6.Sounds, images and videos

Zebra finches allopreening

Zebra finches in the lab:

"Audience effect" experiments in the lab:                                                           

Identifying social structure of zebra finch groups:
hidden behind a black curtain,
recording and monitoring birds behaviours    
                                               A social group of captive zebra finches

Examples of the behaviors monitored:

When the group sex raio is biaised, birds form same-sex pairs!

Allopreening pairs of males

Pictures of the field site (Arid Zone Research Station, Fowlers Gap, Australia
) : http://www.fowlersgap.unsw.edu.au/

A young zebra finch
at nest before fledging

Recording zebra finches in a social tree, Gap Hills     
A social tree with up to 30 zebra finches, can you see them?

Play-back experiment at the nest      

A natural zebra finch nest in a tree

When water falls in Australia....                                                            Sunset on the field site, GapHills.

Working on a captive group of wild starlings in Paimpont research station (France):

        A male European Starling on his nest box.                                                A female European Starling.
       Note the blue color at the base of its beak                               Note the orange colour at the base of its beak

Outdoor aviary

Recording the group vocal activity

Male European Starling singing