Kelly Roncace

* JUMPS Team Member since October 2012 *
Status: Senior Investigator / Reporter

Kelly Roncace joined the JUMPS Team after reporting last year's 'Historic Ghost Tour of Salem County' for South Jersey Times. She has had an interest in "ghosts" since she was in elementary school.

Kelly is a features writer for the South Jersey Times newspaper where she created and currently writes the weekly column, "Paranormal Corner." She is also a published author, including the Lilian Finch Series.

Kelly has learned a lot just from being part of JUMPS. Prior to joining, she did a lot of research into equipment and techniques and has improved upon that through experience. Her ultimate goal in conducting ghost research is to make contact. She also wants to help people who are scared of the activity in their homes. Through Kelly's writing, she hopes to open people's minds to more than what we can physically see, feel and hear in our daily lives.

Kelly says that being a member of JUMPS is like being part of a crazy, close-knit family. She feels that every member of the JUMPS Team have common goals and a passion for the paranormal and helping people. Kelly says, "it's an amazing feeling to be part of this group." She loves the locations the team gets to visit and the people we get to meet. She loves exploring the unknown with an incredible group of people.

Kelly's most memorable experience happened soon after her mom passed away on December 2, 2012. She was in bed sound asleep. It was very late/early morning, when she woke suddenly and felt her mom lying behind her with one arm around her. It startled Kelly and she gasped. Soon after her mom was gone. Kelly has no doubt that it was her there comforting her.

Edited by Sara Astemborski