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June 2007

June 20

Paris Hilton is just too much for me lately.  I am so glad she's in jail.  Like most people, I don't understand why she's famous for being irresponsible and partying.  Anyways, I was on the smoking gun's website when I came across this news about Paris.
"with videos showing Hilton topless and bottomless, the site has clips of her partying and making a series of offensive statements. She refers to one woman as a "fat, ugly Jewish bitch" and uses the phrase "fat faggot" to describe another unseen target. Dancing with her sister Nicky at a New Year's Eve party in Aspen, Hilton mimics another person, announcing, "I'm a little black whore. I get fucked in the butt for coke." Then, remarking on her and Nicky's dancing, Hilton says, "We're like two niggers." "
The site? http://www.parisexposed.com  You can either go there or see the article via the Smoking Gun, which took video stills of the clips, so you can click through them instead of having to watch the videos.  Sorry to kick you while you're down Paris, but I think it's time for you to be exposed as what you really are.
***I don't usually post news or celebrity gossip on this site  Or at least not disheartening stuff like this!  As said, it's more for fashion, literature, food, and fun.  But sometimes I run across things I want to be heard.


June 19

Fendi clutches, eluxury.com



 have a problem?


When I first say this site, linked from Yahoo!, I got scared.  What if I have a problem?  I do practically swear by Victoria's Secret's Beauty Rush!  I think I apply lip gloss...maybe 5 to 10 times a day.  Maybe more?  But I am most obsessive about it when I am out, I don't really put it on in the morning or after I'm home for the day.  Or am I just in denial?  But really, no, some of these people here are really bad.  We're talking about wake up in the middle of the night to apply it bad.  But maybe looking at this site isn't such a bad idea...I mean you don't want to end up like them.



Feel to free to write to JSG! and share a testimony!

June 18

 jewelry lets add some frosting


 I love the old hammered look of this gold ring.  Stone Ring, Forever 21

The perfect finish to a little black dress.  Earrings, Wendy Mink, Bluefly.com 


I've always loved gold rope.  Bracelet, Giles & Brother, shopbop.com


 Feeling lucky?  Errings, Giles & Brother, shopbop.com 


a really cute headband 

                   you should get it while they're still in style.                    Cara Accessories, Nordstrom 

June 17

My favorite fashion magazine is Harper's Bazaar.  My subscription ran out and I have been too lazy to renew it, so lately I've been buying it newstand (which I don't recommend as it's $4 a copy).  I looked everywhere for the June mag but could not find it anywhere-CVS, Barnes and Noble, wherever.  Well, at the airport this weekend I finally found the missing June issue.  The reason for it's disappearence?  The cover.  Featuring Paris Hilton and Nicole Richey, I could understand why it's been sold out everywhere.



Pantyhose pant·ē ·hōs
Okay, not the absolute funnest to read about, but a neccessity still.  And I've found two brands that get the job done

For the nude look, try On the Go! Ultra Sheer pantyhose.  These hose truly do the job that sheer panty hose is supposed to do-make your legs appear polished and perfect while looking so invisible ppl that people have to do a double take to make sure you're wearing hose.  Warning: these snare really easily, but I figure at $2 a pair you can really stock up.  Wal-mart, in stores, not online. 

For black hose, try Donna Karan New York The Essentials Collection.  Yes, spelled out not DKNY.  This hose is made with lycra, causing it to be extra stretchy and completly comfortable. 

And yes...it doesn't matter what season it is...if you're wearing a  skirt suit, you need to be wearing panyhose.  As my mother says, you're not truly dressed without it. 


More fashion to come later this week...


June 15

Flip Flop BAN
It's day 88 and a pair of flip flops have yet to grace my feet (counting from the first day of spring). Why? Because flip-flops are so bland, boring, and rarely ever add anything to your outfit. Yes, they are comfortable, yes, they go with everything. But no, I will not wear them because they are too often the shoe of choice for girls everywhere. Save them for the beach, please.
stuff to wear while you're abstinent....

I have these shoes and they're perfect to wear with shorts. They keep things girly and the low heel keeps things from looking risqué (wearing high heels or wedges with short shorts when not going to the club can look a little over the top). I love them in white, but they come in many different colors...and at $15 a pair, get them at Urban Outfitters before they're gone.

Tommy Hilfiger espadrilles. They come in low and high wedgres, solids and prints, find them at most basic department stores or marked down at DSW (even better). And while we're on the subject of espadrilles, check out www.espadrillesetc.com for more cute, affordable espadrilles.

Animal print is still hot. And I've found the perfect way to wear them. I stead of wearing them in a slightly overdone trendsetter type of way, try using them to pop up a mundane outfit. I can't wear jeans to work so Iike to pair them with brightly colored khakis (pink, yellow) and a polo. The unsual shoes give preppy a fun twist. Maria Bonita Extra, shopbop.com

I LOVE these wedge sandals from Calvin Klein. Somehow they look very ninties and fresh at the same time. Zappos.com


Travel Guide
City Review: Philadelphia
I love Philadelphia. I came up here to do an internship and was lucky enough to recieve housing at UPenn. UPenn's campus is beautiful, most of the buildings are older and traditional but inside is state of the art. The students are definitely serious about academics here-take that as a good and a bad thing. Located in the part of Philadelphia called "University City", Drexel University is walking distance away and Temple is a short bus ride. As for the rest of Philadelphia, you can pretty much take the subway or the rail anywhere, which I love. Downtown by city hall the shopping is fabulous, with 2 H&Ms, American Apparrel, BCBG Max Azria, Burberry, Zara, Bebe, and Cole Haan..just to name a few. When it comes to culture, the city is overflowing. The second capital of the United States, Philadelphia has many musuems (try the Franklin Institute or Musuem of Art) and is home to the Liberty Bell and Betsy Ross' house. The Philadelphia Zoo was the first zoo in America. And at Penn's Landing you can look across the river and see New Jersey. I've committed myself to doing one cultural thing a thing a week-as much as I'd love to live at the mall, it's important to be well-rounded. And cheaper!

june 14

buy the dress NOW

find the party LATER

look absolutely adorable in this Marc by Marc Jacobs Freja viscose dress...satin and tulle make it night appropriate, while sequins make it glam. Net-a-porter.com

it's like the dress you can wear to your father's award dinner...your mother approves, it will make good impressions to all of your parents friends, and you'll still look incredibly young fresh. Bianca Nero, neimanmarcus.com

look like an All-American sweetheart in this Y Apparel patchwork tube dress http://www.lulusfashionlounge.com

stand out anywhere in these amazing dress by J.Crew

(click to enlarge)

"sometimes, the dresses are better than the parties" -Mischa


l e t s g e t d r e s s e d

it's toohotfor summercool downin cotton.

casual days

Vest shapes makes it look almost preppy, v-neck to keep things interesting, cotton to keep things cool. Rock on. American Apparel.

pretty afternoons

Nicky Hilton visits sister incarcerated lil sis Paris in this pretty Kate and Kass cotton gauze dress, interestingly named Alice B Toklas. slighty sheer, subtely sexy. www.shopbop.com

I am obsessed with dressing up grey. Maybe it has something to with it's innate casualness, I don't know. But this dress was love at first site. Grey Ant, www.shopbop.com

cool nights

love the way this top fits, emphasizing the waist and bust. I can see the outfit already. This top, dark skinny jeans (try Banana Republic), and white sandals-these Michael Kors ones work nicely. perfect for a night on the town. Top-Anthropologie. Shoes-Michael Kors (Macy*s)

***the fabric of our lives!***

city trekker

I have a feeling it's got a lot to do with the zipper, but these Marc Jacob sandals are too cute. where them wherever, comfortably.

what's hot now ---rainbow color block

Clockwise from top: shirt by Volcom, Lindsay Lohan, shoes by Jessica Simpson

*try pairing the top with some mute grey bermuda shorts


Bobbi Brown long wear gel eyeliner despite being in a pot, sooo easy to apply, doesn't run during these hot summer days, and comes off when you decide to take it off, not any sooner.

Bobbi Brown Even Finish Foundation Oil Free. SPF 15 foundation. And doesn't do a weird melty shimmery thing in the summer. And it stays on face, not on the things you touch.

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush! Minty Lip Shine I'm totally obsessed with this lip gloss. Clear and totally shiny, perfect for livening up matte lip colors or choose to where it alone. Also, the menthol in it gives your lips a cool, tingly feeling.

Philadelphia, PA

This is where I will be spending my summer!!! Arrival: June 2nd.

Sunday, May 27



your local newspaper. even if just the first page and the first paragraph of every article.

East of Eden-the intertwined destinies of two families whose generations reenact the fall of Adam and Eve and rivalry of Cain and Abel. CLASSIC, long but worth it Author: John Steinbeck


Harper's Bazaar, Teen Vogue (an excellent way for young girls to stay stylish wihtout looking overdressed), In Style


looks a little off, but totally on point...

The Fractured Prune-hot, hand dipped donuts. yes, they're cake, but no, they're not heavy. piping hot and incredibly soft and light, you can pick many glazes and toppings to dress your donut. glazes are flavors such as honey, banana, blueberry, chocolate, etc. and toppings include mini choc. chips, powdered sugar, and peanuts, just to name a few. prices are reasonsable-99 cents a donut! Briar Creek, locations nationwide. featured above: banana nut and blueberry donuts. http://www.fracturedprune.com/

Carolina Cafe-fresh sandwiches, flatbreads, and salads. located in Cameron Village. overpriced (around 8 for lunch)

Macroni Grill-Italian, but more authentic than Olive Garden. not saying that more authentic is truly authentic. but the bread is great, and they have other dishes besides just pasta that are still excellent. prices are what to be expected for a casual resturant..10-14 a plate. Triangle Town Center, locations nationwide http://www.macaronigrill.com


Target. Target will forever be on the where to shop list. Things to check out this season are Isaac Mizrahi's dresses. Not really meant for younger ladies, these dresses seem to be something a mother would wear and her daughter would approve of. a way for mom's to look fashionable, pretty and still incoporating older fashion styles. Also check out, Patrick Robinson is the summer GO collection designer. this summer he's focusing on Grecian prints.

Vermillion. NYC deisgners in North Hills. last week they had a trunk show featuring Dane and Lela Rose.

Louis Vuitton. okay I'm not an endorser (yet neither a hater) of their monogram print, so don't get the wrong idea. but their spring florals are adorable!!! love the florals but can't afford the price? how about this $50 sundress from Lucy Love (Pacific Sunwear) click to enlarge!


Yellow Fever-clever t-shirts. see Lydia Hearst in one above in response to Madrid's ban on too thin models.

Castle Starr-pricey, but you'll always look picture perfect. I love the cut on the dress to the left-still dressy, but the one shoulder shows individuality

Dangerous Breed-shirts with funny political statements for the fashion-consciously but worldly. puns such as "ski iraq" and "israel-why settle?" paired with a smart picture. www.dangerousbreed.net

Summer Fashion Challenge

only pair your outfit with flip flops as a last resort. there are so many other shoes to choose from!


henry holland

fun t-shirts with clever, rhyming statements. at around $45 a shirt, they don't kill your wallet either. what's not to love? however, everyone doesn't agree..

Like Henry? Want to Do It Yourself?