Dog Visits

We appreciate how hard it is when you first get a puppy, helping it to settle in without feeling guilty about leaving it for long periods.

JJ Pet Services can call round at regular intervals to socialise with your puppy, clear up any mess, feed & play with it and in due course help out with training. Once your puppy is old enough to venture out in to the big wide world we can help by socialising it with other dogs and can walk it to fit in with its development. (Puppies should not be walked for long periods when they are developing as it can damage their growing bones).

Elderly Dogs often find it difficult when they are left for longer periods and may require taking out more often so that they don’t suffer the distress of messing indoors. We can call round as required to comfort your dog and either let it out in your garden or take it for a short walk. We can also give medication if required so that you don’t have to fret about being back at certain times.

Costs for visits are from £7.50 per half hour, but we can discuss what you need to suit you and agree on a suitable fee. (Please note additional charges may apply for weekends and Bank Holidays).

A free initial consultation is offered so that you can meet us and we can meet you and most importantly your dog(s) so please do get in touch.

Telephone: 01329 286903   Mobile: 07905 627407

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