Author Events:


Event: Kool-aid and Cookies with Krista Kay

What: An interactive storytelling based on the books, Krista Kay- Summer Adventures or Krista Kay- Mackinac Island Adventures with the Author, Julie Staffen.

Where: Coming to a School, Bookstore or Library near you.

Kids will learn about people in different careers as introduced in the Krista Kay's Adventures series.

A book signing will immediately follow the reading.

Contact the Author for rates. juliestaffen(at)


School Visits-

Topics: Select one of three interesting, educational and entertaining topics for students grades 1-6.

Author- Kids will learn about the writing career from building ideas to putting them on paper, editing, illustration, publishing and sales.

Career Exploration- Krista Kay helps kids create an awareness of a variety of careers so they will be prepared when exploring their future.  Students will learn about some of the careers explored in the series as well as safe ways to ask adults about their jobs.

Mackinac Island- Planning a fieldtrip to the island? Julie Staffen is a lifelong visitor of the island but found many hidden landmark treasures while researching the Mackinac Island book. Kids will learn what they should expect and look for during their trip and be better prepared to explore the beautiful island.

For SW Michigan Schools

Rates: $200.00 for one classroom presentation or one hour large group presentation. $400 for full day multiple classrooms or large group.

For schools outside of SW Michigan please contact the Julie Staffen for rates.