somewhere."
.Priory Magister Roslin</c>
[&AyN/AAA=] - Spaecia Illogica Waypoint
[&AyQBAAA=] - 
[&AyQCAAA=] - Hey! Over here! If you want to know what's going on in the valley, come talk to me!
[&AyQDAAA=] - Jotun
[&AyQEAAA=] - Occam
[&AyQFAAA=] - Ebonhawke dogs! I spit on your cowardly "peace!"
[&AyQGAAA=] - Here we are.
[&AyQHAAA=] - You were awakened in the Dream and beat back the nightmare threat.
[&AyQIAAA=] - Just about out of time here.
[&AyQJAAA=] - I thought you came to fight.
[&AyQKAAA=] - Until next time.
[&AyQLAAA=] - For Baelfire!
[&AyQMAAA=] - My prowess is legend!
[&AyQNAAA=] - You'll pay for your treachery.
[&AyQOAAA=] - Stay back.
[&AyQPAAA=] - You looking for a fight?
[&AyQQAAA=] - For Ascalon!
[&AyQRAAA=] - Enemies sighted.
[&AyQSAAA=] - For the charr!
[&AyQTAAA=] - Stay down!
[&AyQUAAA=] - Now my golem will never...
[&AyQVAAA=] - So it begins.
[&AyQWAAA=] - Where's my spyglass?
[&AyQXAAA=] - It can't be.
[&AyQYAAA=] - Back to your own land!
[&AyQZAAA=] - Receive our sacrifice.
[&AyQaAAA=] - The Six preserve us!
[&AyQbAAA=] - For the Blood Legion!
[&AyQcAAA=] - Who goes there?
[&AyQdAAA=] - Destroyers take you!
[&AyQeAAA=] - I will return.
[&AyQfAAA=] - To me!
[&AyQgAAA=] - I'm embarrassed for our attackers.
[&AyQhAAA=] - Over already?
[&AyQiAAA=] - They've captured the point.
[&AyQjAAA=] - You dare!
[&AyQkAAA=] - Look.
[&AyQlAAA=] - Invigorating!
[&AyQmAAA=] - Live, my puppet! Live!
[&AyQnAAA=] - Avast.
[&AyQoAAA=] - Do you seek assistance?
[&AyQpAAA=] - Too much has been forgotten.
[&AyQqAAA=] - Be careful.
[&AyQrAAA=] - Interesting.
[&AyQsAAA=] - We live in dangerous times.
[&AyQtAAA=] - I'll make anything you need.
[&AyQuAAA=] - I'd catch more with you on the hook.
[&AyQvAAA=] - Always be loyal to your krewe.
[&AyQwAAA=] - Make it quick.
[&AyQxAAA=] - Eternal vigilance.
[&AyQyAAA=] - Piracy is hard work.
[&AyQzAAA=] - Know what cannot be known.
[&AyQ0AAA=] - Go away, you scurvy yak.
[&AyQ1AAA=] - If you sacrifice nothing, you gain nothing.
[&AyQ2AAA=] - May Grenth shield you.
[&AyQ3AAA=] - Ideas are like cream. Good ones rise to the top.
[&AyQ4AAA=] - Hiya!
[&AyQ5AAA=] - Seize the moment.
[&AyQ6AAA=] - Ah, another capture.
[&AyQ7AAA=] - I'm going to hurt you, bad.
[&AyQ8AAA=] - Mine!
[&AyQ9AAA=] - Wait until mom finds out!
[&AyQ+AAA=] - I'm too smart to keep down.
[&AyQ/AAA=] - I require rest.
[&AyRAAAA=] - Fascinating! An unfamiliar foe!
[&AyRBAAA=] - I offer my deeds for the good of all.
[&AyRCAAA=] - Light Brown
[&AyRDAAA=] - FB92711542F69CE3C19ED77A37F3BDAAAA988603FE39DEE5E91E3DBE959DF8EBC6961F32D75552781755F14F9FC348B75AB71646E9FC1B63CDB8BD13095CD475B24A23FF69EF9394233980D145
[&AyREAAA=] - Grape
[&AyRFAAA=] - Pastel Winter
[&AyRGAAA=] - Healing Seed
[&AyRHAAA=] - Country Coat
[&AyRIAAA=] - AD6D24F68D2EA9650030F42F6D4E574B4EF1832C9BA8530F435567AB50F2F22E529C033F60788171CC9AFEA6B246805E0EB52BC0B38125D7C5B7084F9F4C4EFACF57EDC1D376519B2C24D17022730EE859E9F002C927C25ABB34AEF14CF2D86574B58C0BAC84F6A407AA819EC70864B0242E438C584229002B7EFB2FF3812DDFFBDC62C400118D67E4457696016E0CD11EC2D48F6142A324E45BED0E5A36963622DBAC2CC32BF72A3FB19DF252DEFF0FD6183FB4E3968CAE479C4F4002
[&AyRJAAA=] - Fresh tracks. The charr went this way.
[&AyRKAAA=] - BC805C842BCC3AF6A2A67E57335799CA8B1FF90B82E6D927DDE8EB0FC3
[&AyRLAAA=] - %num1%/%num2% Events Completed
[&AyRMAAA=] - Come out and fight, you squirrelly cowards!
[&AyRNAAA=] - Captain Gullivre
[&AyROAAA=] - AD701F0D34
[&AyRPAAA=] - A9CF7CDAB2595290B629BBBC0E91908E7501332E6C2C75DF
[&AyRQAAA=] - Fiery Dragon Sword
[&AyRRAAA=] - Researcher's Livery
[&AyRSAAA=] - Grim Gauntlets
[&AyRUAAA=] - 25CDF23D8F916482C43F313979A4CBFF48375FE63C90FE571D7B987ED85B3363D551271792A05A7C77688CF623732312
[&AyRVAAA=] - 9B2C00BB34591CED324972
[&AyRWAAA=] - Gain tier 5 might for the next 30 minutes.
[&AyRXAAA=] - Pile[s] of Paprika
[&AyRYAAA=] - 8 Slot Equipment Box
[&AyRZAAA=] - E52929ABDB23FD0D9E0FAFEB5703DD
[&AyRaAAA=] - 5407951BEC39016653ABCF509FB78754B39D
[&AyRbAAA=] - 971C75301DA3462A
[&AyRcAAA=] - Iron Pistol Barrel[s]
[&AyRdAAA=] - Pillaging Embroidered Wool Insignia[s]
[&AyReAAA=] - Noble's Vest
[&AyRfAAA=] - 991A3C9F584A5A735FB80F4685E36414
[&AyRgAAA=] - You have your orders, troops. Move out!
[&AyRhAAA=] - +7 Power
[&AyRiAAA=] - 19421036D726415FFB2F92C101D51AE9AB5C32440E9D8A085EC4D1F1E8DB79
[&AyRjAAA=] - 38BCA6CD715765DCD7CE48D9485F
[&AyRkAAA=] - 7FE5FFC0B31CF00A683CC69CF3EABA
[&AyRlAAA=] - 78F95EA55C91EE7D497C003E65A4E4DE18F7A9AFD31E40FE
[&AyRmAAA=] - Create a ring around you that foes cannot cross. Trapped enemies cannot exit the ring while it is active.
[&AyRnAAA=] - Summon a Mistfire Wolf to fight at your side.
[&AyRoAAA=] - Come on, let me out! I'm not really a bear!
[&AyRpAAA=] - C9D19DEC7FA9D02E57701A475049BAA55543B68C4B0737869EF44E7586B2FB30E16A1F9DC390A60303D90AE88F4DB101B2A668F567
[&AyRqAAA=] - Mighty Bronze Rifle
[&AyRrAAA=] - 57FC50F02438DA
[&AyRsAAA=] - C200ECA2B6936D91D396EF93EBA88AE247008185FAA34727BC9BBB6BFBFFBEE4B245D94F51530653C70A5D001D86D1C2073CC130536BCCA2D8C8F33E0C040A8C36863826CFBCB3D312D2AD4AC8CE30DD89D3E970AE7FB8C7D8
[&AyRtAAA=] - I inherited my family's %str1%
[&AyRuAAA=] - My sister was a Seraph. Centaurs killed her while she was out on patrol. They never recovered her body, and it has always bothered me.
[&AyRvAAA=] - <br><br>I'm an engineer, and you'll never find me without my eagle-eye goggles at hand.<br><br>This is my story.<br>
[&AyRwAAA=] - A Fire Untended
[&AyRxAAA=] - QA Test 4
[&AyRyAAA=] - The Flame Legion is making an all-out assault on the Black Citadel. The invasion is well-planned and stands to succeed...unless your warband takes out the rearguard that is supporting the frontline troops.
[&AyRzAAA=] - Dredge Assault
[&AyR0AAA=] - Shards of Orr
[&AyR1AAA=] - Icevine Dale
[&AyR2AAA=] - Sloven Pitch
[&AyR3AAA=] - Garden of Ilya
[&AyR4AAA=] - Cleric's Exalted Gloves
[&AyR5AAA=] - Praeda Steelbearer
[&AyR6AAA=] - Upper<br>Commons
[&AyR7AAA=] - %str2% Borderlands
[&AyR8AAA=] - Challdar's Nest
[&AyR9AAA=] - 89D86CF40FE1F5114A6048BC18A820575CC9C98E587AEFA693D9D5E53C1E44E62AE90C337999CC7FA328544D6BE9D4304B3AA05993AC44364B4E1F6A91A927E2555227FF3BDE083731171FD04C73268094DADF4211538D566FD2A7FDD674237EE1D21A5994
[&AyR+AAA=] - Grundallion's Lair
[&AyR/AAA=] - Bard's Waypoint
[&AyUBAAA=] - 
[&AyUCAAA=] - The fields around Shaemoor are Kryta's breadbasket. We all work hard to get what we need, but it's dangerous when bandits and even the wildlife have it out for you. We'd welcome any help you could give.
[&AyUDAAA=] - Die for Jormag! Die for the glory of the jotun!
[&AyUEAAA=] - We need to keep running!
[&AyUFAAA=] - Ajax
[&AyUGAAA=] - Best get started.
[&AyUHAAA=] - Waking from the Nightmare
[&AyUIAAA=] - Energy running out.
[&AyUJAAA=] - There are enemies nearby.
[&AyUKAAA=] - Yah!
[&AyULAAA=] - Infidels approach!
[&AyUMAAA=] - Help me, my clan!
[&AyUNAAA=] - Get off our land!
[&AyUOAAA=] - They are invading Ascalon!
[&AyUPAAA=] - Yah!
[&AyUQAAA=] - Coward.
[&AyURAAA=] - Next target.
[&AyUSAAA=] - Die, scum.
[&AyUTAAA=] - The Six protect us!
[&AyUUAAA=] - Halt, intruder.
[&AyUVAAA=] - You don't want to tangle with me!
[&AyUWAAA=] - Your money or your life.
[&AyUXAAA=] - This is what I live for!
[&AyUYAAA=] - How does death feel?
[&AyUZAAA=] - The grawl are stronger.
[&AyUaAAA=] - Friend or foe?
[&AyUbAAA=] - Wait for it...
[&AyUcAAA=] - I regret nothing!
[&AyUdAAA=] - Don't underestimate me!
[&AyUeAAA=] - That was easy.
[&AyUfAAA=] - Make a wish!
[&AyUgAAA=] - Looking to test your skills?
[&AyUhAAA=] - The fight comes to me.
[&AyUiAAA=] - We need to reclaim the capture point.
[&AyUjAAA=] - (sniff) As I thought.
[&AyUkAAA=] - See that?
[&AyUlAAA=] - Health increasing!
[&AyUmAAA=] - Go forth, my minion!
[&AyUnAAA=] - Yarr!
[&AyUoAAA=] - Find comfort in Melandru's shade.
[&AyUpAAA=] - May Kormir enlighten you.
[&AyUqAAA=] - Know what cannot be known.
[&AyUrAAA=] - Ideas are like cream. Good ones rise to the top.
[&AyUsAAA=] - You'll be safe on my watch.
[&AyUtAAA=] - There's art in everything.
[&AyUuAAA=] - I've been up since before you went to bed.
[&AyUvAAA=] - Quaggan's pleased to see you.
[&AyUwAAA=] - The nightmare is a danger to us all.
[&AyUxAAA=] - Some must fight, so that all may be free.
[&AyUyAAA=] - I only became a pirate for the grog.
[&AyUzAAA=] - Heard any good gossip?
[&AyU0AAA=] - Keep your blade sharp and your powder dry.
[&AyU1AAA=] - Some must fight, so that all may be free.
[&AyU2AAA=] - Fight what cannot be fought.
[&AyU3AAA=] - Interesting.
[&AyU4AAA=] - Ya bring me something?
[&AyU5AAA=] - Expand your knowledge.
[&AyU6AAA=] - We're losing ground.
[&AyU7AAA=] - You'll never forget me after what I do to you.
[&AyU8AAA=] - I like it.
[&AyU9AAA=] - Ugh. You got me.
[&AyU+AAA=] - Ready for anything.
[&AyU/AAA=] - Give me a few moments.
[&AyVAAAA=] - Something new to remember.
[&AyVBAAA=] - No right can exist if formed of wrong.
[&AyVCAAA=] - My pet has suffered terrible wounds.
[&AyVDAAA=] - C3BA92CB68A5B23CA958014FDC9EF3F23D5F8B7E1C2985A68A02340B7E56F374EF0C3C42048ABAE53BBE5447DD4D3442124D01534D6996B1A1A47557673156161164
[&AyVEAAA=] - Grape Gum
[&AyVFAAA=] - Peach Ice
[&AyVGAAA=] - Pick Up
[&AyVHAAA=] - Malchor's Tears
[&AyVIAAA=] - Lava Chains
[&AyVJAAA=] - 555B1691F6A5166B1390316C0739732D72A838CFA07B5FEF3D126595814EE007FA839F6C887BBE89EA50D05AA02CD7AE7ABF6C047C125AEF129822CB85F4FD937BA2C2FDE62EFBC53D196FACB499838E152EA7FA23EAFDAED065F0B6A029B76C4DF1C37C4FD7341B2A05E7B6AF71B9A2070231E6733A0E17029398045399E6ECC9D000E3BBA6
[&AyVKAAA=] - F1E8E179FAC223EC4FBF3897814D86C60555F119B490CABE8F7A56F6CFD3DAD700C80A045D66370F476F04D410124355
[&AyVLAAA=] - 3548CE4F7367F5EB2243152EF600A06D1E5067D142D76D3BBE63D00CF1
[&AyVMAAA=] - Gain extra adrenaline on a kill.
[&AyVNAAA=] - Tactician Draga
[&AyVOAAA=] - 0566569DA82671ACAF
[&AyVPAAA=] - 1A73DC44AD3609F18AA0D051AB24DA63F9C5AEBC37
[&AyVQAAA=] - Take a one-way trip into Captain Fawcett's pit of death.
[&AyVRAAA=] - Researcher's Masque
[&AyVSAAA=] - Grim Helm
[&AyVTAAA=] - 040531972F5CE131ACE2602E70D67E57A73F2A1DDFDB6B2F
[&AyVUAAA=] - C9C0AD2FF2615C95F879352441
[&AyVVAAA=] - 94E89D1D5C4508B39BA1B4E30747
[&AyVWAAA=] - Boon of Might (Tier 5)
[&AyVXAAA=] - Bottle[s] of Ginger Marinate
[&AyVYAAA=] - 8 Slot Safe Box
[&AyVZAAA=] - 1F92AA1E18AB4150688C608D
[&AyVaAAA=] - 60C26052BA535EAC147293
[&AyVbAAA=] - ABF542286DEF56919686C3B678F5
[&AyVcAAA=] - Mithril Pistol Barrel[s]
[&AyVdAAA=] - Strong Wool Insignia[s]
[&AyVeAAA=] - D56E67E7778E314AAE24B2EB27
[&AyVfAAA=] - Bug nuts, it's the Seraph! Keep 'em off me till I get the compound into the well!
[&AyVgAAA=] - Sorry for the intrusion, ma'am. The Vigil will pay for a new door.
[&AyVhAAA=] - +7 Condition Damage
[&AyViAAA=] - 0E988D31B2C8A3981C
[&AyVjAAA=] - CA0CE736C2BE941CDC682B
[&AyVkAAA=] - 40F248FD670B05C10BCF31CE3310AD42385835DB
[&AyVlAAA=] - B3F587B88D262D5E1435C2917349B2220E5EFCD131
[&AyVmAAA=] - 4791F78CB458A8E7E8649D0B390858
[&AyVnAAA=] - Mistfire Wolf
[&AyVoAAA=] - Ferocious "Bear"
[&AyVpAAA=] - A301205CD45A18C6D8E7AC56A0F9BA62CFE5A0B9B2C52035E785C2E59C57EA3D841ACE24FFC273E1055A2E61548D61FC5FDA941679A2E9E553A86CCDE42E08BFEC5FC9FFA709CA1788B2B9F6DEBBD07E74A97E9587
[&AyVqAAA=] - Vital Bronze Rifle
[&AyVrAAA=] - C9C12FDFC20F9CBE37
[&AyVsAAA=] - +21 Power
+2%% Critical Damage
[&AyVtAAA=] - My greatest trophy so far is my %str1%
[&AyVuAAA=] - I've made something of myself, and the only thing I regret is that I never recovered my sister's body.
[&AyVvAAA=] - panscopic monocle
[&AyVwAAA=] - I've been reviewing your handiwork against Renegades in the Thunder Den. Well done. Your valor has been recognized by both sides here at the summit. This has been a time of great change for all of us, and your efforts made it easier to deal with the transition. You have my thanks. If you think you're ready to take on the Dragonbrand, speak to Sentinel Frazar in Thunderbeak Hills.

.Iron Legion Scout Steeltooth
[&AyVxAAA=] - Sylvari awaken in the Grove and consider it their home. The Pale Tree stands at its heart. Also known as the Mother Tree, she gives love and wise guidance to her sprouts.
[&AyVyAAA=] - Operation: Bulwark
[&AyVzAAA=] - The Dredge Hideout
[&AyV0AAA=] - The Sound of Psi-Lance
[&AyV1AAA=] - Hunter's Lake
[&AyV2AAA=] - Pig Iron Mine
[&AyV3AAA=] - Pillaging Acolyte Mask
[&AyV4AAA=] - Explorer's Exalted Gloves
[&AyV5AAA=] - B962638C54121E40D9F026
[&AyV6AAA=] - 26FD5FDD2730A984C8A742D5540F
[&AyV7AAA=] - 70A6D9D94BB52AB198B853B07817F2D331C4353A81AEF6C4B5120F15A31B79EECD8393
[&AyV8AAA=] - Rhiann's Respite
[&AyV9AAA=] - Kidnapping. Enslavement. Violence. So disgraceful.
[&AyV+AAA=] - Fellmyst Falls
[&AyV/AAA=] - Maelstrom's Waypoint
[&AyYBAAA=] - 
[&AyYCAAA=] - You look lost. I can tell you where to go, if you're interested.
[&AyYDAAA=] - This is our land, and we will build our palaces from your bones!
[&AyYEAAA=] - As predicted. Many courtiers approach! Vine Run!
[&AyYFAAA=] - My mother's a soft, weak coward. War is the only answer. Eradicate the humans.
[&AyYGAAA=] - Trouble incoming!
[&AyYHAAA=] - Some victories are bittersweet, but they're victories nonetheless.
[&AyYIAAA=] - Must rest.
[&AyYJAAA=] - The odds have changed! Re-ante!
[&AyYKAAA=] - (laugh) You're kidding, right?
[&AyYLAAA=] - Gaheron take you.
[&AyYMAAA=] - Crush our enemies!
[&AyYNAAA=] - My blood honors Ascalon!
[&AyYOAAA=] - I need help!
[&AyYPAAA=] - You messed with the wrong bandit!
[&AyYQAAA=] - That'll teach you.
[&AyYRAAA=] - It's too soon!
[&AyYSAAA=] - You'll get yours.
[&AyYTAAA=] - Over here!
[&AyYUAAA=] - I'd feel bad, if I could.
[&AyYVAAA=] - Coward!
[&AyYWAAA=] - Tell Grenth I said hello.
[&AyYXAAA=] - Next!
[&AyYYAAA=] - Defend yourself!
[&AyYZAAA=] - This is what I live for!
[&AyYaAAA=] - I'm no pushover!
[&AyYbAAA=] - I'm hit!
[&AyYcAAA=] - This concludes your baneful existence!
[&AyYdAAA=] - Krewe, assist me!
[&AyYeAAA=] - You dare?
[&AyYfAAA=] - Someone is watching us.
[&AyYgAAA=] - Take this!
[&AyYhAAA=] - How?
[&AyYiAAA=] - Reporting in: point lost.
[&AyYjAAA=] - I've failed.
[&AyYkAAA=] - Huh.
[&AyYlAAA=] - Exhilarating!
[&AyYmAAA=] - Attention, my creation.
[&AyYnAAA=] - Go away, you scurvy yak.
[&AyYoAAA=] - Respect the land and share her gifts.
[&AyYpAAA=] - We are the knife in the darkness.
[&AyYqAAA=] - There is darkness afoot in the world.
[&AyYrAAA=] - Greetings.
[&AyYsAAA=] - Be careful.
[&AyYtAAA=] - What did you need?
[&AyYuAAA=] - Have you brought trade?
[&AyYvAAA=] - Hoo!
[&AyYwAAA=] - I sense you earned your scars.
[&AyYxAAA=] - United in victory.
[&AyYyAAA=] - Let's find some trouble.
[&AyYzAAA=] - Knowledge is the greatest treasure.
[&AyY0AAA=] - Guard yourself at all times.
[&AyY1AAA=] - United in victory.
[&AyY2AAA=] - Know what cannot be known.
[&AyY3AAA=] - You have a question?
[&AyY4AAA=] - Hey. You smell something?
[&AyY5AAA=] - Knowledge is the greatest treasure.
[&AyY6AAA=] - No, hold the ground!
[&AyY7AAA=] - (laugh)
[&AyY8AAA=] - I need it more.
[&AyY9AAA=] - I win!
[&AyY+AAA=] - And stay horizontal!
[&AyY/AAA=] - Why won't anyone help me?
[&AyZAAAA=] - I hope I run into more of those.
[&AyZBAAA=] - I will not fear my own death, only the deaths of others.
[&AyZCAAA=] - I'm here. I'll bring you back.
[&AyZDAAA=] - BCBF1088CE06A5E8C82DA0B6EDAD9589A138138B58F77AFE4875F7857AE793B4E9C0942CBC887FF7DD9E3BF17556589F90349A241C4562
[&AyZEAAA=] - Grape Leaf
[&AyZFAAA=] - Persephone
[&AyZGAAA=] - Rifle Turret
[&AyZHAAA=] - Sniper Rifle
[&AyZIAAA=] - All minions are signalled to die.
[&AyZJAAA=] - B09D84019A4B88F4D4A62D64A7A51D84BD0B8E98DD
[&AyZKAAA=] - 8FF9BA50FB02C5395C84BEE44158
[&AyZLAAA=] - 7331BFFB1C457CCBB4244F67BCDA7B24577565864C427E87A4ED42906620AD97F1AFE3
[&AyZMAAA=] - Thrill of the Kill
[&AyZNAAA=] - Victory! Svanir shmanir. And stay out!
[&AyZOAAA=] - 42CDE7AA7EC31660CBF2FC2EE04C37DED477619D
[&AyZPAAA=] - 3851E749CBFCF06966DF571F775FC8C8443CD419407B5EC0BA2642712BF514778921D29CC97EDE50B7C7D5ECDE0E4AB12CD87FA91AEF9AD5A04CB0263AC2D062CDE9572AFBB5FB2A2791BADE2F1A35FB8EF6BC96EAFB3BAE1D51A51D8134A0D06198F751C502D1B8687114514845AE9C0C26224748C4A510D433E70347E1F736C3A9C3301A341BEB657231522D4FA1687B6C92DEE561604D50CCA4D56D5BE616C07BD4F264E377
[&AyZQAAA=] - Miniature Orrian Baby Chicken
[&AyZRAAA=] - Researcher's Pants
[&AyZSAAA=] - Grim Leggings
[&AyZTAAA=] - DDAF38FA3D5FCD295386236D8237B6FA1735CDBC3D47E7307D7AF62375F677B2BA6F272E8C5EFEB92636A36FC6C565667CFCDDB4
[&AyZUAAA=] - 7BB28F5060E33B6FA98570C0CE
[&AyZVAAA=] - A728EDF8482B9EED
[&AyZWAAA=] - Ingredient
[&AyZXAAA=] - Pile[s] of Simple Chili Seasoning
[&AyZYAAA=] - 01DE816AC1503E849BA7F5576935B32AE2448DE2B6
[&AyZaAAA=] - BC89FA12377B63E4839CD9CD2A25F3257EDEB6C4
[&AyZbAAA=] - A3FD4FAC63397D3085A2A760B17AC26D03AB
[&AyZcAAA=] - Orichalcum Pistol Barrel[s]
[&AyZdAAA=] - Honed Wool Insignia[s]
[&AyZeAAA=] - E47395C70BCD9331FBBCD95B78577B7ED6008330786B2BED0717398973F70E610C6F23B2735A993A259905F6DC4387E0EE6D7D47895522980CED47C0EC9BCBD080DDEE3117
[&AyZfAAA=] - 5CF319F031F3394CA72EFEAFA9537058A477291046D96375155A0BE37246106AB5942DE255BA7A889CE6EF940D360CB9535A7CA50B7D65210418067BCC4BC7CAB9744C78313D98E9AF73E36596E4DE8AC09271F7007110F922F120373288A7064BC3B2DC7BAF994D045E94D1A8ACCA0CB6BF3418E5134BAFA60F0494E36E4A87EA9E1620CF08AD58CF392139F4AB4272CE9AFE28FC20FB351E69CC01
[&AyZgAAA=] - Now this is the place! Nice work, Savant.
[&AyZhAAA=] - +7 Precision
+1%% Critical Damage
[&AyZiAAA=] - 6723C7863AAE691C37F04E5D33DAD80528184DE090
[&AyZjAAA=] - 92B2028511727C3BB5C1
[&AyZkAAA=] - F569A1A6A9A59BB9EA4558D5583412
[&AyZlAAA=] - A9F1DD676F4111EB79E24F700D0C61ABAC
[&AyZmAAA=] - F3969E15157152687E0C3F4426DB8DDAC4020D8B
[&AyZnAAA=] - Teletrail
[&AyZoAAA=] - I already told you the talking bear isn't one of mine, you imbicile.
[&AyZpAAA=] - Brow Angle
[&AyZqAAA=] - Vigorous Iron Rifle
[&AyZrAAA=] - Vigorous Iron Spear
[&AyZsAAA=] - 07BE798DFE8E34F99D
[&AyZtAAA=] - My awakening-gift from my Firstborn was a %str1%
[&AyZuAAA=] - I passed up an opportunity to perform in the circus
[&AyZvAAA=] - Panscopic Monocle
[&AyZwAAA=] - Iron Legion Scout Steeltooth
[&AyZxAAA=] - The Grove
[&AyZyAAA=] - Blood Legion's cannon was impressive. Your upgrades will make it even more so. At last, time to see your invention in glorious battlefield action!
[&AyZzAAA=] - ((Forced to Drink))
[&AyZ0AAA=] - An Order of Whispers agent, Benn Tenstrikes, was imprisoned by legate Minister Caudecus. The crime? Benn helped the Minister's daughter Demmi escape Kryta.and her father's iron grasp.
[&AyZ1AAA=] - Frusenfell Creek
[&AyZ2AAA=] - Rustbowl
[&AyZ3AAA=] - Strong Acolyte Mask
[&AyZ4AAA=] - Carrion Exalted Coat
[&AyZ5AAA=] - No! I've come too far to be stopped now!
[&AyZ6AAA=] - Cripples " Chills
[&AyZ7AAA=] - 6A3C94B2AF7C063C31AE237536AC38043643527F4E2CF61313A865BA20CA559417964BD55C5C665E6806
[&AyZ8AAA=] - Incinergen Labs
[&AyZ9AAA=] - Vanguard Hospital
[&AyZ+AAA=] - Heartsond Falls
[&AyZ/AAA=] - Ashen Waypoint
[&AycBAAA=] - 
[&AycCAAA=] - Farmer Diah needs your help. She's already got more hard work than she can handle, and now she's also having trouble with bandits. Head to Diah's farm in Shaemoor Fields and offer your assistance. If you need more info, speak to Farmer Diah herself.
[&AycDAAA=] - Bjain Ironhelm
[&AycEAAA=] - Hello! You'll let me out, yes?
[&AycFAAA=] - Renegade
[&AycGAAA=] - You're...not joking, are you?
[&AycHAAA=] - A Season of Growth
[&AycIAAA=] - Whew. I'm exhausted.
[&AycJAAA=] - Care to gamble with your life?
[&AycKAAA=] - You got me!
[&AycLAAA=] - Sanctified.
[&AycMAAA=] - It was a good day.
[&AycNAAA=] - Need assistance over here!
[&AycOAAA=] - For Ascalon!
[&AycPAAA=] - Live to fight another day.
[&AycQAAA=] - My blood honors Ascalon!
[&AycRAAA=] - One more time!
[&AycSAAA=] - Charge them!
[&AycTAAA=] - This is not over.
[&AycUAAA=] - You need a lesson in pain.
[&AycVAAA=] - I'm slaughtered!
[&AycWAAA=] - Yarr!
[&AycXAAA=] - Rally 'round!
[&AycYAAA=] - That'll do.
[&AycZAAA=] - A fight!
[&AycaAAA=] - The clash of arms beckons!
[&AycbAAA=] - Take that.
[&AyccAAA=] - We are besieged.
[&AycdAAA=] - Befoul this locale no more!
[&AyceAAA=] - For Ascalon!
[&AycfAAA=] - I will find you!
[&AycgAAA=] - I will dispatch you!
[&AychAAA=] - Too easy.
[&AyciAAA=] - Let the battle begin!
[&AycjAAA=] - Justice is served.
[&AyckAAA=] - Grrrrr!
[&AyclAAA=] - Not enough initiative.
[&AycmAAA=] - Present arms!
[&AycnAAA=] - You made a mistake talking to me.
[&AycoAAA=] - Hello.
[&AycpAAA=] - I'm like a shadow.
[&AycqAAA=] - Fight what cannot be fought.
[&AycrAAA=] - My ears! How are you?
[&AycsAAA=] - At your service.
[&AyctAAA=] - How do you do?
[&AycuAAA=] - Good meeting.
[&AycvAAA=] - Coo! Pretty.
[&AycwAAA=] - Seize the moment.
[&AycxAAA=] - If you sacrifice nothing, you gain nothing.
[&AycyAAA=] - Speak.
[&AyczAAA=] - Research is only as useful as its practical application.
[&Ayc0AAA=] - May the Six watch over you.
[&Ayc1AAA=] - Eternal vigilance.
[&Ayc2AAA=] - I greet you like the sky greets the sea.
[&Ayc3AAA=] - Let me guess. Trouble.
[&Ayc4AAA=] - You got something?
[&Ayc5AAA=] - With knowledge, we will drive away evil.
[&Ayc6AAA=] - We're being attacked!
[&Ayc7AAA=] - Look at that.
[&Ayc8AAA=] - Wine Bottle
[&Ayc9AAA=] - Help me!
[&Ayc+AAA=] - Don't get up.
[&Ayc/AAA=] - I'm failing quickly.
[&AydAAAA=] - That had to hurt.
[&AydBAAA=] - I am here to serve.
[&AydCAAA=] - I cannot lose my pet!
[&AydDAAA=] - 3CDADF820C1E9B856FDE366BD9106A2A72E305097B3AAFCAEA3ED0B749DE24F173F83DE608E7F0C95C04F31AA91C0E9FC04A7187E7DBE83BF8B7B86AF2BF6FB62952015580E510D8A45BEA44F043E4548E396F2693330191B4C5
[&AydEAAA=] - Grape Shade
[&AydFAAA=] - Phlox
[&AydGAAA=] - <c=@flavor>"How do you improve pants? Well, put these on and let Hobbi show you."<br>.Explorer Hobbi</c>
[&AydHAAA=] - Use to construct a flame ram build site. The flame ram's primary function is to deal heavy damage to gates. Unable to damage walls. Range 360. Requires 40 supply to complete.
[&AydIAAA=] - EB71A3F82C23129F8736E99B56CBB8ED3E9CAF0ED2F53607ADEF
[&AydJAAA=] - We'll make them wish they'd never come south of the wall.
[&AydKAAA=] - 735D80C6EE58491BC5BB5E5BAE578307F3177C
[&AydLAAA=] - 096D7B128598E753C36C15122A362005
[&AydMAAA=] - Activates Endure Pain at 25%% health.
[&AydNAAA=] - We have a problem. The Claws of Jormag are flying around this area, working the corrupted Svanir into a frenzy.
[&AydOAAA=] - Help Antal the Patient impress the skritt in Kolkorensburg.
[&AydPAAA=] - 6EE65264C427F62001CE6E0676781B3FA2855815E7A4F347AC2A
[&AydQAAA=] - 8461D8DC831856
[&AydRAAA=] - Researcher's Epaulets
[&AydSAAA=] - Grim Pauldrons
[&AydTAAA=] - 4F84D9B9EE28F9D32E92E294873E6E4A9E9B29
[&AydUAAA=] - Dredge Explosive
[&AydVAAA=] - 079260188AB64CBFADF49C5AFD0E967AABD8DA3FD6
[&AydWAAA=] - Carrot[s]
[&AydXAAA=] - C99AEC635F4CE09271F67D1D44027E7B2E8A8FF7EE41733781F68ABEF2B41564B319E1EA3567D607310BD418E8C5E933B6E7A7BCE9E7A5E1CB7B67B23551D3414B3D313252ED50B920FB74C5FBE2162A9BCCDAB9FCEC20300E1D2C
[&AydYAAA=] - 46A52A5959D68B4543B83F47
[&AydZAAA=] - 6895E6A09A206DE0ADF47E48DCD5B8850B99E17139E7D6
[&AydaAAA=] - E355D9FBE9EC6D17D93DC3
[&AydbAAA=] - Elder Wood Plank[s]
[&AydcAAA=] - Steel Pistol Barrel[s]
[&AyddAAA=] - C3723C31005C052F1336EB1EBE99C76D2CDB4D69745C98DE0541577661E603DA41A16BA4B2C78C2EB904
[&AydeAAA=] - D8F6970C8421ED865D576743C0EB6D681D68098C
[&AydfAAA=] - 277B52A424759D7138546D7D2BB033F0A604C9EB9FB718AE39E62F1A8B8CB08711DAD0538E9A37E73EA2EF36053B2A1D
[&AydgAAA=] - Now we just need to find the right control panel, and Gorr's as good as free.
[&AydhAAA=] - +11 Power
[&AydiAAA=] - Double-click to travel to the ruins of the Hall of Monuments.
[&AydjAAA=] - 9BAF3064242878E7D48183A1BE
[&AydkAAA=] - F824CAAD9AA388AC7745725E1FA37CC21327809EDAF05E
[&AydlAAA=] - 68368E95A1E3FD1AA91E31
[&AydmAAA=] - 913FF9419E692B3957E0F294D3D115
[&AydnAAA=] - C3E784F7DB5CFE336FB4588C6567AAFF5FA5BFDBFC7B95227C2DBD90A5EA7C88D831
[&AydoAAA=] - I'm not really a bear! (groan)
[&AydpAAA=] - Brow Thickness
[&AydqAAA=] - 97C7F91972C7F93EA78B4B5ADA275A9CE7
[&AydrAAA=] - Stalker
[&AydsAAA=] - +21 Precision
[&AydtAAA=] - My favorite story is
[&AyduAAA=] - Missed Opportunity
[&AydvAAA=] - The details matter. Whether you're double-checking the wiring on your new explosives or changing the gear shaft on your favorite turret, this monocle lets you see what needs to be seen.
[&AydwAAA=] - Grateful Delegations
[&AydxAAA=] - Test Map - Designer - Ben Miller
[&AydyAAA=] - Deadly Force
[&AydzAAA=] - Digging Up Trouble
[&Ayd0AAA=] - Early Parole
[&Ayd1AAA=] - Borealis Forest
[&Ayd2AAA=] - Double-click to use. You will be able to spend up to 20 points in all trait lines. Resets trait allocation.
[&Ayd3AAA=] - Honed Acolyte Mask
[&Ayd4AAA=] - Cleric's Exalted Coat
[&Ayd5AAA=] - Come on, then. Let's see if the lead apprentice has truly surpassed the genius.
[&Ayd6AAA=] - 2BEC6A4D4A0CA24307
[&Ayd7AAA=] - 227ED69CE2D5F38A5B0B9F08FAEB9919A18B88BCC5BCA328B745F759C9F4B93453F72F394C65715023
[&Ayd8AAA=] - Battleground Plaza
[&Ayd9AAA=] - Rocket Turret
[&Ayd+AAA=] - Kilnn's Rest
[&Ayd/AAA=] - Avernan Waypoint
[&AygBAAA=] - 
[&AygCAAA=] - This is a waypoint. Waypoints appear on your compass, which is in the lower-right corner of your screen. You can also see them on the world map, which you can access by pressing "M." Press "M" again to close the world map. To teleport to a waypoint, open your world map and click on the waypoint to which you want to travel.
[&AygDAAA=] - What are you waiting for? Get up those stairs and join the hunt!
[&AygEAAA=] - Krewe Researcher
[&AygFAAA=] - There's the messenger. Don't let her get through to the peak!
[&AygGAAA=] - That was unexpected!
[&AygHAAA=] - Your quick thinking and actions stopped an error in your past from causing disaster in the present.
[&AygIAAA=] - I hope I pull through.
[&AygJAAA=] - First blood doubles the pot!
[&AygKAAA=] - I need backup!
[&AygLAAA=] - To me, brothers!
[&AygMAAA=] - Flee before me!
[&AygNAAA=] - The wind blows foul.
[&AygOAAA=] - You disgust me.
[&AygPAAA=] - Think you could beat me?
[&AygQAAA=] - You just made your business my business.
[&AygRAAA=] - Move in.
[&AygSAAA=] - We won!
[&AygTAAA=] - I've been waiting for you.
[&AygUAAA=] - Inquest above all!
[&AygVAAA=] - You're worm food now.
[&AygWAAA=] - Your end is near.
[&AygXAAA=] - Looking for me?
[&AygYAAA=] - We must work together!
[&AygZAAA=] - Rally 'round!
[&AygaAAA=] - I win!
[&AygbAAA=] - Well played.
[&AygcAAA=] - I require assistance!
[&AygdAAA=] - Beat this one down!
[&AygeAAA=] - Die, invader.
[&AygfAAA=] - You will be broken!
[&AyggAAA=] - We're done here.
[&AyghAAA=] - Bear!
[&AygiAAA=] - We're ready to rumble!
[&AygjAAA=] - Guard! Someone, help me!
[&AygkAAA=] - Flaming lizard lips!
[&AyglAAA=] - Need more initiative.
[&AygmAAA=] - Life! Let my creation live!
[&AygnAAA=] - Hard ground makes stronger roots.
[&AygoAAA=] - We all have a place in the Eternal Alchemy.
[&AygpAAA=] - Know what cannot be known.
[&AygqAAA=] - Everyone has a secret.
[&AygrAAA=] - Excelsior.
[&AygsAAA=] - Rely on your knowledge.
[&AygtAAA=] - Can I help you?
[&AyguAAA=] - What do you need?
[&AygvAAA=] - Nice shell.
[&AygwAAA=] - Make the night your ally.
[&AygxAAA=] - You're young to be so confident.
[&AygyAAA=] - You look smarter than most.
[&AygzAAA=] - What have you got for me?
[&Ayg0AAA=] - How can I help you?
[&Ayg1AAA=] - Fight with valor.
[&Ayg2AAA=] - All things, in the end, will find balance.
[&Ayg3AAA=] - What do you want?
[&Ayg4AAA=] - What? What? What?
[&Ayg5AAA=] - How can I help you?
[&Ayg6AAA=] - They've taken it.
[&Ayg7AAA=] - Check it out.
[&Ayg8AAA=] - Lower Eyelid Placement
[&Ayg9AAA=] - Do you see that?
[&Ayg+AAA=] - Eat dirt, idiot.
[&Ayg/AAA=] - Help! I don't have long!
[&AyhAAAA=] - Maybe you'll think twice next time.
[&AyhBAAA=] - It's good to see you.
[&AyhCAAA=] - It's not time to die. Get up.
[&AyhDAAA=] - 8FCA65D9ED499BFD9501E9198F8CED76BADC757258B9248C697FC0F5417011C5ED73D0B94B6A369477A418FBF00EC4368B80A72EE7FD24348FA108473D1E935190A8680CA672357EE7BEAFEA712F407C96A3F7C65A5BFDA8B573A1EA2B72696F651B0B5631000B736058FA2CBD254AC618D431561D84D981288324B9D4753CC15AC0
[&AyhEAAA=] - Grapesicle
[&AyhFAAA=] - Pink Ice
[&AyhGAAA=] - Wooden Chest
[&AyhHAAA=] - Superior Studded Coat
[&AyhIAAA=] - 7FEE9CD88E5630D3CDE5B10A43F9F71042D0FC0C9FB9CB819311
[&AyhJAAA=] - D0895E270A0C1FAF6F51D61B58CC0B077825B767608A08BC8CE5DE
[&AyhKAAA=] - 6CB5CF0CFF62A3EB9AE04E1DE93E57FF8B409DE8216EF04E329996B8CFF073775AFD04AC0C4AB89949F25E0DAEB6ED1A0E51DF1018F8F285518F9C5637FAEA54F4AD6129749D31D66D81DE415E84B9ADC46754115A5F825C28B82B25E536E379F1A51187B17725192AE200FB03FB8986809B3940EC8018573757689C2F5AD217C5219615B418977843FDD8E56A486142E7B372
[&AyhLAAA=] - AF9D936B01E8F2A5B484D1468AFAB3BA2F90D59EC6715A8EA60C91DD230E73DEC3B7E1A9
[&AyhMAAA=] - 2F5B257C3EBFD2EE5AEDD86B1280A6729FD03B2D85
[&AyhNAAA=] - A924D8DAA4FB9B7546564FF82554AA8FF17E750BFC57582D1D832D422F920E
[&AyhOAAA=] - 5BC8CFE77B42FF91D2DC4AF10541B97C7E11EF
[&AyhPAAA=] - A3DF7438EC162B559187847078C8F4D5E5A45A6FD54FB00E6A8BC0902DD19EE8EA6BB3123283B92F84B672FB2F48A1CBC2489E31076CB636F6B6CE31158A057B38E46745123CAF30116B630B797629EB7E01EA8AB33CA03BA21E67C814F8FEE4B5C27C597F8A61D0F1A3C6FA64CC4B29524AE9A755491022CBDC6080EE5C2A9DA443D2D876F1154DD551FFCFD037637D79849E8AD71CAE44D0C6632D8EE4B9690F0A2F15FEA40FE01EDD9B8339B1C85B18A89A92D9
[&AyhQAAA=] - Miniature Orange Tabby Cat
[&AyhRAAA=] - Aristocrat's Shoes
[&AyhSAAA=] - Stately Shoes
[&AyhTAAA=] - FD4240A7A9B4020791773095237D64C1C767214C
[&AyhUAAA=] - C4713328F310DE2DCDD82EC25F7FD9C9B77C
[&AyhVAAA=] - 463F75ED92017A4ED6
[&AyhWAAA=] - Gain tier 5 regeneration for the next 30 minutes.
[&AyhXAAA=] - Grilled Mushroom[s]
[&AyhYAAA=] - 2B8EFD9D856203CFB7607F7C23D9FCF6D313DBA38A99E5
[&AyhZAAA=] - Kodan Hammer
[&AyhaAAA=] - EDEAD411A9BC81F3C9412D356D8A0A3E32AD01
[&AyhbAAA=] - Green Wood Plank[s]
[&AyhcAAA=] - Bronze Warhorn Mouthpiece[s]
[&AyhdAAA=] - Strong Embroidered Wool Insignia[s]
[&AyheAAA=] - 9B39E1E5F46EE07558EF53A1B7E6A910E2E6568065FAB7CBA5065B1FE028137E1F957F314F3C0EEA822DCF9CF2EA60908BA7DCFFEA0D74D20201A903830E0FE98C067D8B760EC9F7E8E8CA883D58D3ADD0938DB7A6
[&AyhfAAA=] - B0423D1C8FEC954A751A1CD4214220986AFBC39194BF6717B2839C62338C65C5
[&AyhgAAA=] - Solid call. I'll meet you at the location.
[&AyhhAAA=] - +11 Condition Damage
[&AyhiAAA=] - Vigorous Scepter
[&AyhjAAA=] - B98AEFC266DE90907DC59D76455DD164
[&AyhkAAA=] - 05AF05E99E58CBC2A8906F8EA2C3074B19177D
[&AyhlAAA=] - Defeat the Pernicious Viper.
[&AyhmAAA=] - Knocks down nearby players.
[&AyhnAAA=] - <c=@abilitytype>Stance.</c> You gain stability.
[&AyhoAAA=] - Prison Warden Zikki
[&AyhpAAA=] - Iris Size
[&AyhqAAA=] - 7428AFECE59ECF59DD5F17E30B3DECF7FF
[&AyhrAAA=] - 935A7DF1F4CDE6EF85D1
[&AyhsAAA=] - FFD62D93E30D5E48F651982B9DD4D543290B197FC22C3B5E062828C11C168165AE54583323613AB5862B860F12A6A297378A7A72E7026BF5BE0A6C3F015A8028C6424704C4514A313D6FE5C97CDCE890D2B16FB10BE830C31E4109FF9D705590B853C423D88EC43F64
[&AyhtAAA=] - A HISTORY OF ART by Malchor.
[&AyhuAAA=] - When I was young, I had the opportunity to perform in the circus, but I turned it down. To this day, I'm sorry I didn't leap at the chance.
[&AyhvAAA=] - <br><br>I'm an engineer, and you'll never find me without my panscopic monocle handy.<br><br>This is my story.<br>
[&AyhwAAA=] - The peace summit has been approached timidly by both sides, neither knowing if they could truly trust the other. Your work has allowed the delegation members to see that they can meet each other as equals and as allies. Your efforts here will not be forgotten. 

. Vanguard Lieutenant Viles
[&AyhxAAA=] - The Borderlands are the launching point for many adventures into the mists. With a heavily fortified location that climbs all the way to the peak of a mountain, it can be a difficult place for enemies to assault and an excellent place for would-be heroes to get their first battle scars.
[&AyhyAAA=] - Ash Legion's turrets were impressive. Your upgrades will make them even more so. At last, time to see your invention in glorious battlefield action!
[&AyhzAAA=] - Sabotage
[&Ayh0AAA=] - Magic Sucks
[&Ayh1AAA=] - 40 precision
[&Ayh2AAA=] - 40 power
[&Ayh3AAA=] - Wurmhowl<br>Spikes
[&Ayh4AAA=] - Master's Training Manual
[&Ayh5AAA=] - 40 precision
[&Ayh6AAA=] - Hearty Acolyte Mask
[&Ayh7AAA=] - 40 power
[&Ayh8AAA=] - Explorer's Exalted Coat
[&Ayh9AAA=] - 40 condition damage
[&Ayh+AAA=] - Give it up. I taught you everything you know, but I didn't teach you everything I know.
[&Ayh/AAA=] - Maximum targets
[&AyiAAAA=] - World vs. World
[&AyiBAAA=] - Contains boosts to increase karma gain by 50%%, experience gained by killing enemies by 50%%, and chance to find magic items by 50%%. All boosts last for one hour. Use them all at once or each one individually!
[&AyiCAAA=] - Queen's Heart Orphanage
[&AyiDAAA=] - Spentlung Depth
[&AyiEAAA=] - Broken Arrow Waypoint
[&AykBAAA=] - 
[&AykCAAA=] - Villager
[&AykDAAA=] - They're still preparing the hunting grounds. Enjoy the moot. The gates will open soon.
[&AykEAAA=] - Hylek Merchant
[&AykFAAA=] - Kekt
[&AykGAAA=] - You know, your failure is only funny if you try.
[&AykHAAA=] - Legacy Code
[&AykIAAA=] - This is getting serious.
[&AykJAAA=] - I miscalculated the odds!
[&AykKAAA=] - You chose this!
[&AykLAAA=] - Annihilate them!
[&AykMAAA=] - Weaklings.
[&AykNAAA=] - Coward.
[&AykOAAA=] - You cannot win.
[&AykPAAA=] - Pfah!
[&AykQAAA=] - So it's come to this.
[&AykRAAA=] - There are enemies nearby.
[&AykSAAA=] - Attack!
[&AykTAAA=] - Seeking death?
[&AykUAAA=] - Need some help here!
[&AykVAAA=] - This is what it's come to.
[&AykWAAA=] - I could use a little help!
[&AykXAAA=] - A fight!
[&AykYAAA=] - Away with you!
[&AykZAAA=] - Looking for me?
[&AykaAAA=] - Knowledge is power!
[&AykbAAA=] - One less threat.
[&AykcAAA=] - We are victorious.
[&AykdAAA=] - Sharpen yer claws.
[&AykeAAA=] - I will never surrender.
[&AykfAAA=] - No!
[&AykgAAA=] - Justice.
[&AykhAAA=] - This is the last thing you'll see.
[&AykiAAA=] - Balthazar guide us!
[&AykjAAA=] - I will use force!
[&AykkAAA=] - Danger!
[&AyklAAA=] - Healing turret deployed!
[&AykmAAA=] - Precious life force!
[&AyknAAA=] - Seize the moment.
[&AykoAAA=] - Do you have a krewe? Are you hiring?
[&AykpAAA=] - Fight what cannot be fought.
[&AykqAAA=] - May Grenth shield you.
[&AykrAAA=] - How are you doing?
[&AyksAAA=] - May your knowledge flourish.
[&AyktAAA=] - Good to meet you.
[&AykuAAA=] -  It is good you have met me.
[&AykvAAA=] - Coo! Quaggan likes you.
[&AykwAAA=] - Seize the moment.
[&AykxAAA=] - How you doing?
[&AykyAAA=] - What do you want?
[&AykzAAA=] - I'm a hands-on academic.
[&Ayk0AAA=] - I serve Lion's Arch.
[&Ayk1AAA=] - Did you need something?
[&Ayk2AAA=] - Koda's blessings upon you.
[&Ayk3AAA=] - For Iron Legion.
[&Ayk4AAA=] - You are disturbing me.
[&Ayk5AAA=] - It's tough to prosper nowadays, but we try.
[&Ayk6AAA=] - They've scored.
[&Ayk7AAA=] - Curious. I wonder...
[&Ayk8AAA=] - Rifle
[&Ayk9AAA=] - Kablooey!
[&Ayk+AAA=] - Time for takeoff.
[&Ayk/AAA=] - Oh, my back!
[&AylAAAA=] - Give up yet?
[&AylBAAA=] - Hello.
[&AylCAAA=] - You'll not die on my watch.
[&AylDAAA=] - B4B61BDFBFEEE163201524ACC62A0AA50613E0FA7B0F9F6444730F6EBD80277E813DD148F75173C98DDF9D49E4F3E819307F00EB2A7C587DFA2C452BA73FFBAA9F537BC8AC37D002F663A02472
[&AylEAAA=] - Grapevine
[&AylFAAA=] - Primrose
[&AylGAAA=] - Stentor Leggings
[&AylHAAA=] - D7CC84C00FCCC3221B26744472F06FD557E8EDFBB868
[&AylIAAA=] - Minion Death
[&AylJAAA=] - DCB6F106688CCD6CB7DED028D29B4131A4617B73B0F880207D0E1EF8C2CD7C2194C60F2AEBF626E939A5C15D
[&AylKAAA=] - 189271528E94C447428526C92317CD067CBF72095200BF
[&AylLAAA=] - BDC934A50457D2C4E17CCEF1190063AD2119750A8D4D37C849ABBF86432BAB
[&AylMAAA=] - Defy Pain
[&AylNAAA=] - F181C725B06AEF2E83B0A6C6BA8B1CFC2FE7AF86532CC0191B8A327DE1E976FC40DC
[&AylOAAA=] - DD835B81781B5C93C28F3D0CB0DAE145FC4443656D
[&AylPAAA=] - 7D6B1B27AF219423EAADDC326417C9B10D2C2F3F38CD8F4DB6C354A3D2E8589EB4453BB0A438FA5494CA30A488ADC7802120DD355D9C6E0AFA04FB4C81230DFC7FCFD6FA5C3E756F3055F5EFF3386A2239B4E0B2AA0F085AEEAF2E4EF68E56CA2A1CA1
[&AylQAAA=] - 34767AB65937D4E432
[&AylRAAA=] - Aristocrat's Coat
[&AylSAAA=] - Stately Garb
[&AylTAAA=] - C92F8D34F571B14C3E85DB4EACB08993BD8BD4FC8AA67F
[&AylUAAA=] - 02185CFCAC15CE142E12B43732A69D
[&AylVAAA=] - 236D2E81CFE414EA0506FB
[&AylWAAA=] - Boon of Regeneration (Tier 5)
[&AylXAAA=] - Loaf[pl:"Loaves"] of Banana Bread
[&AylYAAA=] - 3A35D1BE770D5C6C076D18A2F7A1CB
[&AylZAAA=] - 88F45A51A446C5AE2C3B081D1C0EFC8C0469736D4FEFB0
[&AylaAAA=] - 348CA8664C04112CD280
[&AylbAAA=] - Hard Wood Plank[s]
[&AylcAAA=] - Darksteel Warhorn Mouthpiece[s]
[&AyldAAA=] - Honed Embroidered Wool Insignia[s]
[&AyleAAA=] - Double-click to apply to an accessory, amulet, or ring with an unused upgrade slot.
[&AylfAAA=] - B3F864421F741BB66D1ABBF7CD707E7D80C181A72F49
[&AylgAAA=] - Hey! Savant! Over here!
[&AylhAAA=] - +11 Precision
+1%% Critical Damage
[&AyliAAA=] - Hall of Monuments Portal Stone
[&AyljAAA=] - 49013EFD7D64082B60674F54
[&AylkAAA=] - 3BEA7B894426F4DD00ADE1F3547AAC419C44EF96755F28
[&AyllAAA=] - BF82EC15548179850DAB1B529DDA8DD1116154FF4F6D5D831853F8BAD620102CF113D612102744F6DBB1A719A58FA7AE1D2B6EC9207AC46361471312EA9044B1D197F99623DD1CCC3AC5E03AC1B7060B55F625ABDFF06EDEA2271C5958405ECAD57E36184861B677B59113C9071FCD96
[&AylmAAA=] - 529F2B478C9C7D9035
[&AylnAAA=] - It flees! Now, to the hunt!
[&AyloAAA=] - Hm, I still don't know what you are...
[&AylpAAA=] - Eye Squint
[&AylqAAA=] - Have Materials
[&AylrAAA=] - 6F5CB8D854F79592B317
[&AylsAAA=] - +21 Precision
[&AyltAAA=] - My favorite story is %str1%
[&AyluAAA=] - I've made something of myself, and the only thing I regret is that I turned down a chance to perform in the circus.
[&AylvAAA=] - In my line of work, it's important to understand the power of ______.
[&AylwAAA=] - Vanguard Lieutenant Viles
[&AylxAAA=] - The Borderlands are the launching point for many adventures into the mists. With a heavily fortified location that climbs all the way to the peak of a mountain, it can be a difficult place for enemies to assault and an excellent place for would-be heroes to get their first battle scars.
[&AylyAAA=] - Ghostbore Artillery
[&AylzAAA=] - A Good Defense
[&Ayl0AAA=] - A Light in the Darkness
[&Ayl1AAA=] - Darkriven Bluffs
[&Ayl2AAA=] - Call your allies for help. Restores health while you channel it.
[&Ayl3AAA=] - Kill them all!
[&Ayl4AAA=] - Valkyrie Winged Mantle
[&Ayl5AAA=] - I can beat you! I know I can! Age and experience always triumph.
[&Ayl6AAA=] - I feel you out there, hero. Come on in and see what darkness your mind holds.
[&Ayl7AAA=] - Ogden Stonehealer
[&Ayl8AAA=] - 5893B30201602D0A1975D43E51BE4C74DA3F35804CE3B4499D90F54214712A9DCD5E99ED81CE0CA28D60A895C5C6037A034939E20FBF2307519C655DECAADD2F489736EDAB500B12B253045FFF5350091771C21AB5DAA48BF6B493DD431ABA50C01395910811C220A8072C723845F26403E03DF0B7278A76262709F76DF9CEA318
[&Ayl9AAA=] - 33B3E6255DA69105F8C2631685FE768E07320A39ECEB553E5B4B6FBD56C4C3FD7EAE1F9802ECE34380CAABF49121569FEB3951E0C8AAF7ADA2BAE8B869FD53
[&Ayl+AAA=] - 278670884A665310C275FF2A3133254434E5CB1488B1AC87C66730CAEB211EE38CF0B6B8710486C1D94F7B0F97B6293480E491C18516236363226DC5787EF6D8F07C979C9A70B39B4EA73AFCF82145F6014D3F2B1FEEFF74709F4E73919D67BE6433387DC0A3AD28C4985C890F9BA3D8E18964851ED35FFA77414F0CCF52B0AA25B6300B00
[&Ayl/AAA=] - Oxbow Isle Waypoint
[&AyoBAAA=] - 
[&AyoCAAA=] - Anyone know how it started?
[&AyoDAAA=] - Son of Svanir
[&AyoEAAA=] - These sylvari are troublemakers. Get 'em, boys!
[&AyoFAAA=] - Ambassador Steelcrusher
[&AyoGAAA=] - Come back to me. We're out of time.
[&AyoHAAA=] - You have faced down the past, proving once again your might and wits.
[&AyoIAAA=] - Still...standing...barely.
[&AyoJAAA=] - All right! We'll call it a draw!
[&AyoKAAA=] - Do not abandon me!
[&AyoLAAA=] - Your time will come.
[&AyoMAAA=] - Care to try your strength?
[&AyoNAAA=] - That'll teach you.
[&AyoOAAA=] - I sense intruders.
[&AyoPAAA=] - What was that?
[&AyoQAAA=] - Some assistance, please!
[&AyoRAAA=] - How does death feel?
[&AyoSAAA=] - Yah!
[&AyoTAAA=] - Bear calls to me.
[&AyoUAAA=] - Threat sighted! To arms!
[&AyoVAAA=] - Stay back.
[&AyoWAAA=] - Another enemy vanquished!
[&AyoXAAA=] - I could do this all day.
[&AyoYAAA=] - There are enemies nearby.
[&AyoZAAA=] - I could do this all day.
[&AyoaAAA=] - Are we ready to fight?
[&AyobAAA=] - Need some help here!
[&AyocAAA=] - Submit or die!
[&AyodAAA=] - Your blood will spill.
[&AyoeAAA=] - Yours is a sad end.
[&AyofAAA=] - Inquest over all!
[&AyogAAA=] - I'm down!
[&AyohAAA=] - Looking for a fight?
[&AyoiAAA=] - Need to hurry!
[&AyojAAA=] - It's over.
[&AyokAAA=] - Only thing better than me is me and you.
[&AyolAAA=] - Lacking...endurance.
[&AyomAAA=] - Sweet energy, empower me!
[&AyonAAA=] - We meet.
[&AyooAAA=] - Excelsior.
[&AyopAAA=] - Excelsior.
[&AyoqAAA=] - Seize the moment.
[&AyorAAA=] - Good hunting!
[&AyosAAA=] - Study the past to survive the future.
[&AyotAAA=] - May Dwayna bless you.
[&AyouAAA=] - A meal today means no travel tomorrow.
[&AyovAAA=] - Seize the moment.
[&AyowAAA=] - Honor will prevail.
[&AyoxAAA=] - Good hunting!
[&AyoyAAA=] - For Iron Legion.
[&AyozAAA=] - Everything in moderation, including moderation.
[&Ayo0AAA=] - May you find the path home.
[&Ayo1AAA=] - Are you well?
[&Ayo2AAA=] - How may I aid you?
[&Ayo3AAA=] - Rely on iron, not false gods.
[&Ayo4AAA=] - What do you want?
[&Ayo5AAA=] - Welcome.
[&Ayo6AAA=] - Point lost.
[&Ayo7AAA=] - Jormag's tooth!
[&Ayo8AAA=] - Not enough initiative.
[&Ayo9AAA=] - You think you're so tough.
[&Ayo+AAA=] - Oh, I made an idiot fly.
[&Ayo/AAA=] - Where's a golem when you need one?
[&AypAAAA=] - Nobody can stand up to me!
[&AypBAAA=] - That last inn gave me spider mites.
[&AypCAAA=] - It's okay. Stay close.
[&AypDAAA=] - D7AD45718FC0F2C7DF4A97059AE48A7D533952BF3A48F795F5FFB3CD44C24AE7BB1500E8667D9D642511EF09A6270740BD9A1B6793EA19739A0B02940720EA432E7838038238A10CA05E3D1777F237152598A75BC5
[&AypEAAA=] - Graphite
[&AypFAAA=] - Purple
[&AypGAAA=] - Steel Chest
[&AypHAAA=] - 17F512FCBA
[&AypIAAA=] - Increases damage output.
[&AypJAAA=] - First, we report back in. Then we come back in force and wipe them out.
[&AypKAAA=] - B4130B126DFFE6C9E144B49C0DCC3D5BEFD4462DBE7EE63D7A3E53518FC2EDF3B4E6779680AB342CA80B234EF65D52D175D7E62BE4B103E9BBF2EC8104064D5F8DF33CA634D586AD78DD41C5935F8D208F8255C9CC1620343378179FC20B5BA1569CF829CABAD11D23DB35FB7E8EFDCBE95F837E23B87FF4208372159B05B11CD72CF98E780FFED9FB6F3B1112AE44DB9AED03F7
[&AypLAAA=] - BCF40A0432B3CC03731B8A2E47766F4EE556B82184417C0A3FBA990CABC01563E869BA3F3B78C29B49F0D280CF77C30562AADE95E1420D8F6C10CDB91710069D1D3A0A44D5E625340B545BFCCFC9B8063ABF8380684F027009F0544CE921B11A55122BDA29B1D51F34830DB54B0BB00B2376AF33EA79B05BDC0D1FD5E9D9C636AF043008F08AD15489FCA01063B2348DCD93D26CD1EABAC5F134D1463409E9C3
[&AypMAAA=] - Armor Repair
[&AypNAAA=] - A712E39CA4BD15966A86D6DB9CDD35766ED73F601D
[&AypOAAA=] - ABB442BFE8B2C8D90942CB27ACE5A632584D
[&AypPAAA=] - AB1919B1F81A8E8C0D6330AC7497660ADDE719C9D8520C69E0D9866C55C81D59F883EB52
[&AypQAAA=] - Miniature Servitor Golem
[&AypRAAA=] - Aristocrat's Livery
[&AypSAAA=] - Stately Gloves
[&AypTAAA=] - BEFF720AD08FFBABB9379AD65322F78F7C41D51375AC7396A0EDDECACC57C46AE0
[&AypUAAA=] - E5AC39C5E936E918638D16E30B30
[&AypVAAA=] - Bucket[s] of Poison
[&AypWAAA=] - Gain tier 6 regeneration for the next 30 minutes.
[&AypXAAA=] - Bowl[s] of Mashed Yams
[&AypYAAA=] - 3A35D1BE770D5C6C076D18A2F7A1CB
[&AypZAAA=] - E20BB04193E0CAA217337837
[&AypaAAA=] - 0A7C96EDA056461EA0A8
[&AypbAAA=] - Ancient Wood Plank[s]
[&AypcAAA=] - Iron Warhorn Mouthpiece[s]
[&AypdAAA=] - 34414CE226
[&AypeAAA=] - Berserker's Jewel[s]
[&AypfAAA=] - 5330E3D21C13E49D1046BDC793F0D698970B4E7B1823764A1B48391C
[&AypgAAA=] - Hold positions, troops!
[&AyphAAA=] - +14 Power
[&AypiAAA=] - E0E6BEB5705D3F4BBF3585013CDCBC78845DD4B6FEAB3322513BF360F69922C881CC0526145D485D0EEF87E99A82BEFB67506C532C630840DE480B03C2E78D78674A131C98838F896EA09E56411D7F8D816D7804174A46AEABB7462C76F6B79D2F8A31913E57A79D1EE8E35D061998
[&AypjAAA=] - 944F59B286095A351B6CB02C
[&AypkAAA=] - DD9A8B46751E35DBF014E398F1246FB9
[&AyplAAA=] - C775BFF12FDF2A873CD86B81AA11B29C781716
[&AypmAAA=] - Runaway Bull
[&AypnAAA=] - D31EB520222E9FB3ED53B3AC4987212AC1E9
[&AypoAAA=] - Chicken, chicken, chicken... Sorry, no one's come to claim a chicken yet.
[&AyppAAA=] - 3766DF56D6E83F563AC4FA8D22
[&AypqAAA=] - Vigorous Iron Rifle
[&AyprAAA=] - 6A9D91C3D3C2A3
[&AypsAAA=] - This is the key to the charr vehicle that caused so much trouble.
[&AypuAAA=] - A hero's most important quality is
[&AypvAAA=] - The Guise I Wear.
[&AypwAAA=] - A Heartfelt Thanks
[&AypxAAA=] - The Borderlands are the launching point for many adventures into the mists. With a heavily fortified location that climbs all the way to the peak of a mountain, it can be a difficult place for enemies to assault and an excellent place for would-be heroes to get their first battle scars.
[&AypyAAA=] - 393030FCDA06857837102F9552A9062AA8AAAF9F795970866F2A0D0BD9AECFED2B9891DD634CDCB4B351A72ACAB9
[&AypzAAA=] - Codebreaker
[&Ayp0AAA=] - The Priory Assailed
[&Ayp1AAA=] - Hangrammr Climb
[&Ayp2AAA=] - Double-click to use. You will be able to spend up to 30 points in all trait lines. Resets trait allocation.
[&Ayp3AAA=] - Pathetic.
[&Ayp4AAA=] - Carrion Winged Mantle
[&Ayp5AAA=] - I'll get you yet! You may be stronger than me, but you're not smarter.
[&Ayp6AAA=] - Your nightmare and my illusion make great companions, Noxia. It's going to be a good day.
[&Ayp7AAA=] - Eternal Battlegrounds
[&Ayp8AAA=] - The Opticalium
[&Ayp9AAA=] - Minister Zamon's Mansion
[&Ayp+AAA=] - Dewclaw Waypoint
[&Ayp/AAA=] - Irwin Isle Waypoint
[&AysBAAA=] - 
[&AysCAAA=] - Help! Somebody grab a bucket!
[&AysDAAA=] - You aren't getting out of here alive!
[&AysEAAA=] - You, twigface! Get away from there! Those supplies are combustable!
[&AysFAAA=] - Renegade
[&AysGAAA=] - Most intriguing.
[&AysHAAA=] - Bloodying the Past
[&AysIAAA=] - Oooof!
[&AysJAAA=] - And now the moneymaker!
[&AysKAAA=] - These are your final moments!
[&AysLAAA=] - I warn you, move along.
[&AysMAAA=] - Dream of finer things.
[&AysNAAA=] - For Ascalon!
[&AysOAAA=] - Justice is served.
[&AysPAAA=] - You're dead!
[&AysQAAA=] - You better hope our paths never cross again.
[&AysRAAA=] - At least I dreamed.
[&AysSAAA=] - A bold move, and a foolish one.
[&AysTAAA=] - Finished already?
[&AysUAAA=] - I'm watching you.
[&AysVAAA=] - To arms! To arms!
[&AysWAAA=] - Remain vigilant!
[&AysXAAA=] - Is this death?
[&AysYAAA=] - At least I dreamed.
[&AysZAAA=] - Next!
[&AysaAAA=] - Not fair.
[&AysbAAA=] - Threat sighted! To arms!
[&AyscAAA=] - You're good.
[&AysdAAA=] - I will slice you open.
[&AyseAAA=] - Trouble over here!
[&AysfAAA=] - Success!
[&AysgAAA=] - For the queen!
[&AyshAAA=] - Let's roll.
[&AysiAAA=] - No time!
[&AysjAAA=] - In the line of duty...
[&AyskAAA=] - Nice teeth.
[&AyslAAA=] - Oh, I can't wait to explore this place.
[&AysmAAA=] - Gaining life force!
[&AysnAAA=] - The Dream led me here.
[&AysoAAA=] - How can I assist you?
[&AyspAAA=] - You search for knowledge?
[&AysqAAA=] - Stay alert.
[&AysrAAA=] - You're young to be so confident.
[&AyssAAA=] - Knowledge is the greatest treasure.
[&AystAAA=] - Greetings.
[&AysuAAA=] - What now?
[&AysvAAA=] - Hard ground makes stronger roots.
[&AyswAAA=] - We wardens take our duties seriously.
[&AysxAAA=] - Raven told me you'd be coming.
[&AysyAAA=] - At ease.
[&AyszAAA=] - Victory at any cost.
[&Ays0AAA=] - Honor the past.
[&Ays1AAA=] - Greetings.
[&Ays2AAA=] - Time is precious, like new fallen snow.
[&Ays3AAA=] - Avast.
[&Ays4AAA=] - Make it short.
[&Ays5AAA=] - How do you do?
[&Ays6AAA=] - Victory will be ours!
[&Ays7AAA=] - By the Bear!
[&Ays8AAA=] - Need more initiative.
[&Ays9AAA=] - Chicken! (bok bok bok)
[&Ays+AAA=] - Nice hang time, moron.
[&Ays/AAA=] - The secret is to lift from the knees.
[&AytAAAA=] - I'm on a roll!
[&AytBAAA=] - Asura are fascinating. Just ask them.
[&AytCAAA=] - I choose you!
[&AytDAAA=] - 23286F86AC3A3E9980E71297F5054A4E8F5800BF9B63B9454810C1ECC1748D011BC603709A3AB72C05C6F9B37CC9798166EB02BEF6DCCBD1336123E5D55A36177BC60C29D60D5553BEF1F355BF1E80445157CDAD75FBE01A9376CA118712CE78F64F0224594EDC
[&AytEAAA=] - Envy
[&AytFAAA=] - Purple Breeze
[&AytGAAA=] - <c=@flavor>"Quaggan wants you to stay protected in dark waters."<br>.Recruit Wongoo</c>
[&AytHAAA=] - Skritt Transform Weapon
[&AytIAAA=] - You have gained renown with a character!<br><br>Grateful characters will send you a letter with a cash reward. You can even visit them to spend karma on unique items!
[&AytJAAA=] - 106AF1F687624C126FB8056E55D0CFF4476733090ABA7E8A94E3B2EE0C0B7841510C98A704A4FE45632A35A35A29FFA574F514AEE9B9032771AA7AC0DF8CC5221218BC76333531DAC02689CC0864AD1C20F0120135D8
[&AytKAAA=] - 09AB803A1919E4AE31468CCFEFC13B20860FD9343D1847E88E
[&AytLAAA=] - 4B8ADAAE16E8F2
[&AytMAAA=] - 9FDF1BFFCD85CF92F9BB159F913992A71231EDF9
[&AytNAAA=] - Have you picked up any tips for how to defeat them?
[&AytOAAA=] - 86EE108FBFCC16C454C9E9C86B9DF8994542993799
[&AytPAAA=] - 435557E5F0F2B73896AED2C50AA9874B97B98CBFFE0AD073
[&AytQAAA=] - Miniature Rockfur Racoon
[&AytRAAA=] - Aristocrat's Masque
[&AytSAAA=] - Stately Helm
[&AytTAAA=] - 7100117D544FF6C4F1E8EE1C5D360E2F954AEEA54445BC0BF6F9393C86D8862F9635A65F97796433946279ABDCD28F16C3AB9C6C49824D5C4FCA21EC1BD39E8BF6080D934947044F2FB8F5DA60F7F38BE818BCF5F3A3AADB988BE7799A98DA2825528381EDB28829CE4F2217ABBF133D4AD6BE14DE07922A6DF977AD0C20423BF8BD57B105201FB0C31269CE
[&AytUAAA=] - EF5DAA5A006F378545FEFE499685C129AA
[&AytVAAA=] - Redcap Mushroom[s]
[&AytWAAA=] - Boon of Regeneration (Tier 6)
[&AytXAAA=] - Divinity Stuffed Mushroom[s]
[&AytYAAA=] - 57E182235FA2
[&AytZAAA=] - Pirate Sword
[&AytaAAA=] - Ram
[&AytbAAA=] - Soft Wood Plank[s]
[&AytcAAA=] - Mithril Warhorn Mouthpiece[s]
[&AytdAAA=] - Honed Cotton Insignia[s]
[&AyteAAA=] - DC6625594B98E8
[&AytfAAA=] - F214176FE91529FECFAA202D9EE5D47C898D7A4C9A1F026330E2
[&AytgAAA=] - We have enemy inbound!
[&AythAAA=] - +14 Condition Damage
[&AytiAAA=] - C599808A78B5DE0D5805834538C9
[&AytjAAA=] - A6F6389E5D72A2CD8E57A0
[&AytlAAA=] - 1BC1ADFF5E9C435A4310766583D7FAFCE910A62E062A208C893E07022E9E5D8D5876788C3F07B34A34F36420B75C36773E6961D71BDC772FD493A6F9006BEC56BE1FBDA79395052D94CDD54BC95B5DA840D9C160F85279E3FCD1874224D2DEBE
[&AytmAAA=] - 34B255BF04DA38B37BC34DE6E56887
[&AytnAAA=] - Keep after it!
[&AytoAAA=] - Keep it down, talking bear. You're going nowhere.
[&AytpAAA=] - FDE40994CB0F300E1C567E43
[&AytqAAA=] - Gain Experience
[&AytrAAA=] - %num1% foe[s] killed in the Forest of Nifhel.
[&AytsAAA=] - Chugger Key
[&AyttAAA=] - SECRETS OF THE GODS by Yorlik, Priest of Abaddon.
[&AytuAAA=] - diplomacy and courtesy, even with enemies.
[&AytvAAA=] - anonymity
[&AytwAAA=] - You've helped us keep some stability here, for which we're grateful. We are all obligated to help the cause, and it's always a relief and a comfort to encounter someone who fully understands that. At some point, we may call upon you again in our push against the Brand. In the meantime, a group of Sentinels in Blazeridge Steppes could use your help. Good hunting.
.Krange Lodefinder
[&AytxAAA=] - The Ruined City of Arah
[&AytyAAA=] - Absent Without Leave: three words that can blacken a soldier's record. Disobeying direct orders and abandoning a warband.why would anyone choose such a desperate, despised life? Few survive it for long.
[&AytzAAA=] - ((Forced to Drink Water))
[&Ayt0AAA=] - Under Siege
[&Ayt1AAA=] - Solitude Vale
[&Ayt2AAA=] - Grandmaster's Training Manual
[&Ayt3AAA=] - Torn Fur
[&Ayt4AAA=] - Ha! Come at me! You can't take me!
[&Ayt5AAA=] - My Council seat...all is lost...
[&Ayt6AAA=] - Nice try, Synergetics. Better luck next time. It won't help, but you can dream.
[&Ayt7AAA=] - DD842FB49CBE194E50
[&Ayt8AAA=] - Durotl Grounds
[&Ayt9AAA=] - Your help with the Risen has given some breathing room to the allied orders at Caer Evermore. The Vigil and Priory rarely see eye to eye, but we may be starting to see the value of working together toward a common goal.

[&Ayt+AAA=] - Bloodfin Lake Waypoint
[&Ayt/AAA=] - Gauntlet Waypoint
[&AywBAAA=] - 
[&AywCAAA=] - Where's the fire brigade?
[&AywDAAA=] - Havroun Svena
[&AywEAAA=] - Hylek Runner
[&AywFAAA=] - It's the Vigil! Get 'em!
[&AywGAAA=] - That ends my part.
[&AywHAAA=] - You dealt with your past, and now you may join the world moving forward.
[&AywIAAA=] - One, two, three, lift!
[&AywJAAA=] - Aha! I won the wager!
[&AywKAAA=] - My time has come.
[&AywLAAA=] - I will end you.
[&AywMAAA=] - The harvest begins.
[&AywNAAA=] - Never capitulate!
[&AywOAAA=] - Not again.
[&AywPAAA=] - Yah!
[&AywQAAA=] - State your purpose.
[&AywRAAA=] - We must work together!
[&AywSAAA=] - Someone get over here and help me!
[&AywTAAA=] - You are nothing.
[&AywUAAA=] - Well played.
[&AywVAAA=] - Who's the tough guy now?
[&AywWAAA=] - Eternal vigilance!
[&AywXAAA=] - For the Mother Tree!
[&AywYAAA=] - Predator or prey?
[&AywZAAA=] - It can't be.
[&AywaAAA=] - To arms!
[&AywbAAA=] - That one won't come back.
[&AywcAAA=] - Attack my target!
[&AywdAAA=] - Gutted!
[&AyweAAA=] - Are you lost?
[&AywfAAA=] - Oh, my. Not good.
[&AywgAAA=] - Rally to me!
[&AywhAAA=] - You can only run so far.
[&AywiAAA=] - Almost out of time!
[&AywjAAA=] - Threat neutralized.
[&AywkAAA=] - I know you like what you see.
[&AywlAAA=] - Endurance...low.
[&AywmAAA=] - My destiny is taking root.
[&AywnAAA=] - Good hunting.
[&AywoAAA=] - Seize the moment.
[&AywpAAA=] - May Kormir enlighten you.
[&AywqAAA=] - Be safe.
[&AywrAAA=] - Raven told me you'd be coming.
[&AywsAAA=] - Seize the moment.
[&AywtAAA=] - I sense your inner strength.
[&AywuAAA=] - Speak.
[&AywvAAA=] - Not all that is hidden should be revealed.
[&AywwAAA=] - I fear no evil.
[&AywxAAA=] - I can see you've traveled far.
[&AywyAAA=] - Greetings.
[&AywzAAA=] - The legion calls.
[&Ayw0AAA=] - For Ascalon!
[&Ayw1AAA=] - You seem friendly.
[&Ayw2AAA=] - What can I do for you?
[&Ayw3AAA=] - Yarr!
[&Ayw4AAA=] - Hard ground makes for broken roots.
[&Ayw5AAA=] - I didn't see you there.
[&Ayw6AAA=] - I smell winning in the air.
[&Ayw7AAA=] - What in the world?
[&Ayw8AAA=] - Did you hear that?
[&Ayw9AAA=] - I poison you with my last breath. Hahhhh.
[&Ayw+AAA=] - Don't move.
[&Ayw/AAA=] - This could be useful.
[&AyxAAAA=] - Join my other conquests!
[&AyxBAAA=] - Ever wonder what happens when we die? We compost.
[&AyxCAAA=] - Search for the captured sergeant.
[&AyxDAAA=] - Two Hand
[&AyxEAAA=] - Gray
[&AyxFAAA=] - Purple Ice
[&AyxGAAA=] - Achievement Bonus Chest
[&AyxHAAA=] - A545342D5758B2D3C3EFC19FB1B77A7B82507553
[&AyxIAAA=] - Holy Incursion
[&AyxJAAA=] - 6E521C89F9300F8ACE9699D5EC2CE98F54CE3C7EC5E529A7AFB8D92074980197119E476A313FA693C206923ED18E9994EE48
[&AyxKAAA=] - F217EF8A752144ADAA76BC82D56BF06AF29612E85FF7ADD8F4B5
[&AyxLAAA=] - 01139A730ACD8ADE1743CF5C7B1FD03A4A6FCF8BB229
[&AyxMAAA=] - Movement speed increased while traveling in the city.
[&AyxNAAA=] - They draw power from corrupted ice shards, so destroy those on sight. Sometimes, the shards fall off the creatures themselves.
[&AyxOAAA=] - 5C3EA4E787E652F5C9E985B09447C4E33BA633B65E
[&AyxPAAA=] - 59368AA6FDD9576E38C00D874B35591015EC9EF8CCDDF9DF048330DB86AB3E745CC047A8146A29C9EA0C5237B0930B9C90BEEDA8739097E14EB0F882F52D67D14499DD2B80C51C0041C1A13DD2F3575BD500D1A09B68B39BFE683610A94B6A978817366ACE06F244C8DE7EF4405378456CBCA9FC8E33F9C85B5A320F9B2933209A47B500BEED2FAFF1AC540D19B30ABE411DEFDB596B2AE1DB27CB2FAC9DD1096BF156CC95
[&AyxQAAA=] - 52AEEC24C7A82CE55AD432
[&AyxRAAA=] - Aristocrat's Pants
[&AyxSAAA=] - Stately Leggings
[&AyxTAAA=] - 4E29BE8F6CC4CAF56874452FD82D7F268A46DD6D464D3A2AE0DFE9
[&AyxUAAA=] - F1F05430BB134CFFC3E3
[&AyxVAAA=] - Fishing Pole
[&AyxWAAA=] - Potato[pl:"Potatoes"]
[&AyxXAAA=] - 109EE2294DA00E9203A1526B8779EEEF8AA6E883312E7911F9B7FB1223C49C1803167D3C62A5F43885D27898199633CADDFECDED57DEDC5F208CB0BC0E5437EB209B57D757B0099FB84DA44DDE8B1433633FD8100330E80018D749A826630122DFDA3ECEE2BE49EF955A2734089E655CC0A84C344A5DA7089A1623F0F3C816B9E08A3CD679
[&AyxYAAA=] - 5D0ACA24C95145A8ECD7A20C55011E4A87B2D7B786
[&AyxZAAA=] - MONSTER ONLY Quaggan Spear
[&AyxaAAA=] - 1642FF4EAC59
[&AyxbAAA=] - Seasoned Wood Plank[s]
[&AyxcAAA=] - Orichalcum Warhorn Mouthpiece[s]
[&AyxdAAA=] - Strong Cotton Insignia[s]
[&AyxeAAA=] - 46F46D542DE577A360AE3F1B3E8321C80713619E
[&AyxfAAA=] - E28CDECF50C4EE45398F263EBE0877E6C4354A5F73
[&AyxgAAA=] - Thanks, Savant. We'll escort the Professor out of the swamp and meet you back at Zojja's lab.
[&AyxhAAA=] - +14 Power
+2%% Critical Damage
[&Ayxi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
[&AyxjAAA=] - 51BDDD010FE4A232BFE718A060BDD902
[&AyxkAAA=] - Used to gather Taproots, Spinach, Strawberries, Herb Sprouts, and all other lesser edible plants. Can also crack open Clams.
[&AyxlAAA=] - 75C83B925C42C8A14C12EE66239923F21E12191E4C33684CF6BE7C58F3339883E900B1E73CC562B3D4C263068AFC90B78043270DABF13DA6911B95310B82
[&AyxmAAA=] - Ettin Rush
[&AyxnAAA=] - Siege attack " Swallows Enemies
[&AyxoAAA=] - Well, when you can answer that simple math problem, I'll let you out.
[&AyxpAAA=] - EDA664FCE8C47C3AA61917
[&AyxqAAA=] - Can Equip
[&AyxrAAA=] - Vigorous Iron Spear
[&AyxsAAA=] - A complete heirloom family pendant, finally whole and returned to its rightful owner.
[&AyxuAAA=] - A hero's most important qualities are %str1%
[&AyxvAAA=] - Anonymity
[&AyxwAAA=] - Krange Lodefinder
[&AyxxAAA=] - Test Map - Programmer - PROFPWNER
[&AyxyAAA=] - AWOL
[&AyxzAAA=] - Defend the Priory
[&Ayx0AAA=] - Trahearne's first mission for the Pact: liberate Claw Island, and free Lion's Arch of the threat of invasion. Three united Orders, versus the fury of the dragon, Zhaitan.
[&Ayx1AAA=] - Snowlord's Gate
[&Ayx2AAA=] - Double-click to use. Hatch out a Mini-moa to dance for you.
[&Ayx3AAA=] - Break what can be broken. Steal what can be taken!
[&Ayx4AAA=] - Bandithaunt Caverns
[&Ayx5AAA=] - Is that... it is! My faithful krewemate! Thank the Eternal Alchemy!
[&Ayx6AAA=] - Surprise, failures! Ha! You should see the stupid look on your faces. Very rewarding.
[&Ayx7AAA=] - Competitive PvP
[&Ayx8AAA=] - Aquannian Research Group
[&Ayx9AAA=] - Minister Wi's Mansion
[&Ayx+AAA=] - Old Piken Ruins Waypoint
[&Ayx/AAA=] - Old Sledge Site Waypoint
[&Ay0BAAA=] - 
[&Ay0CAAA=] - That's no way for a soldier to die.
[&Ay0DAAA=] - Spirits of the Wild, hear my plea!
[&Ay0EAAA=] - You'll never catch me, you root-bound twigs!
[&Ay0FAAA=] - Grawl Berserker
[&Ay0GAAA=] - Certainly.
[&Ay0HAAA=] - Family Reunion
[&Ay0IAAA=] - Always lift with your legs.
[&Ay0JAAA=] - These are your final moments!
[&Ay0KAAA=] - You look so peaceful.
[&Ay0LAAA=] - I am undone.
[&Ay0MAAA=] - I know you're there.
[&Ay0NAAA=] - It all makes sense now!
[&Ay0OAAA=] - Balthazar, grant me victory.
[&Ay0PAAA=] - (spit) Another one down.
[&Ay0QAAA=] - May your final journey be easy.
[&Ay0RAAA=] - Away with you!
[&Ay0SAAA=] - Shhh. Listen.
[&Ay0TAAA=] - Kill them all!
[&Ay0UAAA=] - One less threat!
[&Ay0VAAA=] - You're weak!
[&Ay0WAAA=] - I sense your presence.
[&Ay0XAAA=] - Ready for the next one.
[&Ay0YAAA=] - Lend me a hand!
[&Ay0ZAAA=] - To arms!
[&Ay0aAAA=] - Close call.
[&Ay0bAAA=] - For the legions!
[&Ay0cAAA=] - Another dead idiot.
[&Ay0dAAA=] - Narr! No fun.
[&Ay0eAAA=] - Now it ends!
[&Ay0fAAA=] - I know someone's out there.
[&Ay0gAAA=] - Scholar in need of aid!
[&Ay0hAAA=] - Another one down.
[&Ay0iAAA=] - I'm losing energy.
[&Ay0jAAA=] - I need an assist!
[&Ay0kAAA=] - Who wouldn't be jealous of me? Who wouldn't feel threatened by me?
[&Ay0lAAA=] - Behold! The Invisible Swordsman!
[&Ay0mAAA=] - You can never learn enough.
[&Ay0nAAA=] - You've brightened my day.
[&Ay0oAAA=] - Where life goes, so too should you.
[&Ay0pAAA=] - Knowledge is the greatest treasure.
[&Ay0qAAA=] - We fight against nightmares here.
[&Ay0rAAA=] - I can see you've traveled far.
[&Ay0sAAA=] - May the Six watch over you.
[&Ay0tAAA=] - No kindness is too small.
[&Ay0uAAA=] - For Iron Legion.
[&Ay0vAAA=] - Keep your voice down.
[&Ay0wAAA=] - The wardens are here to protect you.
[&Ay0xAAA=] - How are you doing?
[&Ay0yAAA=] - How can I help?
[&Ay0zAAA=] - Yes?
[&Ay00AAA=] - May the gods protect you.
[&Ay01AAA=] - I like it here.
[&Ay02AAA=] - Hello.
[&Ay03AAA=] - Go away, you scurvy yak.
[&Ay04AAA=] - You're not worth my time.
[&Ay05AAA=] - For Blood Legion.
[&Ay06AAA=] - Yes! It's fighting time.
[&Ay07AAA=] - Want to see my weapon collection?
[&Ay08AAA=] - Glow Intensity
[&Ay09AAA=] - Can I have your stuff?
[&Ay0+AAA=] - That's enough.
[&Ay0/AAA=] - I've stumbled on something of value.
[&Ay1AAAA=] - Rest in peace.
[&Ay1BAAA=] - When I grow up, I want to be an oakheart.
[&Ay1CAAA=] - Careful. Slick shoes are slippery.
[&Ay1DAAA=] - A77A69B904030D3E5DF67ED5A5488766AF24DB10F4C517AB8957A67916622F78454124AE1317AC9E2AC0D784918E93B3AD26A1BC92A62CF5CB7A8D96
[&Ay1EAAA=] - Green Apple
[&Ay1FAAA=] - Red
[&Ay1GAAA=] - Stygian Water Breather
[&Ay1HAAA=] - Hello, 

Enclosed are your winnings. If you have a dispute, then you can take it up with my supervisor. 

.Bandit Bill
[&Ay1IAAA=] - A pulse to stabilize dimensions and magic.
[&Ay1JAAA=] - 4C1DA8130DD29CDC59CA0AD184CFB84D7F8B7E8AE433B4952CB97638B3D3A069B9E8CDB4893AD4EC7FA0441D4943B11F0755ABD03038804BDC9EEC41860F8EBC6518EDD379D5B2B52B26022C67CDF82BBEE614A96E8D54BF04B79AB8D5720CD6B097BCFD6760F8BF9EECFC6CB9FDFB47ADB127C55F5EA9EBBA
[&Ay1KAAA=] - CD2A8C4A8DDDB40B
[&Ay1LAAA=] - E91E389254C7D7D42989E92EC1E1531F3ECF9BA5
[&Ay1MAAA=] - 91E11B90FC308ECF9AA6444139AB20F69B71E1
[&Ay1NAAA=] - Good work. We'll be ready in case they make it here. Now, get back out there.
[&Ay1OAAA=] - 296EF1C5303626A25FEE9F6F3381CBF16AB626573064
[&Ay1PAAA=] - 127784B2282119ACE1A165B74F494F119D8C53C8CBA3C1E53F4E69
[&Ay1QAAA=] - 226D65FA3D0ED9C12C8AABFE9DF8
[&Ay1RAAA=] - Aristocrat's Epaulets
[&Ay1SAAA=] - Stately Mantle
[&Ay1TAAA=] - A4582BB383E16EAC04EE4951D7E2165329A08086B40670B195E5
[&Ay1UAAA=] - AC8D3C548FD6618C539A43ED53
[&Ay1VAAA=] - Divinity's Reach Supplies
[&Ay1WAAA=] - The next 22,000 experience is increased by +40%%.
[&Ay1XAAA=] - 9301CEB50516181CD81A28D2BE
[&Ay1YAAA=] - Harpoon
[&Ay1ZAAA=] - Quaggan Unarmed
[&Ay1aAAA=] - 3A45F055D6DF92AD4EC4A2DF50A7E702
[&Ay1bAAA=] - 903910030021EA55E03F6219ADA4504E6A32
[&Ay1cAAA=] - Steel Warhorn Mouthpiece[s]
[&Ay1dAAA=] - Hearty Cotton Insignia[s]
[&Ay1eAAA=] - E679C25DD0A26E6D1E0D2E7A84E00E2FD348B4C9601C740C8C0EB12A1D73C66C079230ADE1B32DD6D77E61095A7BE5C1E84336DFCE71FC21
[&Ay1fAAA=] - 177EB24F4943A75EFEB1E097B50CA67F3F279277E3BB5E010E5C
[&Ay1gAAA=] - You're going down, you ugly freak. And tell Zhaitan it's next!
[&Ay1hAAA=] - +4 Power
[&Ay1iAAA=] - 3A5C03231A1B89323B0834A1672974B4AC73D9CD47
[&Ay1jAAA=] - 0AF2ABCA64A978F09C2A1D16EE7B48
[&Ay1kAAA=] - Iron Harvesting Sickle
[&Ay1lAAA=] - 41117F2DC4887CCD93A26AC8679C5C8B3385F5AC
[&Ay1mAAA=] - 0F07F983E0B4BF7B0CD4
[&Ay1nAAA=] - Ice Wurm
[&Ay1oAAA=] - Ah, you can't fool me, Zaiyah. You're not good enough at sarcasm. You're staying right where you are.
[&Ay1pAAA=] - Well struck! Now, it's my turn!
[&Ay1qAAA=] - 97B8D752CC7081DD
[&Ay1rAAA=] - F7468D18226D0D4D49D9DBDF
[&Ay1sAAA=] - 65D01BB081
[&Ay1tAAA=] - My greatest vice is
[&Ay1uAAA=] - bravery, having the courage to stand up to foes, both inside the kingdom and outside it.
[&Ay1vAAA=] - My talents lie in the arts of stealth, infiltration, and escape. I do not draw attention to myself. To guard my identity, I hide my face behind a mask of darkness.
[&Ay1wAAA=] - A study in destruction
[&Ay1xAAA=] - Perf Test Map
[&Ay1yAAA=] - The ravine known as Human's Lament lies deep in the heart of Ascalon. Ghosts plague the land and often overwhelm its inhabitants. Constant scouting missions are needed to keep the roads clear.
[&Ay1zAAA=] - Asuran Experimental Weapon
[&Ay10AAA=] - Retribution
[&Ay11AAA=] - Dawnrise Pass
[&Ay12AAA=] - Mini-moa Egg
[&Ay13AAA=] - Get those supplies moving!
[&Ay14AAA=] - Beggar's Burrow
[&Ay15AAA=] - Whew. That was less than pleasant. Let's get out of here!
[&Ay16AAA=] - Ow! That's it. I'm killing you double for this!
[&Ay17AAA=] - 789F827EC9ACFC4D5884757592959FF9F5DF32519B8B8D9B4A2638FBFCD2E0FBBE5428FF53E47CC960F724925435A62989EB74230BCE89086FD5828AE3D5019017E17DF212AC4C7DD4EBFC4E42A4E20CBFD797A5A25D8CF59E8D457903ACA174F327
[&Ay18AAA=] - 65D01BB081
[&Ay19AAA=] - ED3F454E847DEA301EE763C759BF0087F12D50F08E433A57AF696AC763B1366B0CDE39BFE1313560D03209B760F52A9B9D56D76131E33FF2E92835DBBDCB2F2D
[&Ay1+AAA=] - Warhound Village Waypoint
[&Ay1/AAA=] - Survive a trip through Spekks's Laboratory. For science!
[&Ay4BAAA=] - 
[&Ay4CAAA=] - Somebody should help those guys. They're heroes!
[&Ay4DAAA=] - Our enemies surround us in your world. Let us return to ours.
[&Ay4EAAA=] - Dengatl Cuicani
[&Ay4FAAA=] - Dredge Disaggregator[s]
[&Ay4GAAA=] - Gate Guardian Napa
[&Ay4HAAA=] - You cleaved an embarrassment from your past.
[&Ay4IAAA=] - What a find!
[&Ay4JAAA=] - You chose this!
[&Ay4KAAA=] - Run, miscreant!
[&Ay4LAAA=] - The ground take your blood!
[&Ay4MAAA=] - Death embraces me.
[&Ay4NAAA=] - To the Depths with you!
[&Ay4OAAA=] - For Ascalon!
[&Ay4PAAA=] - Now I'll never...
[&Ay4QAAA=] - Gods, take me!
[&Ay4RAAA=] - That'll do.
[&Ay4SAAA=] - If only I could...
[&Ay4TAAA=] - Run weakling!
[&Ay4UAAA=] - That one won't come back.
[&Ay4VAAA=] - Sons of Svanir! Rally!
[&Ay4WAAA=] - Retreat's the only viable option.
[&Ay4XAAA=] - Watch yourself!
[&Ay4YAAA=] - New prey.
[&Ay4ZAAA=] - That was easy.
[&Ay4aAAA=] - That was close.
[&Ay4bAAA=] - I'm watching you.
[&Ay4cAAA=] - Knowledge is power!
[&Ay4dAAA=] - 'Tis a sad end.
[&Ay4eAAA=] - Have at you!
[&Ay4fAAA=] - Plan B!
[&Ay4gAAA=] - Thank the gods.
[&Ay4hAAA=] - This is the end?
[&Ay4iAAA=] - Energy...low.
[&Ay4jAAA=] - Stand down!
[&Ay4kAAA=] - Is that your tail twitching, or are you just happy to see me?
[&Ay4lAAA=] - Ancient druid spirit lend me your aid.
[&Ay4mAAA=] - Come here! I planted a healing turret.
[&Ay4nAAA=] - May the sun shine gently upon you.
[&Ay4oAAA=] - You've brightened my day.
[&Ay4pAAA=] - We know so little.
[&Ay4qAAA=] - I'm sworn to protect this place.
[&Ay4rAAA=] - Speak quickly.
[&Ay4sAAA=] - How can I help?
[&Ay4tAAA=] - You can count on me.
[&Ay4uAAA=] - Give me a report.
[&Ay4vAAA=] - I humbly welcome you.
[&Ay4wAAA=] - Excelsior.
[&Ay4xAAA=] - I've got plenty of time.
[&Ay4yAAA=] - How's it going?
[&Ay4zAAA=] - Talk to me.
[&Ay40AAA=] - Greetings, friend.
[&Ay41AAA=] - We meet.
[&Ay42AAA=] - Yes?
[&Ay43AAA=] - You made a mistake talking to me.
[&Ay44AAA=] - I sense you've been called here.
[&Ay45AAA=] - I haven't got all day.
[&Ay46AAA=] - Hurry!
[&Ay47AAA=] - I'm always hunting for love. What about you?
[&Ay48AAA=] - C27BEB93
[&Ay49AAA=] - They're killing me!
[&Ay4+AAA=] - Hold it.
[&Ay4/AAA=] - Extraordinary!
[&Ay5AAAA=] - Go where you belong!
[&Ay5BAAA=] - Weed 'em and reap!
[&Ay5CAAA=] - Kapow!
[&Ay5DAAA=] - 596CC5527A7450E05C40A055713AE90E15F966D2EB5DA0EAD538CAB7707ABA3EF1FF75552AA8A63B40BFF7344325C35E6E6B323579DBDEF31A5EADB0EDCDE9E013E249DABF04F91A8E4CDF
[&Ay5EAAA=] - Green Shade
[&Ay5FAAA=] - Regal
[&Ay5GAAA=] - Bonus Chest
[&Ay5HAAA=] - C8EAEF5272BE97176A536AA279AE7B4ECF1DF9F1FB
[&Ay5IAAA=] - Durmand Priory Scholar
[&Ay5JAAA=] - AB8A513733B7C25DFE79D83989E1F01247E1ABF986E0ABAE6AE0D7CFE2CA62984BA66471D0AD0AC2E45C3C91E21AE5D15E0D20564AC078FB105656F894380899B64EF2ED4755D9525B75B7D76444503F6DBE6596BBC3D1F791BDA8E3976C8468352C
[&Ay5KAAA=] - 104F71D1057F293FA2C1D70119B75040526BB6F309EE5C41EA8D56329DDCE5D7261A66EE442C6FD578D14C7E72605FEC311AF9E8A3BB45FE286DE9DB00C4B50EC19B193051EB377C3D0B13B30E42DF3E236BEADE67F8BFC0616801CD5837F0B043594A972C7320
[&Ay5LAAA=] - A8D0C83FB0DF48B7266DD8869F61B42A
[&Ay5MAAA=] - Shortsighted idiots! You couldn't even live in Ebonhawke if you did take's got no scratching-posts!
[&Ay5NAAA=] - I'll be safer out there than you will be here. We have dark times ahead.
[&Ay5OAAA=] - 438149AB9D9EB3651A2A86A8A67A
[&Ay5PAAA=] - C33238F18A51FB4A8413B7C84ECD2FE81B5AA0EB6857279DDF372D5FB3C62A732A81768F291687AF39ADE9E75F75EC311A55DD7412BEA20BC12EAD0680963CCC9B7F18FA436CC15C55D9EDD74FCCD44D10E6206E4D12B11F16969109BFA20294BE0E2F28A88D13A327E2A90FF9A120DEB8210E6BBEC06561E7AAF8270A92C3F0822376F4477D6B386862D1C489820E51E4E321E780488ABC30CBBA0ECED076C858877AC39328A270E15CD1A995B6735C4714983EF9C1
[&Ay5QAAA=] - 64C112C1F8F9E5C730ABA2C3E11CB6
[&Ay5RAAA=] - Sorcerer's Shoes
[&Ay5SAAA=] - Swindler's Boots
[&Ay5TAAA=] - C8A397B267FA1E93EE4E93F6997A8401F8042A42A816C9625DBAF24B33977FAF7EDA82CEA0FB429FD2B9229D1EF1C0B8E4DCE2EE3DC5CAD5A766FEBA94927E6CC4D304CC854B8B9F66BBCCD6E2E075075F70765F4A521C4C22429F26DB0761C9D08E7B31E6AECE6DC502165B36F94AC9917C6B5EDCCA4AD00136EE54F99FA272DEEA12E9F478313515F28F751699178D5F987ED44135E778E0AC64028254D9F1BF20C5C70C
[&Ay5UAAA=] - 636BB55079CE6F
[&Ay5VAAA=] - 8BB8C74BDB6D8DAFF06695774E81DCFEFD
[&Ay5WAAA=] - Boon of Experience (Tier 6)
[&Ay5XAAA=] - Grilled Portobello Mushroom[s]
[&Ay5YAAA=] - B82283D023F079D3EBB0DC55F017DD0F3DD6600CEBE6785B1D998E047B3694925709D424356935097AA745D057EA028BE2662938B44C6F84A3FC2882D5F3AF6527C9427D090661F3DED60E8D28B831577A6685274A5EFB8C8035EB39223199316B732B902AFC77A6454500BE14D8A88FF59676CF6C9805
[&Ay5ZAAA=] - E3BA669643E28D5CD88CE29D050C0832C6FD5BA552
[&Ay5aAAA=] - 1DC9B2073383864EE508E8A1221EA2DBCC198D2CA7
[&Ay5bAAA=] - 2DA5B279990610E14DB7844972F4307DFB6DDE9949639045F8
[&Ay5cAAA=] - Bronze Horn[s]
[&Ay5dAAA=] - B3BB716A85908288A794C6FC0C53B7F823839E6784
[&Ay5eAAA=] - E0688BE59FF8B2E99FF581F61F90D79A45439CDB65B4B970E949D3
[&Ay5fAAA=] - 63D395536AB891E7C9BF0E8865E304D005F0FCF03CE4AF6FCF90E58D5F96
[&Ay5gAAA=] - This is outstanding. On behalf of the entire Vigil, I heartily welcome you aboard.
[&Ay5hAAA=] - +7 Power
[&Ay5iAAA=] - Get your feet wet, rookie.
[&Ay5jAAA=] - 83DBD309D7DEDE7B720A1C
[&Ay5kAAA=] - 88D22F5BB96CBBD1223F9836EA6991F31C560EFF01FAD45ADB938E86B5AC612B583A737CF8008B93230A310D763C1D97E318140AE5907659218960E8D051145360FECC2F9465B8FFD6F17B47E64E63A5ACAD4828A02885011C77C402D13FDA41A33BB1AAF6
[&Ay5lAAA=] - 4941F4C35BC79ED0E954E66255611BB5EE2D7F06CCEC202121CC026B
[&Ay5mAAA=] - 3C4193A622E92B9EEE86CAD6DAF58A89248F6E790346A4DD7BC00216706907511F9A5622162594E52FD9EEECAD29C31AD9A070
[&Ay5nAAA=] - +20 Power
+2%% Critical Damage
[&Ay5oAAA=] - Hey, "Doc," your talking bear is at it again.
[&Ay5pAAA=] - Keen Mace
[&Ay5qAAA=] - Tournament Match Begins in: %str1%
[&Ay5rAAA=] - BDCBBCF6D561D8C15177E8A298FB118BAC252AA470CCB26FA51DD4DB
[&Ay5sAAA=] - This is the original proposal for the Variable Atmospheric Conditioner weather-changing device.
[&Ay5tAAA=] - pride.
[&Ay5uAAA=] - A hero's most important quality is %str1%
[&Ay5vAAA=] - <br><br>My talents lie in the arts of stealth, infiltration, and escape. I do not draw attention to myself. To guard my identity, I hide my face behind a mask of darkness.<br><br>This is my story.<br>
[&Ay5wAAA=] - Hello!

We don't get much assistance up at Rosko's Campsite, but we greatly appreciate it when we do. We all feel a little bit safer now that the harpies have been dealt a blow, and we are always grateful for help with the cattle. Some day I hope we'll be able to return the favor. Thanks.

.Rancher Jenneth
[&Ay5xAAA=] - PR Valley Reach
[&Ay5yAAA=] - Human's Lament
[&Ay5zAAA=] - Armaments
[&Ay50AAA=] - DE920B8D6E1D366C6D388E66A79929F31CA29174A22E2F8059A612
[&Ay51AAA=] - Dolyak Pass
[&Ay52AAA=] - Greetings, Traveler, 

Good work exploring all of Ashford. You nearly got your tail kicked, but we're confident you'll go on to do better next time. 

You've got the makings of a great explorer. 

.Tyrian Explorers Society
[&Ay53AAA=] - 61B61453FFDBD317C96379CA6C04
[&Ay54AAA=] - Shire of Beetletun
[&Ay55AAA=] - There. Destroyers destroyed. Time to get the mirror and get out of here.
[&Ay56AAA=] - The longer you fight, the more you'll suffer!
[&Ay57AAA=] - BC05FA92E7FD46A76FAE7B8781E8B2207246
[&Ay58AAA=] - Contains boosts to increase karma gained, experience gained by killing enemies, and chance to find magic items. Each lasts one hour. Use all three at once, or each one individually!
[&Ay59AAA=] - Chamber of Ministers
[&Ay5+AAA=] - Hellion Waypoint
[&Ay5/AAA=] - Judgement Waypoint
[&Ay8BAAA=] - 
[&Ay8CAAA=] - Whoever set this fire ought to be roasted alive. See how they like it.
[&Ay8DAAA=] - Grant us safe passage to our realm!
[&Ay8EAAA=] - Arlon
[&Ay8FAAA=] - Jotun
[&Ay8GAAA=] - You have no right to be here. Go back to your own lands!
[&Ay8HAAA=] - Things Best Left Behind
[&Ay8IAAA=] - Hey, you don't see that every day.
[&Ay8JAAA=] - Do not abandon me!
[&Ay8KAAA=] - I will fight if I must!
[&Ay8LAAA=] - I can't do it alone!
[&Ay8MAAA=] - On my signal! Attack!
[&Ay8NAAA=] - Vacate these premises!
[&Ay8OAAA=] - I have better things to do.
[&Ay8PAAA=] - The fun's over here!
[&Ay8QAAA=] - I'll have to finish this!
[&Ay8RAAA=] - Defend yourself!
[&Ay8SAAA=] - Not worth my time.
[&Ay8TAAA=] - I'm hit!
[&Ay8UAAA=] - For the legions!
[&Ay8VAAA=] - Die for Dragon!
[&Ay8WAAA=] - This concludes your baneful existence!
[&Ay8XAAA=] - Who goes there?
[&Ay8YAAA=] - I am the mightiest of all!
[&Ay8ZAAA=] - For Ascalon!
[&Ay8aAAA=] - I need help!
[&Ay8bAAA=] - Be in the Mists.
[&Ay8cAAA=] - For the Priory!
[&Ay8dAAA=] - Your money or your life.
[&Ay8eAAA=] - On to more important things.
[&Ay8fAAA=] - You know too much.
[&Ay8gAAA=] - Now you've made me angry!
[&Ay8hAAA=] - Time for some help.
[&Ay8iAAA=] - Need to rest.
[&Ay8jAAA=] - How about...THIS!
[&Ay8kAAA=] - Follow me!
[&Ay8lAAA=] - Impervious. Impenetrable. Stone.
[&Ay8mAAA=] - My minion!
[&Ay8nAAA=] - Seize the moment.
[&Ay8oAAA=] - May the sun shine gently upon you.
[&Ay8pAAA=] - Too much has been forgotten.
[&Ay8qAAA=] - Asura Gates? Bah!
[&Ay8rAAA=] - Here comes trouble.
[&Ay8sAAA=] - How's it going?
[&Ay8tAAA=] - We are the bulwark against evil.
[&Ay8uAAA=] - At ease.
[&Ay8vAAA=] - Follow your dream.
[&Ay8wAAA=] - My word!
[&Ay8xAAA=] - I miss the old days.
[&Ay8yAAA=] - May the Six watch over you.
[&Ay8zAAA=] - Need something?
[&Ay80AAA=] - Do you have a question?
[&Ay81AAA=] - Seize the moment.
[&Ay82AAA=] - May the Six watch over you.
[&Ay83AAA=] - Push off, landlubber.
[&Ay84AAA=] - There's much to do around here.
[&Ay85AAA=] - Report.
[&Ay86AAA=] - Not much time left.
[&Ay87AAA=] - I'm everything you need. Leave your lover for me.
[&Ay88AAA=] - Eye Size Height
[&Ay89AAA=] - Hey. Check that out.
[&Ay8+AAA=] - I require assistance!
[&Ay8/AAA=] - See what I've created!
[&Ay9AAAA=] - Death becomes you.
[&Ay9BAAA=] - Get a move on!
[&Ay9CAAA=] - Anyone need bandages?
[&Ay9DAAA=] - 1E2D9A5DEAEF96B75A0F8992A52E84
[&Ay9EAAA=] - Green Tint
[&Ay9FAAA=] - Rich Grape
[&Ay9GAAA=] - Capture Pulses
[&Ay9HAAA=] - Superior Studded Boots
[&Ay9IAAA=] - Your help in defending our refuge has been invaluable. If ever there was an example of one destined to be reborn as a kodan, I could find no one more deserving. You will always be welcome at the Path of Starry Skies. Thank you.

.Shifting Waves
[&Ay9JAAA=] - D7868B139FAE48AC0DEF181A19964573BED73C1B4668476D6D9DE523
[&Ay9KAAA=] - 66EA3EFFB2DC23C2D1747B402B4AD529EFCA420C049098C6B10487
[&Ay9LAAA=] - E28F3D999531053CD8888C131FDE1A36B8FFC3D79CD2
[&Ay9MAAA=] - 0712E0EE46DA7A19811D10F9C9AF0D8B3192985A
[&Ay9NAAA=] - Vigil Soldier
[&Ay9OAAA=] - Throw a grenade that explodes in a blinding flash.
[&Ay9PAAA=] - 35DD39163FD10B6B1EF91DDE10D4391C584AB5ED15F87CBB696912E8
[&Ay9QAAA=] - Miniature Rytlock
[&Ay9RAAA=] - Sorcerer's Coat
[&Ay9SAAA=] - Swindler's Coat
[&Ay9TAAA=] - 02331A6758
[&Ay9UAAA=] - 127C31CD189525F3FA4F032215A802
[&Ay9VAAA=] - Shaman's Etched Scepter
[&Ay9WAAA=] - Bag[s] of Flour
[&Ay9XAAA=] - Bowl[s] of Spiced Mashed Yams
[&Ay9YAAA=] - 2916817E12557FF04F9ABC58
[&Ay9ZAAA=] - 908C4142BEFD3AEF6F8D5B
[&Ay9aAAA=] - 845881EE848358
[&Ay9bAAA=] - Jute Scrap[s]
[&Ay9cAAA=] - Darksteel Horn[s]
[&Ay9dAAA=] - Strong Embroidered Cotton Insignia[s]
[&Ay9eAAA=] - 2AB7D8B1FA19B4B58EF71FCCE727975799095ECCA4912F823DCEE0EEE03BFB56670CF1B97CE670BE669A028A2F0668FC36467275E74BD163CB40DC3FDAB4A8EB4E41DB3B38F314424C981DBF4CE533
[&Ay9fAAA=] - BB43DA551AE958695F2E80B7317F9D89F6719F9E
[&Ay9gAAA=] - Keep moving. Rakt is definitely in here. I just hope we find him first.
[&Ay9hAAA=] - +9 Power
[&Ay9iAAA=] - Regenerates Health
[&Ay9jAAA=] - E3BF509CD6999B8797E1067342DE
[&Ay9kAAA=] - CDFB3475752C47D8509F12ADE19AF377
[&Ay9lAAA=] - EB243AABC84DD691F457039AE539333E98
[&Ay9mAAA=] - 214103A8DFD2254D2EB8D6454DE90A8455C5183D
[&Ay9nAAA=] - +25 Power
+3%% Critical Damage
[&Ay9oAAA=] - Have you figured out a solution for the quadradic matrix of a cubic paradigm when used in a flux inhibitor yet?
[&Ay9pAAA=] - 188F827BA0E03AC11D
[&Ay9qAAA=] - Mighty Bronze Pistol
[&Ay9rAAA=] - E7F7B7C1591BD7347DD1141E4DC2F66C6B4371D8D2
[&Ay9sAAA=] - Warden's Greatsword
[&Ay9tAAA=] - My greatest vice is %str1%
[&Ay9uAAA=] - wield weapons and to destroy those who would harm Kryta and the queen.
[&Ay9vAAA=] - determination
[&Ay9wAAA=] - Rancher Jenneth
[&Ay9xAAA=] - PR Valley Hill
[&Ay9zAAA=] - Assault the Hill
[&Ay90AAA=] - Dostoev Sky Peak
[&Ay91AAA=] - Kresdor<br>Kenning
[&Ay92AAA=] - Tyrian Explorers Society
[&Ay93AAA=] - Used to craft Jute Coats.
[&Ay94AAA=] - Beetletun Farms
[&Ay95AAA=] - Well, that was messy, but at least we got the mirror.
[&Ay96AAA=] - Oh, we're having some fun now, aren't we?
[&Ay97AAA=] - 3F3C0ECA369F564DFA18D1CD17444B2FF15F7868D6FA98127CF664180BA62456A1B228770F4E92E1D3EA6B403090C1FDBE2B44D924666AC01FEEF58AD92141DB3E16C9EE23FA1C7AEF058FCB775E94E418FD486ED67766222B67A62F846F303F9FE78B0A46E291B3B75468ACCF95DD6C
[&Ay98AAA=] - Booster Multipack[s]
[&Ay99AAA=] - Oh, I suppose I'll have to remove these bodies. Hm.
[&Ay9+AAA=] - Village of Scalecatch Waypoint
[&Ay9/AAA=] - Magmatic Waypoint
[&AzABAAA=] - 
[&AzACAAA=] - Villager
[&AzADAAA=] - See us away from this danger, away from your domain.
[&AzAEAAA=] - Over there! Get that hylek before he gets away!
[&AzAFAAA=] - Dredge Strazar
[&AzAGAAA=] - Announcer
[&AzAHAAA=] - Despite a setback, you find yourself ready to embark on a larger adventure.
[&AzAIAAA=] - So this is where they keep the good stuff.
[&AzAJAAA=] - I will fight if I must!
[&AzAKAAA=] - Who approaches?
[&AzALAAA=] - Breathe your last!
[&AzAMAAA=] - Too slow!
[&AzANAAA=] - Assemble the krewe!
[&AzAOAAA=] - Help me!
[&AzAPAAA=] - You're dead now!
[&AzAQAAA=] - You don't belong here!
[&AzARAAA=] - I'd feel bad, if I could.
[&AzASAAA=] - Give it your all!
[&AzATAAA=] - Blood Legion!
[&AzAUAAA=] - Next target.
[&AzAVAAA=] - Dragon will devour you.
[&AzAWAAA=] - I regret nothing!
[&AzAXAAA=] - Rally to me!
[&AzAYAAA=] - Too strong.
[&AzAZAAA=] - You dare?
[&AzAaAAA=] - You don't belong here!
[&AzAbAAA=] - Help me!
[&AzAcAAA=] - Don't come back.
[&AzAdAAA=] - All hands ahoy! To arms!
[&AzAeAAA=] - Knowledge is power!
[&AzAfAAA=] - Keep running, smart guy!
[&AzAgAAA=] - No need to fight. Back off.
[&AzAhAAA=] - My blood honors Ascalon!
[&AzAiAAA=] - I'm in bad shape here.
[&AzAjAAA=] - You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.
[&AzAkAAA=] - Practice makes perfect.
[&AzAlAAA=] - Grow...nourish...heal.
[&AzAmAAA=] - Rest easy, servant!
[&AzAnAAA=] - Nature's secret is patience.
[&AzAoAAA=] - Nature's secret is patience.
[&AzApAAA=] - Avast!
[&AzAqAAA=] - A life at sea for me.
[&AzArAAA=] - What do you want, two legs?
[&AzAsAAA=] - Greetings.
[&AzAtAAA=] - Some must fight so that all may be free.
[&AzAuAAA=] - What a nice surprise!
[&AzAvAAA=] - At your service.
[&AzAwAAA=] - How are you?
[&AzAxAAA=] - Greetings.
[&AzAyAAA=] - Good to meet you.
[&AzAzAAA=] - Greetings, traveler.
[&AzA0AAA=] - I have so much to tell you.
[&AzA1AAA=] - Good hunting.
[&AzA2AAA=] - Hello, stranger.
[&AzA3AAA=] - If you need it, I have it.
[&AzA4AAA=] - Seize the moment.
[&AzA5AAA=] - At ease.
[&AzA6AAA=] - Faster!
[&AzA7AAA=] - You'll like me in spirit form. You know you will. I'm awesome and you deserve me.
[&AzA8AAA=] - Behold! The Invisible Swordsman!
[&AzA9AAA=] - I'm the king of the world!
[&AzA+AAA=] - Help! Here!
[&AzA/AAA=] - I've outdone myself.
[&AzBAAAA=] - Justice served.
[&AzBBAAA=] - Onward and forward!
[&AzBCAAA=] - Elixir of Power! Over here!
[&AzBDAAA=] - 77DDE7016E01EC40DFB5086CAD8C9F1E18D8D43E793714764BA18502C1CCB64011206BD731F612E8931286F58114C53EADD7A60AB7223037E30031EBFADC0A9AAC7614963D1E2BE21F8EAB0DC01ACD3B4329F68D53CEAC9F7F
[&AzBEAAA=] - Gunmetal
[&AzBFAAA=] - River
[&AzBGAAA=] - Golden Chest
[&AzBHAAA=] - 908C4142BEFD3AEF6F8D5B
[&AzBIAAA=] - E29E57F5101A7186203A7DE282251EED6E182784
[&AzBJAAA=] - 8C9B2C65D3D25DD3513C525DB96676839374D05A28FD5D29DF16EA9A22AEFC41E33D73AF42753D6C76F2D141E21DD71F645504574B38A6D6F0F616CD6ACE0495
[&AzBKAAA=] - CF05636E45A673D2CFC8C1B17142196F6053AE5A63399E904A46FB7D72409C6B62F3514B538019C275AE30F86FFB754412E1753DE6EC64D266C319AD5D96E36955FFFC23036478E7633463352EF3F63C9A968C
[&AzBLAAA=] - 8D8F31DB8BD69E7F28D83752AA22EB50C0CC4EDCF86F
[&AzBMAAA=] - Charge and strike your foe.
[&AzBNAAA=] - FBEA6A9B8A7650C3B54EE1EA18E9416B44EC17B0F1AF24AC821AF94442D2
[&AzBOAAA=] - 759F32F019E7D5D7B6567DFD0C9787586735B04A3A13BACA36267F25
[&AzBPAAA=] - Under Attack
[&AzBQAAA=] - Thanks
[&AzBRAAA=] - Sorcerer's Livery
[&AzBSAAA=] - Swindler's Gloves
[&AzBTAAA=] - F433D59B074915E18B
[&AzBUAAA=] - 2C490012ED8C5A1E4070EBD3B6CC71CB754D
[&AzBVAAA=] - Rabbit[s]
[&AzBWAAA=] - Gain tier 6 might for the next 30 minutes.
[&AzBXAAA=] - Loaf[pl:"Loaves"] of Zucchini Bread
[&AzBYAAA=] - 162944330EC0D7DF9337
[&AzBZAAA=] - EB1921B694B85CB0EFA7
[&AzBaAAA=] - 51FBF1E8434C156D7E8DA107806A
[&AzBbAAA=] - Rawhide Leather Section[s]
[&AzBcAAA=] - Iron Horn[s]
[&AzBdAAA=] - Honed Embroidered Cotton Insignia[s]
[&AzBeAAA=] - Cleric's Jewel[s]
[&AzBfAAA=] - 9384BB9D4D97B4EED0519E915C669F6822F8BB
[&AzBgAAA=] - It's been a pleasure working with you, Savant. Good luck in Lion's Arch.
[&AzBhAAA=] - +15 Power
[&AzBiAAA=] - 1E1BB83F8DFCA6030693B5BFB7AB9D1ED645FC86172EBA83B20C48BCE0D62AC0C20AFA4EB040D165EE
[&AzBjAAA=] - F398973267584F05CCBEFF46C876
[&AzBkAAA=] - Used to chop down Gummo Saplings, Mimosa Saplings, Snow Cherry Saplings, and all other lesser saplings.
[&AzBlAAA=] - B62479A470E50A177F0C5BCFCF01
[&AzBmAAA=] - Burrows to Move
[&AzBnAAA=] - Elixir U
[&AzBoAAA=] - 77A5F75C89FEE0089D00FA75490F8C6BF3EE492090F55C1E90A80C7E9013C38FF7153C
[&AzBpAAA=] - 9CFAF7E20F0C76031B770F
[&AzBqAAA=] - Vital Bronze Pistol
[&AzBrAAA=] - E4336B0EBA74F89A52
[&AzBsAAA=] - Prospectus
[&AzBtAAA=] - envy.
[&AzBuAAA=] - When I travel with others through dangerous territory, I am most likely to
[&AzBvAAA=] - Determination
[&AzBwAAA=] - Thanks From The Frontier
[&AzBxAAA=] - PR Valley Settlement
[&AzByAAA=] - 1BBA47037F27F82CF89E2129
[&AzBzAAA=] - Silent Warfare
[&AzB0AAA=] - The Wide Expanse
[&AzB1AAA=] - Svanir's Dome
[&AzB2AAA=] - Excellent Charting of Ashford
[&AzB3AAA=] - Jute Tunic Panel[s]
[&AzB4AAA=] - Altar's Windings
[&AzB5AAA=] - Warm-blooded filth! I'll throw you in the cages with the others!
[&AzB6AAA=] - Tegwen is a warden at the seaside town of Annwen. During a storm, she saw an Orrian artifact wash up on the beach. Trahearne has asked me to check in on her and see what she's discovered.
[&AzB7AAA=] - Forest of Niflhel
[&AzB8AAA=] - Dr. Bleent's Encampment
[&AzB9AAA=] - Manor Hill
[&AzB+AAA=] - Sleekfur Encampment Waypoint
[&AzB/AAA=] - Oceanside Ordnance
[&AzEBAAA=] - 
[&AzECAAA=] - If they don't get this under control, the whole neighborhood could go up.
[&AzEDAAA=] - Son of Svanir
[&AzEEAAA=] - No sign of the zalisco extract. Let's try the other huts.
[&AzEFAAA=] - Dredge Mining Suit[s]
[&AzEGAAA=] - The Center Keep is being attacked!
[&AzEHAAA=] - Something Lost, Something Gained
[&AzEIAAA=] - It's more than a hobby.
[&AzEJAAA=] - My time has come.
[&AzEKAAA=] - Heretics!
[&AzELAAA=] - Witness my true strength!
[&AzEMAAA=] - This battle is over.
[&AzENAAA=] - I won't go easy on you!
[&AzEOAAA=] - Die!
[&AzEPAAA=] - Don't cross us!
[&AzEQAAA=] - I warned you.
[&AzERAAA=] - See you in your nightmares!
[&AzESAAA=] - Run away! Run!
[&AzETAAA=] - Wait for it...
[&AzEUAAA=] - Cover me!
[&AzEVAAA=] - Conversion awaits!
[&AzEWAAA=] - Who goes there?
[&AzEXAAA=] - Fall before me!
[&AzEYAAA=] - Run for now. I will find you.
[&AzEZAAA=] - I will return.
[&AzEaAAA=] - I'll have to finish this!
[&AzEbAAA=] - Death claims me.
[&AzEcAAA=] - Are you here to start trouble?
[&AzEdAAA=] - Where's my spyglass?
[&AzEeAAA=] - Tell someone about this.
[&AzEfAAA=] - Seeking death?
[&AzEgAAA=] - Knowledge is power!
[&AzEhAAA=] - The wind blows foul.
[&AzEiAAA=] - I need healing, seriously.
[&AzEjAAA=] - Good riddance.
[&AzEkAAA=] - I advance yet again.
[&AzElAAA=] - Fixed. Focused. Concentration!
[&AzEmAAA=] - They're so disposable.
[&AzEnAAA=] - Where life goes, so too should you.
[&AzEoAAA=] - Your reputation precedes you.
[&AzEpAAA=] - Harr.
[&AzEqAAA=] - Excelsior.
[&AzErAAA=] - Trouble, two legs?
[&AzEsAAA=] - Good to meet you.
[&AzEtAAA=] - United in victory.
[&AzEuAAA=] - Seize the moment.
[&AzEvAAA=] - My word is my honor.
[&AzEwAAA=] - We all have a place in the Eternal Alchemy.
[&AzExAAA=] - What?
[&AzEyAAA=] - What?
[&AzEzAAA=] - I serve Lion's Arch.
[&AzE0AAA=] - So many mysteries in the world.
[&AzE1AAA=] - The Dream led me here.
[&AzE2AAA=] - Ya bring me something?
[&AzE3AAA=] - I'm always happy to see customers.
[&AzE4AAA=] - Every day brings new faces.
[&AzE5AAA=] - Victory through strength.
[&AzE6AAA=] - Bear, give me strength.
[&AzE7AAA=] - Well, you're prettier than a moot in the summertime.
[&AzE8AAA=] - C27BEB93
[&AzE9AAA=] - Overkill? I don't believe in overkill!
[&AzE+AAA=] - Help me! Hurry!
[&AzE/AAA=] - Another triumph.
[&AzFAAAA=] - On to bigger and better things.
[&AzFBAAA=] - Charge!
[&AzFCAAA=] - Dispenser set.
[&AzFDAAA=] - 3CDADF820C1E9B856FDE366BD9106A2A72E305097B3AAFCAEA3ED0B749DE24F173F83DE608E7F0C95C04F31AA91C0E9FC04A7187E7DBE83BF8B7B86AF2BF6FB62952015580E510D8A45BEA44F043E4548E396F2693330191B4C5
[&AzFEAAA=] - Harvest Gold
[&AzFFAAA=] - Root
[&AzFGAAA=] - Groundpounder
[&AzFHAAA=] - EE804EBA24C250BFEF385FBA544C5A54C0196B730CB2CE53F4D4
[&AzFIAAA=] - 553314669F0896E1FA14E3109ED8
[&AzFJAAA=] - EC90BBB71B445F914AE3B137FAD7BD69AED5B8
[&AzFLAAA=] - 1474C437BAF525896AB58B99ABFA74ACF8250E626B3F3844D6E387D9773752A373ED87B33E985706D7EFBF1FAA835E02E5E37FB7EC579C5205F04484BFC62719BB1EF1DCD589B1195E071CE8AFE1112AFBC48AEC99DEB3FF2DD8A07A98F314C05FF7FBEE0B0FB54884472C6A9991FB123B777BC3B736DA26512A1189F1D3799CED5AB44F1068B807C7C70E054C65D1CEC40C6A3DE0D33285A4
[&AzFMAAA=] - Greetings, friend, 

You have my eternal gratitude for your much-needed assistance of the Blood Legion at the Ascalon City Ruins. The legions are fortunate to have a soldier of your skill and courage among their number. Until we discover a way to permanently destroy these vile Ascalonian specters, even the smallest set-back for them is a tremendous victory for the charr. I look forward to the day our paths cross again. 

.Ghyrtratus Fiendmauler
[&AzFNAAA=] - DE85EE277A64308766BDFBEA3F2C409035319072F0EDE7C2C1BB42A2DB88F9ED5DD72AD9F9E221E160B1622EAF071039D7DFA88AFFE436E9D2439066F27D6F5B2CCF8035B992FD6F86D3BA1C64C169
[&AzFOAAA=] - 31A7B7CD9B81E3F9D8C108F1
[&AzFPAAA=] - 7BDBDDF7C92B67B66BD1C90AA03261E82B6569539CE471D323749D07616E8A420C582EF014CAC24F
[&AzFQAAA=] - A98A7C3F207FF1DB8F60E625A00651898E990473899C1583664823
[&AzFRAAA=] - Sorcerer's Masque
[&AzFSAAA=] - Swindler's Mask
[&AzFTAAA=] - 8D526BC9DAB18A2EAB0CF547F6D9B014099EB1290362C992002CEBEF062AE9534BC7C261E493BFCAF6C595BCE9C762B9727F28DC49A8C3E1168989BEDB9CD91F27B253E9A04F21378D3945D5EBC1
[&AzFUAAA=] - Ancient Jotun Sword
[&AzFVAAA=] - 36D29A45C9FB9FA7
[&AzFWAAA=] - Boon of Might (Tier 6)
[&AzFXAAA=] - Bowl[s] of Salsa
[&AzFYAAA=] - E54E7CA38BFF
[&AzFZAAA=] - 0475C0484EB9FDA79CFD
[&AzFaAAA=] - 256AC92C494D8E960CB1C3E769
[&AzFbAAA=] - Bolt[s] of Jute
[&AzFcAAA=] - Mithril Horn[s]
[&AzFdAAA=] - Drop a giant ice spike on foes. Causes vulnerability
[&AzFeAAA=] - A6A25F9050545678CE9F4EB07880FD0D83AC204DBE245436868634D6D103507F53E9BF53DBDDEDEB5F402DBC89FFAE05D2710E17864A0491AB3BE6AC9131C14867EBDD9D1C92290C8005A70917F4
[&AzFfAAA=] - 889CD679481C755FA83F6BB943EEFED2BA816792B3
[&AzFgAAA=] - Stick close to the Savant and you'll be fine.
[&AzFhAAA=] - +25 Power
[&AzFiAAA=] - 36B642DE6454E12B21BB300015
[&AzFjAAA=] - 16E1C5987DD0188C49DDA2A010BA
[&AzFkAAA=] - Iron Logging Axe
[&AzFlAAA=] - 3C9B284B06FDB1C3FECFA303614CB40598F3D997E5
[&AzFmAAA=] - Dungeon - Caudecus's Manor
[&AzFnAAA=] - Shifting Waves
[&AzFoAAA=] - +5 Precision
[&AzFpAAA=] - AA3816FBD3B8165CD42C
[&AzFqAAA=] - Precise Bronze Pistol
[&AzFrAAA=] - B193F7094A622EB539
[&AzFsAAA=] - Sadly, this is all that remains of the inspired VAL-A golem.
[&AzFtAAA=] - wrath.
[&AzFuAAA=] - use charm to arrive safely at my destination.
[&AzFvAAA=] - I mean business. I'm the bruiser, the muscle, the bear you don't want to poke. My headband keeps my vision clear, no matter how physical I get.
[&AzFwAAA=] - I'll be dragged, turns out it's just as important to not underestimate your allies as it is to not underestimate your enemies! I was admittedly shocked that the ogres were able to use their positioning to such advantage, but you were the real surprise. Even one person can make a difference. At least, if they're anything like you. Keep up the good work.

.Vanguard Scout Pickins
[&AzFxAAA=] - PR Valley Wilderness
[&AzFyAAA=] - Rytlock Brimstone is a famous, highly influential tribune, as well as one of the fiercest fighters among the charr. If he's summoned you, there must be a compelling reason.
[&AzFzAAA=] - Sever the Head
[&AzF0AAA=] - Nakrojos Pass
[&AzF1AAA=] - The Grekvelnn<br>Burrows
[&AzF2AAA=] - E98B9E1CED83C1C9DAAFFE1B21150D4E937FBFD5A2CBA939D1A26100B10E07
[&AzF3AAA=] - Jute Tunic Lining[s]
[&AzF4AAA=] - Altar Brook Vale
[&AzF5AAA=] - May the Sun bless you. I am free!
[&AzF6AAA=] - %num1%/%num2% Items Salvaged
[&AzF7AAA=] - Village of Shaemoor<br>Services:<br>" Asura Gate<br>" Weaponsmith<br>" Armorsmith<br>" Merchant
[&AzF8AAA=] - Old Oola Lab
[&AzF9AAA=] - Cottage Bend
[&AzF+AAA=] - Brandwatch Encampment Waypoint
[&AzF/AAA=] - Razorslide Bivouac
[&AzIBAAA=] - 
[&AzICAAA=] - Arson? Who would burn down an orphanage on purpose?
[&AzIDAAA=] - Get them! Frostblade will cripple us if we let them escape!
[&AzIEAAA=] - He's bluffing! Keep at him.
[&AzIFAAA=] - Vani
[&AzIGAAA=] - The Blue Mill Outpost Caravan has been lost!
[&AzIHAAA=] - Your honor is restored. However, you must prepare for a greater danger.
[&AzIIAAA=] - Hah! Look what I made.
[&AzIJAAA=] - You look so peaceful.
[&AzIKAAA=] - Does it burn?
[&AzILAAA=] - Smash the intruders!
[&AzIMAAA=] - Fear.
[&AzINAAA=] - Here's something you won't forget!
[&AzIOAAA=] - More enemies?
[&AzIPAAA=] - You win. I die.
[&AzIQAAA=] - Get away from me!
[&AzIRAAA=] - Now my golem will never...
[&AzISAAA=] - I don't feel so good.
[&AzITAAA=] - Take that.
[&AzIUAAA=] - Welcome the end's embrace.
[&AzIVAAA=] - I will convert you.
[&AzIWAAA=] - I require assistance!
[&AzIXAAA=] - You deserved that.
[&AzIYAAA=] - Too easy.
[&AzIZAAA=] - Go to the Mists.
[&AzIaAAA=] - No! Please, no!
[&AzIbAAA=] - Spirits, obey my call!
[&AzIcAAA=] - You'll burn soon!
[&AzIdAAA=] - Tell Grenth I said hello.
[&AzIeAAA=] - Sorry about that.
[&AzIfAAA=] - This is not over.
[&AzIgAAA=] - Sorry about that.
[&AzIhAAA=] - Need assistance over here!
[&AzIiAAA=] - Can't...breathe...
[&AzIjAAA=] - So this is death.
[&AzIkAAA=] - Leaving the lessers behind.
[&AzIlAAA=] - Unbroken. Unshaken. Resolve.
[&AzImAAA=] - Oops. There goes another one.
[&AzInAAA=] - Seize the moment.
[&AzIoAAA=] - The unknown wilts in your shadow.
[&AzIpAAA=] - Yarr.
[&AzIqAAA=] - Have we sailed together?
[&AzIrAAA=] - Greetings, two legs.
[&AzIsAAA=] - Seize the moment.
[&AzItAAA=] - If you sacrifice nothing, you gain nothing.
[&AzIuAAA=] - I hope to be of service.
[&AzIvAAA=] - What may I offer you?
[&AzIwAAA=] - Someday I will establish my prominence.
[&AzIxAAA=] - Hello, stranger.
[&AzIyAAA=] - I've got plenty of time.
[&AzIzAAA=] - May the Six watch over you.
[&AzI0AAA=] - Knowledge is the greatest treasure.
[&AzI1AAA=] - Hard ground makes stronger roots.
[&AzI2AAA=] - You got something?
[&AzI3AAA=] - Looking to spend some coin?
[&AzI4AAA=] - My garden is your garden.
[&AzI5AAA=] - Vigilance. Honor. Duty, above all.
[&AzI6AAA=] - Getting...tired...
[&AzI7AAA=] - Follow me!
[&AzI8AAA=] - Impervious. Impenetrable. Stone!
[&AzI9AAA=] - Mafic Core
[&AzI+AAA=] - A new land to explore.
[&AzI/AAA=] - Another victory!
[&AzJAAAA=] - You'll hurt no others!
[&AzJBAAA=] - Farewell.
[&AzJCAAA=] - Turret planted.
[&AzJDAAA=] - 8C970CD80D925FE4C5D4498A6E9F0790FC99D60BB708876C8719FEC5B555B258A16A173EF1C4C207C20511E0BAA1ED68D504F81F4A8C554D41FA7F6F93BF8FB235C172836DC3624B17E454B96A9ED9D3234A3C38E17D161579AC1475ADCAD9BC16E1E2263151C2A95BC7676C27492DC5AE75CD46B0CCAAE326606A2497
[&AzJEAAA=] - Hint
[&AzJFAAA=] - Rose Breeze
[&AzJGAAA=] - Binding Roots
[&AzJHAAA=] - 941A37C86415823C92416242293BDA90F5B9304F6B56786B243FFEB2BD6F6A22532DD6E0FADF54587A056400CCDEB1CCE0E77FC8B2200C496387B6522B206D2D141D1989F337A2EEB549B028A6CC9424EBBC0AD657F8DA4EA44F506CC975AECF87CF9725416682948A5949DEAB583DE365B4E9665F1FF8C28F58C22224A23ADD4CEA03107E6D0266E77AECB4C5720640CD2DA1
[&AzJIAAA=] - A595A70C1AD51C75967710B2FFEBF6AAA47E85CBC56833059DE85AB3E752BA26D52AC958D1B6788FFDDFA04E197305CEECA89A9D714DFC00C6BBCE50B83FE9629297D9E21681C81F4EA73A523CB1C73D5A5CC2149D78536B5D54ACB1EDE21A38D6538C865A3C1107BF7AB519EC3C05
[&AzJJAAA=] - 01F0C6BF4BEEEF665F41AAF9668E6618A4FB5BB773CD5C6FEDEDF6E0CF106BDBCACA39856EA08A70BDB31634287E3B91FA0AA79E8920262B0B98E7E944CA428229CBC8C51EDF6F0FE2E411F9E4A75C6D72D2DB43F654EE122E0797E7C6F8806A71FB5DC2094880F5B2F2BDBFE5F61A630E881C4927D6BD460B98B02663EB6EF7078FCEC895F6D45D
[&AzJKAAA=] - 980464EC726CC1673939164FC02A382F4EABE3BF56DEDCB287AE
[&AzJLAAA=] - 000CF914F9D6BA2395C4BDE1112CA068B5BB3E576BD6C1E4
[&AzJMAAA=] - EA4DA6B1C171F926CA6DBFCBFBE3822B84593E673D
[&AzJNAAA=] - 5961BA5F0BD6BB773C0B8A5054DF86693FBBCBEAB2455FB14AD25C4B34BB9FCECAFA761F6D5C947BCC214EAE0F85AF25B73BABDE013D2ABC5A29DC52C5F8E28B25855462254F3009D76D9F0A6E1A091ADE1CF923EB612C036652E355E8A9A2A38759
[&AzJOAAA=] - 357803DEDFA15F27F330DB87A43F9180E212E991F011491241FDF7ACAB9022E8F5D48BB59F0A1A8B3C54FAE1F8F2657ABA538266A49E1C26B1D264A74D04DADE3C8031B8C66856E9D3CD361DB3AF2C
[&AzJPAAA=] - Scans the area for Very Old Energy.
[&AzJQAAA=] - D61FE5B5D7878647506FB60D0878F5A3BFD4AB7396B5DEE1A736
[&AzJRAAA=] - Sorcerer's Pants
[&AzJSAAA=] - Swindler's Leggings
[&AzJTAAA=] - 3DE211FF7F1F856BAAB6FFAF7F6C8DA1396952ECD96C
[&AzJUAAA=] - 7CD334D9A69C
[&AzJVAAA=] - CCE2B8A5AD6F478C9B6B9226145CB5F613B81F
[&AzJWAAA=] - Glass[pl:"Glasses"] of Buttermilk
[&AzJXAAA=] - Bowl[s] of Avocado Salsa
[&AzJYAAA=] - Speargun
[&AzJZAAA=] - Flame Legion Flamethrower
[&AzJaAAA=] - 36CB5318555BB13BDBCA064B668D
[&AzJbAAA=] - Glob[s] of Ectoplasm
[&AzJcAAA=] - Orichalcum Horn[s]
[&AzJdAAA=] - Pillaging Cotton Insignia[s]
[&AzJeAAA=] - BAB1DC50CD28B145B383D58ED1BC8AA3EA
[&AzJfAAA=] - 1ECEE11BAA65297BEC7D44C8728BF0FC758B7076
[&AzJgAAA=] - Largos Saldina Generic Lines
[&AzJhAAA=] - +40 Power
[&AzJiAAA=] - 650A4C387CE0C2D43FBEF9EDCF885FAC28E3383AAC24771C7BACF8193D4C1FD773E768EF34886B2D37BF
[&AzJjAAA=] - F4DB73863C32F96C176B6CB092907E5DD1
[&AzJkAAA=] - Iron Mining Pick
[&AzJlAAA=] - C4C9608AD5F679F2C9EA80BB69391F45
[&AzJmAAA=] - 9CDDDB14C99F29671222621A9ECCBE8FF4418C5432A3010ACF06DD24CC00E571C6149598C21A3D8CF4CA60CB33CFFAB1184AC60C9CC80360BF8E499835F0325F4B3817C807F2849805B9B1B8B804A654867324D2A85C4CB5D2C2A45BB0F8FD64C07717F2B8B796341B6B13AB30860FF1A9F578F328BAB89169992071C5B96C141D087AAAAA5628473272C684FDDBED8C1B253322F48BAB237B2B78EA3F7A827ECA1C621B1B4853609F94D72D608A
[&AzJnAAA=] - The Path of Starry Skies Is Open
[&AzJoAAA=] - +7 Precision
[&AzJpAAA=] - 33B06AB690D09FA01F9006E06EC1
[&AzJqAAA=] - Resilient Bronze Pistol
[&AzJrAAA=] - FB3BAD51C7684B099A10017A96C405793A4F33EF5C
[&AzJsAAA=] - Golem Scraps
[&AzJtAAA=] - gluttony.
[&AzJuAAA=] - When traveling through dangerous territory, I am most likely to %str1%
[&AzJvAAA=] - <br><br>I mean business. I'm the bruiser, the muscle, the bear you don't want to poke. My headband keeps my vision clear, no matter how physical I get. <br><br>This is my story.<br>
[&AzJwAAA=] - Vanguard Scout Pickins
[&AzJxAAA=] - PR Regrown Citadel
[&AzJyAAA=] - Front and Center
[&AzJzAAA=] - The charr have conquered Ascalon, but ghosts of the humans who lived and died there still fight on. The Black Citadel struggles to put these restless ghosts down permanently, but Ascalon's spirits relentlessly assault the charr.
[&AzJ0AAA=] - The Grey Road
[&AzJ1AAA=] - 50 precision
[&AzJ2AAA=] - Molensk
[&AzJ3AAA=] - 50 power
[&AzJ4AAA=] - 3D0023E06614BFB5C87C73D23FC684E36B8F27CF8D0BE98658349E837E487F81151F
[&AzJ5AAA=] - 50 precision
[&AzJ6AAA=] - Used to craft Jute Wristguards.
[&AzJ7AAA=] - 50 power
[&AzJ8AAA=] - Township of Claypool
[&AzJ9AAA=] - 50 condition damage
[&AzJ+AAA=] - I hate cages almost as much as I hate logic problems. Thanks.
[&AzJ/AAA=] - Revered friend, %str1%. I wanted you to know that I've written an epic ballad about your deeds. Kani likes to brag about how the two of you taught the grawl to choose their gods more carefully. Should you find the time to visit me, I would like to give you a memento of your exploits.

.Skaald Fearin
[&AzKAAAA=] - Shaemoor<br>Size: Village<br>Services:<br>" Asura Gate<br>" Weaponsmith<br>" Armorsmith<br>" Merchant
[&AzKBAAA=] - Parnna's Gate
[&AzKCAAA=] - Rook's Row
[&AzKDAAA=] - Viper's Run Waypoint
[&AzKEAAA=] - Stentor Cannonade
[&AzMBAAA=] - 
[&AzMCAAA=] - I can't find my brother! I think he's still inside!
[&AzMDAAA=] - That's Snow Leopard's havroun! Don't worry, buttercup, we'll get to you soon!
[&AzMEAAA=] - Get over here, you bloat-throated spy! I'll stab you good!
[&AzMFAAA=] - Jotun
[&AzMGAAA=] - The Blue Mine is being attacked!
[&AzMHAAA=] - From Howl to Silence
[&AzMIAAA=] - Not bad, if I do say so myself.
[&AzMJAAA=] - Run, miscreant!
[&AzMKAAA=] - Let the fires take them.
[&AzMLAAA=] - Let the cowards flee.
[&AzMMAAA=] - Silence.
[&AzMNAAA=] - Someone is here!
[&AzMOAAA=] - Murderer!
[&AzMPAAA=] - Form up!
[&AzMQAAA=] - No! Please, no!
[&AzMRAAA=] - My krewe will avenge me!
[&AzMSAAA=] - Help! Need help here!
[&AzMTAAA=] - For the Blood Legion!
[&AzMUAAA=] - Enemies sighted.
[&AzMVAAA=] - Die!
[&AzMWAAA=] - Submit or die!
[&AzMXAAA=] - Fools!
[&AzMYAAA=] - For Zhaitan!
[&AzMZAAA=] - Die, invader.
[&AzMaAAA=] - Get away from me!
[&AzMbAAA=] - The coward flees.
[&AzMcAAA=] - You too shall burn.
[&AzMdAAA=] - That was a dirty trick!
[&AzMeAAA=] - Now you've made me angry!
[&AzMfAAA=] - Bear calls to me.
[&AzMgAAA=] - Tell someone...about this.
[&AzMhAAA=] - For Ascalon!
[&AzMiAAA=] - Oooof!
[&AzMjAAA=] - So fragile.
[&AzMkAAA=] - I cover myself with glory.
[&AzMlAAA=] - Eternal. Perpetual. Persistence.
[&AzMmAAA=] - It did its duty.
[&AzMnAAA=] - Study the past to survive the future.
[&AzMoAAA=] - May the shadows embrace you.
[&AzMpAAA=] - Ahoy, there!
[&AzMqAAA=] - I salute you!
[&AzMrAAA=] - You honor me.
[&AzMsAAA=] - Where life goes, so too should you.
[&AzMtAAA=] - Some must fight, so that all may be free.
[&AzMuAAA=] - Prepare for adventure.
[&AzMvAAA=] - Treesong go with you.
[&AzMwAAA=] - I like it here.
[&AzMxAAA=] - Hello.
[&AzMyAAA=] - How are you doing?
[&AzMzAAA=] - Did you need something?
[&AzM0AAA=] - May Kormir enlighten you.
[&AzM1AAA=] - The legion calls.
[&AzM2AAA=] - Hey. You smell something?
[&AzM3AAA=] - What can I do for you?
[&AzM4AAA=] - May the Six watch over you.
[&AzM5AAA=] - We cannot afford fear in times like these.
[&AzM6AAA=] - Need more energy.
[&AzM7AAA=] - Experience makes me strong.
[&AzM8AAA=] - Eye Size Height
[&AzM9AAA=] - 5507FB7FD51630C432DD41141601C41D386E6AD3EF44BEADC262E418404F4167A3C34D83B8E556157C2E34DD362E695105C96E4E30
[&AzM+AAA=] - This location looks new.
[&AzM/AAA=] - You're welcome.
[&AzNAAAA=] - Look at this! So pretty.
[&AzNBAAA=] - Until we meet again.
[&AzNCAAA=] - Turret raised.
[&AzNDAAA=] - B4B61BDFBFEEE163201524ACC62A0AA50613E0FA7B0F9F6444730F6EBD80277E813DD148F75173C98DDF9D49E4F3E819307F00EB2A7C587DFA2C452BA73FFBAA9F537BC8AC37D002F663A02472
[&AzNEAAA=] - Honey
[&AzNFAAA=] - Rose Ice
[&AzNGAAA=] - Incendiary Mine
[&AzNHAAA=] - Hunter Gatherer
[&AzNIAAA=] - ED349C33F23746A04AAA3A995FF10B0051717780C1269EC20F00E865F309CD673C032E4B39F4B7
[&AzNJAAA=] - 2C62A979370CB00249991CC9894C76427B9D0DB4AD50444391
[&AzNKAAA=] - Yes! Activate the defenses. The town is ours!
[&AzNLAAA=] - C86A1DAC92778801CB0D95647E5D2375F8C068D5DF
[&AzNMAAA=] - Ghyrtratus Fiendmauler
[&AzNNAAA=] - A9FC3B5F53ECE9E6F4CB368D102C7C8C2290C28578FD0002DB4C56C3EABFAE2AC476AA699388B68AF56A513658E226DB40BDA7347B6ACF3E69EE19D620D7B8229D
[&AzNOAAA=] - 0691064C2F3688CF77342325B516880DFD69C885C4
[&AzNPAAA=] - Scan Area
[&AzNQAAA=] - 152E3581676E481023A678E612C901DEDD97BD7432BACD0202C170AEB9D2FEA0C1DABF37
[&AzNRAAA=] - Sorcerer's Epaulets
[&AzNSAAA=] - Swindler's Shoulderpads
[&AzNTAAA=] - A1B6D48F27BAD202832245275442693F03BE190DA59073FC5D0795A335E8F9F08132B6C08F7AD1255DE05F12F25585ECFFE0A10D24FDEA570D1C885926AA064773C1E7FDD6F76A89CF10171DABF2112B5F35AE05F48D8E1AE23579180218419A92437ED4676C7404A9EB3367C16596E0639C3B739931B65AEB3C07EA849C3F
[&AzNUAAA=] - EE5A0BAD22659D04E6FCA8C8551C
[&AzNVAAA=] - Metal Bar
[&AzNWAAA=] - Gain tier 7 regeneration for the next 30 minutes.
[&AzNXAAA=] - Lemon Bar[s]
[&AzNYAAA=] - C14439F4DD4B43366ACBE73EAAF0C82E1DF0F8F24C8B58E77120B7C872B548B088EFD664EE6F8088BE3EF13A0E9D7B680E2819385E
[&AzNZAAA=] - 719BE1304C24A0F4CCA7B9F9CA794609D51B1CCB72
[&AzNaAAA=] - E42EB7A60EF48E5626CFEEF1DBB1A5
[&AzNbAAA=] - Elder Wood Log[s]
[&AzNcAAA=] - Steel Horn[s]
[&AzNdAAA=] - Vigorous Cotton Insignia[s]
[&AzNeAAA=] - FB8CE1D0CAB70AD8E1472E57839194B945ECA2BFC459C9CE22A28F701D20C3EC9B674E7A
[&AzNfAAA=] - F6502F56D18BB53E7F0D713C52A8ECE2F1179F2929
[&AzNgAAA=] - I have reached my limit. I can hold no more.
[&AzNhAAA=] - +50 Power
[&AzNiAAA=] - 9EC4CF192C0919B794A51B257ED67E0A58E8874C9F93F281B1F21D37A0AB7F49
[&AzNjAAA=] - 4A550E418EFFA8F0180721
[&AzNkAAA=] - CAC3B07C96178FBDCF3CD825CF46812EC7B2B90D1EE137F640104F41099333FCA329
[&AzNlAAA=] - C9B7252D69DD2061540BD225C6EC
[&AzNmAAA=] - 81A98AA586EF9884CC7EC81028D29DC77EB8B7A785763D80C6A23AC2ED2E3635ECB3DF76F4DC0C4778F0E9EE938AEFFBD3A4A371D77AFA0B635B936E5AD67917F83B0B2ECB5B741B04AC253439BA733494FA939C4763A99D80AC6E3CCFBA83F1F027393EB551256944BCC417950A86BB638C6731261A4247334F2907D41C214CB7056BBA0FCAD2C30F4C5CBA3498E1FA55A395F6EB5D24C42139743F7984D04C460FE0F043F20DBC
[&AzNnAAA=] - Burst
[&AzNoAAA=] - +3 Vitality
[&AzNpAAA=] - 61D3FBDCB4DDF1D4A5EBE36A09
[&AzNqAAA=] - Mighty Bronze Pistol
[&AzNrAAA=] - DDAF38FA3D5FCD295386236D8237B6FA1735CDBC3D47E7307D7AF62375F677B2BA6F272E8C5EFEB92636A36FC6C565667CFCDDB4
[&AzNsAAA=] - This is the original proposal for the Infinity Ball Possibility Projector. Such genius!
[&AzNtAAA=] - greed.
[&AzNuAAA=] - offer my sword to defend those who cannot protect themselves.
[&AzNvAAA=] - subterfuge
[&AzNwAAA=] - Estimates
[&AzNxAAA=] - PR Regrown Gullet
[&AzNyAAA=] - Unlike other races, charr generally have little use for their flesh and blood family. Once cubs are in the fahrar, the legion is all the family they need.
[&AzNzAAA=] - Fury of the Dead
[&AzN0AAA=] - Betrayal Grounds
[&AzN1AAA=] - Outcast's Cleft
[&AzN2AAA=] - Healing Burst
[&AzN3AAA=] - Jute Wristguard Strap[s]
[&AzN4AAA=] - Clayent Falls
[&AzN5AAA=] - This is a slightly...larger result than I expected.
[&AzN6AAA=] - Dynamics<br>Union
[&AzN7AAA=] - Fallen Ally
[&AzN8AAA=] - Ghastly Mace
[&AzN9AAA=] - Haidryn's Menagerie
[&AzN+AAA=] - Town of Cowlfang's Star Waypoint
[&AzN/AAA=] - Thunderhead Battery
[&AzQBAAA=] - 
[&AzQCAAA=] - Dwayna, if you can hear me, please help our brave soldiers.
[&AzQDAAA=] - Caravan Guard
[&AzQEAAA=] - Now, for the rest of these vile beasts.
[&AzQFAAA=] - Jotun
[&AzQGAAA=] - The Red Mill is being attacked!
[&AzQHAAA=] - You saved Queen Jennah from an insidious plot.
[&AzQIAAA=] - There. That's done.
[&AzQJAAA=] - (Hrrraaaa!)
[&AzQKAAA=] - Your cities will burn.
[&AzQLAAA=] - Prepare yourself.
[&AzQMAAA=] - Hungry.
[&AzQNAAA=] - I will end your life.
[&AzQOAAA=] - It's too soon!
[&AzQPAAA=] - Stay away.
[&AzQQAAA=] - That was close.
[&AzQRAAA=] - Halt, intruder.
[&AzQSAAA=] - Killed!
[&AzQTAAA=] - Avast. Uninvited guests!
[&AzQUAAA=] - Move in.
[&AzQVAAA=] - I have better things to do.
[&AzQWAAA=] - We are besieged.
[&AzQXAAA=] - Close ranks!
[&AzQYAAA=] - No!
[&AzQZAAA=] - I have better things to do.
[&AzQaAAA=] - I warned you.
[&AzQbAAA=] - The spirits grow restless.
[&AzQcAAA=] - For you, Gaheron.
[&AzQdAAA=] - Yarr!
[&AzQeAAA=] - We've no need to fight. Back off.
[&AzQfAAA=] - Over here!
[&AzQgAAA=] - A wise course of action!
[&AzQhAAA=] - That'll teach you.
[&AzQiAAA=] - Upsy-daisy!
[&AzQjAAA=] - I need assistance!
[&AzQkAAA=] - My fur's getting tingly. Or is it?
[&AzQlAAA=] - Health. Vigor. Recovery.
[&AzQmAAA=] - Attack!
[&AzQnAAA=] - Knowledge is the greatest treasure.
[&AzQoAAA=] - Know what cannot be known.
[&AzQpAAA=] - Shiver me timbers.
[&AzQqAAA=] - What?
[&AzQrAAA=] - Never leave a wrong to ripen into evil.
[&AzQsAAA=] - May the sun shine gently upon you.
[&AzQtAAA=] - Fight with valor.
[&AzQuAAA=] - You're always welcome.
[&AzQvAAA=] - Fight what cannot be fought.
[&AzQwAAA=] - Greetings.
[&AzQxAAA=] - Yes?
[&AzQyAAA=] - Greetings.
[&AzQzAAA=] - Peace is worth fighting for.
[&AzQ0AAA=] - The Brand holds dangers.
[&AzQ1AAA=] - What?
[&AzQ2AAA=] - What? What? What?
[&AzQ3AAA=] - I've got deals you won't believe.
[&AzQ4AAA=] - I hope you're here to help.
[&AzQ5AAA=] - May Balthazar strengthen you.
[&AzQ6AAA=] - I'm dying.
[&AzQ7AAA=] - Bow to me and my progress.
[&AzQ8AAA=] - Fixed. Focused. Concentration!
[&AzQ9AAA=] - 73F25D570C1C0E5BBA8F8CD9C365098E0BB54EE1A7F1C590A3E8A93DC9A256362873D03F025F55FBC50570AF82FC94A3FB5785
[&AzQ+AAA=] - Oh, a new discovery.
[&AzQ/AAA=] - That was easy.
[&AzRAAAA=] - I want that!
[&AzRBAAA=] - I wish you well.
[&AzRCAAA=] - I got a turret up.
[&AzRDAAA=] - D7AD45718FC0F2C7DF4A97059AE48A7D533952BF3A48F795F5FFB3CD44C24AE7BB1500E8667D9D642511EF09A6270740BD9A1B6793EA19739A0B02940720EA432E7838038238A10CA05E3D1777F237152598A75BC5
[&AzREAAA=] - Hot Pink
[&AzRFAAA=] - Royal Rose
[&AzRGAAA=] - Demolish Scepter
[&AzRHAAA=] - CA1E0C3FBCD23703BBEC1A612A6793C42B5ECD5F55E0D4B73D098F70772B
[&AzRIAAA=] - C4B4BF758CEDAE52401595A9C752BDCD644B6A5A17F045B9536E83E4F9B9E2F7CDC352173126AB7341BE061DB99619A0BDB9EE793E5F33874AE9585E54338EB8F008855D1F14A39A67B39EEABAC2728EE27628E1E17194B7E941A6D534A0570726653B1FD0E9FC7BA059111F098D7E91DE072BBB989CB8F1A383D2
[&AzRJAAA=] - C95EA8A959C99F2ECBE36E1F43731B3871F06E
[&AzRKAAA=] - 63D084F8C36E7330272A84E73311A59C581FA81BD2C2B635BB2E53B02110
[&AzRLAAA=] - 5DF2543D412D178E66142C34275DFA4B942FC7611276F553022AC7FAB6A02579FF16198B752E0DE12BCCF08FF1F6E3AFC925B4B04C4436D7C10EF09531E0CEB1947D04FA4D9BF54E1C4D830F7B712D009DA8E88479A424C6B9AD85427E30EFDF11DECFB6360196973AF3B12AE33D16E386E8010F478227FC2B41B8E4382A87AE
[&AzRMAAA=] - Physical utility skills deal more damage.
[&AzRNAAA=] - C177796938C50E825D85C1295B1E8D298BC4
[&AzROAAA=] - E95DDB1CBDA47E04C24EDD2D60436B37E21E2DB304
[&AzRPAAA=] - F452F2A05B
[&AzRQAAA=] - D73CCE7FBAB8917FEB6B3C23614B7B66BAF62C
[&AzRRAAA=] - Drover Boots
[&AzRSAAA=] - Superior Duelist's Boots
[&AzRTAAA=] - Gain 3%% life force every three seconds.
[&AzRUAAA=] - 80219DCCB99BA79955887FF9D8
[&AzRVAAA=] - Lone Helm
[&AzRWAAA=] - Boon of Regeneration (Tier 7)
[&AzRXAAA=] - 8CEA80EDD53F1EC829306EB7BBC1B0D5CEA9B114F8A71F28792C6CA5CA70F498DC020C45125F831CF8FF805D1F2CB31A4F39BE1BE4
[&AzRYAAA=] - Ice Dragon Unarmed
[&AzRZAAA=] - 3F4FDD56E899B207DB9DC2
[&AzRaAAA=] - F3577FFB86B2D5AC096D4CBD1A44D567DB4B476A7506
[&AzRbAAA=] - Green Wood Log[s]
[&AzRcAAA=] - Elder Longbow Stave[s]
[&AzRdAAA=] - Hearty Embroidered Cotton Insignia[s]
[&AzReAAA=] - Starving the Beast
[&AzRfAAA=] - 17E7DD7811782F30E35C29556BF0B8674E239FCE8C2187
[&AzRgAAA=] - Stay close.
[&AzRhAAA=] - +60 Power
[&AzRiAAA=] - 6EB000C46CE44E8A73760D95
[&AzRjAAA=] - 52A52E87F9409A5DFD9DB17E1EA156780DA4E2C5
[&AzRkAAA=] - Used to gather all plants.
[&AzRlAAA=] - 74DC69B20504AAB2DDCF715F69EF
[&AzRmAAA=] - 1675ED057D9B2C5C46A2EF9B05CC736CA1C34B311411C26DADC522D97E1B102BBF37
[&AzRnAAA=] - Immobilizes
[&AzRoAAA=] - +4 Vitality
[&AzRpAAA=] - A2B875923E2F31DC64A883EEC57216CC
[&AzRqAAA=] - Vital Bronze Pistol
[&AzRrAAA=] - FD4240A7A9B4020791773095237D64C1C767214C
[&AzRsAAA=] - F02D491BAF70E4F15FF6D1FCCE11EEBFA433791E57FC8290C9A74DBA6695718337A653FC0746920F
[&AzRtAAA=] - One day, I hope to
[&AzRuAAA=] - demand that others obey me in exchange for my protection.
[&AzRvAAA=] - Subterfuge
[&AzRwAAA=] - 8FD6F680ECBD7460
[&AzRxAAA=] - PR Regrown Flame
[&AzRyAAA=] - Lighting the Beacons
[&AzRzAAA=] - The Flame Legion is cunning and their magic is powerful, but they were defeated by the unified might of Ash, Blood and Iron. But if those three legions bicker and backstab, how long can their alliance truly last?
[&AzR0AAA=] - Troll's Teeth
[&AzR1AAA=] - Grawlenfjord
[&AzR2AAA=] - She's got to be in there! Even if we have to pull every last bit of Orr through, I'm not giving up!
[&AzR3AAA=] - Jute Wristguard Padding[s]
[&AzR4AAA=] - Salma's Heath
[&AzR5AAA=] - We need to anchor the mirror here, so it remains stable. Otherwise, it'll suck us all into Orr.
[&AzR6AAA=] - Statics<br>Union
[&AzR7AAA=] - Defeated Player
[&AzR8AAA=] - Conduit Tower Blig
[&AzR9AAA=] - Lord Beetlestone would be shocked if he saw this.
[&AzR+AAA=] - Bulwark Waypoint
[&AzR/AAA=] - Cadrigan's Jetty
[&AzUBAAA=] - 
[&AzUCAAA=] - Someone, please, save the children!
[&AzUDAAA=] - Ambush! Look alive, it's the Sons of Svanir!
[&AzUEAAA=] - Good luck sweet-talking them out of mass murder. I'd rather let my sword do the job.
[&AzUFAAA=] - Jotun
[&AzUGAAA=] - The Green Mine Center Tower has been lost!
[&AzUHAAA=] - Storming the Castle
[&AzUIAAA=] - My task here is done.
[&AzUJAAA=] - I'll deal with you!
[&AzUKAAA=] - All must be cleansed!
[&AzULAAA=] - Let the battle begin!
[&AzUMAAA=] - Feast.
[&AzUNAAA=] - Flee, coward!
[&AzUOAAA=] - Cover me!
[&AzUPAAA=] - You crossed the line.
[&AzUQAAA=] - I need help!
[&AzURAAA=] - You need a lesson in pain.
[&AzUSAAA=] - Incoming!
[&AzUTAAA=] - I'll cut you down to size!
[&AzUUAAA=] - One more time!
[&AzUVAAA=] - Balthazar, grant me victory.
[&AzUWAAA=] - We are victorious.
[&AzUXAAA=] - So much left to do.
[&AzUYAAA=] - To me!
[&AzUZAAA=] - Die!
[&AzUaAAA=] - Appropriate additional colleagues!
[&AzUbAAA=] - Spirits, arise.
[&AzUcAAA=] - For Baelfire!
[&AzUdAAA=] - Keep running.
[&AzUeAAA=] - Scholar in need of aid!
[&AzUfAAA=] - You are nothing.
[&AzUgAAA=] - Accept the end.
[&AzUhAAA=] - Get off our land!
[&AzUiAAA=] - Easy does it.
[&AzUjAAA=] - Your money or your life...or both.
[&AzUkAAA=] - I'm fine. Really, okay? Just nobody touch me.
[&AzUlAAA=] - Grow...nourish...defend.
[&AzUmAAA=] - Ready for more!
[&AzUnAAA=] - May your knowledge flourish.
[&AzUoAAA=] - Fight what cannot be fought.
[&AzUpAAA=] - Make it quick.
[&AzUqAAA=] - No questions!
[&AzUrAAA=] - I serve the Vigil. The Vigil serves Tyria.
[&AzUsAAA=] - You've brightened my day.
[&AzUtAAA=] - Eternal vigilance.
[&AzUuAAA=] - May the Six watch over you.
[&AzUvAAA=] - Go ahead and talk.
[&AzUwAAA=] - Are you well?
[&AzUxAAA=] - May the Six watch over you.
[&AzUyAAA=] - I miss the old days.
[&AzUzAAA=] - No refunds!
[&AzU0AAA=] - Any news?
[&AzU1AAA=] - What's broken now?
[&AzU2AAA=] - Hiya!
[&AzU3AAA=] - You got a problem?
[&AzU4AAA=] - Maybe you could show me some moves.
[&AzU5AAA=] - We fight because we must.
[&AzU6AAA=] - Need some healing here.
[&AzU7AAA=] - By the power of me!
[&AzU8AAA=] - Unbroken. Unshaken. Resolve!
[&AzU9AAA=] - 17F31EC8ECCCAF09304959DEE9236898
[&AzU+AAA=] - More knowledge for me!
[&AzU/AAA=] - Couldn't have done it without me.
[&AzVAAAA=] - Rare treasure!
[&AzVBAAA=] - I challenge you to prove you're worthless.
[&AzVCAAA=] - 3...2...1...
[&AzVDAAA=] - 277C55EEE008F060240AA83C310F86A788848400F053EEF64A8C259DE6ABEBDB218A619CFE7811FC18687199CAFDA231E059B16ECEE251EB1D08F530013B5DE8B1DFA98D4768FC2C8EB4C84726324AE5C107C8CEAF87819A66429AE0723F39E6FACD058DE45B8CD4038C8F194E50A70438133A9906724CDDA144D180B402A99AF0DE7CF3FB19A5F47E8FA7C59DC6117B7CADBE51E6BBCE099E1456CD526D9C7B8DA8982745CC80B50387582BB60AC31F7C61772FB4132A9B4EA2A9224BB8A10363C9285262404AFD2289B9F0FCF22D
[&AzVEAAA=] - Hush
[&AzVFAAA=] - Sea Breeze
[&AzVGAAA=] - Flaming Scepter
[&AzVHAAA=] - 17021B7908DDE5B860DE7F9F130ABBF43030EEC56B9CC7942FFD
[&AzVIAAA=] - FAE881AD1AEC2F6AC34E11E4B8EF2E9E8B804F9AAA4D78568A88E1148D59
[&AzVJAAA=] - 9735B309F9C22E4DBDBFCDFC90C0ADF4F0838D0DA7BF9A3034E20C12D37CF2A2DAD74624F27110A21F8C7CCC6139144FAB92574642D2D4F82DD962981B9AB2A493C87055CDD5CF5245E5ABF0484217CA83F466ECE562C456360EB7A9D0EA70FD96AE56B2A243D5FACAD33919077B2185E90B5C48683A3527931707B7DDC23B8C571D0BF81FED2B9C811A4155F67003B93ED754
[&AzVKAAA=] - 95E78DD095EAF0C0DA9A263693FB70328CE04780CC6994D5318C8E75
[&AzVLAAA=] - Brewer's Mantle
[&AzVMAAA=] - Physical Training
[&AzVNAAA=] - 5BFD0903ED6AA8D38309FCB4E6FD01D8E183033DB7
[&AzVOAAA=] - 4F40B79C39C41C63FE2483EDED9C6E60D081B9062B22
[&AzVPAAA=] - Bottomless Stomach Soldier
[&AzVQAAA=] - 44B80B16721997A69C3637086F6CA256746401
[&AzVRAAA=] - Drover Coat
[&AzVSAAA=] - Superior Duelist's Breastplate
[&AzVTAAA=] - Signet of Undeath
[&AzVUAAA=] - Mysterious Plant
[&AzVVAAA=] - <c=@flavor>"Made extra shiny for upcoming shiny battles."<br>.Explorer Grretergrret</c>
[&AzVWAAA=] - Gain tier 7 might for the next 30 minutes.
[&AzVXAAA=] - FF731F020FC4
[&AzVYAAA=] - 165071919BBA7B9463288B3FCB75FEB92A8ADDBD6768D4F5A2037A9B3F52BA05869FA233DA414976CEC4669E5A028BB92C7977DFBC9F09ACF8C1950DE57C02401166D5AD7C107BB805ED297B980B25501C5469724500A2EC69FC064847B4B03DEA7ACFC6FDA0A2A31787771A17599545B7
[&AzVZAAA=] - 148E6D7E07A55FDD50FD91905E2F493D
[&AzVaAAA=] - C86B5FD249D9ABBB8D
[&AzVbAAA=] - Hard Wood Log[s]
[&AzVcAAA=] - Green Longbow Stave[s]
[&AzVdAAA=] - Packup your Mortar.
[&AzVeAAA=] - 9E5EC72E3DF091153742B129E610BB60E8F0
[&AzVfAAA=] - EA7C40B7A70DBA611CA5C3B1286BEC6B98DD35355D
[&AzVgAAA=] - Over there.
[&AzVhAAA=] - +70 Power
[&AzViAAA=] - Each tonic randomly reassigns a character's hair settings: hair style, hair color, horns, ears, and facial hair.
[&AzVjAAA=] - 9C8DA8B58209D1E9BE0679A0138B55E1F7
[&AzVkAAA=] - Logging Axe
[&AzVlAAA=] - 76471DCF5501665DB159E6AC8EA56162547238
[&AzVmAAA=] - C2A16370578FDB44D807560C037A2AC0E934E2
[&AzVnAAA=] - Monstrous Tar Elemental[s]
[&AzVoAAA=] - +5 Vitality
[&AzVpAAA=] - 55F94AB7B678B835D14837C81B3EFBAFE619
[&AzVqAAA=] - Very few match your prowess.
[&AzVrAAA=] - 091F36D7A3E8
[&AzVsAAA=] - The iron key used to open cells in the Black Citadel prison.
[&AzVtAAA=] - Ambitions
[&AzVuAAA=] - When I was still a kid, I had a vision. A Spirit of the Wild spoke to me and offered its guardianship. That Spirit was ______.
[&AzVvAAA=] - A mask draws attention, and an uncovered face allows people to identify you. I prefer a more subtle subterfuge. A drawn hood lets me blend into the crowd, and no one knows I was there.
[&AzVwAAA=] - Undying Devotion
[&AzVxAAA=] - PR Alpine Hall
[&AzVyAAA=] - Rytlock Brimstone is a highly influential tribune and one of the fiercest fighters among the charr. If he's summoned you, there must be a compelling reason.
[&AzVzAAA=] - Flame Legion shaman Mergath Flarekin is coming for the Citadel's top brass, and he has a powerful ritual prepared for the battle. Make sure you're there to face him.
[&AzV0AAA=] - 49D50E1A37F2BA1A204164AC14CC8860067FE21B0D407526A0DB11145D077A76E8CFF2E49E675AAEFCD666AB9A308BD2D4C68A3B353576D71F521E637E50E751C9001CF964D40E6B5F8D4B3A37F9E4ADD2E6673D0A5468DD9CF77860F389463207CC64079A4348751710C69F06AAECB8459F166E4F4AAD6746DE791D1517
[&AzV1AAA=] - The Osenfold Shear
[&AzV2AAA=] - +15%% chill duration
[&AzV3AAA=] - Used to craft Jute Leggings.
[&AzV4AAA=] - Eastern Divinity Dam
[&AzV5AAA=] - Get a dimensional anchor from the Aethervolt gate scientists, weed, and get it fast!
[&AzV6AAA=] - Synergetics<br>Union
[&AzV7AAA=] - Armorsmith<br>" Buy Armor<br>" Sell Items
[&AzV8AAA=] - Conduit Tower Nopp
[&AzV9AAA=] - Caravan Wreckage
[&AzV+AAA=] - Firewatch Encampment Waypoint
[&AzV/AAA=] - Broken Spit
[&AzYBAAA=] - 
[&AzYCAAA=] - What's going on? I smelled smoke and came running.
[&AzYDAAA=] - Thora Griffonbane
[&AzYEAAA=] - Kindling? I'll show you kindling! Valiant, help me burn something.
[&AzYFAAA=] - Rifleman
[&AzYGAAA=] - The Green Mill Center Tower is being attacked!
[&AzYHAAA=] - You destroyed the Dredge weapon and brought a fellow norn back on the path of destiny.
[&AzYIAAA=] - Kicking tail and taking names.
[&AzYJAAA=] - Cease and desist!
[&AzYKAAA=] - Save me, brothers!
[&AzYLAAA=] - Weakling.
[&AzYMAAA=] - Hatred.
[&AzYNAAA=] - Such a meaningless death.
[&AzYOAAA=] - Move in.
[&AzYPAAA=] - Hai ya!
[&AzYQAAA=] - Your death was foretold.
[&AzYRAAA=] - Inquest above all!
[&AzYSAAA=] - What? Who's there?
[&AzYTAAA=] - As I predicted.
[&AzYUAAA=] - It's too soon!
[&AzYVAAA=] - More enemies?
[&AzYWAAA=] - Rally to me! It is Her will!
[&AzYXAAA=] - Here's something different!
[&AzYYAAA=] - I sense the living.
[&AzYZAAA=] - Help me!
[&AzYaAAA=] - Unprepared for...field duty!
[&AzYbAAA=] - You are unclean.
[&AzYcAAA=] - Another soul for Baelfire.
[&AzYdAAA=] - Pile on!
[&AzYeAAA=] - Thank the gods.
[&AzYfAAA=] - Finished already?
[&AzYgAAA=] - You are not worthy!
[&AzYhAAA=] - Coward.
[&AzYiAAA=] - Got it!
[&AzYjAAA=] - That's enough!
[&AzYkAAA=] - Maybe I'll just take a little nap.
[&AzYlAAA=] - Feel the wrath of nature!
[&AzYmAAA=] - Grow...nourish...heal.
[&AzYnAAA=] - Rely on your knowledge.
[&AzYoAAA=] - Some must fight so that all may be free.
[&AzYpAAA=] - Report.
[&AzYqAAA=] - I am a genius. And you are?
[&AzYrAAA=] - Consider me an ally.
[&AzYsAAA=] - Nature's secret is patience.
[&AzYtAAA=] - Lovely tunic.
[&AzYuAAA=] - Greetings.
[&AzYvAAA=] - Know what cannot be known.
[&AzYwAAA=] - Did you need something?
[&AzYxAAA=] - What can I do for you?
[&AzYyAAA=] - There is darkness afoot.
[&AzYzAAA=] - Welcome.
[&AzY0AAA=] - Trouble?
[&AzY1AAA=] - This is important, right?
[&AzY2AAA=] - How can I help you?
[&AzY3AAA=] - Duty calls.
[&AzY4AAA=] - I'm here to learn.
[&AzY5AAA=] - Some must fight, so that all may be free.
[&AzY6AAA=] - Ahhh, the pain...
[&AzY7AAA=] - Greatness. I am becoming greatness.
[&AzY8AAA=] - Eternal. Perpetual. Persistence.
[&AzY9AAA=] - My ship. Your exit.
[&AzY+AAA=] - I'm even more dangerous.
[&AzY/AAA=] - That was both interesting and instructive.
[&AzZAAAA=] - I'm up! I'm up.
[&AzZBAAA=] - Don't make me laugh.
[&AzZCAAA=] - It's time to wake up.
[&AzZDAAA=] - A77A69B904030D3E5DF67ED5A5488766AF24DB10F4C517AB8957A67916622F78454124AE1317AC9E2AC0D784918E93B3AD26A1BC92A62CF5CB7A8D96
[&AzZEAAA=] - Icing
[&AzZFAAA=] - Sea Frost
[&AzZGAAA=] - Lightning Orb
[&AzZHAAA=] - BA4E6E0DE927826FE5676FEE7B9736C102080D288E67E408607433E33DF25B2C8F35F5862EE34949E44FBEE0824688746783F47B544106AF2D84E83432986D989E36031249ED01BA4222666F9A3EA15232D62FB9F0CDDA356D47A4770AC8A110ACDA9C2C087AD32377745C01A202A45662CF54C234907B4B09811C16E5F307376E0AA486BBC3E7878C395C25C4AED8AE505BE2EFC567D8B05AF7B93581F91997D87147C42C4B586E78E8CEC82479C3D3669B23F395DED3881DE381ACA82E0D3925BE97C1ECE88732F56723D8DE0C80B52E6B7A0327F7
[&AzZIAAA=] - 8A4BB6E27CBC421ECD7EBF01D31F52083E02824F99D5F89981E700135E994E000F7C806DB0D3B086B5EACDCE24AE6267EE59D95CB8F05C4CFDBCBCF61C1B348FCF42453A803EE221C972EB83E45981EB11E182A9E5B68E085D5501DD59D120F56F076AB53DE20144F6F9EB9A624D92166172EBAE5496
[&AzZJAAA=] - D6230DFBAD38F372E862E4BF1DEB35304FA607D17A66A7F608A3BF6E8E0D6EAA858CAD5F9156CF44474173F30754B06F8CD477FDE6E6239DBC15C7D3647B6514ED66CB7B7C7D75849C642B015C4D4376B4BA9609112E1A7285A28942DBC2B8A45A9F4A2E35705A6448B70DCDCCE4AE152EE2148BC5201D5921C9807B1ED9A0A7E37B1B7087E6E2731097EED918C17CD632E5FCD294D665E66BBA8ACB2970A21CC589D9E1E21D6D517B7B06
[&AzZKAAA=] - Great work, everyone. You've done yourselves proud.
[&AzZLAAA=] - 195BD8080E76562EE4FA8C731744C092970239
[&AzZMAAA=] - AE54BC9081EE2C7237396008E20880AFF57BC4582ABC49443413B8AC11
[&AzZNAAA=] - DF6343D6351C1E830B05010A6D1549C69701B58C0A9B9E0A9905D35F92AC80BC80
[&AzZOAAA=] - 53BCD8838CE20F91E3B4EB983CFEF1B4021CB03ABA31734892ECA516AF8A6A66527DD35ED9734C126BE53E8A13B67115F7BDF1858BEECF59D8884C5E615747
[&AzZPAAA=] - Mighty Embroidered Coat
[&AzZQAAA=] - Block the next incoming attack. Riposte and bleed your foe if you block a melee attack. Gain adrenaline if you are not attacked.
[&AzZRAAA=] - Drover Gloves
[&AzZSAAA=] - Superior Duelist's Gauntlets
[&AzZTAAA=] - 471BF65014519F301A8019BE5BE49476A764
[&AzZUAAA=] - Quaggin Spear
[&AzZVAAA=] - 97327C0D6B588D9A97846E
[&AzZWAAA=] - Boon of Might (Tier 7)
[&AzZXAAA=] - Burn on Hit
[&AzZYAAA=] - 629FD00BFB7BC0AC6973189025BD159C982408F19CC63393E54A84AD483D520E96E10CC9BF13A3E0F7504374AF5AC1
[&AzZZAAA=] - 1678920051BC629A94E85005C229867DD7469E
[&AzZaAAA=] - D8A34FFA82FA30C31C240A0C0E48F13CA4477AE6E3
[&AzZbAAA=] - Ancient Wood Log[s]
[&AzZcAAA=] - Hard Longbow Stave[s]
[&AzZdAAA=] - Deploy your Mortar.
[&AzZeAAA=] - At ease, troops. Take a break, shed some skin, and we'll start again soon.
[&AzZfAAA=] - D32B76CCFA417B6DB1B00AFF150E54A313BA1FAA52
[&AzZgAAA=] - It is a new Tyria out there, with new prey, but I am as cunning as ever.
[&AzZhAAA=] - +90 Power
[&AzZiAAA=] - 274521F499C1124880
[&AzZjAAA=] - 6E41A48964034C3B25C0
[&AzZkAAA=] - Harvesting Sickle
[&AzZlAAA=] - Submarine Part[s]
[&AzZmAAA=] - 03A7324548BF1C542D627FCE22224D7770F6158DE4416FD3
[&AzZnAAA=] - 38A2656D21C19F90788E408A81C71529B0155D8426CA32641079C8DA51BE9DDC5EF5793BAD851754BA88ADE45DE4C04F92299716CBDA20564294259857318BF6C1CD0691F61DEF22D5489FF10B2F3650C3EF136D34A3B8122DD914C7778CC9422A4778E1843E5CC115
[&AzZoAAA=] - +7 Vitality
[&AzZpAAA=] - 5A7ABEDA5BA37B9BD420CA1DEC3D49
[&AzZqAAA=] - Consuming hylek spit has transformed you into an animal. The effect should wear off over time.
[&AzZrAAA=] - Eye Size Width
[&AzZsAAA=] - Citadel Prison Key
[&AzZtAAA=] - uncover an ancient artifact.
[&AzZuAAA=] - My Totem Spirit
[&AzZvAAA=] - <br><br>I'm an expert at subtlety and intrigue. A drawn hood lets me blend into the crowd.<br><br>This is my story.<br>
[&AzZwAAA=] - Ogre Banner Hate
[&AzZxAAA=] - PR Alpine Snowline
[&AzZyAAA=] - An Unusual Inheritance
[&AzZzAAA=] - Tribunes in Effigy
[&AzZ0AAA=] - Ratatosk
[&AzZ1AAA=] - Doldenvan Passage
[&AzZ2AAA=] - You haven't got a chance. I was trained by the best!
[&AzZ3AAA=] - Jute Breeches Panel[s]
[&AzZ4AAA=] - Western Divinity Dam
[&AzZ5AAA=] - One more seed plant.there we go. Perfect.
[&AzZ6AAA=] - Bystander
[&AzZ7AAA=] - [lbracket]Armorsmith[rbracket]
[&AzZ8AAA=] - 1856AA2A07BF9B6266AFC9DBAB1C3B9D0EBC287D87A21CE043072A2167718E2E653F763660
[&AzZ9AAA=] - Bovarin Estate
[&AzZ+AAA=] - A402D2F35E942C131E54D2
[&AzZ/AAA=] - The Vizier's Tower
[&AzcBAAA=] - 
[&AzcCAAA=] - Widowmaker Thug
[&AzcDAAA=] - Hey! Over here! You don't want to miss a chance for glory, do you?
[&AzcEAAA=] - Hey, over here! I found a great vantage point.
[&AzcFAAA=] - Hylek Amini
[&AzcGAAA=] - The Red Mine Center Tower is being attacked!
[&AzcHAAA=] - Brawn over Brains
[&AzcIAAA=] - What an experience!
[&AzcJAAA=] - I wasn't fast enough...
[&AzcKAAA=] - Come to fight me, two-legs?
[&AzcLAAA=] - Who will take care of...
[&AzcMAAA=] - Feel my power!
[&AzcNAAA=] - Annihilate them!
[&AzcOAAA=] - Enemies sighted.
[&AzcPAAA=] - Die!
[&AzcQAAA=] - All eyes on me!
[&AzcRAAA=] - The fun's over here!
[&AzcSAAA=] - This is for you!
[&AzcTAAA=] - Help me, you miscreants!
[&AzcUAAA=] - Your victory will be short-lived.
[&AzcVAAA=] - Murderer!
[&AzcWAAA=] - Lyssa's gaze shines!
[&AzcXAAA=] - What was that?
[&AzcYAAA=] - Kill!
[&AzcZAAA=] - More enemies?
[&AzcaAAA=] - What manner of being are you?
[&AzcbAAA=] - You escape for now.
[&AzccAAA=] - To my side!
[&AzcdAAA=] - Target in sight.
[&AzceAAA=] - Rally to me!
[&AzcfAAA=] - I've been waiting for you.
[&AzcgAAA=] - Together, we are a wall!
[&AzchAAA=] - Shore up the ranks.
[&AzciAAA=] - This is definitely worth something!
[&AzcjAAA=] - (grunt) You'll pay for this! U-ugh...
[&AzckAAA=] - Whoa! Anyone else see that?
[&AzclAAA=] - Long live the imperator!
[&AzcmAAA=] - Easy now.
[&AzcnAAA=] - History never lies. Historians however....
[&AzcoAAA=] - Consider me an ally.
[&AzcpAAA=] - For Blood Legion.
[&AzcqAAA=] - Why won't you go away?
[&AzcrAAA=] - Some must fight so that all may be free.
[&AzcsAAA=] - Live well.
[&AzctAAA=] - Welcome.
[&AzcuAAA=] - What did you need?
[&AzcvAAA=] - Any secrets you want to share?
[&AzcwAAA=] - You seem friendly.
[&AzcxAAA=] - We must all fight.
[&AzcyAAA=] - May Grenth shield you.
[&AzczAAA=] - There is no profit in the Eternal Alchemy.
[&Azc0AAA=] - You need my help?
[&Azc1AAA=] - Yeah?
[&Azc2AAA=] - It's tough to prosper nowadays, but we try.
[&Azc3AAA=] - Trouble?
[&Azc4AAA=] - We must all fight.
[&Azc5AAA=] - Strength in numbers.
[&Azc6AAA=] - Oof. That's some bulk right there.
[&Azc7AAA=] - I'm not drunk, you're drunk!
[&Azc8AAA=] - Health. Vigor. Recovery.
[&Azc9AAA=] - Ahoy!
[&Azc+AAA=] - Oh, I can't wait to try this out.
[&Azc/AAA=] - Of course we made it. I knew the way through.
[&AzdAAAA=] - That was too close for comfort.
[&AzdBAAA=] - Your wretched posturing will get you nowhere.
[&AzdCAAA=] - 546705650C1E
[&AzdDAAA=] - CA49139A948C58A4AC446FE398481D00C2E258A68B824A03B3F70FF47ABE61D43C35BC7F669A3228097306A014F0403478D8EE0DA4546281C9CB864474A851886BC42CB745DC79A3765C320AD7BFF0FF05764A9ECB3D516D84F3553E3F3071F78348B3792BE99EA92488A9304E55321BD4F231267A7BC33FB97F126AF5C54457C78ADD7100622687E340597FB3CFD8
[&AzdEAAA=] - Dye Remover
[&AzdFAAA=] - Sea Ice
[&AzdGAAA=] - Battle Standard
[&AzdHAAA=] - Damage Stationary
[&AzdIAAA=] - 3876ACAC6180D02C26ECFF5EEF9D5FA239655FB8
[&AzdJAAA=] - Don't let up your assault, or the ogres will rally an army to push us back!
[&AzdKAAA=] - Defend Penitent Camp from Risen.
[&AzdLAAA=] - 9CD7CF63810ECEE9A008B23A8E35CFB67426A4224DC5AE15C1A56FABF749994DB53BEACAD269B88490E840A1327E77FCB00E9E3F366F57F575AAC3B2934EF5616F9DB49E358AAD3BBA562A31E3853E84F9F6EA397E9CD37F6CFC671EC39B8408D3498C54E970BAF940678E3D1DCB6BA05AC03F805A
[&AzdMAAA=] - EAB07A5A1B02DC2F855A5663878ED5F2544B8585FE8BEE0E00FC4111FB801E117D19579F390A7F34BA77C65E621C720E66C0E879A005B8D56862D6F338C817A675724179ADBCF878F778B2
[&AzdNAAA=] - DFFA77F6CDA6C5E30425E7B16F27EA1AEA46A97D993A13DA1C0A01BCDCB7035EA54B0FDB26203AAE1F0BBE9E65F69DE5E2ABFB948A768D7936141073409A4F89989114E2458D8E53443D904B454367EDC8F6C5
[&AzdOAAA=] - 26468EB2BD06ECBC9168042EE03ADC3C
[&AzdPAAA=] - Vital Embroidered Coat
[&AzdQAAA=] - MedKit
[&AzdRAAA=] - Drover Helm
[&AzdSAAA=] - Superior Duelist's Helm
[&AzdTAAA=] - Heals Allies " Weakness " Resurrects Allies
[&AzdUAAA=] - Supply Crate
[&AzdVAAA=] - Hippogriff Egg[s]
[&AzdWAAA=] - Stick[s] of Butter
[&AzdXAAA=] - 010EF2D876FFA9545AD946BEF5C363D5A561EF3155E12A92AB6B5CE5440E8AACD2840CDE2644569B83C89D2FF7D9B9D6496935B861869B1C145AD87A866CFF4B24D824FE623E64
[&AzdYAAA=] - A2168C0BAD4CC08FAA6BBE7CE9CB82791C2A9EDB965E4E68B397AEA56E3A990AAE1F56770C5BEBB788B8B57EAE17A36A1B813224BAE07448C8E516A5823AED
[&AzdZAAA=] - A8F4202FCA0BB544775FB3AA1983BECE31
[&AzdaAAA=] - D7609577DE76AF731283
[&AzdbAAA=] - Soft Wood Log[s]
[&AzdcAAA=] - Ancient Longbow Stave[s]
[&AzddAAA=] - Pillaging Embroidered Cotton Insignia[s]
[&AzdeAAA=] - Tix
[&AzdfAAA=] - F242D6BC07428D6149AD957B5A89ECC7B7987EE572E2
[&AzdgAAA=] - Back up. Hurry!
[&AzdhAAA=] - +10 Power
[&AzdiAAA=] - 241DC37ED73E05BE86CF5C08451BE444C1F7AB2FD0ADF814
[&AzdjAAA=] - E65E40C8ADB8999BEB94
[&AzdkAAA=] - Used to chop down all saplings.
[&AzdlAAA=] - DCF5386A59E5591D76A6043C3FC6F5539A5F0C65F0
[&AzdmAAA=] - For 30 seconds gain +100%% exp from kills. Remaining time is restarted with each kill.
[&AzdnAAA=] - The Molengrad commissar is angered when his tunneler is destroyed and he starts roaming around near Mennerheim.
[&AzdoAAA=] - +3 Toughness
[&AzdpAAA=] - D280681625E4C1EE0B1516F6233F
[&AzdqAAA=] - Precise Bronze Pistol
[&AzdrAAA=] - Protective Membrane
[&AzdsAAA=] - 88F33EDDAA6B52D08DBB663C62E1718E029F39053440D0AD69B97A85CABE2DD9E4
[&AzdtAAA=] - Make a Discovery
[&AzduAAA=] - Bear
[&AzdvAAA=] - Burning Oil
[&AzdwAAA=] - Holding Ogre Banner
[&AzdxAAA=] - PR Alpine Powder
[&AzdyAAA=] - Argus Foolkiller's letter said his warband.the Killer warband.hid a key in a chest in Windrock Maze. The submerged chest has a combination lock, so you'll have to find the code.
[&AzdzAAA=] - 47BC29A8ED61FC8D5978
[&Azd0AAA=] - Snowslide Ravine
[&Azd1AAA=] - Moleberia
[&Azd2AAA=] - Carrion Exalted Boots
[&Azd3AAA=] - Jute Breeches Lining[s]
[&Azd4AAA=] - Taminn Foothills
[&Azd5AAA=] - Undead! Just like on the beach. This I can handle!
[&Azd6AAA=] - Keep it down! I'm trying to watch the presentation!
[&Azd7AAA=] - Destroyers! Defend yourselves!
[&Azd8AAA=] - Inner Inquest Complex
[&Azd9AAA=] - Sleeping Jotun
[&Azd+AAA=] - Gladefall Waypoint
[&Azd/AAA=] - Stygian Deeps
[&AzgBAAA=] - 
[&AzgCAAA=] - Typical. We demand ransom, Pete sends goons.
[&AzgDAAA=] - The only thing better than a great hunt is a great hunt and a great moot.
[&AzgEAAA=] - To action! The hylek are everywhere!
[&AzgFAAA=] - Grawl Trapper
[&AzgGAAA=] - The Green Mill Center Tower has been lost!
[&AzgHAAA=] - You made sure the dead stayed dead.
[&AzgIAAA=] - Put that in the win column.
[&AzgJAAA=] - We've got 'em running scared!
[&AzgKAAA=] - I need help.
[&AzgLAAA=] - This isn't worth it.
[&AzgMAAA=] - Teach 'em a lesson!
[&AzgNAAA=] - To my side!
[&AzgOAAA=] - Next target.
[&AzgPAAA=] - Here they come!
[&AzgQAAA=] - I dream once more.
[&AzgRAAA=] - (spit) Another one down.
[&AzgSAAA=] - My memoir is complete.
[&AzgTAAA=] - Have at you, charlatan!
[&AzgUAAA=] - I promise a painful end.
[&AzgVAAA=] - For Ascalon!
[&AzgWAAA=] - Your fear is apparent.
[&AzgXAAA=] - I expected as much.
[&AzgYAAA=] - Gone.
[&AzgZAAA=] - Murderer!
[&AzgaAAA=] - That was easy.
[&AzgbAAA=] - Gaheron Baelfire!
[&AzgcAAA=] - Bring on the heat!
[&AzgdAAA=] - I am finished.
[&AzgeAAA=] - I sense malice.
[&AzgfAAA=] - Balthazar, grant me victory.
[&AzggAAA=] - Koda! Give me strength!
[&AzghAAA=] - We showed them!
[&AzgiAAA=] - You don't see this every day.
[&AzgjAAA=] - (laugh) Is that all you got?
[&AzgkAAA=] - I can never drink enough, I swear.
[&AzglAAA=] - Fury and blood!
[&AzgmAAA=] - Defend me.
[&AzgnAAA=] - Knowledge is the greatest treasure.
[&AzgoAAA=] - You honor me.
[&AzgpAAA=] - At ease.
[&AzgqAAA=] - And you are?
[&AzgrAAA=] - At ease.
[&AzgsAAA=] - Our deeds are reflected in the Dream.
[&AzgtAAA=] - You're looking well.
[&AzguAAA=] - There's art in everything.
[&AzgvAAA=] - What's the password?
[&AzgwAAA=] - Yoho, you scurvy dog .
[&AzgxAAA=] - Maybe you could show me some moves.
[&AzgyAAA=] - Know what cannot be known.
[&AzgzAAA=] - Excelsior.
[&Azg0AAA=] - Duty calls.
[&Azg1AAA=] - What is your predicament?
[&Azg2AAA=] - I didn't see you there.
[&Azg3AAA=] - Any news?
[&Azg4AAA=] - How can I assist you?
[&Azg5AAA=] - I don't know if I'm cut out for this.
[&Azg6AAA=] - Up, I say!
[&Azg7AAA=] - A good start, but I'm...uh...I'm still thirsty.
[&Azg8AAA=] - DD5B986B8EC5E3BB605B7A97F8B7379E
[&Azg9AAA=] - Get yourself in line, sailor.
[&Azg+AAA=] - Energy level too low.
[&Azg/AAA=] - And...finished!
[&AzhAAAA=] - I'm in your debt.
[&AzhBAAA=] - Care for a lesson in humility?
[&AzhCAAA=] - BC4C40D8C0347212FFDD5B7B7928A2E2855725D5E0
[&AzhDAAA=] - 1E2D9A5DEAEF96B75A0F8992A52E84
[&AzhEAAA=] - Indigo
[&AzhFAAA=] - Shy Lilac
[&AzhGAAA=] - Rotting Seed Pod
[&AzhHAAA=] - Throw your torch and burn your foe.
[&AzhIAAA=] - 01BBAC0195256057EE9D58BD0842E8309E6A6DD3B118E38BDC20406839A651D95DC5099821B51DAE15F3FC289B0D238090912FD8ED60A8A317331A1CDA8FD0307FC339FFD42E3684DA912158D7368E5B939D1AA21339
[&AzhJAAA=] - Wielding the shovel of discovery.
[&AzhKAAA=] - The Complex
[&AzhLAAA=] - The courtyard's clear! Crusader, hold this location while we move forward.
[&AzhMAAA=] - Physical utility skills have a greater range.
[&AzhNAAA=] - C3FD8162F9D43CB069E38BD51DDBE0D04FD8E2D6239481A01EB15E9453506ADE225692AFD1D1D237DCE72F983364C8BE17640C15F7A077D32386C130F4D5B053FCEC51735E6B03A595C9FFCCA3979C7441F4019EC79FDB4DAC74A8D17322ADF6155A6F377FE54F57F9035A9FD8665747E1918271DFFD99610AE8EEA82CF67B78C39E9406C8A941BBBA40F11D
[&AzhOAAA=] - City Travel
[&AzhPAAA=] - 65D01BB081
[&AzhQAAA=] - Block the next incoming attack.
[&AzhRAAA=] - Drover Leggings
[&AzhSAAA=] - Superior Duelist's Leggings
[&AzhTAAA=] - Fiery Blocks " Bleeds " Heals
[&AzhUAAA=] - Grawl Food Sack[s]
[&AzhVAAA=] - Fishing Pole
[&AzhWAAA=] - The next 30,000 experience is increased by +40%%.
[&AzhXAAA=] - Bowl[s] of Coleslaw
[&AzhYAAA=] - Vicious Brackish Skale
[&AzhZAAA=] - MONSTER ONLY Jotun Unarmed
[&AzhaAAA=] - B64674C97FCC89EA8BF5F0EA4DADA485435C7F30F88881117DEC
[&AzhbAAA=] - Seasoned Wood Log[s]
[&AzhcAAA=] - Soft Longbow Stave[s]
[&AzhdAAA=] - Vigorous Embroidered Cotton Insignia[s]
[&AzheAAA=] - Nix
[&AzhfAAA=] - 05EC9E4792292D026B49F208732CE5FEC1F4F9B1AA202927
[&AzhgAAA=] - Begin.
[&AzhhAAA=] - +45 Power
[&AzhiAAA=] - 865C9DFD7B503D49EA938C
[&AzhjAAA=] - 987CF9C5D53C3E366EF426932359
[&AzhkAAA=] - Steel Logging Axe
[&AzhlAAA=] - 1FABFAB051818691FC2AD7AAAB65418F69BFA82570
[&AzhmAAA=] - 100%% Kill Streak Experience Bonus
[&AzhnAAA=] - Mistfire Wolf
[&AzhoAAA=] - +4 Toughness
[&AzhpAAA=] - 56B4D37FDB67A7580D7E3BE4D72E73FFD58A2B
[&AzhqAAA=] - Resilient Bronze Pistol
[&AzhrAAA=] - DD26C250238C454D2891653ECAA6CFAFFD423D4EA527B199BA1D4546B3BA3BFABE74D7BC3030E64FFDB7468D53657ACEEA224AE2544A29664ABF924B19743B3F30437F7010ADCBAA2A46C0ACDC8CC5ED187295D75731383B1D07598F5E2CBCB08D62E34CEC5A567FCC
[&AzhsAAA=] - CC34BD377397FE89EDBCD68DA3E49F0A5274A9B5A54D975F4C9BA57F1033F023FCDD90EFED82B62FE42F71ADB7E3EFBAE30C61270E3BBAD73CDFE2C0879FB010AEE2950A34C5FE23AEEADEB921CAD8D03E89D099FDBB18A0E65F9926C7043C6873A1F71CC2347CF8605842D8A320734DDB015CA7AF96C75DC6CCCF93FCEF86D216515FBD8BB70A088D36360661DFB7DD4B20998CAC18E775BDECC823216A9AA5BD6DCE86B7E8
[&AzhtAAA=] - Tyria has a long, rich history. Ancient relics can be found in the most unexpected places.
[&AzhuAAA=] - Bear
[&AzhvAAA=] - Burning Oil Build Site
[&AzhwAAA=] - 2B5FB50CC69D2E8DFD17E00AD1260FC4DE7D
[&AzhxAAA=] - PR Wetland Complex
[&AzhyAAA=] - Windrock Maze
[&AzhzAAA=] - Branded Fish
[&Azh0AAA=] - Theign Spiritwalk
[&Azh1AAA=] - The Shadowhorns
[&Azh2AAA=] - Knockback Immune
[&Azh3AAA=] - Used to craft Jute Sandals.
[&Azh4AAA=] - Queen's Forest
[&Azh5AAA=] - This is the thing, right? I think this is the thing. Please tell me this is the thing?
[&Azh6AAA=] - Bystander
[&Azh7AAA=] - Skritt.neutralized.
[&Azh8AAA=] - 46E05D888563961A544F3415CE3CAFBE2C99F4932F3A983E3594CCF5B031D63F7694EA13
[&Azh9AAA=] - Grendich Ruins
[&Azh+AAA=] - Grostogg's Kraal Waypoint
[&Azh/AAA=] - Plaza of Lost Wisdom
[&AzkBAAA=] - 
[&AzkCAAA=] - Send 'em back to Two-Blade in pieces!
[&AzkDAAA=] - Styrr Frostblade
[&AzkEAAA=] - I know! Grab a stick from the campfire and ignite the barrels!
[&AzkFAAA=] - Jotun
[&AzkGAAA=] - The Blue Mill Outpost Caravan is being attacked!
[&AzkHAAA=] - Branching Out
[&AzkIAAA=] - I made that look easy.
[&AzkJAAA=] - No contest!
[&AzkKAAA=] - I promise a painful end.
[&AzkLAAA=] - I'm not done with you!
[&AzkMAAA=] - Dragon's watching you!
[&AzkNAAA=] - Fight on, my tribe!
[&AzkOAAA=] - Welcome the end's embrace.
[&AzkPAAA=] - Sear this!
[&AzkQAAA=] - Ha! You're a frightened child.
[&AzkRAAA=] - Now I'll never...
[&AzkSAAA=] - State genus or subspecies.
[&AzkTAAA=] - Flee, you cowardly cur!
[&AzkUAAA=] - Come to fight me, two-legs?
[&AzkVAAA=] - Help me!
[&AzkWAAA=] - I see all.
[&AzkXAAA=] - The wind blows foul.
[&AzkYAAA=] - Zhaitan commands your death.
[&AzkZAAA=] - For Ascalon!
[&AzkaAAA=] - Knowledge is power!
[&AzkbAAA=] - Ashes to ashes.
[&AzkcAAA=] - Inquest over all!
[&AzkdAAA=] - For the Ash Legion!
[&AzkeAAA=] - Go now to a better place.
[&AzkfAAA=] - More enemies?
[&AzkgAAA=] - Koda, take me home.
[&AzkhAAA=] - Ascalon will rise again!
[&AzkiAAA=] - Eureka!
[&AzkjAAA=] - I need help.
[&AzkkAAA=] - If I can still talk, I can still fight. If I can stand, I can win.
[&AzklAAA=] - Ashes and death!
[&AzkmAAA=] - Grow...nourish...defend.
[&AzknAAA=] - Greetings and salutations.
[&AzkoAAA=] - I serve the Vigil. The Vigil serves Tyria.
[&AzkpAAA=] - This better be good.
[&AzkqAAA=] - The legion calls.
[&AzkrAAA=] - What now?
[&AzksAAA=] - All things have a right to grow.
[&AzktAAA=] - I'm at your service.
[&AzkuAAA=] - I'll make anything you need.
[&AzkvAAA=] - Seize the moment.
[&AzkwAAA=] - Avast!
[&AzkxAAA=] - We do what we can.
[&AzkyAAA=] - Everyone has a secret.
[&AzkzAAA=] - Are you here to purchase something?
[&Azk0AAA=] - I didn't see you there.
[&Azk1AAA=] - What's all this then?
[&Azk2AAA=] - How do you do?
[&Azk3AAA=] - Sentinel reporting.
[&Azk4AAA=] - I watch over this place.
[&Azk5AAA=] - I'll do my best.
[&Azk6AAA=] - Ha! I've held heavier.
[&Azk7AAA=] - Drink after drink, I get loopy. Drink after drink, I can't think. One more drink and I won't be drunk!
[&Azk8AAA=] - Chocolate Brown
[&Azk9AAA=] - Landlubber. Bah!
[&Azk+AAA=] - I require more energy.
[&Azk/AAA=] - That went smoothly enough.
[&AzlAAAA=] - Not again!
[&AzlBAAA=] - You're about as terrifying as a daydream.
[&AzlCAAA=] - I challenge you!
[&AzlDAAA=] - 3CDADF820C1E9B856FDE366BD9106A2A72E305097B3AAFCAEA3ED0B749DE24F173F83DE608E7F0C95C04F31AA91C0E9FC04A7187E7DBE83BF8B7B86AF2BF6FB62952015580E510D8A45BEA44F043E4548E396F2693330191B4C5
[&AzlEAAA=] - Iris
[&AzlFAAA=] - Shylac
[&AzlGAAA=] - Earth Totem
[&AzlHAAA=] - 138ECF3EB9208D546D217BA3A37D9296412278
[&AzlIAAA=] - They're dead! Yes! Quickly, try the door to the inner annex.
[&AzlJAAA=] - Treasure Hunter
[&AzlKAAA=] - Hold it. Does anyone else feel that?
[&AzlLAAA=] - 5D8725F4AAB9FAF9584435D291C34B911EC3B2DEAE75
[&AzlMAAA=] - 8EE3155C1B8165E79D9F6BE801ABBF0A7AAC
[&AzlNAAA=] - Ossuary Crypts
[&AzlOAAA=] - 51C0E33D00C29F50441BED740730F9
[&AzlPAAA=] - +50 toughness.
[&AzlQAAA=] - Call down a cloud of rain. WARNING.This staff is malfunctioning. There is a high probability the spell will backfire.
[&AzlRAAA=] - Drover Shoulders
[&AzlSAAA=] - Superior Duelist's Pauldrons
[&AzlTAAA=] - Shaman's Etched Avenger
[&AzlUAAA=] - 6C82EE2FB56C86D31462CD44C54FF1D8476CDA85F3
[&AzlVAAA=] - Powder Keg
[&AzlWAAA=] - Boon of Experience (Tier 7)
[&AzlXAAA=] - 7ACB15BE643C2003C97EDD0FEFFCF94DD6C0D711C1C367562C68BDF6579C1CA6E3CFB1472BF50A3758A5282F0191EE0578E4740C0ABA9FD5E59522E1D6E21CE0250E979A903FD969B5
[&AzlYAAA=] - 34BA1EB1270C968BEC8410186422E68C4D02CE8F0BE6CC8F0523FCE2C19E8A2B4D15F3E1101E0A0F5AF8DD75E38DFBBAE2E27E556A47D9B3D475CD09B06F57F1D9113EF1D78C2D7FE58B4F9125
[&AzlZAAA=] - 95C81D47A5F2F48D04
[&AzlaAAA=] - 1428D0E762AC278DBB4018E8AB93
[&AzlbAAA=] - 
[&AzlcAAA=] - Seasoned Longbow Stave[s]
[&AzldAAA=] - Quaggan Egg[s]
[&AzleAAA=] - Ix
[&AzlfAAA=] - C686E733DFC38363C8D4706C10FD07A664D48F0AA6
[&AzlgAAA=] - No.
[&AzlhAAA=] - +100 Power
[&AzliAAA=] - F0F5134A77F73F039F1A47
[&AzljAAA=] - 96589461C5C6EF5D2B0CFFC5ED36
[&AzlkAAA=] - Steel Mining Pick
[&AzllAAA=] - Blue Lucky Rabbit's Foot
[&AzlmAAA=] - Zap
[&AzlnAAA=] - Help Magister Roslin infiltrate Black Earth Mine.
[&AzloAAA=] - Drop the speargun.
[&AzlpAAA=] - FEA3731F819D03C3925139F651C800
[&AzlqAAA=] - 7ADDF1F01E60B496F53D9A08E00C58C2933FB7C425794048
[&AzlrAAA=] - 912E09B718F9E21FCF17D73421EABFC8FBB403BA7E9826390910D9C434
[&AzlsAAA=] - BFADE344D5C300542D94F9DFF15A
[&AzltAAA=] - Perhaps someday, if I stick by my ideals, I may even %str1%
[&AzluAAA=] - Bear is the most powerful among the Spirits of the Wild. She is a symbol of fortitude and self-reliance. She roared over me when I was a babe, and ever since, I've had Bear's courage in my heart.
[&AzlvAAA=] - 259C0FE4153C4FF3DE6DEF24A61F35C576B73D06392242D242B4F99AC2F6ED547FD2DB424DFE9F5028C5118563D0FD8AA37CFCCFA9AC8F69515A76E8A22689A0EE7526D6ACAEF725D75E8223F7C3B1171B7FB16647CDCF766A26AA904E33EF317BA5449773FF3B07ED0D9687C0E1676A8407309673C1B998134FA61DF4
[&AzlwAAA=] - D7D8F587836B575671182EC7D38A1851D876BD55BC30FEC8BCEBE42EEB8A02D34318ECD30B949ACF20F1D8C3808319BD0F25DE58D7FD49521CCBE54D6C741B123613C8E4000C825248A6131F9BD7A2184241C704759EE7391D4778E41A9D1E54CBA017DEEDCFBB4EC92E2552535F444EBF8D25764E0B9D853D0232F886E8
[&AzlxAAA=] - PR Wetland Riverside
[&AzlyAAA=] - According to Emer Whipmane, Vallus Smokemane took the idol of Balthazaar to norn country, alone, to exchange it for his captured warbandmate. He must be found and and made to answer for disobeying orders.
[&AzlzAAA=] - In the Black Citadel, convicted criminals pay for their crimes with death or hard labor. Those sentenced to death are publicly executed in the Bane.
[&Azl0AAA=] - Wyrmblood Lake
[&Azl1AAA=] - Nobleman's Greaves
[&Azl2AAA=] - 29F0CCF014EEB032B47EC838B5300C32D08CB77E1CC46AC3335FBA0BA395375982FB63D20BB5D094DBEF4C19C21AEC671DB84A870BADF991984771B38F718261CE695A4C174FDA57F750CF8747172289A3E724F6F5C1CD4516EB8EAA7C708A8228DB791E3663895B6971EC4D1CF03CD222FFD506F7F75AC2DB35B51820B069E417777F22C1B8EED4A75392671581B845
[&Azl3AAA=] - Jute Sandal Upper[s]
[&Azl4AAA=] - The Heartwoods
[&Azl5AAA=] - A mesmer's mask creates an image. I choose to look out from behind a ______.
[&Azl6AAA=] - The colleges are really putting in a great showing this year.
[&Azl7AAA=] - Destroyers.neutralized.
[&Azl8AAA=] - Transfer Gate (Private)
[&Azl9AAA=] - Dunrock Gulch
[&Azl+AAA=] - +15%% Boon Duration
[&Azl/AAA=] - Lone Post
[&AzoBAAA=] - 
[&AzoCAAA=] - Kill these jerks! That'll show Pete the Widowmakers mean business.
[&AzoDAAA=] - Ha! My thanks for delivering the Wolf whelp. It's one less loose end to tie up.
[&AzoEAAA=] - Fine. I'll do it myself.
[&AzoFAAA=] - Dredge Rifleman
[&AzoGAAA=] - The Red Mill Center Tower is being attacked!
[&AzoHAAA=] - You have become a full member of the Vigil.
[&AzoIAAA=] - What to do now?
[&AzoJAAA=] - Assist me!
[&AzoKAAA=] - Raaaaahhhh!
[&AzoLAAA=] - Leave me be!
[&AzoMAAA=] - By the strength of Svanir.
[&AzoNAAA=] - This is what it's come to.
[&AzoOAAA=] - One more time!
[&AzoPAAA=] - Wipe them out!
[&AzoQAAA=] - Your life ends here.
[&AzoRAAA=] - Pfah!
[&AzoSAAA=] - Let history record your cowardly act.
[&AzoTAAA=] - I lost? Impossible.
[&AzoUAAA=] - I need help.
[&AzoVAAA=] - Looking for a fight?
[&AzoWAAA=] - Life is an illusion.
[&AzoXAAA=] - For Ascalon!
[&AzoYAAA=] - I can't leave my post.
[&AzoZAAA=] - Balthazar, grant me victory.
[&AzoaAAA=] - Protect the research!
[&AzobAAA=] - Fire will cleanse you.
[&AzocAAA=] - You fool! You'll die!
[&AzodAAA=] - The weak always run.
[&AzoeAAA=] - Knowledge is power!
[&AzofAAA=] - Murderer!
[&AzogAAA=] - I am aware of you!
[&AzohAAA=] - Adelbern, give me strength!
[&AzoiAAA=] - Ha! Success!
[&AzojAAA=] - Huh?
[&AzokAAA=] - Oh...need another drink. Forgot my name for a minute.
[&AzolAAA=] - Guns and iron!
[&AzomAAA=] - Pet down!
[&AzonAAA=] - Truth and knowledge are two different things.
[&AzooAAA=] - Never leave a wrong to ripen into evil.
[&AzopAAA=] - We live in dangerous times.
[&AzoqAAA=] - Something you need?
[&AzorAAA=] - Give me report.
[&AzosAAA=] - Seize the moment.
[&AzotAAA=] - Hello.
[&AzouAAA=] - I'm here to learn.
[&AzovAAA=] - Be safe.
[&AzowAAA=] - Blimey.
[&AzoxAAA=] - I hope you're here to help.
[&AzoyAAA=] - Fight what cannot be fought.
[&AzozAAA=] - Greetings, two legs.
[&Azo0AAA=] - Welcome.
[&Azo1AAA=] - My duties are more technical than physical.
[&Azo2AAA=] - Welcome.
[&Azo3AAA=] - Are you well?
[&Azo4AAA=] - It's a soldier's life for me.
[&Azo5AAA=] - May the Six watch over you.
[&Azo6AAA=] - Ah, I can use that.
[&Azo7AAA=] - Give me a bottle, give me a keg, give me a cup. Tell me a drink, give me a tale, taste me a give, say hey-hey for the day!
[&Azo8AAA=] - Ah, such might.
[&Azo9AAA=] - My sailors will put you to shame.
[&Azo+AAA=] - I cannot equip that.
[&Azo/AAA=] - Completion leads to satisfaction.
[&AzpAAAA=] - This is getting tiresome.
[&AzpBAAA=] - Wonderful!
[&AzpCAAA=] - Stand your ground!
[&AzpDAAA=] - 117AA93478974263F8243365DFB89EAEB5A19A10273479BDAC82170AB3A081776975EF372E39ED4ED884BD7827D9D1CFC76B5148E1004AB1D24564A01B94FF67B5BC0C42F8F2B8DB999A3E184042E1656A77CC8949430F1533A0D4192883CD508C0E928D1E268F8308551697FF3E2157FABFC86651C2E12FF93B09ADCF9A820E5C35801BB81DD233
[&AzpEAAA=] - Iris Blush
[&AzpFAAA=] - Sienna
[&AzpGAAA=] - Water Totem
[&AzpHAAA=] - Throw Torch
[&AzpIAAA=] - That should do it. Let's go!
[&AzpJAAA=] - AD673A4112F93FD1995958384FA596E169A60ED5DA
[&AzpKAAA=] - It's the undead. Stand and defend this camp. They can't keep coming forever!
[&AzpLAAA=] - 0C974BA3DB3CEF21656038FC7262D65F23EDEB2A2A90
[&AzpMAAA=] - Extra Physical Training
[&AzpNAAA=] - The hunt begins.
[&AzpOAAA=] - F5D1FA1D05607A4A48ACA4B3FB3F
[&AzpPAAA=] - Precise Embroidered Coat
[&AzpQAAA=] - 8461D8DC831856
[&AzpRAAA=] - Invoker's Boots
[&AzpSAAA=] - Devout Shoes
[&AzpTAAA=] - 7DBF829A2E4BCB66B3967EACA32061CF9D23FB6070BA40B5A8D76B3EF413134AA9117FCE099BAFE10BADF75C91D2E4E10C03C53E385638E80A15F7FBFE4987E8F9751D3CEE1C8C1C52C0C67E18F123CF374C863534A60F54B227C61880C89A64
[&AzpUAAA=] - 13E5E83ECC1C60AE061BE3A3A6D96FF67492
[&AzpVAAA=] - Sunken Treasure Chest
[&AzpWAAA=] - Tomato[pl:"Tomatoes"]
[&AzpXAAA=] - Bowl[s] of Sauteed Zucchini with Nutmeg
[&AzpYAAA=] - D42CBCFF8B6FDE3CEE8FF48ACED2FCFB407D2F3A07702EEC043B0D030F1B2CD96D88C19B7FD7FDA4008EA5640DFDB5F208D755CC5FD2030E8B52E8C1F3ED6DCF9C5D1261BF1D83D2D3FA539286
[&AzpZAAA=] - 5E1399FD4ED68E1F83F29649
[&AzpaAAA=] - 06ECB936E50B3E64192C4F7C5B96FDFBCD84327D81651F6F
[&AzpbAAA=] - Involuntary rush; unable to act; stacks duration.
[&AzpcAAA=] - Elder Short-Bow Stave[s]
[&AzpdAAA=] - A8168B0D475D83E9D21BC2C8A162B6E3D7
[&AzpeAAA=] - Six
[&AzpfAAA=] - C286417F279A5E584C49996909DB7B139FA71646029E227A45A76668
[&AzpgAAA=] - Yes.
[&AzphAAA=] - +140 Power
[&AzpiAAA=] - 28142B4BBC2B1B46BCC0
[&AzpjAAA=] - 7859396FFAC8EC02058F639CACB1025A3A361D5F
[&AzpkAAA=] - Double-click to salvage crafting materials from an item in your inventory. Has a small chance of recovering upgrades from items.
[&AzplAAA=] - 916EEC1743EDFE3386277120B86702FA86C0EC313D25
[&AzpmAAA=] - Level 1 stun
[&AzpnAAA=] - Movement & Camera
[&AzpoAAA=] - +5 Toughness
[&AzppAAA=] - F57380D8A342349028775F636A0C
[&AzpqAAA=] - 58775B2CAA1567777CF9B045ABA695E9BF
[&AzprAAA=] - 30DE55F04EE6DB842489A5CCF43EA9EA08D079B6F7F3A6129355AF5790BFFC131BC75249E73C645F35AE3F0BDCDFEFD1FA79B6C5C1E3C5A6A79AFEF63F7D5EB50DD7CB34BBCA402CA8C52CB3164E0FBF6FEE85A59AD827400A0FD7BDE3EB098BBB7289C189E4C49D0983ED6592BEAE2A40084658D081CB77CBBCC3116573DFE7E701527314DE7F1FFA32A46A8C5E70D3CB7053E55C76FF5D7EED0EDC84A276A72B1890C6D7
[&AzpsAAA=] - 8F8AA87D07037C8797FF00A807B20C3DF96322F010159E0AEC74A697F0E73296DACDE3F331A98B53F5C6802C3F6A89FEB7F5F81EDFF1E82E9E6DA4BC862676AE335922B80865CF3EF714B20D6A
[&AzptAAA=] - discover lost magics.
[&AzpuAAA=] - Bear, my spirit guide, teaches that there's a time to be forceful and a time to be gentle.
[&AzpvAAA=] - 5E074E483444E88136BA0B8DE6CD74AB463E1A312F8F9AA5B843942ED5055712B4A7478EED1E52F78ADF
[&AzpwAAA=] - Is that...a head? I'm not used to looking for powerful magical artifacts that can look back.
[&AzpxAAA=] - PR Wetland Grotto
[&AzpyAAA=] - Follow the Trail
[&AzpzAAA=] - Greetings, explorer. We've arrived! Shall we get the operation underway?
[&Azp0AAA=] - Kolkorensburg
[&Azp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
[&Azp2AAA=] - Summon Ghostly Minions
[&Azp3AAA=] - Jute Sandal Sole[s]
[&Azp4AAA=] - Krytan Freeholds
[&Azp5AAA=] - Pact Beacon
[&Azp6AAA=] - Amazing!
[&Azp7AAA=] - Drylander, please. Free me from this cage. Have mercy?
[&Azp8AAA=] - Conduit Tower Scoln
[&Azp9AAA=] - 78A429EBD0ABAD3BB721AF3141EF0A905DE294BEE7F5C43333859B9DEF79C199634511A52543
[&Azp+AAA=] - The Last Whiskey Bar Waypoint
[&Azp/AAA=] - Conquest Marina
[&AzsBAAA=] - 
[&AzsCAAA=] - Forget it! They're too tough for us!
[&AzsDAAA=] - I'll kill you, flay you, and make boots from your skin!
[&AzsEAAA=] - Less talk. More action!
[&AzsFAAA=] - Alof
[&AzsGAAA=] - The Blue Mine Outpost Caravan has been lost!
[&AzsHAAA=] - Some Must Fight, That All May be Free.
[&AzsIAAA=] - Ready for more.
[&AzsJAAA=] - For Ascalon!
[&AzsKAAA=] - Down you go!
[&AzsLAAA=] - This is what it's come to.
[&AzsMAAA=] - Don't make me smash you!
[&AzsNAAA=] - Have you no shame?
[&AzsOAAA=] - More will come!
[&AzsPAAA=] - Cowards!
[&AzsQAAA=] - I dreamt about your death.
[&AzsRAAA=] - Yah!
[&AzsSAAA=] - The time has come for action.
[&AzsTAAA=] - You lose.
[&AzsUAAA=] - Down you go!
[&AzsVAAA=] - Let's roll.
[&AzsWAAA=] - From the illusion to the grave.
[&AzsXAAA=] - My blood honors Ascalon!
[&AzsYAAA=] - For Ascalon!
[&AzsZAAA=] - Rally to me!
[&AzsaAAA=] - Your dissolution was inevitable.
[&AzsbAAA=] - Burn my body.
[&AzscAAA=] - Triumph!
[&AzsdAAA=] - Pitiful!
[&AzseAAA=] - And now I Dream.
[&AzsfAAA=] - I have better things to do.
[&AzsgAAA=] - Sleep well.
[&AzshAAA=] - Serves you right!
[&AzsiAAA=] - I am the master.
[&AzsjAAA=] - That's what you deserve.
[&AzskAAA=] - I'd do that again.
[&AzslAAA=] - Crush, maim, kill!
[&AzsmAAA=] - I'll revive you.
[&AzsnAAA=] - Excelsior.
[&AzsoAAA=] - Koda's blessings upon you.
[&AzspAAA=] - You'll be safe on my watch.
[&AzsqAAA=] - I miss active duty.
[&AzsrAAA=] - For Ash Legion.
[&AzssAAA=] - Act with wisdom.
[&AzstAAA=] - Stay out of trouble.
[&AzsuAAA=] - I hope you're here to help.
[&AzsvAAA=] - I'm sworn to protect this place.
[&AzswAAA=] - Thinking evil thoughts?
[&AzsxAAA=] - May the Six watch over you.
[&AzsyAAA=] - Hello.
[&AzszAAA=] - Here comes trouble.
[&Azs0AAA=] - How can I help you?
[&Azs1AAA=] - These golems almost never malfunction.
[&Azs2AAA=] - This is a bad time to be traveling.
[&Azs3AAA=] - Greetings.
[&Azs4AAA=] - May Balthazar strengthen you.
[&Azs5AAA=] - We're here to serve.
[&Azs6AAA=] - It's give and take: the world gives; I take.
[&Azs7AAA=] - Feelin' fine, feelin' so fine I'm about to lose my mind.
[&Azs8AAA=] - The Omphalos Chamber
[&Azs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
[&Azs+AAA=] - I cannot equip this yet.
[&Azs/AAA=] - More accolades!
[&AztAAAA=] - Maybe I should stay down.
[&AztBAAA=] - Woo! Good one!
[&AztCAAA=] - Rally!
[&AztDAAA=] - B4B61BDFBFEEE163201524ACC62A0AA50613E0FA7B0F9F6444730F6EBD80277E813DD148F75173C98DDF9D49E4F3E819307F00EB2A7C587DFA2C452BA73FFBAA9F537BC8AC37D002F663A02472
[&AztEAAA=] - Iron
[&AztFAAA=] - Sour
[&AztGAAA=] - Imprisonment Crystal
[&AztHAAA=] - C0D090574581C0CC2B1F2D866D8629E2339A0F
[&AztIAAA=] - Clear the antechamber.
[&AztJAAA=] - 4FD348CE574EF2A4A8DF0EB44255EAC5FFCA4F8CBF23636C68F8
[&AztKAAA=] - 3CC7AE1B0455F70621E219C8135B2C7E325D57F6F56EB49D3C3462
[&AztLAAA=] - B4B25E32C5C4E39F440EFFFC9877A5F0006E20A68DEE608E
[&AztMAAA=] - You're not just fighting against Kryta, you're destroying your own people. Can't you understand that?
[&AztNAAA=] - 70E1BCE90249DE32567F15778AB54DF6749A8652F5FAE6C9312C62
[&AztOAAA=] - 3339F1571FC6A88D259D208EE1
[&AztPAAA=] - Resilient Embroidered Coat
[&AztQAAA=] - Create a fiery shield. WARNING.This staff is malfunctioning. There is a high probability the spell will backfire.
[&AztRAAA=] - Invoker's Coat
[&AztSAAA=] - Devout Garb
[&AztTAAA=] - 5002D624383128909CB4503A64AE24
[&AztUAAA=] - Norn Supplies
[&AztVAAA=] - Dredge Sonic Rifle
[&AztWAAA=] - The next 30,000 experience is increased by +50%%.
[&AztXAAA=] - 9B12064B8877AF4372CDF5A8BF2DAF280BC29DE67D3877687D06DAC4FE
[&AztYAAA=] - 2248DBF6468FB002C36FFB00C06D9C9DDE1628605845E09A498C2008266396077573E1EB3084D8ABD80D2988399193565D82115336CA3BF7B4EA12C0D03686C8C8918A9EF28374CEE115FAC10ED95CA43152335A5F64EC51C7DD0436FEACC2
[&AztZAAA=] - DD3803DCD1B29EDCD2
[&AztaAAA=] - C9947F6939DF54EBC9AD335B
[&AztbAAA=] - Thin Leather Section[s]
[&AztcAAA=] - Green Short-Bow Stave[s]
[&AztdAAA=] - Kill Krait Quickly
[&AzteAAA=] - You've taken the graveyard!
[&AztfAAA=] - F0CCA88E2C32D46CE364F0C94EF8793F4875D80F4D8F11384CC1
[&AztgAAA=] - I'll shadow you.
[&AzthAAA=] - +80 Power
[&AztiAAA=] - %num1% point[s] scored in PvP.
[&AztjAAA=] - 8A209207BEAFCD703C50
[&AztkAAA=] - Crude Salvage Kit[s]
[&AztlAAA=] - Durmand Priory Supply Container[s]
[&AztmAAA=] - CE5E1CCE1CF6FC0D33CFC7
[&AztnAAA=] - 58B95EF06DF6DA0C29AACC34A5DBC2EC20A3A1417F7EFE55
[&AztoAAA=] - +7 Toughness
[&AztpAAA=] - A2AF92A6C5CB18F88F133595767A18
[&AztqAAA=] - Vigorous Iron Pistol
[&AztrAAA=] - 261CBD9DE6E9C3D07413D0B71BFBCA5AE6D625797DF07477
[&AztsAAA=] - +30 Condition Damage
[&AzttAAA=] - Reclaim Knowledge
[&AztuAAA=] - Snow Leopard
[&AztvAAA=] - This armor will not display an emblem if you are not representing this guild.<br>Double-click to imbue another Heavy Armor's stats into this appearance. (One time ability)
[&AztwAAA=] - I can't believe this! Trolls! Just thinking about it makes me angry!
[&AztxAAA=] - PR Wetland Grove
[&AztyAAA=] - The Sons of Svanir are norn who worship a spirit they call "Dragon." They pride themselves on being the toughest, smartest predators in the world.
[&AztzAAA=] - The orders of Tyria.the Vigil, the Durmand Priory, and the Order of Whispers.are looking for dangerous magical amulets like the one your old warband mate, Howl the Brazen, wore when he was alive. The orders await you at Howl's grave to examine his amulet and determine what they're up against.
[&Azt0AAA=] - Graupel Kohn
[&Azt1AAA=] - 7B24A233BE94AEBAAD17A26C651E4C8370E88FBE4FB24FDF
[&Azt2AAA=] - Melee Attack
[&Azt3AAA=] - Used to craft Jute Helms.
[&Azt4AAA=] - Lake Delavan
[&Azt5AAA=] - 0A2F4762BE3830078805B9FF80305724DE0580F278EDC2BC1EFDB7A227AD71DBF7EBCEFD8CE084B48408F35C5E05564473C6060161861B0E63B6CE5BC7D3
[&Azt6AAA=] - Bystander
[&Azt7AAA=] - Asura Gate<br>" Fast travel to far away locations
[&Azt8AAA=] - Soren Draa Waypoint
[&Azt9AAA=] - Ritual Isle
[&Azt+AAA=] - Steeleye Waypoint
[&Azt/AAA=] - Brassclaw Landing
[&AzwBAAA=] - 
[&AzwCAAA=] - It's some of Pete's thugs. Get 'em!
[&AzwDAAA=] - With Solvi's power at my command, I can open as many portals as I need!
[&AzwEAAA=] - Hazupl Amini
[&AzwFAAA=] - Arctic Bee
[&AzwGAAA=] - The Green Mine has been lost!
[&AzwHAAA=] - You came to the aid of another race under threat by the dragons.
[&AzwIAAA=] - And that's that.
[&AzwJAAA=] - What was that?
[&AzwKAAA=] - Ha! You flee so well.
[&AzwLAAA=] - I need help!
[&AzwMAAA=] - Avenge me!
[&AzwNAAA=] - No!
[&AzwOAAA=] - Come and fight me.
[&AzwPAAA=] - I will be avenged!
[&AzwQAAA=] - To the next world with you!
[&AzwRAAA=] - What was that?
[&AzwSAAA=] - Knowledge is power!
[&AzwTAAA=] - Get this one!
[&AzwUAAA=] - You flee so well.
[&AzwVAAA=] - This is the end?
[&AzwWAAA=] - I see through your bravado!
[&AzwXAAA=] - Get off our land!
[&AzwYAAA=] - So it begins.
[&AzwZAAA=] - Is this all you've got?
[&AzwaAAA=] - Fall before me!
[&AzwbAAA=] - Brothers, help me!
[&AzwcAAA=] - Fools! Imbeciles!
[&AzwdAAA=] - I see you.
[&AzweAAA=] - You must be stopped!
[&AzwfAAA=] - For Ascalon!
[&AzwgAAA=] - Are we going to have a problem?
[&AzwhAAA=] - Remember the Searing!
[&AzwiAAA=] - Finished!
[&AzwjAAA=] - Why ya gotta be like that?
[&AzwkAAA=] - That was something new.
[&AzwlAAA=] - To victory!
[&AzwmAAA=] - My pet needs help!
[&AzwnAAA=] - What's on your mind?
[&AzwoAAA=] - Life is a trial, Koda the judge and kodan the jury.
[&AzwpAAA=] - At your service.
[&AzwqAAA=] - Let me guess. More work.
[&AzwrAAA=] - Speak.
[&AzwsAAA=] - May the Six watch over you.
[&AzwtAAA=] - Watch your back.
[&AzwuAAA=] - Maybe you could show me some moves.
[&AzwvAAA=] - Stay alert.
[&AzwwAAA=] - Yar.
[&AzwxAAA=] - I didn't see you there.
[&AzwyAAA=] - May the Six watch over you.
[&AzwzAAA=] - Trouble, two legs?
[&Azw0AAA=] - It's tough to prosper nowadays, but we try.
[&Azw1AAA=] - Good tidings, citizen.
[&Azw2AAA=] - The Spirits of the Wild welcome you.
[&Azw3AAA=] - You seem friendly.
[&Azw4AAA=] - These are dangerous times.
[&Azw5AAA=] - Are you in need of assistance?
[&Azw6AAA=] - Yes! Found some.
[&Azw7AAA=] - I can't even remember if I remember the day I forgot my name, but it's an epic tale.
[&Azw8AAA=] - I call on Wolf!
[&Azw9AAA=] - Spin toward your foe, swinging your greatsword in circles.
[&Azw+AAA=] - I cannot use that.
[&Azw/AAA=] - Ah, recognition.
[&AzxAAAA=] - What? Impossible!
[&AzxBAAA=] - May I see you over here?
[&AzxCAAA=] - Save yourselves!
[&AzxDAAA=] - D7AD45718FC0F2C7DF4A97059AE48A7D533952BF3A48F795F5FFB3CD44C24AE7BB1500E8667D9D642511EF09A6270740BD9A1B6793EA19739A0B02940720EA432E7838038238A10CA05E3D1777F237152598A75BC5
[&AzxEAAA=] - Ivory
[&AzxFAAA=] - Sour Apple
[&AzxGAAA=] - Crystal Prison
[&AzxHAAA=] - Damage Moving
[&AzxIAAA=] - C4B13D493C4CA6C6FA23EB9CFF615D6E5CE614F2
[&AzxJAAA=] - 09E101912753731DF62D
[&AzxKAAA=] - A87152D9829DCF487267B60106B80CC9E13943EAFF0E29B49033
[&AzxLAAA=] - Worm Rancher's Gloves
[&AzxMAAA=] - DCE0CDFC520C77CDBA7F11ACD64C01C6352D6AA60DCA262B1A79
[&AzxNAAA=] - C357B0266DD6DFDEFFC32D3E1F3CBF8687DE675955
[&AzxOAAA=] - C31E7BF54C9393AB8D
[&AzxPAAA=] - 77FCDBD024E25A505D2F3CE61295BD5AEA9ECD5B1B
[&AzxQAAA=] - Fiery Shield
[&AzxRAAA=] - Invoker's Gloves
[&AzxSAAA=] - Devout Gloves
[&AzxTAAA=] - Break through the final defenses.
[&AzxUAAA=] - 118449698004ACBB5213CE
[&AzxVAAA=] - 13BFAA5B21FE7346851F9741DB0426B602
[&AzxWAAA=] - Boon of Experience (Tier 8)
[&AzxXAAA=] - Bowl[s] of Tomato Soup
[&AzxYAAA=] - 653E5ED34ED5AA4F48E2017D59319AABF237D7DCDC3B5FD22D2BA6994B3E7F57C06664294849E74AC2DC7F90ED95B92B4A5122
[&AzxZAAA=] - DFC1635C82EC728320977B
[&AzxaAAA=] - 6B9445B129E1EB7B6B54B1D498B5BC4AD4A55BA560FCDBA5
[&AzxbAAA=] - Thick Leather Section[s]
[&AzxcAAA=] - Hard Short-Bow Stave[s]
[&AzxdAAA=] - CEB63F63EF067EAA4146C1B53C5F3B
[&AzxeAAA=] - Blood Idol
[&AzxfAAA=] - 30D61096EA54A7C1871CCA78
[&AzxgAAA=] - I need support!
[&AzxhAAA=] - +15 Precision
[&AzxiAAA=] - 043B5DF8E5CC2B91F7F9D64CA732331C2AEBC5404B5D79A305
[&AzxjAAA=] - 396EF18F1F32FED304C3AFB3E90B73
[&AzxkAAA=] - 60E6D12C5C008BDD3859A749D96F0D2B3347BB2A96062898861B861CE3797967F03EC04360305E723D9C7134F96BD05405E71B5F47A8F7CBDAA40F95E552A9E654A224F98C4C854D4B259673C1EE98B15DB01A2BBF28AC6FACF5ED1DCB964CDA8E839E0591735C4612AF32709591BDCCEEA218503D4B16816C741997C6
[&AzxlAAA=] - FF2AC4A3250CBDDDC46F7FF53344A003F4A20DBC91E2CE86695A
[&AzxmAAA=] - 7569B053D553789F5AF75368DDC9A7E36C2B72FCCDC8B0B5
[&AzxnAAA=] - 06378827D5855CF1CF6BD597
[&AzxoAAA=] - +1%% Magic Find
[&AzxpAAA=] - AE56147F74ECBA79BDC3C1711668
[&AzxqAAA=] - Golden Shield
[&AzxrAAA=] - 08FF72C80646B12CAFF294D0C091896F573F25F50DE5FE098A91E35EC1555738B4A8
[&AzxsAAA=] - Target: %str1%
[&AzxtAAA=] - The power of the Bloodstones once restricted the use of magic, but that control has weakened with the passing of time.
[&AzxuAAA=] - Snow Leopard is a stealthy, smiling spirit. She teaches us independence, strategy, and laughter in the face of danger. To this day, her wisdom guides me, and my memory of her visit comforts me on dark nights.
[&AzxvAAA=] - I've received reports from the locals that you have been an invaluable help. It's a constant struggle to keep the corruption at bay. Only with the help of people willing to act are we able to stand. 

I commend your efforts.

.Lionguard Auda
[&AzxwAAA=] - Brina the Tanner
[&AzxxAAA=] - Audio Test Map 1
[&Azxy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
[&AzxzAAA=] - Graveyard Ornaments
[&Azx0AAA=] - Toran Hollow
[&Azx1AAA=] - 60 precision
[&Azx2AAA=] - Nightmare Shoes
[&Azx3AAA=] - 60 power
[&Azx4AAA=] - Veil of Deflection
[&Azx5AAA=] - Jute Headpiece Strap[s]
[&Azx6AAA=] - 60 precision
[&Azx7AAA=] - 60 power
[&Azx8AAA=] - Orlaf Escarpments
[&Azx9AAA=] - 60 condition damage
[&Azx/AAA=] - Snaff would be proud of such innovative designs!
[&AzyAAAA=] - Asura Gate<br>" Fast travel to Shaemoor<br>" Fast travel to Claypool
[&AzyBAAA=] - Jeztar Falls Waypoint
[&AzyCAAA=] - Poison
[&AzyDAAA=] - Tumok's Waypoint
[&AzyEAAA=] - Snipe Hill
[&Az0BAAA=] - 
[&Az0CAAA=] - What are you waiting for, Widowmakers? Get out here and help us!
[&Az0DAAA=] - I've had enough of these fools. Kill them!
[&Az0EAAA=] - U.R.S.S.P.
[&Az0FAAA=] - Grawl Trapper
[&Az0GAAA=] - The Blue Mine has been lost!
[&Az0HAAA=] - A Friend In Deed
[&Az0IAAA=] - Just one more confirmation of how great I am.
[&Az0JAAA=] - So it begins.
[&Az0KAAA=] - Your victory will be short-lived.
[&Az0LAAA=] - Stay back.
[&Az0MAAA=] - You asked for it!
[&Az0NAAA=] - Thank the gods.
[&Az0OAAA=] - Weakness makes me sick!
[&Az0PAAA=] - Defend me!
[&Az0QAAA=] - With my last breath, I....
[&Az0RAAA=] - You're dead!
[&Az0SAAA=] - Another footnote in history.
[&Az0TAAA=] - Let's do this!
[&Az0UAAA=] - Raaaaahhhh!
[&Az0VAAA=] - This is the last thing you'll see.
[&Az0WAAA=] - That's right! Run!
[&Az0XAAA=] - Need assistance over here!
[&Az0YAAA=] - Next!
[&Az0ZAAA=] - That's right! Run!
[&Az0aAAA=] - Warband, avenge me!
[&Az0bAAA=] - You don't belong here!
[&Az0cAAA=] - Destroy them, my minions!
[&Az0dAAA=] - My spirit endures.
[&Az0eAAA=] - Go then, and never return.
[&Az0fAAA=] - Die!
[&Az0gAAA=] - Over here! Help!
[&Az0hAAA=] - We got company!
[&Az0iAAA=] - Done and done!
[&Az0jAAA=] - You're lucky I got business to do!
[&Az0kAAA=] - What was that?
[&Az0lAAA=] - To victory!
[&Az0mAAA=] - Back to the fight!
[&Az0nAAA=] - For Iron Legion.
[&Az0oAAA=] - Do you need my help?
[&Az0pAAA=] - Seize the moment.
[&Az0qAAA=] - Work, work, work.
[&Az0rAAA=] - Things sure change.
[&Az0sAAA=] - Hello.
[&Az0tAAA=] - Seize the moment.
[&Az0uAAA=] - We must all fight.
[&Az0vAAA=] - We fight against nightmares here.
[&Az0wAAA=] - Hello, stranger.
[&Az0xAAA=] - It's tough to prosper nowadays, but we try.
[&Az0yAAA=] - What can I do for you?
[&Az0zAAA=] - What do you want, two legs?
[&Az00AAA=] - How do you do?
[&Az01AAA=] - Know what cannot be known.
[&Az02AAA=] - You are a welcome guest.
[&Az03AAA=] - Did you need something?
[&Az04AAA=] - You talking to me?
[&Az05AAA=] - At your service.
[&Az06AAA=] - Made by me, so you know it's good.
[&Az07AAA=] - I love life! I love life! I'm so pumped about everything, I feel like I'll explode!
[&Az08AAA=] - B59C0273E3B3556C0E4292E5CC5EBC5F649661B882DC38DC9367F89486
[&Az09AAA=] - Ear Tip Shape
[&Az0+AAA=] - 8A3CBA0736A44A34B9A1FA87DBF313D7B36F13B3E845FA8A46C3D74C7013329098879D6F8BEF99D10A735749CBB274E8F768B89AE4
[&Az0/AAA=] - I knew I'd achieve this.
[&Az1AAAA=] - I do not accept defeat!
[&Az1BAAA=] - A moment of your time?
[&Az1CAAA=] - Retreat!
[&Az1DAAA=] - 9588C6B7F16F81BAEC204439A088C28195B53E02264F4659403ABC41AB11BBD89BC25C68B645FA6D2AE5641F7054D5101611279CA17C9B0D55B260110EB5F740F145F37D1F5EA482F27336722B8A60FF38A5A42E713D39
[&Az1EAAA=] - Jalapeno
[&Az1FAAA=] - Sprig
[&Az1GAAA=] - 7C4AA64E112E068DC70F14B2A446A931FD35
[&Az1HAAA=] - C7C544916B349C2AB1C701278E8CFDC90061ECD7A431
[&Az1IAAA=] - DE7A35ECDABCFA0847CB2C595201D73BDAED957D795397
[&Az1JAAA=] - Risen! Defend yourselves.
[&Az1KAAA=] - Yes! Now that's the power of the Pact. This day is ours!
[&Az1LAAA=] - 6ED48C28A3ED8ABD905DC09600934358804CF2C2
[&Az1MAAA=] - 2F3F58E0500539F00D26CAE99C68DBD6985F2AC0
[&Az1NAAA=] - CA90B15797D5164349FCD468278C88B13B574C1D7A07A12FF664F501B983EE
[&Az1OAAA=] - 02DCC39B5C6688B8B02D4253AFA4
[&Az1PAAA=] - <c=@flavor>"Enemies of the state flee before the sight of anyone wearing this."<br>.Goran</c>
[&Az1QAAA=] - 5EE0D463E2F3A71894A0895CA755E31500B53B2660DD
[&Az1RAAA=] - Invoker's Helm
[&Az1SAAA=] - Devout Helm
[&Az1TAAA=] - FAEDEC943D9A031D489B1659DB65
[&Az1UAAA=] - 5344D69159F6A886E5CC3D8CC5003546
[&Az1VAAA=] - Broken Sprinkler Piece
[&Az1WAAA=] - Onion[s]
[&Az1XAAA=] - Bowl[s] of Clam Chowder
[&Az1YAAA=] - 184BCEC1C6899378A5ECE76FE3CC084E905258C9C4A1D0
[&Az1ZAAA=] - MONSTER ONLY Krait Dagger
[&Az1aAAA=] - E17FF66888F8B95640C8DDDA
[&Az1bAAA=] - Coarse Leather Section[s]
[&Az1cAAA=] - Ancient Short-Bow Stave[s]
[&Az1dAAA=] - Kill Krait
[&Az1eAAA=] - 5004177F7B62E0604C5C4CF521D3BF
[&Az1fAAA=] - 39744D23F72BABEA6C
[&Az1gAAA=] - I am not effective here.
[&Az1hAAA=] - +25 Precision
[&Az1iAAA=] - D88FF1890CF8BB0821F20744E4A53CC35D0334CD84E2D763016A03CE02671B1BAE983F6FA4829737D7D7C8FA
[&Az1jAAA=] - 128D1F75B14052786684BB9E45FF
[&Az1kAAA=] - 856015411BEE9B939E53863112C2773D80DF59612D
[&Az1lAAA=] - Griffon Feather[s]
[&Az1mAAA=] - 1A735F4F424E8E76CEF9ECB98BA7136D5CA3148B8D
[&Az1nAAA=] - Seemingly immune to damage.
[&Az1oAAA=] - +2%% Magic Find
[&Az1pAAA=] - D027028B5C51D860FDF0A9D220174C10
[&Az1qAAA=] - FF2FBA17E5CE33D58828A33188C16034F71B
[&Az1rAAA=] - 34876A3B2D40BBE3BDFA437AF96657EA08026D4D223B33169E48D281A5098A08BD4BB77769C7377FC2324D127068096058DEF5F8682206E52E5A7BA87380C98E161BA6B1C8F833899B4764BE785BCCF750372A5F3E61E47DB0ED68D0F71588A2CE20352679F9F7A81F3E12CC9135B8116BD575FBDC16115A7EC3FD02C9447D9A0C627D32828572A0B24091C868C865B874
[&Az1sAAA=] - +30 Healing
[&Az1tAAA=] - wield political power.
[&Az1uAAA=] - Snow Leopard, my spirit guide, teaches that there's a time to be serious and a time to laugh.
[&Az1vAAA=] - In the world of Tyria, the moa is the king of the race track.
[&Az1wAAA=] - E180E76DED7182B2FB476C2D29
[&Az1xAAA=] - PR Valley Estate
[&Az1yAAA=] - During the era of human occupation, Lamia Mire was called Regent Valley. Recently, the valley flooded, and the land has become swampy and treacherous. Watch your step.
[&Az1zAAA=] - Gahn Towerbreaker has located one of the necromaner's amulets near Snowdrift Haven. Along with other members of the Vigil, Ghan intends to defend the haven's residents, and secure the amulet drawing the undead to them.
[&Az10AAA=] - Frostland Melt
[&Az11AAA=] - Nightmare Vest
[&Az12AAA=] - Glyph of Renewal
[&Az13AAA=] - Jute Headpiece Padding[s]
[&Az14AAA=] - Pinion Trail
[&Az15AAA=] - 98D1B64B784AA372FBF15A494703A15CE0F7C044BC37F387C8198B10F54EF5529CFA34B4E089385C3D3BC54DE1D023EE3D0801372B3B065497F63F47C8E241AADD6D55A2908E0E55FE499D
[&Az16AAA=] - Remarkable!
[&Az17AAA=] - Asura Gate<br>" Fast travel to Shaemoor<br>" Fast travel to Beetletun
[&Az18AAA=] - Akk Wilds Waypoint
[&Az19AAA=] - 6F5D7A6A8ACB381C9FDD80B654968ED94B1C509A3F2BD96F0C7C4D4D7A244F0F34B5
[&Az1+AAA=] - Twin Sisters Waypoint
[&Az1/AAA=] - Altar of Betrayal
[&Az4BAAA=] - 
[&Az4CAAA=] - Doc Howler
[&Az4DAAA=] - Your coming here saves me the trouble of tracking you down. In Jormag's name, die!
[&Az4EAAA=] - Target.profile.established: Hylek.male. Preparing.murder.related.counter.procedures.
[&Az4FAAA=] - Krait Damoss
[&Az4GAAA=] - The Green Mine Center Caravan is being attacked!
[&Az4HAAA=] - You liberated Claw Island from the undead and swore to strike back at the heart of Orr.
[&Az4IAAA=] - Another personal victory.
[&Az4JAAA=] - With my last breath, I....
[&Az4KAAA=] - Die!
[&Az4LAAA=] - What have you done?
[&Az4MAAA=] - There.
[&Az4NAAA=] - Forgive me!
[&Az4OAAA=] - Ha! You are easily broken!
[&Az4PAAA=] - In death...I find my reward.
[&Az4QAAA=] - Next!
[&Az4RAAA=] - Help!
[&Az4SAAA=] - Collaboration requested!
[&Az4TAAA=] - This is how you end!
[&Az4UAAA=] - Die!
[&Az4VAAA=] - You can only run so far.
[&Az4WAAA=] - Come to brighten my day?
[&Az4XAAA=] - That'll teach you.
[&Az4YAAA=] - The enemy is too strong! Help!
[&Az4ZAAA=] - Come to brighten my day?
[&Az4aAAA=] - Form up ranks!
[&Az4bAAA=] - Ha! Return to your foul friends.
[&Az4cAAA=] - Found you!
[&Az4dAAA=] - Spirits give me strength!
[&Az4eAAA=] - Tell Grenth I said hello.
[&Az4fAAA=] - Help me!
[&Az4gAAA=] - You've forced me into this.
[&Az4hAAA=] - My blood honors Ascalon!
[&Az4iAAA=] - On to the next challenge.
[&Az4jAAA=] - I should've listened to.
[&Az4kAAA=] - Feel the pain.
[&Az4lAAA=] - Ever tried shaving with fire?
[&Az4mAAA=] - Hehe. Were you just playing dead?
[&Az4nAAA=] - What?
[&Az4oAAA=] - The answers lie hidden around you.
[&Az4pAAA=] - Be careful.
[&Az4qAAA=] - Make it quick.
[&Az4rAAA=] - What do you need?
[&Az4sAAA=] - Yes?
[&Az4tAAA=] - I'm here to help.
[&Az4uAAA=] - May the Six watch over you.
[&Az4vAAA=] - You need something?
[&Az4wAAA=] - Yes?
[&Az4xAAA=] - How do you do?
[&Az4yAAA=] - Hello, stranger.
[&Az4zAAA=] - Speak quickly.
[&Az40AAA=] - Did you need something?
[&Az41AAA=] - May Grenth shield you.
[&Az42AAA=] - Good hunting!
[&Az43AAA=] - I like it here.
[&Az44AAA=] - Yeah?
[&Az45AAA=] - Excelsior.
[&Az46AAA=] - Turned out just the way I wanted.
[&Az47AAA=] - The first time is a worthy time.
[&Az48AAA=] - 2564D728FF7D93FF460EA0EACE700EB6210AE6C0421DFE6A3A5215845A
[&Az49AAA=] - Double-click to gain a Smoke Bomb.
<c=@flavor>"Make everyone cough like a pro."</c>
[&Az4+AAA=] - Bags at maximum capacity.
[&Az4/AAA=] - You, there. Listen.
[&Az5AAAA=] - I've failed.
[&Az5BAAA=] - Incoming!
[&Az5CAAA=] - Give it your all!
[&Az5DAAA=] - A77A69B904030D3E5DF67ED5A5488766AF24DB10F4C517AB8957A67916622F78454124AE1317AC9E2AC0D784918E93B3AD26A1BC92A62CF5CB7A8D96
[&Az5EAAA=] - Kelly
[&Az5FAAA=] - Spring Breeze
[&Az5GAAA=] - We don't get much help up at Rosko's Campsite, but we greatly appreciate it when we do. The area is a little safer thanks to your efforts with the cattle and against the harpies. Some day I hope we'll be able to return the favor for your kindness.
.Rancher Keith
[&Az5HAAA=] - 4BF70490C8E906D7E3335C320BE7867C67FB92517F
[&Az5IAAA=] - 6A6C3B7B9731B0320D7C46E622FC7E3C935953486EAF3D31752ACC37082E0963925E
[&Az5JAAA=] - DBFE3C4C65836FE3AE0C5E86EDD0E353FFA78E
[&Az5KAAA=] - Go crawl back into your holes and die again!
[&Az5LAAA=] - FD98327763C5C694A023F071DB1A4910E5CF64546B17F0EA49742D7482FDC6FAF6CADF2EBAD7FD15F2D4D43778E9A3E2B04D0451F1B75EE3739EC3861212FF
[&Az5MAAA=] - Hires merchants that sell adventuring supplies and equipment.
[&Az5NAAA=] - BB2F21AC6EA5A26BDB27CD0E6420E3C9034445A23F
[&Az5OAAA=] - Fortify your positions! Don't let them break through!
[&Az5PAAA=] - 716815EF4B4C9CCADB6E8154D068
[&Az5QAAA=] - Create a shockwave. WARNING.This staff is malfunctioning. There is a high probability the spell will backfire.
[&Az5RAAA=] - Invoker's Leggings
[&Az5SAAA=] - Devout Leggings
[&Az5TAAA=] - 5FDF45FF0F35EF23BB357BED5FF6F6500F38EA2334C438D8EE30539F23A4
[&Az5UAAA=] - E97C30923E8E5F299BF161BB1F64B51691F0
[&Az5VAAA=] - Pony Keg[s] of Bjorn's Brew
[&Az5WAAA=] - Gain tier 8 regeneration for the next 30 minutes.
[&Az5XAAA=] - 62C01246AC238EC3759A75934FDBB65DAF745E6DDE7A00B6396F2E8A3B885BBFEC092D812F28003962E1A00231E7C28B610518643EFF7D2DB225E4800FA0CD102E7E15A3F26910FE3D1F3A9AB89B6C01DEFA5AE1C4BCEB16873F
[&Az5YAAA=] - 8ED10FA505E45DA74100E2A4B068EDBD8353BCA8EDDD5D605EE25BADEABBC32422E2328C5B1CE7C47A4ED9C1442398641580CA01D102B7D78A2699B11D54C2200264115B728E861258D9F115417D3389BF3F044BFFC42399
[&Az5ZAAA=] - MONSTER ONLY Krait Focus
[&Az5aAAA=] - 1155720EF37A166C231FCFA9162DD89A00D0F8F5048F34
[&Az5bAAA=] - Rugged Leather Section[s]
[&Az5cAAA=] - Soft Short-Bow Stave[s]
[&Az5dAAA=] - Mini Bandit Bruiser
[&Az5eAAA=] - So Vigil's my escort? Fine. Just don't tell the rest of the Vanguard. I'll never hear the end of it.
[&Az5fAAA=] - B117F8BFC736BCADD86729B8E7
[&Az5gAAA=] - Defeat...
[&Az5hAAA=] - +40 Precision
[&Az5iAAA=] - F045EB64B26FD94E38DD7E2289BB73481E0E4285A4DAB405EC0417D773C4B40BE791D78CBFC66150D9D6136A111027855A7522E58C8C46C0A068C56C314D814F06F3CC9333D74545C0425EA90391BAA56DA27849F4A4F93F3125442EC34D779070CEBC6317325B59969DCF6B6EAB18451B7C4FF4ABC6B560EC7858D8AF2CD2718CDA65FB28ABF3C3BAAC11C02947BF53354095BBE71B30709305
[&Az5jAAA=] - 7D7A7B3530122733C2881E93D919
[&Az5kAAA=] - Basic Salvage Kit[s]
[&Az5lAAA=] - E65D1E73796E0F602AC73E1F25
[&Az5mAAA=] - F682EA49C28C13812E597B446BCC823C0FA8
[&Az5nAAA=] - Masterwork Armor
[&Az5oAAA=] - Raven Hearth
[&Az5pAAA=] - 5BDE867A4EE8EA35677420F2F3B957
[&Az5qAAA=] - Vigorous Iron Pistol
[&Az5r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
[&Az5sAAA=] - D41E5EE476809BB3CCBA4F22978C40749355A2CED16344BC2ACC219E3668B91FF6C7CA6F8E65A047015A923F7C7D5F4B0E03E331A5C84FA312A07727440EC164CC34C364FB03C32CF045AA39B7CD85B038AC5991FC01F0358117BE32A3852D700D34A9AB1AF0C3CDE52703E97F6639A87CFF52
[&Az5tAAA=] - Wield Political Power
[&Az5uAAA=] - Wolf
[&Az5vAAA=] - Moa Racing
[&Az5wAAA=] - Lost Minotaur Bull
[&Az5xAAA=] - Test Map - Programmer - Austin Spafford
[&Az5yAAA=] - Mired Deep
[&Az5zAAA=] - Undead Infestation
[&Az50AAA=] - Dociu Excavation
[&Az51AAA=] - Nightmare Wraps
[&Az52AAA=] - Renewal of Fire
[&Az53AAA=] - AF2897A37C4C6334B54A456B10053E286240FE609AC131BCFC42C447
[&Az54AAA=] - Scaver Plateau
[&Az55AAA=] - 30%% Magic Find
[&Az56AAA=] - 6F1E810C112DBD203F1188B6A0E02260A62A6E4A4B
[&Az57AAA=] - Asura Gate<br>" Fast travel to Claypool<br>" Fast travel to Beetletun
[&Az58AAA=] - Rana Landing Complex Waypoint
[&Az59AAA=] - Weakness
[&Az5+AAA=] - Behem Waypoint
[&Az5/AAA=] - Compass Bridge
[&Az8BAAA=] - 
[&Az8CAAA=] - Riot Alice
[&Az8DAAA=] - Son of Svanir
[&Az8EAAA=] - Hazupl Cuicani
[&Az8FAAA=] - Dredge Strazar[s]
[&Az8GAAA=] - The red intersection is being captured!
[&Az8HAAA=] - This Far, No Further
[&Az8IAAA=] - Is it just me, or am I amazing?
[&Az8JAAA=] - The enemy is too strong! Help!
[&Az8KAAA=] - Balthazar, grant me victory.
[&Az8LAAA=] - Don't let the gate hit you on the way out!
[&Az8MAAA=] - It's done.
[&Az8NAAA=] - Stay back.
[&Az8OAAA=] - Back me up!
[&Az8PAAA=] - This will be your last fight.
[&Az8QAAA=] - What was that?
[&Az8RAAA=] - I hate this.
[&Az8SAAA=] - Your cities will burn.
[&Az8TAAA=] - So, it ends.
[&Az8UAAA=] - The earth claims you.
[&Az8VAAA=] - Another one down.
[&Az8WAAA=] - Is this all you've got?
[&Az8XAAA=] - Coward.
[&Az8YAAA=] - What was that?
[&Az8ZAAA=] - That was too easy.
[&Az8aAAA=] - You will regret crossing me.
[&Az8bAAA=] - I'll have to finish this!
[&Az8cAAA=] - My minions will avenge me!
[&Az8dAAA=] - Grawl win.
[&Az8eAAA=] - Your money or your life.
[&Az8fAAA=] - Vacate these premises!
[&Az8gAAA=] - Mercy!
[&Az8hAAA=] - Need assistance over here!
[&Az8iAAA=] - An experience to remember.
[&Az8jAAA=] - Heh, I did that!
[&Az8kAAA=] - Did that hurt?
[&Az8lAAA=] - Greetings.
[&Az8mAAA=] - Welcome back, friend.
[&Az8nAAA=] - Wheels keep turning. We keep fighting.
[&Az8oAAA=] - I greet you like the sun greets the morning.
[&Az8pAAA=] - How can I help?
[&Az8qAAA=] - Report.
[&Az8rAAA=] - Speak up.
[&Az8sAAA=] - Hello, stranger.
[&Az8tAAA=] - Safe travels.
[&Az8uAAA=] - Need something tracked?
[&Az8vAAA=] - The legion calls.
[&Az8wAAA=] - May the Six watch over you.
[&Az8xAAA=] - Welcome.
[&Az8yAAA=] - Yes?
[&Az8zAAA=] - You just watch yourself.
[&Az80AAA=] - I like it here.
[&Az81AAA=] - Fight what cannot be fought.
[&Az82AAA=] - I pray to the Spirits, but they rarely answer.
[&Az83AAA=] - You search for knowledge?
[&Az84AAA=] - What?
[&Az85AAA=] - Multiracial security forces can be very effective.
[&Az86AAA=] - My talent shines through.
[&Az87AAA=] - I know I'll see another one of those.
[&Az88AAA=] - I call on Snow Leopard!
[&Az89AAA=] - Unkillable
[&Az8+AAA=] - That's my blood.
[&Az8/AAA=] - This is important.
[&Az9AAAA=] - I crushed you.
[&Az9BAAA=] - No.
[&Az9CAAA=] - Crush them!
[&Az9DAAA=] - 7FD11B9F92857694EA84C42D8C4C51D2B54E77CF398B71F99330340B293D94E0C8234925BC46E554614A0A1987E0FD630B09292279FD48855BE55D319CC033
[&Az9EAAA=] - Key Lime
[&Az9FAAA=] - Spring Dew
[&Az9GAAA=] - Flame Turret
[&Az9HAAA=] - Unblock
[&Az9IAAA=] - Intruder.alert. Intruder.alert.
[&Az9JAAA=] - Ha! The beacon.
[&Az9KAAA=] - This doesn't look good. There's nothing left to defend here.
[&Az9LAAA=] - EC75032B71601D3C33F65BD2754413137751147591
[&Az9MAAA=] - 0621F463BB0A34CD2347A76389E6DA65A6
[&Az9NAAA=] - 68210EA7C9A67DF477DFAA148EA5EE0A944655CBA4C90D70E82F2E27A105A3DF406AA9894E1160570D21E080592755ECA732D2E287D43A9C3AB87789CABEB782D2B5631FC8F30AD24901
[&Az9OAAA=] - BE069C52E8C420FE218E85B6C5F41CF3
[&Az9PAAA=] - 3A01631BE2FA99974CD52B62E5B1A4B199F83B075CB85B5D6776DA2FD6714AD763DBECE2735D1B54099E87581F1103CFD3B586700A8DD37592032480870F90C3F8F614E7306E9BB65A81AB577D1C3201A20597CE73E7A690D89A99BC538BAE2973EBEFE953F00329A70E5CF4D43E3F1CCEE0350F06A3765F5B120D86B4CEC0A0E682032518702480D51708CC56D7E448827B42D031C5B87CF1391F6616ACC9F81E8E2B6F9B10908322F96BF4D451C1C6B31DD531C06AAFC61F6CDD
[&Az9QAAA=] - Charges a lightning surge. WARNING- This staff is malfunctioning. There is a high probability the spell will backfire.
[&Az9RAAA=] - Invoker's Shoulders
[&Az9SAAA=] - Devout Mantle
[&Az9TAAA=] - 6B162E0D63856B3CFC637ECB646DC7A18C62D27E2EBD9823F28B063171A1099060DC522D91364A618971
[&Az9UAAA=] - 10FD91AA2319A026F6C87D248FEDBD301C2BBD
[&Az9VAAA=] - The Battle of Fort Trinity
[&Az9WAAA=] - Boon of Regeneration (Tier 8)
[&Az9XAAA=] - Bowl[s] of Creamy Portobello Soup
[&Az9YAAA=] - 7BB28F5060E33B6FA98570C0CE
[&Az9ZAAA=] - Centaur War Beast Unarmed
[&Az9aAAA=] - 2BCEAC12D4500D172690B2
[&Az9bAAA=] - Hardened Leather Section[s]
[&Az9cAAA=] - Seasoned Short-Bow Stave[s]
[&Az9dAAA=] - 4E32D6C627273C6185185BE5EDA49B807A8759DEE0
[&Az9eAAA=] - DAEC37C1D17F4197F003D3D1615147
[&Az9fAAA=] - CB311267F246118D7501615A
[&Az9gAAA=] - Finished.
[&Az9hAAA=] - +50 Precision
[&Az9iAAA=] - 357C6EBDCA141967BAFFEC
[&Az9jAAA=] - 56C2A10927424C409C5BB16BF3364CF1
[&Az9kAAA=] - Double-click to salvage crafting materials from an item in your inventory. 15%% chance of rarer materials. 40%% chance of recovering upgrades.
[&Az9lAAA=] - A31580836907D87DACD18144B340
[&Az9mAAA=] - 7C6A14A323BF37BBCC5602768BEB3BD2417CC3C7
[&Az9nAAA=] - The beast is beginning to tire!
[&Az9oAAA=] - 28A0D1AEC3EAD857FA450DDF1888828ED275A0D3377DD3B0326864E969292B5607E1E6656168CDE767BFA4792CA468673903FDB919D9C22DA6ED41A8E09920EFC83499E8BE8D0C5042A83955AAA1E6591F7624CE4CA2471A74A8E639933C9DC5F1EA2C5EC354DFF3111CF4098491EC4AAAED534D0F97F4
[&Az9pAAA=] - 3DFA99B04ABE753F880168F00EA6
[&Az9qAAA=] - Survive the trials of the battle pit.
[&Az9rAAA=] - Break in, and get the job done!
[&Az9sAAA=] - +4%% Magic Find
[&Az9tAAA=] - Each race has a primary city, from which they govern the activities of their citizens.
[&Az9uAAA=] - Wolf has the cunning of the pack behind him. He imparts the virtues of loyalty, ferocity, and strength in numbers. When he came to me, he whispered of my heroic future and told me I would never be alone.
[&Az9vAAA=] - Throw out a bandage pack that heals for a small amount.
[&Az9wAAA=] - A060F5F3D706D456CD7A942F2311DE0839103110EF512CC7DF7FF13AFDA4BC1448666A7B39720EC02AF144AD1E2EE131FAAD7014DF5F3ED4
[&Az9xAAA=] - The greatest city of the Asura is a wonder of arcanic architecture. It is a great subdivided cube that floats over the surrounding terrain, impressing all the races with the might of its magic.
[&Az9yAAA=] - The chest at Lamia Mire yielded nothing. Clearly, someone got there before you. But who? Report to Tribune Brimstone. He may have information to help you out.
[&Az9zAAA=] - incoming damage x1.1, outgoing damage x.75
[&Az90AAA=] - Black Earth Coalmine
[&Az91AAA=] - Nightmare Circlet
[&Az92AAA=] - Hello.
[&Az93AAA=] - Used to craft Jute Shoulders.
[&Az94AAA=] - Windloss<br>Delves
[&Az95AAA=] - BEDC8E2208D53DB8A5C9447444F94166931089148505FFCBD01F4392
[&Az96AAA=] - 94A083875B495AAF10D14A0DF42CF64F567B2854A199CB6F6D1FF72A91263706154F8D2B61C12747F17D828FF5CA284DEF4EBE0782771BF7F3A97E82F45CBEA883CB27E08C63BD198320F3EEA9F665041995DA106EF2C7DCFE634B06
[&Az97AAA=] - Host<br>" Set your "Home" location<br>" Return to your "Portal" location
[&Az98AAA=] - Arterium Haven Waypoint
[&Az99AAA=] - Burntfur's Pool
[&Az9+AAA=] - Expanse Waypoint
[&Az9/AAA=] - Chapel of Lady Glaive
[&A0ABAAA=] - 
[&A0ACAAA=] - Where's Pete? He said he'd come for me.
[&A0ADAAA=] - Kill these rabid dogs!
[&A0AEAAA=] - Hazupl Tlamatini
[&A0AFAAA=] - Veteran Risen Krait Nimross
[&A0AGAAA=] - The Blue Mill Outpost Tower has been lost!
[&A0AHAAA=] - You faced your worst fear and emerged triumphant.
[&A0AIAAA=] - Greetings.
[&A0AJAAA=] - I can't leave my post.
[&A0AKAAA=] - Murderer!
[&A0ALAAA=] - Friend or foe?
[&A0AMAAA=] - So tired.
[&A0ANAAA=] - Help me!
[&A0AOAAA=] - Wind and rain guide me!
[&A0APAAA=] - There's no escape for you.
[&A0AQAAA=] - The enemy is too strong! Help!
[&A0ARAAA=] - Stay back.
[&A0ASAAA=] - Let the fires take them.
[&A0ATAAA=] - Coward!
[&A0AUAAA=] - I need help!
[&A0AVAAA=] - Time for some help.
[&A0AWAAA=] - Step right up!
[&A0AXAAA=] - Your resolve is weak.
[&A0AYAAA=] - With my last breath, I....
[&A0AZAAA=] - Cheap shot.
[&A0AaAAA=] - Come back and play!
[&A0AbAAA=] - I condemn you to death.
[&A0AcAAA=] - My krewe will avenge me!
[&A0AdAAA=] - Swarm them!
[&A0AeAAA=] - Yarr!
[&A0AfAAA=] - To the Depths with you!
[&A0AgAAA=] - Knowledge is power!
[&A0AhAAA=] - Coward.
[&A0AiAAA=] - What an adventure.
[&A0AjAAA=] - Help!
[&A0AkAAA=] - Ooh-rah!
[&A0AlAAA=] - For the imperator!
[&A0AmAAA=] - I choose you!
[&A0AnAAA=] - The wheel of progress turns.
[&A0AoAAA=] - Some must fight, so that all may be free.
[&A0ApAAA=] - Greetings.
[&A0AqAAA=] - For Blood Legion.
[&A0ArAAA=] - Hello, youngster.
[&A0AsAAA=] - What can I do for you?
[&A0AtAAA=] - The Brand holds dangers.
[&A0AuAAA=] - I use every part of the dolyak.
[&A0AvAAA=] - Something need fixing?
[&A0AwAAA=] - What can I do for you?
[&A0AxAAA=] - How can I help you?
[&A0AyAAA=] - My quest consumes me.
[&A0AzAAA=] - You talking to me?
[&A0A0AAA=] - Are you well?
[&A0A1AAA=] - There is darkness afoot in the world.
[&A0A2AAA=] - May you always seek out the light.
[&A0A3AAA=] - Knowledge is the greatest treasure.
[&A0A4AAA=] - Make it quick.
[&A0A5AAA=] - No, I cannot provide directions.
[&A0A6AAA=] - It's over.
[&A0A7AAA=] - Can't wait to try that again.
[&A0A8AAA=] - Roar!
[&A0A9AAA=] - Lornar's Pass
[&A0A+AAA=] - Vision impaired.
[&A0A/AAA=] - I have a thought.
[&A0BAAAA=] - Aren't you paying attention?
[&A0BBAAA=] - Absolutely not.
[&A0BCAAA=] - Destroy their morale!
[&A0BDAAA=] - 1E2D9A5DEAEF96B75A0F8992A52E84
[&A0BEAAA=] - Khaki
[&A0BFAAA=] - Spring Grass
[&A0BGAAA=] - Hundreds of people flow in and out through the asura gate, but few show the kind of selflessness you have. You had no obligation to aide the people of Ebonhawke, but yet when you saw our need you stood up to help. Thank you for easing the burden on on our city. I hope others follow in your example. If you wish to continue on this path speak to Watchman Brikken outside the Hawkgates or Lieutenant Briggins near Forlorn Hope.
.Vanguard Moeller
[&A0BHAAA=] - D7052F687886471501247FF4EA75DE642DD438BE
[&A0BIAAA=] - Population Control Device
[&A0BJAAA=] - BACE87834F03585704D722D4884858A11BEF74C58CE7CE78D2
[&A0BKAAA=] - Full retreat, friends. We'll live to fight another day!
[&A0BLAAA=] - FAA6560F1398A923CAE388F60DD8BB6789AC27AA64957019BDF37F16D6EB5D8D6082C6C9BC62C6A7C264217564FA3D6769B4D1B3C8608112E7C2C5DCCA6AA4A3489598F2B079A836A07039BAE682998EDC96230ACB644B764C1A88F460118A5B1BED25DC98FDA7CD7B6B8F859538D6FAB21D590324DABCAC139BF5D416710041425DD92562CDB285669005D9EAD187F8CAF344C3FDE1D51045A7CB041BFBC5C51D28195C4C68A014A07D6BD5E002
[&A0BMAAA=] - 50AE12C02B89E8581529FB66CB90CF85FBA681129D8E24A6E6533082
[&A0BNAAA=] - Explode and knock back your foes.
[&A0BOAAA=] - Burn it.attack! Kill them all!
[&A0BPAAA=] - Mighty Embroidered Sandals
[&A0BQAAA=] - Masquerade Leggings
[&A0BRAAA=] - Wrangler Boots
[&A0BSAAA=] - Supple Leather Boots
[&A0BTAAA=] - B5AE919EFCC805A3ADEFF3A465A82061A5F8ADE78AC6923B5C46
[&A0BUAAA=] - F20599D7E49A523FD1D66DB6E353F0A7
[&A0BVAAA=] - 94061260AC3040B3B9EE5222AFA80B213D36C32078B0E03FD6F185FEB31C73F698D8F5
[&A0BWAAA=] - Gain tier 8 might for the next 30 minutes.
[&A0BXAAA=] - Bowl[s] of Tomato Zucchini Soup
[&A0BYAAA=] - DA9DA4B55779939E1819818FFC6AA5
[&A0BZAAA=] - 938D3BF28E2953338DC3C61AC6EC2EFD
[&A0BaAAA=] - B4246A5BB906A5CAED8D7DB5FAC85A7A754F
[&A0BbAAA=] - Cured Thin Leather Square[s]
[&A0BcAAA=] - Elder Rifle Stock[s]
[&A0BdAAA=] - Mini Big Nosed Ted
[&A0BeAAA=] - Carman Fawntracker
[&A0BfAAA=] - 9003B80E47F328293FA13F
[&A0BgAAA=] - I'm in your debt.
[&A0BhAAA=] - +60 Precision
[&A0BiAAA=] - You aren't a total liability anymore.
[&A0BjAAA=] - 81836E6765BA945B2D7015375C43
[&A0BkAAA=] - Fine Salvage Kit[s]
[&A0BlAAA=] - 84C8CDF17D431125E0
[&A0BmAAA=] - Flying Cow Token[s]
[&A0BnAAA=] - CCE9CC37C3EFFE755D789A11CA521EBB4B762EB6B769490422054DDBD88371F3E8BEA406DC341815593AB71CDC2415D29E3949C8603A536565C4A0BE98A2B2F2E1DC691D0E6FFEE9C21A781D9E75F4922C63A114D40F83BEF5C65A4171CC868F86CF52D7FE6046700A3DF53FD546A88860DCFA6344FEC3C02530221789DFF08B2269A871C6B7A8FBDD4DCE1C94D9F7A9AD956F91B60E4428AD0DED315B7CB7014BEC7C9E7479232E35ACE83A2633F1106F1288C7CF90EB
[&A0BoAAA=] - Claw Smash
[&A0BpAAA=] - D9354A6CD3848AA632462C9453E9
[&A0BqAAA=] - AC88FB4FE79F
[&A0BrAAA=] - 70C73041FEF7F2E93715
[&A0BsAAA=] - The active of Signet of Shadows also causes weakness.
[&A0BtAAA=] - become a renowned crafter.
[&A0BuAAA=] - Wolf, my spirit guide, teaches that there's a time for violence and a time for peace.
[&A0BvAAA=] - Throw Bandages
[&A0BwAAA=] - 20B25A487104C1ECC7A180297B81E2FCBEF3FE025C73062B0EA958C3677B1053571A1A06F564A1848F544653EF2164070143CC1A2C1190481F51430784345BA9A421D2FFBAE8165AED7BC1
[&A0BxAAA=] - Rata Sum
[&A0ByAAA=] - Sentinel
[&A0BzAAA=] - Korukhan the Blacksmith has located one of the necromancer's amulets at Durgar's Homestead. The Order of Whispers agent needs your help to find the amulet before it does any serious damage...and to help locate the missing body of your comrade, Howl the Brazen.
[&A0B0AAA=] - Spearhead Bane
[&A0B1AAA=] - Nightmare Leggings
[&A0B2AAA=] - Unstable Phasing
[&A0B3AAA=] - Jute Epaulet Padding[s]
[&A0B4AAA=] - Phinney Ridge
[&A0B5AAA=] - E2B91422030EE731FA195A46A48A1759E1FF26D79CAED9FB05AF0EE5923E582C011C5EF763D6D34ACE913C62F17057A614454FC9BD7CCD11926A1E870952CED28664CB0A10989D975711194C525F71624F83BFF58BF308807B1630352E5701E09C2391AEC8A32EA75D062BDD
[&A0B6AAA=] - FC9F4A6E028B023B9FF24D0042A591730D86AF0579E126691AD2537D4DF81A85D07EFFDACB3469EBF93B0A64710EE9A9EF1B1B7A3C1E5AB28E59DF3CA36B72EBF3DDADC97ED182DD6CD76CC7B141DF2D14235B183B9ACAFD7D10E6050B65120A353B7C0DAD95EBF0B9DFA6EC1755146C5FF17A2407E57A4BEBB31BDAFDAB3E504D0F823B5B01924FBC9BC4F3F4B935F87D7A06EED448DC
[&A0B7AAA=] - [lbracket]Portal Keeper[rbracket]
[&A0B8AAA=] - Hexane Regrade Waypoint
[&A0B9AAA=] - Raintimber Mill
[&A0B+AAA=] - Guardian Stone Waypoint
[&A0B/AAA=] - The Royal Forum
[&A0EBAAA=] - 
[&A0ECAAA=] - Be careful with that stuff. It's dangerous.
[&A0EDAAA=] - Havroun Weibe
[&A0EEAAA=] - Chief Dekkti
[&A0EFAAA=] - Dredge Excavator[s]
[&A0EGAAA=] - The Green Mill Outpost Tower has been lost!
[&A0EHAAA=] - The Cost of Victory
[&A0EIAAA=] - Excuse me.
[&A0EJAAA=] - Next!
[&A0EKAAA=] - For Ascalon!
[&A0ELAAA=] - The Six preserve us!
[&A0EMAAA=] - Kill everything.
[&A0ENAAA=] - Your death was foretold.
[&A0EOAAA=] - Not worth the effort.
[&A0EPAAA=] - Murderers, be damned!
[&A0EQAAA=] - For Ascalon!
[&A0ERAAA=] - Gods take me!
[&A0ESAAA=] - All must be cleansed!
[&A0ETAAA=] - Think you can handle me?
[&A0EUAAA=] - Avenge me.
[&A0EVAAA=] - Kill!
[&A0EWAAA=] - That was too easy.
[&A0EXAAA=] - Not yet...
[&A0EYAAA=] - Prepare to be eradicated!
[&A0EZAAA=] - Step right up!
[&A0EaAAA=] - No mercy for the weak!
[&A0EbAAA=] - You'll never take Ascalon!
[&A0EcAAA=] - Now my golem will never.
[&A0EdAAA=] - Another victim.
[&A0EeAAA=] - That was a dirty trick!
[&A0EfAAA=] - Never capitulate!
[&A0EgAAA=] - I'm a scholar, not a fighter.
[&A0EhAAA=] - That'll teach you.
[&A0EiAAA=] - That was fun. Let's do it again!
[&A0EjAAA=] - Wrong choice.
[&A0EkAAA=] - I'm in the zone.
[&A0ElAAA=] - Ridiculous. Charr would never be silly.
[&A0EmAAA=] - Beryl Platinum Ring
[&A0EnAAA=] - You have something to report?
[&A0EoAAA=] - Ever vigilant, never vulnerable.
[&A0EpAAA=] - How's it going?
[&A0EqAAA=] - At ease.
[&A0ErAAA=] - Greetings.
[&A0EsAAA=] - I'll do my best.
[&A0EtAAA=] - Duty calls.
[&A0EuAAA=] - Catching prey is easy. Carrying it home is tedious.
[&A0EvAAA=] - Engineer reporting.
[&A0EwAAA=] - Hello.
[&A0ExAAA=] - Raven sees all, knows all.
[&A0EyAAA=] - The Dream led me here.
[&A0EzAAA=] - Huh?
[&A0E0AAA=] - Greetings.
[&A0E1AAA=] - Everyone has a secret.
[&A0E2AAA=] - How can I aid you?
[&A0E3AAA=] - We know so little.
[&A0E4AAA=] - I'm a wanted man.
[&A0E5AAA=] - It's a soldier's life for me.
[&A0E6AAA=] - All done.
[&A0E7AAA=] - Power-hit.
[&A0E8AAA=] - Come on!
[&A0E9AAA=] - Weakness
[&A0E+AAA=] - Burning! Burning! Burning!
[&A0E/AAA=] - Good-bye.
[&A0FAAAA=] - I warned you.
[&A0FBAAA=] - Quite so.
[&A0FCAAA=] - Teach them respect.
[&A0FDAAA=] - D1ABA7C09181F3F8A8754BFEE4D08A70385E848EE5B3CC8F170E6624B3F83FD106DF18FA4B2BEF6F909BDBA09520AFECA83A7C7F394233BFF2DC5FBBA1CE8F479E4A2925E4E8C8C3C6CF
[&A0FEAAA=] - Latte
[&A0FFAAA=] - Spring Ice
[&A0FGAAA=] - Net Turret
[&A0FHAAA=] - Hm. We could steal their armor and wear it as a disguise...once they don't need it anymore.
[&A0FIAAA=] - 6B3A7B80FE842F77B31453F238DB7BB846
[&A0FJAAA=] - Smell that? Here they come!
[&A0FKAAA=] - 162944330EC0D7DF9337
[&A0FLAAA=] - 929C2832D7F21E86A18CD36C7E7F89388BC7E2
[&A0FMAAA=] - F52BC68FEB95E2A5A11B54BAF2FD2E7726606A
[&A0FNAAA=] - CDFDB905B4FC2836421170E76F918A7137BFCAF4781FE67C15
[&A0FOAAA=] - %str1% flirts.
[&A0FPAAA=] - Vital Embroidered Sandals
[&A0FQAAA=] - Electrocuted
[&A0FRAAA=] - Wrangler Coat
[&A0FSAAA=] - Supple Leather Coat
[&A0FTAAA=] - How many dead? This conflict has been going on too long.
[&A0FUAAA=] - 0DC5BB46E00D2F7C76230D2901ED563E8AB0C2
[&A0FVAAA=] - Meal for Seraph Soldier
[&A0FWAAA=] - Boon of Might (Tier 8)
[&A0FXAAA=] - 1D6F3F1AF6F31DD210EA8A94D835E38058
[&A0FYAAA=] - 07C5AF4086875550C8A54C31A25EAD8F453E
[&A0FZAAA=] - Giant Weapon
[&A0FaAAA=] - 47229C84AA773DA73DEE4E8C6B1A4C926153
[&A0FbAAA=] - Cured Coarse Leather Square[s]
[&A0FcAAA=] - Green Rifle Stock[s]
[&A0FdAAA=] - 60A313DB30ADAAE59FF84923A26AED01F7CF0C85B0C463EA5F806C
[&A0FeAAA=] - 5733A2EAC875F61E6FDFAE3F47C8E63D6410C809D47D9F1C7B33BBD02940B66FE93B8FD2F3E659940EDCD682CD214F6325AE9544AB1348E7A7C43E049D0AB8EA1D192D6937EA4178D2E3540291A62522783212AD93E70F1A9FADFD97B9D2946324BA3E9C9F8249
[&A0FfAAA=] - 47669BD3329B7545742FEEC35C64EE
[&A0FgAAA=] - Death comes for you!
[&A0FhAAA=] - +70 Precision
[&A0FiAAA=] - <c=@flavor>"That tar would set us back if not for your leadership. We have a fighting chance thanks to you."<br>.Legionnaire Kress Rustmaw</c>
[&A0FjAAA=] - 730AB5C75B34E36CE14AB7A48ABE23
[&A0FkAAA=] - Double-click to salvage crafting materials from an item in your inventory. 20%% chance of rarer materials. 60%% chance of recovering upgrades.
[&A0FlAAA=] - 04433B806AE33DE1C819836CE08A
[&A0FmAAA=] - 0CC01C363F746AFF2F0E24EA7E24D3B79508
[&A0FnAAA=] - Regenerate health
(Will be removed if you enter Competitive PvP)
[&A0FoAAA=] - Claw Slash
[&A0FpAAA=] - 5091F3938C8DA10ED12DFD5C0C76
[&A0FqAAA=] - CF24CBA65B7AC3B5
[&A0FrAAA=] - FA0E21279BEFECB5BDE8E8E9634FBB
[&A0FsAAA=] - +30 Power
+3%% Critical Damage
[&A0FtAAA=] - One day I hope to %str1%
[&A0FuAAA=] - Raven
[&A0FvAAA=] - Throw out an antidote vial that cures conditions.
[&A0FwAAA=] - C75F84AA6334B4
[&A0FxAAA=] - What happens in Peter's test map, stays in Peter's test map.
[&A0FyAAA=] - When a warband goes bad, they tend to go together. How many warbands have defected to the Flame Legion for the tantalizing promise of power?
[&A0FzAAA=] - Whispers in the Dark
[&A0F0AAA=] - De Molish Post
[&A0F1AAA=] - Nightmare Epaulets
[&A0F2AAA=] - A033B1C590F91EE4A0B9EF0D11FB56FB938B448ED756DE1095E1
[&A0F3AAA=] - Jute Epaulet Panel[s]
[&A0F4AAA=] - Village of Shaemoor
[&A0F5AAA=] - 082E4FFCA860C9D45E8FD07B5663675EFF8665FBE4D0368F48E337F7496AB6CBD1C5C35BFEE197F5EFBA72E39B4927814511D5E4F855222F981EBAA3BF0FEFAFFD9D0A28C71AA056CC6A4340B35FAE50A33228988CA6EA56CBD705B2E1E20CE324D6442BAA3122ABE4655ACF85378C59DCBE8F8FC3739F8AB3FB748C1A6CB1
[&A0F6AAA=] - CD7D7BDA44F16E9CCD276C52B3C8DAF5948E427F08D701534E15A0771C76FBAFED80DF1DB1511094AE293D7C2ED748984AEF6F65729CE597F7DEB3FD5DD0BCBD029952465144F1FC43ABF240AC96D5968F21483E037B2E6119
[&A0F7AAA=] - You! Free me! My massive intellect must be preserved!
[&A0F8AAA=] - Survivor's Encampment Waypoint
[&A0F9AAA=] - Area Weakness
[&A0F+AAA=] - Lunk Kraal Waypoint
[&A0F/AAA=] - The Vesper Bell
[&A0IBAAA=] - 
[&A0ICAAA=] - Here! I'm up here!
[&A0IDAAA=] - Elder Thruln
[&A0IEAAA=] - Dengatl Nahualli
[&A0IFAAA=] - Dredge Rifleman
[&A0IGAAA=] - The Green Mill Outpost Tower is being attacked!
[&A0IHAAA=] - You are counted among the great heroes of Tyria.
[&A0IIAAA=] - Can we talk?
[&A0IJAAA=] - Ready for the next one.
[&A0IKAAA=] - Help me!
[&A0ILAAA=] - I'm no pushover!
[&A0IMAAA=] - Destroy.
[&A0INAAA=] - To the next world with you!
[&A0IOAAA=] - Not again.
[&A0IPAAA=] - I will be your undoing.
[&A0IQAAA=] - I can't leave my post.
[&A0IRAAA=] - Victory for me!
[&A0ISAAA=] - Who approaches?
[&A0ITAAA=] - You must want to die!
[&A0IUAAA=] - Keep running!
[&A0IVAAA=] - Nice hit.
[&A0IWAAA=] - Cheap shot.
[&A0IXAAA=] - Now! Corner them!
[&A0IYAAA=] - You can't outrun cowardice!
[&A0IZAAA=] - To me!
[&A0IaAAA=] - Dead so soon?
[&A0IbAAA=] - Rise up! Fight!
[&A0IcAAA=] - I'd feel bad, if I could.
[&A0IdAAA=] - Go away.
[&A0IeAAA=] - Where's my spyglass?
[&A0IfAAA=] - Here's something you won't forget!
[&A0IgAAA=] - You better hope our paths never cross again.
[&A0IhAAA=] - Get off our land!
[&A0IiAAA=] - All done.
[&A0IjAAA=] - And don't come back!
[&A0IkAAA=] - One by one.
[&A0IlAAA=] - The only unfair fight is the one you lose.
[&A0ImAAA=] - Slick shoes, activate!
[&A0InAAA=] - Obey the law, and we'll have no problems.
[&A0IoAAA=] - Excelsior.
[&A0IpAAA=] - May the Six watch over you.
[&A0IqAAA=] - This better be good.
[&A0IrAAA=] - One's knowledge cannot go beyond one's experience.
[&A0IsAAA=] - May the Six watch over you.
[&A0ItAAA=] - Trouble?
[&A0IuAAA=] - I am the greatest hunter in the world!
[&A0IvAAA=] - You break it, I fix it.
[&A0IwAAA=] - Excelsior.
[&A0IxAAA=] - If you have the time, I have much to share.
[&A0IyAAA=] - Act with wisdom, but act.
[&A0IzAAA=] - I'm a dangerous woman.
[&A0I0AAA=] - You seem friendly.
[&A0I1AAA=] - Speak.
[&A0I2AAA=] - Dwayna's blessings upon you.
[&A0I3AAA=] - May Kormir enlighten you.
[&A0I4AAA=] - We must all do our part.
[&A0I5AAA=] - These are dangerous times.
[&A0I6AAA=] - It was worth it.
[&A0I7AAA=] - Eat that.
[&A0I8AAA=] - See you.
[&A0I9AAA=] - 
[&A0I+AAA=] - My mobility is impaired!
[&A0I/AAA=] - That is all.
[&A0JAAAA=] - You're on my list.
[&A0JBAAA=] - Absolutely.
[&A0JCAAA=] - Stay firm!
[&A0JDAAA=] - 
[&A0JEAAA=] - Lemon
[&A0JFAAA=] - Spring Leaf
[&A0JGAAA=] - I'll track you to the Mists and kill you forever.
[&A0JHAAA=] - Surround yourself and allies with a shield that strikes back at attackers. Grant protection to yourself and nearby allies if you don't counter attack.
[&A0JIAAA=] - D4CD1EBBF493FCBDBA6E6595D396CD296432D8AF185AD3B3E07BB0
[&A0JJAAA=] - Escorting Magister Izzmek to the location of the first beacon to light
[&A0JKAAA=] - 3ED9594B6E98DAD29BD23A0E8872E403D5ADEF766747D07E42911F
[&A0JLAAA=] - Spin your siege suit forward, knocking back foes.
[&A0JMAAA=] - B61343626136F2FB499AC74D7EFF46A95701706EA67BC826992CCC
[&A0JNAAA=] - No. We've already gone too far.
[&A0JOAAA=] - %str1% flirts at %str2%.
[&A0JPAAA=] - DF0FDC626F36D175D7512E2CE8F6
[&A0JQAAA=] - Choking
[&A0JRAAA=] - Wrangler Gloves
[&A0JSAAA=] - Supple Leather Gloves
[&A0JTAAA=] - Get to that crossing and clear it out! Move it!
[&A0JUAAA=] - Dredge Helmet[s]
[&A0JVAAA=] - Seraph Supplies
[&A0JWAAA=] - Egg[s]
[&A0JXAAA=] - Bowl[s] of Fancy Creamy Mushroom Soup
[&A0JYAAA=] - 4EAAA5EEBD6C738EBA9B5C65A87BF731F1394D9B964C2418F335E573B4D3132908F50DFA4CCAE29F3DED1A
[&A0JZAAA=] - MONSTER ONLY Golem Hazmat Unarmed
[&A0JaAAA=] - 8DA7069EA99D4D5A13F584213121
[&A0JbAAA=] - Cured Thick Leather Square[s]
[&A0JcAAA=] - Hard Rifle Stock[s]
[&A0JdAAA=] - B06681AE01A3F7F135C10829B7E9BBAC6858
[&A0JeAAA=] - 50FEB49B1DE3988C9B80438B259D75B333A2
[&A0JfAAA=] - 7D0BDD85CCDB7C287E02E6BC
[&A0JgAAA=] - I was reckless.
[&A0JhAAA=] - +90 Precision
[&A0JiAAA=] - Iron Legion Badge
[&A0JjAAA=] - 9ABF843990221F47F615F46681
[&A0JkAAA=] - Journeyman's Salvage Kit[s]
[&A0JlAAA=] - 1E355CC227A40ACAB589CC
[&A0JmAAA=] - F5AC16D4025ECA3D7639392F68D02B8F0C14B8B56BB0
[&A0JnAAA=] - 6DAE3E12A7119500866D52EF7C59F377127FDF7FC5CBF0C545930B3F0163DFD9E327783207B4CC379DF9B08CB63579D17A3E69F5EC9534FC7DA620B8CCA83DE5
[&A0JoAAA=] - incoming damage x5, outgoing damage x0.2
[&A0JpAAA=] - 3E1C398D8F9A57890275EC7DAB32B4FA
[&A0JqAAA=] - Mighty Crude Torch
[&A0JrAAA=] - %num1% guild lord[s] killed in Legacy of the Foefire.
[&A0JsAAA=] - 4C2CAEDC6DAEC9FAFBF5322BBD1AB4A3CDBEF268FB136FE58A5A1E6CAF8169FAF6C8AD33B19459AAC716A973D3E5518C7A205D0F66DE8E7825D38AF148852A4F51C9046E42536930EBC2514512B10AA5D3309CC54D369A89F9E7DEE09272991C09A2F1D7F2EAC8479E3F913B26
[&A0JtAAA=] - earn a seat on the Arcane Council.
[&A0JuAAA=] - Raven, clever and wise, guides us with truths that others fear. He bestows a far-seeing clarity of mind. In my vision, he spoke of riddles and opened my eyes to secrets that few others can see.
[&A0JvAAA=] - Throw Antidote
[&A0JwAAA=] - 53A5B7E5B7E65FECD90B926AB85349804C54E349C3213D1C38DB5CF323287A7952F268BD7DBD8757FDA0AA1E4CC04F6C2725826FA641954BE932
[&A0JxAAA=] - Peter's Map, Yay!
[&A0JyAAA=] - Stoking the Flame
[&A0JzAAA=] - E8A12AE1BBD967645C29789281E8B83AA0D1232E69EB56F3922E46BCBB6C53A42F868F4BDAB3C2E380D90E65FEBD31D489E0586DEF0F520254781B3346B1EA83A871E4589383F2523B88FE088D47C6EE0325218EBBC88ED134BF452B3707070583F6AAEBA112AEF55E4CA5402351875837C4DEFBC585B7BE2E9EEE56C17F5C54412FAD
[&A0J0AAA=] - Tribulation Rift
[&A0J1AAA=] - Tactical Boots
[&A0J2AAA=] - Ram
[&A0J3AAA=] - Used to craft Wool Coats.
[&A0J4AAA=] - Shaemoor Fields
[&A0J5AAA=] - 44E7D275C86EB7F23E521662B7CB1FF53376FFAD7747AC28659EC7FE94DBC1B25434
[&A0J6AAA=] - Salvage of the "Lady Livia"
[&A0J7AAA=] - Tegwen! You're alive! Stay strong. We will get you out of there!
[&A0J8AAA=] - Muridian Waypoint
[&A0J9AAA=] - 8D32360AEF84453480290E1D6526391C7FCA180F9D4C1485AA3FE0F293729C6074B51933ABC8F8278CF0E9C9C5303995DB5B724802F921D0EF01663DB45D0FA4840571F03C3826573134BA8644A5FB27FD2545ECEA0F0EC6206F213785FD29200904
[&A0J+AAA=] - Terra Carorunda Waypoint
[&A0J/AAA=] - Monastery of Tughra
[&A0MBAAA=] - 
[&A0MCAAA=] - Get me out of here! The revolution can't start without me!
[&A0MDAAA=] - I yield! You have proven yourself worthy. Come, little norn. Let us speak.
[&A0MEAAA=] - Hylek Instigator
[&A0MFAAA=] - Haldis
[&A0MGAAA=] - The Blue Mill is being attacked!
[&A0MHAAA=] - Savior of Tyria
[&A0MIAAA=] - Good-bye.
[&A0MJAAA=] - For the Mother Tree!
[&A0MKAAA=] - More of you?
[&A0MLAAA=] - Help me! Help!
[&A0MMAAA=] - I'm ready.
[&A0MNAAA=] - I dreamt about your death.
[&A0MOAAA=] - You cannot win.
[&A0MPAAA=] - I cannot fail!
[&A0MQAAA=] - So it begins.
[&A0MRAAA=] - Get away from me!
[&A0MSAAA=] - Save me, brothers!
[&A0MTAAA=] - You can't run forever!
[&A0MUAAA=] - I call upon my god!
[&A0MVAAA=] - For the Blood Legion!
[&A0MWAAA=] - Rally to me!
[&A0MXAAA=] - Quickly, now.
[&A0MYAAA=] - This ends here!
[&A0MZAAA=] - To arms!
[&A0MaAAA=] - Help me you scum!
[&A0MbAAA=] - Invaders!
[&A0McAAA=] - You need a lesson in pain!
[&A0MdAAA=] - Smash them.
[&A0MeAAA=] - All hands ahoy! To arms!
[&A0MfAAA=] - Assemble the krewe!
[&A0MgAAA=] - State your purpose.
[&A0MhAAA=] - The wind blows foul.
[&A0MiAAA=] - Finished with that.
[&A0MjAAA=] - I'm going to...
[&A0MkAAA=] - Who's gonna stop me?
[&A0MlAAA=] - I said, "I'm a vegetarian," and the sylvari fainted.
[&A0MmAAA=] - Surprise!
[&A0MnAAA=] - What do you need?
[&A0MoAAA=] - Without justice, courage is weak.
[&A0MpAAA=] - Good to meet you.
[&A0MqAAA=] - A meal today means no travel tomorrow.
[&A0MrAAA=] - Knowledge is the greatest treasure.
[&A0MsAAA=] - I don't know if I'm cut out for this.
[&A0MtAAA=] - Any news?
[&A0MuAAA=] - Well met!
[&A0MvAAA=] - I serve the Vigil. The Vigil serves Tyria.
[&A0MwAAA=] - I offer the best prices around.
[&A0MxAAA=] - Come soar with Raven.
[&A0MyAAA=] - Good hunting.
[&A0MzAAA=] - What do you want?
[&A0M0AAA=] - Honor the past.
[&A0M1AAA=] - What now?
[&A0M2AAA=] - May Dwayna bless you.
[&A0M3AAA=] - Too much has been forgotten.
[&A0M4AAA=] - Report any suspicious activity.
[&A0M5AAA=] - I watch over this place.
[&A0M6AAA=] - I'd do that again.
[&A0M7AAA=] - Hah! Extra damage.
[&A0M8AAA=] - I'm dying.
[&A0M9AAA=] - 
[&A0M+AAA=] - Oh, my head.
[&A0M/AAA=] - I'll be on my way.
[&A0NAAAA=] - I won't forget this.
[&A0NBAAA=] - You're a breath away from undead.
[&A0NCAAA=] - Stay fearless!
[&A0NDAAA=] - D092DE09B49A617983F84A9C
[&A0NEAAA=] - Lemon Shade
[&A0NFAAA=] - Spring Moss
[&A0NGAAA=] - Thumper Turret
[&A0NHAAA=] - 7BFA3749C526685551C1F353445021ACD1
[&A0NIAAA=] - Cannon Control
[&A0NJAAA=] - 4FCD2978E2DCDDE586E43FB4DC8B30B2EB718848AE
[&A0NKAAA=] - Help Scholar Blix clear the tunnel.
[&A0NLAAA=] - F25D257617D212413686821151467E71FD516C9E
[&A0NMAAA=] - 128CB9B6727037F8D8CC8D8C53A247C13A17E598DF5E4D9BD898186886A3B26AAE0C1BB78B48577F73995CA9C43083EF2103C334664527F2AEEBEFAAD5E409FAA41663054536695D5D89744B46B4E902DD28E2295E5B1688B60AE7E0AA0773A4
[&A0NNAAA=] - Shut up and keep walking.
[&A0NOAAA=] - 36C2EC91C5BE251B8C571D91215D323DD9C2
[&A0NPAAA=] - FF731F020FC4
[&A0NQAAA=] - Take a swig of ale.
[&A0NRAAA=] - Wrangler Helm
[&A0NSAAA=] - Supple Leather Mask
[&A0NTAAA=] - The Iron Legion Thanks You
[&A0NUAAA=] - 43A0906ABFF3FCF769AB13E7
[&A0NVAAA=] - Torch
[&A0NWAAA=] - CC3A0B16261BA1ECA8D30E9F6B6FC6E5FDB2100DB3EB
[&A0NXAAA=] - Bowl[s] of Dilled Clam Chowder
[&A0NYAAA=] - 5D0ACA24C95145A8ECD7A20C55011E4A87B2D7B786
[&A0NZAAA=] - C6E752E2927379DF0E4CA80A5DD2E1D280
[&A0NaAAA=] - Leurent must ascend!
[&A0NbAAA=] - Cured Rugged Leather Square[s]
[&A0NcAAA=] - Ancient Rifle Stock[s]
[&A0NdAAA=] - 825871EB22FD54B585CA73399EDEC06E
[&A0NeAAA=] - 6A810E972B897F1B09BD9759D7D5396BAD04890AEBC4444CE54FB7930FAB4B0812
[&A0NfAAA=] - 3D7D004D1554C3140A21
[&A0NgAAA=] - Okay, this is it.
[&A0NhAAA=] - +10 Precision
[&A0NiAAA=] - <c=@flavor>"These are far too dangerous to refill. It is nice to look at though. "<br>.Engineer Verutum</c>
[&A0NjAAA=] - 07F3DEE079548AAC295996709F98B0EB
[&A0NkAAA=] - Double-click to salvage crafting materials from an item in your inventory. 25%% chance of rarer materials. 80%% chance of recovering upgrades from items.
[&A0NlAAA=] - 913CAB84CC1A7FF2E10710792A8CC3
[&A0NmAAA=] - Charging Attack
[&A0NnAAA=] - 52C0F595BB2DD6B4B560
[&A0NoAAA=] - Reflection
[&A0NpAAA=] - 4D3C85A1377C8872D7FD7DDF2774DD389D62568194
[&A0NqAAA=] - Vital Crude Torch
[&A0NrAAA=] - 51774D0F3D84B209453869
[&A0NsAAA=] - +30 Power
+3%% Critical Damage
[&A0NtAAA=] - receive a commendation from my legion.
[&A0NuAAA=] - Raven, my spirit guide, teaches that there's a time for action and a time for thought.
[&A0NvAAA=] - Throw out a stimulant that grants fury and swiftness.
[&A0NwAAA=] - B8B8655D3421F17DEA98A75BF8810E0922D12D3CB3CA9632D9E509BFD8E28F327179467246F9146A512C
[&A0NxAAA=] - Test Map - Writer 1
[&A0NyAAA=] - Vallus intends to make a deal with the Separatists who captured his friend. Find Vallus before he can hand the powerful icon over to the charr's enemies.
[&A0NzAAA=] - Due Diligence
[&A0N0AAA=] - Rat's Run
[&A0N1AAA=] - Tactical Coat
[&A0N2AAA=] - 596191DA1C52E01353629D93F3F2BBD6CBFE9FA149C30F945F7D27EC5587666541346B018A5BAD2ABF53
[&A0N3AAA=] - Wool Vestments Panel[s]
[&A0N4AAA=] - Shaemoor<br>Garrison
[&A0N5AAA=] - 8B954AFC3660EEF10E7EB2DB15BCFA72F5FB3F37170F8A1CA2E711684231E961DFFAD57F0FCF456F965361F288ED88BE25F3A5CBD5E31D1955E44EEC032C5973666E42E2F12F046FC5D87C1627847569A1DDC5E3B58B14105E5926AC105B4B9E59B43B0C145A9854559D1F1FD83F866119930C8680E6D031C7625BA98669AA7624DE313DC477C1023DCA85F392406DE2ADE679
[&A0N6AAA=] - Icebrood Berserker
[&A0N7AAA=] - D95A487A79ECDBADC52FDA1AED975B1E
[&A0N8AAA=] - Desider Atum Waypoint
[&A0N9AAA=] - Stonefall Estate
[&A0N+AAA=] - Brokentooth Waypoint
[&A0N/AAA=] - Bramble Pass Waypoint
[&A0QBAAA=] - 
[&A0QCAAA=] - Bandit Thug
[&A0QDAAA=] - You dare tread upon our sacred ground? Die!
[&A0QEAAA=] - Pellam
[&A0QFAAA=] - Blacksmith Aina
[&A0QGAAA=] - Your base is being captured!
[&A0QHAAA=] - Master of miniature mayhem.
[&A0QIAAA=] - Thank you.
[&A0QJAAA=] - Is this death?
[&A0QKAAA=] - I have better things to do.
[&A0QLAAA=] - What'd I ever do to you?
[&A0QMAAA=] - More come here!
[&A0QNAAA=] - Your life ends here.
[&A0QOAAA=] - I need help!
[&A0QPAAA=] - My mission is your demise.
[&A0QQAAA=] - Thank the gods.
[&A0QRAAA=] - This is what it's come to.
[&A0QSAAA=] - Does it burn?
[&A0QTAAA=] - I'll end this with one blow!
[&A0QUAAA=] - Leave or die.
[&A0QVAAA=] - The weak run!
[&A0QWAAA=] - There they are.
[&A0QXAAA=] - There they are.
[&A0QYAAA=] - Inconceivable....
[&A0QZAAA=] - Flee before us!
[&A0QaAAA=] - Grenth spare me!
[&A0QbAAA=] - Let us see who is stronger!
[&A0QcAAA=] - Inquest above all!
[&A0QdAAA=] - Stay back! You've been warned.
[&A0QeAAA=] - Keep running.
[&A0QfAAA=] - It all makes sense now!
[&A0QgAAA=] - Some assistance, please!
[&A0QhAAA=] - For Ascalon!
[&A0QiAAA=] - What's next?
[&A0QjAAA=] - End of the line!
[&A0QkAAA=] - Slaughter!
[&A0QlAAA=] - No plan ever survives contact with an asura.
[&A0QmAAA=] - Bandages here.
[&A0QnAAA=] - May Balthazar strengthen you.
[&A0QoAAA=] - For great justice!
[&A0QpAAA=] - My time is precious.
[&A0QqAAA=] - It is good you have met me.
[&A0QrAAA=] - The answer is out there.
[&A0QsAAA=] - Strength in numbers.
[&A0QtAAA=] - You need my help?
[&A0QuAAA=] - I'd really like a pet devourer.
[&A0QvAAA=] - You honor me.
[&A0QwAAA=] - Interested in something specific?
[&A0QxAAA=] - I am honored to meet you.
[&A0QyAAA=] - Seize the moment.
[&A0QzAAA=] - What?
[&A0Q0AAA=] - May you find the path home.
[&A0Q1AAA=] - At ease.
[&A0Q2AAA=] - I pray for the future.
[&A0Q3AAA=] - Welcome, friend!
[&A0Q4AAA=] - Did you need assistance?
[&A0Q5AAA=] - How can I assist you?
[&A0Q6AAA=] - What's next?
[&A0Q7AAA=] - Kill after kill.
[&A0Q8AAA=] - You're dead.
[&A0Q9AAA=] - 
[&A0Q+AAA=] - G-g-going hypothermic.
[&A0Q/AAA=] - Let fly!
[&A0RAAAA=] - Vengeance will be mine!
[&A0RBAAA=] - I'm of a mind to gut you where you stand.
[&A0RCAAA=] - Never give up, never falter.
[&A0RDAAA=] - FC79595E5DED7E3631D84E0EF5B84CC93BC0FED57DC6F371DB6C47189D64E5136376613292EAD106CA13CC24851362C006B31798A41FE4A9E01D68C21064747FF8D97B101044BD92A4DC8B9744EF3E24F1354D6729D24BFF49125AD5DA7FA1A6
[&A0REAAA=] - Lemon Tint
[&A0RFAAA=] - Spring Tide
[&A0RGAAA=] - I'll mount your head over Fort Trinity's gate.
[&A0RHAAA=] - Protector's Strike
[&A0RIAAA=] - Traveler
[&A0RJAAA=] - 31A8457DEFED7260815A12B2E7E7F8BE6307
[&A0RKAAA=] - 846CFF34F57C86AC1EFE7AE239BF555C2A18940BC74A68EDB67BAE3D5ABF11EA
[&A0RLAAA=] - 99804734F04347EB32657C76C5077C32D52D430C3DA2E3C5FB10CFB4910C0612E58DD7366098ADC83AA1929E00C38D9A39F6E12E59A093D3
[&A0RMAAA=] - 8C60EDBBB7CAF40B78AA9CA135537122
[&A0RNAAA=] - 4D4C70048C48AFA52EA1E998AAED2B92BDBE07A0341068079A5AA60AB9CE09C01CF1C7E21DCD1D48C58044495A2072814306C5645EBC8D5E7C3CB7977A8DB78218073D7D74A6
[&A0ROAAA=] - Banners also apply a boon.
[&A0RPAAA=] - Precise Embroidered Sandals
[&A0RQAAA=] - You take no damage for the next few seconds.
[&A0RRAAA=] - Wrangler Leggings
[&A0RSAAA=] - Supple Leather Leggings
[&A0RTAAA=] - Hold the line! We take back the square, and the fortress will be secure!
[&A0RUAAA=] - CB5E3A8710BD0187E7F6C311A238
[&A0RVAAA=] - D4A158BF84B896E66FA9D2
[&A0RWAAA=] - Rough Sharpening Stone[s]
[&A0RXAAA=] - Bowl[s] of Meat and Bean Chili
[&A0RYAAA=] - 0955804EEF277FCDEFB6448BC4F2CDCC1688BC293DDDFA8830087D17818DA0C36142
[&A0RZAAA=] - E703D294FFC5376FAE1A07604B17C0E46BF46B6F838553710845F5
[&A0RaAAA=] - May her glorious children consume you!
[&A0RbAAA=] - Cured Hardened Leather Square[s]
[&A0RcAAA=] - Soft Rifle Stock[s]
[&A0RdAAA=] - 5D1FF7FEBEA188527ABE701D1D97D35FF57D
[&A0ReAAA=] - Celestial Amulet
[&A0RfAAA=] - B6BDDF07528576FD123043C2
[&A0RgAAA=] - The task is done.
[&A0RhAAA=] - +45 Precision
[&A0RiAAA=] - Tar Removal Tool
[&A0RjAAA=] - 29BB549B6C8BBB1BCC83CF3A9002
[&A0RkAAA=] - Master's Salvage Kit[s]
[&A0RlAAA=] - 98C034AA2FA5533E9DB0CEBBC42B
[&A0RmAAA=] - Weaken and cause fear in all foes within earshot.
[&A0RnAAA=] - Fetid Blast
[&A0RoAAA=] - You've selected to receive your Moa Racing winnings by mail.
[&A0RpAAA=] - Zombie Alpha Transform Weapon
[&A0RqAAA=] - Mighty Crude Torch
[&A0RrAAA=] - Golem Arm
[&A0RsAAA=] - Warden's Gloves
[&A0RtAAA=] - Imperators are powerful charr who rule legions. A commendation from one of them will put your name in the history books.
[&A0RuAAA=] - My most important quality is that I have the necessary ______.
[&A0RvAAA=] - Throw Stimulant
[&A0RwAAA=] - E9FED4727A08A2FF69A2F807E5A4AA0E6362449C1C76B8D1E51687A0778DC19056ED63A13D5A3BBF922998ADEBBF542489253C3991BA552594
[&A0RxAAA=] - Test Map - Writer 2
[&A0RyAAA=] - Misplaced Faith
[&A0RzAAA=] - Dangerous Research
[&A0R0AAA=] - Kapellenburg
[&A0R1AAA=] - Tactical Gloves
[&A0R2AAA=] - 4EFBFAC37AAE9EDC9AAD8E568965848C04804BEFB287
[&A0R3AAA=] - Wool Vestments Lining[s]
[&A0R4AAA=] - Godslost Swamp
[&A0R5AAA=] - 46EA216DBF7AECD565B1277CC12838059538BA33C9137CC29593426843D12DA445C375CEED5F84
[&A0R6AAA=] - Bystander
[&A0R7AAA=] - 9BB14DF25642E7FDEB77B2CF322727CF94D768802C4F34D4D88B4E46BE5DF4F3E9B9C40B5AF0CB54D2E6EDD798943AA710
[&A0R8AAA=] - 43EEE47442C3CE150CCCA0C56A1484E53AADC02450EE5F76A02DE3CCB9463FACA1C4FEC3DCF8D26BD1D7A82FFF96D25229409AC3A9A6DD79D1FCF195F88B038FA419C4AB87BBD50501A446
[&A0R9AAA=] - Old Holtimm Abbey
[&A0R+AAA=] - Kindling Waypoint
[&A0R/AAA=] - Signal Peak Waypoint
[&A0UBAAA=] - 
[&A0UCAAA=] - Seraph Soldier
[&A0UDAAA=] - Jotun
[&A0UEAAA=] - I'm going to bring you a world of pain!
[&A0UFAAA=] - Jotun
[&A0UGAAA=] - The Red Mill Outpost Tower has been lost!
[&A0UHAAA=] - Miniature Collection
[&A0UIAAA=] - Always a pleasure.
[&A0UJAAA=] - Who goes there?
[&A0UKAAA=] - They aren't so tough.
[&A0ULAAA=] - Charge!
[&A0UMAAA=] - Have at you, charlatan!
[&A0UNAAA=] - You're a frightened child.
[&A0UOAAA=] - Justice is served.
[&A0UPAAA=] - To arms!
[&A0UQAAA=] - Scholar in need of aid!
[&A0URAAA=] - I know you're there.
[&A0USAAA=] - Heretics!
[&A0UTAAA=] - Say good-bye.
[&A0UUAAA=] - Yahhhhh!
[&A0UVAAA=] - Stay down!
[&A0UWAAA=] - Quickly, now.
[&A0UXAAA=] - Let's end this farce.
[&A0UYAAA=] - Annihilation assistance requested.
[&A0UZAAA=] - Another one gone.
[&A0UaAAA=] - You're no match for me.
[&A0UbAAA=] - Not good enough.
[&A0UcAAA=] - Halt, intruder.
[&A0UdAAA=] - Destroyers take you!
[&A0UeAAA=] - You know too much.
[&A0UfAAA=] - I won't go easy on you!
[&A0UgAAA=] - Gods, take me!
[&A0UhAAA=] - Righteous.
[&A0UiAAA=] - That's how it's done.
[&A0UjAAA=] - Get over here and help me!
[&A0UkAAA=] - Fall before my might!
[&A0UlAAA=] - Be professional, be polite, but plan to kill them anyway.
[&A0UmAAA=] - An elixir should help.
[&A0UnAAA=] - Stay calm, stay alert.
[&A0UoAAA=] - What do you want?
[&A0UpAAA=] - Seize the moment.
[&A0UqAAA=] - Busy. Please speak quickly.
[&A0UrAAA=] - You come seeking knowledge?
[&A0UsAAA=] - We're here to serve.
[&A0UtAAA=] - Their coin, my coin.only difference is the pronoun.
[&A0UuAAA=] - Hi!
[&A0UvAAA=] - Consider me an ally.
[&A0UwAAA=] - I have everything you need right here.
[&A0UxAAA=] - Seeking wisdom? Seek no further.
[&A0UyAAA=] - I didn't see you there.
[&A0UzAAA=] - Make it quick.
[&A0U0AAA=] - Greetings, friend.
[&A0U1AAA=] - Give me a report.
[&A0U2AAA=] - The world cries out. I must answer.
[&A0U3AAA=] - The bigger the forge, the better.
[&A0U4AAA=] - May Balthazar strengthen you.
[&A0U5AAA=] - May Balthazar strengthen you.
[&A0U6AAA=] - A worthy challenge.
[&A0U7AAA=] - I could do this forever.
[&A0U8AAA=] - Cover me!
[&A0U9AAA=] - 
[&A0U+AAA=] - I can't move!
[&A0U/AAA=] -!
[&A0VAAAA=] - That's what you get.
[&A0VBAAA=] - You do NOT want to become my next quest.
[&A0VCAAA=] - Don't even twitch. You're in control!
[&A0VDAAA=] - C4ADB3B81F18237291887C040D52E237A8050EEEE3773B8ABFE79D9FFF5F3F80E0827240227C900A9CDEBC0B59948DD7A2730CA9418FB64AAAB1ECD349D330097402BEB2DCC1F8D16826099FFF67EAA5B826
[&A0VEAAA=] - Lemon Zest
[&A0VFAAA=] - Stem
[&A0VGAAA=] - Healing Turret
[&A0VHAAA=] - That must be where they're holding the Wardens.
[&A0VIAAA=] - 3ABB994BE361F8327EE20B8CD97EE58219FD6E387C706EF6AE6A298B7539F05CADE069F146FD
[&A0VJAAA=] - 84E7D75CBD63556026CCC6651F912EC566A819A30B7C8DBBF665E8
[&A0VKAAA=] - 4C71BD87FE2CA767391C0D4CC92A96473F76A3BAB70C970019B43BD2
[&A0VLAAA=] - 4A3C0BA48263DE16AA8598C6A7D1FF5A5516CFA7
[&A0VMAAA=] - ED66C79DAF167A7AC91A5F34A39A778BF91B8189DC1C5A7CFC013ACF1804475414E513852420C8323822E8959A992B114F1472647C2EF8
[&A0VNAAA=] - F321C36185122AE747DA343B4FBDCD836CD2231B5BE3A0A593C827830F2C87
[&A0VOAAA=] - Bountiful Banners
[&A0VPAAA=] - Resilient Embroidered Sandals
[&A0VQAAA=] - Trait Stats
[&A0VRAAA=] - Wrangler Shoulders
[&A0VSAAA=] - Supple Leather Shoulderpads
[&A0VTAAA=] - Stop whining, mate. A hundred Risen or a hundred thousand, we're gonna get 'em all.
[&A0VUAAA=] - F010B32098D1EB1D9018
[&A0VVAAA=] - Undead Arm
[&A0VWAAA=] - Snow Truffle[s]
[&A0VXAAA=] - Bowl[s] of Simple Bean Chili
[&A0VYAAA=] - Warmaster's Hammer
[&A0VZAAA=] - C1599ECD0D8A09D25C4F3C71851C
[&A0VaAAA=] - 1664F11E8ECC36A8A65776EA0EEA17FA03E6B077C0C34FA23DD703
[&A0VbAAA=] - Stretched Rawhide Leather Square[s]
[&A0VcAAA=] - Seasoned Rifle Stock[s]
[&A0VdAAA=] - 1FCBD2730C4761A148F8F08612F2F1091D11D10D4FC230A35AC5F3DAFD860336FA948D1ED8DAECDB5BC6F11C32032E8A1683522CB04CE7AC78B2D676C221F33FD82B53FC6B480C7E2F31D5BD3A7E606DEB26C1AE9BF389F302D95EF165E1403823C3974630
[&A0VeAAA=] - A8D657F842BABCF62A5F693BC8F16D4AD0371800
[&A0VfAAA=] - ECA34D0FEB7345295732DFBD9F
[&A0VgAAA=] - Another success!
[&A0VhAAA=] - +100 Precision
[&A0ViAAA=] - <c=@flavor>"With a hero like you around the Flame Legion here wont last long."<br>.Legionnaire Neverburn</c>
[&A0VjAAA=] - 26B69AF14C5F934427293B43043D02
[&A0VkAAA=] - Pig Unarmed
[&A0VlAAA=] - 290D3ADB6F124EE945E383124C244A630E9DB521
[&A0VmAAA=] - AD09FA4E97F1090359C1C4374A745BFED056DF
[&A0VnAAA=] - Fetid Mark
[&A0VoAAA=] - Moa Mail
[&A0VpAAA=] - Golden Mace
[&A0VqAAA=] - Vital Crude Torch
[&A0VrAAA=] - Asuran Turret
[&A0VsAAA=] - +30 Precision
[&A0VtAAA=] - be knighted by the queen.
[&A0VuAAA=] - Quality Of A Great Hero
[&A0VvAAA=] - Release the magnetic field to push back nearby foes.
[&A0VwAAA=] - F8359BFB0B16E4F5FAC043232FD1F023A981F933C0E8781FC440D7CAD8278A04B1
[&A0VxAAA=] - Test Map - Writer 3
[&A0VyAAA=] - An escape or a kidnapping? Forktail left the jail in the company of Flame Legion spies. Whether he went of his own free will or not, the Flame Legion's attacks on the Black Citadel are getting more bold.
[&A0VzAAA=] - Digging Up Answers
[&A0V0AAA=] - Dissun's Mine
[&A0V1AAA=] - Tactical Helm
[&A0V2AAA=] - FEDA084E7AB2B39630554F6A4918438C4122DAA0BEBA8FD9FC545481C05931D4
[&A0V3AAA=] - Hey.
[&A0V4AAA=] - 0DD5775273E573C7E63B75B22970431317C4E241C020C42ADC0ED10E175D864B23ECF95EA2F3360684970D11FE3DF7B1A540E07269B9DB47DA7342CB5C2729127A8431C8F55123602EB7C7D96DA76CE48F24295314979DAB4DAA1BA267EBAA02F7F2E869E483A4E46D96CADF1507F12C048EB4046FBA16FEC3B676BF3455527883B6D0EA8C633105242D
[&A0V5AAA=] - Ghastly Focus
[&A0V6AAA=] - Is that really Councillor Flax? He is not entirely unattractive!
[&A0V7AAA=] - Merchant<br>" Buy Supplies<br>" Sell Items
[&A0V8AAA=] - Test Resurrection Shrine
[&A0V9AAA=] - Ettinworks Lab
[&A0V+AAA=] - Brandview Waypoint
[&A0V/AAA=] - Fort Trinity Waypoint
[&A0YBAAA=] - 
[&A0YCAAA=] - Villager
[&A0YDAAA=] - Run, insect! Leave before I tear your arms off and beat you to death with them.
[&A0YEAAA=] - Goldbeak clearly isn't telling us everything. Keep asking questions.
[&A0YFAAA=] - Roald
[&A0YGAAA=] - The Blue Mill Center Tower has been lost!
[&A0YHAAA=] - %num1%/%num2% In Collection
[&A0YIAAA=] - Fire!
[&A0YJAAA=] - Fall before me!
[&A0YKAAA=] - Evil doesn't pay.
[&A0YLAAA=] - This is what it's come to.
[&A0YMAAA=] - Flee, you cowardly cur!
[&A0YNAAA=] - I dream once more.
[&A0YOAAA=] - You disgust me.
[&A0YPAAA=] - To me!
[&A0YQAAA=] - We've no need to fight. Back off.
[&A0YRAAA=] - This battle is over.
[&A0YSAAA=] - I'll have to finish this!
[&A0YTAAA=] - Who else wants some?
[&A0YUAAA=] - You want a fight?
[&A0YVAAA=] - Prepare to charge.
[&A0YWAAA=] - Let's end this farce.
[&A0YXAAA=] - Shadows and silence take you.
[&A0YYAAA=] - Not even a challenge.
[&A0YZAAA=] - I feel strange.
[&A0YaAAA=] - Who's there?
[&A0YbAAA=] - Have you come to challenge me?
[&A0YcAAA=] - See you in your nightmares!
[&A0YdAAA=] - Don't underestimate me!
[&A0YeAAA=] - Oh, my. Not good.
[&A0YfAAA=] - I need help!
[&A0YgAAA=] - You just made your business my business.
[&A0YhAAA=] - My soul is pure.
[&A0YiAAA=] - I achieve things. I'm an achiever.
[&A0YjAAA=] - Run or fight. Your choice.
[&A0YkAAA=] - Death!
[&A0YlAAA=] - Charge!
[&A0YmAAA=] - Dispenser operational.
[&A0YnAAA=] - Fight to the last.
[&A0YoAAA=] - Dragon makes me strong.
[&A0YpAAA=] - Go on.
[&A0YqAAA=] - Do you have any food?
[&A0YrAAA=] - Excelsior.
[&A0YsAAA=] - Want to start something?
[&A0YtAAA=] - Yarr.
[&A0YuAAA=] - I don't know you.
[&A0YvAAA=] - Some must fight so that all may be free.
[&A0YwAAA=] - All prices are nonnegotiable.
[&A0YxAAA=] - What?
[&A0YyAAA=] - How do you do?
[&A0YzAAA=] - I'm listening.
[&A0Y0AAA=] - For Ascalon!
[&A0Y1AAA=] - Any news?
[&A0Y2AAA=] - Good to see another honest face.
[&A0Y3AAA=] - Need something hammered?
[&A0Y4AAA=] - Anything to report?
[&A0Y5AAA=] - May the sun shine gently upon you.
[&A0Y6AAA=] - It's over.
[&A0Y7AAA=] - Skill. All skill.
[&A0Y8AAA=] - Looks like trouble.
[&A0Y9AAA=] - 
[&A0Y+AAA=] - I need an antidote.
[&A0Y/AAA=] - And away!
[&A0ZAAAA=] - You paid the price.
[&A0ZBAAA=] - (laugh)
[&A0ZCAAA=] - Useful! Thanks.
[&A0ZDAAA=] - 9A1780DF5589500D5EE5CBB657657E4A31DA00F61BEFA2796B2707C93CFF1673B3681C79F8A8F3948D9BD6E1AA2D81975E0B68889D85BDFBD104E4DF31B552531DCD998B1A70D9E30D1524EDDCE4B0693E61DCD67827BE388D087736
[&A0ZEAAA=] - Lemonade
[&A0ZFAAA=] - Strawberry
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
[&A0ZHAAA=] - 767FF2C21B56C301B48897869CE76B1F0FB2F921A3427BB49FA6F49DFABCF314E86E65B7FE01E9AB11F65E473221FFBD56E4CC7337451DAAC235F806B7761CB175CBAB31BE29D6DE0667F05E119EB521485F08C8E44C9F
[&A0ZIAAA=] - Sylvari
[&A0ZJAAA=] - Escort Magister Izzmek to the site of the first signal beacon.
[&A0ZKAAA=] - Clear the approach to bandit territory.
[&A0ZLAAA=] - 7376B6252D2CD43DD2DB3C8C1D284FAA5C6AC3FBB8C33317E016180915A4F800159B8A4D3E7DFB8D43814FE53A1DA8758AC91F696DAA187D63184A52AFABC8FB1DB50705BFB7A93258F31CCA41C2F9933FFAA289
[&A0ZMAAA=] - 52100B83FCDD89D44877AC5758C929A7D6983A
[&A0ZNAAA=] - Negative.
[&A0ZOAAA=] - E703D294FFC5376FAE1A07604B17C0E46BF46B6F838553710845F5
[&A0ZPAAA=] - 65D01BB081
[&A0ZQAAA=] - BE5C9F218E04FCCE6210A6CA91C0EDEE36772A
[&A0ZRAAA=] - Archon Shoulders
[&A0ZSAAA=] - Duelist's Chain Helm
[&A0ZTAAA=] - All right, here we go. Taste the inferno, you stenchy blighters!
[&A0ZUAAA=] - 850740B0D8673501D0A35DD5F49713C0B2
[&A0ZVAAA=] - Flamethrower
[&A0ZWAAA=] - 1522058D3F1DA7C80D4651FEC3
[&A0ZXAAA=] - Bowl[s] of Cabbage Stirfry
[&A0ZYAAA=] - Shaman's Etched Speargun
[&A0ZZAAA=] - 7377CEF1786643647569
[&A0ZaAAA=] - 2614540F365DC682BF3445B108413A3DC7B74E3C92ABB4AB8E2752
[&A0ZbAAA=] - Wool Scrap[s]
[&A0ZcAAA=] - Elder Pistol Frame[s]
[&A0ZdAAA=] - 672726266C2512CDCD077636A420
[&A0ZfAAA=] - 92DDD1D830D1A5E2E39BFA7050C0
[&A0ZgAAA=] - Hey, you.
[&A0ZhAAA=] - +140 Precision
[&A0ZiAAA=] - Mercenary
[&A0ZjAAA=] - 4F690A38BD4E4A10342453E854AD
[&A0ZkAAA=] - Spirit of Excess
[&A0ZlAAA=] - 2456C3B42FA748DEFBE36E99819C11CF
[&A0ZmAAA=] - 9D1806DC5F2A5AD2946FBC80B0B0A28EC573688B4C7BB5A16352B0A3813688369FF4A3F4A91A294FA12D0D3EF702F548EEB1FADB58505D002D82DE0F7FD09EBC0665C7C4F0987665D72330364FE52660D9DCE327AF0F5CE0069B1C8887E60E96AF3CEB89F6F043510571D9FAEEACBF432AC959
[&A0ZnAAA=] - D7B03956D5D1AB8484A32C1AD82DBD5FB58FCB7A75E7E823AD2F76DA74340AF8EB0E3677FDF87486BCEB1218B599591184B45885215866A6D6
[&A0ZoAAA=] - Ascalon Ghost Minion
[&A0ZpAAA=] - A7C93847B2B6EA135B3BF66DE3439D46
[&A0ZqAAA=] - Precise Crude Torch
[&A0ZrAAA=] - DE5A9EFE0D4950DCE84AFB6F9D31D6E427F2
[&A0ZsAAA=] - 7555B56E449B7102DE436F36FFA3A6D7A32CE39386531610310610151FE069E104511FA35A8251CB14BF2D63A63CB3E379991EB4
[&A0ZtAAA=] - Knighted by the Queen
[&A0ZuAAA=] - strength to defeat ancient foes
[&A0ZvAAA=] - Magnetic Inversion
[&A0ZwAAA=] - 381EA8B44F5BB6EF5A8AFBF025BFCCE26B7DB520FA388415C2FA4B8F8666F65577DA8035A21EDF17E9A91174CE05BC5F58704597D8
[&A0ZxAAA=] - Test Map - Writer 4
[&A0ZyAAA=] - A Fork in the Road
[&A0ZzAAA=] - Defensive Action
[&A0Z0AAA=] - Heimdahl's Last Stand
[&A0Z1AAA=] - 70 precision
[&A0Z2AAA=] - Tactical Leggings
[&A0Z3AAA=] - 70 power
[&A0Z4AAA=] - 7BA6928BDE76076A5995066E22AFBD0EF91E2EDDF476305B690EBA0EB9BAA137B961C86F69581FC69DCE49
[&A0Z5AAA=] - Compass Plaza
[&A0Z6AAA=] - 70 precision
[&A0Z7AAA=] - 70 power
[&A0Z8AAA=] - C1BB103EAB62A5DCC32361C09071D64A431CC3D5E23FE2C0060A6799E75F4F
[&A0Z9AAA=] - 70 condition damage
[&A0Z+AAA=] - 5BAF77BA91EEE7C5DB9015FF2311692AAD05F619539595DA1634D7750AC6D1868BA3286C44C8D2A084094A65EBCA2B4E7CA69E4909A9271E8237BBC3C820F1A7CB780056F2F8186CA3F51056BBA4C37E2B1258FD66946B47B4571ABE81740A632BC897B8CBD79A81F0F855455E7DC0857966C575D0FD149A240141970716A8067F9C9875C15E5A4C5F4055B86B
[&A0Z/AAA=] - Impressive!
[&A0aAAAA=] - [lbracket]Merchant[rbracket]
[&A0aBAAA=] - Sorrrow's Embrace Waypoint
[&A0aCAAA=] - Black Barl's Mill
[&A0aDAAA=] - Refuge Sanctum Waypoint
[&A0aEAAA=] - Thorn Pass Waypoint
[&A0cBAAA=] - 
[&A0cCAAA=] - Thank you!
[&A0cDAAA=] - You'll never leave here alive!
[&A0cEAAA=] - It's settled, then. We'll root out that evil hylek speaker.
[&A0cFAAA=] - Jotun
[&A0cGAAA=] - The Red Mill Outpost Caravan is being attacked!
[&A0cHAAA=] - Serious metalworking skills.
[&A0cIAAA=] - Launch!
[&A0cJAAA=] - Watch yourself!
[&A0cKAAA=] - Halt!
[&A0cLAAA=] - Leave me be!
[&A0cMAAA=] - As I predicted.
[&A0cNAAA=] - All eyes on me!
[&A0cOAAA=] - I sense intruders.
[&A0cPAAA=] - Another one gone.
[&A0cQAAA=] - Sorry about that.
[&A0cRAAA=] - Too slow!
[&A0cSAAA=] - You're no match for me!
[&A0cTAAA=] - Give me a hand!
[&A0cUAAA=] - A little help!
[&A0cVAAA=] - Blood Legion!
[&A0cWAAA=] - Your resolve is weak.
[&A0cXAAA=] - Welcome the end!
[&A0cYAAA=] - You don't want this fight.
[&A0cZAAA=] - Are we going to have a problem?
[&A0caAAA=] - Get them!
[&A0cbAAA=] - A worthy adversary.
[&A0ccAAA=] - Never capitulate!
[&A0cdAAA=] - My role has ended.
[&A0ceAAA=] - I know someone's out there.
[&A0cfAAA=] - This is what it's come to.
[&A0cgAAA=] - So it's come to this.
[&A0chAAA=] - Burn everything!
[&A0ciAAA=] - One more thing for my list of accomplishments.
[&A0cjAAA=] - Yah!
[&A0ckAAA=] - It's down.
[&A0clAAA=] - Forward!
[&A0cmAAA=] - Turret deployed.
[&A0cnAAA=] - United in victory.
[&A0coAAA=] - You don't look like much.
[&A0cpAAA=] - Hello.
[&A0cqAAA=] - Good meeting.
[&A0crAAA=] - It is glorious to be alive.
[&A0csAAA=] - What?
[&A0ctAAA=] - Avast, you scurvy golem.
[&A0cuAAA=] - Some day, I'm going to lead an entire Legion!
[&A0cvAAA=] - Never leave a wrong to ripen into evil.
[&A0cwAAA=] - Need something?
[&A0cxAAA=] - The wheel of progress turns.
[&A0cyAAA=] - Welcome.
[&A0czAAA=] - The legion calls.
[&A0c0AAA=] - May the gods protect you.
[&A0c1AAA=] - Where there's light, there's shadow.
[&A0c2AAA=] - Do you need assistance?
[&A0c3AAA=] - I heft hammers bigger than you.
[&A0c4AAA=] - Hello.
[&A0c5AAA=] - You've brightened my day.
[&A0c6AAA=] - All done.
[&A0c7AAA=] - Slaughter!
[&A0c8AAA=] - Kabam!
[&A0c9AAA=] - 
[&A0c+AAA=] - My defenses are down.
[&A0c/AAA=] - Seems I need to teach you a lesson.
[&A0dAAAA=] - Told you I'd be back.
[&A0dBAAA=] - Look there!
[&A0dCAAA=] - You'll never miss this.
[&A0dDAAA=] - 1618BB4B36F8EBE927B36628651E7268CCAAADADAB1CF113281133F8C311E570A1EB95BAD71ADC2E2CE3F37C999D5720062489A329F824171393C865949469B875051EA0C379101A2963CA2C311611312BA3F91DCDEBDAB27CD81504787D0CBF1888EC6A35169DE5A0A7FDA5D626ECC4FAA98B907FA8A828D1
[&A0dEAAA=] - Leprechaun
[&A0dFAAA=] - Strawberry Breeze
[&A0dGAAA=] - There is no escape...
[&A0dHAAA=] - BA4BA4474C1F583EA1CB6A1C74CF519241549FF6AC792B2C2E473D46EB99BCF3BE0856C566A939C41945AB95C95975CF43A72D7FD8881E43E5B06875E6E7183CAC765BE604838E6A9E55401F88A6007E80FF28663887F9
[&A0dIAAA=] - Sariel
[&A0dJAAA=] - 65D6C5265E7E51A6F9667E90C7CB
[&A0dKAAA=] - 3BC2DDA0E9E8D2E753A8063867A54483F0A777B0C9DD3B98EE8C6796CB6AF09D517A01D6C4E2E025B2680B635AEA477D089EA5971E2D56B817349930BF845A756A01505B07B9404750318FD1DB11434E44232B6A7417108FF590E111E48E72FE4CE9FA9F33E265E09A228D493CA3F502482B7C351B40E6E5B97B24052283BD709F3A0315A83BA083
[&A0dLAAA=] - 89BD269EA54ACD7A22F30C9717
[&A0dMAAA=] - D802BB87109DA66503C4CE0AF43AAFAA3182F106E81CAB763C0DEADD0CEC2D0C5B450930129EB028A1B87B22DF51876FA43D3EDECC43AFFCBE40CBB025F98FCFAADB4A2E298D30D5E2B4CFBE4B7946
[&A0dNAAA=] - Look. The skritt are getting blind drunk. We need to stop this!
[&A0dOAAA=] - A77EEB1C3F682D24129AD80BAAD5B6
[&A0dPAAA=] - 829956460ACC79FF5032350D19340E931ACB60AA843CEC175CE781F4F607C619
[&A0dQAAA=] - 8E67BD74
[&A0dRAAA=] - Legion Boots
[&A0dSAAA=] - Thick Cloth Helm
[&A0dTAAA=] - How many princes are there, anyway? No wonder we can't put this bad man down!
[&A0dUAAA=] - Alpine Lily
[&A0dVAAA=] - We did it! The Priory at Landslide Lee have befriended the skritt in Kolkorensburg. We can now enter their cave and study the relics and crystal formations within. That's two things you've helped us achieve. This is an exciting day for the have our gratitude and our thanks.

.Antal the Patient
[&A0dWAAA=] - Simple Sharpening Stone[s]
[&A0dXAAA=] - Veggie Burger[s]
[&A0dYAAA=] - Summon a well of blood to heal nearby allies.
[&A0dZAAA=] - BF11710D2C813F6938
[&A0daAAA=] - C92D60B3D949CF0C7F79FF9F7D5B839C6D3010B6F8CFD68B1451AECE
[&A0dbAAA=] - Bolt[s] of Wool
[&A0dcAAA=] - Green Pistol Frame[s]
[&A0ddAAA=] - Mini River Drake Broodmother
[&A0deAAA=] - A true hero takes time from slaying dragons to help out the common folk as well.
[&A0dfAAA=] - C3C6CCDEC48323312D48E087C7
[&A0dgAAA=] - I can still hold more, but I am almost done.
[&A0dhAAA=] - +80 Precision
[&A0diAAA=] - BA554C3CADF8C8B54C33171ABDAB48433575EFAA4C06DEE50718E182800570C39F1ECEC7F7CF0A9E9517247235CC15E0A30ECF83070EF1B7
[&A0djAAA=] - E009A7BCA7382EF6EA4A62
[&A0dkAAA=] - Snow Leopard Unarmed
[&A0dlAAA=] - 1A0467BB46A7F515872CE078651C495354C5B0052A568539BDBBE8
[&A0dmAAA=] - 0C78CE87D0D92B3399755707724D1ED6F44B5BF740C2B3D42BE8BEA60B08BEDB74E31FC345861D3EE2503F701DCD0040C1F8D2F1DA65C4530D3DBF0E69D24B702DB694FA7EEBCD0D11145FC750581B51
[&A0dnAAA=] - 5149ED638230B05FF1A7
[&A0doAAA=] - Follow us! We're on a vital mission, and we need all the soldiers we can muster.
[&A0dpAAA=] - B9F4C2FD5CD6587C1176FF889EB7B1F2BA90
[&A0dqAAA=] - Resilient Crude Torch
[&A0drAAA=] - 10C506F0AD7C2EE6B9D28FEFF6
[&A0dsAAA=] - +30 Precision
[&A0dtAAA=] - Queen Jennah is a beloved by the humans of Kryta. Once you have her approval, you have the respect of the Krytan people.
[&A0duAAA=] - Defeat Our Ancient Foes
[&A0dvAAA=] - Guild Banquet Table
[&A0dwAAA=] - 00150A9D56973D50AE69FD2E763C985F5D5CE3D48E348882616CBF4F556344F1066AA9BF9DBBFEB6825439BA2D97C107354843C515223ECACE8D2F76E8339A7B264775B95D7C95F706ECABFD6D7CF6C1D933E9812A7BCE3DDBF6B1180E4ED6E9AE8AA032F31C806A5144AD5B19C86B088A10D8495DC3F41BFB209D5A9FD4A6F6A0049C159C6BA571FA111DF3F1
[&A0dxAAA=] - Test Map - Writer 5
[&A0dyAAA=] - Some legion soldiers are deemed too incompetent to serve much purpose. Officers assign these soldiers to salvage duty after a battle. Mockingly called 'scrappers,' they make up the lowest caste of honorable society.
[&A0dzAAA=] - Defending the Keep
[&A0d0AAA=] - Mountain's Tail
[&A0d1AAA=] - Tactical Shoulders
[&A0d2AAA=] - 5686E2810B58EF40A065AD055C63B4CE51CA35E70F22
[&A0d3AAA=] - Cathedral of Verdance
[&A0d4AAA=] - Knight's Winged Mantle
[&A0d5AAA=] - The Face I Wear
[&A0d6AAA=] - Bystander
[&A0d7AAA=] - Weaponsmith<br>" Buy Weapons<br>" Sell Items
[&A0d8AAA=] - Ogotl Grounds
[&A0d9AAA=] - Curve Bullet
[&A0d+AAA=] - Coalpit Watchpost
[&A0d/AAA=] - Thunderhead Waypoint
[&A0gBAAA=] - 
[&A0gCAAA=] - I'm scared!
[&A0gDAAA=] - King Bokar
[&A0gEAAA=] - Brace yourselves! They're serious!
[&A0gFAAA=] - Dredge Excavator[s]
[&A0gGAAA=] - The center flag has been reset!
[&A0gHAAA=] - Armorsmith
[&A0gIAAA=] - Let 'em have it!
[&A0gJAAA=] - Rally to me!
[&A0gKAAA=] - Tell my wife I love her!
[&A0gLAAA=] - This isn't worth it.
[&A0gMAAA=] - Help me, you miscreants!
[&A0gNAAA=] - The enemy is upon us!
[&A0gOAAA=] - For Ascalon!
[&A0gPAAA=] - I feel strange.
[&A0gQAAA=] - Tell someone about this.
[&A0gRAAA=] - The harvest begins.
[&A0gSAAA=] - No! Please, no!
[&A0gTAAA=] - I'll take you with me!
[&A0gUAAA=] - I give up.
[&A0gVAAA=] - I thought you came to fight.
[&A0gWAAA=] - Not yet...
[&A0gXAAA=] - Slay in silence.
[&A0gYAAA=] - Blood Legion!
[&A0gZAAA=] - Knowledge is power!
[&A0gaAAA=] - Say good-bye.
[&A0gbAAA=] - Show them your strength, my clan!
[&A0gcAAA=] - Here's something you won't forget!
[&A0gdAAA=] - Zero tolerance!
[&A0geAAA=] - Inquest over all!
[&A0gfAAA=] - Stay back.
[&A0ggAAA=] - May your final journey be easy.
[&A0ghAAA=] - Who dares approach me?
[&A0giAAA=] - Greetings.
[&A0gjAAA=] - You'll pay for your disrespect!
[&A0gkAAA=] - Threat neutralized.
[&A0glAAA=] - For the legions!
[&A0gmAAA=] - Another fine example of engineering.
[&A0gnAAA=] - Fight with valor.
[&A0goAAA=] - I don't speak to the feeble.
[&A0gpAAA=] - I'm listening.
[&A0gqAAA=] - Fire warms, but fire also burns.
[&A0grAAA=] - You're always welcome here.
[&A0gsAAA=] - Watch yourself, cub.
[&A0gtAAA=] - Why join the navy if you can be a pirate?
[&A0guAAA=] - I could pretty much kill an ogre.
[&A0gvAAA=] - Seeking wisdom? Seek no further.
[&A0gwAAA=] - Victory at any cost.
[&A0gxAAA=] - What's on your mind?
[&A0gyAAA=] - It's tough to prosper nowadays, but we try.
[&A0gzAAA=] - You want something?
[&A0g0AAA=] - We know so little.
[&A0g1AAA=] - Talk to me.
[&A0g2AAA=] - Well met!
[&A0g3AAA=] - Smithing is thirsty work.
[&A0g4AAA=] - Nice to see you.
[&A0g5AAA=] - Where life goes, so too should you.
[&A0g6AAA=] - Finished.
[&A0g7AAA=] - Die before me!
[&A0g8AAA=] - The first hit is mine!
[&A0g9AAA=] - 
[&A0g+AAA=] - I'm weakened? Preposterous!
[&A0g/AAA=] - You've brought this on yourself.
[&A0hAAAA=] - Position captured.
[&A0hBAAA=] - Do you see what I see?
[&A0hCAAA=] - Finders, keepers.
[&A0hDAAA=] - 4E80980DB1C0743DFC8311E2AB3913322D4C78AD0BB630E0AF4EA52BCBC3EE1102FD9BDCB457B0E2C91E6132B6ACF473C39E1F64A9AF11D658478B317946C242406531E22303990C888E606285328DDA6D9F4709ED40C3B927EF375F39851F
[&A0hEAAA=] - Lilac
[&A0hFAAA=] - Stream
[&A0hGAAA=] - Ice Block
[&A0hHAAA=] - 2DEE4008E492DF2D52DFE805F46DE102DE5E
[&A0hIAAA=] - 759B6AA61834DD63D579FB3F909B70504FACC6C1A09A
[&A0hJAAA=] - 1B1443308576A846DE532A9ED0D787115ED337406CCD061508618D9AB9335937AC1B7503AB8C0D1DF361D3E3A429B20C0148AA1C863C25B812C2C93F53CA8C78
[&A0hKAAA=] - Secure Shelter's Gate before the Risen arrive.
[&A0hLAAA=] - 1E9ABA00F1FE12F760CF22E2D13DDB3F4B885FC7A275D1C731D2740E6E9483F6C94CC7072D2FC61334DAB010FDF681C0D52C32640DE56E
[&A0hMAAA=] - 754255E15795660005838693024535AC6EABAE
[&A0hNAAA=] - 8A384B1CA907386394F9D473D7799D33EC7C008C82
[&A0hOAAA=] - Janthir Bay
[&A0hPAAA=] - FE6B999BA1C05A47D11A5FB42A6C3C257CE6D918307C015E114A85ACF4
[&A0hQAAA=] - Confuses " Cripples " Teleports " Buffs Self
[&A0hRAAA=] - Legion Hauberk
[&A0hSAAA=] - Thick Cloth Mantle
[&A0hTAAA=] - Dredge Diving Suit
[&A0hUAAA=] - A8078F64E7950FB6A2F978
[&A0hVAAA=] - 03D762234FEC99C5F5D7D039
[&A0hWAAA=] - 584724961C977DD346A1D05EDE56A178A6B381AD779EDDCE9E6D752F45385E479BED930A9A84CF112F18A046DF9E25FD8DF61C3E75239F2C5A58D807E0252043C4EDAF983B5A3B
[&A0hXAAA=] - Filet[s] of Sesame Roasted Meat
[&A0hYAAA=] - 13231FE3D3356B3E9DD88B7822F5D34DC725C296019A815706E9BC
[&A0hZAAA=] - B4B0AD6CD780CC07EC7B
[&A0haAAA=] - MONSTER ONLY Canine Pet Family
[&A0hbAAA=] - Cotton Scrap[s]
[&A0hcAAA=] - Hard Pistol Frame[s]
[&A0hdAAA=] - 8A08796EBFA07297CFFC5A840FE16207ED6164313C62D2C6D39650E3C0AA17BFAA21F3
[&A0heAAA=] - Local Hero
[&A0hfAAA=] - 2DAFD5C2CF00571BFDC7F5A3
[&A0hgAAA=] - About what I expected.
[&A0hhAAA=] - +10 Vitality
[&A0hiAAA=] - AD7B4A7599F58323504824FCC73C91338A2B62C546
[&A0hjAAA=] - FBA0D104E1E051DF07FC400388D1
[&A0hkAAA=] - Melandru
[&A0hlAAA=] - EEF96915F7E72892D4
[&A0hmAAA=] - 073643F53F8C72D1D7B767C070A7
[&A0hnAAA=] - 8F79180442E1CD702F58FABA
[&A0hoAAA=] - Form up on the commander! We must search the temple.
[&A0hpAAA=] - 93181E33AD265F3F2931558F59A6C1DADE6A
[&A0hqAAA=] - Precise Crude Torch
[&A0hrAAA=] - Range dialed in. Fire at will!
[&A0hsAAA=] - 7199DB9275A58B5892
[&A0htAAA=] - have my tale become a legend in Hoelbrak.
[&A0huAAA=] - I keep my body strong so that I can defeat our ancient enemies and protect the Great Lodge.
[&A0hvAAA=] - Sleeping Boar
[&A0hwAAA=] - A fine egg specimen that Ploint is interested in.
Event Item
[&A0hxAAA=] - Test Map - Writer 6
[&A0hyAAA=] - No Negotiations
[&A0hzAAA=] - Undead Detection
[&A0h0AAA=] - Steelbrachen
[&A0h1AAA=] - Nobleman's Breastplate
[&A0h2AAA=] - AB9F0AD76CC10C3A317CC8FD4304CC454126F773E964AE4C7F5DAA4C010C1144EAF9F070C6A8B922F3E4E343F1E6AC79887BD15C6E2EEA0FDE8E0F37EC72DC29A10B390926C29808B90657683F8447941EB62894436F094EBB94D65F97D28F23B54A9F1D27CCE5369A5580ADBBA68BB1703BCC2C7A76D0C82CC28763F0665A5FDD8DF065D5208D082BC153A168C47D03873DD7B92212498DE819A4756347E014A684177553E47049BF6A85B790358B590624182D3843
[&A0h3AAA=] - Noose Road
[&A0h4AAA=] - CA9A34EC0496DDFDC809E16802F69D717FF09E48AC8C5B4E69F317139EB83DC3E6DF5596
[&A0h5AAA=] - harlequin's smile
[&A0h6AAA=] - I wish my krewe could build a teleporter ray like that. Our genius is a hack.
[&A0h7AAA=] - [lbracket]Weaponsmith[rbracket]
[&A0h8AAA=] - Invariant Base
[&A0h9AAA=] - Pinion Pass
[&A0h+AAA=] - 10376BC41A28924FE2F5FF577B25B8D0926F7ED3677928EFC1A1D9845D42F8E40C153BB010A61538E154
[&A0h/AAA=] - Broken Spit Waypoint
[&A0kBAAA=] - 
[&A0kCAAA=] - Don't let them get me!
[&A0kDAAA=] - Bergris
[&A0kEAAA=] - When you're done being foolish, I'll meet you back here...and I'll have the zalisco extract with me.
[&A0kFAAA=] - Gautarr
[&A0kGAAA=] - The Blue Mine Center Caravan has been lost!
[&A0kHAAA=] - %num1%/%num2% Kills
[&A0kIAAA=] - Time to fight.
[&A0kJAAA=] - Peacemaker in trouble.
[&A0kKAAA=] - I need assistance!
[&A0kLAAA=] - I need help!
[&A0kMAAA=] - I'll cut you down to size!
[&A0kNAAA=] - Your blood flows well.
[&A0kOAAA=] - Dwayna, receive me!
[&A0kPAAA=] - Flee before us!
[&A0kQAAA=] - Now you've made me angry!
[&A0kRAAA=] - Death embraces me.
[&A0kSAAA=] - That was close.
[&A0kTAAA=] - Vivisection time!
[&A0kUAAA=] - Don't embarrass yourself.
[&A0kVAAA=] - Leave this world!
[&A0kWAAA=] - Now! Corner them!
[&A0kXAAA=] - Damn. Survivors!
[&A0kYAAA=] - The weak run!
[&A0kZAAA=] - Sleep well.
[&A0kaAAA=] - I'm done here.
[&A0kbAAA=] - Let our enemies feel despair!
[&A0kcAAA=] - To the Depths with you!
[&A0kdAAA=] - Befoul this locale no more!
[&A0keAAA=] - Plan B!
[&A0kfAAA=] - Leave me be!
[&A0kgAAA=] - Knowledge is power!
[&A0khAAA=] - Blasphemers!
[&A0kiAAA=] - Excuse me.
[&A0kjAAA=] - I'll see you again.
[&A0kkAAA=] - And that's the end of that.
[&A0klAAA=] - Dismissed!
[&A0kmAAA=] - Turret built.
[&A0knAAA=] - Some must fight, so that all may be free.
[&A0koAAA=] - I see you have not met Dragon.
[&A0kpAAA=] - Greetings, two legs.
[&A0kqAAA=] - Hello. Yes?
[&A0krAAA=] - Your face is familiar.
[&A0ksAAA=] - For Blood Legion.
[&A0ktAAA=] - Any port in a storm, eh?
[&A0kuAAA=] - You have precisely thirty seconds. Go!
[&A0kvAAA=] - Come soar with Raven.
[&A0kwAAA=] - The legion calls.
[&A0kxAAA=] - For Iron Legion.
[&A0kyAAA=] - How can I help you?
[&A0kzAAA=] - It's tough to prosper nowadays, but we try.
[&A0k0AAA=] - You search for knowledge?
[&A0k1AAA=] - At ease.
[&A0k2AAA=] - Some must fight, so that all may be free.
[&A0k3AAA=] - Keep your blade sharp and your powder dry.
[&A0k4AAA=] - May Melandru guide you.
[&A0k5AAA=] - Nature's secret is patience.
[&A0k6AAA=] - I'm always achieving greatness.
[&A0k7AAA=] - All shall fall.
[&A0k8AAA=] - Really? That's it?
[&A0k9AAA=] - Hello there, young friend.
[&A0k+AAA=] - Shielded and ready!
[&A0k/AAA=] - This'll be unpleasant for you.
[&A0lAAAA=] - I'm in control here.
[&A0lBAAA=] - That warrants consideration.
[&A0lCAAA=] - The sooner one of you answers, the sooner you will all be free to go.
[&A0lDAAA=] - 55F73F3FF062B44152A35A9B669682847F92677F8AC49CEC4C6222DD0EF31250BA1E41BDB901CB5E2A42351D0E1C2CD013579F0573303C90B2A773AB1A9BCA6F2B46F0362BB22F6DEA
[&A0lEAAA=] - Lime
[&A0lFAAA=] - Summer Thistle
[&A0lGAAA=] - Enter Suit
[&A0lHAAA=] - 1D2300290E9EE38C52EEA09FF28C1E4F4CA4C2A4FEFCA58AD3A5C2AE6785F23BFEEF2050ADB93EA10156A654AA41C1BAAF351A570AB5678DC1C33FE4DD5EBF03977A3644A0E07BE1389A6FE79B1CDB2BADF13AC292A967907530C6650959A4A7496A25BB75EF70112866B6D2
[&A0lIAAA=] - Tiachren
[&A0lJAAA=] - 353091B807C595A524838C
[&A0lKAAA=] - A second base is being established at the tunnel exit. They can use some protection.
[&A0lLAAA=] - 6D31AE51BAF1AC3B051DAEB1F07ABDB33AB57969A2
[&A0lMAAA=] - 5FE16837889F7295231961B3BB9D306622282E090AE02EC05FD6185C1CF6FB55F10413225C6301A09108AF64025C1AC90AB4D3192FD16DB29B7F8C97FD
[&A0lNAAA=] - 4F1C91F466A6662B37B995A8572F3DD142200862
[&A0lOAAA=] - E6EE4981C5DEE10C76D2423CAFBF0C8FE0BE11
[&A0lPAAA=] - A9A4A144A67CC874D54227AAA46A9F9DCE912BC205BAB5A76514CD427C4B1B552636E88BC788682F4E806AC8A67CCD16553A91E5562B28BE9AB1A10E5C9931510E58BE274F0F93C25BDF905EA107A626C8BDA74FF19D77B16C9700C29223776132EF012BFA9243D5B1D9C370A90A2E1526FD0BDB22E940F947E73CE673643DFF29141FD1C7C387DCA6E838B7A06CB455C3CF4A5039816821A82CFD30A0350C83CC7405CB016CCF98E5F336B3D073FC9C
[&A0lQAAA=] - Let loose a belch to damage your opponent. The lower your health, the more powerful it is.
[&A0lRAAA=] - Legion Fists
[&A0lSAAA=] - Duelist's Chain Pauldrons
[&A0lTAAA=] - Carefully, now. Walk along the ocean floor, and we should be able to come up on the other side without being noticed.
[&A0lUAAA=] - Molachev Cocktail
[&A0lVAAA=] - Corrupted Stump
[&A0lWAAA=] - 4AEDF32509D64121767D5FDA83647AFE
[&A0lXAAA=] - Sesame Roasted Dinner[s]
[&A0lYAAA=] - Lone Mask
[&A0lZAAA=] - 63550FD634287E54
[&A0laAAA=] - Downed
[&A0lbAAA=] - Bolt[s] of Cotton
[&A0lcAAA=] - Ancient Pistol Frame[s]
[&A0ldAAA=] - Mini Wind Rider
[&A0leAAA=] - Trident
[&A0lfAAA=] - 47995053317B933EC6E8F1
[&A0lgAAA=] - Keg
[&A0lhAAA=] - +15 Vitality
[&A0liAAA=] - 859389BE44F08D16D7A8B2A5CC702B0240CADAFBE1377D10BE77A6FEE881EBD63D9596945024B08CFC92495D7BAF1729A70C568196D3674501FD4CA48A675312BAE6AB829B916016EE2330B0E14300AAED20346AB7DD07E95200747FEDD80217636E51FE629806724B1198A84F6199721037FEB5D9F5B16C2CBF346D23185216842CA420D07D231EA01BC96C1B39E0CA92E8CB42
[&A0ljAAA=] - 776F82E798D7A54EE81EDE
[&A0lkAAA=] - Wolf Form
[&A0llAAA=] - DBCBFD6DE12E9B712F13C1B7536E9F9C1950
[&A0lmAAA=] - CD4DA5715541946896423FD18E6CA5E4723B8AA23181A1D217DA859684CC5EE7F753848081363E953EC6BC3D7A9DB966D70801DA80F2
[&A0lnAAA=] - Golden Axe
[&A0loAAA=] - The funeral rites aren't done. I must perform my ritual at each key location.
[&A0lpAAA=] - 6514F7A0378EA667409305407BF6
[&A0lqAAA=] - Resilient Crude Torch
[&A0lrAAA=] - Marksman
[&A0lsAAA=] - D7317C0E9447E32E3D03CC
[&A0ltAAA=] - Legends and tales are the lifeblood of the norn. Tales told and retold give a hero eternal life in their eyes.
[&A0luAAA=] - <br><br>I work hard to maintain my physical strength and prowess.
[&A0lvAAA=] - Salutations,

I hope this letter reaches you, as you seem to be quite the traveler. It seems you have touched the lives of many within Snowden Drifts. From skaalds to hunters, Lionguard and respected elders, all that speak your name do so with respect and gratefulness. 

Thank you for lending a hand to these people.

.Tyrian Explorers Society
[&A0lwAAA=] - Raptor Egg[s]
[&A0lxAAA=] - Test Map - Writer 7
[&A0lyAAA=] - F331B7BC73F492873E73F7C17047BB73159F8B274C5EB024112E780BEB07AADA0E8382DBFCA779235B7CBCEC78
[&A0lzAAA=] - Ever Vigilant
[&A0l0AAA=] - You lost the graveyard!
[&A0l1AAA=] - Nobleman's Gauntlets
[&A0l2AAA=] - B1F756B21360FAD937D22A444C30103DB92CA2603980
[&A0l3AAA=] - Graven Cay
[&A0l4AAA=] - Strong Avenger's Longbow
[&A0l5AAA=] - Harlequin's Smile
[&A0l6AAA=] - Inquest Tech
[&A0l7AAA=] - This journal logs the ancient history of the Deldrimor dwarves. Priory Explorer Bink should be interested in getting this back.
[&A0l8AAA=] - Joy's End
[&A0l9AAA=] - The Molitage Digs
[&A0l+AAA=] - Steward Gixx! Hurry, Magister. Gixx is down there!
[&A0l/AAA=] - Vesper Bell Waypoint
[&A0oBAAA=] - 
[&A0oCAAA=] - Thank you.
[&A0oDAAA=] - I've nothing more to say to you. Someday soon you will hear from us again.
[&A0oEAAA=] - Thorns! It's a trap!
[&A0oFAAA=] - Skritt Slave
[&A0oGAAA=] - The Green Mine Outpost Tower has been lost!
[&A0oHAAA=] - Artificer
[&A0oIAAA=] - Battle awaits.
[&A0oJAAA=] - Ugh! Justice circumvented!
[&A0oKAAA=] - Do not resist!
[&A0oLAAA=] - Stay back.
[&A0oMAAA=] - Avast. Uninvited guests!
[&A0oNAAA=] - I've got a bad feeling.
[&A0oOAAA=] - I do not fear you!
[&A0oPAAA=] - Where's my spyglass?
[&A0oQAAA=] - Knowledge is power!
[&A0oRAAA=] - On my signal! Attack!
[&A0oSAAA=] - Take up arms!
[&A0oTAAA=] - My calculations were off....
[&A0oUAAA=] - Nice one.
[&A0oVAAA=] - There are enemies nearby.
[&A0oWAAA=] - Shadows and silence take you.
[&A0oXAAA=] - It's dead.
[&A0oYAAA=] - Prepare to charge.
[&A0oZAAA=] - Over here! Help!
[&A0oaAAA=] - Heretics!
[&A0obAAA=] - I reign supreme.
[&A0ocAAA=] - It all makes sense now!
[&A0odAAA=] - Krewe, assist me!
[&A0oeAAA=] - Success!
[&A0ofAAA=] - I'm not done with you!
[&A0ogAAA=] - Attack my target!
[&A0ohAAA=] - I need your help, brothers!
[&A0oiAAA=] - Can we talk?
[&A0ojAAA=] - Keep fighting.
[&A0okAAA=] - And I deserve it, too.
[&A0olAAA=] - Stay alert.
[&A0omAAA=] - 3... 2... 1...
[&A0onAAA=] - Eternal vigilance.
[&A0ooAAA=] - Greetings and salutations.
[&A0opAAA=] - Speak quickly.
[&A0oqAAA=] - Are you friend or foe?
[&A0orAAA=] - All things have a right to grow.
[&A0osAAA=] - Reporting.
[&A0otAAA=] - May Balthazar strengthen you.
[&A0ouAAA=] - Do not bother me with trifles.
[&A0ovAAA=] - I am honored to meet you.
[&A0owAAA=] - Hail, citizen.
[&A0oxAAA=] - Wheels keep turnin'. We keep fighting.
[&A0oyAAA=] - Yarr.
[&A0ozAAA=] - How can I help you?
[&A0o0AAA=] - Knowledge is the greatest treasure.
[&A0o1AAA=] - For Ash Legion.
[&A0o2AAA=] - My ears! How are you?
[&A0o3AAA=] - May the Six watch over you.
[&A0o4AAA=] - Hello there.
[&A0o5AAA=] - Seize the moment.
[&A0o6AAA=] - Another proud moment.
[&A0o7AAA=] - A good story for my epic.
[&A0o8AAA=] - Oh no.
[&A0o9AAA=] - What do you need?
[&A0o+AAA=] - Rage at maximum.
[&A0o/AAA=] - And now, to destroy you.
[&A0pAAAA=] - I'll guard this spot.
[&A0pBAAA=] - Oh, dear!
[&A0pCAAA=] - The butler. Where is he? He couldn't have just vanished!
[&A0pDAAA=] - Drive off the Inquest before channelers drain the orb's energy.
[&A0pEAAA=] - Lipstick
[&A0pFAAA=] - Sunrise Breeze
[&A0pGAAA=] - Power Suit
[&A0pHAAA=] - E57F78485D4A3CB75CF69D65339F927E8F987A2C87D444227DAC711B40D9E2E219BEE9C05A32A4D15D26EA8B352145626B9C26B250A4C322373A8BBFA1D7E5C40DF40F3407B942A024849F3D8E8AF161710B3F347F7924A01A7A9752E25D6689
[&A0pIAAA=] - 6B79F191206F6CCC48FE906F8A923C8AD6BF
[&A0pJAAA=] - Good Work
[&A0pKAAA=] - Agent Arae
[&A0pLAAA=] - 31D0DFC7835D4BD7D007E45B9B8F1DED4AE4C5C1E74F
[&A0pMAAA=] - 4AFEC5FEC133B1486848976F6B477480B277B979C0
[&A0pNAAA=] - We should turn back.
[&A0pOAAA=] - You must be at a crafting station in order to craft this recipe.
[&A0pPAAA=] - Mighty Embroidered Wristguards
[&A0pQAAA=] - Servitor Golem
[&A0pRAAA=] - Legion Visor
[&A0pSAAA=] - Duelist's Chain Gauntlets
[&A0pTAAA=] - (cackle) They'll never see us coming. Meddling kodan won't know what's going on until mortar shells are raining down on them.
[&A0pUAAA=] - D556E3A15A27245D73B75F0245BCEEFEBC01682AEF97
[&A0pVAAA=] - Gourd
[&A0pWAAA=] - Standard Sharpening Stone[s]
[&A0pXAAA=] - Filet[s] of Rosemary Roasted Meat
[&A0pYAAA=] - F445DE3F5884D7C0BD
[&A0pZAAA=] - Manor Magnate
[&A0paAAA=] - 09E945AC9F46902892F4F3A694909B5F2CBDA711BD699A00376F53F91B1DEC2A85
[&A0pbAAA=] - Linen Scrap[s]
[&A0pcAAA=] - Soft Pistol Frame[s]
[&A0pdAAA=] - F438002B54F8DA1FC92E5BFCE35D3A6DF1FB5B97049A2EA1CDF1
[&A0peAAA=] - Spear
[&A0pfAAA=] - 22475963AB254E5F7CB3DE
[&A0pgAAA=] - A8DFC0209440CE1F7A71BFED4430C1F685F71A26BAB30FED90119D3AB5C6178FE5
[&A0phAAA=] - +25 Vitality
[&A0piAAA=] - ACDFA004FA
[&A0pjAAA=] - 9F207C30517AE998D0E800560643F3AF6073
[&A0pkAAA=] - Snow Leopard Form
[&A0plAAA=] - CE5E1CCE1CF6FC0D33CFC7
[&A0pmAAA=] - 33ADA740F1EC49A0BE1B7A451C059CDAFAA717F7238F4825EF083AB56CA6E0B58D5CF091C3A509833CF250010D4A73AC
[&A0pnAAA=] - ((Fake out your opponent. Your next drink won't reduce health, but your opponent may interrupt with a Belch if they notice. 33 percent chance to show a tell.))
[&A0poAAA=] - We're making progress, but we're not through yet. This way.
[&A0ppAAA=] - A1F9C52DC7C6CE3A85E081E08A14DBF793F1CB796CF88B4E6AD93786A1AC
[&A0pqAAA=] - Priestess
[&A0prAAA=] - Defend Rogue's Quarry.
[&A0psAAA=] - Embellished Intricate Amethyst Jewel[s]
[&A0ptAAA=] - be honored by the Firstborn.
[&A0puAAA=] - cunning to protect the Spirits
[&A0pvAAA=] - Word from Snowden Drifts
[&A0pwAAA=] - Mender Aviala said that the trolls in the woods had their own antidote to the deadly rotsap poison, and that a sylvari version could be adapted from one of the crude troll salves. Now to obtain that poultice and get out in one piece!
[&A0pxAAA=] - Test Map - Programmer - Habib Loew
[&A0pyAAA=] - A Modest Proposal
[&A0pzAAA=] - Following An Order
[&A0p0AAA=] - Well, you've earned as much as I can pay you. Why don't you stop by to collect your reward? If you're looking for more work, I suspect you'll come in handy on the Diessa Plateau. We have real problems out on the range.

.Maxtar Rapidstep, Bovaris Estate
[&A0p1AAA=] - 56992E88D984DAE20DC04845A69EBCCD9CEB
[&A0p2AAA=] - 29A3BD4623832E2F910CEDF0676564
[&A0p3AAA=] - Winterknell Shore
[&A0p4AAA=] - Ravaging Avenger's Short Bow
[&A0p5AAA=] - It takes bravery to face your fears and seize your victories. Never let them see you without a smile.
[&A0p6AAA=] - Wait, nobody knows where Varkk's krewe ended up? This is the Inquest, not progeny playtime!
[&A0p7AAA=] - The Seraph of Nightguard Beach have their camp up and running smoothly. They send their thanks. That said, I do know of someone else who could use your help. If you haven't already spoken with her, Bryn Tailor has been keeping an eye on things to the east, near Shorebluff Point. Please, lend her a hand.

.Lieutenant Summers
[&A0p8AAA=] - 0AF091F4099215F106C6323A21A8C1E95E445263B009F4217191A5A92E00A7F2626DCC75A4C80EDC07B1BCB76C80619E8B03FB8D2F8928BC85AC0921C38F3C238A5E038B37F97D8ECB75
[&A0p9AAA=] - Cascade Bridge
[&A0p+AAA=] - Shadow Cleft
[&A0p/AAA=] - Royal Forum Waypoint
[&A0sBAAA=] - 
[&A0sCAAA=] - Don't let them get me!
[&A0sDAAA=] - Don't talk to them. They are beneath us.
[&A0sEAAA=] - Hazupl Nahualli
[&A0sFAAA=] - Jotun
[&A0sGAAA=] - The Red Mill Outpost Tower is being attacked!
[&A0sHAAA=] - Find the wrong place to stand during a Claw of Jormag fight.
[&A0sIAAA=] - This'll be fun.
[&A0sJAAA=] - Engage culprits.
[&A0sKAAA=] - (Hwwwrraaaa!)
[&A0sLAAA=] - What have you done?
[&A0sMAAA=] - I lost? Impossible!
[&A0sNAAA=] - I won't die in vain!
[&A0sOAAA=] - Dwayna's eye is upon us all.
[&A0sPAAA=] - Tell Grenth I said hello.
[&A0sQAAA=] - Come back and play!
[&A0sRAAA=] - Dream of finer things.
[&A0sSAAA=] - You don't belong here!
[&A0sTAAA=] - This should impress you!
[&A0sUAAA=] - You must like pain.
[&A0sVAAA=] - Impressive.
[&A0sWAAA=] - Three cheers for Ascalon!
[&A0sXAAA=] - Good shot.
[&A0sYAAA=] - Kill!
[&A0sZAAA=] - Mercy!
[&A0saAAA=] - Does it burn?
[&A0sbAAA=] - So this is death....
[&A0scAAA=] - Vacate these premises!
[&A0sdAAA=] - Defend the machines!
[&A0seAAA=] - Keep running, smart guy!
[&A0sfAAA=] - What have you done?
[&A0sgAAA=] - (gasp) You're good.
[&A0shAAA=] - Flames will find them.
[&A0siAAA=] - Good-bye.
[&A0sjAAA=] - Gods take you.
[&A0skAAA=] - Oh, yeah. That's my loot.
[&A0slAAA=] - Farewell.
[&A0smAAA=] - C'mon! Snap out of it!
[&A0snAAA=] - Long live the queen!
[&A0soAAA=] - Knowledge is the greatest treasure.
[&A0spAAA=] - Here comes trouble.
[&A0sqAAA=] - Fight now? No?
[&A0srAAA=] - Seize the moment.
[&A0ssAAA=] - Seize the moment.
[&A0stAAA=] - What can I do for you?
[&A0suAAA=] - How can you help me?
[&A0svAAA=] - If you have the time, I have much to share.
[&A0swAAA=] - Talk to me.
[&A0sxAAA=] - The Vigil will cure what ails this world.
[&A0syAAA=] - I'll always be a pirate at heart.
[&A0szAAA=] - I didn't see you there.
[&A0s0AAA=] - Too much has been forgotten.
[&A0s1AAA=] - We meet.
[&A0s2AAA=] - Excelsior.
[&A0s3AAA=] - Guard yourself at all times.
[&A0s4AAA=] - Welcome.
[&A0s5AAA=] - What do you need?
[&A0s6AAA=] - I am awesome.
[&A0s7AAA=] - Who's the mightiest now?
[&A0s8AAA=] - It's your own fault.
[&A0s9AAA=] - What is it?
[&A0s+AAA=] - Never felt better.
[&A0s/AAA=] - Let's get this over with.
[&A0tAAAA=] - I can't hold on!
[&A0tBAAA=] - That's unexpected!
[&A0tCAAA=] - Entity.detected. Close.proximity. Query: Kazz?
[&A0tDAAA=] - A45ADED71A9366BBC7B40F2CC12A9F05E4144BF872B098168C46CFB4D83DD5B0159C36D93B64A5F4016A0D1CB5025D80DC4F1C3FDC22906F3366DB408756D40BC96CAABE1818B9730C6C953FB0D53F94A70819CB25B406A0C57218335CCF863846E0
[&A0tEAAA=] - Mahogany
[&A0tFAAA=] - Tarnished Silver
[&A0tGAAA=] - Seed Turret
[&A0tHAAA=] - 0A17E09B6FD517060D33B1ABB94B2B49B024
[&A0tIAAA=] - 2E60DCC639F9915B85698AFA2D00D3057956D5464CD82D63FEBCF5
[&A0tJAAA=] - E01C5890D9886704522429DEBA3D1E55BC9007C59A6453E2C05C60
[&A0tKAAA=] - 2C59259392BF358F51FD4FCEE8D4870B9F7541FC2D44BE87EF
[&A0tLAAA=] - 5B56428B1587772D3374C47B7F0305881D303E27B1
[&A0tMAAA=] - A4490C796DAC1A82084E105697682387D95E167EB72606B34C82DFF51E0E4336370A891B4672C44EC4A274579A2BE6C18DAA6353DC56651F8FD86216BAA71A87471FB1F79E8CB69BCE65EA293909
[&A0tNAAA=] - I should have stayed behind to clean the lab, instead.
[&A0tOAAA=] - 6CEEA4F6C9CADF0209F486C8634E4BA75448
[&A0tPAAA=] - Vital Embroidered Wristguards
[&A0tQAAA=] - Undead Orrian Chicken
[&A0tRAAA=] - Legion Tassets
[&A0tSAAA=] - Thick Cloth Gloves
[&A0tTAAA=] - Get ready, we need to be under the surface as soon as possible.
[&A0tUAAA=] - 5E2343DC336BFA3ACDBA4C47
[&A0tVAAA=] - F8AE7C94C5CAF6615A47289A660EE8F087ECAB78C8
[&A0tWAAA=] - 3%% chance to gain swiftness for 30 seconds when hit. <c=@reminder>(Cooldown: 60s)</c>
[&A0tXAAA=] - FEC632AC30724A968B5FF6A9E851E9ED4995307C470CC951F051E9E7A148811CB3564E65A1DCD7E1A1A66186E02706AC5D4AC95CE244BBA167B93C6194BD9BD4D182095245E59934D10B7B8DDF37A8DAF5A4
[&A0tYAAA=] - 782DAA711D5778327EE61BEDA026CF1B
[&A0taAAA=] - D99180D2036E93A7D05C29AFC8B0D95AE3004335E0A175FCDB7CE4F4086EFC406053C68232A44784
[&A0tbAAA=] - Bolt[s] of Linen
[&A0tcAAA=] - Seasoned Pistol Frame[s]
[&A0tdAAA=] - 75 Power
[&A0teAAA=] - 75 Vitality
[&A0tfAAA=] - 75 Precision
[&A0tgAAA=] - 75 Toughness
[&A0thAAA=] - Mini Forest Spider
[&A0tiAAA=] - Harpoon Gun
[&A0tjAAA=] - 0C5E0600A113C4A0E5EC3D
[&A0tkAAA=] - 51F3F0EC08A78FCEC6328C0BCB50BFE92FDEEBC46132
[&A0tlAAA=] - +40 Vitality
[&A0tmAAA=] - 75B433EEE5B3146A3C3DA552FC55
[&A0tnAAA=] - 7E08C18C50889C9BF2D89C6274A7DD23CF
[&A0toAAA=] - Raven Form
[&A0tpAAA=] - 26EB77EB2E1BB086B11206869B66AE
[&A0tqAAA=] - 3173AA0C3B1256415210779A8A189FED7F97590EB7723BCC3212DF69EC9C9879BC41D5E8FE206E717755FBCC42486663E52430DE8916376E7C046A8DA80F1BF81358CC0D4F5C6D6BAEFD8C318036935AD266B5CCB0B2A3EC5F404A11BE34D17A02F0AF387AC0DA466013547008A29B67749D30C6A47D343699990BC48D904030431956
[&A0trAAA=] - Metal salvaged from Sapper's Delve. Vanguard Scout Holt in Hautclaire Vale might find this useful.
[&A0tsAAA=] - Almost finished. There should be only one platform remaining.
[&A0ttAAA=] - 1E1BAA43738442D79936A24D
[&A0tuAAA=] - Mist Walker
[&A0tvAAA=] - Defend Rogue's Quarry.
[&A0twAAA=] - 05071DAF6DBBA44DEB515EDD906C3FBD06F2D7DB306F43BCD17E0CF4F797092CEBCB3752D4E9E545634FDCAE3F
[&A0txAAA=] - The firstborn, eldest among the sylvari, honor those who show courage and fight for the Dream.
[&A0tyAAA=] - Protect the Spirits
[&A0tzAAA=] - Your reputation is not unfounded. The relentless northward march of the undead seem to have been slowed thanks to your help. You've done good work here.
. Rabius Ironpaw
[&A0t0AAA=] - C7771CBB7F63
[&A0t1AAA=] - Test Map - Designer - Epic
[&A0t2AAA=] - Those scrappers want you to help them with a difficult task. In exchange, they'll turn over the stolen key piece. Sounds like a fair deal...right?
[&A0t3AAA=] - Research and Destroy
[&A0t4AAA=] - Maxtar Rapidstep
[&A0t5AAA=] - 7C5704432F0900603A8A0FC0C6084FC8F1BBDC726E6F8916A0B8688EC98CD425561C789DF3D9B48D7FBAC5BF89A4C37EFCE379D66AF75CEDECC5873D2FB1786BA4BF91C1AB468FFA23862E127F9DE1A54FB2F3EDF7D3BB525C56DA9ADF2438BEF20CFC0EA4AF03F047FA2B21CD4843BCBAD91F27BBACC179335C19559D4F13D6EA054A323A285C9A3FF23B529BE34E290A2D630F42638D2AEB93B0A5B322D9DD8FDFB1790E7D9FC1892A1F4D4584
[&A0t6AAA=] - The Infestation
[&A0t7AAA=] - Craven Blight
[&A0t8AAA=] - Hearty Caretaker's Short Bow
[&A0t9AAA=] - <br><br>To the world, I'm never without my harlequin's smile.<br><br>This is my story.<br>
[&A0t+AAA=] - Catapult Blueprints
[&A0t/AAA=] - Slash
[&A0uAAAA=] - Beldame's Rise
[&A0uBAAA=] - 0A737DFC2B717FCD8B7A0DC9A9976D12DE6FB86D3CBEF4E7871222786A712E09F3DD844C3CDC43CD274458741A5EB39C2FDAE0573F4F21FF3493BF3756A0A2995C1408D4B5EA4A08F4
[&A0uCAAA=] - Veiled Cliff
[&A0uDAAA=] - Brassclaw Waypoint
[&A0wBAAA=] - 
[&A0wCAAA=] - I'm scared!
[&A0wDAAA=] - Beer Cart
[&A0wEAAA=] - Dengatl Tlamatini
[&A0wFAAA=] - Sons of Svanir Zealot
[&A0wGAAA=] - The Red Mine Center Tower has been lost!
[&A0wHAAA=] - Chef
[&A0wIAAA=] - Have at you!
[&A0wJAAA=] - Acquiring target.
[&A0wKAAA=] - I hope your rest is peaceful.
[&A0wLAAA=] - I'm not done with you!
[&A0wMAAA=] - Stay back. You stay back!
[&A0wNAAA=] - You'll pay for your treachery.
[&A0wOAAA=] - Come, let us embrace!
[&A0wPAAA=] - Keep running.
[&A0wQAAA=] - You will regret crossing me.
[&A0wRAAA=] - Narr! No fun.
[&A0wSAAA=] - You never learn.
[&A0wTAAA=] - I see a new test subject.
[&A0wUAAA=] - And now you die!
[&A0wVAAA=] - Reinforcements!
[&A0wWAAA=] - Prepare for a pounding!
[&A0wXAAA=] - Quiet. They approach.
[&A0wYAAA=] - Stay down!
[&A0wZAAA=] - You've forced me into this.
[&A0waAAA=] - Save me, brothers!
[&A0wbAAA=] - You have a threatening aura.
[&A0wcAAA=] - Assemble the krewe!
[&A0wdAAA=] - Danger! Danger!
[&A0weAAA=] - To arms, comrades!
[&A0wfAAA=] - This isn't worth it.
[&A0wgAAA=] - Another dead idiot.
[&A0whAAA=] - Ready for the next one.
[&A0wiAAA=] - Thank you.