Home and Business

Paintings on canvas done for Happy Hormone Cottage.

Shoes and Purses mural done for Happy Hormone Cottage.

Close up of Zebra Purse.

Zebra Purse painting on canvas. A companion piece for the mural I did at Happy Hormone Cottage.

Close up of Sundae painting.

Close up of Ice Cream Cone painting.

Canvas paintings commissioned for Graeter's. Middle painting is Graeter's logo with ice cream and sundae paintings on either side. 

Left side view of "mesh" painting.

"mesh" painting in progress.

Right side view of "mesh" painting

Right side view of "mesh" painting

Mural for restaurant "mesh". 30'x15' wall painted to look as though it's chalk on a chalkboard.

Pig has banner tied to it's little curly tail.

Close up of cookie serving flying pig.

Mural done at Donna's Gourmet Cookies of flying pig serving Donna's cookies from the top of a beanstalk!

Close up of gem

Diamond pattern painted on a teen's room. Gems glued on add just the right touch of class!

Close up of flower painting done on tile back splash in kitchen.

Painting done on tile back splash.

Tuscan style painted wall with grapes on wrought iron to surround client's existing clock.

Pond painting on canvas.

Sunflower painting on canvas