Harry Potter
 What well-dressed wizards wear to a release party!

Here's my friend George in the Harry Potter robes I made for him. They are based on a pattern that I developed for my own Harry Potter robes the previous year (photos coming). The robes are NOT an exact copy of the ones the kids' wear in the movies, obviously. If you think about it, the movies show adult wizards wearing various kinds of robes, so that is my justification for the difference.

George wore these to the Book 7 release party in 2007, and he was very happy with them. The robes are made of black cotton twill and lined with gold cotton. The sleeves simply fold back to show the lining, and are held in place with a button and small loop. My robes didn't have a hood, but George wanted a hood, so I had to figure that out. I thought the hood should have been fuller, but he liked it this way, and the client is always right!. George bought his hat, but you can see some simple wizard hats I made for the same event elsewhere on this web site.