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December 20, 2008

EVERYBODY I HAVE A NEW BLOG!!!  I know it's been awhile!



August 28th

Okay everybody, sorry I've been totally MIA for the last 3 weeks.  I don't know how it happened.  It all started with a presentation for work and then I went back home (goodbye Philly, hello Raleigh) and I guess I took my vacation to heart lol.  Well, now I'm missing JSG so I'm back.  I apologize to my faithful readers.  I must warn you though that school is starting next week so I don't know well I'll be able to keep this blog up.  But more importantly to right now, this blog is moving, I discovered I can't stand Google Pages so I am going to Blogger.  Follow the link and let's go!



August 7th

Just some short updates....

just when we think Britney Spears has something halfway decent on....


and what is this about Lily Allen getting her work visa revoked?  err,no just kidding


whooa sorry y'all for the lack of updates.  it's kinda hard though, actually, writing about fashion everyday.  and I guess I've been kinda preoccupied with other things in my life.  but I have been thinking about what my next update should be.  I thought about doing chunky knit sweaters, but finding some fabulous ones proved to be tedious and plus, it's August.  who wants to read about sweaters now?  then I started looking for boots to talk about.  and then, in the midst of searching for boots I fell upon the topic for today's blog.  yeah, I know it's unexpected and you never woulda guessed, but the girls dress great and are refreshing.  and don't worry, I'll finish that boots blog some other day.  so, as mario says for all of you nintendo fans, here we go!


A l y & A J

yeah, I know, like disney channel what?  but the girls are 18 and 16; fabulous dressers-the main criteria for being featured on JSG!  This spring they celebrated their birthdays at Les Deux Cafe with guest performers Nick Cannon and Plain White Tees.   When going out, Aly usually wears Temperley while AJ sports Max Azria.  They're both fans of Christian Louboutin shoes-"sooo comfortable!"  Not only are they good role models fashion-wise, but they're Christians and proudly endorse their faith.  And if all that isn't enough, they have their own hair salon in their house-genius!



AJ showing that she is more than just a
dumb blonde in concert.



mod models for Tommy Hilfiger at a Dance for MS benefit.









Aly going for best hair in class.






Their new single, "Potential Break Up Song" is to die for, so kudos for them for breaking out from Disney's usual bubble gum pop trap (they girls cowrote the entire album).  Check them out, steal their style, until then, over and out.






July 31

Just a quick note today...

I love this Zhanda Rhodes one piece, available from Topshop for 40 pounds.  I'm guessing that's about $60 US?  Plus $20 for shipping...but let's not talk about the price, just admire the suit!


if topshop comes to the US...I will die...<3




July 30




Nicolas Ghesquiere


born in 1971 in Comines, Nord-Pas de Calais, France and raised in Loudun, Poitou-Charentes, France.

grew up sketching images from his mother's "glossy magazines"

at 15 he worked as an intert at agnes b. in Paris, at 21 began working for Jean Paul Gaultier at 21

in 1997, at only 25, Ghesquiere was chosen to be the head creative director for the house of Balenciaga

often called the "designer's designer"

his autumn/winter 2001 ready to wear collections were in such high demand that Balenciaga Paris had crowds gathering daily outside

*Beyonce performed in a futuristic outfit from his spring collection at the 2007 BET awards

*white eyebrows are now instant Balenciaga recognition

"his ability to wow the front-row crowd with a heady blend of street style and historical reverence is unparalleled."




Restaurant review...



Bread & Chocolate

666 Pennsylvania Ave SE Washington, DC

Despite the satanic number, my experience at Bread and Chocolate was pretty much heavenly-including the sky high prices for orange juice.  Thankfully, however, most of the menu prices were down to earth, at between $6-8 for an entree.  I ate brunch there with two of my friends and we all enjoyed our meals.  We had to wait a little while to get a table outside, but once seated our food came pretty quickly (they also have drinks and pastries to go).  I ordered the french toast with bananas and chocolate and it was wonderful!  The toast came with sliced bananas, drizzled in chocolate syrup, but not too much.  It wasn't too soggy either.  My friends ordered the very berry french toast (also wonderful) and a mediterranean omelet (really really good)!  We all had  a good time, chatted and caught up without murdering our wallets.  And yes, they have chocolate fondue (we didn't order).  When we left, the line was out the door!  So come early (we met at 11) and enjoy yourself. 



July 28

She thinks anyone who bought Paris Hilton's album should be killed off.  Eva Longoria fell in love with her through Youtube.  She called Bob Geldof a cunt and when she was 15 she was a drug dealer living in Ibiza.  And after all that, she's Alright, still.

L i l y   A l l e n


lets check out her style...







Loose sundresses and pinafores make the grade.









Offset a sweet sundresses with hardy sneakers.




Glam up messy hair with kiosk jewelry and black liner, softened by glitter.





Like her style?  Cop it with these... 




 Ice cream dress, Paul Frank. fredflare.com







Nike court force Lo, urbanoutfitters.com, Nike air max 90 premium, www.sneakerhead.com


 Look like a sweetheart in these bamboo earrings.  urbanoutfitters.com




Pop glitter pencil (available in a variety of colors, including black).  Sephora.com





*did you know she has her own clothing line called Lily loves?



Bad Girls Club

no outfit is so sweet it can't withstand a little corruption....











July 26


JSG's fall accessory favorite.


With mirror shiny metallics and eye catching detail, Fendi is definitely the bag to carry this fall.  And the unique clutches are to die for.









Another designer feature...

Steve Madden

While shopping today I noticed some things in his store that deserved some kudos.




 The Giraffe print is an interesting alternative to the normal leopard or zebra.  Capitall shoe.





The round toe is not overdone and the heel size is perfect.  Pair with wool skirts and dresses for the fall and winter. MIxup shoe.



If you're a fan of oversized bags and metallics, you've met your match.  I love the shiny metallic snakeskin print and this bag truly looks original, not something that you can pick up anywhere.  The picture doesn't do it justice! Bzina bag.


All items shown available at stevemadden.com or in stores.





July 24

Boo to Unicef for equating being black with being dirty...

UNICEF German advertisements






















The signs read

"I'm waiting for my last day in school, the children in africa still for their first one."

"in africa, many kids would be glad to worry about school"

"in africa, kids don't come to school late, but not at all"

"some teachers suck. no teachers sucks even more."


I understand UNICEF had good intentions. But I don't understand how anyone though that putting kids in blackface was the right way to get the message across. And in addition to that glaring problem, the ads also succeeds in making Africa not a diverse continent, but a single place where all people are alike (and uneducated). With news of this plus the publicity of Tintin in Congo, Europe is just too much for me lately (America is already enough).


UNICEF pulled the ads this month and apologized, but it was weak. Read the letter here. They defend themselves by saying they didn't get a negative response from the German public and perceptions vary by country, but that's even worse. It hurts me that people didn't notice or speak up. As another blog, Fire Witch Rising put it,

"Bottom lines of this campaign are: Black = mud = African = uneducated. White = educated. We feel this campaign might do just as much harm as it does any good. You don’t collect money for helping people by humiliating and trivializing them first."

Drop Unicef a line to say how you feel. publicrelations@unicef.de  I can't believe I trick-or treated for them.  And if you want to tell us how you feel, drop us an email too.  It may be posted.








On a much more fun note, I am sooo getting OK! magazine when it comes out this Friday.  Did you hear about Britney Spear's disastrous photoshoot?  Did you know that I am total tmz junkie?  Haha and while you're there check out the news on Lindsay...what's with these girls today!!!!


July 23

pop luxe

  "pop luxe...Pop and luxury.

               Everything about me

           is pop and luxury."

Kanye West on his personal style



In honor of Kanye and his interview in Harper's Bazaar, Jump Snap Go! is dedicating this update to everything pop luxe.





Keep your thoughts in this fun Toki Dokie journal.





Home Angel Coffee Table, www.popuk.com








Look like a superstar with these colorful bangles. 





Light up your room with these fun lights. 




Dec the walls with these too cute ice cream cones.  






Store your mad money in this awesome piggy bank.



Wow your guests with diamond shaped ice cubes. 








Cool light table. www.popuk.com 



Kaws Milo figures.


*Everything not specifically cited (excluding from figurines) is from fredflare.com


Also in Harper's Bazaar this month...The Simpsons Go To Paris.  Here's a preview, click to enlarge, buy the mag for the whole spread.



*sorry for the lack in updates people..I just took my GRE! but I'm back now



July 19

what's hot now ---studs

rock on with these cool styles


I love how the embellishments on these jeans are not overdone.  Rock and Republic, adasa.com




Ballet flats turned punk.  Prada, Saks 5th






These shoes are just amazing.  Jimmy Choo, net-a porter.com





Simple accessories to finish it off.  Belt, hottopic.com  Studs, Urban Outfitters.



             Happy Shopping.



July 17 


in fashion, that is.  Which is why I'm head over heels for Puma's denim collection, Evisu loves Puma. 

The denim comes in unique washes and cuts and offers almost a 50% price cut from that of Evisu's denim line.  They're only available in Puma stores and I suggest trying it onrathering then purchasing online-the sizing is hard to get right.  I got the long skinnys and I'm estatic.


July 15th

lots of updates!  read below!







Karl Lagerfeld  

No, I haven't forgotten the educatonial component of JSG.  Here we go!

Born: September 10, 1938

Where: Hamburg, Germany

What is he is: a fashion designer, fragrance designer, also a photographer

Who has he worked for: Jean Patou (started and became cheif designer), Chloe, cheif execuetive for the House of Chanel, Fendi, special collaboration with H&M (his stuff was almost impossible to find after two days).  Now designs his own collection, K: Karl Lagerfeld

Fun facts:  Use of strippers and an Itlalian film star caused US Vogue fashion editor Anna Wintour to stand up and leave a Fendi runway show ran by Lagerfeld.

Lagerfeld described the 1984 Fendi spring collection as "shaped to be raped." He later defended this comment by saying "Rape is an abstract word to me. In the kind of atmosphere I live in, nobody rapes anybody."  what?

Sources: Wikipedia, Bookrags





Bad Girls Club Update 

So I bought the gold lamé bikini from bebe at the mall today (King of Prussia, amazing).  Just so you know, I just don't post stuff on this website that I never buy.  In fact I purchase alot of it or cheaper priced imitations.  And if I buy something that I post on this website and end up not liking it, I take it off the site.  I never give advice I wouldn't follow.  But anyways, at the mall I got some site inspirations so BGC needs an update.

*Is Hayden a true bad girl eligible for the club?  She's been known to hang out with Paris Hilton (who is not a member, refer here) and I've heard rumors of raunchy pics, so yes.

Gold heeled shoes

Silver heels scream stripper to me.  But gold screams sexy!

 Rickard Shah.

Also check Guess and Staccato for shoes.


July 14th





Libertine for Target

By the time you read this, it's probably already hit (July 15th).  At home, I'd always make it a priority to visit Target-usually 2 or 3- the first day a new Go! line hit.  Target is not as popular as you think, though.  Here in Philly, I'll have to resort to shopping online (I don't feel like taking the bus, it's far).  Further north, my cousin in Connecticut asked me what Target was.  So if you can get there, go!  If not, shop online.  Make sure to use a code-www.naughtycodes.com or Google "target coupon codes".  Preview the goods here.  And keep reading, there's another Target spread below this one.

preppy + Victorian


 Thanks to http://ginamarr.wordpress.com/ for the pics.  Oh and that black crepe dress is the first thing I'm buying.  Did I mention nothing's over $39.99?


Also at Target this month...Devi Kroell



One website described her as Chloe or Miu Miu's exotic little sister.  That works for me.





    I love these shopper bags. 




July 12th

what's hot now ---square peep toe

an old trend with a new twist to keep it fresh.  and don't you love the prices of the items I picked? Zinc Melissa $43.99 www.shoes.com



Gotta catch 'em all...Mossimo Daryn Square Toe Pumps, $24.99 Target






July 11th

did you know...
1 liter of Perrier
travels 5,000 miles by ship/truck to get to you
consumes 2 ounces of oil
adds to the 30 billion thrown away bottles a year
80% likely to end up in a landfill, where it put 
side by side with the other water bottles,
could circle the Earth 150 times?

...assuming you live in Chicago, of course.  So,
Is bottled water really better for you?
All the people before us made it on tap.
You could always put a filter on your faucet.
and then there's the other side...
 "Bottled water is one of thousands of food and beverage products packaged in plastic and shipped," said one defender. "To single out bottled water ... is really to miss an opportunity to engage in a comprehensive dialogue and take all-inclusive action to protect and sustain the environment."  engage comprehensive what?
"Consumers choose bottled water as a beverage alternative or a beverage option to other packaged beverages," said International Bottled Water Association spokesman Stephen Kay. "They're not choosing bottled water uniformly over tap water."
 No, if I want to drink water then I want to drink water (not coke or capri sun or some other packaged beverage).  And that's when I choose between bottled or tap.
I admit, I usually choose bottled.  Not at first though.  I never really cared about drinking from the tap and was late on the whole bottled water bandwagon.  And I still never pay to drink water when I go out.  But in light of this news, I will be more environmentally conscious.  It doesn't make sense to buy bottled water when I could just pour water from my Brita filter into a reusable (and stylish!) water bottle.  And if I'm on vacation I can just buy the water by the gallon instead of the tiny bottles (I hope that will help).  What are you going to do?  Do you even care? 


July 10th

Back in Philadelphia and glad to be back to the blog.  NYC was nice...I visited the 5th avenue stores and just admired the stitching and detail.  I also visited the Soho shopping district, which was nice but not entirely high end as I had thought.  For the night, one night I went out a club and the second night I saw The Color Purple with Fantasia.  It was wonderful-the singing, acting, costumes, and dance scenes.  And it didn't seem like Fantasia had only been picked because of her fame-she really was a terrific actress, much better than her previous role on Lifetime.  I'd recommend everyone to go see it.  Oh, and buy your tickets from a scalper outside the theater-I paid $60 for front row center.

Now back to the usual fashion report...

It's the middle of the summer and if you're a mall head like myself, the stores are getting to be pretty boring.  We pretty much know all their stock, what the summer trends are, and  are ready for something new


2007 Fall Fashion Forecast











turn heads with 3.1  Philip Lim. 


Make conservative sweaters young by pairing them with skirts and dressses that show off your legs.   Neiman Marcus.






Give psychadelic prints some structure with a fun cardigan.  Missioni Sport, www.adasa.com


    The design is prissy.  The material is sheer.  Together, it's sexy.

3.1 Philip Lim, Neiman Marcus.


A simple leather bracelet with great gold details.  Louis Vuitton, eluxury.com






Affordable basics, great everyday looks.  ae.com




So what's in for fall?  I'm looking forward to short sleeve mini dresses in heavy fabrics like wool and tweed, mixing wool shorts with opaque tights in heather greys and especially red, platform and square toe shoes, high waisted skirts, and trench coats and jackets in bright primary colors.  Keep visiting JSG for more updates and fashion forecasts so you can head back to school with a bang.


July 4th


 Everybody has to go on a vacation every once in a while.  Even Jump Start Go!.  Sorry updates haven't been so regular lately, but my mom and sister came to visit me and this weekend I am going to none other than the Big Apple.  So don't expect this blog to be updated for a while, but don't worry, I certainly haven't forgotten about it.  In fact, it is one of my favorite hobbies.  I'll be back Tuesday (the 10th).

Things to do while the site's on break

-throw out those flip-flops in your closet

-get Regina Spektor's new cd, Beyond Hope

-dance in your room in front of the mirror.  work on moves that you are rthymically challenged with (booty poppin anyone?)

-catch up on fashion by reading Harper's Bazaar and Teen Vogue, JSG staples

-go shopping at all those summer sales

-read a real book, not a magazine.  My brother got me Ghetto Nation for my birthday.  And I still need to finish reading East of Eden.

-try to lick your elbow.  That will keep you endless busy.

-read www.tmz.com Filing your mind with celebrity gossip, I love it.  (like VH1 says, Get a life-theirs)

-write some letters.  I write letters to my Grandpa.  He really appreciates it.  And I use Andy Warhol stationary too.

-go outside, if only to walk down the street


see you soon.



July 1

It's been a while since we've had a restaurant review...

SOHO Pizza                                                              brick oven pizzeria & bar                                                218 Market Street

Fabulous.  I loved it.  I visited it with my mom and sister, who came to Philadelphia to visit me for the holiday week.  My sister had a slice of bbq chicken pizza and a slice of sausage pizza.  I was a little skeptical at first of the bbq chicken pizza-pizza w/o marinara, covered in chunks of chicken and bbq sauce.  But the chicken was freshly cut breast and the bbq sauce made it smell delicious.  And it was.  Both pizzas were thin crust and baked in brick ovens which you could see from your seat, which was pretty cool.  I had a cheesesteak-of course, I'm in Philly!*  This one, however, was a Soho Cheesesteak, which was an 8oz ribeye steak with garlic, mushrooms, roasted peppers, and mozzarella.  Note: I asked for friend onions in lou of mushrooms.  I thought the cheesesteak was delectable, the SoHo twist gave it an Italian taste that worked well.  The restaurant was nice, small but cozy; the brick walls and  wood furniture  set a relaxed mood.  A++



Other places in Philly to check out-shopping in Old City, The African American Musuem of Philadelphia (fabulous photography exhibits, noteworthy exhibit based on an inside look at teen pregnancy).


June 30

I added another secion to "tote-ally" (below) that I forgot to do yesterday.  It's about Cameron Diaz and using good judgement so yeah, scroll down and check it out!


June 29


So I don't know exactly what's going on, but everybody seems to be going crazy over this bag.  It's not a plastic bag (clearly).   Is it because it's by Anya Hindmarch?  Honestly, I don't even know who that is.  The low price?  Or are they all truly environmentally conscious?  Idk, but to be completly honest, all these people wanting this bag kinda makes me want one.  Is that wrong?  I'm just being honest.  If you want one too they're going to be availabe on the east coast July 18th.  Click here.


More bags with a cause

Gap (PRODUCT) RED™ global tote.  It says red in lots of different languages.




Laura Bush carries this overpriced($60) bag to help end world hunger






Back to the basics with the Ralph Lauren Pink Pony.  Proceeds help fight cancer care and prevention.



30% of the sale of this bag will go to The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater-a very famous and critically acclaimed theater featuring primarily African-American dancers.  And if this color doesn't really go for you, the bag is also available in black, brown, and navy.  Sadie bag,   http://www.rachelnasvik.com




Now, while I was looking for these bags with a purpose, I came across way too many cute totes-lost without a cause.  Give them a home (your closet).  GIve them a purpose-use them while shopping and put your purchases in your bag instead of taking a plastic or paper bag from the store. 


 omg these nylon grocey totes.  I'm in love.  Fredflare.com




love your shoes.  can't decide which to wear?  where 3 different pairs by carrying two on your bag. Fredflare.com





And if the basic over the shoulder, loose-structured isn't your style, Target's got you covered in this "street chic, urban-style tote."  I like the color.  And at $14.99, it's affordable enough to buy as a gift and store some cool things inside.


but waitfashion is not all carefree fun.  please try to be conscious of what you're buying, who makes it, and what it says

Cameron Diaz apologized to Peru earlier this month for visting their country while carrying a bag that had a political slogan on it of Chinese communist Mao Zedong.  The slogan read, in Chinese letters, "Serve the People".  Residents of Peru were very upset as the bag reminds them of when the Maoist Shining Path insurgency fought the government in the 1980s and 1990s.  Nearly 70,000 people died during that period.  Diaz emailed a statement to the Associated Press that read "I sincerely apologize to anyone I may have inadvertently offended. The bag was a purchase I made as a tourist in China and I did not realize the potentially hurtful nature of the slogan printed on it."


 Well, That's all folks.  Have a good weekend.  If you're a fan of the site, sign our guestbook (left column) or shoot us an email-we get lonely too.


June 28

Fashion designer Liz Claiborne died Tuesday morning of cancer, and Jump Snap Go! offers her family and friends our condolences. 
What better way can we honor the fab fashion designer then to do a blog all about her...

Born in 1929 in Belgium, Elisabeth Claiborne moved to the States in the 1940s and worked as a dressmaker until launching her label in 1976.   In 1985, Liz Claiborne Inc. became the first company founded by a woman to be on the Fortune 500 list.  In 1981, Claiborne founded the Liz Claiborne Foundation to prove chargeable services dealing with domestic violence, positive development for girls, and economic self-sufficiency for women.  Today Liz Claiborne Inc. is a multi billion dollar company and includes brands such as Bora Bora, C & C California, Crazy Horse, Dana Buchman, Ellen Tracy, Enyce, J.H. Collectibles, Juicy Couture, Kate Spade, Kensie, Laundry by Shelli Segal, Lucky Brand Jeans, Monet, and  Sigrid Olsen.


Pair this striped shirt with black skinnys and flats for a simple, chic look.


                              Adorable earrings.                               



Golf in style.  Or do anything, really.


Two of my favorite Liz Claibrone scents.  I used to wear Mambo religiously-I only switched because I had to admit it was a time for a change, but I always get tons of compliments for it, a friend even went and bought it too.


All by Liz Claiborne. 





 June 27

"here she comes..."


Bad Girls Club

If you don't give a damn about your reputation, stop living in the past it's a new generation.

when boho is boring and when vintage is clearly over, sexy never goes out a style...



-wear the "omg i can't believe she's wearing that" outfit.  sequins and metallic are perfect.  trashy when worn on the wrong person, almost 80s, almost over the top...






Great heels or wedges for any occasion (yes including the grocier).



-no need to hide in lingerie that's light and fun.


 -contrast the sweet look of a dress by having it be supershort.  make sure you don't drop anything.


-and last of all, do you hair everyday. while stick straight can be chic, there's nothing a guy would rather run his fingers through then thick waves.  take a note from mean girl Rachel McAdams.



 it girl staple stores GUESS By MARCIANO, BEBE, ARDEN B.

shown in spread (from top to bottom, left to right):Dress by Guess, bikini by Bebe, bra and shoes available at Urban Outfitters, both dresses by Arden B.



June 25                                                                                          True be a true fashionista, you have to know what you're wearing.  Each week Jump Snap Go! will tackle a fashion term, designer, or contributor so you can know your stuff.  This week...

Haute Couture ōt·k·ˈtr

Haute Couture is french for high fashion.  Haute couture refers to clothes made especially for the individual wearer (right down to exact measurements), sewn and embellished by hand. Houses must present their collections at least twice a year.  Collections must consist of day and evening wear. 

A haute couture item usually cost in the 5 figues, persay around $30,000, but of course they can be less or much more.  At these prices, how many clients do these houses host?  Chanel may have about 150 regular clients and Dior may make about 20 bridal gowns a year.

Haute couture is a term protected by law-not just anyone can make it.  So how do they do it?  By being invitied (and accepting) the Chambre Syndicale De La Confection Et De La Couture Pour Dames Et Fillettes, an association founded by Charles Worth in 1868 to keep couture designs from being copied.

The club everyone wants to be in....right?                                  

In 1946 there were 106 fashion houses.  In 1952 there were sixty.  Now there are roughly 20 (actually less, as many are new or guests).  What's happening to haute couture today?  Sometimes brands become to popular, making the name worthless (think Louis Vuitton, although not a member).  Most couture clients are old and only getting older.   Alot of younger people prefer to wear new, hot designers.  There are less events to dresss up to, and even if so, who wants to wear a corset.  And surprisingly, even though haute couture is so expensive, a brand cannot afford to run on haute couture alone.  You think having a haute couture house would be a dream,  but for many brands it is just not feasible.  Think YSL-in 2002 YSL closed its fashion house, a decision made by Saint Laurent himself and its parent company Gucci.  Why?  Well Saint Laurent was struggling with depression, alcoholism and drug addiction, they were having problems with Tom Ford (the lead designer), and the designs were being criticized.  Sometimes it's lonely on top.

These are designers were featured in the Haute Couture Spring 2007 show. 

Adeline André

Anne Valérie Hash



Christian Dior

Christian Lacroix

Dominique Sirop

Elie Saab

Eric Tibusch

Eyméric François

Felipe Oliveira Baptista

Franck Sorbier

Gavin Rajah

Georges Chakra


Giorgio Armani Privé

Jean-Paul Gaultier


Nicolas Le Cauchois


Yumi Katsura



http://www.fashionwindows.com/fashion_review/paris/hcs07.asp http://www.fashion-era.com/haute_couture.htm   http://www.elegant-lifestyle.com/haute_couture.htm


A little bit of fun before you go...

look twice at this Helmut Lang tiered

cami dress (shopbop.com)






June 24

what's hot now ---fuschia

Clockwise from top left Christinia Milian,  Yves Saint Laurent Golden Gloss in #04 Golden Fushia, Cynthia Rowley Silk Tunic, shopbop.com, Dior Fall 07 ad.


wonder girls

For us all to admire

Cate Edwards-with a father running for president and an interview in June 2007's Harper's Bazaar, Cate Edwards is definitely getting used to the spotlight.  Like myself, she's from North Carolina and like myself, she has a mom battling breast cancer.  She's 25 years old, attends Harvard Law school and thinks of her dad as "pretty dorky".  Oh and fashion?  She loves Marc Jacob and Vera Wang and showed up to her interview wearing the N.C. staple-Rainbows. 

Other wonder girls to marvel at...

Emma Roberts-I want to go see Nancy Drew just to see what she is wearing.

Mischa Barton-Mischa is the forever wonder girl, as she is my absolute favorite celeb.  Never once have I caught her in an outfit I didn't like (okay, maybe once).  I love the girl.  And she's got a new movie coming up where she falls in love with another girl at a t.A.T.u. concert...I mean, I love her for her fashion sense.


June 22

is it still in?  how to know if your trend still carries to summer


Patent Leather.  Yes, pantent leather is still in.  Especially for coats and shoes in primary colors.  Just avoid matching your shoes and your purse-it's too much.  To your right is a patent leather coat from Max Mara's Fall 2007 show.  I actually don't like that coat too much but I needed something to drive my point home.





Animal prints.  Yes, animal prints are still in.  Haven't you seen the new Dolce & Gabanna ads?


Layers.  Yes.  That's basically all I have to say about that.


Skinny jeans.  Yes-but at night.  They're just too hot for day.  Update the skinny jean look by buying a pair with a high waist.  And for daytime, try wide leg, but tailored jeans.



Metallics.  In swimwear and some bags, yes.  Don't forget brocade shifts for fall.  Shop at American Apparel and stay away any handbags that resemble what Britney Spears is carrying.  And throw out your metallic braided belts or (heaven forbid) sparkly sequin bags. 



What's dead?  Envelope style chain handle bags....it's hard for me to thinking of anything esle.  I guess it's because I try to focus on the positive!  I only thought of the hanbags because I have a J.Crew one I love and will just have to stash for a while...tear...



That's about all for now.  Feel free to email  writetojumpsnapgo@gmail.com with questions, comments, or anything.


June 21

It's the first day of summer.  let's celebrate the occasion.



I love this sheer Elie Tahari dress.  It looks so light and fun.  Instead of following the model, I'd try pairing brighter colors underneath, like yellow.  Miranda dress, www.nordstrom.com




An easy tank top from our friends Proenza Schouler.  www.net-a-porter.com






I usually don't care for bandeau tops, but I'll make an exception for this adorable bikini by Brette Sadler.  www.shopbop.com







If you're looking for something with retro styling (and more coverage), try this Damsel swimsuit from Urban Outfitters.  Very Marilyn Monroe!


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