Jump Start Club

  If you’re from a different country and/or living in Montreal and would like to meet new and interesting people from different cultures, JUMP START CLUB
is for you.

 Every week, we get together, usually on Saturdays, bringing friends from different countries to meet up with locals from Montreal.

 Although we are Japanese based, we have members of many nationalities who share common interests in Japanese culture. Anyone who wants to meet and make new friends is welcome!

 We are always looking for new ideas and would love to hear your opinions.
If you would like your business or organization advertised on our group page, please contact us at info@jumpstartmontreal.com

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Jump Start Club KYOTO

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Jump Start Club Events

  If you are planning to go to Japan, let JSC support and provide you with information about getting a Visa, travel tips, job searches, and accommodations. For those visiting Japan AND Korea, we can arrange for members of JSC Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Sapporo, and JSC Korea to welcome you and support your stay.

 JSC has partnered with KINTETSU INTERNATIONAL EXPRESS (CANADA) INC. http://www.kiecan.com/.

 Kintetsu, one of the biggest tour company in Japan, will help you with your travel arrangements, not only to Japan, but anywhere in the world. For air fares, JR train passes, and hotel accommodations, Kintetsu will give JSC members the best deals available. Membership has its privileges, so let them know you are with JSC and save!

Contact info:
Ms. Michiyo Oliva (English or Japanese only)
TEL:416-670-8710 EXT:307
TOLL FREE:1-800-463-7723
E-MAIL: moliva@kiecan.com
BUSINESS HOURS:Mon~FRI 09:00~17:00

Also, JSC has partnered with Iko!Excursions http://ikoexcursions.com/ .

Together, we will organize more day-trips for members to fully experience all that Montreal/Quebec/Canada has to offer.

JSC can secure your place with any excursion, so contact Shozo by Facebook, or by email at info@jumpstartmontreal.com , to make your reservation today!