More Illustrations

1. Advertisement for Caramilk Ice Cream Bar - Ads for Subways, buses and billboards
2. Ad for Green Giant Beans.
4. Ad for Arts and Culture Canada - Canadian Govt.
5. Editorial: learning to use the other half of your brain.
7. Concert Productions Int. David Ballard JR.
9. Cover artilce in Harrowsmith on Bread recipes
11. Portrait. Mexico President Jose Lopes Portillo 
13. Magazine cover on the Medical Profession in Canada 
15. The Survivalists. Surviving a Nuclear Attack 
17. Cover article on Aging: Maclean's News Magazine
19. Ad for Foodland Ontario, Ontario grown produce
21. Ad for Foodland Ontario, Ontario grown produce
23. Petrolium industry experiments in agriculture
25. Using Registered Retirement Savings Plans  
27. Ad for Maple Lodge Farms Hot Dogs & Hamburgers 
3. Ad for Panadol Headache Pain Medicine
5. Ad for Canada Employment - Government of Canada
6. The success of Roots Shoes: Toronto Life Magazine
8. The success of fast foods in Canada
10. "Plant Parenthood" and taking care of your plants
12. Ad for Kraft Miracle Margarine 
14. Record Album cover 
16. Ad for Sonoflex Ceiling Tiles 
18. Winning back the rights that Women's lib took away 
20. Recipes for preserving fruits and vegetables
22. Article on the battle for ownership of Birk's Jewelers.
24. Poster for GWG Rugby Pants
26. Ad for Kraft Peanut Butter
28.  Ad for Wintario Lottery
30. Cover: Programing for Christmans Week