Julio Enrique Castrillon Candas

Research Interests

  • Uncertainty Quantification
  • Partial Differential Equations / Integral Equations
  • Fast Multi-Level Kriging for large spatial datasets
  • Fast Radial Basis Function Interpolation.
  • Machine Learning / Big Data


  • MLHDKRIGINGHigh dimensional  multi-level covariance estimation and kriging code now available in Software.
  • J. E. Castrillon-CandasHigh dimensional  multi-level covariance estimation and kriging.  Arxiv, 2017,  Link
  • J. E. Castrillon-Candas, F. Nobile, R. Tempone. Analytic regularity and collocation approximation for PDEs with
      random domain deformations
    . Computers and Mathematics with Applications. 
    Volume 71, Issue 6, March 2016, Pages 1173–1197 (Link)