Ciss-Ziss Family Tree

Dear possible member of my Ziss family, 

My name is Julius Ciss and I live in Toronto, Canada. I only recently found out that my actual last name is Ziss, and not Ciss.

My parents are Jewish Holocaust survivors. My father Nison Ziss, is from Daugavpils (Dvinsk), Latvia.
Many of his other family members (aunts and uncles) were from Riga. My father survived Stutthof Concentration Camp in Poland, married my mother Helena (an Auschwitz survivor) after the WWII and then immigrated to Canada in 1948. For my entire life, I was under the impression that I had no family members who survived the Holocaust of World War II.

Recently, I was contacted by a long-lost relative from Israel who found me on Facebook. He speculated that my last name Ciss might have originally been Ziss. He was right and soon afterwards gave me the attached Ziss family tree. Nison Ziss and his immediate family are highlighted on the lower left of the Family Tree.

The purpose of this letter is to find any other relatives who may be descended from my Ziss family tree.
Kindly send this to any other of your immediate relatives who may be able to assist in this quest.
Please let me know if we are related. Thank you.

Julius Ciss 
2795 Bathurst St, PO Box   41032,
Toronto, ON, CANADA  M6B 4J6
Phone: 416-826-6718

Please click on the Ziss Family Tree to enlarge.