Pi Illustration

The following images are inspired by a short story called Memorising Pi to 120 Decimal Places by Gavin Broom.  On the surface the story is about a young boy challenged to memorise Pi in order to win a supposed date with a girl at school.  In reality it’s about how he is bullied at school and the disintegration of his family life.
(digital artwork)
Extract from ‘Memorising Pi to 120 places’ by Gavin Broom:


 I don’t need to memorise the 3 part, the part to the left of the decimal point. If I did, I wouldn’t be much use at memorising the rest of it. I tell Mum this while she’s cooking dinner because I think it’s really funny.

“That’s nice, Ben,” she says.

I tell her it wasn’t about being nice but I don’t think she hears me.

(digitally enhanced ink and colour pencil illustration)