Julien Perret

Geomatics and Computer Graphics researcher

Procedural urban environments modeling and simulation

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--- This site is always under construction ---

On this site, you will, for the time being, find some information about my research (including pictures and publications) as well as personal informations.

Most of my research interests revolve around the environment, its representation, its modeling process and its simulation. More specifically, I'm particularly interested in urban environments modeling and simulation. Therefore, most of the pictures you can find here are taken from 3D models of buildings, architectural elements, urban environments and plants. Procedural city modeling is a growing research area, and I will try here to provide you with a global state of the Art. For that purpose, I will soon add a bibliography of urban environments modeling. More pictures of my research will also follow.

My other research interests cover Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Agents, Computer Animation, Image Synthesis , GIS, urban growth simulation.

I recently created the virtual laboratory Thinkcollabs regrouping several projects including the virtual research team on urban modeling. This group of researchers contains computer scientists working on several areas of research (such as computer graphics, data visualization, artificial intelligence, theoretical computer science, cognitive maps...), as well as computer artists, mathematicians, and geographers.

Since the 1st of October, I am a researcher at the French National Geographic Institute (IGN) in the COGIT lab. Before that, I was a Post Doc / research engineer (ingénieur expert de recherche) at INRIA Paris - Rocquencourt on the Terra Data project in the MIRAGES team.

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Please, feel free to contact me.

All suggestions or comments about this site or its content (pictures or the research itself) are welcome.