About Julie

Julie has been painting murals since 2001, but her art career began as a young student who couldn’t keep her mind on her math! While she certainly does not condone doodling in class, truthfully, this was the beginning of her passion for art! Later, with a degree in graphic design, she began her formal career in Advertising, working for an agency, an advertising department for a retail store, and then developing her own business.

In 1999, as a mom with young children she began painting murals in her home. Friends admired her work and asked her to paint for them. It wasn’t until after her children were in school that she began to actively pursue her career as a muralist. Since then she has been commissioned to paint numerous murals in children’s rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, churches and restaurants.

When asked how she feels about the path her career has taken, Julie says "I love what I do. Each job presents a new creative challenge and new and interesting people to work with. And here's the best part; people pay me to doodle!"