Juliet Wood About a portraitAbout a  portrait:  an introduction to one of the portraits from my larger website

         Edward, Jamie and Ellen.                  oil on canvas  76 x 96cm                                                   

Ellen and her identical twin brothers were fascinating for a portrait painter.  Edward and Jamie were just twelve
 and Ellen fourteen when the portrait was finished. We chose their medley of blues to contrast with the red wall.
I watched the relationships between all three, and then made a sketch of them in this composition. Once the design
was established on the canvas the boys appeared only one at time for their sittings. Thus it was a challenge to 
gauge the subtle differences between them which I loved searching out. Ellen looks back at her brothers, separate
 but affectionate. In this characteristic arrangement, her pose at the piano came naturally. The twins are also musicians.  
 The portrait, commissioned by the children's grandfather, was painted at the family home near Stockport, and was 
finished in October 2010. It can be seen in greater detail on my full portrait website at www.julietwoodportraits.co.uk
To see other aspects of my work and background please visit www.julietwoodmorepaintings.co.uk