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I know this,

i do this all the time (i don't like it though)

interactive performance installation

performed by: julieta kilgelmann
text edited by: polly stella graham
sound by:nik paravatos
concept/design by: xristina penna

"This performance piece participates in the wider fascination with the body in Roussel’s work, while it expands the boundaries of Locus Solus.  The artist explores the fragile connection, or violent disjuncture, between the experience of the body, and the perception of the “Other.”  The Rousselian world becomes the context for an imaginary investigation of the manifold faces, masks and skins of our individuality and identity. The focus on the head and on facial expression reflects Roussel’s bodiless and reanimated heads.  The piece offers a commentary on the intersection of scientific and artistic observation."
sozita goudouna, artistic director,  outofthebox intermedia


may 2011, accidental festival, round house, london
october 2010 school of the arts, amsterdam, netherlands
2010 58 shelmerdine close, london
29th april-1st may 2009 shunt vaults, london
26th sept 2009 area 10, london
7th nov 2009 byzantine museum, athens 
september october 2010 benaki museum of modern art, athens