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About the Literacy Fair

What is the Jumpstart Literacy Fair?

On May 12, 2012 the 1st annual Jumpstart Literacy Fair at UCLA will take place.
The event is a project of the Jumpstart Readers student group at UCLA and is supported by the UCLA Center for Communty Learning, ASUCLA, the UCLA volunteer center and many UCLA student groups.  
The Literacy Fair will be a balance of: 1) Community outreach, targeting the student population of the University to encourage their involvement in service organizations, 2) Student led festive activities which will provide community families and their children with information about services provided to the community by UCLA and other non-profit community organizations. The Literacy Fair will be broken up by booths, where each organization will perform an activity and provide information to the attendees. Each organization will provide their own activity according to the theme, "Literacy: Passport to Adventure". Upon arrival the attendees will be issued a passport and can get it stamped at each booth, with a minimum number of stamps they then can enter the free raffle.

Why have a Literacy Fair?

The overriding goal of the Literacy Fair is to form a consortium composed of UCLA student volunteers and the various community resources mentioned above, which does not currently exist. This group gathering would be the beginning of addressing the issues of literacy education in our community in a more effective and collaborative way. These partnerships, which will be forged at the first annual UCLA Literacy Fair and maintained through the dedication of the students and partners, will be renewed annually each spring at the Literacy Fair here at UCLA. In coming years the event will grow in scope and size, from a single afternoon to a week-long event which will offer more resources to more families and will be a forum for developing answers to the problems we see today in education. The objective is for the Literacy Fair to be a major event at UCLA and in Los Angeles to bring to the forefront the need for equality in education. This all begins this year with our modest event.

There are numerous student groups and organizations at UCLA that provide services to the community, many of which are unaware of one another, students are unaware of, and the community is unaware of, all of which could benefit from collaboration. Through an event such as the Literacy Fair, this process will begin to develop. Further, the need for such an event is compounded by the lack of the LA Times Festival of Books on the west side since its relocation to USC. A non-commercial based alternative that represents the True Bruin spirit is seriously needed to fill this gap.