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UPDATE 9/3/2012
Because of the new blocks on helps, my website if unhelpful for almost everyone. I am still making it as always, and adding GID # just in case you can use it. However I am only going to continue updating my main website, Juliescafeworld.com, because keeping up three is no longer necessary. So go there for current goals.

This website is made by me to help Cafe World Players with goals! This site is EASY! NOTHING BUT POINT AND CLICK!
And even though I originally named the site "help for Julie's friends" (changed to www.juliescafeworld.com in may, 2012) you DO NOT have to be my friend to use this site. This site is for everyone and anyone :) And I want you to share this site with all YOUR friends, because this site is easy to use and will help everyone catch up on Cafe World Goals :)

 - The icky stuff -  AND Since each and every link on EVERY page was meticulously and through my own blood, sweat and tears, created - PLEASE DO NOT COPY THIS WEBSITE! That would be plagiarism, and you are better than that! If you want a site just like mine, just use mine :) If you want to make your own, then make it your own, don't steal from me please. 

And to find out when any changes or additions are made to the site, add this page to your interests on facebook http://www.facebook.com/juliescafeworld, or just bookmark it :) I update that page daily!
I will be updating it instead of my wall now! (To add the facebook page to your interests so it will show up on the left column of the newsfeed - on the facebook page click the down arrow next to messages, then choose "add to interests list". - then choose "new list" then it will open a pop up - pic of cafe world will be highlighted with a checkmark - click "next" and in the "list name" box type in "cafe world help" - you cannot just type in cafe world because the game is named that. THEN click done. Refresh facebook and find it under a new category "Interests".)


If you cannot remember the name of the quest line you are working on, or it is different than what I named it and you are just not sure... Then use the search box above and type in the name of the current goal you are working on, and find it! For example, you are working on the breakfast goals (Sunrise Breakfast)  and cannot find it in the list, and your current goal says: Granola to GO!... so type in "granola to go" or even just "granola" in the "search this site" box and let the computer find it for you :) Or if you don't think that will work, search for the item you need .. i.e. search for bowls and every goal that has bowls will pop up! (also try it without the s.. i.e. bowl) I am also in the process of adding ALL available goals. How did I find this information? Easy! I created a new account and am going thru cafe world for the first time! So now I know what goals are still available, and need to be up on this site!!! Scroll through the list to pick out the quest icon and then you will find your goal. http://www.juliescafeworld.com/cafe-world-help/complete-list-of-available-goals

*** What do the asterisks on the goal list mean??? This is the most recent goal , 1 star being most recent, 2 being next most, 3 stars being before that. Just making it easier to find most recent goals! As new goals come out, the stars will increase until they go away ( i won't be doing 4 stars, lol, 3 is the max)


Both Chrome and Firefox have plug-in that refresh the page for you at set intervals! the Firefox one 2 seconds is minimum, Chrome 3 seconds min. Get your plug-ins by going HERE:

(once the plug-in is installed, click on any item link so that it opens to the "uh oh window" then on the address bar next to the star to make a bookmark, you will see a blue button with a white arrow circling in it. click button ONE time, and the button turns green, and your page starts refreshing every 3 seconds! YES, its that easy!

Once you download, and install, click any link to open the window, then somewhere on the frame area of the page, right click, and you will see a green circling arrow and it says auto refresh. Mouse to that, and a drop down menu will open, allowing you to choose your interval! If you click "enable" it will default to 5 sec. interval. If you click 2 sec. then it will begin you do not have to click enable AND a time.

If you REALLY REALLY REALLY like what I've done here and wanna buy me a candy bar (or cup of hot chocolate!) I won't say no :) But I will never ASK nor do I expect anything from anyone. I do this for the love of helping people!

Thanks for using my site! I hope you enjoy using it as much as I enjoy helping you!



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On a personal note:

So I was bored one day.. and decided to write a novel :) kinda young adult fiction, but any age really - and fun - and in 2008, I tried my hand at becoming a published author. I had a literary agent for a year - but right before my big break - she suddenly had a personal crisis and quit - on me and five other authors. I have no idea what happened - or even if she was just stringing me along :) But anyway - if you are bored between cooking dishes - you can download my book for free to read on your computer in pdf format. http://www.Free-eBooks.net/4634.html   (you have to sign up but its free - ignore all the questions after creating an account and go straight to the login part on the upper right) then search for  "the Oak Tree" in quotes - you will find it :) PLEASE do not send me f/r on facebook after you see my real name :) I am maxed on how many friends I can have and still play cafe world :) And if I cannot play - I cannot keep making this website! Thanks for understanding! - julie

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