Jumba Ruins Monsoons Restaurant

 Jumba Ruins Monsoons is a unique Seafood Restaurant right by the beach, inside the National Museum of Kenya's Jumba
Ruins precincts, in Mtwapa, some fifteen kilometers Nort of Mombasa.
Here, as you walk down to the sea, you can admire the remain of Jumba la Mtwana, (the large house of the slaves) a 14th Century ancient Swahili Stone Town, in a fine woodland setting, astonishing giant secular baobabs, different species of birds, monkey butterfly and exotic insects and by the shore, at the edges of Mombasa National Marine Park, you'll find Monsoons Restaurant where you'll enjoy the best sea catch of the day and ancient spiced Swahili dishes in a unique atmosphere

Jumba Ruins Monsoons restaurant is a simple concept of restoration created for the intimate comfort of guests that will enjoy excellent service, Italian and seafood dishes, accompained by the taste of Swahili spices and the fragrance of the sea breeze.          

From the Chef to the waiters, the all staff will take care of each guest at the best of the traditional coastal hospitality, with courtesy and a pinch of "personalization" of the "a la charte" menu.
Jumba la Mtwana,better known as "Jumba Ruins", lies some 15 kms. north of Mombasa, in Mtwapa,3 kmts. from the Mombasa-
Malindi road, just take the large road leading to the sea at the junction next to Picana factory, after 2.8 Kmts you'll reach the Jumba Ruins car park.
From there you walk trough the ruins down to the beach where the Restaurant is.Walk take 2 - 3 minutes.
Reservations: Tel+254 734 663370 -   +254 4120 12666  

                     email bandaruins@yahoo.com


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