Children and Teens

Close up of bird on swing.

Hand print on horse is the child's actual hand print, which personalizes the painting.

Native American Themed boy's room.

This is a portrait of Chloe's cat. She loved having it included in the painting.

Painting their name on the wall is a great way to personalize any child's room.

Thomas The Tank Engine.

Richard Scary's fireman done in a storybook themed room.

Curious George painting in a storybook themed room.

Grasshopper relaxing on a cattail.

...and soccer!

This painted for a cute girl who loved frogs...

Painting goes above the door.

Storybook themed room. Painting based on a favorite children's book.

"J" boy who is into snakes.

Diamond wall with gems and painted window seat at homearama.

"A" boy loves baseball.

Painting on canvas. A great baby gift.

"B" girl totally into ladybugs.

"S" girl loves horses.

"K" girl loves monkeys.

Painting on canvas. This boy, whose name begins with the letter "R" loves frogs.

Football player for teen boy's room.

Garden Fairies.

Bench for window seat at Homearama.

Painting at Homearama. This is a large play room. Painted doors are actual doors which open to storage area.

Painting for a sweet girl named Chloe who loves nature.

Spell out the whole name using separate canvases.