Star Trek costumes
Star Trek: The Next Generation

Here is me as Guinan, the character played by Whoopi Goldberg on Star Trek: The Next Generation. I got the idea for this costume about two weeks before we left for Worldcon in LA in 2006. I needed a hall costume that could be shoved into a suitcase. I pulled out some leftover poly fabric that was ugly for everyday but looked 'spacey." I just laid it out on the table with a lot of leftover trim and just went for it! My only reference was a tiny little action figure of Guinan. My first attempt at a hat looked like a pizza had landed on my head. This hat ended up just being a close-fitting "cap" with a sausage-roll of fabric sitting on top.

     The group photo shows me with two other Guinans at LA Worldcon. We all attended a Star Trek reception hosted by Bjo Trimble, the First Lady of Trek Fandom. I thought the other Guinans looked more spot-on than I did; certainly their hats were more accurate. They were very nice and we had fun admiring each other's costumes.

I plan to make my husband a "Guinan guy" costume. I know Guinan was the last of her race, but there had to be men on the planet at some point, right?