Wishbone: A Memoir in Fractures, winner of the 2009 Colgate University Press Nonfiction Book Award and the 2010 Lambda Literary Award for Lesbian Memoir, was re-released by Bywater Books in November 2014.  When I Was Straight: Poems is Volume #11 on the Body Languages Series of A Midsummer Night's Press. It was selected for the 2015 Over the Rainbow List by the American Library Association.  

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Cover When I Was Straight
"To enter Julie Wade's memoir is to be engulfed in a world where time, memory, story, and love all become unhinged. 'Language is not our first language,' she reminds us.  Rather, 'innuendo, insinuation, intuition,' become the primary forces that lead us into a world where a daughter can meet her parents long before she's been born, where women continually dive headfirst into waters both dangerous and calm.  In her virtuosic prose, Julie Wade shows us that 'the law of the land is learning to live as you are,' in all our complexities, untethered by what we thought we already knew.  I emerged from this book forever changed."
~Brenda Miller

"Julie Marie Wade's lush, post-confessional poems are unabashed in their desire, tentative then bold in their knowledge. They're sparkly talismans to transform and transport us, delicacies with creamy insides to fill us up. WHEN I WAS STRAIGHT is a profound 'before' and 'after' examination of the self, complete with cultural and family commentary--delightful, heartbreaking, magic and real stories with a multitude of prepositions to guide us: a gifted young poet's coming to, coming out, coming jubilantly back into self."
~Denise Duhamel & Maureen Seaton

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Sarabande Books, 2011

Finalist for the Lambda Literary Award for Lesbian Memoir, 2012.
Selected for the Linda Bruckheimer Series in Kentucky Literature. Sarabande Books, 2009.

White Pine Press, 2013

Winner of the 2010 Marie Alexander Poetry Series.
Bloom Books, 2013

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Selected by Bernard Cooper as the 2012 winner of the Bloom Nonfiction Chapbook Prize.