Julienne N. Rutherford, Ph.D.



I am a biological anthropologist at the University of Illinois at Chicago. I teach maternal physiology to Nurse Midwifery and Women's Health Nurse Practitioner Master's students in the Department of Women, Children, and Family Health Science at the UIC College of Nursing.  I am also an adjunct associate professor in the UIC Department of Anthropology. I am a UIC Honors College Faculty Fellow. 
All of my research questions revolve around a central interest in the dynamic maternal environment in which a fetus develops. I am primarily interested in the primate placenta as a signaling interface between mother and fetus. I work with both humans and non-human primates to address questions regarding the effect of maternal ecology (nutrition, life history experience, behavior) on placental morphology, metabolic function, and gene expression and downstream sequelae for offspring health both postnatally and later in life.
I take a womb-to-womb approach to life history studies: I want to connect the dots between the fetal intrauterine environment experienced by an individual and the intrauterine experience that individual provides her offspring later in life. This intergenerational dynamic of environment, development, growth, and function is a crucible for evolutionary change.  

2016- present
Associate Professor (tenured), Department of Women, Children, and Family Health Science
University of Illinois at Chicago

Assistant Professor, Department of Women, Children, and Family Health Science
University of Illinois at Chicago

National Institutes of Health Building Interdisciplinary Research Careers in Women's Health (BIRCWH) Scholar at UIC (K12HD055892)
Assistant Professor, Department of Oral Biology, UIC

Postdoctoral Associate, Northwestern University

Ph.D., Biological Anthropology, Indiana Unversity
Minors: Animal Behavior, Medical Sciences (Anatomy & Histology)

M.A., Biological Anthropology, Indiana University

B.A., Anthropology & Zoology, Miami University

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