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A blink of an eye

mixed media performance

performed by: julieta kilgelmann
directed by: xristina penna
sound by: will huckerby, nik paravatos
photography by: anastasia anapolytanou
associate artist: polly stella graham
designed by anoushka athique
original concept: xristina penna

a blink of an eye
 is a collaboration between designer Xristina Penna and performer Julieta Kilgelmann, and has been developed over 2009 in a series of workshops with a number of associate artists. 

a blink of an eye 
uses the stage as a spatial representation of the human brain. it explores the brief period of time (a blink of an eye) of what goes on in margarita’s head just before she speaks.
margarita is recalling on stage a recurring dream she has of an island, when she loses her ability to speak. from that point on she gets trapped in a looped routine of everyday actions, forgetting her desire. there is an edgy but humorous struggle, utilizing movement and recorded text, and finding its resolution through discovering a point of balance within the infinite possibilities of the urban landscape. the woman (margarita) and the island become one.

"the project combines physical theatre, multimedia work, live art and experimental theatre. xristina and julieta are very clear about the questions they are asking in their work and this solid starting point makes for a focused, funny and extremely engaging piece. interaction between live performers and recorded media can often be stilted and forced but in a blink of an eye, this very difficult device is extremely successful and, very importantly, it feels necessary. there is a struggle between the two which is performed with a raw simplicity that is clear and refreshing. the ultimate meeting/merging of the two worlds is achieved in a breath-taking moment and leaves the watcher questioning their own reality. we chose to invite as we speak back for further development because in the first 10 minutes of their work we saw a seed of something very unique, very playful and very clear and we greatly enjoyed having xristina and julieta around. they knew how they wanted to further the work and had posed questions to themselves about it. We wanted the piece to grow and fulfill its strong potential."  hester chillingworth, artistic director, getinthebackofthevan